Club Bristol Gentlemens Club



7653 County Highway N, Sun Prairie, WI 53590


43.267516, -89.212064




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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131 reviews for “Club Bristol Gentlemens Club

  1. Shawn McDonnah

    Pretty scary place, have had several shootings, now they scan your drivers license camera everywhere inside and out. Cops stalk this place and now have their own cameras fixed on this place. Soon will be shutdown once lease runs out. Buyer be ware!!!!!

  2. Joey

    If you’ve never been to this club, its definitely worth checking out, the talent here is unbelievable.

  3. John P

    Ouch! Yuck! Give me AFB!

  4. GolfPro

    Stopped in while passing through on my way to Milwaukee. Met a new dancer who came from Seattle, actually got to watch her audition. Goes by the name of Bell (sp?) and she reminds me of a shorter version of a VS model. Absolute doll. Small breasts, bubble butt, and an awesome personality. Shes so god damn gorgeous I’m not sure why they even made her audition, but I will be coming back for her everytime I am near Madison.

  5. holn2


  6. jim

    hats down

  7. fred

    This club kicks ass!!

  8. Yukkk

    This doesn’t even qualify for being a Strip club…its a garage full of Skanks!

  9. not worth it

    the talent here is bad. girls were mostly overweight and bitching about their problems. disappointing!

  10. Phantom

    Went to the club yesterday.It definitely has the small club atmosphere because that is what it is.The girls are friendly but they tend to hang around the regular customers.Some dancers looked decent and the bartender, Brittany, should be a model.I almost walked out without getting a dance only cuz no one was hustling me.However, I did get a dance before going and they are pretty much full contact.

  11. Madisonian

    This club is immensely better than Visions (the only club in Madison–and the worst one I’ve every been to), but it still has a long way to go. The music is deafeningly loud, the girls go off stage and away to the back–they don’t come by to chat, even if you ask them to. The lap dance section is terrible: lights shine on the customer’s face,so you can’t see a thing. The dancer becomes just a silhouette, and there are two big cameras pointing towards you. The club is lacking in class, but it is a reasonable place to sit back, relax and enjoy the sight (as long as you bring ear plugs).

  12. Kronker SS

    Dam this aint to safe dudes

  13. bb king
  14. Phred
  15. Danvil

    Holly Shit! This place sucks!!

  16. rick

    I haven’t been to any clubs with this many hot girls working at one time.

  17. vip regular

    Great girls, fun crowd usually

  18. ?
  19. Julio

    I like this club, i’ll be back for sure:)

  20. Thomas WE

    What a sleezy dump!

  21. Dan
  22. ZIGZAG

    I have been going to this club for a long time and it has the best atmosphere of any club I have ever gone to and I have been an over the road truck driver for 24 yrs. I can relax and talk to the girls like they are old friends. Of course if you are a dickhead and don’t treat the girls with the respect they in return are not going to treat you nice. I call the place my second home.

  23. Yuni

    I want money back! This place filthy! No good woman here, and I not picky!

  24. to james

    don’t go on the same day of the week then. The dancer’s here normally have a pretty set schedule, meaning mostly house dancers. So yes, there are a lot of the same dancers on the same nights. Besides you have only been there twice! Oh my! What do you think the turn over really is in the middle of no where?

  25. George

    This club had the best looking girls i’ve seen in a long time.

  26. Me
  27. Ron

    Had a great time there last night. will be back soon!!

  28. chad

    terrible looking dancers and dirty place

  29. Jak RT

    You guys need to make some serious changes around here!

  30. richie

    true statements

  31. dancer

    The last post was very interesting. I work there and I see nothing of the ghetto that the person has referred to.

  32. former patron

    this club really needs new staff and friendly bartenders. the bartender with long brown hair is down right rude. the dancers for most part were not attractive. but a few were.

  33. Steve

    I had a great time there on Monday night, some of the hottest girls i’ve ever seen working anywhere.

  34. Natedogg

    Decent club overall. Sound system isn’t the greatest. Bristol did have a couple of amazing girls the night my buddies and I went. Jenna and Chloe. The private dances from both were fantastic. well worth the $20 for the private dance and even $75 for the champagne room is a bargain with either of these two.

  35. shawn

    I had a great time here, and will definitely be back.

  36. really

    not my kind of place..back to the outer limits

  37. Gary

    Worth the drive! the girls are great here!

  38. DD

    This is a fun little club out in the sticks. Dark and smokey, but this IS a rural bar. Good bar, good drinks, pretty girls. The positives are some of the individual dancers themselves. Most are very hard-working, friendly and will approach you without dollar signs in their eyes. You can actually have a conversation with them for a while before they hit you up for a private dance. Trust me, by the time they ask, you will probably want one! It’s true that if it’s not busy, many will just hide out in the back, however. The bartenders and bouncers are friendly and the drinks are stiff…even better in the second round after a good tip. Some of the comments on here are true: sound system is set too loud, bright lights in the private dance and champagne room areas, and they won’t allow cash advances or private dances on credit cards. Private dances are good, not great. A fair amount of dancer contact, but if your hands get even close to any dancer, you will be warned and threatened with being kicked out. Overall, in my opinion it’s as good a value for the dollar as Paradise City and of course Visions doesn’t measure up. Worth the drive to Bristol!

  39. martin

    I had my bachelor party here, and it was a great time. Thanks club bristol!

  40. comp

    The excellent service is what keeps me drinking and going back to Bristol. Dancers range in all aspects of talent, friendlyness, and looks. Overall great stop to enjoy yourselves.

  41. YuuuuuK!

    I will b spending my dollars in Middleton next time!!

  42. fan

    Weekends are horrendously crowded- have to get in line to wait for a space to open up for a dance. Quality of girls can be iffy to really good, depending on who’s dancing. If you don’t find anything to your liking, just head to one of the other clubs within 30 min or so to the north, east, or south. The same goes for the other clubs- don’t find anything you like, head to Club Bristol.

    No food at this club, though they do have a snack machine.

  43. Golden Boy

    This is a dive.Go to Paradice City, it’s woth the trip.

  44. Brucey

    All right! Finally a place for us Chubby Chasers to hang out with real women, not those stick figures your compet throws up on stage every night! Real woman tip the scale no liter than 160lbs! I love ur club!

  45. bad

    speechless! not worth a second visit

  46. bill

    after reading the reviews all i can say is wow makes me think

    that all the bitches working there think they can kick any

    ones ass and from how they post all i can imagine is fat

    retarded cunts who i would not give a dollar thanks ladies ha

    ha ha i wont be coming out

  47. qt


  48. Sunday
  49. Jake

    The Bouncers there suck. No I didn’t get thrown out either. But as I understand there is a no touching policy, and I saw people doing it at the stage and when I walked back for a lap dance. That kinda thing just makes the place not very classy, and Bristol needs all the help it can get. So maybe the bouncers should spend less time talking and goofing with the staff and more time doing their job.

  50. Brendon

    You need to throw all the Bikers out of here! They dont add to the club at all. They will ruin whatever you had!

  51. Donald

    This club was great! I’m definitely coming back.

  52. not good

    not good. outer limits is alot better

  53. DeJesus

    This club is kinda out in the sticks, but at least you can smoke there! While the club is a little on the small side and the sound system could use some work, its a pretty good place. There’s a great variety beautiful women, and most of the girls are great dancers – you’ll even see some great pole work. The cover charge is a great value, the bartenders are smokin’ and pour a stiff drink, the DJs do a good job and keep the fun rollin’, and I’ve never had a problem with the bouncers. Like any club, some nights the dancer lineup is better than others, so be sure to make a couple of trips.

  54. sammy

    not cool

  55. Sable Hubb

    I feel like Im umougst the great unwashed rable of the Wallstreet Occupation!! Do any of these people have jobs?

  56. passing thru

    too many fat girls

  57. Richard

    I love this club, the girls are the best.

  58. Todd

    After Mariah left it began to slide.

  59. madmike
  60. don

    was well spent by the time i left. only one girl early afternoon but se was great.

  61. Zack

    Ginger is the sexiest dancer EVER!

  62. Non Biker Fan

    Are you guys really going to let all these Bikers take over your club?

  63. jimmy john

    That girl would be Ryan. Personally I think this place sucks. There are a few beauties, but not worth the drive.

  64. tim schmidt

    this place is great

  65. Jimmy

    This club is the best around. definitely coming back.

  66. Mike

    I thought that Bristol was a nice club. It needs better advertising and smoke ventilation systems. THe girls mostly were hott! loads of talent by most girls— especially ryan! wow!

  67. joe
  68. nathan

    just a terrible club.not worth returning to! need better looking bartenders too..

  69. BBoy
  70. Nautica

    Biggest selection of dancers around the area. Bar is too smokey, but a great variety of music, dancers and awesome private dances!

  71. zander
  72. owhtinop


  73. ahhhh

    This olace is a joke!!

  74. Markus 11

    Oh man have you got competition with that new Silk

  75. Gill F

    This is a down rt dump! Get with the times & clean up your act!

  76. Rina
  77. Como

    This isnt what we expected. This is a border line gay bar!

  78. Danny T Bone

    This isnt a strip club, its a web of fat spiders!!

  79. dennis

    Love the afternoons, girls are sometimes ok but the hot onesmake up the differance. The 1/2 hour champane room can be great with the right girl

  80. Bush man

    I have to agree. This place is very ghetto and getting worse everyday. White girls thinkin they are black is just not a turn on. As for the customers, well, if you need any drugs this would be the place to find them. Many drug dealers hang out here. I am sure someone will deny this, but just look around. You think those black guys hangin around aren’t up to something? You all know who I am talking about they are there all the time, at least when I go there they always seem to be there. I have stopped attending this club because of the nasty ghetto, dancers and customers!

  81. local

    this club is also being ripped of behind the bar..need better security systems in place

  82. wow

    This club sucks because the owner has no business sense! he opened this place only to get laid.. he’s too busy cheating on his wife with that bartender! Club just sucks!

  83. dave

    This club is great! drinks were reasonable and the girls were smokin hot.

  84. Out for some fun

    This out of the way spot was worth the trip. A whole lot better than Visions but not quite Paradice City. Just a nice escape from boring Madison. The girls were very nice, better than some of the other reviewers had mentioned.

  85. lance

    this club has too many fat girls. i was not impressed. after reading the reviews i was expecting beautiful dancers and it was nothing but chuncky dancers. the club has a terrible interior and just plain dirty. the only great thing was a really hot blonde bartender, does she dance?

  86. Honeymoonerz

    Wife and I checked out Club Bristol on our honeymoon and had a great time. The club wasnt very crowded for a Friday night, the bouncers/bartender/other non-dancing employees were very friendly and helpful, and the girls were great. We’ve been to other clubs that make you feel uncomfortable. There were no scuzzy bikers or other trashyfuckers in the place, just people enjoying themselves. It was a little sad to see so few people at the stage tipping the girls, but then, there’s more attention for us! The place doesnt look like much from the outside, but the girls were fun, and thats what we came for.

  87. Jeff

    More HOT girls than NOT so hot girls! Finally I don’t have to drive to Paradise City! Who is that hot mixed girl who sticks onto the ceiling? Why does this club not post schedules? I have to see that again!

  88. james

    I’ve been there twice in the past month and noticed the same dancers both times. Won’t go back until some new dancers perform

  89. matt
  90. EDO

    I was there and had a good time. Stephanie was good, but had a better time with Athena. I am haunted by the memory of another dancer that I met there. She will know who she is. She has a poodle-chihuahua mix dog, beautiful eyes, great personality (which you don’t always find in here), she doesn’t like beer and was going to Mexico on vacation before she went back to school. Those few hours for just one afternoon have haunted me ever since I left that day. I’d like to experience that again.

  91. sven

    I had a great time at this club!

  92. Pete

    I was very surprised how hot the girls here have gotten, i’m gonna be coming back a lot more now.

  93. monte

    This club is really nice, the girls are the best.

  94. OMG

    A dancer here smelled like she just “mucked” a stall! Not kidding!

  95. Fannyback

    this place had me dancing in my pants! (As a guy thats hard to say but its the truth!) im going back next weekend forsure

  96. Where r they?

    Where are all the half decent girls? You need to do something about the horrible quality of the girls here!

  97. j

    Best place i have been in a log time! I will be back and with friends.

  98. Rich
  99. Brumnier

    Went right after lunch today. Carolina was very sweet & sexy with long toned legs. Ryan is a tight, petite, adorable package! Both have nice pole routines and both are worth the visit. Had private dances with each and they were both very good. Third dancer was a little on the heavy side – very few moves – she just kind of walked around, was the only dissapointment.

  100. johnny

    I had a great time there last night!

  101. ok


  102. Traveler

    I have visited this club several times over the summer. Inside it’s not much to look at but does the job. The girls range from 5 through 10 in my opinion. Some don’t turn me on but others really do. I’ve only done one 1/2 hour dance but I will do more in the future. A great value and I was smiling for hours afterwards.

  103. Bob

    My first time and I thought the place was great! See for your self

  104. observer

    terrible! just terrible

  105. Harvey

    Never again! This was horrible!

  106. Disgusted

    Could you at least clean the bathrooms here!!

  107. eric

    This club is phenomenal, it has the hottest dancers and bartenders around.

  108. tom


  109. XX
  110. Allie B.

    Love stripper fights? Love holding your pee so you don’t risk catching a disease from the toilet seat?Love seeing people throw quarters at girls covered in stretch mark? This is your place!!!!All sarcasm aside I love this place

  111. chad & ann

    best little club we’ve been to. Zoe rocks!!

  112. Greg

    Whoa! this club is awesome! I haven’t seen this many hot girls at one club ever!

  113. Ken

    Terrible terrible club! Don’t waste your time coming here!

  114. Larry

    Nasty Ghetto type club,take a shower when you get home.

  115. lonely but horny.


  116. Palmer

    Yuck! All I can say is take a good shower after you go to this nest of roaches!

  117. mad about you

    Left very disappointed and won’t be back.

  118. jay

    This place will survive only for the reason there is no competition in the area. Most of the dancers are overweight,and the dj’s suck.

  119. Disturbed

    My girl kept attracting flies!

  120. GOD

    Jesus loves daytime strippers

  121. Local customer

    I would also agree with these comments. I was wishing a lot of the dancers would keep their clothes on. It was definitely disappointing.

  122. spoiled

    Once you’ve been to the bigger clubs it hard to come back here. You need to improve your whole 9 yards here!

  123. confused

    Arent there supposed to be good looking girls in places like these? Whats with the pound?

  124. DB
  125. bored in sb

    came in saturday night after the GTOM, this is not the most stylish club, but it is out in the sticks so you can expect much. the girls were all nice and supper friendly. Tayloy gives great lap dances as does Lauren. Bonth tall girls with great butts. no touching is a downer, they should at least let you tough the ass and tits.

  126. Paul

    This place is a fantastic way to spend an evening. The girls sexy as they are freindly. There’s this one bouncer named CASEY who so hot and beefy he looks like he could bench like 500 pounds. I hear that he is a big teddybear though.

  127. Homey Carl

    The girls may be ugly, but you can score some good smoke here!

  128. sancho

    Ilike the place. Some of the dancers are real hotties! Then agian a couple look like they have kids old enough to drive them to work. The bartenders are very good

  129. mmmmmm

    private dance with Ryan is well worth it

  130. Victor

    The inbreads from deliverance are more appealing than these dancers!

  131. mark

    This club has the hottest dancers i’ve ever seen in my life!

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