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5367 Sheriff Road, Fairmount Heights, MD 20743


38.9044933, -76.918324




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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36 reviews for “Ebony Inn

  1. Billy d

    I assume the ebony in is a black club, I’m a white dude that loves the dark meat.. just not looking for trouble from the homies as they can start shit when they see white dudes getting into them hot black asses.

  2. Rick Coleman

    In summer years behind back dumpster big big rats in trash cane , rats club , hood rats rats will bits you inside club look for food

  3. Mitchell w.

    All hail the pretty Ebony Inn strippers , may your beauty glisten in the Sun and make every man weak in the knees .

  4. Peter Q

    Fantastic strip club simply fantastic

  5. Lorenzo

    The female strrippers smells like rotten dead fish . That is because they have at least 4 sexually transmitted diseases aka Kek

  6. jp

    lots of black tail

  7. Adam

    8 strippers have been raped in the church parking lot when they park their car in the church parking lot .

  8. Paul

    The beautiful Ebony Inn strippers are sweet , and exciting , heart – warming and tingling , passionate and sensational , protective , and inspirational , cute and cozy , hot and Luscious , charming and delicious .

  9. Cynthia

    The Ebony Inin strip club is permanently closed .

  10. Tony

    Six black men has been murdered in the church parking lot in the last two weeks . The P G county Police does nothing about it because it is black on black crime . The church parking lot is the only place you can park your car at to get in the Ebony Inn strip club. . Is your life worth going to that fucked up strip club . Hell No !!!!??!!!So all the men , in the name of God , of all the strip club in the United States of America ( Don’t go to the Ebony Inn strip club period .)

  11. Jay

    95 percent have dangerous sexually transmitted disease. Fellas flat out just don’t go to the Ebony Inn strip club period .

  12. Bon Bon the man

    Those shit burgers Margaret that you sell to the men in the Ebony inn strip club.os quilt tastey .

  13. CATMAN

    GREAT BANG FOR THE BUCK. the club has been renovated inside and looks nice inside but the neighborhood stilllooks HOOD. It can be a hit-or-miss but usually it is a HIT with very GIVING ladies who are freindly and so I ALWAYS leave with smile

  14. Charles L.

    Two strippers we’re murdered in Tommy Broadwater parking lot. The area where the Ebony Inn strip club is located is ghetto and the murder rate is the highest in the state of Maryland

  15. Mr. Warren

    The Ebony Inn strip club serve water down alcoholic drinks . 25 percent liquor 75 percent water . It is not worth buying a alcoholic drinks because all you is driving is kool-aid .

  16. curtis17

    I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. Needless to say, I will not be returning. I ordered the pork minced BBQ sandwich and had to order the sides separately. Even though each side was only .99 cents, I did not get .99 cents worth of sides, but I did get twenty-five cents worth. PATHETIC. Now back to the sandwich. Once I tore into the sandwich, my teeth cracked down on something hard like rocks. I paused, mouth full of minced pork searching for the miniature rock. I could not find it and continued to cautiously chew. I took a couple more bites and no rocks. Just as my confidence was building, I hit another rock (my husband said they were herbs). The meat and potato salad were sour, and I gobbled down the macaroni and cheese in two bites. I’m not a big girl, but I like to be full when I finish a meal. Sadly, I rushed through the food trying to avoid the rocks as best I could and was happy when it was over. Last tip, don’t order cakes. They are from a box and hard. Many of the reviews stated the neighborhood was scary, sketchy, frightening, etc. This place is not Germantown or Bethesda, but is does have polite and hardworking people who respect their community and each other. No need to fear the neighborhood that houses the Ebony Inn located across the street from a church.

  17. AssnTits5

    Cons – Rough part of town. No seating area. Strip Club in the back. Sides are small.Pros – Food !!! Wings are to die for. They are baked, and have a jerk style dry rub. Come with vinegar based sauce on the side. AND are priced right. $6 for five whole wings. Seasoned, with just a bit of a kick, or should I say “KICK ASS” I don’t live in the area, but I will drive for them and won’t regret it. Mac and Cheese, with real chese, and off the charts too !Summary: Not a place to impress a date, or go if you want to get dressed up. You go here for the food only, and forget about the surrroundings. On the other hand, FELLAS, if you want to look at the ladies and grab a quick bite without driving around town, this place will work.


    I’ve never had it so good (on day shifet 130 to 2pm SHO-NUFF TIME-)

  19. Josh

    The food that Margaret make is awfull and it made me puke many times beside men come to a strip club to fuck not eat Vagina chicken Breasts with sperm sauce .

  20. Melvin

    A beautiful Ebony In stripper uses her lips for truth , her voice for kindness , her ears for compassion , her hand for charity , and her heart for love . For those men in the club , who not like her , she uses Prayer .

  21. Tony H.

    Beautiful sexy strippers , delicious food , I love that strip club .

  22. Jake

    I don’t understand why they called that club , Ebony Inn strip club . They need to call it scam City , USA . Those Ebony Inn strippers will steal from you and drug you if you so much as blink your eyes .The Ebony strippers are evil none trust worthy , so my opinion about the Ebony inn strippers is they aren’t Shit and a total waste of your time and money . Bottom line, fellas just don’t go to the Ebony Inn strip club , any club but that Evil fucked up dangerous club .

  23. Big Bro

    Low class is being generous

  24. Dawayne

    Fuck the Ebony Inn strip club . A lot black men has started has started house Parties with in walking distance of Ebony Inn strip club . The beautiful black woman at these house parties are walking around the house naked and they are fucking and sucking Dick’s for almost Little money and the drinks and food are free . Fuck the Ebony Inn strip club .

  25. Kevin L .

    You know you’re in Love with those beautiful and sexy , Ebony Inn strippers ,when you can’t fall asleep at night thinking them , because reality is finally better than your Dreams .

  26. William

    So far 47 Ebony Inn strip club clients have been robbed at gunpoint in the church parking lot . There is a 100 percent chance that when you go to the Ebony strip club and you park your car in the church parking lot you are going to get robbed and potentially get murdered .17 so far church going people have been robbed in broad daylight. at gunpoint .

  27. Bobby C.

    Absolutely Beautiful Black women , great fun , great delicious food , Fellas highly recommend you should go to this strip club .

  28. Chocoman

    Last Sunday , i desided to attend the Ebony Inn strip club . l i went there being curious . This was the first time i ever went in the ebony inn and it was awful . One of the stripper approach me told me i owe her 5$ ,i refused to pay her, then she threw a beer bottle of urine on me.

  29. Muscle Man

    There is nothing more rare , nor more beautiful than a Black women being unapologetically herself ; Comfortable in her perfect imperfection . To me , that is the true essence of beauty of the Ebony Inn strippers .

  30. Henry B.

    The Ebony lnn strippers are beautiful in every shade and size . The Ebony Inn strippers got that special something . There skin tones represents beauty . Light , brown , and dark skinned , women are equally gorgeaus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Johnny

    Ugly grossly fat , 57 year black woman that makes you want to leave the Ebony inn a minute you come in

  32. Johnny C.

    Dipped in chocolate , Bronzed in Elegance , Enameled with with Grace , Toasted with Beauty , My God , These Black women are Ebony Inn Strippers .

  33. Michelle

    Over 40 rats are running around the Ebony Inn strip club .35 men has been bitten by these huge rats and had to be treated in the P. G County hospital for rabies .

  34. richard95

    I have been going to the Ebony Inn for YEARS. Yes, I would drive from across town to get those ribs and chicken. The neighborhood is scary, but the food is fantastic and the staff are so friendly and accomodating!!! Heck Yes, I will give the Ebony Inn 5 stars.

  35. Kerri

    I went to the Ebony Inn strip club , yesterday and it was awful . I only stayed 1hour . I because I saw a large rat running across the strippers stage floor .

  36. DexterRexter

    I stumbled across Ebony Inn Restaurant last night while on my way home. I was hungry and looking for something quick to grab before I go home and chill out while watching Empire. I went to the drive through window confused and studying the menu. The employee at the window was patient, and gave a few suggestions. I decided on the minced bbq sandwich, potato salad, and coleslaw to top off the sandwich.I don’t think that my taste buds were prepared for the taste of the sandwich! Talk about delicious…I could have bit my fingers off. LOL. The BBQ was so delicious that I didn’t even get the opportunity to add the bbq sauce that I requested. No additional flavor was needed. The coleslaw tasted as if it could’ve used some flavoring, but the potato salad was seasoned pretty good! I’m not sure if this meal was so good because I was so hungry, or if it’s just always good!Overall, I plan to return for another sandwich, and I would recommend others to try it out.Best,Bombdiggidy

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