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5901 Emerald Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89122


36.0865977, -115.0437077




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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31 reviews for “Minks Las Vegas

  1. Duke

    Andrea is the best mexican and Sicilian in a thong

  2. Ashley

    at the sports bar side the people were friendly the atmosphere is very sporty, and the food is pretty good, limited menu with tons of goodies live music and waitresses are pretty sexy but not in a uncomfortable way. Sarah was my waitress. like the people James was very nice and the prices are moderate. .. free drink for checking in…feel very comfortable as a female here tables are great chairs are as comfortable as home. TV’s everywhere extreme collection of sports stuff shirts pictures well-lit separate from the Gentlemans club

  3. asdf
  4. HONEY
  5. Anonymous

    This is a great club and a must visit if you are ever in Las Vegas!!

  6. james1412

    at the sports bar side the people were friendly the atmosphere is very sporty and the food is pretty good limited menu with tons of goodies live music and waitresses are pretty sexy but not in a uncomfortable way.sarah was my waitress.. like the people James was very nice and the prices are moderate. .. free drink for checking in…feel very comfortable as a female here tables are great chairs are as comfortable as home.. TV’s everwhere extreme collection of sports stuff shirts pictures well lit separate from the gentlemans club

  7. fred
  8. StripClub431

    I will be going to Babes Cabaret with my brother and best friend who is getting married. Will be there around 4pm on March 6th.. my buddy lives close and from the looks of it it seems pretty damn cool. I will write my experience later. FYI Babes Cabaret i looove woman in bikinis! Lol 5stars for now. Lets try to keep it that way lol.

  9. Andrew Vegas

    I am a local here in Vegas and I must say this club is very locals friendly. They remodeled the club and have a whole new lineup of girls. Drinks are regular bar prices not outrageous strip club prices and the girls are super friendly. No hustle here, all friendliness.

  10. Wes

    Nice new club, friendly girls, minimal silicone!

  11. danny

    when in vegas again will definetly go there again shy was most excellent as were the other girls hostess was very nice too

  12. Alex Y.

    Visiting vegas from NY and wanted to go to a local strip club instead of those big name ones. I had a good time, one dancer I think her name was miss chrissy or krissy, well she was hot as hell. But pretty dead night when I went. Would come back if I ever come back to vegas

  13. rogerrab2

    I’m really not sure why this place has so many poor reviews. My dad and two uncles and I went there on a Thursday night and had a blast. Two or three of the girls were super attractive, a few others were pretty hot, and then there are a couple that weren’t all that great but overall it was a good experience. All of our expectations were pretty low based on the reviews but after going there we all enjoyed ourselves so I’d recommend this place.

  14. Brent

    This club is the best! great prices / hot girls, what else do you need?!

  15. Jessica R.

    I’ve been here twice, once a few years ago and again recently with the boy and one of his friends. I like that the interior is dark and there are music videos playing on various screens along the walls with interesting light fixtures. This is important because a lot of the girls don’t look that interested, interesting, or happy, so it’s a nice diversion. The first time I came, we had a hookah in the back and enjoyed it. One girl in particular looked especially mopey and danced solely to depressing emo songs. The rest are hit or miss depending on your preferences. I’m sure the cream of the crop aren’t particularly drawn to working this location due to it’s being far off-the-beaten path.+ For getting hookah while you get a lapdance. + For the attached store.

  16. Arizona Jay

    Went to this club for amateur night yesterday and it was off the hook! There were a lot of hot bitches in the contest and the crew at the club put on a great show, we will be back!

  17. TVan

    Closed after a shooting a couple of years ago. Tommy Van

  18. doug
  19. Jesus

    Very nice club, girls are pretty and young.

  20. fisherdex1

    Really good hookah and the girls were super cute. Came in on a Monday and had a great time with my fiancé. Looking forward to coming back 🙂

  21. maxxy1

    This place is awesome not to big not to small. The staff is super friendly! The DJs are always on point and keepin the energy up! Highly recommend this place too friends good times to be had here!

  22. Mr. Moneypenny
  23. Dawn S.

    My boyfriend and I were visiting Vegas and we went to Babe’s a few nights ago.The building is nice looking on the outside and is in a clean neighborhood. The staff was all friendly and polite, starting with the doorman as we entered. The dancers were all cute and fun. Overall, they had attractive bodies and I enjoyed the topless stage performances. My bf got a lapdance with a beautiful blonde… ‘Elena’ think her name was. She was gorgeous and really fun and sexy. I didn’t try the hookah, but I had a great time and would definitely go back. There were all types of girls at Babes, black, white, Hispanic, young, some cougars, lol, and some Russian and Asian! Some were better dancers than others, but it was all good!

  24. kari b.

    When you hang out with guys, you end up going to strip clubs. Babes is right off Russel on Emerald Ave. You may have heard of it as Babydolls, but they changed their name. It’s a full nude strip club, and patrons only have to be 18+ to get in. If you aren’t a local, expect to pay $20.00 bucks to get in. For locals, I think the cover is $10.00. Your cover includes tickets for two drinks.They have a hookah lounge inside and tables big enough for a large group. They are very helpful with flavor recommendations and setting up the hookah for you, and their flavor selection is pretty nice.The girls are okay. One of them kept coming to our table, trying to work the guys for lapdances I guess, but it got kind of annoying after a while. She didn’t completely ignore me though (she and JC D have one thing in common—they like a nice rack!), and that’s the only reason I’m giving an extra star. One because I have to, one for the hookah, and one because even though the girls work the guys, they don’t leave the girls out.The music is okay, a decent mix of hip hop and alternative. And they have a short time when lap dances only cost $1.00. Of course, it’s just like a minute long, but you get what you pay for.It’s a pretty fun place to hang out if you’ve already got a buzz going: see some decent looking naked chics doing strange athletic things on a pole, get your hookah on, and jam out to okay music.

  25. larry1

    I am going to sum it up like this, yes there are far better and nicer titty bars in Vegas with far better looking dancers but you will be the looser competing with rich ass Asians and Arab’s making it rain. I would rather be the VIP in a shit hole establishment such as Babe’s than feel like a looser all night and at the Spearmint Rhino, ya heard me!! They sell bucket o beers for a good price they also offer hooka service.

  26. PWJ
  27. heather
  28. timmykilla

    Firstly, the strippers are 2s. And that’s being generous. Secondly, the management/bartenders are thieves. I was asked to put a card down to open a tab but was PROMISED that i would not be charged until the end when I decided to cash out. I was planning on paying cash at the end of the night but put down a prepaid gift card just to keep the tab open. I cashed out and payed for my drinks and hookah in cold hard cash. The next day I checked my card statement and, just as I suspected, was charged twice. I even asked before paying cash, “you didn’t charge the card, right?” And they assured me they did not. And yet I was double charged even though I never signed the club copy receipt. Now when I talk to scott (the manager they refuse to refund me. They tell me there’s nothing the can do. YOU CANT GIVE ME MY CASH BACK YOU STUPID F*CKERS!? You’re facility is sickening, your strippers look like bridge trolls, and your bartenders are dusty.

  29. Jermaine

    The club is all new 100% better than the old dump

  30. Johnnyboy123

    My visit was such a letdown! I went to Babes at 8:00pm on a Sunday night, at least there wasn’t a cover charge on this date. When I arrived there was only two other people in the club. I ordered a drink, got change and took a seat at the stage-front. Let me start by saying Babes is a nice looking club. There is a lot of seating that is very comfortable, the stage is large and the bartender was a knock-out. I sat there a half hour nursing my drink and not even one dancer performed. There was “A” girl who walked through the barroom twice while I was there then disappeared into the back room. I was in no way inclined to purchase another drink and left. As I said this club has great appearance but no entertainment when I visited. Besides the bartender the only sexy thing I saw were the posters on the exterior walls in the parking-lot. What a discouragement 🙁

  31. eddyL

    My husband and I went there expecting to spend $1,300. We ended spending $20 and leaving after 45 minutes.We decided to go here because Wednesday nights are advertised as “couple’s night,” and women eat and drink for free. So we arrived around 8 pm on Wednesday night, and as expected, the place was dead. So we went to the bar. Husband ordered a beer, and I ordered a margarita. My expectations were not high when I saw the bartender reach for a martini glass and look up how to make a margarita on her phone. And my drink was full price (yes, I’m a woman).But whatever. We sat down at a table and started watching the girls. For 45 minutes.Not a single girl came up to talk to us. I tipped a particularly attractive dancer, and she thanked me afterwards, the promptly took a chair from our table to sit with the men next to us.We were there for 45 minutes. And there were literally four other customers in the establishment (yes, I counted).Apparently they didn’t want to make any money. Not a single one of them gave us the time of day, in almost an hour.The “couples night” gimmick is a joke, and by the time we left, I was thoroughly disgusted.So now I’m taking my $1,280 to the Palomino, where we’ve always been treated well. So much for trying new places.

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