Deja Vu Showgirls



6805 Adamo Drive, Tampa, FL 33619


27.9517536, -82.3797274




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Dude

    Tasha. The End. πŸ˜›

  2. bubba

    my buddies and myself go once a week good times

  3. Dylan
  4. hand man

    damn right

  5. clinton

    tosha is the best dancer yall got ill be back just for her πŸ˜‰

  6. chef

    this was the best club i ever went to. all the girls were nice and very clean. prices were high but worth every penny

  7. no
  8. gozum
  9. Vanessa

    My boyfriend came in last night and had a WONDERFUL time. Thanks for being SO obiging!

  10. timothy
  11. Solomon Rodriguez

    I was there this past weekend and had a blast i love dejavu

  12. Benny

    Nice Place.

  13. Mark

    Ok club. New dancer Cara is amazing though. My friend and I both got dances from her. She is smoking hot, very nice and friendly and gave me the best 3 dances I’ve ever got at any place. Hot, hot, hot girl! Tall, beautiful with the body of a goddess – I’ll be back just for her. Other girls are ok (6-7).

  14. anonymous

    Great looking girls, but they can be really pushy. Understand, this place is dirty. By that I mean the girls will go the extra mile for customer service if you know what I mean. I could tell stories..

  15. Lisa

    I had a blast!! Thank you ladies!! πŸ™‚

  16. CFSF
  17. clay

    best strip club in my 22 years of living. visited over 30 strip clubs 6 different states, my standard is the Vu!!!

  18. josh

    its awesome the girls are great!

  19. Robert

    Giselle is incredible. I keep coming back to see her. Many of the girls are very friendly, but Giselle is so sexy, she keeps me coming back for more.

  20. Denise

    Gia is one in a million. Plan on visiting you again on our next vacation. Thanks for the great night. Highly reccomend the club to others.

  21. richie

    i am new to tampa i was there on 6/26 in the afternoon. i enjoyed a nice time and a dance with autumn she is so hot.i will be back.

  22. X-man

    I like Deja Vu because the girls are really nice to me.

  23. richard

    awesome hott girls

  24. o jones

    i am a shy guy and was there this past week and moet, miko, and audrey made me feel so comfortable. i didnt feel presured at all and i had the BEST time of my life in the v.i.p room upstairs. they left nothing to the imagination if you know what i mean…..

  25. me

    this place is awesome!

  26. Dick Johnson
  27. TIP
  28. deja vu


  29. Emjay

    I’ve been going into De Ja Vu for a few years now and have come to know some of the girls that work there.. Isis Savannah and Rain are by far the best entertainers in that whole club. Love Robin the waitress as well!

  30. Hilaire
  31. r
  32. John

    The club was great the dancers were beautiful.

  33. Matt

    Very nice club…Had a great time…Will be back very soon

  34. Amber and TJ

    Last night was awesome, i love the club and Heaven you are amazing!

  35. Will

    Note that Deja Vu is listed twice. There is a Nude club that open late and a topless club that serves drinks – to adapt to FL’s liquor rules preventing Nude clubs from serving alcohol. It is a good solution – the clubs are adjacent. The only issue is if you want to go to a club in the day or early evening you only can see topless. Both offer private booths for lap dancing.

  36. s
  37. Kevin

    Had a great time.

  38. Mr. Big

    Stopped by last weekend had a great time! The dancers and staff were very friendly! Great private dances for great prices!

  39. Jeff

    I love Jade Deluxxxor and Heaven

  42. Mike

    Moet and sunshine are my favorites but the other girls were beautiful as well. An overall good experience for my first time at a gentlemen’s club.

  43. ACE
  44. Volk
  45. Jeremy

    Clean premise, very interesting and clean fun. The women there truly do their jobs well.

  46. Ethan

    Tasha, Deff the best asset to your club.

  47. Negal
  48. DJFever
  49. Jim

    Monday Night 3/15 Kinda quite, But had a great time . Had my pick of about 8 dancers who all wanted to play

  50. Michaek

    This club is one of my favorites I pass though maybe once every two

    months. Never had a bad time. Heaven love you great knowing your there.

    Shawna happy your back. Marilyn you just hot along with Madison wild girl.

    Jasmine Hottie with booty. Can go on for days. Good spot.

  51. Brian

    The Dancer Stephanie Was Excellent

  52. Champak Kumar

    Fantasy was good and Summer was great!!!

  53. Adrian

    My name is Adrian… I couldn’t tell you what her name was because I didn’t care to know because she was hideous!

  54. Cdawg

    Excellent service! The DJ didn’t short cut the songs like so many places do. Shawna was AWESOME!!!

  55. Al

    Awesome club, the absolute best in the business!!! Sexy, hot ladies working and as awesome atmosphere!!!

  56. bob

    Bring JENNA HAZE back!!!!

  57. bon Frite
  58. Taelor

    Extacy is the best!

  59. Eric
  60. Lucky Boy

    I have gone a few times and I always see new girls, which is great. There are some beautiful women with great bodies. There is one girl who gives the best private dances (worth every dollar) and she is fun and bold. Contact is allowed, which makes the experience even better. Some of the girls are like fantasy women, in any other scenario you would not be touching them. I recommend this place.

  61. Scott Chapman

    I was in Tampa on business and visited your club. I just wanted to let you know how well I was treated by my dancers Ashley and Alex – I will be back to see them very soon and I really enjoyed the club….

  62. betty
  63. Pedro

    All I have to say is that I had the greatest time of my life. Candie is definitely my favorite girl and I had an amazing time with her.

  64. shayd
  65. Juice Jones

    This place was great. I’ve been in Iraq for 7 months and this was a well deserved change. Awesome girls and great sound system. Thanks

  66. Chase
  67. zac toney

    I went on my b-day and the dancers were good they had a good vip rooms the clup was very clean.

  68. Carlos

    I had to swing by and see how the clubs in Florida compare to the ones in the midwest. I had a wonderful time! Beautiful girls everywhere I looked, and all very friendly. I recommend this place to everyone in the Tampa area.

  69. oj

    this club is awesome if you get the chance, go by an check it out!!!!!

  70. jody

    me and my wife love it there

  71. dave
  72. The Man

    I went there on July 4th, the girls in this place are hot. I thought Melanie was the hottest dancer in the place and I loved her private dances.

  73. Dan

    Girls are hott, atmosphere very nice and the private dances sensational.

  74. datzer
  75. Keith
  76. chad smith

    Amazing and addicting, rochelle is by far my favorite dancer

  77. rob

    i was there im from buffalo and im in love

  78. Justin
  79. Noodles

    Me and the boys in the band had the time of our lives in that place. The ladies are the nicest people on the planet, and the best at what they do, and the prices are reasonable. it’s basically heaven.

  80. Rick

    The PA system was a little messed up, had a hard time hearing the announcer, the music would fade in and out hard…other than that…OUTSTANDING SHOW!!!

  81. Tiger

    was very impressed by the girls and bartenders

  82. Geremy

    Deja Vu is the best club I’ve ever been in. I highly recommend it and i have actually probably made the club a lot of many from various people i have recommended there. Most of the girls are very beautiful but one in particular sets the standard as an all around package! Mailena!!!…..she is gorgeous and has an awesome personality!

  83. Bubba Show

    Thanks for having us on your show, we had a great time. Can’t wait till your bday.

  84. Brooke

    Wow! First timer to a Strip club, and it couldn’t have been better!! Will save up to go back, the memory is worth the cost anytime. Shawna put me at ease and was amazing!! Wow!!

  85. Steve

    Nice selection of girls..Had a great time with Elissa,Michelle and the HOTT blonde Christina..Nice club and you can smoke inside..Deffinately recommended

  86. David
  87. Andy

    Deja Vu is the best strip club in Florida! Heaven is the most beautiufl woman I’ve ever seen in the world!

  88. BigShow

    A step above then any of the other Highway clubs, pass up on Mons and 2001, DeJa is where to go.

  89. xile

    not bad for my first strip club ever.

  90. V8Mustang02

    I have been goin to this club for over a year and half it is by far the best club in tampa. The girls are great they are very friendly and clean. I have also had dances in almost every room they are also all very clean. The private dances are really worth the price. You won’t find a nicer club in the the tampa bay area.

  91. Brad

    Had a very good time. Nice place with lots of beautiful girls.

  92. Tom C

    Thought this place would be good because it’s a franchise.

    I would strongly urge Deja Vu to re-evaluate their talent

    scouts. Half the dancers on stag look pregnant with their

    big guts. The atmosphere is nice, but the wait staff makes

    every effort to push drinks and to see the bar next door.

    I don’t like a pushy experience. Maybe it was a bad night,

    but this place stunk

  93. XXX
  94. Jason

    Nice club.

  95. !

    Had fun with Lily. The majority of the girls were hot. We got there at about 3 am and there were serveal times I looked aroung and was wondering where the girls were. The only girl I was saw on stage.

  96. espn gurie

    Excellent deal, they got ESPN on the big screens, the women employed are very lookable. One time per week its a decent value for a guy that knows how to lay it in there.

  97. jorge
  98. jj
  99. Kyle

    Nice club and nice girls! Desire is my favorite dancer in here!!!

  100. Tom

    Nice club…Had a few dances with a nice tall blonde who had an amazing body…Overall the girls looked good…Will be back

  102. edwin
  103. Greg

    OK Club. I Prefer to drink while out.

  104. unknown
  105. hector


  106. CD

    As a female that likes females, I was not disappointed. They had a good

    variety and I definitely saw something I liked. Some of those girls have some

    serious moves; the acrobatics on some of em was ridiculous. The girls

    constantly walk around, so you always have a chance to get at one. Even the

    servers were cute.

    My favorite server was Brittany; favorite dancer was Princess. Her stage show

    doesn’t do her justice. Her dances are the business.

  107. chris
  108. Stevo
  109. Frank

    Fucking wonderful

  110. Geremy(PussyGamesChamp)

    Excellent Environment! Excellent Everything Really! Hospitality was another EXCELLENT!!! Shout outs to Ms. Mailena and Ms. Sunshine. Yall doin’ your thing girls and thank you for being so kind and hospitable. You girls are excellent and my whole crew thanks you!

  111. Junior Beltran

    them girls are fine

  112. George


  113. eeh
  114. Ronnie


  115. Tom G

    Riley Knight that girl has the Goods

  116. ramon


  117. Sam
  118. David Mulrooney

    Michelle is amazing

  119. William from NC

    Not sure what happen but this club is one of the classest looking clubs in the area and the girls seems to get better looking everytime I’m there.

  120. The menace
  121. nelson

    it was my first time and it was a great experenice, one i will relive in the close future, thanks melanie for making it soooooooo great lol, you were not only beautiful but super down to earth, more a cool girl next door than dancer so thank you again..

  122. thunder cunt
  123. Marcus

    Very nice VIP room treatment.

  124. J

    Hot Babes, DJ was great, ohh did i say Hot Babes??

  125. Michael

    This was the first time I’ve ever been to a strip club. Hell, I’m going to be honest and say I’ve never seen a fully nude woman before, not infront of me like that anyway. Very worth the wait, the girls were all very friendly. They kind of tried too hard… but I guess that’s their job. There was one blonde girl, so hot, so friendly and outgoing (I’m so sorry I didn’t get her name for next time…) She really made my evening. Thank You DeJa Vu. If I ever get a real job and make enough money, I’m definately coming back there. Hope the blonde is there again πŸ™

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