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57 reviews for “Penthouse Club San Francisco

  1. Juan F.

    I’m a relative fan of this place for quasi-work dinners. The food is pretty good and the girls are very polite if you’re having dinner- they don’t bombard you with lap dance requests until you finish your main. My concern is the new anti-privacy device they installed at the front door. If you don’t relinquish all of your personal data ie- government issued driver license or passport for scanning and storage of your personally identifiable information data for 90 days minimum, you don’t get in. I’ll find other places to take my dinner guests now that identity theft is the first course on the menu…

  2. adamrod

    Went on a Tuesday for a Coworker’s bachelor party. I don’t know much about strip clubs but I have been taking pole dancing classes for a few months now and the dancers were a bit disappointing. The majority of the dancers were doing moves that we learned in day one of my pole dancing class. There was only one that I was impressed with and gave her money which was exhilarating. Otherwise I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know maybe because it was a Tuesday night and the real entertainers come on the weekends or it could be that I’m not impressed by half naked girls two stepping around a pole. All and all, after splitting the bill, with food and shots etc it came out to be $135 each for a party of 7. This did not include a lap dance for the groom which was $30 for a performance that lasted less that a minute. This was incredibly disappointing because, after months of learning similar dancing techniques, I feel like I get a better show of dance skill and polemanship at a $35 dance class that last 1 hour and a half and is only a few blocks away.This all seems like a big rip off to me but maybe I’m not thinking about it correctly or maybe I just need a penis to do the thinking for me to make this place seem like it’s money well spent. I will never know.

  3. joey k.

    Place was horrible. Rat was found and we caught it for them. Customer service sucked as they didnt help with anything. Oh and i posted this before but someone deleted that review.

  4. Anup S.

    This is one of the best club I have been to SF, specially because of the customer experience right from the Bouncer to the Girls Inside. One of the stripper from Berkely ( forgot the name but starts her name with A.. ) was so good and had a such a great conversation .. In deed I had a great time and will miss this Club and her a lot ..

  5. XhXeXy

    Came in for a peak and spent the nite!!! Had an awesome time with great company!! The bartender was certainly beautiful as sport smart!! She kept me on my toes with fun convo!! And little Chelsie , the cocktail waitress also kept me full with the delicious beef springrollz!!! And lets not forget the acrobatic cirque de soleil, miss joy, for finishing the night with an awesome experience!! Lived in vegas for 18 yrs, this felt like home!! Happy hour beer was at $2 a bottle…can’t pass that up if ur in the hood just wanting great company n ambiance!!! Definitely will keep coming back!!

  6. danielson

    Great Dinner, well prepared and presented. Angel our server was excellent. She was attentive, and was one of the best Servers ever. Food was excellent, drinks and wine were well prepared and properly served and the Entertainers were charming and Staff kept a calm and safe atmosphere Thanks!

  7. tonycluber

    They said I could order food and they closed the damn kitchen 5 seconds later!! The girls are ok, but the actual club is super cute. The scheme is set up just right, and for $800 an hour you can get a basic chic to grind on you. The stars are for the bartender Elena… she was great!

  8. Don A.

    The place is nice, the girls were cool and the steak wasn’t bad. It’s expensive to eat or play but it’s free to watch! haha

  9. Johnson12

    Last time I came here was the day my fiancΓ© proposed to me on our anniversary. We initially had dinner reservations at a steakhouse somewhere else in SF but we decided to go somewhere unusual to have our anniversary dinner/engagement celebration. Our first time here was actually not too long before our dinner, which was during an industry night so the drinks were pouring, raw oysters being cracked, plenty of hors d’oeuvres and a parade of pretty women. Everyone in the SF hospitality business was there and we had a blast! One of my women colleagues was at the front making it rain! It is clean, nicely decorated and a little more classy than the other strip clubs in the area. The staff are very friendly and the service was great. There are two levels, main stage is downstairs and the dining area is located upstairs with a balcony overlooking the entire downstairs level so you can still watch the girls down there.The food was delicious and it’s pretty entertaining to have different dancers take turns on a platform near our table. I honestly can say that it was such a pleasant dining experience. Our server was super attentive and made us feel special.

  10. M. M.

    Best happy hour in city! I can’t believe there is still a place that serves $2 drinks till 7pm in San Francisco! Kind of dark inside (duh, I guess), but staff was nice and like I said, $2 drinks.

  11. Khaled A.

    Boring place… only topless!Service isn’t that good….. Pretty gurls…. prices are very high comparing to LA.

  12. Jordan M.

    Where else can you meet a dancer who forages for mushrooms and knows about copyright law? Seriously. Yes, I know I’m supposed to go in and be simply tantalized by sculpted bodies and ample breasts. And it is true that I do find that titillating. But someone who has an opinion on open data? That moves me from lust to smitten.So any club that hires that kind of dancer wins my support. Plus the space is clean, modern and friendly. Only occasionally do they have one of those announcer fellows who sounds like he came right out of a bad movie (Let’s here it for Caannnndy). The bottles are expensive, but not much more than bottle service at a bar. The patrons, for the most part, aren’t that kind of gross sleazy variety you sometimes see in some clubs.And if you show up when the place isn’t fully packed, you might find yourself talking to someone who is not only beautiful, but actually can hold their own in a conversation. That’s worth something.

  13. Anna V.

    Too much $$$$$$

  14. Lisa Z.

    What can I say when I have a friend who spends like a boss there? Who has bottle service all the time and gets me dances too? That girl was hot and sexy too bad I forgot her name. It’s one of the biggest strip clubs in sf and it’s nice. So many selections of bottles just in case you want to spend like a bolla. I also tried their finger food which wasn’t bad at all πŸ™‚ I was also there for the annual Christmas party for all the people working for that entertainment. Had a great time!! Def recommend its a classy affair

  15. Edmar C.

    Amazed by the Girls! Amazed by the host! Amazed by the bartenders…. From the moment i walk in i was greeted by sooooo many handshakes. “Welcome” i didnt believe at one point that this place was a strip club… One of the asian host sat me down and took care of me from beg to the end of my stay. I was so amazed by the hospitality that this place have given me.. I will return and bring some of my friends for a marvelous night.

  16. Wayne H.

    Unlike other reviewers I do not go to a place called the Penthouse for the food.I did go during the recent ( Nov. 21, 2014) toys for children drive put on with the SF Fire Dept.The girls circulated around the customers were very pretty , friendly and not pushy. You could leave a dollar or more in their little box. They all took turns dancing.I asked for a beer expecting to get ripped off so I gave the bartender a twenty and , to my surprise, he gave me back 20 singles whch I used for tipping.The place was clean, dimly lit and not too noisy. I will be back.

  17. Jesse L.

    STOLE FROM US!! SKETCHY PLACE AND OPERATORSThey quoted us $200 a bottle for patron and then charged us $400 a bottle… It’s listed as $260(I think), so either way they straight up robbed us and threatened to have us arrested if we didn’t pay the $400 rate. There were more awkward guys that work there than there were chicks… It’s a pretentious and really not that great a club. Being from Portland I have a great deal of experience with gentleman’s clubs…This is no place for gentlemen.Go at your own risk, they may fleece you, and you prolly will just feel akward with the like 10 guys in suits staring at you the whole time.

  18. StripClub431

    I recently spent a few nights in San Francisco. During that time, I had a few drinks at Penthouse. I hung out there when it was Showgirls as well, and I’ve never regretted my time there.This week was no exception.Obviously, I’m not naming names, but here’s the mustard on my review…I’ll be back soon.Cheers.

  19. Raquel T.

    last yr for the bday boy we had dinner and strippers in vegas.. this yr it was the same except in the city..they had a few cute girls and a friend bought me my second ever lap dance (the first was in vegas).. i originally wanted a different girl but the bday boy disappeared getting his own private lap dance for 2 hrs! the cute asian girl i was trying to wait for was named joi.. she’s really good and made a few mental notes watching her perform.. penthouse is pretty spacious and the decor is pretty nice..i’d come back again if someone asked me to

  20. Jennifer Y.

    Came here for New Years and it was one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve ever had. No open bar, and the environment didn’t feel very “moulin rouge” like they advertised. There was a photographer, but none of my friends (in total a party of eight) had our pictures taken ever. The guests were all trashy (a couple grinding heavily at 8pm), practically no one was dancing, a couple of old guys (read: 60) fist-pumping around young women. And there was no champagne toast like they promised in their advertisement. Lesson learned: don’t pay $50 for a NYE party without an open bar.

  21. Johnnyboy123

    Loved it. The food was pretty good and the show was fun. I’ve been to the Sapphire in vegas and this was def much more fun! The drinks there are a bit on the traditional side being not too many exotic/innovative drinks. The service is great. (Could also be that my bf & I got there around 9/9:30 so it’s a bit early). Loved the ambience. It’s kinda hip …though on the sleazy side. lol The canopies are a fun touch.Tip: get there a bit early…we got seated right by the pole (literately like 10 ft away on the 2nd floor w/ the downstair stage right there…The food/drinks are a bit on the expensive side…at least no admission fee if u eat at the restaurant

  22. Gery G.

    I got scammed here. Poor service and management. They have some disrespectful and dishonest dancers. They need to listen to their customers and pay attention to them. Stay away. You will get better customer service other clubs in San Francisco.

  23. dopeboy19

    Hands down a very classy and approachable club. The staff were absolutely friendly, warm and engaging. I felt very comfortable and was impressed with the dancers. They definitely have a great presence and tasteful personality. I cannot say enough great things about James the doorman! He was by far the most warm, sincere and engaging staff member. He and Shelley are definitely the diamonds of the club. Will definitely attend more of the events!

  24. Franklyn

    OK…had a friend who worked here…it was better when she was there.

  25. Weedman420

    So much fun

  26. Anthony L.

    Dear Michael Ellis,After trying Dry Creek I thought to myself, “why not. It’s not your traditional environment, but good food is good food.”While I realize that most chefs have many helpers under them, as the head chef, everything that comes out of the kitchen represents you as a Chef!-The matradee was the only bright spot of the night.. He was attentive and supremely helpful. -You can’t take the meal seriously when there’s constantly girls walking around soliciting dances.-The food was overpriced and subpar all across the board. I asked for medium rare and got well done. The Cheese Tots just tasted like giant balls of blue-cheese and nothing else. The mushrooms were greasy and the spinach was a joke.I tell people to think outside the box. The only problem is that sometimes you’re so far out, you forget what the box is suppose to look like.Stick to what you know, good food. This establishment is a giant leap back from the quality we expect from you.Sincerely,A saddened fan

  27. Nicole S.

    The topping on the cake is seeing my credit card was overcharged nearly $40 on last night’s meal…Sorry Penthouse, because of that you’re being dropped a star. After seeing pictures and reading articles about the newly designed Penthouse Club and Restaurant, it left me eager to see the place and get a chance to try the foods of a Michelin rated chef (yes, I was really here for only the food). I made reservations for our party of four through for 6:30pm last night. Verdict? Penthouse failed. FOOD:*American Kobe Beef Carpaccio ($15) – Pass! Thin slices of beef were topped off with deep fried capers, onions, and a horseradish gremolata and accompanied with toast points. The dish had very little taste, the gremolata tasted as if it was simply garnish, but for once I enjoyed capers (probably because it was deep fried and I thought it was bacon). The toast points? They were simply toasted halves of white bread.*Kobe Beef Trio Special ($69) – The way the dish was described and my grumbling stomach led me in the wrong direction ordering this dish. The trio included 3 oz. of beef cheeks topped off with a baby carrot, 3 oz. of sirloin topped off with an onion, and 3 oz. of belly sprinkled with a rice crisp and topped off with a celery/broccoli puree. The dish came out at best warm, but was more along the lines of room temperature. The meat contained little flavor and lacked the kobe tenderness I was expecting. *Black Truffle Creamed Spinach ($8) – Delicious and the BEST part of my meal. The creamed spinach was creamy with a crispy top layer. Definitely recommended!*Parmesan & Black Truffle Fries ($8) – Ok, but yet another dish that didn’t come out hot. The fries tasted like traditional fat fries with parmesan shavings.SERVICE:The staff was nice and hospitable. From the door guy, to the hostesses, to our waiters, everyone was great. We were constantly checked up on, our glasses were topped off with water, and even the restaurant manager came over to say hi. It does make me wonder if service was so great because we were the only party in the restaurant for a long period of time. The only flag? Our waiter took my friend’s ID with her credit card while he ran the transaction. Why? I’m not sure, but he was gone for almost 10 minutes.LAYOUT:Beautifully done! As you walk into Penthouse, you are greeted by ladies at the podium asking if you’re there for the club or the restaurant. The restaurant is located upstairs in which you’re led up by an elevator (I wish there was a stairs option). There is a bar and a pole in the middle of the area for all to see. Do note, the dancers do not go topless in the restaurant area, only downstairs.The club is located to the hallway down the left. The club has two areas:*an upper area which has a bar, cage, and area we were told is for bottle service*lower level is closest to the stage with a 40 foot polePARKING:Somewhat difficult to find, but valet or a paid lot across the street is available. If you get easily offended, you should stop reading now…TALENT:By using the word “talent”, do note, I’m using that word lightly. With the exception of a few, they were below average. During dinner, the girls were C/D grade talent, but as the night progressed it got a tad better. Most girls didn’t know how to work it and underutilized the pole (cmmon, you ladies are stippers!). During dinner, we watched how LITTLE effort the girls were putting into dancing. To many of the girls, it wouldn’t hurt to live at the gym a couple days a week. If you put your bodies out there, please, give us something we WANT to look at.

  28. marlonmoney12

    This was my mine and my husbands first time there, we went for our family’s bachelorette/bachelor night. (Even though it wasn’t planned) We had a great time, the guys were upstairs most of the night but our server Mayra was awesome, she was a great server, and down to earth! Mayra made us feel very welcome and comfortable, she answered all our questions and even took pictures with us. Everyone was very nice and they weren’t pushy at all! Which we loved, we went to chill and that’s exactly what what did. Overall it was a great experience I would definitely go back there!

  29. maxxy1

    Overpriced beer, drinks and food. Below average dancers…I thought you had to be sexually attractive to be a stripper? I guess anything with girl parts and a bad weave can get hired here.I really, really wanted to like renovation they did when it went from Showgirls to Penthouse. But all they did was jack up the prices and change the interior to distract you from the fact you are now paying more money to look at the old lineup from Showgirls. Yawn. Two stars only because they got rid of the horrible mismatched decor from Showgirls.

  30. Pat B.

    WHAT A GREAT TIME!!My boyfriend and I ventured to the brand-new Penthouse Club & Steakhouse a few Saturdays ago and we had a really, really great time! Not only was Glen, the GM and the entire staff super friendly but it was the absolute perfect place for our date to end!From the moment we were greeted by the doorman and the hottie British hostess we knew we were in the right spot. We were escorted to a VIP table, had some yummy drinks and enjoyed the variety of dancers who happily entertained us.The club is swanky and brand-new, the girls are talented (I especially liked Justice), the drinks are yummy and we are making plans to head back to try the steak!I was surprised to see how many couples were there with us. I highly recommend Penthouse Club & Steakhouse whether you are heading out with your girls, for a special occasion or looking for a sexy spot to end a date with your man…Penthouse is the place to go!!

  31. Meme M.

    I am setting up a birthday event here and so far the employees have been very attentive. Brian and Johnny are the general managers and they both have been very helpful, very friendly,and make sure your accommodated. The place looks really nice, I can’t wait to bring my group and enjoy the entertainment/vibe.

  32. Colbys

    The staff hooked it up. And the ladies are dynamite! Especially Ashlyn from Napa hot as hell and supper nice!!!!!! Bachelor party was nice cuz of her sexy as hell

  33. Philip W.

    4 stars for the food order the dry age steak with the fries3 stars for the ladies some were hot but a lot look like average1 stars for the drinks because i had 3 drinks vodka tonic and I wasn’t even buzz, you would think they wanna get you drunk to spent money.overall it was okay I’m surprise it wasn’t pack considered its the grand opening weekend.

  34. yanard12

    Wow I was there on the weekend and its way different ! A girl whom told me she just started I believe her name was kaya or kiera anyways she kept trying to sell me sex after the club was over such a turnoff they need to do something bout her before they get reputation as a brothel !!! It’s a gentleman’s club not a whore house !!!!

  35. Shirley N.

    Adult entertainment. Located on the Broadway strip. Pretty decent food tonight also . Great sliders. Here at the preview tonight. Lots of entertainers = scantily clad girls. And a couple of poles. Two levels with a VIP section and a see thru floor.

  36. billtheguy12

    I wasn’t one to frequent Gentlemen’s Clubs until I happened to visit Penthouse with a buddy of mine, now I can’t visit San Francisco and not drop by. From the moment you’re greeted at the door, till you head to the bar for a drink “may I add, is made to perfection all the time” You get that upscale feel and vibe that some of the other similar establishments don’t have in my own opinion.I usually visit every other Sunday. For me it’s a good way to end the weekend. Although I will say….sometimes the girls aren’t as friendly as previous visits I’ve had. But non the less, I always enjoy my time there and make sure I tip well from the moment I walk in, till I leave. This place is the best upscale gentlemen’s club in SF, and I will be a long time patrion!Tre Smith You Know!

  37. Anonymous G.

    As I am not a wanna be food critic i will not go on and on detailing every feeling i got from each bite. I will however mention my 13 course birthday dinner was awesome. Both my fiance and i were blown away. My personal fav courses were buttermilk fried chicken and mushroom gravy, crab cake and kumquats, kobe trio, butter poached lobster in passionfruit and the porkbelly/poached egg. Killer baller bubbly list. Ace of Spades? Really? Awesome.Want a fun date? Come here with your significant other. My gf loved it. Sexy girls and great food make for a great time.

  38. joseph1k

    want to find the sexiest asain bartender in sf? here it is, Justina is super friendly and beautiful πŸ˜‰

  39. Seymour D.

    pretty girls, tall pole, good pizza. kinda pretentious, but that’s how all the corporate-run clubs are in this city. at least there wasn’t a $20 cover, like at gold club.

  40. Damien S.

    I love this place! If you’re looking for a classy place to enjoy a great stage show and the company of the most beautiful women in San Francisco, you’ve found it. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is great (and a lot more affordable than when they first opened).I’ve seen some really negative reviews on here, complaining about high cover, cold food and bad service, and all I can say is that I’ve never had any of those experiences. I’ve never paid more than $20 to get in, pretty typical for a gentleman’s club in SF, the food’s always been great, and I’ve always been taken good care of. To be fair, I don’t know why I’m talking about the food and staff, since on one goes to a club for the food or the service, they go for the girls . . . ah, the girls. I hate going to clubs where all the dancers look the same, and thankfully Penthouse offers something for all tastes. They’ve got tall girls, short girls, blondes, brunettes, redheads, skinny girls, curvy girls, clean cut girls, tattooed, indy girls, and just about every combination you could hope for. Some are a little aggressive for my taste, but lets be honest, every club has at least one pushy chick that you can’t quite figure out why she’s working there at all. The vast majority of the girls are attractive, desirable, and fun to talk to. As a whole, this is my favorite club in the city, and I highly recommend it, whether you’re looking for a nice place hang out on a weekday evening, or a place to go w/ a bunch of friends on a Saturday night!

  41. igor34

    The bouncer was a fucking dick. He couldn’t even answer my questions about whether the kitchen was open or whether we would be able to eat. Is it really that hard to expect friendly service at a strip club?? We exchanged words, and after I let him know he was rude I got the finger. All I wanted was some godamn steak and a lap dance.

  42. Ryan C.

    One word, RATS! Do not go. Owner didnt comp anything horrible management we asked for a round of drinks and he said no, that’s too expensive for him! His argument was that nobody got hurt…. We were the biggest party there. Highly disappointed.

  43. Rhys P.

    Dinner was absolutely amazing. Steaks were just as good as any top steakhouse in SF. Our hostess Thalia was the best and I would definitely recommend to anyone that’s looking for a nice spot to dine and enjoy beautiful entertainment.

  44. rickywho2

    Tooooo Much FUN! what a way to pre-game for my BDAY Out here supporting all these college funds ! Best steaks n burgers EVER!

  45. Dave L.

    I’m not going to lie…..I like coming here…..I remember losing my house keys here once and the ladies were kind enough to not only find it for me but to also make sure I get it back when I came roaring back to the club looking for my house keys.Try out there $10 Burgers on Tuesdays…it’s surprisingly really good.(just don’t expect the $10 dances though, the girls will rip you a new one)Bartenders and waitresses there are also awesome. It is a bad sign though if they know your drink of choice and will have it ready for you before you get to the table….just saying….

  46. Nikki M.

    Good lord if I could give zero stars I would, ouch this place was really that bad I’m sorry. It was forty bucks a piece to get in at 10 o’clock. Yes you read that right. Most expensive cover I’ve ever paid. But we thought hey lets give it a shot we always pass this place and have never gone in.The place was dead. Bad sign. My bf and I got some drinks and sat stage side. The first couple girls were thin, I mean realllll thin, like anorexic thin, like anorexic and a meth problem thin. The last girl was so hideous I just didn’t know what to do. My bf and I were in shock and we just kept looking down or away. You know it’s bad then cuz I will typically look at any naked woman and be appreciative, but this, this was just horrible. I’m not trying to talk shit or be mean but I was seriously just completely shocked at this last dancer. Such masculine jaw and frame, I just couldn’t believe my eyes, it was painful to watch, she was trying hard and the other two people sitting stage side were completely ignoring her as well. I normally always tip at least a buck or two out of courtesy because I mean these girls are getting nude for your entertainment but good lord!! I was resolving to at least throw out a single when she just up and ran off stage.At this point I just felt bad and we tried to slurp down our drinks as quickly as we could so we could leave. An Indian girl tried to get us to get a couples dance. She was pushy and totally uninterested. We tried to decline politely but she persisted ad we finally just up and left.Do yourself a favor and walk 5 mins down the street to Hustler. Prettier girls by far, better and more enticing environment. You’ll be much more pleased.

  47. fuckery12

    It’s Grand Opening Night on Thurs, March 15th A great friend of my boyfriend’s, who owns a few night clubs in SF, gave us an invitation VIP pass to Penthouse Club. Sure, why not when it’s free. And of course, the boyfriend would love to go especially when it’s a strip club. I was kind of sketchy at first, but hey, why not enjoy the night and make him happy. We did not come for the food. We just wanted to check out the place. The invitation on the pass says it starts from 9pm. We got there right at 9pm. There were two lines to get inside – paid tickets & VIP passes. We were a few heads near the front entrance. The lines got longer & longer. The security/bouncers did not let anyone in until after 9:30pm’ish; because there was also a ‘7pm’ invitation for dinner. It was already packed inside. They let you in, only if you have a bottle/table reserved. Why did they make two events from 7pm & 9pm. Very unorganized. The staff manager & security were very apologetic for the people waiting in line. It’s nice of them to apologize in person. We didn’t mind because we got a free VIP pass anyways. 2-star for the wait. We finally got inside. The interior looks nice, modern & upscale. It was my first time here. There are two floors. The first floor is where all the action entertainment is at. The second floor is the dinner area with a little action. My bf says this place used to be “Showgirls” and it still looks the same to him. They did no renovations to the place except for new furnitures, accessories & lighting. It still looks great to me. 4-star for the interior.There were a lot of girls working. Mostly average. Some pretty. Some skinny. Some short. Some with thickness (but not too thick). The girls really work you to give them money. Outfits were mostly lingerie. Some scandalous. Some club-ey. A few sexy dresses. This is only top-less. Not all-the-way. 3 stars for the girls. My bf & I walked around and got bored. The cranberry-vodka was too weak. Decided to get a table in the front where all the action was at. We were lucky to get a table right after a group left. A couple of our friends joined us. We got a champagne bottle service. It did took awhile for us to get our champagne. They did add in the tip & taxes to the bill. We also ordered a bar menu item. It’s some kind of bbq chicken wings/drummettes appetizer. Boy, that was awful. It was cold & dry. Yuck. Do not order this plate unless you’re super drunk for food. 3-star for the bottle service. 1-star for the the chicken wings.Our host, Andy, who works on the floor was awesome. Very top notch service it seemed. 5-star for him. My bf tip him good. A couple girls came to our table. Mostly just all conversations. They were cool & sweet. And yes, I got a lap dance right at our table because of my bf!! He enjoyed it a lot, but the girl didn’t really give me a good lap dance. Had better =) Overall, it was okay. Not a fan yet. We actually did enjoyed our time. It wasn’t bad nor great. We would come back again. My bf wants to try their dinner…but since we didn’t like the chicken wings bar menu item, I wonder if it’s any good…we shall see. If we come back for the food, my next review will be about the food πŸ™‚

  48. Harrison69

    As a man, I am inclined to write this as a 5 star raving review.As a person that experienced shady service and complete disregard of courtesy, this will not be a flattering review.The story: Large group of us (17-18 or so) booked a 3 course dinner and bottle service. The email and phone-call exchanges occurred for several weeks prior to our event. We finally chose the menu, paid a deposit and proceeded to get everyone amped up for a fun night on Broadway.The Drinks & Dinner: Drinks were on par price wise, my bill was over $200 and I thought that was generous given that we ordered several shots and drinks (just on my tab). So the bartender should get 5 stars.—The Food: First Course was lobster bisque, decent. 2nd Course was Steak, pretty normal tasting, not too flavorful and certainly not worth the price. The dessert was some chocolate cake that was okay but tasted as if it were store bought.The Service from Management: I understand it was a Friday night in the City, but it was completely empty when we were eating and we wanted to make our way downstairs for our bottle service to watch the show. Management disagreed with allowing us to bring our group downstairs! They said that they could provide our bottle service upstairs only, where there is no action, no dancing, and even LESS PEOPLE!!!There was a manager that could pass for an awful Robert Downey jr look-alike; and he was a jerk to keep this PG if you know what I mean.Key Points: –Not willing to work with us at all–Their club was super empty at 11:30pm –We had been told that we could go downstairs and then the one manager said no it was just super lame sauce. Why have one manager say one thing and another says no? HELLO!!! COMMUNICATION ISSUES MUCH?Anyways, we were not impressed and Ill never go back.

  49. Amanda A.

    Johnny the manager treated us like royalty!! Thanks Johnny. Great night celebrating a birthday with these pretty ladies and nice gentlemen. Totally better than the manager at McDonalds in Vallejo!!!

  50. harryharry

    We decided to try the food before the Grand Opening and came in to enjoy Executive Chef Mike Ellis’ food creations on Tuesday evening. The space is nicely remodeled and looks very modern. Penthouse is definitely not your average dark & dingy strip club. This place screams luxury and fun, and this is coming from a woman!The kitchen is open and has bar stools situated right at the open counter, so you can watch some of the creative cook work while also enjoying the entertainment on the main stage. We were mainly there for the food, but I have to say, the entertainment does not hurt in between courses!Mike started us out with some oysters topped with caviar. They were refreshing, delicious, and a great beginning course with our glass of bubbles. We then had a trio of seafood appetizer. A perfectly cooked shrimp topped with a slice of tangerine, succulent crab meat topped with avocado puree, and fresh diced hamachi with tomato. Each component had very nice subtle flavors that didn’t overpower the other two. Our first main course was uni crusted cod topped with a curry coconut emulsion and ginger carrot puree on the side. The fish was executed to perfection and all the flavors together worked up a culinary storm in my mouth. This was hands-down my favorite dish of the evening and my boyfriend concurred. The second main course was black truffle roasted chicken with fresh corn grits and chipotle jus. It was served with three different cuts from the chicken. The skin was super crunchy and the meat was juicy. I don’t like grits, but I loved these! It was a very hearty, homestyle cooked dish that went great with the paired chardonnay that the chef suggested. For the third main course (yes, we ate a lot that night) we each got the duo of Rosen Colorado lamb – a rosemary roasted bone-in chop and a 36-hour sous vied shoulder with fava beans and carrots in an orange black currant sauce. Both cuts of lamb were tender tender tender. They were to tender that I even ate all the fatty parts, which were absolutely delicious! Second favorite dish for the night! I’d order this again anytime. Lamb gets executed well in few restaurants – hats off to the executive chef at Penthouse! This dish paired very nicely with the A by Acacia Pinot Noir.My boyfriend got the 28-day dry aged bone-in ribeye with chimichurri sauce and I got the grass fed filet mignon with shallot confit and sauce Diane. We were both getting full at this point, but not full enough to not devour both of these beef dishes. The chimichurri sauce was the best we have ever had and really enhanced the juicy ribeye. My filet mignon was tasty and rich and the shallot confit added a nice sweet touch to the dish. We had the Jordan Cab with the meat dishes.This was one of the best food experiences I have had in a long time! Every single dish was eaten in its entirety and the bits were scraped off the plate with our forks. I would have licked the plate had I been at home. Executive Chef Mike Ellis has created an amazing and versatile menu that is guaranteed to please anyone’s palate.

  51. Jessica
  52. williamr

    I am very pleased with the level of service and flavors of all the dishes, all the food is exquisite, the flavors and presentation here are so fresh and clean, the setting equally fascinating and inviting. The dinning area is resplendent and the service outstanding, I recommend dinning at the restaurant any chance you have.

  53. mathewater12

    Love this place…I’m in the industry as well and have couple of amazing ladies I know that work there, always a good time whether it’s food & drinks or enjoying the show…they have raised the bar recently and gotten rid some staff that weren’t up to par (disgruntled Vanessa G from above) making thier showcase even better…

  54. Jacqueline A.

    One of the better strip clubs in SF. It doesn’t come close to LA, let alone Vegas, but the girls here are usually decent looking.

  55. BigArm K.

    Wow, went here on a Friday night, and my first thought was “Why are all the B girls here?” Not one hot girl the entire night. It was pitiful. The venue itself is amazing, which is what makes the lack of talent even worse. I’m going to need some time before I give this place another shot.

  56. AssnTits5

    Went to the grand opening- LOVE this place! The highlights: Service was over the top friendly and my drink was never empty, Floor to ceiling glass Champagne case, glass upper level stage(peeka-boo), white leather dinner booth that was like sitting inside a genie bottle, bar is tiled in Rolex watch bands- It’s all so over the top- what else could you want out of a gentleman’s club? Honestly, I came for the g.o party with my bf but I think that next time I’ll go back for girls night out!!!

  57. james1412

    Everything is great except the one taller manager with a tattoo who always drinks on the job. He is disrespectful and makes patrons feel unwelcome. It’s a shame since the rest of the club is great even on a slow night. The manager with the glasses is the only one who is welcoming and prompt for service.

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