Kitten’s Gentlemen’s Club



99 Bridge Road, Salisbury, MA 1952


42.8275966, -70.8651036




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Kitten’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. ar

    back in the day

  2. harryharry

    Ok so this is the best place in Salisbury, hands down, for entertainment, good company, or just watching the game. The jello shots are strong and e girl that serves them is smokin-hot with a personality to boot. The place is like the movies in the aspect that it is not too crowded but just filled enough that it’s a good time.The kitchen is open until 10. Which is a plus, since looking at fine women brings out the appetite in me….. :-)This is the best “club” in Salisbury…

  3. Ken

    I love going to Kittens. The staff and girls make you fell really comfortable. I njoy going to the club. I will be back in this weekend, see you then

  4. bill
  5. doug
  6. No More

    wont be back, too many Fatty’s

  7. richard95

    Are you kidding me! I spent $5 to get in here, and I’m ignored. All the girls are more interested in hanging out at the bar and pleasuring their phones than talking to all the patrons.

  8. Jake Marcus

    When you want to relax and stay out of the high end “TENS” this is a GREAT place to come!!! Girls were sooooo friendly and everything was fairly priced!! GREAT TIME!! and I’ll be back

  9. Chip

    Been to alot of clubs this has to be the friendliest ever.I will be back always

  10. app

    Some of the greatest dancers ever

  11. XhXeXy

    wow you can tell these are old reviews because i went to kittens last month and there were lots of dogs no kittens ….if your in salibury go to tens dont waste your time or money going to this dump … drinks are way over priced and if you like air dances from fat chicks with track marks on there arms than this is your place ….save your money go to tens and see so real strippers !!!!!!!!

  12. Herb

    First time to the area great place

  13. Guido

    Went there for the first time last week…private dances are a waste of money – you would get more contact at a nursing home. There is contact at the Foxy and other clubs in MA, why is Kittens like a convent? They should be a raunchier alternative to Tens

  14. Roy.

    Been there over the weekend. Had a ball. I recomen all to go and see for yourself.

  15. jay
  16. jessica
  17. dean

    Place was awesome. Girls are hot. Nice variety.

  18. danny
  19. stan gagnon

    i had a great time i loved the dancer talitah

  20. qtinparadise1

    I just wanted to let u know that i was in your club on Friday night and it was my first time in a club like that and for a girl its hard to hang in a club like that but it fun and the girls you have there are amazing they are all diffrent there are three girls that are awsome maddison,lacey and the waitress i think her name is melissa i just wanted to let you know they all mad me feel like i was at home and very welcome i will be comming there again soon and im gonna tell my friends to go to thank you for a great time

  21. sarah
  22. Hank

    Me and my boys had such a goodtime last Friday night that this is our new Friday night hang out.

  23. sam
  24. Sean

    I had the best private dance with Remy ! She was amazing..sweet and beautiful!

  25. Mickey

    Was in the other night, had a great time. They also had a great shower show. Will be back soon. Keep up the good work. Also the place isn’t to costly like other clubs.

  26. wifeandi
  27. Jack

    Go check out April on Thursday nights! She is a hot little red head who makes the trip very worth it!!!


    Drinks and food are good too.

  28. billy
  29. lilly
  30. me

    Girls just keep getting better

  31. hello kitty... I went by the other day to check it out after someone recommended the place and they had a wet t-shirt contest or something going on, it was ok …what I really liked was the hot girl with the flaming nipples act…lol!

  32. Justin
  33. josh
  34. Pervert

    Keep up the good work everyone. Was in only 7 girls working they were so pretty wish there was more.

  35. Holy Shit

    Did you even go to high school? Did you take any classes or fry your brain all day? This rant looks pretty drug induced! and written by a 10 year old! You make all strippers look bad, oh and btw all strip clubs are ot for the money! they dont care as long as u pay them, but you have the right to refuse to pay if they cant provide customers! they cant charge you money you dont make sweety grow a brain and stop letting them take your money

    oweing a house fee? yeah right that makes it not even worth the gas to get there!

  36. Keith
  37. jon
  38. Katie
  39. john smith
  40. Michael
  41. Bill W.

    Does Sky still work there?

  42. jim

    Been there many times. Great place.

  43. pat
  44. vincent
  45. igor34

    This place was full of rude assholes. We brought a group of about a dozen people that spent good money there for birthdays. The DJ called us freaks, even though he looks like a busted midget. We were constantly harassed by the shot lady with lumpy tits to buy shots. She was a fucking harpy. The reason we came was for the $50 shower show. We get there and the DJ tells us it’s $100. None of the dancers were that good looking anyways. One of the dancers was a complete rude bitch to me. So we got my friends air dance from another girl. A different dancer was straight up creepy and made everyone run away from perverts row.The place was pretty dead on a Saturday and they were shocked by our “large” group. None of us will be coming back here.

  46. wayne

    laid back club with great hospitality

  47. JA

    Great Girl’s…. Good Prices……. Good Food… I’ll Be Back.

  48. Slimey
  49. Sting

    This place rocks

  50. l
  51. M.k.>

    Great place

  52. david

    Tonight was the first time i have ever been to a stripclub and when i entered the club i was treated great the door guy was very nice the dancers are very friendly i got a vip dance from maddson i think thats her name well she is a great person also the shots are great i have never seen or had anything like that befor i didnt get her name but wow is all i have to say i think it is a great place i will be back again thank you for a great night

  53. george
  54. Darren

    Hands down this is the best club, no club can compare. they can try but can’t compete. check it out

  55. Rod

    I’ve been to alot of clubs and Kittens is a nice club, don’t listen to the bull from other dancers or customers.I think instead of remodeling you should just build it bigger. Good luck

  56. ed

    went in on a weekday afternoon

    staff was friendly

    girls were ok not great, no real standouts

    would have bought a dance but no one really asked and I wasn’t that eexcited about them

  57. yhc

    great music last night

  58. jason
  59. gurick
  60. p
  61. Seth

    back to ten’s for me I guess… a little easier on the eyes there

  62. PK

    No money here

  63. Amateur #1

    Great Place Great People…

  64. Bartender

    This comment is going to the ex-dancer. First of all I am not a bitch , I am just doing my job and when a dancer is late they are fined money.So either be on time or don’t take it personally. And for the door man he is not ridiculously inapproprite, he is a nice, friendly man who wouldn’t give you the time of day. And lets talk about broken ribs, i don’t think you would be able to dance with broken ribs, but who knows some how you did. Maybe you never made good money because you never looked in the mirror before, this is a strip club not a daycare center. a little make-up would help and maybe take a brush to hair. So Jocelyn thank you for calling me a bitch on the computer because,now i know you have no balls.

  65. nate
  66. Eric

    The new girls are HOT!!!!

  67. dancer
  68. steve

    great place great time

  69. f
  70. rick

    greta place. melissa and brooke were awesome. i will be back to see them.

  71. E&J

    Great Place To Hang-Out…. (Use your imagination)… Great Staff..Dancers.. Hostess is Hot!

  72. former emloyee/dancer

    I worked here for a full year- the tip out is only 35 dollars- which is great, yes, but when theres consecutevely no one stepping foot in the club and themanagement makes you owe the house fee-its total I think to keep the girls happy, they should try giving them at least a 30 dollar shift pay, at least for the day shift girls- when there really arent any customers- and what few did come in for the day shifts-they dont want dances- you cant even sneak a slight brushing up against a guys crotch for cryin out loud, i mean the bouncers stare you and custie down in the mirror- very uncomfortble vip dancing room- I personally got really burnt out in there- working day shift there would be like a majority of the time only 2 other dancers- which means every 25 min- your back up on stage again for like 3 songs {10 min or so} your so tired you get burnt quick there- night shift on the other hand i thi nk is fine you can do good there- i think they need to hire more girls for day shift – maybe if they waive the house fee on day shifts they can get a good solid crew of lik 8 day girls, that rock- i mean god forbid a party a guy come in theyll walk right back out when they see there are only 3 girls on who are run down from doing so many staqges- also when you have to go on stage every 5 min.since theres only 2 or 3 other girls on you dont have time to sut and talk with custies and like hustle back rubs and dances-oh yeah and they also had these hot stunt bike rirs do a show there who brought in mad peeps and didnt even throw them a hundred bucks each or even 50 bucks a piece woulda been nice- these people are like out to make a dollar and dont care who they step on along the way-for real. they are alll about collectin the damned house fee- and if your a solid chic thats been there every day for them and help0ed bring people in there that normaly never woulda travel out there- they need to recognize that an reward valued employees, or else they will lose them all , ,like they have. i mean they caught one of their top money maker girls or maybe even 2 with shit on them at work- um hello? 99 percent of dancers use drugs – get a clue and get over it- if you searched every girl every time she works , we d all be fired mother fuckrs. come on- they coulda gave them 2 a warning- you all know what 2 i am talkin about , they were smokin hot, and nice to top it off- what they caryy in thier purse is o ones business. well that my view- i loved workin there- but they do gotta ease up on crackin down so hard i mean we are stripp[ers- not enrolled in a nazi boot camp people- .maybe this sounds like a wretched review but hey i spoke my mind o them- i said listen this is ridiculous its me and like 2 other girls every day- yall gotta start dishin outta shift pay- w3aive the house fee, get more people in here, or something- iwas like dead broke and tired. having you work with only 2 other girls on all day- ten making you fork over the whoppin 17 dollars you made that day and walk out owing the remaini ng 25 dollars toward house fee- its l.ike you just cant ever get caught up in there- your always falling behind-

  73. adam
  74. remdog

    the club sucks because they employ that little whore remy

  75. jacob
  76. catch
  77. kenny

    this club rocks…

  78. tom
  79. Disgruntled ex-dancer

    Okay, first of all, let me admit that I am a disgruntled ex-dancer here. I quit because after breaking 2 ribs and having to take a week off, I came back and management insisted that I owed them missed shift fees for the days that I couldn’t work. Hello? I had broken ribs, what do you expect me to do. The fees weren’t a big deal, I had the money to pay them, but I couldn’t morally stay with a club that treats their dancers so poorly. While I worked there, customers repeatedly told me that Kittens had a high turnover rate for dancers, and I never really understood why until now. So my message to dancers: please don’t work there. And to customers: please don’t go there. Most of the girls (with a few exceptions) are mediocre, and a good portion openly use cocaine. I have even found needle covers in the bathroom trashcans. They allow smoking in the dressing rooms, although illegal, and the nonsmoker dancers just have to suffer. Business is uniformly slow on weekdays, but picks up a little on Friday and Saturday nights. Even as the top earner, $400/shift is the absolute maximum. An average day is closer to $150. The club allows too many freeloaders in. There is one bartender that is constantly bitchy to all the dancers and she is hard to deal with. The doorman is ridiculously inappropriate. He thinks he is allowed to harass the dancers in ways that they’d never put up with customers doing. I’ve seen him trying to dry-hump some of the girls before. Kittens is just overall a bad strip club, for customers and dancers.

  80. sexed
  81. shawn

    club was awesome girls were great

  82. zack
  83. Horny

    Love it

  84. mike c

    girls were nice one was so sexy Its all I can think of LOL

  85. howie
  86. Rupert

    This is a nice club. The girls are exotic porkers. They move in mysterious ways even while drunk. I don’t know many people who go to Kittens and come out unhappy. Well, the one guy who got punched doesn’t count. But overall, it’s a total schnitz. You WILL like it I bet.

  87. travelingguy

    I was there in August on a week night. The girls were hot and very friendly. The club itself needs cleaned up and they really need to think about checking the cleanliness of the restrooms at least on occasion.

  88. masaro
  89. dave

    great place, great staff,. i enjoy brooke and melissa working together they crack me up.

  90. jake
  91. sleepy

    like the shower shows

  92. Customer

    I was happy when i went to the club very nice, ladies were sweet and very hot

  93. Racer 06082

    ## 1 Tammy ##1 Kittens was our 2nd stop of the night. Bad call on our part about the OTHER place in town. Kittens was Steller!! atmosphere was grat and the Girls were really friendly not snobby. They all showed they had talent in their stage shows. cover was nice and low, Beers werent 8 bucks each( like the other place). lap dances … thumbs up!! Ill be back.

  94. ill tell u why

    Because they pay you to rent your stage, if they are not there they are not renting your stage! Stop ripping off the girls and making them owe you a shift pay when they don’t even work the shift. And if your not supplying customers they don’t have to pay you a house fee that day, you dont pay by the hour or by the shift, why would a dancer pay a shift pay when there were two customers who came in the whole shift! Get real! Im not showing my pussy to pay your morgage im showing it to pay mine! Get some customers in there and no one could complain! DO SOMETHING! FREE LUNCH, 1/2 PRICE DANCES DURING DAY SHIFT! Or heres an idea waive shift fee for girls who do you the favor of doing your crappy day shifts !

  95. Kyle

    Came in the other day and really…Is this club a joke or what? Hardly any attractive girls, most were fat and/old. The few who were cute looked so fuckin bored I thought they were gonna fall asleep. There was no one at the stage except one dirty old man who kept holding his dollar. The bouncer could have said something but doe not seem like the Management cares if the girls make money, only if they shell it out. I won’t be back. Ill go to TENS at least the grls have fun and are happy. Thanks for the crappy time. Hope all the good, attractive girls realize there better right down the road

  96. Guy

    Had a great time with gia and tabatha you guys were great see you again on wed

  97. heidi
  98. Rizzo

    Nice casual atmosphere but too many of the girls are on the heavy side.

  99. joan

    it blows monk fish

  100. hi

    i was in tonight. sky was there. she along with many other girls were worth the trip.

  101. rob
  102. dfg
  103. j

    was in last night… (seemed slow for a friday.) Great girls, very friendly. Haven’t been to Kittens in about a month, saw several new girls working… very hot, good variety. Also heard Gianna’s back on saturday nights. Does anyone know if that’s true? maybe I’ll stop by tonight and check it out…

  104. Johnnyboy123

    Five dollar beers.Strangest strip club I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been to Bangkok. We walk in and sit at a table by sniffer’s row and the girl on stage was complaining, “I’m so fuckin bored!” What!?!? It wasn’t before long that these vampyre’s draped themselves all over our table – let’s face it, with the clientle, me and my buddy looked like out of work, out of shape porn stars compared to these slack-jawed jokels. Yes, the jello-shot lady, looks like Terri Weigel after all the surgery, with her boobs-apoppin. Otherwise, I’m sure she’s a very nice lady. As mentioned, a few of the ladies were sitting with us, trying to get us to buy them drinks (jager bombs, yeah right), but I aint falling for that one, no matter what you look like – a couple of hotties, but also a couple of chicks that make you wonder outloud, “is that a gun shot wound?” We overstayed – we had four rounds – and got the hell out. Remember: a bag of coke equals a ten inch hog. If you have the former you aren’t going to need the latter with the talent they got here.

  105. will
  106. Terry

    I’ve been here several times. It’s a ghost town.

  107. loyd
  108. Jen

    Kittens is best. Thats a fact

  109. not telling you

    Kittens sucks the owners cant run a club to save their lives why the even are still open is beyond me i wonder how the girls get away with the shit that they fucking do in the VIP room lets see you explain that

  110. deniro
  111. Petesake

    I’ve been around the clubs you hang in there. You haven’t been there long. The club is fun.

  112. slider

    Great place to kick back. Just needs more comfortable chairs.

  113. Jimbo

    When was the last time you were in. 75% of girls are great. And yes the owners are friendly. Try going back.

  114. twisted
  115. Regular

    Linsey, Rusty, Desire, Gianna, Christa I love you all.

  116. tyler
  117. Bruce

    I love going to Kittens. It’s a happening place keep the good work up

  118. flatlander

    I was surprised by this place recently. Their website leaves something to be desired, and they appear to have taken out the shower stage area in the club, which is too bad. However, the LD grind here was probably one of the best in Northern MA, and the staff was super friendly, especially the doorman Rex. He seems like a really great guy. Also, how many places can you go to & see a hot older gal as the jello-shot ($3/shot) girl flashing her HUGE tits and great, tight-as-a-drum ass?? In addition, the other shot girl got *totally naked* onstage and participated in an addition of “two girls-one cup”, which is where they have 2 girls onstage nude & they take turns holding a small, glass cup where you can win a free T-shirt if you manage to get a wadded-up dollar bill into the cup. The place was PACKED on a Saturday nite, but the DJ/sound system was a tad on the loud side. The cover charge was $5, and the drinks started out at around $4. The LDs were $20/song, and they had a decent amount of one-way (dancer to you) contact. Be sure to get a seat in the VIP room that’s around the corner from the entrance, so that you’ll be out of the view of any prying eyes. The birddog near the VIP door didn’t seem to watch the LD action very much. I had a smoking hot LD with a short blonde girl that I think was named “Desire”. She seemed to be a tad on the “high” side, but she was a sweetheart. The club is old & kind of small, but they have a lot of mirrors in the place to make it seem larger. The game room & bar area seemed big as well. Take Exit 58 off of I-95 and go East until you can turn Right onto Route 1 South. Wednesday is amateur nite, and the dancers here didn’t seem to circulate the room very much when they weren’t onstage. There was a dancer there that was from the Ukraine, and she was smokin’ hott!! This is a much better option than the overpriced Tens Show Club up the road from here IMO.

  119. Haydes
  120. slick
  121. Jeff

    Been coming for awhile Wouln’t go anywhere else

  122. Good thing
  123. James

    The food was good, the girls were nice but not much to look at. I dont know why Madison is so overrated, i didnt find her appealing at all πŸ™ If I was going for the food I would be back but I wont be cause most of the girls here should not have chose dancing as a job. Guess I will go back down to the beach where they are more selective on who the put on stage

  124. happy customer

    The girls were amazing and great to talk to

  125. jj
  126. joe
  127. Tony

    Was at Kittens last Friday night, Saw a great shower show . The girls did a great job. See you all again soon.

  128. bob
  129. Fanny Productions

    I like this place. Old school is best. Sure, improvements can be made. Lots of contact with the girls.

  130. patty
  131. jamie
  132. user
  133. Biker

    Stopped by Sunday plenty of girls, clean and the best steak and cheese. What more do I need.

  134. Owen

    Some nice girls. Rocking club.

  135. Mike
  136. Peter

    Great place to relax after a day at the beach!!! Loved every minute

  137. stephen
  138. paul
  139. Jy

    Good time

  140. Jim K

    I had a great time Thursday. Can’t wait to come by Saturday

  141. Kate

    Had a great time

  142. Richard

    Kittens is a fun place, every one is great. Even the door man makes you feel good. The dances are also friendly

  143. shane

    The girls are very friendly and outgoing. A few hot, a few not but the overall quality of girls was great. I’d recommend going on a Saturday night; the best girls work that night and the shower shows make it worth the trip.

  144. Leo

    Was at the club over the weekend, had a great time. I will be telling all my friends about Kittens. The girls and staff are great. They also had a couple of great shower shows, I’ve not seen one of those in ages. Kittens keep up the good work. I will be back soon.

  145. holly
  146. slimeyplace
  147. stiffy
  148. phil

    Been there the last 3 sat. nites it’s packed.

  149. timmy
  150. ryan123

    As I compose this review, I will say I’m torn. No, not over any moral or ethical type stuff for going to a strip club; we’re in the 2000s, and I think we’re well beyond looking down our noses at these places. And I’m not going to lie, I like looking at boobs while having a beer or four with friends. No, I’m torn over the conundrum that is Kittens, the place you want to like, but where you’re likely to see something that makes you say “WTF?”. For instance: – The jell-o shot lady. A raven haired lass who wanders the place with a tray of shots, suggesting you buy one for her, yourself, a dancer, or all of the above. I’m convinced she frequently samples the goods. She’s cool and entertaining on many levels…I could go into detail, but I’ll stop at the part where she flashes her ginormous boobs when you buy a shot…or not.- The Kittens House Brew. Cheap, but…different. – Lap dances that don’t involve any contact. For $20, they basically make you sit down while they gyrate in front of you. What kind of torture is this? I’d rather be waterboarded. As for the ladies, while New England winters are notoriously harsh on things in the region, including the people, there are a few bona-fide cuties in the place. There’s something for everyone, and some of the dancers had me building houses out of $1s at the tip rail. My version of Habitat for Humanity, if you will. But the thing that has me so torn, so conflicted, was what I witnessed on one of my first visits…While sitting at the stage enjoying the show, I noticed one of the dancers off to one side bearing a large cake. Cool, must be someone’s birthday, she’s probably gonna take it back to the dressing room. But when she sits the cake down at a table, and other ladies start arraying gifts around it, I’m now thinking it must a birthday thing for a customer. But that was not the case. Instead, it turned out one of the dancers…very pregnant at the time…was the recipient of an impromptu baby shower thrown by her co-workers. While it was cool that her friends did it for her, it was conflicting, to say the least, to have a very naked dancer thrusting her vajayjay in your face, and have a young lady unwrapping and fawning over baby clothes five feet away. Me and my friends have always had a good time when we go here. The people are cool, and the beer is cold. Swing by if you’re in the area. But that baby shower was the second most surreal thing I’ve witnessed in a strip club. So if you go and see someone bring in a cake, run.

  151. matt
  152. dick
  153. Jimmy

    i just have to say the shot girl lacey is something else i have never had a shot like that befor i have to say i will go there to see her anytime it would be great to see her dance to

  154. k
  155. larry

    great place, very homey atmosphere

  156. john

    went last night to kittens n haven’t been in awhile… fell in love with a few beautiful strippers (italian? maybe spanish?… regardless, these girls were amazing and gorgeous) I was happy to see many few faces. Kittens has definitly improved since the last time I went. The girls make it worth the trip

  157. back at cha


  158. re: darren

    and what kinda crack were you smoking? better yet who was smoking you, this place is gross, the owners are nice yes, but the dancers, 90% are fat the other 10% is old has been dancers way past their prime, get some glasses and stop smoking that shit

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