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0 reviews for “Fantasy Castle

  1. AssnTits5

    Drinks are ok….. the place is nice, the strippers are hot but I think the waitress’s are even hotter!

  2. joseph1k

    I gave it one star because the vibe in this ” fantasy ” castle sucked a big one! The drinks were not mixed well and when I got a lap dance from the stripper Stephanie, she queefed on me ! Would you believe that?! Worst dance ever, worst place ever, worst stripper ever. The girl even had a runny nose !!!!! Never going back here again and I hope Stephanie got some NyQuil with the dollars I wasted on her!

  3. john

    it’s great club i went Monday night nice clean good looking

    girls and drink price great $ 1 beer new promo was amazing

    football night i diffidently recommend it …..

  4. billtheguy12

    I had never danced before and tried it out my first and last time at this place!! . I was there for about a year. I was treated rude by the regulars who consistently kept trying to get me to do allot more than just dance for them. Many of them groped up on me and felt me up when I was off guard and now apparently I’m a conceded bitc* because I wouldn’t let some guy suck on my breast for 15.00 $. Ever since I stopped working here I have been harassed and actually followed by many men in various different places, trying to proposition me, telling other people I am still stripping at this place (When I’m not) and that I do all kinds of dirty disgusting things that I don’t do and never did and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only girl they have done this to. I really cant believe people can get away with this sort of thing!!! I also cant believe how many grown men would pick on young women. I don’t have a problem with strip clubs or exotic dancing at all but I have a problem with men associated with this club stalking me and spreading gross rumors about me that aren’t true. Some people that work here are cool, but beware of all the hustlers and miserable spiteful people.

  5. Jon

    Great club good time great staff sharline hot waitress all dancer nice no

    enforce For private dance brenda great dancer hot Latina Alicia Brazilian

    girl they had special drink half off on Monday be back for sure

  6. Ms P.

    One of my favorite strip clubs ;D It’s small but it’s fun.

  7. fuckery12

    Well, first of all, I have to say it was just mildly okay for the money.So, here’s the background. $3 beers, gotta like that. Got there at shift change around 6pm.$10 COVER! Did not like that but figured the 3 buck beer would make up for it…and it did. So, I’m still ok.The entertainers are nothing less than average but nothing more either.Can’t complain but can’t get too excited…Waited for an hour for a two-fer. No two-fer.Can’t wait any loner and go for a cute, friendly, young (25?) black dancer.Nice dance, slightly liberal. I enjoyed it.Went for the second dance. Same as the first. Good but not great.As soon as I say let’s take a break, she’s quickly out of there.So, my feeling; it was pleasant, but that’s about all. Just a nice diversion. Fantasy Island is definitely better, not by a great amount but noticeably better.

  8. Natalie N.

    I LOVE the Fantasy Castle! I have only been to one other strip club and I was just comparing it to the Castle the whole time. My boyfriend and I have been twice now and are going again tonight. Sure, most of the girls are kinda big and a little ghetto, but there are definitely some gems in the bunch. As the last reviewer said, all the girls are super nice and the environment is very laid back. It’s pretty low-pressure. Lap dances are $20 and the girls seem to really like giving couples dances. I usually just let my boyfriend go by himself. Saturday is “Ladies Night” and I get in for free, while the BF pays $5. Tonight is the first time we are going on a weekday, so I’m curious to see how much I pay for entry. It will be worth every penny though!

  9. Derek K.

    Patron shots and t shirts Nipples!

  10. Johnson12

    what a great find!keep your expectations real, after all it is signal hill folkslocated just down the street from the Signal Hill PD, so make sure you don’t drink too much and drive unless you want a nice DUIplace is kind of like a dive bar/strip club, not real big, only one main stagegreat place to have a few drinks and unwindthey run really good drink specials all week longtoday, buckets of beer only 20 bucks (6 beers)!wet pussy shots 3 bucks (THE DRINK). cinnamon shots 5 bucksUnderstand that they cater to the area, so some of the girls tend to be a bit on the plumper side and many had a lot of tattoos, but enough of a variety to please all. The girls were really friendly and not overly aggressive….not Rhino quality folks, but again, it is signal hill! It made for a nice time to relax and enjoy a few brews! quite a few TV’s too to watch sports, since this is a sports bar right? hahaclientele appeared to be mainly regulars, swinging by after work to enjoy the drinks and gals. Place was not crowded, but pretty full for it being 330 in the afternoon….what a great business, I gotta start up one of these things!

  11. fran d.

    before anyone asks, yes, i am trying to get my list of strip joints visited throughout my lifetime out of the way and i am not, i repeat NOT in some kind of strip joint visiting phase! i actually haven’t ended up (no one actually goes to them anymore, right? you end up in them) in five years. at least.but i digress. i know that what you really want to know is what kind of fantasy resides at this castle? am i right? yes? i thought so.well, i’ll spare you no longer. it’s the topless, bouncy, and sometimes tasseled kind and there are stage dances as well as private dances ($10-$20) and you even get to go to a “private area” for those. there is no dress code however if you buy a fantasy castle t-shirt for $10-$15 dollars and wear it you don’t get to pay cover charge ever!there are featured acts and drinks range from $3 to $6. the music is alright and the place is impeccably clean. there is even wheelchair access (hey even the handicapped need tasseled love).but i will warn you. don’t come here just for the girls. come here for drinks and for shooting the shit too. otherwise you’ll be disappointed. the staff is super cool but the quality of girls is pretty uneven.p.s.p.m. if you want a fantasy castle shirt. i may have one for sale. πŸ˜›

  12. freak08

    This place is cool. Girls are nice & most hot! thursday nights are the best saturday nights are ok, sat w/ violet very sweet girl.

  13. Johnnyboy123

    Just started working around the corner. Came in for my lunch break hoping to make this my new spot for the following couple of weeks.. Unfortunately the bartender was rude and slow- too occupied by her conversation with another worker. When she gave my change she threw it at me without looking me in the eye. Didn’t see any dancers decent enough to out weigh the crappy bar tender who was, by the way a complete butter face. Usually I’m not so vain when it comes to looks. But attitude goes a long way.

  14. danielson

    Nice place, the girls are decent the only bummer is that it’s small and some girls take their tops off and some don’t. I went there on a Friday and had many two for one specials. Some dancers are pushier than others.

  15. Kim C.

    Walking into the place it’s small and a little ghetto. We arrived around 5:30 pm for the $1 drafts and some titty watching for my boyfriend. Okay, the beer was cheap, but the first dancer was old, overweight, stretch marks, and no personality what-so-ever. I thought, “get me out of here.” Then the girls got prettier, and the beer started flowing. Hey, at a buck for a draft beer, (Dos equis and a couple other imports not just crap American beer) you can’t beat that. 6 hours later we left having had a great time. The girls were friendly, did ask me to dance, did dance for me, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in the least. They thanked us for our tips personally after every dance. Sondra, a very pretty, tiny, Indian girl was, in my opinion, the hottest girl there. However, I ended up buying a lap dance for my boyfriend from a Puerto Rican girl, who was fabulously fit, nice ass, nice tits, and in very good shape. I bought him the two song dance for $30. He came out saying it was the WORST lap dance he’d ever had. She stayed two feet away from him most of the time, he got one quick little slap of the boob on his cheek, and no actual LAP dancing. He was very disappointed. I wish I could remember her name to warn any of you guys away from hiring her for a private dance. The doormen were great, the waitresses were every bit as cute as the dancers, if not more, and the service was very good for a strip club. We didn’t try the food, but it smelled great. On Tuesdays they have $1 Tacos along with the $1 drafts. I have to say that the $1 drafts ended at 8, but by then we had a good buzz going on. πŸ™‚ Will go back again.

  16. harryharry

    The girls are 3’s at best but I stayed for a bit and what got me is the a-hole security they have racially profiling the patron. This place would be awesome if they made you feel good about spending your hard earned money not making you feel like a bunch of horn dog schmucks. In sticking to spearmint rhino…. At least the girls there won’t constantly ask you for coke.

  17. rogerrab2

    It’s alright.. Some of the dancers are legit… We were there for a birthday and paid for a dancer who never gave our change back and didn’t really dance she only spilled the whole bucket of beer on everyone… There is more I could say that’s wrong but then again it’s a small strip club and with that type of atmosphere I wouldn’t expect much from them

  18. XXXbeast

    I went during off hours (around 7-9pm-ish on a weekday).Still.The girls……. were not the best. That’s putting it as PC and as nicely as I can without lying.Unless L or XL is your thing….. I won’t be coming back. Sorry.

  19. lee y.

    this is a cool little spot… i like coming here whe ever i go to longbeach they play good music and its close to my cousins house walking distance so i dont gotta worry about getting a dui

  20. dannyboy7

    Came here yesterday during the day with my buddy and I was pleased with the service Marisol gave us. This place gets a high rating because she is a beautiful waitress she’s hot. I have came here a couple times and by far she’s the hottest girl! I have seen the times I’ve been there.

  21. Franklyn

    I love the castle…i love val, dalia, and lia they’re the best. πŸ™‚ definitely come and see them! good alcohol and beer specials as well

  22. Jason J.

    Ahhhh yes the Fantasy Castle. This place would normally rate about a 2.5, I add the extra weight however for one simple fact. The girls here whether you think of them as good looking or not are ALL cool people. They never stress you for a dance every five minutes like some other establishments, you can just stroll in, enjoy your drink and the show and chill. A good place to watch a game. To me a strip club is nothing but a bar with entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, over the years I’ve definitely spent my fair share on tips and dances – however here it’s just a different vibe. Most of the women actually do some aspect of dancing also, rather than just prancing, posing and moving off beat. There exists a few genuine skills.Wednesday is the drink special night so be prepared to call in for work the next day as it is one of the busiest nights – so obviously it brings out the top talent, and there is always something for everyone here. White, Latino, Black, Asian – it’s all here, all the time. So change up that twenty with the hot bartender and MAKE IT RAIN !!!!

  23. williamr

    biggest complaint ever against moe the manager even left my number for the owner never called me back i posted a video on how moe treats his customers in the picture section check it out this place is garbage. dont waste ur time go down the block. you will get assaulted and mistreated by manager or security. the reason for this compliment is because i got kicked out for a complaint that i maid against a waiter that was conceited and didnt want to serve me so once i made complaint after having 3 beers witch i was sober i got kicked out and cut off of alcohol and it was my first time here. once i left i caught moe the manager out side and confronted him telling him he was wrong once i did that he gave me the finger and the security grabed my phone because i was recording and broke my phone case it was the big samoan guy i tried to contact owner or manager and they ignore me so i recommend to not come here if u dont want to be violated

  24. rickywho2

    My husband and I went for the first time. It was our first time here as well as to a strip club in general, so we literally didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say we had an amazing time. It’s very couples friendly. The girls are not all up on you making you feel uncomfortable. Our cocktail server was super cute and attentive. We had Baily come over and chit chat and dance for us. It was super fun and we will go back.

  25. Amanda E.

    Umm this place is pretty sketch. It was my first time at a strip bar and it was just as I had imagined…seedy, ugly girls, and creepy men. Most of the girls could not dance, they seemed all out of it and drugged up. And most of them didn’t even have good bodies…kind of weird. But it was a funny experience, and now I can say I’ve been to a strip club!

  26. curtis17

    Definitely going again!!Some girls look better than others but it does get crazy!!!! Over all a great place.

  27. Daniel C.

    Love this place !! It’s super chill the staff is great !! Guaranteed a great overly drunk time when coming here oh plus the music is good to shake that tail feather

  28. Johnson12

    This place is small but very exciting. A lot of sexy women. Especially Ace…She’s Italian and Spanish mixture. I would say without doubt, Ace is the best dancer there. Extremely enjoyed my time there because of her!!!

  29. Danielle M.

    Looks like a castle on the outside so I was worried we would be in the middle of a King Arther mix once we went in. Pleasantly surprised. Maybe it wasn’t so bad because it was so dark (my friends tend to go during the day…the sickos) But we went on a Sat night and it was packed. Surprisingly enough, I saw at least 5 beautiful strippers, and not the “she is hot for a stripper” but the “wow, that girl is so pretty”. I expected to see a few cesarean scars and bullet holes, but the place was pretty void of that scene. I kept having to leave the table so that the girls would approach my friends. That got old, but at least there is a smoking section outside. For a strip club in Long Beach, I would say go for it. It is a hell of a lot better than the Play Pen in LA.

  30. Mark S.

    Jason definitely knows the Castle – great review!

  31. Rusty M.

    They might not all be rookies but they all sure know how to throw a block. Real women have stories and curves.

  32. joey69

    i heard about this place so i went monday night was a good time and all drinks half off thats great $ 5 cover charge great atmosher about 20 girls look for (brenda)i will be back and alot girls customer….they wed night good ill be back

  33. richard95

    Well i used to work here as a bartender so i might be biased. Put its a cool, fun spot, with lots of lovely ladies, awesome DJ’s and the bartenders are AWESOME! The food is good bar food, nice and greasy and yummy! If your in the mood for some “ADULT” Entertainment. Check them out!

  34. maxxy1

    Great drink specials. I think it was $15 for 5 Coronas. Waitress were super friendly. There were some great dancers. One BIG turn off is asking for tips after lap dances. I’m not sure if she knows what it stands for.. To Insure Proper Service. Needless to say that I will NOT be getting any more dances there ever. Sorry!

  35. Sarah T.

    This block of reviews was inspired by Eric T.’s phenomenal review of Cheetah’s…..Take me to the castle! This place is too funny….kind of gross, but simultaneously great. Drinks are pricey, so I would either get loaded at home or brown bag it in the car beforehand. I once got a lap dance here for my 28th bday and my stripper smelled like butt! I’m serious….girl must have been working a double cuz she needed to freshen up. Oh, and Meghan O. has a doppelganger that works there. HAHA

  36. Stephanie E.

    This place sucked!!!! My girlfriend and I (not a couple we are straight) frequent strip bars on our travels and wound up here one night after meeting for dinner. Nothing but ignorant cholo guys in this place who get pissed off at you and think that you have an attitude for not answering their questions. When in reality it was just so darn loud in there that we just couldn’t hear them. The girl’s performances were pretty boring too. Trust me I love a good strip tease but these girl’s just barely pulled off the basics. On top of all of this the drink prices were outrageous! I will never go back there.

  37. Mari B.

    This is my friends account, but I was there last night. My name is Will and I had a bit too much fun and Fantasy Castle decided that THAT would be the best time to take advantage me and LITERALLY ROB ME!! I got home with $300 missing from my wallet. I deliberately opened up a tab for drinks on my card and had $100 in singles and (2) $100 bills. All of that was missing from my wallet. Instead of just sending me out, they actually took all my money. This is not a respectable establishment. Not with this kind if treatment of their clients.

  38. Elizabeth W.

    Chris Rock said a great line when he said, “Since I’ve become a father, my job is to keep my baby off the pole.” Obviously Chris Rock is not the father of any of these talented ladies.I’m not going to lie, I’ve been here a few times. Shall I go into detail?The first time, it was my 22nd birthday. I went with a few local bartender friends and a man in a wheelchair. This ended up being a night to go down in the books, mostly because the man in the wheelchair (who was well into his 70s) got a kick out of my reaction to the “dancers” and paid them to tie me to the pole and do a group dance for me. I learned that night that I have the super power of turning multiple shades of hot pink. Amazing.Not sure if I should say her name, but there is a girl here that you’d better pray works the night you decide to visit the Castle. She is an athlete. The caliber of her performance far exceeds those of the other dancers at the Castle. I think she’s related to a monkey or the daughter of circus people because she does some jaw dropping tricks on the pole that will make you want to throw your wallet at her. Beyond it being sexy, it’s flat out amazing. She’s kind of gothic/ punk and dances to Marilyn Manson, so if you’re into that sort of thing you’re bound to fall in love.There is another dancer here, Althea, who made the cover of Private Dancer magazine this month and not only is she a friend, but the most beautiful, REAL, sexy dancer and the club is lucky to have her.They’ve got all types of ladies! Colors, shapes, sizes, and some that will put a beer bottle in the butt crack and booty quake. Bet you don’t see that everyday.It’s suprisingly clean. Full bar and lite fare. Secluded private dance areas, so it’s not all out in the open. One stall for the ladies, but since it’s not usually crawling with girls, it’s all good. And the girls here are nice! Sure they are nice because they want your money, but most of the girls and cocktail servers are genuinely cool people.Grab your dollars and go see the Princess’ of the Pole at the Fantasy Castle.

  39. Bryan V.

    This place is wack. Some Mexican pulled a gun on me in the parking lot. Ohh and the chicks are haggard and shiesty.

  40. XhXeXy

    Club was aight but the girl that serviced me smell like fish and that’s not good y’all need to wash y’all employees

  41. Brooke B.

    i liked this place, this is my second time coming here and it was pretty chill, drinks are strong and the girls are a rating of 7 or 8 id say. looks like tuesday is the busy night if youre looking for weekday night out.

  42. Danny C.

    been here about three times on an wed, sat, and a Monday, beers are priced a little cheaper than most places but not by a lot, bouncer is cool and respectful, i walk in and the cutest black girl with curly hair greets you (i forget her name) then you walk in and the bar is on your right and so is the private dance room and the stage is on the left and tables are in the center, the women are sexy and the place has a great variety for everyone me personally i love the big booty women. the ladies are cool and never pressure you for dances ( witch are $20 per song!!) but if you get the right lady she makes it worth your while. the only bad thing is that this place is small and can actually hear other peoples whack hook up lines witch makes me laugh HAHAHAHA sum it up: good place, $1 tacos and good company and lots of parking

  43. StripClub431

    One of the Dancers reached over to give me a hug and she spilled my drink. The manager took 30 mins to come out. Then he had the dancer come and interrogate me on why i waited so late to ask for another drink. She was very rude and we got into an argument. Her name was VANESSA. Eventually they gave me another one. Bottomline is that i will never come here again. Terrible customer service.

  44. fisherdex1

    This is simply the worst strip club I have ever been to, worldwide. Unless you know someone here, don’t bother coming. The girls and staff focus on the regulars. I respect that. But I had $1k in my pocket and walked out of here. Go to Jet Strip.

  45. Patrick M.

    Its a good time. Good vibes. Great place to go if your looking to have a blast. i go all the time with my friends.

  46. Rachel Z.

    I have been here many times and have always had a great time. Full kitchen with really great food. A huge basket of fries for $5?! Yum! Especially when you’ve been drinking! Lots of different specials on different days. Fun environment and the girls are great! The managers are very nice and will always try to work out any problems going on if any, just to make sure everyone has a great time and are comfortable! Cheap drinks, full kitchen, and bottle service?! What’s better than that?

  47. Mia J.

    Love coming here and getting drunk. Everybody is always so much fun.

  48. ryan123

    Great local titty bar, with some nice ass strolling the place. The drinks are very well priced especially on $2 you call it night. The drinks are definitely stiff, and the dancers enjoy drinks with the customers. Not at all the stiff dancing strippers here, actually they know how to shake that ass and provide great entertainment. Have them dollars ready cause it’s fun making it rain in here!

  49. DA B.

    Wow, I don’t understand all the positive reviews… Maybe I went on a bad night, but it was horrible. My buddies and I went in on a Sat. night, paid cover, sat down and looked around. After we scoped the talent, we walked out.

  50. Annette F.

    The Fantasy Castle…I have spent many nights here since I first moved to Long Beach 8 years ago ;)So being a Lesbian going to Strip Clubs is a fun way to pass time, I mean chillin with friends, having some drinks and watching the dancers is a pretty good night.The girls are always changing which is a good thing but there are some that have been there as long as I can remember! The servers are awesome…especially Dalia πŸ˜‰ if you are a regular here you know her too…This is a small club which I like, except when we get there too late and there is no where to sit…wah wah! There are always “Specials” for drinks as well as Themed Event nights.The music is usually really good (prob strippers choice) I especially love when the Police Dept does the “walk through” and the DJ decides to play “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna, whatcha gonna do when they come for you” Lol…CLASSIC! Or when you hear the whistle blow and you hear the beginning of “Girls, Girls, Girls” and the Tittie Parade (as I like to call it) makes its way to the stage…Always a good time at the Castle…See you soon ladies!

  51. larry1

    Dollar beers….All beers. Beautiful women. Great vibe. Zero drama. $5 cover charge but well worth it

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