Al’s Diamond Cabaret



1810 North 5th Street, Reading, PA 19601


40.3628682, -75.9274132




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Al’s is still totaly nude, but now with a contemporary and comfortable decor and full liquor service. But the one quintessential component of Al’s has never changed; the celebration of Al’s Beautiful women, our house entertainers and features permormers alike.


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0 reviews for “Al’s Diamond Cabaret

  1. J

    I love hot midgets!

  2. Jim

    Real nice place with plenty of girls. It’s a place I’d recommend

  3. very

    very nice and you gotta love honey

  4. Nathan

    What can I say! I enjoy the club because of the dancers. I have a top 5 girls. I hope they know who they are! My favorite girl is a dream, a great personality and an awesome person. To the guy who says the “lapdances” are nothing. Well your loss!

  5. Kim

    Gia Nova was GREAT ! Be back soon.

  6. Ronny


  7. Mickey

    Love the club and cannot wait to see Aurora Snow this weekend!

  8. Mark

    its amazing

  9. pappy123
  10. bad santa
  11. Carsten

    great shows!

  12. Man

    Love this place! Lots of natural boobies and big booty’s! Cant beat that!

  13. Dave

    beautiful, talented girls.

  14. Okie 1

    I went there for Julia Bond night. I was dissapointed by Julia. The other girls who work there were WAY better. There were a lot of people there, so the one-on-one time wasn’t the best, but the place was hoppin’. The remodel was great for the club. I’ll go back.

  15. Tuesday Night

    see my comments on the comments page. Thank again Al’d and all the ladies you made my night great

  16. Chester Molester

    I had a pretty good time…Adrianna,Kylie,Alex and Honey are what really made my night fun…4 of the most beautiful women I have ever met…if anyone knows what their schedule is like please let me know…I will definately be back for them!

  17. felixnada

    Got there at 1:15am the bald gorilla bouncer told me and my ladies they were closed and they obviously were not. I guess they don’t like money. Save you’re money. Don’t go here.

  18. lucyluck

    EVERYTIME we come here there’s something new – and GREAT! that’s why we love this place ( plus all the hot mamas )

  19. yay

    i like al’s, it’s so different inside but still the same.

  20. Lauryn Bushy

    there is a nice place!

  21. jon

    this place is great

  22. Glen

    I would love to see Gina Lynn grace the stage at Al’s once again! Now that’s a lovely woman!

  23. Marlie Roxx


  24. Just another man

    The club is smoke free, awesome, at least you don’t come out smelling like an ashtray. Full nude. But, cant touch ‘feel the tits, asses’, u can come close but no ‘cigar’, but still sizzling. They should waive the cover charge on weekdays/happy hour. The girls are cute, slender, sexy, talented, fit.

  25. John S.

    The girls really went out of their way to make my brothers bachelor party a lot of fun. Thanks Honey, Alex, Eve and everyone else.

  26. Richard

    Off the beaten path. But still one of the best I’ve ever been to, and that includes cities on the west coast and in the midwest.

  27. Todd

    There have been huge upgrades here over the last year with a

    lot of great reasons to keep coming back. They now have a nice

    selection of craft beers, great food, and amazingly hot girls.

    It’s nice to be able to go straight from work and get a

    really good dinner before I satisfy my private dance appetite.

    Way to go Al’s!

  28. bob
  29. Dennis

    We had a blast! Thank you everyone last Sat. ( angel…Honey…Alex…Eve…Summer…) See you in 2 weeks 😉

  30. Kevin

    The best club around. Make no mistake

  31. mitch

    best time on tuesday night

  32. Rich

    Best club in PA

  33. The crew

    Had a great time the place was packed last night

  34. amateur night

    came in for amateur night, the girls were very friendly and made me feel comfortable…the club is very clean

  35. A-town
  36. Drake

    Awesome place… best I have ever been to.

  37. great club

    nuff said

  38. customer
  39. pedro
  40. i think yall know

    Well I am happy when I come to this club ….. I luv all the luvlies that work there. I am very protective of all of them and have made friends with some and I am here to tell you …. almost all of them are good people. If you want to go to a club where the girls honestly arent “hustling” you this is the one ….. most of them dont even know how to hussle ….. Yall should know who this is …. luv all ya’ll see yall very soon…….

  41. mort

    Modern and clean club, girls were not bugs about $. I meet the girl of my dreams tonight, blonde, perfect everything….the stuff you leave your wife for!!! Happy St. Patricks Day.

  42. savlok

    waitresses pushing drinks are pretty hot. Most girls were good dancers. One dancer had full bush and got the most private dances. She said privates were $25 for 1 song. Lady at door was very nice. They seemed to cater to everything to make bachelor party a success.

  43. Aaron

    What a nice change Al’s has made to his club!

  44. princess fan
  45. Gerry

    Hot, friendly girls. Great club.

  46. Eric

    That sassy cassy put on a hell of a show!

  47. Nick

    Stopped in for the first time last night and had a great time. Plenty of beautiful, friendly girls, especially Karla and Amethyst. Private dances are definitely worth it. I’ll be back, I’m sure.

  48. Sandra

    This was my first time ever going and wow I will be back. Most of the girls were hot and the private dance left me and my man smiling the rest of the night! Can’t wait to go back!!

  49. Mike
  50. JD

    Love the club! Very clean! There is a reason it is rated as high as it is!

  51. ben dover
  52. Skip

    It’s a very nice place. Plenty of parking. Good service…nice girls. I would highly recommend.

  53. Johnny

    Can’t wait to see Lil’ Sassy Cassy again! This weekend!

  54. Ron

    This place is amazeing and jada daville was fucking awesome

  55. Back Again

    Last night was my first time back since the change. I was really suprised. The place looks great and the girls were wonderful as usual.

  56. buy valtrex
  57. Paris

    I love al’s! Fun entertainment!

  58. Greg

    Karma, Alexis, Victoria, Kira, Honey, Kylie, Tiffany and Zoey are all hot. Talk about variety!

  59. anonymous
  60. nicole

    loved it

  61. Bubba

    This clube rocks! Never been to a place like this before! It’s old school, cool and fun!

  62. Never Again
  63. you know who this is

    I was back in here for the first time in a long time today ……… there were 2 girls there …… Adrianna and Zoey I think their names were. God these two were sooooooo beautiful and nice…..they made me want to go home and tell my wie how much I loved her. If I ever get the chance I am gonna give those 2 girls the night of their lives.

  64. Dan

    Can’t wait to see Stephanie Swift

  65. Delilah L.

    Al’s Diamond Cabaret in my opinion is the best gentleman’s club I’ve stepped foot into. The stuff is alarmingly warming and welcoming, the entertainers are beautiful and personable, the bartenders are gorgeous and their waitress are even more becoming, I’m surprised management hasn’t begged their waitress’ to be on stage! I’ve over heard several asking the same question, the venue is a bit smaller for the scale they attempt to approach.

  66. Santa

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!

  67. Swordfish
  68. Tom

    Always a great time at Als. Best all around club there is. I’ve been to many clubs around the country and Al’s is my favorite by far.

  69. Donald

    A true gentlemen’s club. Spotless interior and didn’t have to deal with an immature under 21 crowd

  70. jrzrob

    In the area on biz…bored…and saw plenty of positive

    reviews round the net so figured the club was worth a little

    drive west instead’a east. Pretty much as advertised.

    Surprisingly nice looking, clean club. No longer BYOB but

    has a bar (actually two but wgaf) which is stocked with what

    I like. Easy to get a drink and chat to the btender.

    Bathrooms don’t look like something from Trainspotting which

    is a big plus. The DJ is apparently new and there were a few

    wtf moments with songs playing half or double speed (learn

    your equipment dude) but the ladies’ reaction to it was good

    for a laugh. Prices were pretty standard..cover is

    cheap…dances what I expected…booze really reasonable but

    I’m not from the area to compare and could’a have been

    getting ripped without knowing it. The private rooms were

    fine but they did have tv monitors in them in case you

    wanted to watcch some soft core porn. Kinda bizarre and the

    light from the tv in your face makes it a little harder to

    see the real, warm blooded hottie right in from of your

    face. But overall, a chill…pressure free atmoshpere to

    unwind in.

    Pretty slow going when I arrived mid evening but picked up

    later on especially near close. The ladies are absolutely as

    advertised…gorgeous, can dance, look like they are into

    it, don’t get into their own head too much or stare over

    your shoulder off into space. Even better they have plenty

    of personality so I had no problem dropping some bank to

    spend time. Good variety though not ethnically diverse…but

    you’ll have that in the george w bush’s middle america. I

    had some fun with a stone cold fox who showed me that a good

    time can be had in the heart of Amish country. She gave a

    great dance. I still have a mental pic of her legs that’s

    gonna keep me smilin’ today and her nipples are worth

    writing songs about. She did sorta kinda turn into a pumpkin

    and disappear on me round midnight so I think no return

    appearance for me this trip…but hey…life is short and if

    you get a better offer…you take it. Still…I’m in the

    area fairly reg on biz and would hit this club again.

    Bottom line…a nice club, with nice lookin’ ladies where a

    nice time can be had.

  71. Karl

    Best nude club in Eastern PA, maybe even the whole state

  72. Brent

    I had my bachelor party here on Friday and it was awesome!! Julia, Honey, and Allison made sure I had a great time! Question: does this club have a couples night so I can bring my wife next time?

  73. ben


  74. Bud Man

    Excellent place! Our bachelor party was kick ass !!!

  75. Sam

    We had a great night! Plenty of ladies who were friendly, bar staff and dancers alike. Very clean . The ladies in our party felt welcome and comfortable. If you’re in Reading don’t miss this stop.

  76. Jeff

    Friendly no pressure group of girls.

  77. Sal

    Top notch operation.

  78. Larry

    This place blows every other club away in the valley. Erv’s, Scarlets, etc, can’t hold a candle to this place. AL’s is the place to be!!!!!!

  79. Zappy
  80. Tim

    Club looks so good after the remodeling!! Ivy is HOT and has a great stage show and personality!!! Go check her out guys she’s great!!

  81. Bill

    Nice operation all around. Atmosphere was good, and I found the girls to be friendly and nice

  82. me

    i love it here

  83. chuck

    I can’t believe how packed it was for a midget, tons of extra house dancers and a real fun time.

  84. wifey4lifey
  85. christy

    its hot

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