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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Centerfolds New Orleans

  1. lionel

    nice best i ever seen

  2. harryharry

    Note: This place is now called CenterfoldsDay we went: TuesdayCover charge: None but there is a one drink minimumDrinks: We paid $22 for a beer and a Pineapple Malibu which is RIDICULOUS. My drink tasted okay. Crowd: Very diverse. People of all genders, ages and ethnicities. No matter where you are from and how you identify yourself, you’ll fit right in.Music: Top 40Dancers: Very average looking; I would say 70% of them white, 30% black; natural everything and most of them obviously don’t work out or care what they look like. There was some pole dancing but no spectacular skills were shown. Good news is that most dancers will not harass you for a lap dance, are sober and friendly. Ambiance: Clean, cozy. The place is very small. Four small (individual) stages total.

  3. Big Daddy

    The club was small, but the dancers and the music were awesome. The $20 couch dances were well worth it. The women really know how to satisfy a man, and they were all laid back and really cool. I had a great time and would reccommend the club to anyone.

  4. Gillian W.

    This place was disgusting and awful! My DH I just wanted to see a strip place while we were here. What a mistake!! Got sucked in and went through 100 bucks pretty fast! The gal wanted both of us. I wanted no part of it. I got up to exchange my drink- I ordered a sky on the rocks but what I got was sugary and way too over powering! I went to switch my drink and the gal said it was 40 for the lap dance my DH that wasn’t even a song long!! What a rip off!! She said she was charging us 20 because we were both there! In the time it took me to switch my drink the dance was over!! Like I said rip off!! She wanted us in the VIP room we couldn’t have headed for the door faster!! Gross. Hell no!!! Avoid this place big time!!

  5. Brandon Johnson

    The club is great and is a true diamond in the rough. When I come back into town for another convention I would love to visit the ebony playground!!!

  6. Jacob Marley

    This is a very nice club if you like small, comfortable places. The lap dances and vip rooms are some of the cheapest on Bourbon St. The club has made several positive changes in the last month including the quality and variety of girls. They are now of all different looks and ethnicities. Something for everyone, so to speak. Check out their new myspace page for more photos.

  7. Reply

    The girl you were talking about is Giselle, she doesn’t work there no more she works at Deja Vu down the street.

  8. Bruce Leroy

    Had a good visit, at the door a specific girl told me a price for a dance but later found out from someone else I was more interested in that it was actually a cheaper price. I enjoyed my time there still & she showed me LOTS of attention even after she danced, as well as everyone else.

  9. mike

    Had a great time!! Naughty is the best, even better if you get her in a champagne room with a bottle of dom. I’ll definately be back.

  10. eddyL

    Went down bourbon street a couple hours ago. Strolling along and all the strip clubs have girls trying to get you to go in. So this one club has this fine ass black chick at the front and she grabs me and tells me to come in. No cover. Free. You don’t like it you can leave etc. I know these places are sketchy and run scams on ALL the tourists. So I’m like nah I’m good. So she grabs my arm and rubs my d*** and says just come in and chill, there’s no cover. So I’m like fine I need a beer anyways. So we go in. Right away she starts the sell. Gets me to by me and her a drink and we go to a room just to chill. She says this club is the best cuz they can do anything they want. I’m like oh yea I heard these clubs run scams. She like not this one you can f*** get sucked what ever. I’m like how much? She says 200 for the room and activity. I say that’s not code for some fancy dance and then you say you want extra pay extra? She says no 200 gets you everything. So at this point I’ve had two beers and a bourbon and coke so I’m like f*** it lets roll and give the 200. We go to a room and she strips and starts sucking my c***. It’s nice! She sits on my cock and rides it while rubbing her tits in my face. After finishing Condom on of course I go to put my pants on and this b**** says, how do you want to pay for the bj and f***……?!?! I said what?!?!? B**** you said 200 covered it!!! The whole time 4-5 HUGE black guys are waking around outside with very few customers. She says no the first 200 paid for the room. My services are extra!! I knew this b**** was scamming me But my debit card has a 200 withdrawal limit….Oh by the way she wanted another 300 and I knew my card would deny that. So I negotiated it down to 220 knowing still that it would decline that. F*** man.. Surrounded deep in the heart of a black club armed only with my ID and debit card I’m about to shit my pants….so I get an idea. I tell her my bank doesn’t allow this much activity from one ATM. I would need to use another one to secure the funds. She walks me to the front door and points across bourbon st to a store that has an ATM. Her and 3 bouncer black dudes are standing at the door. Anything to get me to the door. I didn’t expect an audience as they all watched me head for the store. I had two bucks in my pocket and a declining debit card and that was it. I was stuck in a convenient store with the New Orleans crypts watching me from 75ft away. Feels like a movie moment for me. These don’t come along often. There’s this homeless looking guy in the store and I ask him if he needs a couple of bucks. He says hell yea illuminati …?!? I don’t know what the f*** he’s talking about but I say great. Do me a favor. I took off my hoodie and had him wear it and leave out the right door and told him to walk quickly with his head down. I went out the left door. They started calling out to him going down bourbon street to the right and I f****** bolted down the left up to canal st where my hotel is located. Ran so fast I felt nauseated. Yea so if ur ever on bourbon street never visit the strip clubs. And if you do don’t agree to anything these b****** say. Or you might be sprinting down bourbon st in fear of your life in the country’s highest murder per capita city in America. Worst part is I lost my favorite hoodie….

  11. Kaitie C.

    This is by far not the best strip club on Bourbon as far as decor or layout goes. The place could use some renovation inside. The VIP rooms definitely need upgrades! None the less, myself, my husband, and the people we have taken here enjoy coming here. The girls we have had lap dances from and have had VIP service from have always been nice and fun. I can’t say all of the girls are lookers; about half are decent to good on a full night. And yes, there are mostly black girls in here, although a year ago we met an Asian in there. It’s not the cheapest you’ll find, it’s about average- Cover was $5 a person and was every night we went, lap dances were $20, but if you’re looking for some good dancers and very attentive ladies I recommend this place.A lot of cliques seem to hang here in groups. The bouncers and security are nothing to mess with either. The bartenders could be a little friendlier too.

  12. Cordell

    I LOVE IT!!! and Juicy is the baddest in there

  13. Yeti

    Total blast!A “must-see” club on Bourbon Street!

  14. Ann

    I love this place

  15. Korbin

    I had a great time the vip host john was a great guy and the manager Jason was awsome. i will be back!

  16. maxxy1

    Worst strip club in all of New Orleans. They will drag you inside regardless of whether or not your over 21 and if you’re under 21, the moment you go inside, they’ll threaten to call the cops on you unless you hand over as much money as you have. They basically extorted my friend. So much illegal activity. I’ve spoken to strippers in other clubs that are horrified by Little Darlings.

  17. alan


  18. Stuffy504

    The surroundings are quite plush and extremely clean. The girls are beautiful, but kinda too skinny for me. The girls treated me very well. The private dance room was very exquisite, and I enjoyed myself very much. The drinks aren’t extremely high.

    However, the music sux ass. The DJ wasn’t jazzy. I could hardly hear the music in the lap dance area. There wasn’t a lot of people in there for a weekend. I might not return. Nice place though.

  19. larry
  20. Travers

    You can rely on the management to provide oustanding customer service.

  21. adamrod

    It pains me to write this review, but I feel I owe it people so they will not be robbed and scammed by this establishment like we were. Without the specific details we were greeted by a dancer at the door. Paid the $6 cover charge and was quickly led by one dancer to these raunchy couches in the back past one strip pole with no dancers and a bar area. Then all of a sudden there were three fully clothed dancers?! So at this point three chicks are back here trying to explain what is going on when a person in our party goes to get drinks. They dance all of two songs and show no skin and will hawk you down for everything you have. Song was over and were escorted out the door. I am guessing our visit was so short because we refused to give up any more money for the VIP room where anything goes. Short of the roaches crawling across the couches, the awful music and drinks this place was nothing more than walking into a bank where these raggedy chicks beg you for money and give you little to nothing in return. We walked in drunk and sobered up real quick during those two songs and realized the exit door was the best thing that could have happened. I would never recommend anyone go to this place. I am ashamed to say how much money they got from us. One chick did recommend the green grenade drink next door and then we started our party all over. Strip club this is not. No skin, no pole dancing, nada. This place should be shut down.

  22. Buster Highman

    This club’s dancers and clients are 100% Black. No variety. Nothing but gangsta rap music.

  23. Gamal H.

    I honestly can’t review this place because we didn’t go inside. We were going to, but then we saw strippers in bikinis (or whatever the technical term is for what a stripper wears) run out into the middle or Bourbon Street, grab two guys and drag them (very much against their will) into the club. I don’t know what’s going on in there or why they were so desperate to get clients in the bar, but if you have to try that hard to get customers I don’t want any part of it.Have fun.G

  24. larry1

    Ok so I see these chicks hanging out the door of the club and I’m like why not! Cover was cheap when I got in and to the back I go!Here’s where it took a turn for the WORST!!!!I’m from Atlanta where strip clubs are fun and cheap and the girls get paid great wages! Trust me!This hoe proceeded to tell me the dance from the two of them was going to cost $100. In my mind I’m like hell naw! So I negotiate with the strippers down to $20 each with a $10 tip. We had a bit of temper flaring but i couldn’t get to extreme BECAUSE the bouncer was right there watching the whole thing.It was a frightening Experience mainly cause I was there by myself. They didn’t even show anything plus they dance way to hard. There were some okay big booty girls in there but bottom line is the club is HORRIBLE don’t chance it. Come to Atlanta and have some fun!

  25. HarryTunger

    MUST must MUST go here! its worth the drive AND an empty pocket!! 🙂

  26. Jim

    I have to say at first when I walked in I was intimidated. My wife wanted to stay and watch the girls on stage. They had this feature where 3 customers had to suck on a lollipop from the girls crotch area and whoever finished it first got a prize. It was amusing. There were quite few white girls but one that was really hot. I can’t remember what her name was but she gave my wife a lapdance and totally turned her on. My wife is hard to please but she was totally turned on by this girl. If you know who she is please tell me, she has long brown hair and nicely shaped, also she can work that pole. Please tell me who she is so next time we come back in town we can request her.

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