Fuzzy Holes



1408 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN 37601


36.325411, -82.332543




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fuzzy Holes

  1. Robert

    Ezra what can i say Intellegent, sharp, devestatingly sexy and Beautiful a real please to have even seen her dance i gove this club top ratings as all the girls were beautiful and downright fun had a great time thank you Fuzzy Holes. P.S. Wierd name tho.

  2. FuzzyHolesSucks

    I’ve been here many times before, and this club is a joke. Absolutely PATHETIC. Basically they will hire any desperate talentless 18 year old girl so the older girls can not teach her anything so she’ll make a fool of herself. The girls are fairly OK dancers, but I mean it is full contact. Hand them $10 bucks and they’ll rub on your dick. The atmosphere is vampire themed, it’s cheap and gaudy. Raven (young, thick, brunette with lots of tattoos), Malaya (also young, thin girl with black hair and lots of tattoos), and Navaya (really cute black girl who is fun to talk to), and Athena (cute blonde girl with a lot of leg tattoos) were the only attractive dancers to me. I did notice though, how unfairly these girls are treated. Well, some of them. Two of them seem to get a lot of dances while the others just sit out or sit with a dead customer who just wants to watch. My overall opinion, don’t go to this club. It’s usually pretty empty, hardly any stage dancing.

  3. SCOTTY J.


  4. felix

    this is one of my best works yet

  5. COREY


  6. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till… Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for the top 3 dancers. Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 102.9 The Buzz. Wear a costume and get in for Free Cover. See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party! 1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  7. no one

    all the people that say good things about this place either work there, know someone that does or has NO LIFE!!! i went in long enough for some “girl” to introduce herself and shake my hand. by the way, her hand felt more manly than mine, and i’m a steelworker! there was only one good looking girl in the place, and she couldn’t dance to save her own life. did i mention she was stuck up? they should change the name of the place to the dog pound! at least that would be honest! this is one place that i’m glad they can’t take their clothes off!!!

  8. lance

    got 2 see brenda shes hot

  9. Savannah
  10. Don

    THIS PLACE SUCKS!!! I have been to alot of clubs. Its called a strip club not a pasty club. We never even saw a nipple.The girls only danced on stage 1 time a piece (3) girls. I would rather stay in NC. at least I can see some nipples and G-strings, not pastes and shorts!!!

  11. Gerald

    I thoroughly enjoyed the girls company and was impressed by their dancing. Not often do you find beautiful, graceful women with a mind.

  12. clark

    keep the girls comeing

  13. Ezra fan
  14. NC Guy

    This place is a dive at best. It really sucks.

  15. Russell

    Ember is perfection. I go just to see her. She is the most friendly, amazing perfect woman i have ever seen,. I am nice to the other girls and have had a few dances from the others but i just go there to see Ember. It is worth every penny just to see Ember. Alexis has been there a while and she is nice. I dont want to make it sound that the other girls are not good too, just that I am only there to see Ember. Id crawl a mile on my knees in the snow just to give her $10 bucks for a table dance. Ember is amazing. Can’t wait to see her again monday.

  16. smooth talker

    I was just in this club Sat. and I had a great time. All the ladies are extremely beautiful. Glad they got rid of that lying bitch Daisy, she was so lame. They have got a few new girls but my favorites are still Alexis and Ezra. I got a shower dance from Alexis Sat. and I still can’t quit thinking about it. You have got to get one of these it brings a whole new meaning to WET.

  17. derick

    ladies do a wunderfull job on the stage but wow on the dances

  18. jake

    i love this place all the girls are beautiful

  19. austin. day. 21
  20. Rob

    Wonderful place dont judge the name … Alexis is a riot very witty and beautiful all the girls are very very nice would be happy to go back many times

  21. maxxy1

    By far the best fuzzy holes in Johnson City or the whole state for that matter!!! I can’t believe how good they were. Dip em in some ranch and mmmm mmmm good! Great place! And the wait staff is awesome too!! The friendliest service you will ever have!!! I will definitely be back for some more fuzzy holes!!! I even got some to go!

  22. traveler

    Very nice. Will come back next time I visit area. Although it has a low attendance, the girls are very friendly and don’t push hard on getting dances. Tableside dances are very good and reasonable–only $10. Well worth it, in my opinion. Only negative, other than BYOB, is that girls only get on stage about once an hour. The rest of the time they are talking with customers or giving a dance. One of my favorites!

  23. luke

    Had a blast! All the girls are very hot!

  24. Disappointed

    HORRIBLE!!! Full contact is the only good thing about this place. Pasties and shorts suck. The dancers are creepy and look like they stepped out of a horror movie. Not to mention lazy. It’s BYOB and nobody is ever onstage! DJs suck. Atmosphere sucks. You’re better off staying at home and watching porn.

  25. mitchell
  26. barney

    brenda has the sweateist as i ever saw. shack shack shack that ass brenda i love it!

  27. Kevin

    i love this place. i have been to all the great clubs, Masters, Gold club etc. This club is right there with them and maybe a little better. The ladies here are spectacular and the dances are worth every penny you spend. I will be back soon.

  28. Kasper

    Its been a long while since i have been in and ill tell you what, that club is now a JOKE.. There was a few good girls i would go into see that arent there anymore and they was the best that club had. Those girls now blows ass, and the Big guy couldnt move fast enough if that place was on fire. The club owner is a JOKE just like the name FuzzyHoles Ha maybe if he/or she should run those nasty girls off and get some real talent in there they may do better!

  29. holly

    i hate this club!

  30. DANIEL


  31. JASPER

    This was my fist strip club experience and I highly doubt that it will ever be topped. The girls, I mean ALL the girls are beautiful. Very erotic dances and suprisingly good conversationalists.

  32. killer318

    2 of the girls are well above average Ezra and Alexis. The rest range from average to well below. None of the girls seem to be interested in dancing on stage and the place is a dump. But you can have a pretty good time if you stick with Ezra and Alexis.

  33. nctravler

    this place sucks dont waste your time or money for nothing.

  34. James

    Love the full contact dances!!

  35. cheeky bastard

    it sucks dont even get nude thay take top off but there is corn bandaids on the nipple wtf. dont go go to the mouses ear.

  36. sam

    Awesome ladies! Spectacular dancing!

  37. Evill3
  38. Strip Club Sgt

    I don’t know how this club stays in business. I’ve been there a few times. The girls are all really nice and fun to talk to, but they aren’t very attractive and they all stay clothed during the dances! They don’t even strip down to panties! What good is a strip club if she’s wearing shorts with panties underneath AND pasties on top? The VIP dances are exactly the same lame dance you pay $10 for out front, and the lesbian owner has a policy of forcing the girls to “rotate” so they each have a chance to milk your wallet. So even if you find a girl you like, she can’t sit with you for more than about 10-15 minutes EVEN IF YOU ARE BUYING DANCES! The DJs suck too, 90% of the time there is no one onstage, and the girls sit around in the back playing video games when it’s slow. The only redeeming quality this club has are the full contact dances, but that is dampened by all the clothing. Why spend $20 on cover and a lap dance when you can get a girl to grind on you at the 2nd Level or Electric Cowboy for $5? What a craphole!

  39. kat daddy

    get a dance its worth it

  40. John

    This club certainly holds up to the coin phrase “Gentlemen’s Club”. The ladies are beautiful, intelligent and very nice. You really must go and check it out!!

  41. johnny

    Love the girls here they are beautiful and talented. They dance like they should be in vegas.

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