Bliss Charleston



2460 Remount Road #112, North Charleston, SC 29406


32.8985087, -80.027735




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “Bliss Charleston

  1. Mike

    I just stumbled on this club. But I’m glad I did. It is so worth a visit, right near the airport. Great value for the price. There were plenty of girls. They were very friendly and would chat not just come up and ask you for a dance. It was my b-day and I was traveling for business and they did an awesome job of making it fun! If you go make sure to look up Heaven! She is awesome! Make sure to check out this club if you are in the area!

  2. Brian

    Loved it!!!

  3. jack

    Wow, nice club w/ good looking girls.

  4. New Management

    The one that quit is back and so are all your favorites. Terry Hill is gone and club is back in charge with Byron. Come see us and all the ladies.

  5. Stephanie

    my boyfriend went and i am pissed off

  6. cust 1

    its ok

  7. Kensho

    very small club. nice girls but private dance was pretty restricted YMMV

  8. John Rappold

    This club is awesome and the girls are hot.

  9. Fonita
  10. Big Papa Pump

    Nicest club in the area

  11. jason

    Great club..awsome girls. Great staff..the bar

    tenders are hot!!!!

  12. joe
  13. fucking cool man

    way cool feature buds

  14. Tom
  15. lyle
  16. gman
  17. Sean

    You shouldn’t be pissed your boyfriend came here, you should be embarrased. I would get tested and wash your hands more.

  18. dancer

    my friend and i came to work here from out of town. no distinguished sign for the club or easy directions.

    the manager acted like he didnt even care, very stand off ish. their demenier should be in a way of hospitibal and managerial. then the fat ass dj, had us pick our music and played the complete opposite of what we asked for. then the crew played a game with us about asking people for keys. why make your hottest dancers in the club feel stupid and have them looking for something that is a mind game?? do they want their club to be fat, old girls? we are 20 and 21…tight and fit….i couldnt believe their actions and how they talked to us. We left after 90 minutes.

    ive worked ina lto of clubs, never have i been trewated with such disrespect and immaturity. i highly DO NOT reccomend this club at all. what a fucking joke.

  19. Mac Daddy

    I really like the lower drink prices. Thanks!

  20. Johnny

    I love this club!!!

  21. Tim G

    Awesome club, definitely upscale and meant to impress. Could use more girls but they just opened. Diamonds North is beyond a shadow of a doubt better than the one downtown.

  22. Teddy

    I was in the club the other day. Everthing was fine until some short haired girl started talkin mad shit about the hottest girl there. I ignored it but it pissed me off that that girl would try to mess up that poor girls earnings. FIRE HER! Other than that I had a great night people should really go out there. It’s a great club, plus it’s really clean. I like that

  23. (Rick)Ster

    Simi and (Rick)Ster thank Victoria and Summer for a great night Sunday. It was worth missing our flights out. Company was great and we can’t wait to get back to see you.

  24. John

    Angelina, Katie, Lucky & Piper are the most gorgeous dancers I have ever seen. I’ll be there again tonight!

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