Bourbon Street



2901 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016


33.4803982, -112.0193811




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bourbon Street

  1. james1412

    Was decent. Girls were not very energetic but looked great.At some point my wallet fell i out of my pocket and the management returned it to me cashless. I kind of expected it, but they didnt offer any kind of retribution for being robbed. Like it should happen, or.they were fully aware of it. Pretty shady

  2. Tony

    Place gave me the creeps, Very dark and boring.

  3. Neal

    Freak show, don’t waste your time or money with these low life scumbags.

  4. Lynn
  5. MJ

    The management has always been highly rated, gaining quality staff, entertainers and quality. Great place for a business lunch, bachelor party, evening alone or great with a few friends male & female. You won’t be dissatisfied! MJ

  6. Dick

    Good club, attractive dancers, good lap dances, used to be better, but still one of the best clubs in town.

  7. Salmon

    Very nice club. A perfect blend of classy, intelligent and sexy ladies. The food is good too. Keep in mind this was a Monday nite…

  8. Frank
  9. Phil
  10. Pat
  11. LT
  12. Emig

    It’s so easy to fall in love with this place!

  13. Austen

    I thought this club was great! Had a dance from Stephanie and was very pleased.

  14. Rob

    What a Zoo, I’am lucky I made it out with wallet. This place is full of Con artist and Rip-off low lifes.

  15. TJ
  16. Ned

    What can you say the good looking girls are there to con the money out of you and the ugly girls are there to beg the money out of you. The low life pimp scum owner still makes the most money in the end.

  17. harryharry

    Went with another couple and you would of thought we had a disease or something. Just wasn’t couple friendly at all. Drinks were not worth what you paid for them $20 for a beer and mixed drink in a SMALL glass. I guess you get what you pay for. We paid $10 a person for the privilege of being snubbed. Dancers if you want to earn money act like you want to be there and see everyone not just those you think you will make more money. I’ve been to better strip clubs and will make sure to take my business there.

  18. Ignacio


  19. tonycluber

    Chapter 1: Bourbon Street As A Roller RinkBourbon has all the charms of your childhood roller rink. Black lights! Vending machines! Watered down soda! Popcorn!Chapter 2: Bourbon Street As Mount Everest — Act OneThe women’s toilet is located deep inside the strippers’ locker room north of the DJ booth, due east of the vending machines. You really need a Sherpa to help traverse the mounds of hair extensions and treacherous piles of Pleasers. Chapter 3: Bourbon Street As Mount Everest — Act TwoIf you’re lucky, you can also happen upon the most entertaining conversations (usually about money, material items, estranged children, etc.). Then, breathe a sigh of relief as you emerge from the clouds of cheap perfume and glitter — you’ve conquered it. A regular ol’ Jon Krakauer, and hopefully you still have all your limbs.Chapter 4: Bourbon Street As A CourtroomLadies and mainly Gentlemen of the Jury, for the record, no “22 year old” likes/or even knows WHO the Meat Puppets are. Furthermore, I submit to you, anyone who chooses ‘Possum Kingdom’ by the Toadies as her main stage song is well into their thirties. Guilty. I rest my case.[Exhibit A:…

  20. Dan
  21. stripforme123

    I read all reviews before going here, very true statements, lots of fake boobs and many girls can’t actually work the pole very well but my husband and i went and many of the woman were very open to lap dances for me and him!!! I was the only female that didnt work there but i will definitely be back! Drinks alittle pricey!

  22. Devin

    Simply love this club!

  23. Sugar Daddy

    These by far are some hot girls. Im from New York and used to beautiful, intelligent ladies and so i found this place to be Top Quality and would not mind spending my hard earned cash on them again. highly recommended for the more distinguished individuals!

  24. Bill
  25. Scott M.

    More 10’s than any other club I remember visiting. I’ll be taking my gf there sometime soon 🙂 Yay!

  26. Peter

    The only real fun part of going in this place is getting drunk. Only problem is the next day
    you realize what a waste of money it truly is. Good thing I’m only foolish enough to do it once
    every 5 years.

  27. sean

    hot chics!

  28. Sid
  29. Jon
  30. hank
  31. MoneyForNothing
  32. richard95

    Top notch. This place doesn’t fall into the standard trappings of a strip club. Breakin’ it down like a fraction:-Bona Fide Hotties (no buttahfaces or methies)-Lap dances are worth it-Not seedy, you could bring your girl along, she’ll have a good timeWhy not 5 stars? Because I wouldn’t call most of the girls friendly or fun to talk to. They are mostly ‘vets’ that mostly just ask for a dance (money) and move on.

  33. huskers

    not a better place in town all the guys here are sexy as hell.

  34. Allen

    This place Sucks!

  35. redfreak

    Had a great time in this place. Nice vibe, beautiful women, friendly place hot girls. What more could you ask for.

  36. Ryan

    Money for nothing.

  37. Dan

    Must be the owner posted good reviews because this place is a total rip-off!!!

  38. Pete
  39. Marty
  40. Ken
  41. Downhill

    Use to be the Top Club years ago but now just another slezy place that’s more interested in getting you drunk and taking advantage of you.

  42. Mitch

    Had a great time. Wonderful place. Nothing bad to say about my visit.

  43. Dean
  44. huskers1

    sunshine, chanel st james, toya, naomi, are all beautiful women and they are my fav.

  45. Leroy
  46. dktggrk


  47. Gary
  48. Ned
  49. Jim
  50. Gary

    Save your Money, waste of time.

  51. Jack

    I was here (Friday around 5:00) with a couple hours before returning the car and flight. I stopped in at Cheetahs–big waste of time. I drove ten minutes to Bourbon and immediately realized this place was excellent. I couldn’t even finish my beer (bargain: $3) before I was “invited” for a private dance–which I appreciated. Girls were very friendly, exceptionally good looking, great bodies, pretty faces. I’ll visit again…and again.

  52. Danny
  53. rogerrab2

    My fiance and our friends always have a great time here. Girls are nice, place is clean, the popcorn is a plus! Scottsdale clubs are closer, but this place is worth the extra drive time.

  54. Tim

    Nice dances .

  55. Dave
  56. Tommie

    I changed my mind about this place after being ripped off $180.00 dollars!

  57. Eric

    For sure this place is the best!

  58. Jamie
  59. joseph1k

    I cut my shin on the stage on my two attempts to swing on the oddly located poles. Hit it with a little Jack Daniels immediately and it has not festered as of yet. That is the best thing I can say about this joint. it just had a weird vibe. Chicks seemed indifferent to money or anything else for that matter. Standard cover charge, but got hit with twenty percent juice for using the card. Pass.

  60. North Pole

    The time and my money always go by and too fast when I am here.

  61. Carrie

    Love this place. my girlfriend and i came in for a little bit to check it out and the girls were wonderful.

  62. Troy
  63. Max A.

    Best strip club in Phoenix… no contest. Went here tonight after writing strip club reviews all day which sparked a debate among my friends – we decided to check it out since none of us had been here before. And why the fuck haven’t we?? I’m pretty picky and I’ll just say that every girl in here is good looking and has a good body. Even the least attractive girl here would be the best looking girl in most other clubs in town. Many of them are downright beautiful.Cover was 8 bucks, there wasn’t a drink minimum (but drinks were as pricey as any other club) and dances were 10 bucks… VIP was 20 bucks and wasn’t terribly private, but it was nice. My girlfriend got some good dances and we spent our 80 bucks so quick we had to make another run to the ATM before we had even been there an hour. The place has 3 stages and the girls have to rotate to all three which keeps them from being available for awhile and that’s kind of a bummer. It’s nice though because there’s always something to look at. There are a LOT of girls here too, so you won’t be sitting there forever waiting for someone to ask you if you want a dance. I was told that the management here was great too and most of the girls I talked to had worked at other clubs but found this one to be the best by far. This place is a little more laid back than other clubs… the girls don’t go crazy with the pole dancing – guess when you’re hot you don’t have to. At first I thought they were just looking bored, but when they come around to chat they light up. This place is more about mingling than watching a show.Bourbon Street blows the doors off pretty much every club in town and even ones in Vegas. If you have the urge for flesh or out of town guests and just want a mellow time with some beautiful girls putting boobs in your face, definitely go here.

  64. Lee
  65. Dancer

    Dances are $10 main and $20 VIP. Then Champagne rooms, buying a bottle and paying the girl $? Most of the guys get $10 dances and insist on feeling you up. How can you sell VIP when there are $10 dances and they are allowed to touch? You can’t tell them no when the girl next to you is getting felt up. Payout is $45 after 9 and an additional $10 for using VIP. I worked two different Fridays and averaged $200, and I hustle. Hell no. If I’m not making at least 4-5 minimum, it is a waste of my time. I wish I could say there is money making potential here, but there isn’t. A lot of guys come in to just hang out. If you are one of the lucky girls to get a good customer before one of the many other girls do, you might be in luck. You need a license to work here, but it’s only $28. They also try and hold your card, which is bull. I signed a paper saying I was getting paid minimum wage lol.

    The employees seem pretty clueless also. Bouncers were non existent. The only plus I’d say is the girls were super nice to me.

  66. Joe

    I have never been to a bigger sleeze hole in all my life. I can’t even say one thing nice about one of the girls. Enter at your own risk. You never know what you might get.

  67. Howard

    Overpriced Bullshit!

  68. Adam
  69. Robert
  70. Linsey
  71. George
  72. Will

    Best strip club in az

  73. Colbys

    Me and my boyfriend came to Bourbon Street last night. We were in aw just the most beautiful stunning young lady her name is Holly she really took the stage we were very impressed we ended up giving her all our money ,sexy,fun dances. very very fun

  74. Tony
  75. Dragon

    Truly excellent dances, and quick service by the wait staff. The only negative was that I prefer natural, and there was way too much silicon.

  76. Andrew
  77. the cap

    Excellent club. Girls without DD boobs seems to be the exception at this place. The club is busy and has three stages, but the overall size of the place is relatively small and you can easily keep your eye on the girls you’d like a dance from. Speaking of which, the dances are easy to get from whichever girl you’d like, and you’ll have a great time playing with those boobs. All the girls I talked to were very friendly. Of course, this does also translate into having a lot of girls come by with their sales pitch, but that’s not too bad a thing. In summary, hot girls, BIG boobs, easy access to the girls you want (the hot girls won’t be in the VIP all night long), and only a $10 cover. Highly recommended.

  78. Archie

    Great club. Lots of contact in a hands on place.

  79. Rachel S.

    I wanted to give Bourbon St. 4 stars because I take issue with the perception of “perfection” in pretty much ANY establishment, but I could not think of any complaints about this place. Also, of the 5 AZ strip clubs I have been to, this one is the best, hands down.My observations:- Impressive selection of hot girls- Interesting blend of music- Super dark- Good seating pretty much anywhere- Three stages- Popcorn- Tasty drinks- Friendly, concierge-type staffThe best thing for a FEMALE client is the ladies’ room is IN THE STRIPPERS’ LOCKER ROOM. So you get to see a lot of T&A on the way. For a people watcher like me, this is priceless. Probably my favorite part of going to Bourbon St.

  80. Josh

    Did not have much fun.

  81. cliff

    the twins are the best

  82. MR DICK

    Great club! wonderful ladies, excellent dances

  83. Jeff
  84. winston12

    Was in here last time I came to Phoenix. I was happy to see natural, gorgeous girls and even happier to have some good conversation. Definitely the classiest strip club in phoenix I have found.

  85. Art

    This place is run like a seedy con rip off strip joint. They go out of their way to target you
    after you had a couple of drinks.

  86. Lance
  87. Allen

    Shady stay away.

  88. Big Bob
  89. Bobs Ruffalo

    This place was great. WOW!!!! check it out

  90. boring again guy

    although ive said some dumb things about this club before i ve had a change of heart and vote this the BEST club in AZ!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Tommie

    Save your money and don’t waste your time.

  92. Franklyn

    We went on a Tue night after a wind storm. Club was full of attractive enhanced women of high spirits and great attitudes.

  93. Marvin

    Great club. Went twice during my recent visit to Phoenix. Love that you can touch the dancers.

  94. Todd
  95. Mark
  96. PETER


  97. Tom
  98. G-unit

    Dakota kicks ass…

  99. Chad M.

    Nice place with decent girls but they not very hands on. Throwing money out on stage was just a waste. Was not even offered lap dances. My wife and friend were treated the same. Also $10 cover for a topless bar is kinda high.

  100. Andy

    It so lame in there that everthing in there looks like it moves in slow motion. The girls look like there sleep walking.

  101. Paul

    Worst place ever. Bitches tried to hustle me and my friend then told us to f#@k off after we asked to speak to the manager

  102. Al

    Strip bars are so outdated now and overpriced.

  103. go big red

    not a bad thing to say it is the best!!!!!!!!

  104. Ron

    Boring club

  105. Paul
  106. Johnson12

    Club is great, staff is excellent an girls are hot and friendly. I do have a problem with their outside security, car was vandalized and stolen expensive property 230 in afternoon.. 30ft from front door. But girls are hot. Staff was very helpful during my pissed off situation.

  107. Will in Phoenix

    Far exceeds Christies. Bourbon is tops in Phoenix.

  108. fuckery12

    Of all the strip clubs in Phoenix I’ve been to, Bourbon Street is the one that always calls me back. Granted I’ve only been to a handful, albiet mostly the popular ones, this one is the best. They have countless girls dancing and they are all really really friendly… and not that shiesty friendly where they just want your money (they have a few of those too) but actual genuinely nice people. I was the only one out of about 7 people sitting by the stage that could get the girls bra off with one hand. They all tried and failed, I put one hand behind her back, and SNAP! Came right off, and then I wore it on my head for the rest of her dance as my titty champion crown.They give out free popcorn, the beers are at least decently priced, and they have three states with the girls rotate through. You’re seeing someone new about every 3-5 minutes. On the weekends you have to stay for at least an hour to see the same person come back on.

  109. Ben
  110. Sam
  111. Prince
  112. Lenny

    Overpriced waste of time.

  113. SO-CAL JOE

    4-15-11 Went there tonight had a good time drink’s reasonable lot’s of super hot dancer’s.

  114. zx
  115. Vince
  116. Buford

    This place is dead.

  117. Scott
  118. Al
  119. boobfetish

    always more than enough good looking dancers..unlike most clubs in the valley…

  120. Dippy

    You can tell that Bourbon Street has a pretty strict hiring policy. While not every girl is not drop dead gorgeous, they are all fit. I only saw one girl with even a little cellulite on her legs. As other reviewers have mentioned, fake tits are the standard here. Only saw one girl with natural tits. Personally, I like tits of all shapes and sizes so this didn’t bother me a bit. Got private dances with Sara, Lacy and Mandy. Sara, a brunette, talked too much, but was fairly aggressive, Lacy, a skinny blonde, was quiet, but her dance was terrific. Mandy, a brunette with big tits and pierced nipples, was the most interesting, but the dance was mediocre. I’ll probably go back the next time I’m in town.

  121. DontBother
  122. John

    Someone stole my wallet in there.

  123. afficiando

    Not like it used to be.. Check out Elite Caberet. Voted best in PHX 2014 New Times Magazine.. near the 101 and the 202.. N Tempe near Scottsdale.. check out the website

  124. Ted

    This place has gone down hill, just another place where scam artist hang out.

  125. Joell
  126. stare master

    Not the fanciest club in the world, but clean a decent facilities. The thing that I appreciated most about this club was the value of dances. $10 topless lap dances, you cant beat that. Dancer were all decent looking with a few super attractive.

  127. Andy

    Not what it use to be 2 to 3 years ago, dead with a lot of

    Con Artist trying to take your money.

  128. Allen
  129. Ted
  130. john

    this club is the best in az!!! We loved the French twins…they are amazing!!! very sexy!!!

  131. Rob

    Bigger Rip-off than Christy’s

  132. BoB
  133. Larry

    Place was dead and boring!

  134. Mel
  135. Neal
  136. Howard
  137. Allen

    Waste of time.

  138. Joe
  139. VinDee

    Does anyone remember a dancer named Dani that worked at BSC around 2 yrs ago? She was my all-time fave and one day just disappeared. About 5’4, I think she was like half Hispanic, streaky long brown hair, big (but not huge) boobs. I miss her so much.

  140. Dave

    Advise not to go very shady.

  141. Danny

    This club fucking sucks, overpriced and nobody goes there anymore.

  142. Jake

    We always have a great time at this club.

  143. Rich
  144. maxxy1

    During our stay for Spring Training 2010 this was the best place place in Phoenix area!! Hands down. This was after frequenting 6 strip clubs that week. I will go there again .

  145. robi

    this is my favorite place! So many gorgeous dancers,deff bring some money if your coming here!

  146. mathewater12

    Incredible experience.. Every girl a 10.. Not just in beauty.. 10 in sensuality.., 10 in grace… Bass line ballerinas.. 10 in personality and talent… Atmosphere so cozy.. Plush seating.. Friendly security.. Great prices.. Every sports game on big TVs.. Classy crowd.. A local secret gem. Thank you for the fantastic experience.. Keep up the Vegas style (but better) vibes… Hot Hot steaming HOT!!! Thank you ladies!

  147. Mike

    A lot of fake Boobs.

  148. Perry

    Dull boring place unless your stupid enough to give your money away for nothing.

  149. Lenny

    Girls look bored in there, like they been doing too long.

  150. Bobby
  151. champ
  152. Mike
  153. Zeke

    Did not stay for very long seemed like a place you get taken advantage of.

  154. Kevin
  155. Nate
  156. Matthew K.

    1990’s this place was the best club around. Now it’s the worst. I mean sure there are a few boobies to look at but that’s about it. The girls don’t talk to anyone and ask if you want a table dance. I checked around the room a few times and other than the three dancers on the three stages THERE WERE NO OTHER GIRLS TO BE SEEN IN THE PLACE, (well other than the ones in our party, but they weren’t dancing).We tried asking the servers to bring us some dancers, and nothing. We tried to make it rain money on the dancers and told them to come back and nothing! This was a “busy” Saturday night so you would think the dancers would on their A game, but nothing. If I’m gonna go to a titty bar I at least want that stripper perfume sent on me next time! I going to check out Band-Aids next time

  157. Berry
  158. Jack

    I am from out of town and I recived a lap dance and All the stripper did was talk to me for an hour about pointless shit. She hardly danced for me. And the club stole 120$ dollars from me. Never go to this bar I totally sucks

  159. joseph j.

    Great place, very hot women, 3 stages for women to dance on so you can move around and check out a diff stage if you want, i was there on a thurs nite so the girls outnumbered the customers and they were all hot. there was also amazing diversity as the girls come in all shapes sizes and ethnicities. the best thing is this is the friendliest place i’ve been to so far, i saw two old guys chilling with like 5 girls around them and the girl that gave me a dance didnt just shake her ass in front of me like most places, she made it very personal also the girls here are sociable and lastly they give you popcorn lol

  160. James

    I would rate this club as the best in pheonix. The bartenders are beautiful and the girls here are the best in town.

  161. Johnnyboy123

    My boyfriend and I went strip club hopping on a Monday night. Our final stop was to Bourbon Street. $8 cover. The first thing my boyfriend said upon entering is “it’s really dark in here”. I thought the club was small but that was before I noticed there’s a large back area with another stage. They have the yummiest free popcorn that I could not stop eating. I like the set up they have in here. The girls do one song on the back stage, then they switch to the front stage. There is a girl there with an amazing body with great muscle, her name is LaRue. I asked her if she competes and she said she’s a FIGURE competitor. I told her I am on a journey to lose 135 pounds and compete in FIGURE myself. She was awesome and said for me to come back and visit her when I reach my goal. One of the things I did like is that ALL the girls had nice bodies, great boobs and nice butts. It looks like the hiring manager atleast sets a criteria for how the girls look. I’ve been to clubs where the majority of girls have nubs for boobs and that’s just not my style. The bigger and faker the better to me. None of the girls asked us if we wanted a lap dance. I’ve noticed this trend amongst strip clubs. If I was a manager I’d make my girls work the floor more. My boyfriend and I ALWAYS get a lap dance if we’re asked. I liked Bourbon street.

  162. Fred

    This place Sucks!

  163. Beware

    This place over pours and over serves alcohol. I feel like it’s a ploy they use to get you to open your wallet. One that will land them in a serious lawsuit. One recent incident a stripper charged my father in law $60 for talking to him. Yes Talking! He was so drunk that he didn’t even realize he was being screwed. Another incident occurred where they over served my husband regardless of me explaining he was cut off. They served him 8 shots of Jaeger and 4 beers, and he was also clearly drunk upon arrival. Then, a stripper was trying to get him to go to a VIP room when he could Harley talk or walk he was so intoxicated. Luckily I had his wallet though. On this same night my brother in law was attacked (choked) by a stripper because she thought his phone was hers. Once proven that it was not hers she thought a free lap dance would make up for it. This place is very poorly ran.

  164. Oops

    The girls are SMOKING HOT. In particular, La Rue has the best smile. Mackenzie

    sat down and talked with me and it was real pleasant. These girls are

    professionals, and they make it seem like they don’t need your money, like they

    WANT to give dances to you. Can’t wait to go back .5 out of 5 stars!

  165. Terry
  166. Roger

    What a dump and overpriced too.

  167. Harry
  168. Kelly C.

    Great safe and cool place. Every kind of dancer you can imagine…

  169. Tom

    I was so bored I almost fell a sleep sitting at one of the

    tables, not going back again.

  170. Jason

    This club is Fantastic!! Plenty of super hot girls!!!! Great dances!!!!

  171. oresi
  172. Maria B.

    I looked over the reviews and I understand, BUT I had an amazing experience here one late Saturday night. The ladies would say Hi to me before they went on stage to dance and even one stripper came over and talked to me and my friend for awhile. All the ladies are very nice looking and seem to take good care of themselves. Now, this one girl that I saw on the pole was insanely hot. She would go up the pole and come down in a way that you would never imagine. I was blown away. I also enjoyed the music they played too. I would love to come back when I get the money to.

  173. The SHIT!!!!!!!


  174. Bob

    This place is one big Rip-off!

  175. eddyL

    I support single moms, ok?Lots of very friendly and pretty girls. However, the place was so dark that people were literally, falling over chairs trying to walk thru. I’ll be back.

  176. Josh
  177. papajoe

    anyone who thinks that there is a better club in Pheonix is smoking crack!!!

  178. gudwud
  179. dace

    Frequented many times while on vay-kay during afternoon, girls always 8 & 9’s. Girl bartender was the best!!, last time visited she wasn’t there..oh well, back to the dancers, as in other posts I like them tall n skinny so this place fits the bill.

  180. Mike

    This is one of the best clubs I’ve ever been to. I would definetly go if your looking for beautiful women, good atmosphere and a great DJ.

  181. Tom

    If you dig strippers that try and blackmail you to pay for two lap dances when you only had one, well this is the place for you… Good luck!

  182. XhXeXy

    I have heard a lot of great things about this place… I must say I was let down once I stopped in to visit. The music was really low and it really wasn’t dim enough on the inside. It was like a Victoria Secret runway show gone horribly wrong. I witnessed a drunk stripper trip over her own feet twice and the second time took out a customer sitting in his chair. I couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset about it?? I seriously thought I was at some autistic circus or something no joke!It’s cool that they serve unlimited popcorn, that was a new one for me for a strip club, or else I don’t go to a lot of them. Haha The drinks were a little over priced as well. I was told this was one of the better entertainment clubs in the valley. You can bet your bottom dollar, next time I see that person I am going to give them an ear full! Sorry Bourbon Street… But I will probably never the visit you again in my life, no offense.

  183. Larry
  184. Nate

    The owner Bob ask if he could lick my Balls, I told him no thanks I’am not gay!!1

  185. Big John

    This place is the best in the PHX area.

  186. Kent

    great club

  187. DJ
  188. Steve

    What happen to this Club its gotten very Boring.

  189. Jerry
  190. Roy
  191. Bud

    I got a dance from a girl named ivy and the smell coming off her was as if she just came from a fishing boat I had to stop the dance and let her keep the money I was to embarrassed to tell the poor girl

  192. Alfred
  193. Ed
  194. adamrod

    Been here twice, once in the afternoon (on a random Wednesday) and once at night (Friday night I believe). Place is dark as fuck but the dancers are cute and super friendly. Had to pay a cover which I think is BS (thought girls didn’t have to pay these, i did) (also note: no cover in the afternoon) but apparently every strip club from scottsdale to phoenix has covers because I went to 2 other strip clubs before this one… so it was a pricey night for me anyway. Ladies bathroom is through the changing rooms for the strippers so……… so yea, it was fun. i got a lapdance so no complaints, plus free popcorn (didnt dare try). nice spot overall!

  195. GarryWas

    I came here for the drink specials, but I found the pizza heaven we all dream of. The atmosphere is neo modern but the staff is friendly and well organized. The pizza I ordered must have been made with fresh ingredients and came to my table hot. The wait time was minimal. The crust was spongy and flaky at the same time yet didn’t over power the sauce. The sauce was robustly tomatoes and spices but blended perfectly with cheese and pepperoni. The only negative was a few of the staff had wardrobe issues. I tried not to look but it was very evident that the clothes management provided had fit issues. I felt so bad for my waitress, I tip her and extra $20 to help with her tailor issues. Over all I would say the food here is amazing, the drinks stiff and the staff is friendly. If you can over look the wardrobe issues, you have found yourself the pizza heaven you dreamt of!

  196. Lee

    Wasn’t at all like I remembered. Only some of the girls were attractive, one had her bf in the audience which made it really awkward for anyone to get a dance from her.Wasn’t happy with this time. Maybe it was a bad night but for a Friday, it sure seemed dead and didn’t have the top girls (unless those were then there is a bigger issue).

  197. Laurence H.

    Having not been to a strip club in awhile, I had a blast with clients at Phoenix’s most famous gentlemen’s club. $10/cover and $10/lap dances with friendly, gorgeous, well mannered entertainers made the night go way too quickly.Highlights include a pair of Parisian identical blonde twins and a Brazilian angel who looked like she belonged on the cover of Vogue.

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