Players Club At Wagon Wheel



821 North North Point Road, Baltimore, MD 21237


39.3035015, -76.5387178




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Players Club At Wagon Wheel

  1. shlong

    this club has got to be the worst club in Baltimore

  2. tony

    this club is the fucking shit!!!!!

  3. Shitter

    nasty shit hole. great place to unload (all over the floor)

  4. Friday

    Came in here last night and was very disappointed. For that kind of cover, I was expecting some hotties. Will take my cash elsewhere.

  5. ?

    This club is not worth the drive/gas/cover and time.

  6. fantasies

    don’t spend your money here come to fantasies

  7. im in love with a stripper

    i love this place. the women are dimes. majority of them atleast. bring your own alcohol is good so you dont have to pay the regular club prices, $5+ for a drink. renee, honey, karena, fetish mmm mmm mmmmmm some of the most beautiful women ive seen are in there! lapdances are the best!

  8. Johnny C

    It used to be awesome, now it’s dirty and washed up.

  9. bartman

    this has got to be the worst club in baltimore

  10. BJ Bareback

    Good times are to be had here.

  11. Safe

    I never been here.

    Is this area safe?

    Will my car be there when I come out to leave?

  12. pc

    not worth the cover.

  13. Rick

    This club is the worst in Baltimore/DC Area

  14. simon

    May I be the first to ask, what is up with the club? Hire some hotties!

  15. ME
  16. ...


  17. Philip

    Wouldn’t spend my time here

  18. Pulaski

    I can’t believe the cops haven’t raided this place yet.

  19. clubman

    excellent. great girls, great lapdances too.

  20. Laps

    “If you are into high contact lap dances that send you home happy this is the place for you. Nothing fancy.”

    How much contact is allowed here ? ? ? At Fantasies ther is ZERO touching, at McDoogles you can only touch calves, arms, and back.

  21. yeuo
  22. He

    Does Karena work here/anywhere else?

  23. Phil

    What kind of a dump is this?

  24. Scott

    This place sucks!

  25. cliff

    WOW, This place sucks!

  26. Missing It

    Very nice atmosphere.

  27. Fuck


  28. reg
  29. Huburt

    What happened to this club? I wasn’t at all mpressed by any means what so ever.

  30. Sctripper

    This place is the best. I have been coming her for 4 yeras now. Great lap dances-if not the best on the east coast. The women here are very kind, polite, and sweet. THanks for going non-smoking.

  31. fred

    this place fucking sux!!!!!!!!!

  32. Regular

    Been coming here for years now wow. Definitely about the only club I take time to come to. I do wish they had more rotation of new dancers. Some reg girls I like, Mayae, Corrine, Brooke, Tiffany. If it were not for the girls that have been here for a long time thought I would probably not visit. I do think they need some new fresh hot talent.

  33. Hot Chicks

    Lot of hot chicks here. Well worth the cover. Come in and check out the action.

  34. re Ron

    you were right the first Ron. this place does suck for that amount of cover. i think you were drunk the last time you post.

  35. Simply Wonderful

    Simply wonderful experience.Come try it.

  36. John Doe

    This place has decreased in dancer quality as well as cliental. Not a good recommendation.

  37. T

    Still impressed after all these years, would highly recommend.

  38. Ron

    $35 COVER! Some people have money to burn. For that much dough, you better have a lot of dimes, this place had none. Disgustingly greedy club

  39. DD

    Good value and always a fun time

  40. bel
  41. Big Ralph

    From West VA to Balmer, you wont find a better place for a lapdance. Nuff said……

  42. on my nizzle

    Cover is to high for what I saw.

  43. Ricky

    I would have to agree with all the negative comment. I wouldn’t recommend this club.

  44. Frank

    The best strip club in Baltimore!

  45. McCain

    What a fuckin shit hole!

  46. Hyperinflated

    prices at this place. For that dough I expect dancers in 8-9 range.

  47. CC

    Was in here the other night and I was disgusted. This place is small and the girls are uuugly.

  48. Hairy

    I came in here and was just disgusted. Plain and simple!

  49. Mike


  50. Big Player

    Dancers are hot. Lap Dances are great. Good variety of girls…slim, voluptuous, etc. Don’t believe the negative reviews, other clubs and ex PC employees are most likely responsible for the negative reviews. It’s BYOB, so I can live with the $25 cover. The $25 cover keeps the riff-raff out. If you can’t afford the $25, you don’t belong at PC anyway!

  51. Who cares..

    About all the stupid posts. I only get here every year or so, last night was my

    night to get out. I always enjoy this place. The girls seem to go out of their way

    to make sure you have fun. Nude dancing and they know how to dance so a

    fellah can get an eye-full of what he wants to see. Laps are the best, Jamie

    showed me a very nice time. Chloe got a lesson in economics.

  52. FLASH


  53. Gspot

    This place is a shithole

  54. BLT

    The bacon is to fatty

  55. Him

    Not impressive!

  56. Baxster

    Very disappointing!

  57. Poop

    Ewwwwww poo poo

  58. stan
  59. Bill

    This club is B.Y.O.B, not too cheesy and not too classy just a great place to bring some friend to hang out and have a great time.

  60. Big Weiner

    Here’s my opinion.

  61. hhh

    For high quality laps there is no better club

  62. Laurel Perv

    Great place to go to get a hands on lap dance, no place like it.

  63. Yes

    It does.

  64. The BIGGUY

    Awesome found 2 new girlfriends…hope my wife does not mind..haha

    Had a great time at my friends bach pty

  65. Pik

    What a shithole!

  66. to
  67. nice guy

    best in the country and i’ve been to many

  68. HAPPY Cock

    Great women/excellent one/one dancing

  69. Rickbefore

    So I have been coming to this place for over 15 years! Most of the quality girls are gone! I went in here last month and I was hunting down LONDEN! She has always been the BEST…. and she always give me a great lap dances!! The management said she quit! I went to a few random clubs and I FOUND HER!!!! The MILLSTREAM INN!! My new go to spot. Sorry players club. When you get rid of the best girls you loose customers as well!

  70. Scot

    Big cover to get in, nice atmosphere, good variety of girls ranging from drop dead gorgeous to who let her in? Was a bit tough getting a lap dance from the more attractive (to me) girls. Once I finally got it I was more then pleased and you will be too. No drama, easy to feel comfortable establishment. I’ll take this place over the ghetto thug atmosphere that seems to be running rampid in other gentleman’s clubs. Worth the money to me, I will be going back.

  71. Blah

    What a dive.

  72. quebert

    this club is the shit

  73. CJ

    This is the best lapdance club hands down!

  74. Bush

    Best fuckin club in Maryland!

  75. ted

    this place fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Satan

    Devilish lap dances, Wicked good time!

  77. Turd

    Poopy poo

  78. B
  79. Chapps

    drop the cover to $15 and find some hotter chicks and I’ll be a regular

  80. oh yeah

    love this place nothing better

  81. Dancer

    To Bambi…I am a big fan of your ass. What can I do to make mine look like yours? xoxo

  82. SB

    Good club that would be more popular if it wasn’t for the cover charge: $22 for members $35 nonmembers

  83. mr. rogers

    here’s my opinion, this club kicks fuckin ass! can i get an “amen”?

  84. Guess

    I have nothing negative to post about this club.

  85. Gene

    Music is TOO LOUD.

  86. Obama

    Fantasies and WW are not worth the money and time. To many pregnant women at Fantasies and to many unappealing women at WW.

  87. 3K1M
  88. beavis

    great club!!!!

  89. Larry Flynt

    Man.. What a shithole.

  90. lance

    fucking awesomely awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Hound Dog

    Lots of new girls now. I only saw one that I recognized last week. Great new talent that grinds you to the bone. Great lap dances!

  92. raunchy

    no alcohol, very grimy. Not a place to entertain clients or guests.

  93. spike

    what a great club this is

  94. fuck too

    this club is awesomely awful!!

  95. Tommy

    I like this club a lot and got great mileage from Londen.

    Has anyone gotten dances from Brooke before? I wanted to

    know the mileage.

  96. JR

    Girls here range from 3 to 6. I wouldn’t recommend this spot.

  97. redneck

    not much going on here.sad but true

  98. zappy

    tired of sseing same ol faces, need newbies

  99. patron

    i’de have to agree with the last post. girls here have bad attitudes and unattractive for my taste. i’ll go elsewhere here on out. cover is to high

  100. Xtra Drunk

    Real good place for funny business.

  101. chaz

    fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. joey

    lucky 2 get out without aids dirty dirty dirty

  103. Hunter

    The same loser from Fantasys submits the negative reviews. PC has some hotties. PC has the best laps in MD.

  104. passer

    Girls need to keep up with appearance. Not attractive IMO

  105. ralfee

    what a dump this is!!!

  106. Filth

    A filthy one where I wouldn’t spend my time

  107. MG

    If you are into high contact lap dances that send you home happy this is the place for you. Nothing fancy, no 30 foot poles, no fully stocked top shelf bars. Just affordable hands on, hard grind lap dances. Mostly white chicks.

  108. Larry

    The absolute worst strip club in America and the strippers are stinking they smell like a fish market because they had not was their vagina in month .

  109. New Dancers

    Last time I was in they had alot of new faces. I found Casie and Ava very attractive ladies and not dirty girls like most of them. I will def. be going back soon!

  110. Raul
  111. numon

    this is by far the worst club in baltimore/dc area.

  112. Llyod

    WORST Club ever.

  113. Just Me

    Best club in Baltimore. Best laps in the US!

  114. First timer

    I came in here with a friend of mine last night and were very disappointed. Cover is to high. Girls are not friendly. To pushy and most were unattractive. Stage performances were lame.

  115. Samuel

    Very disappointing club!

  116. Doug from Laurel

    Just had another night of great lap dances with the ladies last night. Hands down the best laps around.

  117. N

    these girls look like sewage. for that kind of cover,I want to see some hot babes

  118. Cooter

    You can party like a rock star with the girls at Players Club

  119. Carl

    yes they do

  120. jay
  121. L.

    Would like to see some pretty faces in here.

  122. Jim
  123. woah

    wow this place is bad

  124. Pete


  125. poopy

    this place smells like poo

  126. Roy

    the best I have ever been to. Candy is so friendy I keep coming back. Crystal,Dillion,Shay,Mya,Swiss,Fetish,Alanna,Crazzy Kelly,Star,Honey,Angel,Ices? not shure how to spell.Muscles,the hot girl who puts on 1 hel of a show.Almost forgot Crystal sorry babe.(she just got her hood pierced)Any ways the bouncers and owners are great guys so come see the girls and dont disrespect the girls

  127. .....


  128. Da LoSeR

    wow, its me this time are you happy now?

  129. simon wagstaff

    I travel all around and this is one of the best clubs in the country. Steep cover but you can bring in your own drinks.

    I always have a good time here. the girls seem genuinely happy and interested in making sure you have a good time. It is nice when they come and sit and chat with you and no hard feelings when you tell them you want to chill by yourself for a while.

    Lots of good looking dancers and while many clubs will have better looking girls these girls seem to really enjoy what they are doing and make sure that you get a show. they really are like snowflakes!

    You can have a good time with the lap dances, and sometimes you can have a REALLY good time.

    A favorite.

  130. salmon

    good, nice for lap dances….only thing, that they dont strip their panties, but ur allowed to touch b*&bs and a*#. nice place to c#m.

  131. Newbert

    Wasn’t exactly thrilled with this place. Fantasies doesn’t have it either. Damn, where can I go for some real FUN!

  132. Murph

    By far the best dances you can buy!!! Girls are smokin hot and a ton of fun!! Clean and comfortable! Hands down the best over all club in town. Only downer is that its a bit pricey to get in but you bring your own beer so it kinda evens out!

  133. sal

    i came in friday nite and didn’t leave satisfied.will be going elsewhere from now on.

  134. DS

    this place is a dive. would not recommend.

  135. vm
  136. Durkee

    Extremely unsatisfied!

  137. Dirk Diggler

    Best Lap Dance club in DC/MD. Cover is 25. Dancers are mostly 7 and 8. BYOB. Parking lot is safe. Lighted. $30 for laps.

  138. bAxters x


  139. Billy Bob

    Wow! I was not at all impressed. Needs major improvement.

  140. fugly

    Girls here are crack ass ugly. Stop sniffin the yellow snow yo!

  141. FriskyOne23

    I reccomend Kristy. What an addition to club. great conversation an smoking style, alternative looking. very fit. smile.

  142. Rayray

    This club is the worst club in Baltimore. The girls are low range and belong behind a cash register

  143. The Traveler

    Another chance to get to Baltimore and stop by last night. Had a great time. No kidding, there is no better place for a lap dance than here. These girls want to make you happy and always do before you leave. Can’t wait till I can go back.

  144. Hicky

    Yes, very sad indeed!

  145. Raw

    I came in last nite and was very diappointed. Girls are below average and have bad attitudes. Staff is unfriendly. Did not have a good time.

  146. Stud Asian guy
  147. fletcher

    should hire more blondes

  148. s

    horrified walking in here paying that cover.walked right out and will never return again

  149. Harry

    Poor quality and quantity

  150. Hillbill

    I agree!

  151. hunt
  152. ray ray

    dirtiest lap dances in the city!

  153. Olive

    Crappy club!

  154. Simply Simple

    Club is a good way to spend an evening and the dancers are adequate to hot.

    Stop by and check it out.

  155. Fuckin right

    This is a shitty club!

  156. G Money
  157. God

    HOLY shit! This place sucks!

  158. Visitor
  159. KY

    I would have to agree with all the negative comments. This club is not pleasurable nor entertaining.

  160. bob paulsen

    This is not the best club in the country. I’ve been to a few and this was average at best.

  161. lol

    that’s too funny you are obsessed with this shit reaffirming that you are a freaking loser. lol hahahahahahaha

  162. EdMunch

    The idiots leaving bad reviews are from Fantasys. PC has the best laps in bmore. BYOB. A few really hot dancers. Nice lap area.

  163. Joe

    Dirtiest girls in town! Great place for laps!

  164. Old Timer

    Last and most important. This club is seriously underrated. You won’t find a better value in lap dances from hot dancers. Absolutely the Best of Baltimore.

  165. DF

    I agree! What happened?

  166. Danny

    VERY BAD Club.

  167. Ikee

    Not a good place to spend money nor see some hot women.

  168. lidjg

    Diamond is at fantasies.

  169. BILLY


  170. M

    very relaxing club, talked to many friendly girls with an amazing diverse set of looks and personality. They have some sexy nerdy women (Celes) to hot california blondes (Brooke). Something for everyone.

  171. anon
  172. richard95

    I haven’t been here in years. It actually used to be located across from Kaos up in Towson. Anyhow, the cover is steep and if it’s your first time they ask you to buy a membership. It is bring your own booze which you store on your table or next to your chair. I remember I used to get lap dances from a girl named Mercedes and some other older girl who was into the Rolling Stones. This was easily 15 years ago. I’ve been one time since and it wasn’t as good as I had remembered.

  173. Maury

    Came in the other day, was not impressed!

  174. sam

    poor quality of girls. not much here. i will go elsewhere to fulfill me desires.

  175. Coby

    Best lap dance club you’re gonna find in Baltimore!

  176. Ex customer
  177. Cage

    Vanessa is my next ex wife. Mainly because of her, I think this place (which looks pretty lame) is actually the coolest, lowest pressure, most intimate and fun club I’ve been to in a long time, all over this country. The only thing that SUCKS(!!!) is that they interrupt the dancer from a lap dance to go on stage. WHAT THE HELL!?

  178. The Duke of Dundalk

    Plenty of hot dancers eager to please in this place. Bring plenty of $$$. Real good lapdances.

  179. ClubGuy

    Private members club. A bit pricey for 1 yr membership and door charge.

    But, like the place just fine. Like BYOB. Looks funny but always feel safe.

    Of importance, like the girls–very naked and up close….

  180. x
  181. Pode

    One of the best clubs in the area. High quality staff put on superb two girl stage shows and give very intense lapdances

  182. martin

    best club in town

  183. gmoney

    this place is the best. Never been to a better club.

  184. kidic

    The best club I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been everywhere. You may think I’m crazy, but when I weigh it all out there’s no place where I have more fun. It’s worth the big cover and they know it. Just remember to bring drinks.

  185. paul

    this place is adump

  186. Jack

    This place is no good

  187. AC

    Hot girls. Great Laps. Expensive, but worth it. Fantasys sucks.

  188. Sandman21
  189. SamualL

    Not worth the cover IMO.

  190. SJ413

    Best topless lap dances in Baltimore. Cover is high ($25) but its BYOB so no pressure to buy lady drinks like some other clubs with lower cover. Dancers are friendly and aim to please. The experience youo have here is worth the cost.

  191. Eddie
  192. Buy Generic Cialis

    cialis and low blood sugar

  193. Jake
  194. martman

    fucking awesome!!!

  195. jen

    this club is the only in baltomore where u can do the things u do an not like the block there isnt one ugly female in there

  196. jizzle

    they need to hire some hot women

  197. George

    This place sucks!

  198. CK

    Daaaaaamn, wonderful and energetic girls who like to have a great time. My first time in here and plan on coming back. I have been to other clubs in the Baltimore area but this one is icing on the cake.

  199. Ron Again

    This place is awesome. It must be illegal to get away with so much in here! Just don’t tell my wife.

  200. Big Dick

    When are the cops going to raid this place for prostitution and drug dealing?

  201. Me again

    wow you want me to run the score down so much.

    this is my xmas gift

  202. hillary

    what a fucked up establishment this is, DAMN!!!!

  203. Frank Abood

    This club sucks

  204. Dave

    Great dances, you can’t get this kind of mileage anyplace else.

  205. joeblow
  206. Jeremy

    Took my boy J Pick in last night so he could enjoy himself before he heads back over to Iraq to serve our country.. I have been going to the wheel for probably 5 years now and last night to my suprise was one of the best times I have ever had!! I figured the rotation would be weak last night seeing as how it was a mon but whith the exception of 1 not so attractive female there the other 10 working were all 7.5 and up. Will be going back againd very soon

  207. Richard

    This club sucks! As metioned below, not worth cover charge. Girls complain to much.

  208. WOW

    This club SUCKS!!!

  209. Tim
  210. 56croaker
  211. crow

    most of the chicks are cool, and they seem to have a good time with everything. lap dances are great.

  212. fingersmith

    This place isn’t worth it

  213. croaker
  214. Kevin

    I have been on an unofficial search for the best lapdance for the last 10 to 15 years, and I have found it, right here in Maryland.

  215. harley

    great laps

  216. Erikro

    I love this club. I only go every other week, though. That’s the only time the girl I go to see works there.

    Overall, great experience.



  218. noman

    fantasies sucks! this place sucks! girls here are below average, not worth the cover

  219. bobby

    awesome club love it here

  220. dc_pervert

    Great lapdances, from some hot girls!

  221. Chris

    I came in sat. and wasn’t at all impressed.

  222. pp&j

    I’m shocked! Cover is to high and girls here below average. Seems they will hire anybody.

  223. dissapointed

    too many dudes, not enough women … very dissapointed in the talent, the level of effort, will consider going somewhere else in future … maybe the Kegbus isn’t the best idea for this club

  224. roger

    this club smells like fucking shit!!!!!!

  225. LL

    This club needs major improvement.

  226. will
  227. Simply Aweful

    This has got to be the worst club I have ever been too.

  228. Xbox

    Not a wise choice!

  229. local guy

    I am surprised at all the negative comments about this place. Are you sure we are talking about the same place? This is the best club in Baltimore with many fine women. The best lap dances (that are not like a brothel) on the east coast. There are different women for any man’s taste.

  230. ty

    i agree!

  231. Objective Reviewer

    Club sign says “Open 7:45pm to 2:00am”. Multiples time at

    1am I hear this yelled out, “Lap dance only” and I still had

    over $50 to tip the girls who were dancing on stage several

    of those times. With my work schedule I can’t get there

    until around 11pm. I’ve had enough of this 1am closing for

    the high entry fee. I will not be going back.

  232. Petey

    More like run downed crack house basement.

  233. Customer

    Please hire some hot girls

  234. K

    I agree,,I wasnt pleased myself

  235. Mac

    Great Club, Great Girls, & The Best Lapdances

  236. the crow

    Seriously people, what do you want? Do you want girls that ignore you or girls that will rock you cock? That’s what you have to ask yourself. Because, all girls here are willing to rock your cock in the backroom, it’s just that some of them will go after nonsense and others will go after you. I’ve had more wads blown here than anywhere else so take that at value. These girls will help you if you help them.

  237. justin

    this club sucks and has nothing on fantasies

  238. BJ


  239. Earl and I hurl

    They call this a strip club? Horrible!

  240. Tony T.

    Best lap dance club in Baltimore. Admission is pretty steep!

  241. Giacomo Cassanova
  242. ffffffuuuuuuuuu

    place is a rip off. they’ve raised the price of the cover to $24. dancer quality sucks, girls with small tits and stick figure appearances. overall, not worth the money.

  243. Al
  244. holy

    a shithole indeed my friend

  245. Bull

    I smell shit.

  246. Zapper

    I agree. I wouldn’t recommend coming here.

  247. jhonn

    fantastic love how nice the girls are

  248. g

    girls here belong on the block. club is run down and should be shut down.

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