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0 reviews for “Scores

  1. KCfinest

    Overrated, for the hype this place gets…

  2. jake
  3. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  4. thndjfthk
  5. james1412

    Planned a bachelor party here, and the process was relatively easy with the help of Tara. Here are pros, cons, and tips:Pros:1. With the purchase of one of the VIP packages, our party was picked up in two SUVs which was wonderful. On time too!2. We were greeted by the manager (who was very welcoming) and Tara, and were seated front row near the stage.3. The ladies were beautiful, polite, and not aggressive.4. Very clean space despite rumors. Cons:1. Expensive – Around $300 for a bottle. It is indeed a money pit but worth it for special events.2. Our “personal waitress” for the night was wonderful up until she didn’t know I had purchased the VIP package online, and became aggressive with me about paying for the two bottles that were part of the package.3. You are charged a Pre-Authorization fee ($400) if you choose to use a card. This was removed from my card 5 days later. Tips:1. If you buy one of the VIP packages online, bring a printed receipt with you AND save the online receipt you receive after paying in your email. After showing this to the manager, our waitress apologized to us, and we received free passes for our next visit.Overall, it was a great time. The groom had a blast. 3 stars for the ladies and accommodations. 2 stars were removed for the prices and aggressive waitress at the end of the night.

  6. joseph1k

    We ended up here on 7/3 as a spontaneous thing since one of our friends is getting married the following week we thought it b fun to go & check out some strippers , why not right ?? We stopped by around at 730-745 there was no admission this was a plus , not sure why tho maybe because it had just open or maybe because we were girls ? No clue either way good that we didn’t pay. The place itself is not bad, nice setting , couches & stage. Once seated we got some drinks , Jack & Diet not bad & some Stella Beer can’t go wrong. Our waitress was great , nice & friendly .One girl sat with us & she was pretty cool friendly as well. The few girls that danced on stage looked bored out of their minds I mean I get it it was early & not a lot of people there but at least pretend to look somewhat interested & not like u are being tortured. As far as our time there it was ok served it’s purpose for such a last minute thing. Now my reason for the low rating next day I checked my credit card & there was a $400 dollar pending charge from “Roberts Restaurant” needless to say I was like WTF when I realized it was for Scores after checking my receipt I was pissed our bill was $65 w tip how the F @@ K do u get $400 from that !!!!I purposely waited to add the review since I had to see what happened with this huge mishap in the end it took 4 days for the charge to clear with the right amount but even so that’s so shady to add such a huge hold on an acct . If u stop by this joint make sure to keep your receipt & double check that you are not being grossly over charged.

  7. james
  8. goldfingers aust

    when we were in new york great hospitality was shown to our directors great club very proffessionaly run good stuff

  9. nicole s.

    I believe they have reopened….. haven’t been back yet…. stay tuned 🙂

  10. Franklyn

    You know that strip club drinks will be pricey, but I would not complain if only they were up to date, cocktail culture style drinks with good ingredients. Every high end bar or lounge has gone in this direction in the last 10 years. Not the case here. Just canned drink mix and canned juice. No effort went into managing the beverages. It’s the level of quality you’d expect in a dive bar. At 3x the price I want a little effort from the bartender and bar manager.The girls do not give any vibe that they are relaxed or happy or anything that might help create the illusion of a real interaction. It’s closer to the attitude of a lunch lady in a cafeteria. They are hot but that’s all. It’s hard to get turned on by that. Again I would say that is down to poor management. You can feel it when the girls hate coming in to work at a clubNYC doesn’t have great strip clubs, since the industry is so overregulated and the bad clubs still make money. But, you can do better than Scores. Unfortunately they will keep on advertising heavily and drawing in suckers who don’t know better. If you have taste, look elsewhere. I would choose Penthouse (good food, nice staff) or Rick’s (good vibe).

  11. BIG MIKE

    Scores was off the hook!!!!! Best experience ive ever had in a gentlemens club!! Drinks were strong Girls were beautifullllllll and the hosts and staff were extremely generous!! Deff my first choice of clubs!

  12. Georgia
  13. AssnTits5

    After hearing about all the good things about Scores on the Howard Stern show, I decided to make a visit while on vacationing in New York. The club is located in Chelsea, near the mid-west part of Manhattan island. To get into the club “sans” the $30 cover charge, I submitted a request through their website earlier that day for voucher that was sent to me, via email. This got me into the club for free.When I walked into the club, I was surprised by how small the central stage area was, when compared to other clubs that I have been to. The seating wasn’t particularly comfortable or good for lap dances. On opposite ends of the stage there were VIP sections for more private dances, but the requirements for getting into these areas was a bottle service fee. Upstairs, there were champagne rooms that cost $600 to get in. The club was also connected to a fancy restaurant.The girls were for the most part what you’d expect from a high end strip club. Very hot with the standard variety. However, there were one or two girls that didn’t fit the standard criteria. I guess they were there for diversity; satisfy customers with particular tastes. The music played was mostly hip hop which isn’t my kind of music. I was hoping to hear songs like ‘Crazy Bitch’ and ‘Girls, girls, girls’. Not tonight.One thing that I recommend if you decide to visit this place, is that when you enter the club, go right to the bar and ask how much drinks are and what the bartenders name is. I bought two drinks at the bar, a beer and a vodka soda for $22. This is standard and expected; $11 drinks. However, later that night when I was sitting at a table near the stage, I order a mixed drink from some waitress that looked like Roselyn Sanches and she came back with it and charged me $18. That pissed me off. But she was so hot, I decided to leave without arguing.Other reviewers also stated that they’ve been ripped off by dancers who charge for more lap dances then they performed. I didn’t have that particular problem. However, one thing that you can do to prevent this is to pay them immediately after each song. This way, there is no question as to how many dances were performed, unless the girl is really dumb when it comes to math.Lessons learned: 1. Ask upfront the bartender how much drinks are and find out their name. This way you can tell Roselyn that you were told by Bob that it would only be $11 and take it up with him and management if there is a discrepancy.2. Pay for your lap dances immediately after each song so that if the girl sucks at math, she can’t rip you off.

  14. Jen T.

    When I came for a vacation to NYC, i knew I had to hit up Scores…being a strip club lover myself. This is the best club Ive been to. The atmosphere is very chill. They have a full stocked bar and cigar case. I loved just chilling watching the hot girls, smoking and drinking. It couldnt get much better.Oh wait, it can. The girls are fucking gorgeous here. Im so picky when it comes to girls, but man, I was drooling. They walk around in cute dressed that slip off easily. Theres no pole on the main stage, so it isnt like most strip joints Ive been to. But man, the girls are so hot. And the lap dances are only $20. Being from Cali, this is cheap, esp since they get topless on you. Here where Im from..its strict no touchy no topless on you….oh well….This is just a cool place to hang even, the girls werent pushy and again, I loved smoking and looking at hot chicks. I am definately coming here every time I head to NYC.

  15. the advisor

    this is the best club i have been to !!!!!

  16. josh
  17. jason

    stopped by scores for dinner a few weeks ago and was amazed at how good everything was…. the food was sickk and the girls were hott!!!! i spent 2 hours with a molly the massage girl and her magic hands

  18. Brian

    It’s ok

  19. T R.

    Granted, this was the first (and only) club of its kind I’ve ever frequented. Granted, I’m a girl, and I’m straight, and I’m a feminist, and I can’t believe I’m even reviewing this. But here’s your info: they kept three young girls and two guys who knew people there outside the club for a while for no good reason (to make it look like there was a line?), and then when we got in, we found out that apparently, the “hot” girls get off at 1:30. Not for me. But consider the source, I guess.

  20. XhXeXy

    I wish I could give this place zero stars. Me and a friend were chatting with a guy at the bar who knew EVERYBODY in this place. He was shaking hands with the managers walking by, knew the bartenders by name etc. Anyway, he was ordering drinks for me and my friend all night long, and we were obviously under the impression that these drinks were comped or he was paying for them (not once did we order, he was ordering with “Jenny” for us.) After a little while he called over two of the girls who he also knew by name and asked them to give us lap dances. Here I am thinking we are in heaven. After our sessions we walk back up to the bar and our friend is gone. We thought this was strange but it wasnt closing time yet so we had two more drinks and then asked for our bill. Bill comes and there it is: $280. I asked if they knew where our “friend” went because I was under the impression that the majority of the tab was his. The bartender AND the two managers seemed to have amnesia and had no idea who I was asking about. I told them I refused to pay for drinks and lapdances I did not order, and that I KNOW they knew the guy who was with us. Again, they denied they did. Then they took us to a corner of the club, sat us down and began to threaten us (mind you they had already run my card, I was simply refusing to sign it.) The manager threatened our health, our jobs, and even our lives. I tipped generously (because it isn’t like it was the bartenders fault that somebody had obviously run a scheme on us) and then we walked out. Its been almost 24 hours and I still cant stop thinking about how effed up this situation was. I really hope this place gets busted AGAIN for running this type of scheme.

  21. Andrew W.

    Can’t say that my review will be the most helpful, but i’m throw’n it out there anyway. I went to a socialites birthday party here. and it was fun. I will have to say it wasn’t a regular night because the place was closed just for the party. But the women were hot and not plastic which I enjoyed. and the space is nicely laid out. Other then that I have some friends that frequent here often. and they have no complaints. 😉

  22. arcoiris

    “the” renaissance of gentlemen clubs. The only genuine Scores brand club in NYC.

  23. paul
  24. XXXbeast

    Money Pit…$50 entrance fee… which was jacked up to $115 for a 2 hour open bar. Either way, you’re being ripped off at the door. And to ice the shit cake, there’s a mandatory $3 coat check. Charging a Ulysses S. Grant to get in the door, and you can’t put my coat on a goddamn hanger for free? I’m not even angry… that’s just flat out sad.The girls: nothing extraordinary for this sector of the entertainment industry. Very attractive? Nice Smelling? Often large-breasted? For certain. But five times better than the handful of other strip clubs I’ve been to, therefore justifying the five-fold price?Psht…The vultures constantly hounded us for dances and massages, sometimes twice within thirty minutes. Waitresses couldn’t get my drink order right (you’d think that for $115, they could discern the difference between a vodka tonic and a vodka soda). And a few times, they just flat out didn’t bring my drink at all. I wound up having only three drinks, two of which were incorrect.Two stars, because dances are still $20, and the stage for the performers is absolutely brilliant. But when you throw a huge heap of trash on top of this highly-polished money-vacuum, it’s hard to ignore the trash.

  25. del
  26. mikey c

    lots of hot different girls to look at on stage and all throughout the club from the front door chicks to the bartenders massage girls and shot girls

  27. Joe

    Hot hot hot!!

  28. Cee L.

    This place is awesome! Everyone was so nice and chill and for a high end strip club, they made me feel very comfortable. Girls were great, bar was awesome and the staff were very warm and welcoming. The place itself is gorgeous, especially the VIP area. Will definitely be back!

  29. patrick

    it s FUN to be SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. amazing

    i love Scores!!!!!!!!!! Girls are warm and nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. fritter17

    Cover was $20Dancers were mediocre, if that. No pole on Sunday. Have seen better. Closed around 3am.Wouldn’t recommend.

  32. maxxy1

    Went on a Saturday night -I’ll tell you all you need to know:$30 cover$20 a song for a lapdance$29 for my patron on the rocks and my friend’s Amstel lightThe cocktail waitresses are hotter than the dancers There’s a girl for everyone there and some are working harder than others. Mostly petite or tall and thin. But the ones that can make it clap, made it clap. Lots of girls with big titties and I love big titties.Hip hop music all night Have tits and ass on your faceMy friend took home 2 strippers because she’s a pimp (but one of them had body odor and needed some serious deodorant)

  33. billtheguy12

    $30 cover (even for girls), $20 drinks. The stage was really nice and the girls beautiful, but it very much had the atmosphere of a sports bar and that took away from the fun. I don’t like sports TV mixed in with my strippers.

  34. JimDundy

    The legendary Scores club was great, but unfortunately permanently closed down during the pandemic. It was a lot of fun when the hot Girl Next Door girls from Le Rouge Lounge, the original Lido Lounge, were dancing there.

  35. harryharry

    Me and my buddy went last night to check the place out, everything was fine until one dancer schemed up to rip my friend off for an extra $20 pleading that she did 2.5 ( go figure) songs ,the dancer unhesitatingly called one of those bouncers on the floor of and he said ‘Yaw!!, what’s going on?”, like he was trying to embarrass or something, so I had to grab my own wallet and pay the extra 20 bucks just to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness . To add insult to the injury, another dancer who did another lap dance for my friend minutes before that saw what happned and she took advantage of the situation byrequesting an extra $20, also with the same justifications, I was really shocked at that ,moment !! I had to talk with one person from the management named ”George” and I tried to explain that there might be a slight misunderstanding here and the dancers did the extra thing for my friend since he bought her a drink ($18),and also clarified that my friend wasn’t paying attention to songs’ endings and beginnings and I implied that I’m interested in your club and I and my friend will come again and again if you consider to waive that extra ,shockingly and in a very rude manner he replied back with ” NO!! you have to pay to the ladies’.’ Surprisingly, my friend was out of cash for the extra 20 so he handed the guy his credit card, when we got the receipt there was an extra $4 on the bill !!I hope this review will help the management to do better and adopt a different strategy when it comes to customer’s satisfaction .Here’s my email

  36. Bobby Left Foot

    Club was dead till i left at 2 am… All kids who couldn’t get into the surrounding clubs started coming in… Going to Cheetahs or Hustler…

  37. HandsDownTopClub

    Can’t compare apples to bananas. Scores is a step up from the usual dime lap dance and the food at Robert’s is exactly what the reviews have posted online at Time Out New York Top 100.

    I took some clients there between 5-7pm you don’t even know you’re in gentlemen club 🙂

  38. mathewater12

    $30 cover (even for girls), $20 drinks. The stage was really nice and the girls beautiful, but it very much had the atmosphere of a sports bar and that took away from the fun. I don’t like sports TV mixed in with my strippers.

  39. eddyL

    Boring, terrible talent, dead on a Friday night… Why is New York so fail?

  40. winston12

    Atleast this scores has a more classy and upscale atmosphere than the one in Chicago.

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