Zippers Gentlemans Club



2600 Okoboji Avenue, Milford, IA 51351


43.340201, -95.1499656




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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134 reviews for “Zippers Gentlemans Club

  1. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    it was probably an insurance job…

    To my surprise one hundred storeys high
    People getting loose y’all
    Getting down on the roof
    Folks are screaming out of control
    It was so entertaining
    When the boogie started to explode
    I heard somebody say

    (Burn baby burn) disco Inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down
    (Burn baby burn) disco Inferno
    (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down

  2. James

    The strip club burned down 3 or 4 years ago

  3. Big Dog

    What the hell was that, that place sucked the girl there was so drunk she couldn’t even stand up.

  4. dontworryboutit

    to all those going to these clubs to have a good time with friends, have a blast! to those going to get lucky, maybe if you took a shower and hit the tread mill, and talk to girls you could actualy get, you wouldn’t complain about these girls. yea they work in a strip club, does not mean they are going to f*** you! bout time everyone starts treating everyone else with some dam respect!!!

  5. No!!

    My friend and I were in there last weekend and what a bunch of stuck up SNOBS!!! and UGLY Magic get a makeover!!!

  6. jeff
  7. Local Guy 3

    Bunch of Bitches is right but they were NOT hot at all Local guy 1 had it right. Shity bitches

  8. Big Stuff

    BAD I felt I was in preschool with all the underagers in there and the dancers are just DUMB!!!

  9. fan

    love it great place

  10. Hi Joe AKA Dubass

    Wrong site…you meant to post on Boji’s Site!

  11. j
  12. idiot

    You must have been wearing you beer glasses if you thought those dancers were hot. 250lb black hoe is what they had couple weeks ago and nothing good since. This zippers is a drug house dump.

  13. HI

    Just HOT babes!!!!

  14. John and Sue

    Loved it, going back right now.

  15. uknowit

    Your club sucks!!! bunny great work keep it up babe

  16. john

    yuck !!!!!!!!

  17. new

    Has possibilities

  18. HOT HOT

    the girls are HOT!

  19. Daddy

    Hot Bitches!…Including the waitress! WOW and the tall bartender!

  20. been here...

    This place is a dive!!! I personally will never be back!

  21. No "joe"

    Wow..Gross bitches.. stuck up snobby bartender. Enough said.

  22. Bob

    I really like this place. My wife has a good time here and the girls treat her real well. As with all clubs some girls I like more than others, but over all they are great. They are friendly and personable. The bar tenders and security are very good and friendly. this is the place for me in the Iowa great lake region. The music is good and not too loud.

  23. YoYo


  24. You know Dub

    Safe?? That is why zippers had someone murdered at their place. Also I know Hope and she has never even been in your skanky place so we suggest stop using her name for your Crappy site!!! I have talked to you about this before Dub leave them and BN alone for the last time!!

  25. The Man

    love this place! Packed all night. Girls are HOT!!!!

  26. charlie
  27. Boji Nights


  28. Michael

    Music too loud and dancers too fat.

  29. adamrod

    I hate writing reviews, but considering I have been to over 400 strip clubs this place needed one, first off I have given them 5 or 6 chances, each time the girls get worse! Maybe in northern Iowa it’s just hard to find good looking girls? Anyways moral of the story is I won’t be wasting my time going back any day soon

  30. jon


  31. Nate

    to TT what hell do you mean perfect, Yuck or did you mean the whore you took home was perfect.

  32. IBig Daddy

    Just awsome!


    Sexy ass new girl… named chloe.. sexy.. you guys did a great job in hiring her!!!!

  34. Your Lover

    Casey is HOT!!!!

  35. No

    The girls are all bitches and stuck up. No one talked to us except the black girl who was a hoe. We just returned to the other club as fast as possiable!

  36. lulu

    upscale? clean? try – low class, non-dancers. makes me laugh.

  37. New to town

    Had a great time, very clean, dancers were great

  38. sucks

    I came in the other night and walked right back out.

  39. Few good men from NE

    Nice club set up , beautiful girls enjoyed Princess very pretty enjoyed since of humor and glamour ,Nautica pretty and petite,Cherry cutie, Alexis rather skinny cute but nice as well, sunshine hot blonde, so was Destiny all these grils was pleasant over the holiday weekend when I come back done this way I will be back men and the fellows had a nice time all girls was AWESOME!!! recommended to visit again.

  40. Mpls ^

    if I want to go to jail for drugs I will sell them. If I want to go to jail for prostitution Ill f***. If I want to go to jail for both I will just go visit Zippers.

  41. big zero

    big zero

  42. xxxsavior

    I know doub and I know some of the girls very well. So if your going to sit there and trash talk the dancers and the staff then don’t go. There not slamming you for being cheap or having a small dick or being flat cheasted are they. I know the one’s that are talking are one of those three so get boob job, a penis pump, or a different job and quit your whinning, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

  43. Rodney

    One Word NASTY!!

  44. LUCKY


  45. Lance

    If everyone only knew what the hell was going on in the back “behind closed doors” as i like to call it…You ever wonder why the cops are always there…. I know what they’re looking for and so does a bunch of other ppl….think about it..Maybe DRUGS!!!!There is so much shit going through there every weekend im guessing anywhere from $1500 to $3000 in all kinds of different shit!! need to get doub outta there and clean this fucking shit up!!

  46. yuck


  47. roger

    2 girls, bad music, warm beer. Never go again.

  48. tom

    great environment, great staff, and great place!

  49. trent
  50. customer

    great clena friendly estabvlishment keep up the great work

  51. Whatever whatever

    We only saw 5 girls and 4 of them were black and then Magic. And if you like 280lb black hoes from Milwakee Wis. That is the girl for you. She was there we have pictures on our phone to show friends.

  52. Joe AKA Dubass

    All I got is nasty skanks working here. come see Aids tests available at the door when you leave

  53. Brian
  54. Mr. Wonderfull

    Great club and fucking HOT dancers. This is a big time club!

  55. dick
  56. harpst

    Ugly, she men, aborigine bitches

  57. Jason

    Yah if you like fat Black chicks and a huge red head!! I guess if they are hot to you cause that is what I saw last week!!

  58. Roaddog

    I haven’t been this disapointed with a club in a long time. I was treated pretty indifferently, and really didn’t feel like spending much more than cover and a first drink. Overall pretty low class and “hick-ey”

  59. Larry
  60. Hot

    The girls are hot! Don’t miss out!

  61. that guy

    drunk girls cant dance or hustle they look like a bunch or wine o’s

  62. Mike

    7 very hot girls working tonight!!!will be back again tomorrow.

  63. To Roger

    5 girls…girls pick there own music…coldest beer in town….you must have been at the other club!!!

  64. jack
  65. hot one

    whore house

  66. the hot one

    this is a whore house…

  67. Lindsey

    It grossed out my boyfriend

  68. I Know

    GREAT…I don’t know what club you guys are talking about…8 dancrs last night..all hot…the club is very upscale and clean…posting lies like these is jusy bullshit…see for your self…

  69. Nasty

    Gross… people getting killed, busted for drugs, crabs and herpies. What else before Milford shuts you down.

  70. Duh

    Zippers is the place where you get shit and can take home girls Not B.N’s Get it straight and stop hating!!!

  71. shane

    paradise : )

  72. josh

    sexy bitches

  73. outoftowner

    This place sucks and the staff sucks too. hey bartender you got any more of that? P.S. you know who I am

  74. tilea

    it just sucked

  75. mnman

    The club isn’t bad for the area. My main complaints is dancers only talking to people they know, ventilation, and can tone the music down just a little. There is usually a great variety of girls, and you can have a good time

  76. snell
  77. justin

    This club is a very clean and upscale club. Check it out!

  78. Dub

    Can;t you keep your girls in line? Nice fight the other night between them. how many went to jail agian. You probable didn’t give them enough STUFF to keep them occupied!

  79. gotta love zippers

    this place got it going on everybody….. check it out the staff and owner are very nice and know how to make sure everybody is having fun this place just gets better and better always packed

  80. MoJo


  81. Hope

    I love this place!

  82. Just here
  83. carl

    great club and fun atmosphere

  84. Gemini

    Post your stupid shit somewhere else. You must have stole another computer.

  85. Wrong

    Not excellent just a big fat ZERO just like the owner.

  86. Blondie

    Great place to work

  87. You suck

    to bad your getting closed down for 30 days for your illegal shit Dubass your a LOSER.

  88. worthless

    The girls here don’t even talk to you here they are all stuck up. this club has to many drug and hooker problems to stay here. TT You are an idiot.Your just pissed cause you can’t get a hooker at the other club so why do you still go there?

  89. Nope...

    still crappy!

  90. Fantastic

    Packed full of shit and drama!!

  91. wrong...

    Worst club in the midwest!!!

  92. local guy

    dirty old men sitting around a shity stage…. the place to be if your in to that…. hotter women and better chance of getting laid in a church

  93. roadbitch

    Roaddog, nice try Zippers doesn’t charge a cover in the winter. 10 girls over the weekend and your not happy. Try the Gay bar down the street. I’ll pay the cover for you!

  94. megan

    What a drama filled place. the club was nice looking but the girls and staff are mean and very rude!!! I will never check that place out again I will just work somewhere else

  95. No way

    TOP Notch DIVE!!! They had 5 dancers last weekend and one of them had to have been 300lb black nasty thing. we don’t know what you were looking at but thats what we saw.

  96. B.S.

    They had 3 ugly black girls from milwakee Wis last week and was slow as hell when my buddy and i went on friday.. never coming back.

  97. Losers

    We got the right club. Aids tests and needle drops at ZIPPERS!!!!

  98. hell


  99. Mark

    Just Wonderfull!!!

  100. paul
  101. Amy

    Bunny is my favorite

  102. Joe

    went to zipps over the weekend and I had to ZIP right out of there before I caught something GROSS!!!!

  103. was a customer

    The service sucks you have to wait on harps to get his fingers out of the owners ASS! the girls are not to bad most of the time!I feel sorry for any chick that needs the money and ends up working there! Be prepared to get FUCKED!To the people that work there get OUT while you still can!

  104. Johhny B Good

    Wonderful Time!!!! from SD

  105. T Man

    You only love this place cause they supply your shit and let you take the girls home Loser

  106. tbone

    excellent staff and sexy ass professional dancers. very clean and everybody was having fun..very busy

  107. Sam

    lazy dancers

  108. Yo

    10 girls again wow…always a great time.

  109. Local Guy 2

    Hot ass bitches here! And to local guy your not going to get laid, it’s a strip joint not a whore house. Go to church!

  110. what a dump!

    FREE STDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good time with the crabs!

  111. wow

    this place is wonderful love it cant wait for the male strippers on mon the 5th

  112. tourist

    excellent staff very friendly and clean establishment hot workers

  113. Dub's Friend
  114. mn man

    There seems to be a lot of negative comments about the club but I enjoy myself everytimg i go

  115. sfsd college boy

    If you don’t like the club either leave or don’t go back. We had a blast lastnight (even on Wednesday night). The CRT’s were very sociable and extremely entertaining to us. The dancers and the female bartender were smokin’ hott!


    Clean club…NO DRUGS…Just hot girls…

  117. makes me puke

    makes me puke

  118. joie
  119. gross

    Free STDS!!!!!!!

  120. Hey just wonderful

    Take off the beer goggles, You defintly won;t SEE that it was wonderful,

  121. TT2


  122. Ryan


  123. Great

    GREAT, dancers,bartender,people

  124. walter

    i love it here!

  125. Fat Head

    Love it!!!


    I you want to be around drugs go there and get busted

  127. to ubetterknowit

    I think you got your clubs mixed up your talking about Boji Nights not zippers!! oh well lay off the pipe and you will be fine!

  128. to larry

    You must have been smokin’ something if you think that was HOT. they hand you beer goggles when you walk in the door there.

  129. TT

    8 girls working last night. All seemed very nice. The “other” club just sucks, stinks, small, dirty!

  130. I gagged

    zippers had Ugly, Losers, drug infested Hookers Go to Boji Nights were there are hot chicks like Jessy

  131. Carly
  132. Vern

    Went Saturday and all they had are ugly black girls and one ugly manly looking red head. Service sucked!!! never going back!!

  133. Whatever

    12 girls last night, place was packed again. All were pretty good looking. Surely with 12 girls dancing you can find someone you like!

  134. Tony


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