Creekside Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club



3225 Advance Lane, Colmar, PA 18915


40.274539, -75.25371




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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257 reviews for “Creekside Cabaret Gentlemen’s Club

  1. SexyLisa

    I agree Kristal is super freaking hot. I think she works Tuesday during the day, Wednesday Friday and Saturday nights. She gives a killer lap dance, but I have to save up to get that champagne room!

  2. SemoreButts

    The bar in the club is awesome and so are the ladies. But there are 2 girls who caught my attention while performing a high wire trick. It was quite impressive…Star and Victoria are fantastic dancers and can conversate as well. I would gladly give my left nut to hang out with them again.

  3. Travis

    Love this cub!! Just came to it a few weeks ago Awesome girls. Maybe the guy below got rejected, but i love all the girls here. To name a few Layla, Marlena, Isis, Star, and Heaven.

  4. sweet!

    Hot damn is this one awesome club! Be back for more!

  5. tannyalee

    hey guys I wanna throw a bachelor party here for my best friend, I have heard great things about this place…!!

  6. T.

    Extremely great club.

  7. Hugh Trump

    The bar in the club is awesome and so are the ladies. But there are 2 girls who caught my attention while performing a high wire trick. It was quite impressive…Star and Victoria are fantastic dancers and can conversate as well. I would gladly give my left nut to hang out with them again.

  8. dirtysanchez
  9. scraggs
  10. Jim Bob

    I’ve been to smaller clubs with hotter girls with better talent. Plus the place is right next to the sewage plant!!

  11. :)

    Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me. Gona move out to the country, gona…

  12. HappyCamper

    I had a great time at this club A rating

  13. * (That's an asterisk.)


  14. CCLover.

    Despite a few annonymous punks that I think are attacking everyone’s rating system on this, visit this club yourself to see that this is more of a 9-10 club rating vs. whatever a bunch of negative sour pusses tend to believe annonymously on a message board set up of all things.

  15. rb

    the best club around one can find!

  16. Brian

    Hottt Girls, Always nice and easy going.

    Thanks Kate for the best VIP

  17. Adam V

    I agree Kristal is super freaking hot. I think she works Tuesday during the day, Wednesday Friday and Saturday nights. She gives a killer lap dance, but I have to save up to get that champagne room!

  18. rawkdog
  19. VLKCU098F743YH35


  20. Uncle Bill

    Everyone needs to STFU on the insults. This is a great club, the girls are very polite, the staff is awesome, and I personally think it will only get better. Thank you , ladies. Ignore these other guys.

  21. Rockin' B!

    Back again showing love as always. πŸ˜‰

    This time around I need to give due respects and a major shout out to Mr. Christopher! You still da man rockin’ the house 4 nights a week! DJ V just gets to rock the house two nights a weeks! Her evening to be da woman! Sure if it came down to who I would sleep with, Vega would win that battle hands down. Just don’t let that stop you from being the dj host with da most!

    And for Scarlette. You the woman! xoxoxo! ;-p

    (damn comment section on this site isn’t working. bastards.)

    From your most rockin’ and positive supporting customer!

    De one and only! Rockin’ B! (Keep Creekside Happening!)

  22. Pizza Popcorn and Mangos

    Hey Mr.Christopher.. maybe you should DJ. I think you could run the DJ booth with your eyes closed. Make sure you play lots of techno and hip hop tho.

  23. GolfBoy

    Anyone know Cristal’s upcoming schedule??

  24. Hey

    It is a nice club to hang out at.

  25. Holiday!

    Since this is such an awesome place to be, and comments aren’t working. Happy Mother’s Day to the Creekside family and workers. Treat your moms extra special today. After all, the beauty and greatness of Creekside did all have to start somewhere. πŸ˜‰ From one of your best number one customers. —-> Rockin’ B!

  26. Customer

    Awesome Club love the girls. but who cares ever guy has diff. pref. of what they want. I personally like the thicker girls, they have beautiful curves. Heaven, Destiny,Star,and Joey are my favorites.

  27. gjh

    Absolutely boring place. Most of the girls are ugly. Not worth your TIME AND MONEY………….

  28. toothfary


  29. Ronnie

    Who would have guessed a class act club like this was in Colmar, PA

  30. yo

    hott peaches,snow lots of love for the big girls

  31. IlDuncano
  32. Jack

    This is by far one of the best clubs around. I always have a good time when I’m here. The last post had his reason’s for not liking the club, so be it. But there are far more positive posts here then negative ones. CC ROCKS!!

  33. Steve

    I love this club, I think management needs to do better with security but other than that, The girls are amazing!

  34. !!!


  35. Ratler

    Great place to go.

  36. LEN

    It looks like to me you all need a fucking life b/c you waste all of your fucking time at this club and on this site. Besides, sounds like you all are very prejudice, why would I even think about returning here!!! Black, white, gay, not gay, who gives a fuck. Or no I’m sorry you have nothing else to say!! But keep going I guess its kind of humorous!PLease!

  37. Filthy Sanchez

    Nice, nice place.

  38. SuperNice!

    I should stop by this club more often! Best club I’ve been too yet!

  39. Andrew WK

    I was a faithful customer of cc, but i only went there to see victoria and I recently found out she isn’t working there anymore. I liked creekside alot, but not enough to go there without her working. She was the most awsome girl there. Does anybody know if she is working anywhere else and if so….where?

  40. reg ccman
  41. QLT

    Some sexy ladies to look for! Megan, Kitty, Ecstasy, Bianca, Mercedes, Amy, Dominique, Riley.

  42. Not Bitter

    I think there’s a couple of bitter jealous people who can’t tolerate that some ladies do better than others, or they don’t get the attention as a customer from some of the ladies here like they would prefer. Thus the attack on the club’s current rating. Looks like a few clubs may have the same deal and wouldn’t be surprise they’re just attacking everyone’s high rating because they can. This club if fine and awesome. Sucks to be you if you don’t know how to enjoy being here.

  43. Mango Pizza


  44. Awesome time

    Here for a birthday party tonight.. staff and management went above and beyond to ensure we had a good time. A lot of the girls are smokin hot and the rest are still hot! WILL be back

  45. Jeff

    I’m actually a regular and I always come to this club weekly. It’s nice and roomy, the girls are sexy and getting sexier withy new ones coming in, But I’ll still hold a special place in my heart for Heaven, Ivy, Star, Peaches, and a few others.

  46. Jonathan A.

    Haven’t been to this place in a couple of years. Definitely not what it use to be. 2 out of 10 girls were cute. Place has gone down the cap shot.

  47. $$$


  48. Shane

    This club has really gone down hill. I won’t be back. Dancers not that great with major attitudes.

  49. Rich

    Always have a great time here!

  50. Ryan B
  51. Passing Thru

    Very nice club. Everyone seemed friendly, although I had

    to inquire about the private dances, no one

    asked/offered. Note listed as nude club but all dances

    were topless on stage, had to pay extra for nude private.

    None the less had the most interactive private EVER! Left

    very satisfied. Trying to manage to pass thru town again


  52. some person

    Awesome! Better then the clubs in the city!

  53. John

    I really like this place. It is close to the suburbs and not that far for me to drive.

  54. Super!

    This place is a fabulous atomsphere. The girls and people are real friendly. The bar looks awesome. Plus nothing stereotypical bad about coming here. This is a true and pure gentlemens club. No need to go elsewhere ever again!

  55. Bobby.

    This is definitely the best local club around. Very relaxing atomsphere. Plenty of space and not crowding. Plus some of the hottest ladies around. Not trashy at all.

  56. H

    A very nice place to relax. No pressure from the ladies. A wide variety to choose from. Tall, short, thin voluptuous, white, hispanic, african american. Someone for everyone.

  57. Reg
  58. KEN

    great place with very friendly dancers that go out of their way to say hello and make sure you are enjoying yourself. and having the massage girl is just outstanding. well worth the trip and the class of the area.

  59. TJ

    I like this club. The ladies are friendly. Good hospitality. Makes me want to go back again.

  60. Cheyenne

    In my many years of dancing, this is the best club I have ever worked at. It’s very clean. They don’t hire the “trashy” types. I’ve worked at clubs where the girls are doing drugs in the bathroom. They fire those girls here. I’m happy about that. It’s very safe here. Security is good. I get along with everyone. The customers, overall, are good too. Again, I have worked in some shady places with some real shady people. I like it here. I’ll say it again, very clean. And so far, they have been keeping it that way. I like it! Did I mention it’s very clean? πŸ™‚

  61. tit man

    to last reviewer: Are you on crack? Not a fake tit in the house? Maybe they took the night off or you don’t know a real tit from a fake. At least six girls have fake tits. Not that there is anything wrong with any tits real or fake.

  62. re:disapointed

    “Horrible”? You think Creekside is horrible? Are you serious?

  63. JOE
  64. Monty
  65. fuji

    WOW….I was suprised at the quality of girls and the amount of talent they had. The atmosphere is way cool and the sound system is a TEN. The three 20 foot poles are nice. Great layout I WILL BE BACK

  66. ed
  67. T.W.

    Been to Creekside a few times, I still would rather go to a mileage joint like BP or RR

  68. Frank

    Cover could be a little less, but overall my favorit club

  69. WTF

    I thought this was a place to post reviews of the CLUB!?!?! If you want to talk about star, do it on the comment page or find her web page.

  70. Better.

    This club is definitely better than what a bunch of message board scum can write. I got no problem being here no matter what some wishful thinkers out there may think.

  71. Rockin' R!

    Creekside is where its at! The best friendly women around and all of them just rock the house!

  72. Digger

    I went for the first time the other week and Lust is amazing. I also got a dance from a girl named Carmella. Does anybody know her, she was an absolutely gorgeous petite little brunette.

  73. horray4boobs!

    Real breast, fake breast, it’s all good! Spend some quality time here now and then and even get to realize these ladies are even more than a nice pair of breast. Like I said, it’s ALL good. πŸ˜‰

  74. Shokk

    The new bar looks amazing!

  75. BB
  76. eyedoc

    6th visit here (that doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?) With a ton of nasty places out there, it is nice to have somewhere safe to sit and do as you please….watch if you’d like, get a dance if you want to do that, too. Great security, wonderful dancers, and a choice of seating make this my favorite place, though I live 50 miles away. It’s all good, yo. It is on the owners to make sure that the liquor service doesn’t take this place down the tubes.

  77. the man

    The girls are hot and friendly; the club is clean and comfortable. However, the private VIP dances are extreamly expensive for what is no more than a topless lap dance.

  78. Rob

    LOVE IT!!

  79. Awesome!

    This club just kicks ass!

  80. Matt

    No club in the area comes close to this one.

    5 Stars

    All the ladies are beautiful but I really enjoyed Star, Eva, and Heaven!

    I’ll definately be visiting again soon.

  81. Johnny B. Goode

    I can’t wait until the bar is open. The ladies will still be doing nude dances I am told, and no more obnoxious kids.

  82. peter
  83. will

    came in the past couple weeks and not to busy. Girls dont even come up to you. I guess I can spend my money somewhere else. Thanks anyway

  84. Lucky
  85. jon

    dj sucks

  86. CC Regular

    The greatest place on earth. I love most of the ladies. The lovely latinas are my favorites, Star, Heaven and Destiny. They are all friendly. Most are sincere but some are very fake. It is easy to figure that out. VIP room is great if you follow the rules. Bouncers are also cool and leave you and your lady alone to enjoy the dance.

  87. patron

    the waitstaff is friendly (and cute), the girls are all sweet and don’t constantly

    hustle like you’re an atm. the privates are long, reasonably priced, and hot. the

    private room sucks though. too big and its got house lights on half, weird and

    bright. not sensual at all. the bouncers are present but not overbearing. great

    club. crappy dj, though and pricey drinks.

  88. Creekside Regular

    Last Saturday’s show was hot, but there are a lot of hot girls there in addition to those 3. You also must get some time with Carmella, Devon, Gia, Hailey, Ivy, Jin, Lust, Molly, Peaches and Star.

  89. greg
  90. B.

    Give me the ladies who free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away! Also, that hot sexy Cheyenne is clean too! ;-p Until next time my favorite rockin’ club!

  91. awesome

    this club is awesome

  92. UNCLE WHO?

    You shut the fuck up Mr. UNcle fucking whoever you are. What do you own the place and speak for everyone! NOOOOOO. The place sucks, what are the girls fucking blowing you, got to be doing something for you to speak for them! UGLY-FAT-GIRLS! Come here if you want to spend a lot of money for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Ziggy
  94. Strip Club Lover
  95. Johnny D.
  96. H. Heffner

    This club is GREAT. I love the ladies of Creekside. There are none finer away from the mansion. When you go, you must spend time with STAR, VICTORIA, JOEY, CARLEY, IVY, NATALIE, MARILYN, DESTYNEE and LUST.

  97. Clayton

    Creeksides decent club some hot girls

  98. Mike

    If I wanted pigs asking me for time alone, I’d go hang out at the fat farm

  99. Cunty McPopcorn
  100. Hot Performers.

    Dancers already working here. That would be Scarlette, Carlee, and Marlena. Very very sexy indeed.

  101. !!!!!!!

    A few SMOKINNNN blondes!! Not a fake pair of tits in the whole place,and every pair was perky and beautiful! I’ll be back!

  102. hj


  103. Doug

    Went to CC this weekend had some fun

  104. bobby
  105. barry
  106. Nice1

    There are some fine looking ladies at this club. To Golfboy – Try writing to the club via email for a dancer’s schedule. Cristal is one of the hottest ladies around.

  107. Jesse
  108. Regina
  109. tim
  110. Dennis L.

    Had a great time here on Friday night. Two awesome couch dances – Eve and Betti are my favorites. Both are sweet and friendly. Great club, glad I came up from Phila for it.

  111. shaddy

    Beautiful Girls! Will be back!

  112. Dick
  113. George

    creekside is a total waste of $$$$

  114. Paul

    Two girls worth seeing Layla, Star. All the rest pack your bags and go home.

  115. superb!

    This club always knows how to brighten the spirits! Best club around by far!

  116. Mike C

    Girls are very average big waste of money

  117. Wow!

    Damn is this one fine club to be going to! I got to go more often!

  118. Loyalty.

    Fabulous club. Beautiful women. I’ll return again!

  119. Easter Buny

    Fuck the ignorant bitches!!!

  120. buttered popcorn

    Hellz yeah

  121. happy

    this club rocks i had a great time. every girl is fuckn hotttt

  122. XXL


  123. re: Cristal

    That is Cristal with the accent on the last syllable. Like Dom Perignon. Or Old English 800. Or Mickey’s Big Mouths.

  124. BobbleHead
  125. David

    I believe the last guy forgot 2 girls who certainly are’t pigs, Victoria and Star.

  126. Cruuzzz
  127. Champagne Enema

    omg yes. such a good time, i havent had this much fun since grade school.

  128. Klitus
  129. R.W.B.

    I found this club to be very intertaining. The ladies and wait staff are friendly. Their new signs on the tables are cool. Their new bar looks great. I want to find a way to get me one of those bar styles for my basement. I’m definitely returing to this club.

  130. H.

    I had a lot of fun at this club. Definitely be back again. Most clubs tend to be boring, but not Creekside. Keep up the awesome job.

  131. Condor
  132. ryan123

    We left Double Visions last night before the shooting and ended up here. We just missed the assault that took place, the cops said. I think I’ll stay in Philly and go to the local gogo bars there. It’s safer than the suburbs. While in Philly make sure you stop in Chinks Steaks, renamed Joes Steaks and Soda. Best in the world!

  133. clan fan
  134. rainman

    Great club gorgeous ladies who def know what they doing. Alexandra is

    one of the sexiest people ive ever met and a all around down to earth

    woman. Def the best assest the club has to offer!!!

  135. Tommy
  136. ChrisM

    The club offers a monthly amateur contest which is rigged in that the winners have danced before at the club and else where. The DJ and some dancers went out of their way to stir up the crowd for the person who won. Seven dancers, numerous patrons and one of the winners confirmed these claims.

  137. tom
  138. Me

    Boobies… Boobies…Boobies…can’t talk about some nice boobies in this club and not bring up Peaches…Ahh Boobies

  139. John Stark
  140. Damon

    I kike this place

  141. Hot Tamale

    Delicious!! My favorite club. No need to drive down to the city, kids. Everything you need is right here.

  142. Bob.

    I don’t think it is possible to say enough positive things about this club. The ladies are some of the friendliest and best around. I basically wish there was a way I could be paid to be here. I would rock with this house every single day it was open if I could. Cheers to the best club around from one of your best rockin’ customers. Peace.

  143. guy smiley

    Hey Mr. T if you want the girls you have to tell them sometimes. If you only get a dance with the same two then walk up to a new girl that you want and ask her to come have a drink with you. It will make her feel special and she will treat you ever better.

  144. Jason
  145. beach'em

    creekside upscale?! hahaha you cant be serious! delilahs in philadelphia is upscale this club is a dump next to delilahs!

  146. Mr. T

    some of the girls need to fix their attitudes. not give a glance at people and walk away. would like to get a dance or 2 with other girls besides the 2 i usually get them from. get the feeling of being sized up as a potenial sucker than anything else

  147. MrChristopher

    You’re right, Jon, he does. I’m sure you could do a much better job.

  148. fuckery12

    Been here a few times. Nicest place in the area. Best looking girls and best experience. 3 stages and the songs are longer than your typical 3 minute quickie. This means you get to see a girl perform for longer. There is a rail around the stages with low seating up close. You can sit in the middle and get a good view of all 3 poles. Lots of other seating, both low and tall tables and at the bar. Place is dark off the stage especially in the corners. Girls are great looking. They have a type for everyone.The girls do the tip parade after their dances, but aren’t too in your face about it. But well worth it. Private dances are reasonable ($20) and they have an all nude option if that’s what you want. There is a cover charge, but again, it is worth it.

  149. Mark

    A great place. Need to get the girls to do some more acts together on stage. But overall I enjoy going here. It has a great atmosphere.

  150. doc
  151. ??

    Is Len the guy who hangs out in the parking lot and tries to pick up guys when they leave.

  152. Levi Who Is Called Biff


  153. club guy

    Creekside is 1st rate: Very Hot Girls, reasonably priced drinks, bouncers &

    waitresses are very professional, and the music is not so loud that you can’t

    have a conversation.

  154. Mr Happy


  155. POW WOW

    Now I know why you people work here…………………..

  156. Semi-Regular

    Love This Place!!

  157. A customer

    These girls are Hot. Especially Marilynn, Micki, Joey and a few others. They are not fake girls like isis and ivy. those two give the worst couch dances. they dont even look that great in the light! But this club is bar far the best club I have ever been to!

  158. Russ

    I don’t care what anyone says.. these are the nicest girls I have met in a place like this. My favorites are Layla, Star, Snow, and Vega!! Awesome girls!!

  159. ^^^^^


  160. AssnTits5

    What a surprise in the middle of suburbia. You may not be able to find this place until you are less than fifty feet away, it is basically in the shadow of a sewage treatment plant. With that said, who really cares, its whats going on inside that matters. The hallway entrance opens up into a huge chamber which houses a lengthy stage adorned with three poles and a back lit bar which has the appeal of a trendy LA club. A small illuminated Plexiglas menu sits atop each table and doubles as a waitress beacon when you switch the light to red. High above is a concealed DJ booth shrouded by stairs which lead the entertainers to the stage. Surprisingly, cover is free till 8 and two buck beers can be had from 4-6. The food can either be ordered from your waitress or bought over the counter in a back kitchen / carry out type operation. Although it would seem the pizza should be the choice du jour, I would humbly suggest the chicken fingers or prehaps the wings. The pizza is the generic, grocery store, card board shell variety with a splash of cheap sauce and cheese. The food prices can’t be beaten anywhere though. You could have a five course meal here for the price of a popcorn and small coke at the theater. The main course are definitely the dancers, each gorgeous in their own right. A closer look can be had in either the lapdance room or the VIP room, the latter a bit too spendy though. There is even a roving masseuse who will give you a neck and shoulder massage for a price whilst you drool over the stage action. This place should exceed almost all of your expectations and I don’t hesitate in recommending it.

  161. Jim
  162. R

    This is a great place to hang out and have fun. I’m digging a lot of the newer ladies coming here to work as well. Hope they stick around for some time.

  163. AMAZED!

    After a nightmarish trip to Suzy’s Lounge, I ran up the street to Creekside in a HUGE hurry. I walked in and was ASTONISHED by the vast difference. The girls actually put effort into the way they look. They actually HAVE all of their teeth. They range of girls was amazing, too! They have the girl next door, the athletic types, the glamorous blonde, the down to Earth types, and not one pair of fake tits! I was impressed by the DJ’s eclectic musical sensibillities; I heard Top 10 hits as well as great stuff that I’d never heard before, and even some old school tunes. Everyone appeared to be having a good time. The girls all got up on stage to celebrate their co-workers birthday, and they threw cake on each other. They seemed like they loved being there, and they appeared to all be good friends. They were laughing and friendly and happy. I even saw two girls doing acrobatic routines on the high wires. One idiosyncrasy of Creekside is that it does get very busy, so you do have to approach a lady if you’d like her company, but they appear to do a very good job of making their rounds dispite the amount of buisness. My favorite girls were Destiny, Rogue, Shauna…and several others. I purchased five lap dances, and I’ve officially recieved three of the most magnificent dances that I have EVER had! I will CERTAINLY be back for a VIP. I can’t believe that such a heaven of Earth has existed right under my nose for so long! I can not WAIT to go back!

  164. PCM

    This is a real good club. Not a top of the line, but is better then most. As for the girls, there are all different types. So you should be able to find what your looking for.

  165. ???


  166. E L.

    Always fun. It is about as female friendly as a strip club can get. Amateur night is the best time to go because its like one big party

  167. Always (With Wings)

    Anyone know what Star’s favorite movie is?

  168. Chet
  169. Sister Christian

    Oh, your time has come.

  170. Boobie Lover

    Peaches and Lust. . . four of my favorites . . and yes they are real and they are spectacular

  171. Cristal

    Fell into a deep lust with a young beautiful lady named Cristal here this past Wednesday night…gorgeous, sexy, incredible personality, wonderful smile and warm sense of humor…not to mention a killer body…if anyone knows cristal’s schedule (i hope i am spelling it right) please post it here frequently…will be looking for her again and again and again and again and…you get the idea

  172. C.

    Always an awesome time when visiting this club. Never been in a more friendly environment that Creekside. Going back here is guarantee for me.

  173. Bob7

    Great club. lots of room and awesome gals!!!

  174. TC
  175. disapointed


  176. hahaha (laughing)

    this place is a joke

  177. John B

    Same girls all the time. Nice place.

  178. Tony

    Creekside an average club. There are a few hotties, however the ratio of hottie to fat disgusting pig is 1:5. so grab two seats, one by the bar for Snow, Ivy and Peaches, and one in the back for all the other pigs.

  179. don won

    disagree its been time since i visited but little girls and no tits are not hot.

    any new girls there that are worth my time?

  180. ..............?!

    Right back to you, you fucking idiot……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  181. Impressed!

    I must say, there truly is no other club out there quite like this one. The friendly atmosphere alone make me want to keep coming back here.

  182. Troy

    Was ok. But I have to agree with Len a little bit. Girls are a little to thick and way too thin. No in between. I guess I will keep coming in to see if it gets better. The owner needs to hire some new girls.

  183. Fun!

    I had a blast being here and saw how other people were having good fun as well. Definitely worth becoming a regular here.

  184. Sugar Daddy

    This place is like Disneyland. The greatest place on earth!!! Some of the ladies are just incredible. I can’t say enough about Joey, Victoria, Star, Marylin, Carley, Lust and Ivy.

  185. tonyyyy
  186. Freffer
  187. Confused

    Where the hell is Marlena?

  188. Star*

    Star is real cool

  189. JustStoppedBy

    This is the classiest place within a hundred miles (p-house maybe a close second – but the staff here is way nicer). Happen to come across a smokin’ hot blond named Harper. Best lap dance I can remember. HIGHLY recommend. I think she is new. The only down side is full nude dances cost more, but full nude with her was well worth it. Bar is super nice and staff all seem to have fun.

  190. Yep.

    A decent club. A great place to relax, not overly pricy, and some fine looking women in this joint. Gotta love it.

  191. jen
  192. B who loves Barbie

    This is a fabulous club and Barbie alone makes me want to come back more and more. Keep up the great work and hope all is going well for everyone there.

  193. Regular!

    I always have a lot of fun at this club. Everyone who works here is unique, friendly, and beautiful in their own rights. Check it out sometime! Oh, may everyone have a Happy New Year as well!

  194. ILuvIt.

    Great Place. Great Atmosphere. Great looking Ladies. No Other Club Can Beat This One.

  195. fritter17

    The Basics:45 min- 1 hr from Philly.$5 cover the Wednesday I was there.$20 for a dance w/ a $40 nude option.This place is fairly large. One big, undivided room dominated by the long stage (room for three dancers each on their own pole with plenty of room in between them though I doubt that there is more than two on stage very often). A low bar and chairs surrounds the stage with a second tier of low seating and tables and a back tier of tall tables along the wall. Bar is across from the end of the runway but the waitresses are really quick to serve you at your table. I should say that I visited on “Amateur Night” so maybe my experience doesn’t reflect the typical night at the Creekside Cabaret. The amateur contest was advertised as starting around 9. I figured they would stretch it out until 10 or so. Understandable as the main goal is to keep people in and spending. The contest didn’t start until 11:15 which to me seems a bit much. Two amateurs came out for two songs each which was kinda fun and got the crowd going, but then the next couple “amateurs” to perform were clearly dancers from the club (I had seen them working the floor earlier and they were certainly not dressed like amateurs). I found that kind of annoying. I also found it impossible to grab the attention of any of the girls. It was busy but not impossibly so. Maybe if I had been able to grab a seat nearer the stage? Ended up leaving before the end of the amateur contests during the set by yet another non-amateur performer. Overall it actually seems like a decent club but I would describe my experience as “Meh”. Maybe I’ll give it another chance sometime on a regular night, but considering how long the drive is it certainly will not be for awhile.Update:Made a return trip. Took nearly 2 years but I tried Creekside again. This time it was on a Friday night. Arrived to find a renovated foyer. The rest looks pretty much the same, at least as best as I can remember. The room felt dead. There were a few patrons but in a room that big, a small crowd feels extra small. Hung around for a long while before trying out the couch dance room. There are two options $20 topless and $40 nude. Not all the dancers do the $40 dances. Fine with me as I don’t think that they’re worth the extra money. Went for a $20 dance. Pretty generic couch dance room. Cubicle farm style. Reminds me of the one I recently visited at the “new” Vanity Grand Philadelphia.

  196. GI K

    I gave CC a 5 because I dont like people saying I have to give this club a high rating or else. I think the club is good in the area I’ve been to better clubs which are really upscale in Philly. If it wasn’t for the person telling people how to vote, I might have given this club a 7. You should stop telling people how to think, I dont think CC is the greatest place since sliced bread like you do.

  197. x-mas wish

    All I want for x-mas is hours on end of vip greatness!

  198. Fan of the CC Ladies

    All these negative comments must be from bitches that were fired or idiots looking for a whorehouse. CC has a great variety of ladies. Tall, short, blonde, brunettes, white, black, latina, thick and thin. I prefer the latin lovelies with great breasts myself, but there is someone for everyone. Be respectful and you will have fun.

  199. nice!

    Wow are there some hot women at this club!

  200. alright!

    Awesome club! I’ll be back!

  201. james

    This club is the best by far compared to anything else in the area! The girls are the hottest collection of women i have ever seen. and they aren’t pushy or money hungry, they dont have to be….they are all so beautiful, everyone just askes them for dances. I’ve been here three times and I will be back. Anyone who doesn’t like this club is out of their mind!

  202. billy
  203. HollaforAhUNDRED

    Marlena….Will you marry me?

  204. Star's Biggest Fan

    I have been away but can’t wait to get back to my bright shining STAR. If you have not had the experience of spending time with her, you have missed out and must go back and see her. I love you *STAR*

  205. lickame

    i love this club snow peaches and star and ivy ahhhhhhhh amazing ladys

  206. Sales-m
  207. Dancer

    I am a dancer at another club and went to Creekside for drinks with friends. The place is beautiful and the girls were great. Keep up the good work.

  208. Jared
  209. Awesome review!

    This club is by far the best in comforable atmosphere and space. All the ladies here make you feel welcome. Favorites who hang with you are super as well. I’ll also proudly say that Cheyenne and Scarlet are more than welcome to further review me any time they want! πŸ˜‰ Warm shout out to all my other favorites there as well. Keep the place happening!

  210. W.

    Seems to be a few people who don’t know how to have a good time here. Their lost. Always and awesome time being here for me. My gain. I’ll come by again soon. Just keep Creekside happening ladies.

  211. Dippy

    Went in on Monday. No cover. Liked the layout of the club, but the seats near the stage are separated by a counter and then a 3 foot gap. That’s something I’ve never seen before. I’ve been to clubs all over and that’s the first time I’d ever seen that. Most of the girls were 6-8 on a scale of 1-10. I rate Lust as a 9 and got a nude dance from her in the champagne room. Lots of grinding, but they have a fairly strict no-touching rule. She let me touch her ass and legs but not tits. She hinted that she wouldn’t have minded, but pointed out several cameras that would likely have gotten me kicked out and her in trouble. Overall a decent time, and would go back but not do the champagne room again.

  212. Ben
  213. latham
  214. Gary

    I love this club!

  215. Heff

    This place is great. The bar looks great and so do the other changes. Not thrilled with the new Champagne Room situation but I will deal with it. Highly recommend some great ladies. Peaches, Samantha, Ivy, Destynee, Lust and Carley. To the commenters – cut STAR a break. She’s cool.

  216. lovenothate.
  217. Salty much?!

    Star is part of the club dumbass… what’s your problem anyway? shit. Anyway Stars favorite movie is Whiskers… and sometimes… in the dark.

  218. intrepid
  219. Bill


  220. Miss Charisma

    I love working here, all the haters should take a look in the mirror before they speak. This club rules!

  221. Carlos
  222. Rockin' B.

    Well I always have an enjoyable time when I attend here. I am welcomed and warmly appreciated and the overall cost does not need to be bad at all. Keep rockin’ ladies. C’ya all soon!

  223. RB.

    Always a great time being here. Check out all these fine ladies when you stop in. Scarlette, Vega, Gypsy, Aries, Kate, Jane, Domino, Bella, Rae, Peaches, Ivy, or Tori. They got plenty more fine ladies as well. Keep up the great work!

  224. King Of Queens!
  225. jB
  226. JD

    If you don’t like this place then don’t come here. Go to what ever club you prefer. But if your going to keep posting shit then you better be able to take it. What happened anyway, your blow up doll got a hole in it and your palms start getting hairy so you come here to be an ass!

  227. """""


  228. Brazil

    Has anybody seen Brazil?

  229. Duh

    Theres only 4 girls with fake tits and LUST is 100 percent REAL!

  230. cc fan
  231. Slim Shady

    Guess who’s back, back again, it’s the dude who’s obsessed with Star again!

  232. CC_Regular_HP

    This is a wonderful club – relaxed, great service and awesome dancers. Be sure to spend time with Kate, Gypsy, Aries, Kristal, Torii, Scarlette – they are all very friendly, and plain amazing. Love you girls!! Be back there soon…

  233. RC

    I had a fabulous time being here. I’ll be back again.

  234. Catherine

    The ladies here were very polite tonight. My husband and I get blown off a lot when we come in together. Thanks, ladies!

  235. NG

    Wow! Awesome club!

  236. Monkey
  237. Impressed

    Best club I have ever been to in my life. Classy, beautiful women. I plan to come back very often.

  238. philly mike
  239. Alan
  240. Vincenzo
  241. cc faithful.

    Once they get the message board system for this club fix, it will make sense to post there again. This is just one fabulous club. Always roomy and very spaceous. Always warm and welcoming. The ladies are hot. The service is always inviting. While the negative sour grapes need to find themselves better hobbies than slamming with their lazy ignorance all the time. My best regards to some awesome ladies such as Bella, Devon, Peaches, Star, Victoria, Ivy, Gypsy, Aries, and the ever fabulous Scarlette. Nothing but love and respect for this club. From a cc faithful customer. πŸ˜‰

  242. J
  243. Santa Claus

    HO HO HO cause everybody knows 3 ho’s are better then one

  244. nomad

    Natalia is kinda bitchy…but i guess she can because shes hott….but still ….i love sam shes a gorgeous girl i dont even think she should be a stripper she should be a victoria secret angle shes sooo sexy and at least shes nice to you and personable

  245. Angelus

    Why all the hate, folks?

  246. Doc Sid

    Ive been to Creekside a few times never had a bad tim

  247. Bubba joe
  248. Nice

    Best club EVER.

  249. Uncle Bob

    I love this club.

  250. Times change.

    Hey, ladies come and go, welcome to reality. There are still plenty of fine people to see at this club. Still the best local club for me to visit. That’s all that matters to me.

  251. lee
  252. Spanky

    Like this club, nice place. Over all got a good group of girls. Cept for the last person to post, sure looks like it was from one of the other dancers.

  253. Old Cust

    The original girls were better

  254. re: Andrew

    If Victoria did leave, that is a very recent decision since I saw her there this past week. I recommend writing to the club email just to make sure you got the correct information, just in case. Also, some ladies tend to take leave of absence instead of just quitting altogether. Despite some of the major inconsiderations of opinions out there, they do have lives outside of working at this club. I like Victoria myself. She’s a cool woman. Just double check in with the club to know what’s true. Good luck!

  255. pete

    Love the club but that dancer Natalia had the worst attitude. Rudest dancer i ever met in my life probably wont be back until she’s gone.

  256. To Peaches

    Cherry’s are red,

    Berry’s are blue,

    The sweetest Peach of all,

    Has to be you!!!

  257. Warm Shoutouts!

    A speedy recovery to you then Rogue! Warm regards to Marilyn, Marleena, Rae, and DJ Vega. Lovly welcoming shout outs to Carley, Candy, Victoria, Star, Samantha, Toni, who btw, is amazing with her pole dance, and a couple other newer people who names are eluding me, my apologies.

    Miss but never forgotten are the good names of Joey, Barbie, Honey, Snow, and of course Cheyenne. Sad how quite a few of my favs moved onward. Oh, the girls are holding down the club quite well Destinee!!! πŸ˜‰

    Last but never the least, to my two most favorite awesome and sweet personalities that took to me quite well, the ever so fabulous Aries and Scarlette! May both your lives be filled with great positive happiness in all your sought out endeavors!

    I also dig the idea of the guy who agreed with me in respect, if the haters just want to leave their money, I can always spread the wealth around to my own liking.

    No hatred here from your one and only, —-> Rockin’ B!

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