Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club



641 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019


40.7675234, -73.9958498




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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100 exotic entertainers nightly. Premium liquors, Champagne, Scotch and Cognacs. Visit the heated outdoor roof deck lounge


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112 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

  1. Dirty Bitches

    Crooks, lost a wallet if that is a nice way of saying it. Was taken probably. Left after realizing that and later that night suddenly got fraud alerts. Person that found it used all 3 credit cards I had and maxed them totaling over 9k in charges. Tried calling but they just hang up. Had to dispute it but I’m sure they have some trick up their sleeves to make them stick. Sure it happens alot from what I read now after getting screwed from their staff.

  2. Eddie Reynolds

    It was my first strip club for my 22nd bday and i had a blast. It was so much fun all the women there were really nice and this even made me change my previous views on strippers. The music was good and so were the shots. I would definitely not go here again cuz one of the girls ripped me off and tried to overcharge me a few hundred bucks in dances and services like wtf is up with that BS.

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  4. Anthony

    Really loved this club, wish I could visit Stevie again and again!

  5. Borat

    Me likey! Boobies. Wawaweewa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Daniel

    The guards had a very bad attitude for beginning. I order the same drink twice and was charged differently each time. The girls asked for dance directly and didn’t chat with you at all if you didn’t pay. Sad.

  7. fritter17

    Surprisingly awesome for a place that’s gets by more on it’s name than anything else. A bit empty but the service was great – besides suckering one dude at our table to buy 2 $200+ bottles because it was ‘cheaper per person’ than the 2 $20 drink minimum per person…some sketchy shit goes on in the back even though they ‘aren’t allowed to solicit’ haha

  8. wtffffff

    so good.

  9. sc1010101
  10. good

    Probably the best option in the city. Hot time.

  11. katie

    sexy girls

  12. number one

    this club has the best service ever and the women are amazing

  13. Leslie D.

    Although I had nothing else to compare it to, I found my time at Hustler to be an interesting night of many firsts. First strip club, first naked lap dance, first $16 glass of strip club house red wine, first watching my friends being driven to ecstasy with “massages” around me, etc. So yes, as you can see, a night of many ADULT firsts. I can finally scratch all of these off my list now.So let’s jump right to the girls, as come on, this is basically a “breasts on display” advertisement and no one is there for the architecture. Some of the girls were very hit or miss. Some had good bodies with faces to match while others were total butter faces and some just had bad bodies and bad faces. Also a lot of eastern Europe accents going around… I’m just saying. On to the good stuff. One of my accompanying friends for the evening bought me a lap dance for $20 from a lovely girl with real breasts named Dani to celebrate losing my strip club virginity. She was very sexy, petite with perky breasts and her long, blonde, wavy hair smelled wonderful. I want whatever conditioner she uses because that smell was intoxicating! Now because of my pole dancing exercise classes I am used to getting a lap dance from a woman but I must say that having a lap dance with naked breasts in your face kind of changes things a bit. I didn’t know where to look! There were too many things in my face all at once. Out of nervousness, I started talking to my girl as she gyrated her hips on me and touched herself. How long have you been doing this? How is your evening so far? She asked me questions too like how I was enjoying my first time ever at a strip club, etc. I asked if she had already danced on stage already as I thought I had seen her and she tells me she has an identical twin so it was probably her. Holy crap. Someone grab a tissue for the boys! As one of my guy friends reminded me that she isn’t paid to have a conversation with me, I then reminded him that I’m probably the best looking person she’ll touch all night so I’ll do what I want, haha.I’m glad I’m a woman as I was harassed significantly less by the vulturing women for lap dances and “other” things. Someone we’ll call Woody might have gotten their balls locked in a choke hold as a means to convince him of enjoying the upstairs room at $600 for a half hour. Holy moly, at that amount there better be some kind of penetration. The gentleman that he is, he politely declined her brazen advances and watched the girls dance on stage. Some just really sucked and just stood there slowly moving offbeat to the music. Only two girls actually did any pole tricks and were any good. I educated my two male companions on what kind of tricks they were, what they were called etc. The pole was a spinning pole so these girls actually did some really amazing things that made me dizzy. I tipped those two accordingly. Many girls had boob jobs (duh) but I have to say I didn’t think they looked that good. One girl actually had a decent fake rack and I made sure to point those out as a good example of not overdoing it. Still, real breasts FTW.Two rounds of drinks, a lap dance, and two massages later, we decided to call it a night. The three of us left and went to a bar in the Lower East Side for the final hours of the morning. If we had not been given the comped admission tickets from the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival, I probably would have thought less of the experience. I believe in not paying for female strip clubs if you’re a girl but that’s just me, haha. I have probably around 10 of those free passes left and I intend to make use of all of them eventually for a boy’s night out or something. For this kind of adventure, I think I’d prefer to be surrounded by men. It just seems more fun that way.

  14. Franklyn

    ***I was here for a Chivas tasting***But I also came for the same reason why anyone comes here. To see the beautiful art that is the work of some of the greatest surgeons in the world. To that point, this place is like the Louvre. Much like the subtle smile of the Mona Lisa, the subtlety of some of the work here makes it hard to discern the natural masterpieces from the synthetics. It’s definitely classy all around, the building, the bathrooms, the stages, decor, waitresses and the girls are at worst 9s. But over the last few years, much like housing, finance and the rest of the economy, the stripping industry has been hit hard. The supply of lap dances has stayed the same or risen yet demand has dried up. So I understand that it may not be as great as it used to be. So here are some useful tips for strippers to make themselves a bit more marketable:1. Diversify your talents. You may be great on a pole (the metal one) or at giving a lap dance but when that’s not cutting it, develop more talents. Learn how to give a massage. Doesn’t have to be a professional one but after a long day in the office, is there a better way to relax than a nice sensual shoulder massage from a hot girl? 2. Be intimate. Although lap dances are supposed to by definition be intimate, often times they’re more routine and mechanical. Get close, breathe in his ear. He has 5 senses, try to hit on as many of them as possible. 3. Save time, develop a flow sheet. It’s tough to go up to a stranger and just try to sell yourself. Even in an environment where that’s normal, a minimal amount of rapport needs to be built, and this takes time. Time you could be using to make money giving lap dances. Instead, master doing this fast. Create a flow sheet that starts with Hi and goes to if A then C, if B then D and so forth. Don’t go beyond L. Don’t let conversations drag on and waste your time. 4. To the last point, have your go-to regulars. These are crucial to your success as you don’t have to spend the time building rapport and they’re always good for a few bucks. 5. Which leads us to building your stable of regulars. Ask your customer some probing questions, where are you from (uptown vs. from another state here on vacation), what do you do (Investment banking vs. marketing) and so forth in order to get a sense of if he has the potential to be a regular. If not —– go to the flow sheet and try to make a quick $20-$600 depending on the situation but don’t spend more time than that.If so —– this is going to involve some work and will be an all night/multi night task. – Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, keep an eye on your target. Make eye contact with him while you’re on stage or on some other guy’s lap. This will make him feel like he’s different or special and this is the key. Once the seed is planted, it’s just a matter of time. For added points, coax the guy you’re dancing on to try to touch you and politely remove his hands. Make sure your target sees this. On the other hand, let your target do what you wouldn’t let the guy in marketing from the Bronx do. Make note of the time/dates he frequents the establishment. Although your co-workers may be your friends, they’re also competition. When he comes in, make sure you pounce and feign genuine happiness/interest in his life. 6. Enjoy yourself. I know it’s a job and jobs aren’t fun but if that’s your attitude, you won’t be able to hide it no matter how good of an actor you are. And guys are coming here to escape the stresses of their lives, not sense the stresses of yours. 7. Think of yourself as a baseball player. Even the ones that get hits only 30% of the time are in the hall of fame. Swinging and missing is apart of the game. Just make sure to give yourself 600 ABs. I’m sure the demand for your lap dances will be back in the long run, but in the long run, you’re all gonna be 40 so google “how to give a massage” and make it work now. Good luck!

  15. George

    Attended the club for a friend’s 21st birthday. Let me bring to attention what the person beneath me had stated. “Must have money”.. This is one of the most expensive strip clubs I’ve been to. The girls that night were great looking. All walk around the room giving lap dances ($20) on the spot at your chair. Drinks range from $5-$10. A pleasurable environment. No touching though! Entrance was $25.

    **Avoid the Beaver Bucks Department. A method of “Con-ism” **

  16. ChuckBalls
  17. BestMan

    Good club, Great for parties. I still can’t stop laughing. Oh man….. those girls were crazy yo. LOLOLOLOL. Awesome. Thanks again.

  18. Ernesto

    Girls were very friendly and hot.

  19. Mr. Roboto

    When are Jenny and Ava working???

  20. guy

    came in from out of town, was looking to unwind. Club was nice but

    kind of dead. A tall redhead named Evelyn or something

    immediately came up to me after a few drinks the sob stories

    started. Then the room pitch, we could get closer, she could get me

    coke buy I had to pay for another girl. Wasn’t interested. After a few

    more drinks and more sob stories about herdown deatbeat baby’s

    father I decided to get the hell out of there. my worst club ex

  21. jason

    ive been to the club several times i am a black amex card owner and have traveled all over the world. This is a rude club the wait staff in particular.. The only saving grace was their security staff.A tall gent rather huge actually talked me into staying and i ended up having a wonderful time. I was there on a Monday it was quiet and spoke to the gent upstairs before i went to the roof for a smoke.The club has great potential

  22. justinlk

    This is one of the best strip clubs I’ve been to. The girls are good quality and the lap dances are superb. The waiting staff was really nice and super attentive. Bunny was our favorite, missing her everyday

  23. J

    Went last sat night with the wife. felt very comfortable. Great management. Very Professional.

  24. SugarLove
  25. Earl

    Just passed through for a bit tonight. Had pleasent conversation with May and Got a killer dance from Penolope (sorry, if i misspelled). Very comfortable. Outstanding club. First rate.

  26. 101110101

    The girls are hot. The dances are hotter. The ViP rooms are on fire…… HOT!

  27. Mikey

    The roof deck is nice. You can smoke cigars, see the sun set. Relax with a drink. The girls sit and chat a while before getting down to business downstairs. There’s a good view… in more ways than one if you know what I mean. Hahaha!!

  28. B

    I know the girls are there to make money but they were quite a bit on the pushy side. The pricing for private rooms is outragously expensive and the drinks could be cheaper. No cover should be charged. The waitress I had gave me attitude at one point and it was totally uncalled for.

  29. Curtis

    This place changed my life and also made me get more determined to make money. My cousin and I had a time of our lives that we are telling everyone about and talking amongst ourselves about 3 days after we left the club. The goddamn place is spectacular in every aspect. 10!

  30. Mark

    This club fu*king Su*ks so bad, who ever has to go into one of thease clubs is a sorry sucker LOL. You must not have good self a steam. I wish the guy that owns this club would go to jail and the girls a scum bags and dagrating to woman and mend that have to spend a lot of money on the girls becuase they dont feal good about them selvs… this is a sad life. You all su*k the web site nad the club su*ks. I hope you all rot in hell!!

  31. david

    it’s a big club but not too crowded. lots of girls who look hot… the best part is they aren’t blood-thirsty like the ones at flashdancers. haha!

    i did a upstairs vip with ava(eva? blond girl, big juicy tits) with lots of dirty talk just how i like it. when is she dancing again? does the club post schedules on this site or their website?

  32. Steve R.

    My wife and I stopped in for a drink since the club was around the corner from our hotel. What a huge mistake! At 10pm on a Friday, there was no one there. The dancers sat around (no one was dancing on stage), ignoring everyone. You would think that with no one there they would interact in an attempt to separate you from your wallet. They most get paid well for showing up because they had NO interest in dancing. There has to be better places than this in NYC.

  33. Dave

    Went to visit my at medical college about a month ago and I figured want better way to spend time with him than a gentlemen club. We ended up at Larry Flint’s club and am I glad we did! The girls were just great (and gorgeous). We had the time of our life there and not to mention quit a few lap dances…Thank s to all the beautiful young ladies for a blast!


  34. joseph1k

    To be fair I didn’t really see or experience any of the strippers (“exotic dancers”) here so this isn’t a full review. The only positive is that the place is absolutely huge, clean, and beautiful. I came here at like 7pm on a Thursday night and the place was empty. I had a free admission card I was handed on the street awhile ago so admission was free. The $12 watered down vodka cranberry was tiny and a bit of a shocker. There were a couple girls walking around but no one on stage dancing. I figured maybe girls would start coming out at 8 so I nursed my drink and waited it out. When still no girls were dancing (and there was about 8 or 9 people here at this point) I asked the bartender when there would be someone coming up to the stage she told me “not until we get some more people here, probably around 10” I guess my dollars weren’t good enough. Why in the world would they open so early then?? Either open at 10, find girls who don’t mind dancing for a small audience, or make coming in early worth while with something like movies or cheap drinks or something. What an absurd strip club experience.

  35. brendan

    omgomgomg the best the best the best club in the city. awwwwwwesommmmmme.

  36. molly
  37. curtis17

    Won’t even give this place a half a star it sucks walked in was forced to check my coat in .. Had a girl come up to my table offer a massage which ended up costing me $100 and she was forcing me to drink my drink kept Tryna hand it to me and Tryna distract me but flipping my hair in my face and shit her friend came over and grabbed my boyfriend cock Tryna distract him and tried to bring us both upstairs for $300 to the private room .the hoes roofed our drinks and my boyfriend saw it Tryna mouth to me stop drinking I got my shit left there feeling weird and unable to stay awake daze feeling like I was going to vomit cuz hoe roofed me .. Will never go back here bitch deserve a smack and this place should be shut down.

  38. Anonymous

    larry did it right. definitely stop here!

  39. Ric T.

    This place is as expensive as hell to get into.. The drinks are pricey and off course its slightly off the beaten path. Unlike Harvey Milk below, this is where my complaining ends.Hustler is awesome. Came here on both a Thursday and Friday night. The chicks here are slamming and many of them i have never seen out in the local city clubs before.. In fact most are the types that either are in school or work real day jobs and moonlight as strippers at night. This means there way hotter and down to get hammered. Beers here are cold, drinks are semi strong and lap dances are mint. Had this one animal who was the girl from saved by the bell reincarnated. She was doing all sorts of stunts on the 3 story high pole in the middle of the place. Ends up giving me a awesome lap dance, by awesome i mean she had me like the washington monument. Suggest you take a note from my brothers playbook and make sure you freeball it in linen pants or sweat pants to make sure both you and her have a good time! Back rooms in this place are sweet too. Though the hallway leading to them looks like some cheesy space ship overall they are nice and comfortable. If you can afford it go party in the backroom and throw down Don Simpson style(if you dont know what this means google Don Simpson)…The managers here are all friendly and will gladly help you make the night fun and entertaining. Try to get a free admission card, get loaded up and enjoy!

  40. Harrison69

    too many little boobie and no bootay girls with major attitude working there! the place is nice but other than that very boring inside the music is horrible. women dancing to music videos is tacky! how does a place charge you 28+ dollars and cant afford a dj??!!! not to mention there’s more security than patrons. lol id only go back if someone paid for me…

  41. Jerry

    Went here last week after a concert. Wanted to continue my night, and I am glad I came by. Club was filled with gorgeous women. Spent my time with Vanessa. Hot petite girl with a gorgeous ass for days.

  42. Traveler

    Worth a visit if you have the cash to go in the VIP rooms. If I didn’t take the chance then I would have been pretty bored but I managed to chat it up with a sensuous hottie who convinced me that it was in my best interest to go behind the closed doors. Truer words… never said. Great time. I will be back next time I’m in town.

  43. Richie

    One of the best strip clubs in NYC. I had a bachelor party here with 30 guys and we all had the time of out lives. Hot women great drinks and more…Thank you Larry Flynt this club is awesome!!

  44. Anonymous

    beautiful bodies and good prices on the lap dances.

  45. fd226


  46. maxxy1

    This was the worst strip club experience i’ve ever subjected myself to. I came in @ 3:00 AM for a dance and a drink however became obvious to me & the other patrons that the bar was more interested in drink orders. I spent an entire hour there and didn’t see a single boob. Don’t waste your money go to LACE or some equally shiitty tit bar because Hustlerrrrrr clubb is only living demonstration of franchise 2nd of and customer needs 2nd.AD: Watch the game at home

  47. Jake
  48. johncarlo
  49. Alan

    was there saturday saturday 27th March 2010, must say it was one of the worst strip clubs ive been to, and ive been to lots. the best looking girl there was serving behind the bar.


    alan ireland

  50. eddyL

    Very classy – not the usual ‘throw money on stage’ type of environment though. The ladies couldn’t care less when they’re on stage – it’s all about lap dances and the backroom that apparently interests them. $20 cover, but I expected as much. Can’t complain about that.Lots of attractive ladies – though a lot of them aren’t that curvy.Went last night (thursday night). It was pretty busy.Three floors. The roof is pretty nice but not all that special. The bartender on the roof when I went last night was possibly the dumbest person my friend and I had ever met. A big baller dropped his card with her and she kept questioning him about his ID. He told her to check with the managers since they know him and then she actually didn’t serve him until she had verified with the managers. The guy told the bartender to get our drinks plus another round and keep $100 for a tip for herself. She pretty much refused to give us that extra round. She also took like 20 minutes to get us a cigar cutter after we had purchased over-priced cigars from her. Apparently there’s literally only one cigar cutter in the whole joint and it belongs to a bus boy. Not even joking.Drinks are pricey if you choose unwisely, I guess. Jameson was $16, but so was Macallan 12…somehow. Pretty sure it was just the dumbass bartender not knowing what she was doing.Back to the dancers – we were admiring this double D (natural) European chick giving some guys a dance in front of us on the main floor. She came at me directly after the dance and I couldn’t say no.Went to the backroom for a buck twenty (surprisingly reasonable – especially for NYC!). That resulted in 4 songs. Could also do 20 minutes for $250 ish. I would say worth it, though the management comes in and interrupts you sometimes to have you sign a receipt if you use a card. The dancer was actually one of the nicest dancers I’ve ever interacted with as far as she wasn’t just there to make $. I won’t get into details :)As the night was dying down, an NBA star reserved the middle floor and started making it rain. Literally. There were dollar bills falling from the middle floor onto the main floor.I tried to buy my friend a lap dance at 3:50 AM and was told by some manager dude no more dances. wtf…Another complaint – the staff forces you to sign any credit card receipts exactly like your ID. If they think it’s not close enough, they’ll keep making you sign it. Somehow they think that helps them with chargebacks.Last thing – the ATM inside takes a 10% cut off your withdrawal. Honestly, pretty stupid because I was about to take out more money than I finally did just because I didn’t want to spend $100 on an ATM fee. I would have spent more $ in the club if the fee wasn’t so ridiculous…

  51. tj

    really hot chicks.

  52. Zzzzzzz

    I love it.

  53. AssnTits5

    $20 cover, $14 drinks, $20 lap dances, $120 private dances for 10 minutes. 3 floors, 1st being the main stage, 2nd being a small lounge area with a stage that looks down on the 1st floor, and the 3rd being the roof where you can smoke and sit at tables. So many 7-9s to choose from that it makes me want to come back on a weekend night.The girls can get a little aggressive with trying to get you to buy a dance who don’t take no for an answer the first time. The 5-7s are the aggressive ones who sit on your lap. The 8-9s sit around and seem to not waste their time asking. Those girls look very exotic and quite intimidating.Bottom line: It’s a pricey gentlemen’s club in Manhattan with really hot women.

  54. Joe
  55. passing thru
  56. x
  57. Johnnyboy123

    Wow, What a pricey strib club!I went here a few years ago, like in 2008 with two of my male friends and a female one and was surprised. I wasn’t surprised not by how the decor looked which was average, with high ceilings and some art work, wasn’t surprised by how the women looked, mostly european and mostly with fake boobs as well trying to get your attention all night, but was surprised by how expensive it was there. Everything in this club was so expensive. Admission to get in was 30 bucks that night years ago so already your pockets were down a bit. Next were the drinks, for a regular mixed drink, with average liquor, it was about 16 or 17 bucks, for something that wasn’t even made properly maybe due to precautions of out of control guests or maybe them just trying to rip you off. Boy if the average mixed drink was that expensive, I wonder what “Top Shelf” would have cost? Now after hearing about the first two expensive things, one would wonder about Lap dances and other stuff, well here we go. The Lap Dances were actually regular price surprisingly only 20 bucks but of course lol you know there’s a “ringer” somewhere waiting to be revealed. After a lap dance here, the women try very hard to get you to go upstairs for an even more private dance and for good reason. Starting prices range from between 500 to 600 dollars and may or may not include touching as my friends who decided to take the plunge found out for themselves lol. For that amount of money, I couldn’t do it but good luck to others who can and will. I believe my friends had two sessions that night and the girl they chose was actually cool and very pretty, a Hispanic girl, in which they kept in contact with for like a year afterwards. In the end, with about maybe 1500 dollars spent, not so fabulous drinks and fake boobs everywhere, I think I might give this place another shot again, just have to be more prepared financially. ALSO IF YOU USE YOUR CREDIT CARD HERE FOR BIG PURCHASES, BE CAREFUL. THEY WILL PUT HOLDS ON YOUR CARD I HEAR FOR A WHILE YOU BETTER HAVE ENOUGH MONEY ON IT OR SOMEWHERE ELSE JUST IN CASE.THANKS LESLIE D. FOR YOUR REVIEW ON THIS PLACE, I HAD ACTUALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT BUT YOUR REVIEW WAS SO FUNNY ON IT AND SO TRUE TOO.

  58. ray
  59. Jumbo

    classy club

  60. dan

    i was not impressed at all

  61. no name james


  62. Scott


  63. andrew anon

    sexiest girls with out a doubt

  64. tonycluber

    Horrible girls, boring and it was a Friday night… FAIL

  65. larry1

    I won’t complain about the pricing. Strip clubs are expensive.This club is beautiful inside and out.

  66. toonice

    This is club where you must have money. There are some 10 rated girls in there, but most of them are intersted to go to the separee with you and that is expensive.

  67. GODIVA

    Great club with a lot of potential , but Not a relaxing joint compaired to other Highend Gent Clubs. Get rid of a couple of the waitresses

  68. iluvboobs
  69. Steve

    Still the best club in town. The girls are hot. There aren’t too many annoying ones. Most can speak English. Most can take ‘no’ for an answer. I think 99% have real tits. They aren’t overly done up like pageant queens. Lots of girl next door types which is great for me. The rooms are expensive but worth ever penny if you find the right girl.

  70. Kevin J.

    zero stars. I hate this bar. they have these really bulky chairs and tables literally on top of each other all over the main room, most of which were mysteriously “reserved” anyway for high rollers who didn’t seem to be around here anyway. the stairs to get up to the roof bar were steep and unbalanced, even for a sober climber. between the stairs and the chairs, the place is just a disaster waiting to happen. and while I would have expected the stairs to take me to some magnificent view with a wonderful set-up, there was no view and no fun. with the service being so poor, Larry could have named it the Hassler Club. I seriously almost laughed out loud when I walked through this lack-of-entertainment club, then promptly left. Not the only game in town!

  71. shit

    make scn get rid of the shit videos or i will post 100 bad reviews

  72. John

    The service at this place is the worse I’ve ever encountered. We got bottle service ($350) and the waitress only came over once. The bachelor complained it was taking too long to order a beer, and had to ask the manager to send the waitress over. After more waiting, I had to ask again for the waitress. Finally she came. I got the credit card bill today and there were two additional unauthorized charges of $200 and $370 on my account from this place!!! Stay away from this place, or if you decide to go, don’t use your credit card like me. You’ve been warned.

  73. Chad
  74. NYC has hot girls

    The club was rated #3 by askmen(dot)com Guess what club got #1??? Hotlapdance on 38th street got top honors. Sorry Hustler, looks like the new model of clubs is winning the race in NYC. Don’t get me wrong, this place is good…. but if you want a REALLY good time I’d go to HotLap’s…. that place is out of control.

  75. XXX

    what days does ava work?????????

  76. 1313YAK
  77. ehh

    its eh

  78. Coppertone

    Giselle is smokin’ hot!!! She has the most amazing tan lines on her juicy rack. When I die, I wanna be reincarnated as her bikini.

  79. XXXbeast

    The space reminds me of a Broadway show set for some reason…really brightly lit, flashy and colorful. The girls on a random Friday night got hotter and hotter as the night went on..or was it the scotch that got me thinking that…I digress!Ended up here one night with a bunch of my pole dance class girls (yes it’s a real workout class you nitwit) and 3 guys. We tucked our group into one of the boxed seating areas and the minute bottles were set down we had girls flying in left and right. Very aggressive about lap dances and very sneaky about giving someone a lapdance in the middle/end of a song and not saying anything and continuing onto the next song and charge for 2 dances when technically it was just 1.5…Waitresses are really friendly and attentive and love the masseuse staff they have too! The more “private” balcony area really wasn’t worth it since it didn’t seem that private. The floor manager got upset at our group because one of the stripper chicks let one of the ladies in my group show her an inversion trick on the pole. But worked out in the end.I don’t think I’ll be back to this one again although I have to say I did have an amazing dance from one chick, name eludes me though. It was good for an experience but doubt it’ll become one of the usual places I venture to again.

  80. jimmy Dee

    No shortage of private rooms and hot dancers

  81. SL
  82. NY Guy

    Stopped by Saturday night. Was not there long when I saw Angela (not sure of the name but petit Brazillian with spectacular curves pretty face and long curly brown hair). Had a couple of dances and went to the private area for 20 really nice minutes. Unfortunately, I lost her on the way down stairs to, I think, one of her regulars. I was a bit bummed because I was thinking it just doesn’t get better than her. Then I saw Alleah (sp?). Beautiful face, beautiful body, long blond hair. Spent some wonderful time with her till I was essentially out of money. Guys if you fall in love easy stay away from Alleah, she is not only a beautiful girl but as you talk to her you realize she is bright articulate and charming and you will be wanting to take her home to meet you parents. Had a massage from Irina – pretty girl with strong hands. Hustler club, nice job with the girls. The thing that always bothers me about this club is it is a victim of its own success its a small venue and many of the seats are reserved.

  83. JBizzle

    worst service i have ever had. bouncers gave us a problem getting in because i didnt look old enough even though my id says 25 (maybe he cant read) the prices for drinks are ridiculous let alone the service from the waitresses is terrible. and they dancers will not come near you unless you want a dance. did not have a good time at all

  84. Sebastian

    I went last week to check out this gentlemen’s club for the first time. I loved it. The majority of the girls were gorgeous and fun! Lots of beautiful women(a lot of 10’s), some friendly, some pushy. Mix variety of girls too, you don’t know where to look. Def good times. Bring lots of cash here, it’s not cheap, but worth it. Do not use your credit card. I agree with another fellow here. They can screw shit up. It is def the best club in all of Manhattan. If you want to impress a client, take them here.

  85. The Greaseman

    Best poontang this side of the Mississippi!

  86. moboobies
  87. Mahogani

    I use to work at this club… All of the dancers are nice, the club is a easy money maker… All of the guys are coming from wall street or the stock exchange and they are ready to spend! I am a black female and it has a nice mix of black, asia, latinas, and white female. All of the ladies must be a ten or they will “say” they will put you on a wait list. And there really is no wait list! lol…

  88. fuckery12

    More of a casual spot then a “place to be”. Girls were hit or miss, nothing much to see here. Didn’t even try to dance when on stage. Strippers sat around in groups chatting while patrons were available all over the. The rooftop was alright though. Overall, I’d come here if every other spot is dead and I wanna see some skin while I drink.

  89. XxxCaptain
  90. Jimmy
  91. adamrod

    Isn’t everything nicer when someone else foots the bill?! Came here with a group of fun ladies at the end of a wild night. The doorman told us it was $25 to enter. I was a little tipsy and chose to engage him with maybe a little more familiarity than I should have. It turns out that yes, you do in fact still need to pay a cover even if you don’t have a penis. I also learned that you do not need to pay a cover if a very generous (and lone male) member of your group decides to throw his credit card down and buy a table. We were quickly whisked away to a semi private VIP table in the main room of the club. At 2am on a Saturday it was packed. They have a super high pole on the center stage (which sadly received minimal use throughout the time I was there) and two smaller poles on that second level that could be seen from below. Now to what you really care about…. the girls. They were of mixed varieties. As others have said, no “10s” but pretty. They were slithering around in their barely there ensembles with razor sharp negotiating skills and dollar signs in their eyes.Shortly after our bottle arrived, the host passed out what is known in strip club lingo as “funny money” or in Hustler land “beaver bucks.” What’s a girl to do with $200 in said beaver bucks? Spend it! I decided to spring for a lap dance. My first ever! I wanted to scan the room to make a worthwhile selection, but ending up opting for one of the girls that were stalking our table after seeing our cash stash distributed. I was so confused about the etiquette. Do I pay in the beginning or at the end? Do I talk to her? How do I know when to stop? Do I just tell her to? I didn’t think that would be very nice. Finally I decided after two songs that I reached my “boob/butt in my lap” limit. Afterwards, I gave $20 to the one girl that inverted on the pole all night and donated the rest to my friends. Did I have fun? Hells yes! Would I go again? Sure…. if someone else is paying.

  92. Jersey

    Best club in New York city

  93. igor34

    I had one of the best lap dances of my life here. Granted, that’s probably because I’m a female and female patrons seem to get a little more attention than the regular old Joes. But, if all the girls here could be as attentive and be *into it* as the girl I had (eye contact, not rushing, enjoying herself, allowing little touches here and there), this would be the best strip club in NYC.

  94. rick

    great time in a private room

  95. winston12

    The best looking dancers in the city. Fabulous pole dancers, loved the hosts. This is by far my favorite club in the city.

  96. Wes
  97. Raphael D.

    She put the lotion on the skin or else I’d get offered a dance again.It was a good yet pricey massage but this is a strip club and not Three Happiness Golden Red Cat Lucky Spa (which probably does exist) so this be the deal and the highlight of this foray. Speaking of lucky we did have passes waiving the $20 cover which is quite a bit considering what you’re gonna spend after you get in.We came to this classy-lookin place to help fulfill a young Texan girl’s erotic journey from Houston to the West Side Highway. The talent ranges from busted Norwalk chick to forged-by-the-gods-of-hotness so all attractive on average but the thing is that a lot of the women seem bored with their time up on stage and I don’t blame them either. I’d probably hate men too if I were them but that’s a discussion for the comments section of a Jezebel article and not this here review. I would have liked to seen more energy considering that each drink was around $16.They’re gonna push private dances on you quite a bit so unless you came here specifically for that you’re gonna get annoyed and for the VIP room you better be slingin Tony Montana style or managing several hedge funds to drop that kind of money.After getting our cohort her lap grind we had one more pricey round of drinks and split before the ATM came-a-callin’.

  98. party artie

    there is a great selection of girls, i mean GREAT really G-R-E-A-T-! sexy sensual model-quality especially for a monday night. i wish the clubs in my neck of the woods could compare. stunners on a monday…. WOW

  99. lol
  100. bob

    girls are hot had a great time wii be back

  101. Dude
  102. Romulus R.

    went here late night around 3:00 after a night in meat was late so we skipped the cover.venue is spacious. got a classy vibe to a big outside balcony section upstairs for smokers.nice looking a table and ordered a few drinks.waitresses are cute & are attentive.had some girls come sit on my lap. super pushy about lap dances. told them no thank you & they leaped out my lap like it was on fire.girls dancing on stage had some moves. good looking gal classic big booty & giant fake tits. threw her a few bucks for the show.some other girls came up to me asking for dances. i told them no thank you & pulled out some singles to tip them just for asking me & showing me attention. girl told me, “I DON’T WANT YOUR ONES. IT’S DISRESPECTFUL. I GET A THOUSAND ONES THROWN AT ME A NIGHT “.i’m thinking to myself…bitch I’m trying to give you free money for just being pretty. you’re selling your body for quick cash… how the fuck am i being disrespectful?overall girls are average hot.a few are porn star caliber & some were normal looking girls with great bods.hustler club is most likely only fun is you ready to drop a couple thousand.classier strip club, but doubtful ill be making a return.

  103. if p then q

    Sexy titties!!!!!!

  104. Paul

    The girls here are a bunch of tens. I’ve been to every club in the city, & hands down this place has the best looking girls.

  105. Jim
  106. z
  107. steven

    went there on sat night what a waste of money had an issue with the waitress some manager came over. He was totally unprofessional very condescending and nasty

  108. Robert

    Best club in NY regardless of rumors Rick’s being number one.. I was greeted by

    a friendly bevy of blondes and felt very comfortable. Good value for the money.

    Courteous staff and great lapdances. Perfect tens; especially May a Holly from

    Playboy lookalike who also appeared in Playboy.

  109. Mac
  110. Brian

    Went here for an office Xmas party. There’s a nice mix of girls. Most can speak English which is a huge plus! Dances on the floor are tame…. I would even say lame. The dances upstairs in the booths are pricey but much better. 20 minutes for $240 alone with an 8 or 9 hottie. I just wish there was more light in there…

  111. jimmy10011
  112. Mauricio G.

    STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD!THEY WILL PUT HOLDS ON YOUR CARD AND WILL TAKE DAYS IF NOT WEEKS TO CLEAR.If your looking for a place like this go somewhere else. There are far better places that will more cordially take your money and have better girls. I purchased a bottle (first mistake) costing $350. They forcefully ad $70 for tip. Upfront without even first having provided any service. Then on top of all that they put a $200 extra hold on your card. For a total of $600 for a liter of Bacardi. All strip clubs are a rip of, understood but this is just absurd. The girls are mediocre at best. The service leaves much to be desired.

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