Hollywood Showclub



5481 Bunkum Road, Washington Park, IL 62204


38.6230225, -90.0909263




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hollywood Showclub

  1. Mike


  2. Tracy

    Great times

  3. Rocker

    Have visited this club for years and spent quite alot of money in it. Its not the same as it was about 7 to 8 years ago when i pretty much knew everybody that worked there. Hadn’t been able to get there for quite a long time but have been going again here recently. The quality of girls has greatly improved, but most of them can’t really carry on a conversation. One girl, believe her stage name was Sophia, is very fun to sit and talk with, gives excellent massages while talking to. Ryder though is my personal favorite, great girl that clearly enjoys her job. I went to all kinds of clubs around this area when i was younger with my friends, this club has always and will always be the best “bang” for your buck. Also, the place isn’t in a warzone. its well lit and has PLENTY of security.

  4. curtis17

    Awesome club. i love that it is well lit. Clean bathrooms. love the fact that there is porn playing on the television sets. Love that the club has fixed prices on private dances. The girls are cute and there is a diverse selection. It’s free to get in during the day. The thing not to like about the club is the sky high drink prices!

  5. eddyL

    Free admission before 7PM and after that it is $7-10. This club is unique because the lap dances are done on beds, which make them more fun. $25/song is standard prices for strip clubs but it does add up fast.

  6. maxxy1

    I would give this sin bin one star if it weren’t for Pandora. She saved the entire experience from being a complete train wreck and 6 months after the fact, I still remember her stage name…so yeah. o_O;This is one of those experiences that’s actually really easy for me to remember, even though it was a while back. My brother had just won a bunch of money at the casino and wanted to burn through it while it was still meaningless to him, so we went to Hollywood.Personally, I’m pretty indifferent about strip clubs. To me, the only time they’re cool is if you’re going with your woman or if you’re a rapper. When you go by yourself or with your guy friends, all I can think is “Sure, I’m into the idea of spending ballpark prices for beers so that I can go home covered in glitter and so sexually frustrated I wake up with a hernia.” But I digress. We made our way over to the bar for some $8 beers. I hadn’t even finished my drink order before two girls latched onto us. Even in the dark, I could tell I wasn’t interested in these two. Seriously, I don’t even know how they got hired. I had my back to them hoping they’d go away, and when I heard “hey, pay attention to me!” I turned around and politely informed them I wasn’t planning on blowing a whole lot of money on lapdances tonight. Overweight stripper: “Fag!” *clomps away with her friend*Yeah.After I stood there in stunned silence for about 15 seconds, I got my beer and took a swig, thinking about the awesome story I had for later. It was just then that things took a major upswing. A girl named Pandora took the stage, and she was right on the bullseye for me. Petite, tattoos, piercings, choppy pixie-style hair dyed jet black. Is there anything hotter than a girl that can make that hairstyle work? Gaaahh….So I bounce up off my stool like it’s electrocuted, make my way to the stage, and after showing me all her piercings, Pandora had me seriously thinking about revising my “no lapdance” policy. Alas, it was over too soon…and the next girl up…you guessed it, “Fag”-girl. She didn’t even recognize me! The whole thing had LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED and she came up to me like I was going to give her money.I reminded her that she had just called me a fag 5 minutes earlier and told her to dance on someone else. She wanted me to leave the stage. I told her I wouldn’t, since my brother was there with me and we were the ONLY TWO THERE at the time. So what does she do? Picks up my beer bottle and throws it in my lap. Classy, but then, what was I expecting? Good thing it was almost empty, so I didn’t get any on me. So I laugh it off and sit back down, and what does she do? Goes and gets someone ELSE’S beer bottle and throws THAT in my lap. WTFFFFF It took quite a bit of self-control not to get thrown out at that point, especially since I knew that by then, security just HAD to be hawking me.So in summary, 50 stars for Pandora and -1,000,000 stars for Fatgirl. Something tells me her stripping career will be pretty short-lived.

  7. Fagin

    Totally, horribly unsafe, in a World War I battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

  8. Tonights guy

    The petite young lady Lexi is fantastic. Gorgeous. Juliette has a welcoming sweetness to her that was truly captivating, beautiful as well. Great place!

  9. richard95

    I will never come here again. The girls aren’t dancing or anything. I want my money back. You can’t dance to this music.

  10. JG

    Definatly Worth The Stop! See Lexus/Devine,Very Classy And Clean,And Sexy Ass Hell 🙂 She Is Definatly Worth Every Dollar!! Just Don’t Grab Her Goods Or You Will Start World War 4..lol.Just Dont Disrespect Her And You’ll Be Good :).All In All A Great Club!

  11. mike

    Great club. Friendly and pretty girls. Couch dances for $25 are a great value. Much better than that “famous name” club right down the road.

  12. gntlman4fun

    This is the best club in Washington Park. The private dances are only $25 compared to $40 most places. This is a must stop spot!

  13. Mike M.

    Place is going downhill fast. Only the worst of the worst girls still work here. Surprised it’s still open.

  14. Dick

    Two thumbs up

  15. harryharry

    Went ther for my friends bachelor party and he was very happy there.Perfect Strip club..cheap 25 $ couch dances where mutual touching is allowed and can leave very HAPPY if possible.look for barbie( milf) for 2 songs and u’ll not regret.. drinks are around 8 $ beer for a club like this is costly..

  16. fuckery12

    When I pulled into the parking lot for the first time I thought it was a landing strip. How many lights does this place need?When I walked in I realized they were just adjusting my eyes for the inside. Neon colored walls and carpet with enough blacklights hitting everything to light up dark matter. This is an attack to the senses.This is full nude with poles on the stage. Then my friend pointed to the TV… OK, if 3D flexible objects are infront of me and they add 2D action and I get sensory overload.This place just is too much…Bring lots of cash and ENJOY!This place is right next to the highway with a BRIGHTLY lit parking lot combined with the this type of entertainment so if someone was looking for this combination… this is it.

  17. Harry


  18. Steve R

    Not sure why anyone would say this place sucks. This place rocks. The girls are HOT, regardless of the trash that is said in the comments area. Listen, this is a clean, excllent strip club. The girls are great. The place is clean. gthe drinks are a tad expensive, but I can certainly put up with that given the quality of the dancers. Sure, there a few that aren’t excellent, but the majority are GREAT! See for yourself. Worse case, you’ll move on after 20 minutes, but I reallyt doubt it.

  19. Jimmy

    The club is set up nicely. but the girls are snobby. Jen is a nasty slut from Dollies. So watch out!!

  20. bigdog

    it sucks

  21. ReRocker

    According to you, it may be well lit, bot COP KILLERS with AK-47s loiter there IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! There are shootouts involving those AK-47 toting cop killers every single day. They also loiter day and night in the surrounding soybean field, too. Military convoys have been blown up by IEDs in that neighborhood! That entire area is easily as bad as, if not worse than, Afghanistan!

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