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0 reviews for “Playhouse

  1. Why

    I came in on a Monday and this is the first time where I seen all the girls get up on stage for a two song set and just take off her clothes. No sensual movement. Nothing! They just take off their clothes. It was actually boring! Usually you see the girls start to get topless then the last song she gets to take it all off. And its suppose to be sexy when the clothes come off. Am I right?

  2. Adam

    The girls looked good and the bouncers were only there to protect them. Girls from the midwest look just as fly as girls from the east or west coast.

  3. Tom
  4. Argoes

    I have been to the club many times because it has energy. Right when you think nothing new happens, it does. This time I was sitting by 8 Hooter girls, yes those at the famous place, minding my own business and then, WOW. I love it when the patrons get into the act. Spectacular. Also check out Molly. Number one all around and get a dance. The vip wrist bands have got to go though. Can be a bit over the top.

  5. E

    I had a great private session with a performer named Maria. She was brunette with huge tits and was very pleasant. She let me squeeze and shake her big tits as much as I wanted.

  6. jim

    its faboulous

  7. J

    Saphire has an amazing ass! She is also the most flexable of all the girls, amazing! Her lap dances are interesting.

  8. Gerald
  9. collage student

    Don’t go there it is not worth the 20.00 to go get space off. The girls spead more time upstairs or talking to the bouncer than us talking to us.

  10. Mike

    Best looking girls I have ever seen. Tons of PRIME TRIM and my are they fun to touch!

  11. player

    Women are great, bouncers are to confrontational.

  12. wheeling
  13. stutz187

    i was amazed by the chick who could tie her pussy lips into a knot

  14. quality
  15. bob
  16. al

    this is one of the best clubs that I have been to. the women were great and great looking as well. I will return when I get back through the area. as for value the women are worth it.

  17. Old Timer

    Just too expensive to make it a regular watering hole but if you save your money and someone rich in your family dies and leaves you a wad you just might have enough to get in and squeeze a titty. P.S. You’ll Have to use your left hand, the right hand will be weighted down with wristbands.

  18. trouble

    that club was poppen the girls were fine there was this one named natalie natash forgot the name butshe was the finest one the overalll gooood clubb would go again

  19. James

    The girls are all beautiful. Fantasy Lane has nice breasts. Can’t wait till Layla’s return. Saphire shows pleasant company. All the girls make me feel at home.

  20. guest
  21. someone

    The girls are awesome! I can’t wait to come back!

  22. cbfan

    Good club. As usual, some performers are better than others. They have a good variety of girls that will suite all tastes. I don’t understand the VIP process…after paying a $20 cover to get in, you have to buy a $20 wristband to get into the VIP area and the pay another $30-$45 depending on what kind of VIP dance you want. I had a great VIP dance with Maria…she is tall, brunette, huge fake tits. A pricey, but decent club overall.

  23. JW

    Lights were flashy and good but thats about the only thing that was good.

  24. Blake

    The dances and drinks were reasonable, but the cover charge was a little too much. Overall great place though!

  25. totalguy

    always a great time (day or night), nothing like it in the area or in most areas for that matter.

  26. mini74

    All the dancers are hot! I really like Charlie, I think shes hot, and Sonya.

  27. Stan

    Had a great time and some awsome lap dances from Amgelica. I can’t wait to come back.

  28. Satisfied Customer

    I was there last Thursday night. It had been a month or so since my last visit and was overall very pleased. The last times I was there the talent level was pretty good, but the 2 times before that were a little down, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleased to find another good lineup of girls – a few that used to work at other local clubs. The one who stood out for me was Mariah, what a sweetheart and exactly what I like – so cute, natural, nice & can hold a conversation.

  29. Ben

    great club girls are great!

  30. GD

    This place is the BEST. No one offers what they do (hands of private VIP) with a lot of beautiful women

  31. Puratory

    My favorites are Saphire, Fantasy, Foxy, and Chance. Over all there all good! just those are my favorites…Check em all out, you won’t be dissapointed!

  32. reply

    The twins do their “same routine” to 50 other customers. Please stop. The girls are great in their own individual ways.

  33. Last time

    Thought i would give this place another chance.Maybe the owner could have someone at shakers show him how to run a real club… This place sucks!!!!!!!!

  34. Ned

    WOW this place has gone to shit. What a waste of time and money.

  35. party boy
  36. occasional visitor

    Decent experience last night. All the dancers there were so-so to beautiful with most closer towards beautiful. Get there early enough on Sun-Tues, and the 2 for 1 dances are worth it. VIP band costs $20 and then then topless VIP are $35 or the full nude VIP are $50. Of course you can skip the VIP and go for the no touch dances, but what fun is that? Plenty of girls willing to come over and talk. Some would move on if you don’t want to dance, others willing to stop and talk. Either way, there’s not a lot of pressure to get you cough up cash for a dance. As the night went on, it got louder and darker. Overall good club and good girls.

  37. Silar

    After you’ve paid the entrance charge, given some tips at the stage, and had six lap dances, you’ve spent close to $350. Alternatively, you can spend your money on a motel room for less than $100 and call a beautiful girl to come spend an hour with you for another $300. Pick one.

  38. Dog

    Must have been a bad night. I talked more the bouncers then the girls after they got off stage.

  39. clubpimp

    i love this place its the best in iowa all around. the girls are smoking hott and the private dances aer reasonable and they are excellent when you get them.

  40. Autumn

    The WORST club ever. Looks like a cattle house

  41. Lance

    Excellent club!!! Gorgeous ladies, all friendly, and super sexy!! Best club in this part of the midwest by far!!!!

  42. K-Vegas

    Nice time. Nice girls. Quality place. Layla was the best of all, but she was too popular to get a dance from.

  43. Sam

    Came in tuesday and actually thought the quality of girls was good. I have been in before and thought 50% of the girls were ugly. But tuesday I would say maybe 2 out of 15 were not great and the rest were smokin’!

  44. Walter
  45. barbies fan
  46. Camshaft
  47. dick
  48. Road Trip

    Complete Disappointment.



  50. Zach

    This is a great place to go to for your 18th birthday, or somewhere to go with a bunch of girls.

  51. girl

    What the girls do to u while they are naked they do to 50 other guys that night. WHAT NUMBER ARE YOU? The only ones with class is the twins!!

  52. DantheMAN

    Wow. take me back to the playhouse it is like another world in their. And not all the girls are something to look at but their are the few that can put me in awwwwwwwwwww all night.

  53. jake

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

  54. dave b.

    did I miss something or was there a sign on the door that said we can complain more than your wife or is it just me

  55. John

    Saphire is awesome! She’s my all time favorite. I suggest taking her back for a private dance any chance you can get!

  56. Ron

    The girls are gorgeous and the club’s in a convenient location and has good parking. It costs too much to get in and then for the good lap dances you have to buy a wrist band. I’m out forty-five bucks before I’ve even first got my hand on a titty. My MAIN beef though, is that when I’m sitting at the stage, that goddamn laser light show hits me right in the fucking eyes! That’s why I pop open a Miller and cruise on down the interstate to Hamburg. True, there aren’t as many girls to pick from, but the ones they have are every bit as gorgeous, and I can get a pizza right next door.

  57. Mr. Pizza

    VERY expensive for this area, but gorgeous women.

  58. Chuck

    This club would be better if it was not for the high price private dances. It cost me $20 to get in, another $20 to be able to get a dance in the VIP room. The private dances are $35/song topless and $50/song total nude. My advice is don’t get the $50/song one. I tried it to see if it was worth it and it was not. Most of the security guards were very friendly while others did not really want to do anything with the customers and where watching the girls just as much as the customers were. Overall a good club but because of the high cost it will be a while before I go back.

  59. serious

    b. shit. there is no pretty girls

  60. larry

    get baby back, stop susppending and fireing girl because of little things or for things you think they did.

  61. mstia

    my fav CLUB anywhere, what other club do u see dancers pullen customers on stage and getting them naked? great place to take a date (girl) if u want to see her topless or naked…just have her tip the girls…u guys are complaining about prices? these girls are not a bunch of druggies or hookers….and u still get to touch them..i dont care what price i have to pay for that, if i dont have the $ i dont go…if i do then i definatly know where to spend it, besides all the women have to do is come out on the weds that have ameture night get in the contest and there admission is free…that is what i do…and i have come close to winning the 500.00 prize as well!

    happy perving

  62. Magicm

    Club does well with variety of dancers and the ability to get to know a few here and there. Make sure you check out Alley Cat and Chance – Too good to turn down.

  63. newby

    they should change the name to the crackhouse. nearly all the girls there looked like starving drug addicts, with a few exceptions

  64. tiny
  65. Mark
  66. once in a while guest
  67. unhappy person

    I was there last night and not go back there again. There girl are stuckup. one came and talk for 2 minutes and said she was on stage and never game back to talk

  68. Scott StLouis

    over all worst trip to a club I have ever had Dj was makeing jokes about Virginia Tech 2 days after the murders

    I & the rest of the crowd didn’t find it funny at all You could get me back there with the promise of $10,000,000.00


  69. chuckster

    I like many of the the girls….If you come on a slow night you’ll receive attention. Samantha & Sammie are a good find. Also Mandy is stunning along with Mickey and her sister Chance.

  70. allen
  71. BMM

    good place and great vip dancers with the right girl

  72. David G.

    I came in from Missouri for a friends Birthday party & was treated poorly from the moment we walked in we came in had a seat by the stage we weren’t there 10 seconds when the girl on stage started to demand money the DJ was the worst I had ever heard most of the music was rap all the customers were older white gentalmen that didn’t seem to be into it the guy in the bathroom guy was cool the bouncers acted like they were just there to see some naked women over all the expereance was bad the only 2 girls that spoke to us asked us to buy a lap dance & that was right after we set down I told the one girl to come back in a little while that I wanted time to kick back first & when I did want a lap dance I tride to get her attention & she just gave me a dirty look & said no you just keep your money & walked off Im not going back after all this we went to another club on the other side of council bluffs & had a great time so they will have are buisness next time.

  73. Eve

    i’ve been here since day one and still love the club and the owner. i wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

  74. Leggy

    Not worth it anymore. I’m dancing somewhere else.

  75. Billy

    This place is awesome, I’ve never been to a club that is this entertaining, with such friendly and beautiful women out side of Vegas.

  76. Playhouse
  77. Dancer

    Need new managers, dj’s, need all new staff. Get rid of drama girls.

  78. loser dave

    What a joke. Went on a Sunday night. Cover $15.00, no drinks, just a Coke machine. Lap Dances were $25.00 for no contact, $35.00 for topless only and $50.00 for totally nude in a private room. The DJ calls the dances: “Hands On” which means you can touch anywhere but the crotch and anus areas. The dances are lame and there is someone watching all dances on a television so no one blows a load. A waste of money and time if you ask me. I will not be hurrying back, $50.00 for a nude dance and the girl didn’t even spread over me to see any pussy – It was a waste.

  79. BeenThere

    No bad for a truck driver, corn field haven.

    VERY expensive for the value, and nothing is worse

    than the club ‘rule” of having to try and enjoy your

    beverages out of metal cans only. Stay away from the

    over crowded weekends. Bouncers are too egotistical

    and not consumer friendly.

  80. travelin dan

    i want to first say that the girls there were great!great

    looking ,didn’t mess around went to center stage and got

    naked.i got there late so i went for some dances right away

    . i got the band and opted for the best dances offered . ok

    this guy comes up and tells me what i can and can’t do ,

    half way threw ,this guy ripps open curtin to tell me i

    almost got too close to something it ,was creepy

  81. Aaron

    Definitely the best club in the Omaha/CB area. The girls are hot and aren’t rude at all, great atmosphere, a little pricey but its worth it. Maybe these other reviewers are pricks but I thought the bouncers were pretty cool. I’ll be back for sure.

  82. Andy

    Expensive $20 Cover but worth it!

  83. deirk

    not my thang

  84. Randall AKA

    my first time here,I was very impressed,huge place,great gurls and staff,Mai lin,Lotus,Samantha,Sondra and all the other gurls that I haven’t learned there names yet are Fabulous!and Oh Mz. Taylor,great looking,Friendly and gave me a Excellant P.D.,I’ll be back to she her and all the others real soon !

  85. PYRO

    Great place.

  86. visit often

    I have been going to the Playhouse for almost a year now and tend to make it at least once a week. The ladies there are great but I do find it pricey to pay there “parking fee” then still shell out for the VIP band, wish they would consider a frequent visitor pass.

  87. Will

    Lots Beautful Dancers Hug Stage Great Sound System Totally Nude BYOB but can Buy Beer in the building

  88. dude
  89. FlyGuy

    Absolutely Boring!

  90. Cal

    Came in on Saturday. It was very busy. I enjoyed the twins, billie, eve, and Mylynn (Sp)….. ALSO Noticed many others but didn’t get to them. Will be back.

  91. looking
  92. 74mini

    I was thier Wed. night a little less crowded. Had a good time, but did’t like it when a dancer came up to me and ask why I didn’t tip her. While she was on stage. I guess she though that I was there to see just her.

  93. disapointed

    I was not inpress the way the girls act to me. They act real stuck up

  94. PsycoBoy

    the only hot girl there was a girl named stephanie I think she was horny as hell, I took for the all nude and she jammed my face in her pussy then left a big wet spot on my pants she was the only girl I would go back to see.

  95. Jesserae Beck

    I freaking have a blast when I go. My first time I thought the dancers couldn’t be any sweeter to me cuz I was so nervous. My birthday i just wanted to take my clothes off and join them. Hahaha…I think the girls to a great job having to put up with some of the drunk assholes!

  96. George

    Might a too many girls and it’s very pricey. But otherwise it’s ok.

  97. Brandon
  98. jon

    i loved it

  99. Bill

    The ladies here are great, but be warned it’s verrrry expensive. Definitely not your working Joe class club. Don’t worry too much about the private dances as you probably won’t bring enough cash to get one.

  100. mr man
  101. wow
  102. Stripper Lover

    Hate the $20 wrist band fee! And too many bouncers. Otherwise the girls are alright.

  103. nofun

    no fun

  104. poor

    Most of the Girls are stuckup and will not talk to you and the couple that will sit ask you for a dance you say okay and they do the dance and say they will be back after they pay the house fee and they don’t come back.

  105. HogBreath

    Here about a month ago and it was bad. Gave it another try last night, Thursday to celebrate my brothers birthday. Worse than before. Boring. They were to busy to give a shout out for my bros birthday. it was early, the place was dead. Not many customers and only about eight strippers. A few fives and sixes bt nothing outstanding. Definitely not worth the cover. We won’t be back. Next time Waverly where its always fun

  106. Jim Bob
  107. BNGD

    This place rocks like no other. With beautiful women like (just to name a FEW); Sondra, Molly, Marle, Amber, and Sondra (yeah Sondra’s worth mentioning TWICE) as she is just friggin stunning. Her face, body and her warmth make her a perfect 10 plus!

  108. s
  109. OTR

    I was there Thursday night 6-27. What a ripp-off! They only had 5 strippers. Really Bad. None were sexy. One of the strippers had big boobs, only problem is the rest of her was REALLY BIG, like Amazon Fat. Fattest girl I’ve ever seen on stage in a strip club. I couldn’t understand anything the djay said. Tried to talk to one of the bouncers about weekends and got a smart answer. I left.

  110. first timer

    Of all the girls there is only about 5 girls that will talk to me

  111. joey
  112. PartyGuy

    This place used to be Jumpin! What happened? Best Lighting ever! Better than any club in Vegas But the Music????? Why the Rap? How about about some good stuff? Making the drive to the other clubs for now. No reason to go back here until they change things. They need a manager that knows what to play!

  113. rick

    i love ya

  114. j man

    good club with great vip dances

  115. DAN

    This is a fine club near Omaha. The girls are all excellent. It is pricey, but the girls are worth it.

  116. bigfoot

    Club seems to keep going down.

  117. Jason

    I was there last week and had a great time the girls were very friendly and a few of them sat and talk to me for a bit. Over all a very nice time.

  118. 1st Timer

    Was in the club on Friday night for the first time and enjoyed it very much. All the dancers looked the same to me, long hair, lots of make-up. There was one girl who stood out, Dakota, she had short dark hair, was very sensual, and not alot of make-up. All I had to do was smile at her and she came right over, sat on my lap and started talking to me. We had a great conversation and I had to ask her for a lap dance. She didn’t hound me like the other girls tried to do. It was kind of pricey, but TOTALLY worth it!!! I couldn’t stop with just one dance. She was worth every penny I spent!!!

  119. tips

    This club is great. Definately worth checking out. BYOB and sexy dancers, can’t beat that!

  120. gil

    Lots of people here, lots of girls, more like an assembly line of dancers. Warning: lots of young kids not tipping well or doing private dances. More like they are “hanging out”.

  121. ArmyGuy
  122. on the road
  123. Joe

    I like getting private dances with the ladies. But I choose not to pay $20 for a wrist band. I’ve heard of fremont and shakers charging $5 for wrist bands and with the economy being bad and REFUSE too pay the club another $20 after I just gave them $20 at the door! Considering the dancers pay per song, the customers should not be nickel and dimed!

  124. Regular

    This is the best club in the area, Will be even better when Layla returns

  125. Say
  126. Bad Time

    Wont be back!!! Will drive the extra few miles to Shakers 4 a better time and about half the cost.

  127. vaun

    sound system needs imp.

  128. dave

    this club sucks go nasty girls and to of the girls pussy where so nasty smeld bad

  129. Reality


    $$ Hillbillies are as hillbillies do.

    The dancers are clinical mentally ill.


    The girls were ugly, they couldn’t dance and this place was dirty. I will NEVER COME BACK!

  131. Slow Night

    Stopped by on a Tuesday nite, very nice selection of lovely ladies, had all the attention I wanted

  132. Tony

    I have ejoyed the playhouse over the last few years I have been to lots of clubs and I think that over all it is the Best of the best as far as girls and prices you get what you pay for so go the extra mile it is worth it. thanx for the good times Girls seeya next weekend ! $$$

  133. LZ
  134. kennie

    Came in yesterday and this club is very large with lots of stages. It was very busy. So come early to get a seat. Some just sat on their coolers cuz byob.

  135. jonny
  136. shit place

    Don’t waist your time going there.

  137. malky

    love the club, my friend saphire is an awesome dancer.

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