Deja Vu presents Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club



202 Commerce Street, Shreveport, LA 71101


32.5177227, -93.7483494




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu presents Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

  1. David

    The drinks are too damn expensive. I know they do it to keep the trash out, but 6 bucks for a beer and 11 for a whiskey drink is bullshit.

  3. Biff

    Your MONEY GIRLS- Katrina and Desiree ROCK!!!!! 🙂

    Non-smoking would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. melissa AKA poison

    I used to be a dancer there, I love Tay Tay, and the other girls are sweet too…but alot of my friends that come in there tell me that alot of the girls are stuck up to them, these ladies that i am speaking of have alot of money, and i want the girls to get some of that money, so whenever you girls that know me see me in there with other girls come say whats up.

  5. licious
  6. Dave

    The best adult club in Shreveport/Bossier

  7. Tommy
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  9. provo
  10. jerry
  11. Jen D.

    My husband and I went to this strip club a few weeks ago when we were on a trip to Shreveport for business. We were staying in the Hilton and our view was overlooking the Hustler Club…so we HAD to go! We were drawn to it like that scene from Beetlejuice. We used to frequent The Yellow Rose in Austin years ago and hadnt been to a strip club since! We paid for VIP and the drinks were strong, as promised. Our bartender remembered our orders every time and was nice but not fake. The girls were HOT! Big asses and nice titties. They played a fair amount of hip hop, which is obviously the best to hear in a strip club. Not only were the girls attractive, but they were super sweet! We thoroughly enjoyed our night and will absolutely return next time we are in the area!

  12. James

    This place is a total joke and drug den..

  13. I love Hustler

    I have to say that this is the best damn club that i’ve ever been to. The women are beautiful, the staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was out of this world. I give this club a 10 out of 10.

  14. james1412

    I had an amazing night at this place. Very clean the dancers and staff were very friendly. They have some awesome drinks prices and great Vip room prices. The drinks are stronger in VIP as promised. This is a very upscaled classy club my friends and I will be returning soon. And gentlemen I would book your friends bachelor party here.. If my girls and I had a blast I know for a fact you gentleman will have an amazing time :)! See you soon Sherevport!!



  16. Mike

    I had fun it was my first time ever going to a strip club. I did like it, but found out it’s not worth giving them double for a 20 dollar dance, not enough grinding and I think some of them picked songs that were way to short on purpose

  17. Liz

    calm enviroment. very hot woman that are not nasty looking or trashy.. the club is very clean and just a great place to relax at. a true gentlemans club

  18. j
  19. Holly

    We had a great time and we’ll be back real soon!!!!!

  20. Kevin

    The girls are really something else, you can just really relax with them, they always make you feel really welcome. It’s an awesome place. Yeah it would be cool if the drink price wasn’t so damned expensive, I’ve a feeling they’d make more if the price went down a little, but the girls more than make up for it.

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  22. kirk

    I love the club ,its very relaxing and fun .the only draw back to the club is the cost of a drink .other than that its great .

  23. billy adams

    it was awsome it was the best bday present ever

  24. jack

    Great girls and wonderful staff great job

  25. ron

    Always have a great time when I come to your club

  26. Fresh2Death

    The Club Is Okay Not The Best You Don’t feel Relaxed In The Club You Always Feel That Someone Is Watching You Which They Are Dancers Aren’t Very Friendly But The Waitresses Are For Some Strange The Drinks And Watered Downed And Over Priced But Other Than That It Pretty Cool Not The Best In the Area For The Best Go To Wild Orchid Cabaret

  27. Marc

    Wosrt club i’ve ever been in. The girls were average, nothing great, nothing bad but their attitudes stunk. We sat in the club for 3 hrs and not once did a girl come up to us. We finally had to tackle one girl for a dance and it was the worst that i’ve ever got. She started more than halfway thru the song and called that a full dance. Save your money and go elsewhere.

  28. Robert

    We always have a nice time when we visit. George and his team always take very good care of us.

  29. igor34

    To begin with… No boobs here. I am taking about NO BOOBS….A cups at the most. Why would an establishment hire women with no boobs to work in a strip club??? Don’t understand! My husband and I enjoy strip clubs… This place is a disappointment. The only enjoyment we got out of it, as a couple, was betting if the next girl that removed her extremely padded top had boobs or not. Towards the end of the night we were then willing to see some fake ones. The only 2 girls we saw with some store bought ones never danced… They walked around visiting. Their dancing was very little pole dancing… Mostly consisted of floor humping… Bet their knees were sore by daylight. And drinks were so very over priced, and females (me) had to pay the cover to get in also… At regular price. Disappointment !

  30. ToddH
  31. Randy Dozier

    It was Great we spent $4500 on company credit card.My favorite dancer is HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Supa
  33. Terry Beard

    Nice club, I love to watch people , it just seemed the floor guys patroled a little to hard.

  34. Candi
  35. keV

    Dreams dancing erotically and heart pounding adult fun thank you to the

    wonderful owner Stacy Anderson you’re tops and your gyros totally Rock

  36. PQ

    Need more women of color.

  37. njv
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  39. AssnTits5


  40. brooke debaun
  41. Nastie

    This place isn’t all that great. The girls are bitchy, basically just walk up and ask for money and leave. They don’t sit and chill

  42. Mel

    Great Place for couples. We love the girls. Great variety. I could go everynight!!!

  43. rico
  44. Brian

    Thanks Christina for a fantastic evening Wednesday night! You definitely are the naughtiest & sweetest girl in Shreveport!

  45. kenneth

    i think it should be all nude. like all the other strip joints.

  46. Tom

    My first time to go ever it was the best time i’ve ever had. will be spending lots of money there!!!!

  47. winston12

    Worst club we have ever been too!! TERRIBLE! We had tons of money to spend for a bachelor party and not 1 dancer stopped to talk to us! Don’t waste your time or money!!!!!

  48. Sarah

    Visited on a Saturday night from 10-3. Had an awesome time. Several girls did excellent polework. Major variety of looks. One dancer named Hope did an awesome fire show. Also there was a dancer named Mysterious who really knew how to shake what her mama gave her! Only disappointment was customers sitting around watching but not tipping these awesome performers.

  49. j.doe

    I haven’t been to the club in a long time- I always make it a point to stop when I am here on business and I have to say I was a bit let down. They girls were alright but none of them could hold a match to the girls that used to work there. What ever happened to Thea- Scarlet- Kennedy and Paris? those are the few I remember and they made it worth it to go there. I wish they would find some girls like them again. Still a nice club just not how it used to be.

  50. paul

    Great girls just wish Shreveport rules were more like Vegas.

  51. Dawn

    First let me say that I am a woman and enjoy a nice lap dance just as much as anyone else. The dancers are overall really good. There were a couple that caught my eye. The two that I got lap dances from were sure hotties!! The first one, Liv, was tall, slender, sexy as hell, and gorgeoues. The second one, “V” or Veloria, was bubbly, cute, sexy, and just plain fun. I had a great night this past friday night. Thank you sweeties!!

  52. Alan

    My wife and i had a great time. Dancers made us feel special and they were very sexy. taygun (not sure if that’s how you spell it) she was very nice and very good with the private dance. Can’t wait to go back.

  53. Pat

    Love the club it’s a great place to go to relax after the 3-11 shift the girls are great and a good mixture of girls. Although the drinks a VERY HIGH I like $2 Tuesdays. Girls keep up the great job. See Ya Tuesday

  54. LEROY


  55. sjjon

    The club is great if you are a couple. They really like to dance & play with the girl to turn your man on.

  56. candy


  57. Randy

    Dylan, you rocked. Nice atmosphere. Prices for non alcoholic drinks were a but high. $5. All the dancers were beautiful but I enjoyed Dylan the most. Very sweet girl.

  58. Erin

    There is a guy in the men’s room last Thursday playing the guitar it was awesome!

  59. C Wil

    I like the club some very ladies in there but need more culture girls

  60. geauxtigers

    Poor quality of dancers. Wish I could have got a refund.

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  62. exam
  63. phil

    i hit shreveport for my first time on a thursday. id say there were about 25 girls there. good variety. all way above avg., and several VERY hot — such as Brooke, and Sophie. slow night, and lotsa girls to go around. five dimes or a shoeshine, take your pick. $20 private dance was the best ive had in a LONG time. take care and have fun 🙂

  64. Kevin Heinrich

    I love this club, went through a dry spell with few dancers and terrible dj, but now it’s all back and better than ever. Highly recommmended! (the dj isn’t bad either now 😉 )

  65. Brooke
  66. Midhun

    Specifically Dyllan is awesome…

  67. z


  68. John
  69. Alex

    There are a lot of good looking ladies there. A few of them appear to not be interested but there are a few that do it for the love of attention they get. $5 for a beer and $10 for the harder drinks is VERY expensive. $2 Tuesdays is the perfect night to go. It’s not crowded and my favorite dancer is ALWAYS there! Only a few dancers I have encountered actually spent awhile chatting with me before asking “Is there something you would like to go do?” Most of them are up front and walk up and ask “do you want a dance?” and walk off if you reply with something other than a yes.

    The main DJ is awesome. He has humor and isn’t afraid to say what’s ever is on his mind when a dancer is up. He would have to be a major positive factor for the club.

    It sometimes can take some time to get a drink at the bar because despite the expensive drinks people still buy them and well… it’s easier to let a server get it for you.

    Over all the club is loud and I find it worth going to every Tuesday. They make sure to always have very attractive ladies working every night. It’s worth the gas price to go every Tuesday from Texas.

  70. Huntarr
  71. SLIM

    A great time to be had by all,guys and girls alike.A very clean club with a staff that is anxious to make your evening great.I’m going back soon.Oh,and don’t let me forget,the girls are amazing!

  72. Rachel

    I had a great time. My fiance and I went for his birthday and it was just as

    much fun for me as it was for him.

  73. Kristie
  74. matt
  75. Terry

    I travel and get to Shreveport about once a month, and I always drop by this club. It’s my home-away-from-home. The girls are lovely and treat the guests like, well, guests.

  76. Derrick

    fucking awesome..

  77. Andrew


  78. abby

    I’ve been to this club many times and i always have a good time, even on slow nights the girls make it fun and entertaining. i was there this past weekend and i have to say it was one of the better nights. got a couple of lap dances (my man really enjoys watching lol) and can i just say brooke was amazing. i’m pretty picking when it comes to girls but she was awsome. yall should all come check her out she’s hot and yet still very down to earth.

  79. Justin

    I really enjoyed the club. It was my first time ever, and i enjoyed the experience.

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  81. FutileTemptress

    Clean club; Classy dancers…namely Hope.

  82. Ashley B

    Loved the club, my first time to go was last weekend and I will definately be back. The drinks are a little high but it’s just a littel higher than a regular club but at a regular club you don’t get to see topless woman dancing! =)Had 3 lapdances and it was awesome! My fav dancer was Candy!!

  83. william

    I think that the club as a hole is very great. Everytime me and my brothers go in we are never disappointed. The laddies are the greatest. I do think that the girls should have more of and imput on the music they dance to… but the club is great… music needs a little improvement. There are alot of song out there that are made just for the gentelmens club.

  84. Rick

    This was my first visit and I was impressed with the club and especially a dancer named Stephany.

  85. bobby

    I love liza

  86. brandonresh

    Me and a few brother from another mother went to the club. One of them was moving down to Shreveport for a new job. A few nights ago we decided to go out and have a few beers and check out the town. We went to Hustler club to check it out and see if it is like the one on Bourbon Street. One of my friend stated that he liked this place is more room to walk around in. When we walk-in there was one of the dancer walk to us and made us feel welcome. But, after that we didn’t see her until she went on stage. Then try to get the waitress attention but when we got our drink she got made. So we will try this place out again when we are down to help our friend official move.

  87. bored in sb

    went in on a thursday night and this is more like a peepshow than a strip club as i know one. the girls cannot really interact with patrons on stage. i took one girl for a private dance and she claims that she cannot take off her top and there is nothing that i can touch. she did give good grindage but with no tits out what is up with that? I would not bother with this club, the girls were great looking for the most part but with little to no contact what is the point.

  88. Franklyn

    Wow best place ever staff was nice bartenders were on top of everything entertainers were really nice if your in Shreveport you have to make a stop here

  89. michael

    great girls

    excellent time

  90. Selina

    Club is awsome i enjoy coming over and over again. The girls are real sweet and love them all to death.

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