Sapphires Gentleman’s Club



W7191 U.S. 10, Menasha, WI 54952


44.2115904, -88.398421




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sapphires Gentleman’s Club

  1. yang

    we had a great time for our girl friends birthday. she jumped on stage and got a free shirt we thought that was kinda kool, thanx dj

  2. ed


  3. angler
  4. Awesome

    I love this place. The women are the best around.

  5. Wendel
  6. dude
  7. Tam
  8. Marcus

    George is right. They have some of the best “assets” anywhere around.

  9. J

    Many new faces =) Carmen,Alize,Faith,Honey

  10. amber

    I never said kevin wasn’t nice I said ” he like ages 17-20. He feeds them booze.” I was never a bad worker I have swinger couples come for me, man and woman. So I wasn’t that bad. Sooner or later Dave will fall because of the things kevin is doing wrong. Every club is ran differently, some by the laws and some that break the law. I don’t want to work for someone who isn’t running by the books. kevin’s good looking, he’ll do well in jail, if his age group of women don’t change. Good Luck

  11. YEAH!!!

    Welcome back – It’s awesome!

  12. Rollie

    I’ve been to a number of adult establishments and I can truly say that this is one of the finest when it comes to quality of girls, customer service, prices and ammenities. For a club in Wisconsin, I give it a 10.

  13. Not Picky?

    I do know about that. They’ll hire anything just because they want to be known for having the most girls out of any club in the area. Well I prefer quality over quantity. I’d rather go to a club with a few great looking women than a club with tons of dancers that you have to sort through to find the few great ones.

  14. Julia

    It’s awesome – they play music videos of the songs the girls are dancing to on huge flat screens by the stage.

  15. So blo
  16. Jo Jo

    I was at High Cliff for some Memorial Day camping. While the ladies went antiquing, us guys did a little dollar shopping ourselves. This is one of the nicest clubs I’ve ever been to. We were treated to lots of beautiful dancers, a friendle waitstaff and an awesome facility. We’re already planning a return trip for the labor day weekend.

  17. Herman

    Some people see this place for what it really is and others for what it’s not either way I won’t be back

  18. pam

    yeah!!! this place has it all…didnt think id like strip clubs but this one rocked…cant wait to take my man to the nude car wash on the 25th!!!

  19. Dan Z.
  20. bridget

    Had a good time the staff was actually nice compared to other places….most places have tight asses for security…who probably go home after work and wack it to the movie road house….ha ha thanks for that quote lil – dave…cant wait to come back and visit u all again soon

  21. Shruve
  22. Gary b
  23. Fat Man

    The best around – just wish they were open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  24. Steve

    Has been my favorite place since they opened. Way to go Sapphires!!!!!!

  25. Chris

    Had a great time there last night. The women are really hot and everyone is so friendly. Great place.

  26. Dancer

    I’ve been at Sapphire’s for almost a year. Kevin is a nice guy and has a great sense of humor! … Sapphire’s has class…it’s always yesterdays trash that will end up writing nasty comments.

  27. poor
  28. pal

    fuckin rocked it last weekend good times guys awesome

  29. Tonken

    First rate club. Dancers are terrific . . and the 2 fur 1s are out of this world !

  30. Sam
  31. Nino
  32. Pete

    Nice layed back atmosphere, No pressures and great looking girls.

  33. Rich

    Welcome Back!!! This place is just awesome now.

  34. Peter

    It’s a really classy place where they know how to treat customers. I love the service and the entertainment.

  35. Jenni

    Fun club and great dancers!

  36. Trudy

    this place sucks- snooty stuck up dancers! so what if you have “50 girls” 8 out of the 10 are hookers and the other 2 were pregnant! not worth the trip again!

  37. derk
  38. Lance

    Sasha is my all time favorite. The best lap dance I’ve ever had.

  39. J.J.

    The best in the area!

  40. Joe

    Over priced and over emphasized

  41. George Of The Jungle

    Oh Ah Ah Me Like The Boobies. George Happy. George Come Back For More Tail.

  42. Katie
  43. John

    Best Lap Dances anywhere!

  44. Nate

    Fun place to hang out. The girls aren’t pushy like other places. Beer, Pool, Darts, Skeebal, Poker and Naked Women – what more could you ask for?

  45. Gabriel

    These girls will put the Playboy girls to shame!

  46. Mr. XXX

    My ATF club. This place has it all.

  47. Disappointed

    Sorry, but this place is a joke! Topless only, a $7 cover charge (at 12 or 12:30 on a Sunday night) and $8 Captain and Cokes? Dancers that are more concerned with entertaining their boyfriends than mingling with the patrons? Do yourselves a favor and check out Beansnappers or the all-new Stars Cabaret. I’ll never set foot in this dump again.

  48. Zach

    I like BOOBIES!!!! They are “very nice.”

  49. Robby

    The women are the hottest of any club I’ve been to. If you didn’t know you were in Wisconsin you would think this club was in a much bigger and prestigious area. As for Jeffrey there, I think he must have been reviewing a different club – these girls are HOTT. And if you don’t have any money to spend don’t expect the dancers to spend a whole lot of time on you. They’re there to make money not socialize.

  50. george

    You know its kind of funny. This website is bullsh*t. How people can just comment on clubs they have never been to. Just to down other clubs when they have no clue. people who down this club have obviously never been to this establishement and need to get a life. Its the best around the fox cities. So waste your life on trying to make your club better. When your so called club fires you see if u give a sh*t about this site anymore. cause im done this is pathetic. losers grow up. great club keep up the good deals

  51. Chip
  52. Fran

    Best club in the area! Nothing beats the quality of dancers, prices, and atmosphere.

  53. Bubba

    It’s a 10!

  54. Randy

    Lots of hot girls.

  55. dan

    had a good time and not to expensive

  56. Lover

    Sapphires ROCKS!!!

  57. slizard
  58. Dance Fan

    I was once again disappointed. Decided to check this club out once again because of the great reviews. It is a nice club and there were 2 or 3 dancers that caught my attention, but I couldn’t catch theirs. I finally had to stake out a spot at the door leading from the DR in order to be able to ask for a private dance before. Dancers were playing pool or chatting with others and ignoring me, even after I tipped more than the usual at the stage. The lack of acknowledgement really turned me off.

  59. Wayne

    First time visiting this club. Very nice and the girls are great!

  60. Jade
  61. alex
  62. sinistr
  63. georgey
  64. Kirby Man

    Love it or Hate it – It doesn’t matter. This club does it better than any other around and that’s a fact.

  65. ken

    who doesnt like nude fricken car wash yaeh that rocked

  66. Kelli

    I love coming here with my boyfriend. The club is so friendly for women. We always have so much fun and then go home and have fun there too.

  67. Michael

    Beautiful and friendly women along with a great atmosphere. I would recommend Sapphires to anyone

  68. Bam?

    Great club with lots of beautiful women! One review said there were no large breasted women, but I saw plent of C and bigger when I’ve been there.

  69. Ricky
  70. Craig

    The best looking women of any club in the country.

  71. Woody

    Best club I have ever been to.

  72. Rick

    I love Sapphires. The girls are all so hot. Best lineup of any club I’ve been to.

  73. lacy

    love the quality of the club…and the staff treat the girls right and dont expect much…i felt accepted instantly 🙂 thanx guys

  74. Marty

    A little slower tonight,but expected with the bad weather. Still had about 10 very attractive dancers so all was not lost. Got a dance from the always lovely Alize and followed it up with another from Jenna. All in all a very enjoyable trip.

  75. amanda

    hotties 🙂

  76. Paul

    My favorite club for relaxing. There’s never any pressure here.

  77. dmc
  78. Paulie

    This is best club in the state right now!

  79. James
  80. JT

    This place rocks!

  81. lil dave dj


  82. Sal

    Terrific club

  83. SlickBlade

    Went their the other night, first time ive ever been in this kind of a place. Had a blast. The girls were beautiful and very friendly. Im looking forward to going back again soon.

  84. Dustin

    Awesome club! Chloe is so hot – I will be back soon.

  85. Gordy
  86. chasa1759
  87. Tonto

    Best club in the city, very sexy dancers



  89. Spence

    Super hot girls! In addition to the regular hotties there were two ladies that were from the East coast that were absolutely the best I’ve seen anywhere in Wisconsin. I hope they make sure to get those girls back soon. Outstanding overall.

  90. Nicki

    I love working here. The people are great and you get to keep all your money. As for this Amber chick, I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve worked at Sapphires for over a year (I’m 20 now) and never once has Kevin, Dave, or anyone working there ever been inappropriate in any way and I’ve never heard anything from any of the other dancers to think otherwise. It sounds like you’re trying to badmouth a club that just doesn’t want you working there. There’s always that one stripper that can’t cut it so instead of just moving on she has to be a bitch and spread rumors. I’ve never met you, but all I can say is – Get a life Amber.

  91. Tara

    This is my favorite club to work at. Everyone is great.

  92. Richie

    This is a good club (not perfect) that does a pretty good job of having good looking girls, nice atmosphere and reasonable prices. Is it Deja Vu or Spearmint Rhino – NO, but it’s the best that Wisconsin has to offer.

  93. Joseph Calanzo
  94. jeff

    booooooooooring, lots of flats chested bitches

  95. Evan

    Best strippers in the State

  96. Frank

    There are always new dancers here almost every week. I love seeing new girls instead of the same thing over and over.

  97. the lady

    ditto! love you

  98. Fred Flintstone

    Some guys will never be happy. This is easily the best club in Northeast Wisconsin.

  99. Kyle

    Nice people and fun place to hang out. Just like going to your favorite bar or nightclub, but there’s naked girls as a bonus.

  100. Terry

    Had a great time! Very nice, but still casual.

  101. josh

    this club was great had my truck at the car wash on friday.

  102. T.

    Gotta love the steak night. Amazing how good the food is at a gentelmans club. Be back again for the steak thats for sure. oh ya and jenna cant forget her

  103. Kevin

    Always good to here from a fired EX-employee. Why was it that you were calling repeatedly to be booked if the club was such a mess. I suppose lies will have to do. Once again, good to hear from you.

  104. Danger and Ivy

    Hey we are 2 of the dancers here and we’d like you to come in and see us this coming up friday from 11-5 we’ll serve you free luch and won’t charge a cover, also we work Sat and Dun from 4-2ish. so come in with a smile and leave with a hard on

  105. Gino

    I really enjoyed my visit here. Great girls, nice casual atmosphere, and good drinks.

  106. Pattron

    Gentleman’s club atmosphere. Large dance stage with attractive, but limited mix of dancers. No $1 tip walks or attempt to sell drinks. Girls seem friendly, and not pushy.

  107. Mister X

    The new club is incredible. Beautiful from top to bottom.

  108. Hank

    Awesome dancers and great prices !

  109. Wesley

    Best lap dance area and champagne room in the area. The new club is the absolute best.

  110. Kenny

    I just love the girls here. All the ladies are 8-10’s and the lap dances are the best anywhere.

  111. Aaron
  112. Tracy

    I love this club. The girls are great and it’s just beautiful inside. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  113. Neil
  114. Big Fan

    I love the new place. It is so much better than what they used to have. Best club of any in the area by far.

  115. Ray
  116. customer

    This is definitely my favorite club in the state. Best bang for your buck.

    It makes Beansnappers look like the 8th grade dance.

  117. Greg

    Too many drugs in this club!

  118. dancer fan

    This club is over rated! Some good looking dancers but the friendliness factor is zero.

  119. Trevor

    i expected less….wow i was surprised good job guys

  120. Travis

    The quality of the girls is the best anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. This club is just great!

  121. Curly

    This club always has the hottest girls and the best lap dances anywhere.

  122. Micah

    Overall high quality girls and pretty good amenities. I’d say that there are a few areas that could be improved on such as a better variety of music, but for the most part this club has it right.

  123. Sebastien
  124. Gregg

    I wont go to stars because Jeremy made a deal with the devil, the club was built on pure spite, he’ll get his karma some day. Sapphires has beautiful girls in a relaxed atmosphere, What I like is right here.

  125. Malk

    Nice club. Quite and relaxing early in the evening. Great mix of quality young dancers. Not aware of any “extras” in VIP room.

  126. Dancer J

    When you compare this club to some others there are some big differences and most are for the better. The dancers are treated well and the money making potential is great. I still work at some other clubs too, but this has been my favorite for a while now.

  127. Stuey

    It isn’t any better here then any other place. Dancers are the same no matter where you go. All they want is your money. I can flip through a magazine and get the same results. The magazine costs $3.50 you will spend $100.00 plus here you figure it out.

  128. Karl

    A + + + + + +

  129. Rianmen

    Club is one of better in NE Wisconsin. Girls are attractive, lean, and friendly. Only complaint is lack of ethnic variety in dancers. Happy hour offers free cover and two for one drinks.

  130. Archie

    This club wouldn’t be shit without the manager lil dave that guy is hilarious

    and always keeps things moving man he never stops and was very helpful to

    me and my wife Connie thanks again buddy great line of girls!!!

  131. rage666devil

    man i thought it would be a sloppy same type club, they play more variety of music than i thought there was girls actually dancing to heavy metal, ROCKIN!! and the girls were definately hottest around and made them even more hot cause they werent all dancing to hip hop crap, like you hear at most strip clubs……

  132. Dave J

    I went to check out Sapphires on Saturday and found it to be a very nice club. They had a good variety of dancers and a class facility. I don’t know if the club is quite as good as it’s rating would indicate, but easily one of the best in Wisconsin.

  133. Strip Club Fan

    Finally got to check out the new club. Love the private dance area. Had dances with 3 women; Jersy (sp?, a very nice and friendly girl. Carson, a very beautiful and sexy girl and Sasha, a very “hot” lap dance. There was another I wanted to have a dance with but she always seemed too busy with a group of guys and I hate to ask for a dance from a girl when she is chatting with someone. She never came around to others. My only complaint. Overall this is a nice club.

  134. Striked

    Beautiful dancers, fun time, Alize, Nadia, and Bella are fun.

  135. rockon

    The best club ever!!!!!

  136. Mark

    Awesome place! Laid back and comfortable and the girls are gorgeous

  137. Twilight

    Love this club, go there about once a week for several months now. Won’t go anywhere else, this place has a great atmosphere, great lookin girls!

  138. Devon

    This club is hoppin’ What a great atmosphere and the girls are gorgeous.

  139. Ron

    Not as picky? I don’t know about that. This place has the most girls and the hottest ones of any club inn the state. I’m just glad that I only live 20 minutes away.

  140. Fred

    Fun club, and easy going atmosphere. Nice place to just relax. Also, I remember Amber. She wasn’t very attractive and had a real attitude. Good job getting rid of her. Bitter, strippers make for the most intersting comment – reading these boards is always fun.

  141. Kathy

    My friend and I took our gentlemen there and were pleasantly

    surprised by the attention we got from the girls. Most we

    very friendly and talented. We think the club was decently

    up to date and kind of beautiful. Most dancers knew how to

    work the poles and get around to all of the guests. We are

    planning another trip there.

  142. new patron

    read the comments section

  143. Mitch

    Beautiful Girls & Beautiful Club

  144. Charles

    The new extended happy hour is a great value

  145. Tim

    Went to Sapphires and Stars and the PC. Pc sucks! I liked both Stars and Sapphires. Will go to both again. Favorite here is Paige. Rori at Stars is awesome too.

  146. Cooler

    I was very disapointed in this club. The rating is high but the experience was terrible! Not like Milw. or Vegas clubs.. terrible!

  147. Jason

    Sapphires Rocks!!!!!

  148. Voodoo Daddy

    Gotta love it!

  149. Ben
  150. Mike
  151. ru dog
  152. Karma
  153. Wade

    Really enjoyed this club. There were at least 12 girls working and it was only Thursday. I loved the privacy of the private dance area. I will definitely be back.

  154. Larry the cable guy

    Get er done!!!!

  155. Jerry

    Fun club, they play decent music instead of all that hip-hop and R&B garbage that some places do.

  156. Jackie

    Great place to have fun!

  157. Jenny

    I love this place! The people are the absolute best.

  158. Teddyu
  159. star dart
  160. Jacob

    The ladies are the best around. I’d recommend a stop here if you get the chance

  161. Misti

    I love these girls!

  162. Cable Guy

    This is the best of the best!

  163. Nuge
  164. Cnye
  165. Jake

    Bella, Anya, Coral, and Ava were by far the hottest girls to ever work at this club. Also a big fan of Holly. Hope to see these beautiful ladies when you re open. Any word on that?

  166. WOW

    Lots of women and I don’t just mean dancers, there had to be at least 30 super hot women who were just in with friends, husbands, or whatever. This is an awesome place.

  167. Lyle E Coyote

    I’ve been a regular at all of the area adult establishments and I’ve always had the best time at Sapphires. The personell are always friendly and helpful and the girls are always the highest quality. The prices are the lowest of all the area clubs too which is another plus for them.

  168. Joey

    Worst time I ever had

  169. Fitch
  170. Mr. X

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  171. Richie Rich

    Great Dancers, Great Drinks, Great Environment. I’m making this my regular place to go.

  172. Trina

    This place rocks. My boyfriend and I went in after the Buckcherry concert and the girls were great. Lots of fun – will be back soon.

  173. dave

    love it…everything

  174. Sneaky Pete

    I love Boobies!!!!!!

  175. Donny

    I have ate here once never again I personally don’t prefer road kill. And the girls need to start taking baths because there starting to smell like road kill as well.

  176. Marv

    Always have a good time.

  177. addanon
  178. Jay

    Definitely a couples friendly club. Saturday night was a ton of fun and my wife wants to go back next week.

  179. nick
  180. ryan

    love the girls the music and the staff good time yesterday thanx guys

  181. erdman

    woooohh….good time sucks u guys are closed mondays and tuesdays…but hey i understand u guys need a break to…ha ha…dont know who steve is but wow is he an idiot…move out of wisconsin jerk

  182. Mitchell

    Best Lap Dances, Best Dancers, Best Food, Best Club!

  183. Larry

    I think this club is the best north of Milwaukee. Excellent girls cheap drink prices, great bachelor parties. I bring my business clients here for some social times at the end of a long day. Keep up the good work.

  184. Harry

    I just love this club. The strippers are all 10+ and friendly as well. Prices are low, low, low.

  185. Tracey

    A little slow some nights, but the girls are always the best looking in town

  186. yasmine

    This is my favorite place to go with my boyfriend. The girls love to play and the bouncers are cool as hell.

  187. Matt

    The three times I had been in this club I thought Kali (sp?) was by far the hottest dancer. She has the tightest little body I’ve ever seen. I hope she will be back

  188. Jon

    There girls there are gorgeous. The girls along with the atmosphere is nice and elegant.

  189. Richard

    I frequent this club and it is always a great time. They have the best dancers anywhere around and the bartenders and staff are great. I think this Mike guy must have been reviewing a different club because his comments certainly don’t fit the Sapphires that I have been going to.

  190. T.J.

    This is the best strip club in the world!!!!!!

  191. judd

    Madison/Jenna is the hottest ever

  192. Lisa
  193. Howard

    I just checked out the new design since I hadn’t been in since before the fire. They really did a great job of turning the club into a class establishment. This is the nicest club in Wisconsin right now.

  194. Lenord

    You have to be here of Friday and Saturday nights. The club is just the best

  195. Smitty

    Love the classy atmosphere they have at this place. Also, the lap dances here are the best around.

  196. jon d
  197. me

    Love the girls!! Keep it up!!!

  198. What
  199. Loopie


  201. Tom
  202. Jeffrey

    The girls treat you nice untill you run out of money then they act like your nobody. I have seen better tits on beef cattle.

  203. Lyle

    Our bachelor party had a great time on Saturday. We’ll be back for sure.

  204. Eric

    No fun here.

  205. Brad

    I was in appleton got business and this club was highly recommended by a friend. And I have to say that this club really exceeded my expectations. Almost all the dancers are super hot!!

  206. Impressed

    This club was awesome! I should have stayed here longer instead of visiting Beansnappers. I didn’t get the chance for a lapdance, but I’ll bet it is well worth the price.

  207. Max

    This is the best place in the world!!!

  208. tammy

    nice enviroment…i dont know what i like more the girls or the cute boys that work there 🙂 grrrrr

  209. Doug

    I know what the last reviewer is talking about, but that’s the way it is at almost any club that doesn’t have 100 girls working in a night. From what I’ve seen Sapphires has about 10 to 20 girls each night so if you figure that there are 100 people in the bar thats a 10 to 1 ratio. I’ve had better than average success getting dances at Sapphires, but I can definitely sympathize with the other comment as well.

  210. Bonnie
  211. jill <3

    Love the girls there they are very entertaining on and off the stage….and love the music played there…yes lil dave rox sox he he he :] <3

  212. JJ

    The Nude Car Wash was awesome. The girls were the best. I’ll be back next year for sure.

  213. Cliff

    This is my new favorite place.

  214. Kelly

    This is the best club in Wisconsin. I love it!

  215. aero
  216. underground


  217. Race Fan

    Stopped in for happy hour before ther races and had a great time. I’ll be making this my regular Thursday night stop.

  218. carl
  219. Tubby

    I just love the girls here. The best lap dances in WIsconsin.

  220. erik

    awesome place!!!!

  221. hydroracer33

    this place rocks go there on any given day and u will not be dissapointed saturday are the best u go there and check out blake shay alize ambyr they are all good but those i would have to say are the best four new talent the last two times i was there u cant complain about that

  222. montange
  223. Titty Lover

    The girls are great – ALL OF THEM! This is the place to be.

  224. Rachael

    The girls are lots of fun. Great place to go with friends to just hang out.

  225. Thatguy

    A great club – and a fun bar. Alcohol = no hordes of teenagers!

  226. Jim
  227. Danman

    This is the best strip club value anywhere. Quality is high and prices are low. The BEST!

  228. Justin
  229. Viings Fan

    Was in town for the big game and having checked out the revies on Stripclublist we decided to check out the club in person. We were not disappointed. It was Sunday and we found that there was no cover charge and we had just missed happy hour – Oh well. There were about 8 or 9 girls working and all were quite attractive. The best part was that they all seemed friendly and happy to be there also. It was a little slow, but early on a Sunday I expected that. The staff was quite helpful and friendly. I would say all that I read on their reviews is true and if we ever make the trip again we will definitely be back.

  230. Fat Lou

    I have never been disappointed when I stop in at Sapphires. The girls, staff, and everything else is always top notch.

  231. NOOGIE

    This is the best club I’ve been to in Wisconsin. I like Silk, Stars, and Chubby’s, but they don’t compare to the quality of the ladies at Sapphires

  232. seaver
  233. Wally

    I stopped by for happy hour and found out it there was a steak special on Wednesdays. It was really good and cheap too. Great food tastes even better with a side of boobies.

  234. dist
  235. Kate

    Always fun!

  236. Pat

    This place rocks. Best talent within 100 miles. Dan is right on the money. These few comments trashing this club have got to be from some washed up dancer who can’t get a job there.

  237. Skittles
  238. sooblu
  239. Bear Fan

    In town for the game & I have to give it up to this place. Packed with gorgeous women!

  240. Lindsey

    Had a great time on Friday night. The girls are great.

  241. Webster

    The best anywhere around. I have never been to a club with the atmosphere this one has. I just love it.

  242. Bam

    I have been to this club twice in the last two weeks and all the girls looked the same. The small breast size on all the dancers wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t see a dancer with over a B cup.

  243. Linda

    I love working at this club

  244. B.J.

    Sundays rock at Sapphires. There were a ton of female customers getting on stage to take some clothes off. It was like an amateur night with real amateurs.

  245. Bobbi

    Can’t top the most sophisticated Gentleman’s Club in all the land…

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