Club Koyote



121 East Paris Avenue, West Terre Haute, IN 47885


39.4697291, -87.4432738




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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115 reviews for “Club Koyote

  1. Aurora Rose Aurora Rose

    Cody Fuchie aka “Brittney” are a pathetic couple and parents that can’t hold a job let alone get a driver’s license in Terre Haute. Instead of being mad and jealous at the girls who just did their job. Be mad at your man for going to the club without telling you or including you and be mad at him for being a dumbass cheater. I like how you didn’t even mention the girl’s name who actually kissed him in the smoking area. I’m dating your man’s cousin now and have nothing to do with the stupid shit your man does. I’m sure blocking me and your entire family and pretending like you’re the victim will help. Ya’lls behavior is immature as hell. Get help before you mess up your kids with your bullshit.

  2. Cody fuchie

    Aurora aka kaylee is a nasty girl at club coyote with nova

  3. jeffrey

    there was a lot of improvement now then there was 3 years ago when i went in there


    it sucks it should be shut down

  5. RT
  6. lol

    this club sucks

  7. Chae

    What can i say other then it’s an awesome place to work or just hang out.

  8. Earl

    This place is dirty

  9. Dude Personman

    Very nice place overall, but I’d rather the private dances be truly private rather than a shared room of sofas and chairs.

  10. Snotty girls

    I’ve been to this club 3 times in the past few months and everytime their girls are so stuck up. Don’t get me wrong, they do have some very pretty girls to look at but seriously lack social skills. The girls are only there to get f***ed up. Can’t believe the stuff that goes on there. They took a guy on stage for a birthday dance – totally illegal stuff goin on there!!!!! Didn’t see one girl with tittie tape on (also illegal)!!!!! Can’t believe they are still open. The cops are bad trying to go back to terre haute so take a cab or stay on the other side of the river. It really does look like a pole barn with a dance stage in the middle. Not very classy at all.

  11. Samantha

    I work there and I think it is a very good club. The atmoshere is dark like you expect in a bar..The music rocks, is loud, and there is variety. Alot of the girls are gorgeous and like all clubs some are cuter than others. Most work the crowd and have alot of fun. Some hang out and don’t really do much (but you get lazy girls at all clubs). The birthday dances and bachelor dances are something the birthday boy or bachelor will never forget..They’ll remember that spanking and have a great time. The drinks prices are good. The bartender is personable. If ya stop in I believe you will have a awesome time.

  12. When

    Hip Hugger in Kokomo closed a few weeks ago we hired two of their former dancers. Nice girls that needed a job.

  13. Paull

    Lots of contact for the money

  14. christi

    all our girls are good!!!!!!!!!

  15. TNT

    New attitude and lots of contact on dances.

  16. old customer

    I wanted to say that i haven’t been here

    in a long time and it looks better but man

    has the girls in that place gone down hill.

    And there is no fun like it use to be. The

    only girl left there from before is nikki

    and she looks so bad. I heard she is

    married to that 68 year old manager for

    his money. But if he only knew what iv

    heard about that girl and how she use to

    have a bad rep in terre haute

  17. good customer

    nikki is the hottest girl.

  18. Quila

    I like working at this club! The dancers are friendly! I love ya all! Especially Nikki, Pink, Nadia, Monica, Lexi ya guys are the shit! I miss ya Honey!!!

  19. wow

    The owner or manager wife teeth fell out at me .

  20. recent customer

    best club i have ever been to and really hotttt girls!

  21. Jon

    Looking to have a bachelor party for a friend, any ladies want to work on the side???

  22. SxriflexS

    I witness the recent renovations before and after. and let me tell you the place seems brand new. It looks great it feels great and the girls are wonderful!!!

  23. koyote
  24. Pink

    After I finish school, I’m REALLY gonna miss you guys. What am I gonna do without a shot of Quila, my darling Nikki, and my Malibu rum!!!! I love you too Nadia, I just couldn’t think of anything cute to say with your name. I have nothing but love for all the dancers. MUAH!MUAH!MUAH!

  25. Ex Customer

    Nasty A Disgrace

  26. funny

    honey and quila everyone already knows that ‘cash’ is u guys,i still work there and either of u to couldnt even compete with me, i get 10 lap dances to your 1. QUILA your a nasty ass bitch who lies about gettin preg. to try to keep a man who only uses you. so have fun workin at danville and keep sellin your pussy 4 dope bitch.

  27. Terry

    This club is making some real progress. Good dancers and good service.

  28. Jerry
  29. answer

    it was probably your nasty ass!!!!!

  30. yea right

    nikki is a nasty fat bitch who just had a kid and shes married.

  31. M

    Best club near ISU.

  32. vac
  33. Club Koyote Lover

    I love this place. The inside is rough, but the girls distract you from all of that!

  34. Club Fan

    Me and my buddies love this place, it’s the official friday night spot!

  35. kmd
  36. Gar

    Best club in the city

  37. None
  38. kteapm
  39. harry

    great place

  40. wildcowboy

    Went there Friday night had a hell of a time… Girls are hot and the beer is cold.

  41. Jay
  42. chelsea

    i love u guys!!!!

  43. Rick

    This is the best club I have ever been to.All the girls are young and hot.I was impressed.

  44. ha

    Koyote sucks

  45. jack

    wow wow wow

  46. TEE

    Awesome club.

  47. Big Rig

    This club rocks !

  48. Old and tired

    The strippers are old and tired drug addicts.

  49. renee

    I think people need to stop being statues in the club if they don’t like it so much.

  50. Smokin HOT

    Niki is just smoking HOT HOT HOT

  51. outdone

    wow this is where they go when they cant go anywhere else excise would have a hayday nonipple covers drug use buy outs pussy out the girls have dirt on there kneecaps i was always told terre haute was the armpit of th world

  52. skank


  53. james

    hot girls, best time i ever had in a strip club

  54. dan

    best club and hot girls

  55. Morris

    Tanga is the best. I am in love

  56. mmm hmmm!!!
  57. Paul

    I love this club!

  58. Tony

    This club really rocks ! Lots of HOT strippers !

  59. employes

    I work here and Its the bomb shniggity we r all pretty girls who r nice and not too trashy we run them bitches out or they get beat up ye heard…its not the prettiest building but we have the best girls

  60. Sexy Never Left

    I love this place!!

  61. ?

    What was that stench in the club the other night?

  62. TaTa

    Big blonde with big TaTas

  63. nadia

    Personaly I think that Club Kyote is a nice place to hang out, if your a nice person wanting to have a good time; its the right place to go! Us ladies will entertain you and show you the *time of your life*

  64. The_Man

    Well the place is trashy, you cant miss it cause its a barn

    with neon rope lights. Georgia and Brooke are the most

    amazing girls ever, if you have a chance visit them, they

    are the thing most worth while. But you have to get past

    all the white trash that hangs out there, the girls that

    are not shooting up drugs or too drunk to dance, or too

    busy having sex in the vip room, but once you get past all

    that, some of the girls are pretty great. but for the most

    part, i would reccomend to stay away.

  65. T
  66. stormy lynn


  67. customer

    great hot girls

  68. Bill

    I enjoy my visits to the club…and I look forward to getting back up there again this Friday(7-13-07)..hoping my favorite lil blonde is working.

  69. Brandi

    I work at this club and I love it…I do thinks it’s alot better than working at nasty ass 6th Ave. I think switching clubs was the best decision I made…I love the girls there esspecially my girl Keira…and Mike and Christy…I will stick up for the club and the girls if any1 has something to say to me…

  70. amy

    i love you girls!

  71. to the hater

    let me tell u i work there all the girls are nice we have fun with the customers nothing illegal the girls always have there nipple coverings on,the cops are not even as bad as they use to be so if u wanna be a hater since u are from another club then dont even bother comin back for the 4th time go to the nasty 6th ave with girls that are fat old and missin teeth!!!!!!!

  72. to girls

    u guys are so hott and i will be back

  73. lovethaladies

    this club rocks. seriously. girls are hot and friendly; ratio was good; private dances were great!!

  74. U KNOW ME
  75. bob

    the girls are pretty good looking but they work with the club to scam ya, esp Diamond she will promise you things and rob you blind so make sure if any offor you a private party or “buy out” DON’T DO IT they will take your cash and dissapear

  76. Russian Strippers

    The club now has two Russian Strippers that are really sexy. Can’t understand a word they say, but that is just as well.

  77. Frank

    Got some awesome strippers.

  78. old boy
  79. malibu
  80. sick

    malibu arent you that 40 year old stripper from danville

  81. M & M

    Raven is back and looking good.

  82. Bill tt

    best small club in the state

  83. jarod

    this place is great and i will b back

  84. sik

    the girls are for sale

  85. grossed out

    fukn vomit

  86. K

    Good place to get shot

  87. enthusiast

    This club is terrible, unless you like a plywood bar and concrete floors, no beer selection, and is basically an old pole barn with some blacklights and lots of plywood.

  88. harryharry

    This is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. It’s a strip club… in a barn. And it’s every bit as wonderful as it sounds, its right in my hometown of West T, baybay baybay.The champagne room is a corner with tapestries hanging up. The walls are decorated with Jim Morrison posters. The bartenders look like ZZ Top. There is always a dancer named Mary- Jane, and the girls are surprisingly very talented on the poles. I have had friends come all the way from the West coast just to see this place.Take your friends for their next birthday. It doesn’t matter where you live, anywhere in the world. Just get yourself there. You will not regret it.

  89. rose

    its great what can i say

  90. wally
  91. mark

    the girls are fuckin hot u should go see them i will be back

  92. Guy in Wheelchair

    I am sorry I ran over your feet, obviously I didn’t know it or I would have apologized then.

  93. G

    Always a party going on at this club !

  94. dave

    All the girls are great and they all are very cute.

  95. Stan

    Really enjoy going to this club

  96. the one

    great rowdy place

  97. trucker

    i was there last weekend and they have some hott girls and a good atmosphere and i will be back.

  98. latham
  99. chad

    awesome club

  100. Chris

    this is gotta be one of the best clubs i have ever been to. some of the girls are just crazy, which is awesome cause you should see some of the stuff they do…. WOW! I would definitely recommend this club to everyone.

  101. Bartender Mike

    For the genius who wrote about the PLYWOOD the only plywood is on the bathroom walls so go back to 6th ave and look at the old ladys with no teeth you moron.

  102. drew

    oh my god i went in there last sat. and they had like 20 girls they all looked alright there was a couple that was a little ugly.compared to the girls they had about 4 months ago they have improved on there selections.

  103. huggybear
  104. pete

    I just LOVE this club, There is one dancer there named Malibu and she is just so hot i mean i love getting lap dances from her she is the hottest one there. i go almost every nite just to see her.

  105. stds

    i got std from one their private dances

  106. HH

    I love this club ! The girls are just so much fun !

  107. Mike

    The Russian girls add some class to this club.

  108. DRIVER


  109. somone

    as a previous frequent visitor i can tell u wat this club is really like. SHITY!!! for starters its not good wen one of the owners is a homosexual man. hes more worried bout colors and drapes then he is makin business and keeping loyal customers. sum of the girls are ok lookin but alot of them are butter faces(everything looks good but her face). tiana is amazing and should be working in vegas instead of that shit hole. sam is not bad but one with a butter face. dawn is decent lookin. serenity is ok but needs a tit job. nadia did the rite thing by leaving,if u were there last month u no wat i mean. vronica doesnt have the nicest face or body but by far the best attitude. chassity has an ok face but from the looks of her body u can tell shes a lil girl.they let go of one of the best lookin girls that they had,azriel, and that was a mistake. the bartender kicks ass. he is a lil slow due to understafing but 4 the most part he is good. they have no bouncers so if u get in to it with more then one person good luck cause it wont be broke up untill the cops show up. so now everyone knows wat kind of club it really is!!!

  110. Brad

    I just love Kristie and her cute little body

  111. cash

    This club is the shit! Nikki, Quila, Pink, and Pele are the best. You should go check them out. Other people just need to shut there mouth about the club. It beats 6th Avenue by far.

  112. myeogh


  113. Koyote Fan
  114. Jake

    nice club

  115. girl

    yea, if u really think that is true you need to get a life and stop comin in because all of the girls are hot and the best thing they did was lose the drama queen azriel. there is not one person who leaves that club unhappy, and as far as a bouncer that was there best move gettin rid of that imature bouncer mark who thought he could take all of his bad attitude out on us he didnt do shit at that place they are better off with the new dj

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