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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sensations

  1. that_farmer_dude

    got drunk and had a great time beautiful chicks!

  2. You wish you knew

    I cant stand drama! Thats what it seems everyone of the employees are about at this club. Why cant you just go to work and work? I wouldnt go here ever again. All they do is talk bad about each other….

  3. zaT

    Went to Peaches saturday nite. Stayed till 10. Got tired of looking at the old ones so I went to Sensations. Now if I could just get them to hire me there. It would beat where I am working now!!! Beautiful women here at Sensations!!!!

  4. disenchanted
  5. Tom

    Big party on Friday night, lots of girls, people and alcohol. Everyone had fun and the atmosphere was positive and much more friendly compared to previous management and employees. It’s actually worth the drive now.

  6. ilike
  7. cody

    two of the best asses in arkansas makayla and kendall both liked to party too

  8. Todd

    This place smells like the toilet overflowed into the club , to much cigarette smoke, fat entertainers and bad music. Why drive to the outer edge of the county for less?

  9. yep
  10. hhjgf
  11. Club Hopper

    Maybe if the girls were putting as much effort in the club as they are trash talking business would be better!!! I think that this club is full of DRAMA QUEENS!!!

  12. Yikes!

    I checked out the myspace page. who ever is in charge of it GOOD JOB. I also went to go check out the club. There were a couple cute girls but there was this one chick that looked like she was about to give birth to a whale. Good god! Well i guess you clubs just got to have at least one ugly chick.

  13. sensation
  14. agrees

    UGHH!! I saw it too!! I won’t go back in that club till that chick is gone. I am not going to sit there and become sick to my stomach by looking at a chick who rolls on top of her rolls, and give her money because she is trying….Ugghhhh…Nasty

  15. RE:

    I wasn’t too impressed with the doorcharge. But the drinks were good and heavy. I would also like to make an inquary. I heard this from a place on Hwy 70. Shalene is it true your married, and that you left your husband from the attention of a certain blond dancer who is also married?

  16. serene
  17. re:natasha

    if your the same natasha i remember from peaches then you were pretty big and i heard u went to memphis for awhile.

  18. xxx

    Thanxxx it was fun

  19. The Couple

    Geat place and great girls…staff is great. Everyone is superfriendly here. Highly recommended club.

  20. drunk
  21. Chad

    I don’t know why everybody talks so much bad about this club. In Arkansas, this is the most fun place I’ve ever been to. I’ve been coming in since June, and I think the place rocks. The drinks are great, the bartenders and wait staff are very professional, but also don’t just treat you like another dollar – they treat you like a person.

    The girls are very human, while they are there to make money, I can honestly say I’ve had a conversation with every girl in there and made my share of friends. The DJ’s rock, they’ll even play something of your own if you bring it to ’em and they dig it.

    Everyone will always have something bad to say about the girls that work here, but hey, I think it’s great. I love the place. I walk in, I’m greeted, everyone knows my name, I go to the bar, they know my drink, it’s great. You come in more than a few times, and it’s like you’re family.

    Sensations is awesome in my book. To sum it all up, I’d say this fits it best.

    Where everybody knows your name,

    And they’re always glad you came.

    You wanna go where people know,

    People are all the same,

    You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

  22. Me

    Not a bad club at all. There are some things that could help this club shine above all the rest and make the drive from LR worth it. Try no cover charge for women and let the dancers pick the music they’d like to dance to. Country and rock are ok but not for every song. Overall, one good club with fantastic potential!

  23. Alex

    Had fun monday there is a whole lot of tits on that CASH girl, like some blonds ass shaking, but i can’t remember her name.

  24. Chicken Little

    Little happening little to say

  25. annonamous
  26. Kurious

    Why not post comments in the comments section?

  27. JJ

    The DJ is the only thing that impressed me……

  28. rocker

    oh yeah sensations has more fat chicks then peaches. sorry if i wanted to see so many fat rolls i would go to a buffet

  29. Joseph

    I was in Sensations the other night. For 2 nights in a role and i had a blast. Most the girls are awesome. I think I got to see most of the girls last night. A few of the girls could be less stuck up but other than that the most of them will talk to you and wanna chill and have a good time. My favorites would have to be Jade,Josie,Mystic,lily,naiome(dunno how to spell her name),Angel who came from peaches and a few more. But me and my two friends had a blast in there and will be going back there more than peaches for sure now. Peaches is a cool place but there are jus too much stuck up girls in that place who shouldnt be stuck up. So yeah. Had a blast. thank u gurls.

  30. bar_fly
  31. homeless

    great home away from home

  32. [tg,v[aekef[

    Very weak. Too far to drive too.

  33. loved it!

    All I can say is WOW. Been going to Peaches. I won’t make that mistake again.

  34. Ex Dancer

    This recent accident on the board, Well proves my point about managment bashing on girls. Look they even go out of the way to bash them on the internet…So Sad…..

  35. nonya
  36. the white man

    I love this club and all its dancers!

  37. Hata

    Not worth the trip.

  38. lovely
  39. Air Force One

    To the naysayers….remember, rubberhead, this club was voted #1 gentleman’s club in Arkansas 2006. There are no fat girls here. Only the most sexy, friendly strippers in Arkansas. You wanna see bulldogs go to Peaches. Actually, bulldogs is not the right term. Warthogs is. Sensations will also be voted #1 in 2007. Watch and see.

  40. fiona
  41. Joey&Sheri

    I love this place we go as often as we can. Very friendly staff, laid back atmosphere, very couple friendly, excelent drinks, Great bartenders and waitreses(heres to you Kim)and I have never seen the slightest bit of trouble. Cheers to Sensations!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite any kind a bar.

  42. xdx

    let’s all go to peaches

  43. Miss Hit

    hit or miss at best

  44. D
  45. yesyes
  46. celest
  47. jimmy
  48. Flight Boy

    Came over for the first time this weekend, great prices, FINE AS HELL women and a good time.

  49. Chub E. Chaser

    Luv those fatties!

  50. not too impressed

    Ive been reading about how hot the girls are so i decided hey what the hell i’ll give it a try. There’s this really old chick with fake tits that thinks she’s hot shit. There’s a blonde girl with stretch marks all over the place that thinks she’s hot shit. And then theres a fat short fat girl that thinks she’s hot shit. Too much attitude from that club. I liked the dj though. That’s about it.

  51. Tony

    The first thing i noticed is the fat bitch at the front is gone. Thank god because she was really pissing me off. I’ll keep coming back in now.

  52. Gentleman Bandit

    Not much happening here. Kinda like a regular club with dancers instead of a live band.

  53. Bill

    its been awhile since I been here but when I do it is like almost closing time but I love the girls named Tiffany and Mandy or Mindy I couldnt really hear her name but I think it was Mindy but those two were my favorite.

  54. hottie

    pretty boring…

  55. money
  56. toki

    the club is great i dont know about all the people talking bad. sure there are a couple of “big” girls but that is mean to call them names. all the girls were really nice and most were really hot. hannah has a nice round ass, and mutiny has great tits. ariel is really cute and sexy, and has great moves. kashmere may be just a blonde with big tits, but she had a great personality. the dj is great, he knows what to play. the drinks were good too.

  57. yeah
  58. theman
  59. Auriana

    sucks sucks sucks. fat chicks everywhere

  60. clueless
  61. mystic

    friendlier and more fun than peaches

  62. Picked up a new regular

    Been to most clubs in area but this on wasn’t on my radar, that is until last Friday. A friend ask me to go with him. What a pleasant surprise, this place rocks be returning on a regular bases.

  63. LRPartyPatrol

    Quality of dancers has slipped. Might be better on weekends.

  64. 11111
  65. customer

    best titi bar in central arkansas peaches dont have shit on this place, better dancers cheaper drink prices and lots of fun

  66. re--peachguy

    ok serving shots in a plastic cup is not classy, big painted buckets for tip jars is not classy, serving a long island ice tea in a plastic cup is not classy ITS GHETTO and thats what peaches is, GHETTO NOT CLASSY

  67. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  68. jennifer

    dxd you can always go to peaches

  69. Itza

    Long ride to Cabot for very little action.

  70. mike

    had lots of fun, hot women and really fun to party with, the girls make it worth the trip

  71. spongebob

    not that bad. some of the girls should not be working there. theres some hot chicks there. almost everyone is pretty friendly

  72. In the know

    its a nice club, they need mor girls, there are a few Hott Girls there. Especially that Girl Jolynne. She is a 10!! I had a great time. the Girls were very friendly

  73. The REAL Mystc

    if you can’t come up with a name on your own then you suck. quit using my name. i love peaches and have a lot of fun there.

  74. stripper

    would never work or go back here myself. i’ll stick to going to peaches for the hot chicks

  75. girly

    nasty nasty wannabe dancers here

  76. lololololololol
  77. poor
  78. Hotguy101

    $2 Dollar Jager Bomb night is an AWESOME time to go! The girls are very friendly… they’ll drink with you to!

  79. Future Strip club owner

    Does anyone know where i can get some information towards opening a new strip club and how to run one. Any websites or can i maybe go to a book store and pick up a book on it..Im wantin to do my own club here in Arkansas to give the people another club to check out and open up some jobs and wat not. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it.

  80. llll
  81. PGH

    Hate the playa AND the game!!

  82. Greg

    I enjoyed the company of two lovely ladies, Asia & Hannah. I had a fun time.

  83. Blondie

    You can’t hold the whole club responsible for one problem… no matter how bad it may be. We still have some hotties, talk to them instead of looking at the stage.

  84. to Chubby Chaser

    girdles work wonders until they take their shirt off

  85. dan

    i had a great time there are some really sexy girls in there but there is this one just one big chic. i loved it except for her

  86. Isaac

    I say it isn’t worth the trip to Cabot.

  87. worthless
  88. pwmpoa

    More fun than most. Girls are friendly at least.

  89. eww

    those girls look like fat ass bulldogs

  90. key
  91. name

    best strip club … in Cabot

  92. beer_chuger

    great beer prices

  93. thadude

    I went there last weekend and it was hot as shit in there!The air conditioning must of been broken. I didnt stay very long after that. There were some good and not so good looking girls in there. Some of the staff members didnt seem so friendly, but besides from that I might have to go back (when it’s cooler in there).

  94. aneava
  95. arkansas traveler

    friendlier than most

  96. J-ville Res
  97. StripClubGuru

    This is a cool club for being as small as it is. The girls are usualy very friendly and so is the staff and managment. The crowd they get can be a little different than clubs in other areas but everyone seems to be there to have a good time.

  98. convivial

    I have to admit it the gals here will make you want to come back, unlike some of the other g-clubs I use to drop by from time to time. Seems like all the new talent out there is stuck up or just unhappy to be working or just don’t give a dam about who walks through the door, well had allot of fun here and hell isn’t that what its all about…

  99. LRPartyPatrol

    Hit or miss. Sometimes great fun with great dancers. At other times lame with lame dancers. Long drive to be so iffy.

  100. allan67

    i came here last friday and i was blown away ! beautiful girls , awesome staff, great JOB (lol) i will be back

  101. love
  102. joe

    nice club and clean

  103. Lady

    still have fat ladies working here? if you do i’ll stick to peaches

  104. Justin Robertson

    This was my first strip club. The dancers where great and the music good. The price of the drinks where a bit stiff but tasted excellent. The private dances where only 25 dollars and well worth it! I can see myself going back there soon.

  105. Toouris

    Lotsa chubby chicks.

  106. lopooolopoo
  107. boring

    if the girls spent as much time dancing instead of giving blowjobs for money mabey they would have some talent

  108. Cory

    WTF!!! This place is a shit hole

  109. Morgan

    Say what you will about any other titty bar in Arkansas, but if you want friendly service and a good time that is like your hole-in-the wall neighborhood bar, come here.

  110. business
  111. ntn

    too far away fromm lr

  112. The Smoker

    Had A nice time Prices were good overall good time

  113. dance
  114. adam

    Best club i’ve gone too since i came to Arkansas! I liked the size of Visions better, but everything else about sensations was GREAT! I give it a 10 a fucking 10!

  115. love it!

    Sensations girls are better than any other C. Arkansas club, hands down! Sashka’s the hottest!

  116. Disgusted

    OK who is responsible for hiring the Whale???? WTF!!! No one wants to see the pole break from some over wieght heffer swinging around it…..Don’t go here unless you want to see a bunch of beached whales flopping around helplessly. Only one way to describe this place disgusting!!!!

  117. dissatisfied

    i did not like this club. the girls were unfriendly when i went there. chairs uncomfortable. service crappy.

  118. Nick

    way too many fat girls …..

  119. Chuck

    Wow, i’ve never got a hardon at a titty bar, but boy howdy i almost blew my load Friday night! they have some girls who can really bounce that ass!

  120. rex sex

    This is sooo funny. You can not compare sensations and peaches. Okay, so you say that hot girls are at peaches???? What do you mean by HOT? Are you thinking about mystic or wednesday ….. sorry, that is not my type of hot girl. You can say for sashka that she is hot but she is not at the peaches no more. Peaches doesn’t have hot girls at all. Try sensations.

  121. The Decider

    Near CABOT is more like it! Cabot is less than a mile from this club. Little Rock is something like 16 miles from here.

  122. bud
  123. boz

    dont like it

  124. happy man

    although the club is somewhat small the atmosphere is great the staff and the daners make you feel like you’re at home. i give it an overall of 10 for the atmosphere.

  125. JAY JAY

    VERY Good!! There 02/02/09. Great looking, friendly girls $5 cover, $25 lapdance, $2.75 beer

  126. justin
  127. john

    stop hating the girls were hott. best lap dances ever, and worth every dollar spent

  128. DGC-Steve

    First off let me say I have been to about 40-50 strip clubs across Texas, Arkansas, & Louisiana, so I know what is good and what sucks ass. Arkansas hands down has the best untapped strippers in the region. For those of you that think Sashka is the shit, you havent seen too many strippers. She is okay but she cant hold a candle to the super sexy Joleen. That girl is the best looking girl I have ever seen in a strip club. She could easily be a featured dancer in a bigger city like Dallas.

  129. Earl

    Cabot’s Finest Gentleman’s Club!

  130. not impressed

    fat chicks every where! dirty and cheap. all the hot chicks are at peaches and thats where i will be going to from now on.

  131. visitor
  132. blah
  133. roonie
  134. ken
  135. i'mback

    $5.00 pitchers on thursday’s I’m there

  136. Mystic NOT Mystc

    Like this club better than Peaches.

  137. ariel
  138. someone

    not worth the drive to cabot

  139. Natasha

    I left Peaches to find that Sensations is the club to be at. That laied back atmosphere I love to work in and I feel we have the best bartenders around Ar.’s strip clubs.

    The dancers are way cool and friendly with customers and co-workers alike.Did I mention that we have some of the most beautiful dancers I have ever worked with in the past 10 years?

  140. Playa Hata

    Not worth your time or money.

  141. Chubby Chaser

    Love those fat chicks!

  142. yes


  143. hello
  144. bogus

    not worth the trip

  145. Shalene

    thank you my dear husband that i told to get out for tryin to start crap. the reason i dont wanna be with you is because of childish crap that you pull and immature bullshit you start. i did not tell you to go so i could be with a woman or a man. i told you to go so i could have peace of mind and peace in my life. have a great day!

  146. Re: Yep

    To Yep…somehow, I seriously doubt you’ll be missed.

  147. lowly
  148. jerry
  149. KC

    Whole lot of YEARS on that Cash girl, too.

  150. Kylee

    I don’t think I know any of the new girls here. But Im sure they are great. Much love to Winter.

  151. Boomaga

    Fat bitch is gone, but dude at the door has little man syndrome. Still a better atmosphere than it’s been in months. Girls were drunk and having fun last night.

  152. ryan from the LRAFB

    all i can say is i’m in love with a stripper

  153. johndeer_guy

    clean club and good staff and girls. I didn’t have to shit in the bushes!

  154. LPartyPosse

    Quality could be better.

  155. DXD

    Natasha … red hair….???OMG ….I would runaway from her. hell nooo!!! She is at sensations???? I am not going there no more!!!

  156. RTR

    I had fun the other night !!!!

  157. Peaches Dancer

    What can I say? Sensations is far better than Peaches could ever be.

  158. loveless
  159. rockstar

    i’ll stick to sensations. These girls are cute. oh yeah and unlike the other clubs these girls can actually dance. best lapdances ever and i dont get the feel that an std is gonna get me here. I loved this club. besides who wants a crack whore these girls are real women not chics that look like 9 year old boys

  160. XRXY

    Luv this club

  161. evois

    nice place

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