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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Venus Sports Bar

  1. Temptress

    went with a friend one night…dancers we’re hot but it’s not a nude club like it says…only tops came off. but still had a great time.

  2. Franklyn

    So I came here with some friends to watch the USC loss to Stanford. Well overall we had a great time, it just wasnt our teams night. None the less we had a good time. Primarily because it was one of my friends birthday. Since we ended up having a bunch to drink (countless pitchers it seems $7.75 domestic crap or $9.75 for imports or good domestics) we kinda lost track. They had a bunch of good options as well, primarily the usual suspects. Pro Tip: $20 minimum for a cred card charge for grub or booze, but there is an ATM on site.I ended up ordering the fried shrimp basket. It came with fries. It was quite tasty. However it was a bunch of mini shrimps, but that actually fit in perfectly for watching the game. The fries were standard crinkle-cut (not something you find very often these days). Pro Tip #2: There is a separate portion of the bar considered the “sportslounge” which is separate from the “adult entertainment” portion.The sportslounge portion of the bar has about 9 or 10 TVs in it as well as a partial bar. There are also a couple of pool tables in this area as well.Overall some of the waitresses/dancers were very helpful fun and entertaining. And some were not. This was definitely an enjoyable night out, with the exception of my team tanking it and loosing =\

  3. eddyL

    Waitress Megan is chill and place is dive bar style but if u wanna chill with friends do happy happy hour and watch foot ball with passionate fans.. Will come back

  4. larry1

    Prices could be a bit better, but they have good food.Tacos Tuesday is a good night.Good looking girls.Good looking bartenders.

  5. Kenneth M.

    I give the food here 5 stars. I repeat, I give the FOOD here 5 stars. Order the Carne Asada Nachos and you won’t be disappointed. By far the best nachos I’ve ever had in my life! My friends won’t believe me and think it’s disgusting to eat at a strip club for for strippers going into retirement but trust me the food there is really good. Drinks are super stiff and super cheap. I come here for 4 vodka sodas and walk out with a pretty good buzz. Don’t get caught slippin with your beer goggles! There’s always 2 pretty girls out of the 7 that works there. You’ll most likely catch them on a weekend. Anyways my review was about the food if your thinking about the girls enter at your own risk.

  6. Aaron C.

    Wow, this place is amazing. I went here because of thier NFL Sunday ticket (expecting a sports bar), because I wanted to watch the Seahawks and I was on business in Orange County. The food is excellent, so are the beers. The strippers serve your food and drinks while you watch football, then dance during the night games. Girls, Food, Beer, and Football?! You gotta be kiddding me, it’s like heaven for men! I went there all 3 weekends I was there and got to know some of the regulars, which were a bunch of shit talkers. Loved it!

  7. Jason M.

    This is the only place I go to drink, when I do. Its convient for me, with in walking distance. Been going here for like 10 years on and off. Its a cool spot to drink, shoot pool, catch a game on tv and just hang out. The girls are cool to hang with and shoot pool. All and all, a good place to have a good time.

  8. Eva R.

    Larry: There’s a girl out there who calls herself Venus, what’s her real name? Alice: Pluto. It’s decieving in that it actually has alot more space on the inside than you would assume on the outside but I’ll get back to that. I really detest the front area as you walk in- where I have to show my ID to a guy sitting in a box – really? I think the fact that I’m going to have some random girls bum in my face is impersonal enough – or maybe I was just peeved that I went into a strip joint and the first face I see is that of a man and not of a scantily clad beautiful woman with boobs up to her neck? Could be.I believe aside from all of the strippers, there weren’t too many other females – doesn’t matter. I should of came a little later as it seemed there was only about 2-3 girls actually dancing and since there wasn’t that many patrons in the place they all just did this little sway dance instead of really getting into the music or working the pole. Ho-hum.There was sports on TV but since I don’t watch any on my own time, I didn’t know what the hell was going on so that wasn’t entertaining either – The fact that I even noticed there was anything on TV told me I wasn’t impressed with what was going on – on stage. Like I said though, it could just be the timing as I got there for happy hour. The bartenders were two females and they were very friendly and attentive. Especially the one in the turquoise thong. I wish I could remember her name but I really like the color turquoise (on a thong) and well, beer. So put those two together and I’m bound to forget names. The happy hour special that we got was a pitcher of Hefenweizen for 9 dollars which I think was fairly decent given that it was about 4? or so beers (2 each). I spent some of the time drinking my beer, and scanning the area – this is where my observation of the place being much bigger than anticipated came in. I noticed there were a couple of games of pool going on behind me and that there was a whole other section towards the back. I was trying to figure out if this is where they gave private dances because, well – it didn’t look too private if I could see if from the bar stool that I was sitting on. I also noticed that there seemed to be an extra bar down that area – though I could just be conjuring this up on my own equivalent to the mirage of water in the hot desert. I finished my beer and proceeded to leave. I won’t say that I left disappointed because I really didn’t have any expectations when I came in. I’m just making notations of things that I witnessed on my random visit, though I think if I really want to give it an honest review I’d probably have to go later at dark – as the song says ‘the freaks come out at night’ – If i wanted to see a bunch of old white guys drinking watching football i could of stayed in Pasadena.

  9. winston12

    I liked it I came here after seeing the ad in the OC Weekly I love the Weekly its all things smut in the OC. I tried it out on a Sunday afternoon there where quite a few guys in there watching Football and I sat at the front bar, had a couple of Newcastle’s in a mug they were on special and a very hot bartender don’t remember the name but she was very nice. Saw about 4 girls dance and they were all lookers especially the very beautiful Karma from Korea she sat next to me before her set and was very nice girl, I would definitely go back and try them out again.

  10. rogerrab2

    Didn’t see any attractive girls there. The bartender was up in age. Like a Asian liquor store owner that wore fishnets to work.

  11. curtis17

    Love my girl Ivette sole reason of our visits this place has awesome HOT bartenders Cherry is my favorite! Melissa and brandy are super sexy. Tony is beautiful and super fit this girl runs marathons on the regular! not sure if she’s bartending or server.. food is AMAZING!!! Gustavo is one of my favorite cooks. Lalo will do when he’s not there lol. Hugo is the best Manager of them all. always so friendly and respectful.. love their wings bomb steak n lobster yummy

  12. fritter17

    A friend introduced me here to play pool free on Sundays. It’s on ok place with decent music. I don’t really enjoy drinking alcohol very much and a lot of the customers and girls can get really drunk sometimes. I’ve seen a guy get banned from ordering more drinks because he was being rowdy. I don’t really like the topless places, but if you want to just watch the game and get some chicken wings then this is the place for you.It isn’t really the safest venue because I saw a fight break out in the bathroom and ended with the bouncer pulling two guys off each other and a pool of blood on the floor. That’s not really what I want to see when I just want to try to enjoy a night out.

  13. joseph1k

    I and my girl friend going here for almost 3 years! Not that often but whenever we go we will have a great time! no harassment and just having good time!

  14. yanard12

    The Venus Lounge is great for Sunday football for adults. This place is easy to find on Beach Blvd. All white building, plenty of parking and well lite at night. Clean on the inside with plenty of TV screens.Dez, Corina, Lalo and George do a fabulous job keeping the customers happy.Drinks are great! Food and Sunday breakfast are real good.I just wish the two giant screens in the main room stayed down longer on Sunday till 4:30p.Its still one of the coolest spots to watch NFL Sunday.Try it once and I think you’ll be back again.

  15. fuckery12

    Mid-week & early HH; 5pm- there is no cover & the girls are sub-par. They’re trying…but the patrons know that its the B-team on staff. Watched a gal try to work it as 2 guys split a $9 pitcher of beer. Neither of them got a lap dance and if it wasn’t for those Lucite heels, I’d have thought they were just hanging out. 2 pool tables in the back, which I can imagine get busy IF this place was packed. A overall nice layout & a cool place. Will be back to check out the A-team. 😉 Y’all got potential to be a fun trainwreck.

  16. Todd

    All mexican chicks, no variety, Saw a cute black chick she was to upscale to dance in Venus. Food was good. The asian bartenders are a little sleazy, expected more!!

  17. Joe schmoe
  18. richard95

    I am blind. The girls were so hot. My vision restored. The girls were off the hook. OMG

  19. AssnTits5

    dive bar atmosphere with a mix of sportsbar and 2 pool tables. gets busy for whatever game/ufc.alcohol is decently priced. except import mugs will set you back $8.50. but they run plenty of specials during sporting events. bartenders are cool, courteous.stage is small, and dancers don’t dance during events. feels more of like a bar with some dancing not a full out strip club. its a bar roided on boobies.

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