Sensation Premiere Gentlemen’s Club



11491 Southeast Prairie Road, Galena, KS 66739


37.0246363, -94.6221558




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sensation Premiere Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Bob
  2. kc man
  3. jack michaelson

    the best in the four state area hands down or should i say hands on

  4. texan1979

    I had a wonderful time there. Girls were stunning. Very clean place. Good atmosphere. Tell persha she should take her act on the road. Everyone has to love a girl that can put her feet behind her head. HOOOORAH

  5. Lowrey

    I’m an Ex sailor so my word is golden. Girls were hot and plentiful. It’s worth your time and money…

  6. John Doe

    Went there tonight. It was great. The dancers outnumbered the guests. But it is a tuesday night. It’s fully nude and the girls are great.

  7. DADDY

    I was there during the week, it was really dead. BUT the girls were beautiful one was really pushy, she was hot but not worth 500 dollars for three songs. Pretty little blonde though. Girls were very respectful. Im for surely coming back next time i come thru.

  8. D

    whats with all the fat bitches? baltimore looks like a fucking oompaloompa. diobolike is hot. audrey is hot. jewel is hot. thats about it. fat or cracked thats your selection. don’t have as many as you used to, whats up with that. wheres brooklyn, and the other hot


  9. Steve

    Chelsea and Naomi are awesome. I’ll be back for more luvin’!

  10. david

    way over priced for what you get. to many rules to follow and i got lucky with a stripper named butterfly now named jezabelle and it burns when i pee.

  11. ZeroG

    One of the best places in the country to visit.

  12. jake the snake

    alright where to start…first of all the dj mathers is the badest dj ive seen….and #1 GIRLS (2) BROOKLYN,BRyce..

    bryce first of all has the best ass ive seen…brooklyn..uhhh undescribal has a power that makes u want to just spend all your money on her and leave with a huge smile…the lighting and sound is is a very clean up kept club..good enviroment laid back…”Dont mough the Bouncers” they will kick your ass…Dont ever leave without tipping the dancers..

  13. Lester

    I went to this club for the first time last night, the girls are low pressure, I think they were very pretty and sexy young women. Not a fat girl in the place. I didnt have the $100 for the private dance but i will go back when I do.

  14. Jonny Bravo

    Big Daddy rulez

  15. tpt


  16. nate

    there use to be hot girls. now its skanks r us. same girls over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

  17. Mith
  18. Serena
  19. nine inch mails

    love this place girls are hot you can’t a better club within 50 miles of this place been to every club in the area and by far hands down this is the club for me get your ass out here and check out Brooklyn Bryce Chelsea Jewel and the rest of the fine as ladies of Sensations

  20. Local

    It looks to me like way to many of the girls are on drugs! I don’t think it’s worth going to any more.

  21. mal

    The girls were gorgeous, had a great time

  22. Johny Bravo

    Big Daddy is the best

  23. mike
  24. tatchef72
  25. robert

    bryce and persia are hotttt as hell. we will be back. had a great time.

  26. missy

    honestly, this is the best club i have ever worked at besides pats when pat still owned the place. and sensations is tied with it when she owned it. yeah, i take a few days off and go out of town for those days, but when i do that it makes me really appreciate the bar that i work at on a regular basis. i always miss the girls and the bar while i’m gone

  27. drago

    Not nearly as i HEARD

  28. blr
  29. trucker


  30. tyler

    Is chelse still working there?

  31. manny

    the girls were hott, had alot of fun

  32. doesn't matter

    been going here for a long time. don’t know what to tell ya but your club is going downhill fast. same girls, same girls, same girls. im a customer and i know the potheads, crack heads, hookers and the classy and elegant ones. u should tell certain girls to put on some perfume after they puff puff pass. destiny needs to quit whatever she is on i bought a vip and got a single and i tried to tell her i gave her a hundred and she started to make a scene, no harm no foul, i just learned my lesson. is lexus ever coming back? i love jewel. she is defenitely a diamond in the rough. brooklyn still hot as hell. devon is very innocent looking i guess that is why she is so beautiful. chelsey classy very classy i recomend her to all my friends, shes beuatiful, not pushy, she makes you want to spend your money. you should post schedules. bouncers need to smile. $15 cover come on guys???

  33. Torl

    Just to expensive. Cover and dance prices need to drop by at least 5$

  34. rich

    stay home is all i can say

  35. Nuclear

    I’ve been to all the clubs in the area, and this is not only the best one, it is the ONLY one that is worth going to. Club focuses on the basics — attractive girls doing sexy dances on stage and in private. It is not overly gimmicky like a lot of clubs. The girls are prettier than in any club I’ve been to. Sure, not all are smokin hot, but there is a higher percentage of young and cute here than other places for some reason. Even the occasional female audience member is hotter than usual (and they often tease them up on stage, so that is fun). The atmosphere is laid back but it is not just a big party where everybody is moving around all the time and nobody seems to actually be watching the show (I hate clubs like that). This is probably because they don’t serve alcohol. But because of this, they can have hands-on dances and no pasties, which is well worth the loss of a beer. Some dancers are pushy and annoying, but I have found several that are pleasant to just have a conversation with. You can get a mini dance at your seat for a dollar (though you might want to tip a bit more for a good dance), a hands-on lap dance for $20-25 a dance or a VIP (three dances laying down in a private room) for $100. Personally, I don’t care for the VIP because it is a little to bright in the room and laying down you actually get less close contact. I say just go for the two, but tip extra well. I haven’t been able to go for a while, but I am really missing it.

  36. Curious

    GREAT Talent. Hot ladies, you must get a dance or two while there.

  37. Lance

    No thanks the dancers here are all not very attractive.I went here for fun and learned it was not alot of fun at all.

  38. josh
  39. "Spencer"

    Great club, stop and see Ariel and Raven for sure.


    i had the best time i have ever had at a strip club. girls were awesome. you other guys bitch about the cover, give me a fuckin break, name one other club you can get dick grinded on for a dollar. cant? thats what i thought. if you cant afford the cover you probably should stay home anyway. i love the club guys, really nice inside and out. very clean, doesnt feel like dimples, lol. will be back for sure. thanks

  41. Kadeem

    Went last Sunday night, 7-8 girls, about that many customers… and had worst time I’ve ever had there. Girls wouldn’t sit and talk (unless you were a thug), overall not friendly at all. I left after being ignored for 2 hours. I won’t be going back.

  42. Big guy

    My first visit was very good. Impressed with service. The ladies were working the floor. The VIP dances were outstanding. Will stop by on my next trip.

  43. ???

    Where are all the hot girls at???

  44. Jesse

    Was there 4-29-07, best dancers i’ve seen since babydolls in dallas. no bullshit.

  45. loved it

    had a great time. nice girls.

  46. Disappointed

    OMG, we went and we were not impressed at all!! Not one of the girls were near as pretty as the girls at The Body Shop in Miami OK, just 18 miles down the road where you can get a cold beer with your entertainment as well. We are there for entertainment, not to get laid in the VIP room. We will never go back!! Better step up the quality of girls and improve attitudes and take out the trash or they will find themselves closed!!

  47. Tone-Loke

    It’s a juice bar but they allow you to get wasted outside. The cover charge is way too much. It looks like crap from the outside but it isn’t bad inside. They try to rob you by getting you to do a 5 lap dance deal for $100. The taffic is bad when you leave due to the new casino. The girls are good but nothing too special.

  48. Pablo

    No thanks! not worth it

  49. Fun Club!

    Really Fun Club! Club itself is a dump. But the energy level here was off the Chain! The strippers here were more attractive and friendly. Everything seemed to revolve around the dj who really put on a show. Guy was efing funny. We will Definitely will return!

  50. passin thru

    lots of girls,very nice club well worth the cover charge, nice casino across the street as well

  51. Zondra

    I’m 33 years old and the first time I’ve been to a strip club was a couple weeks ago.I loved it!Raven is the hottest, sexiest woman I’ve ever met-great smile too. The overall environment was nice and well maintained.

  52. the wanderer

    chelsea is by far, hands down the hottest woman to walk this earth.

  53. katelynn

    my fiancee and i went to this club for the first time last night… we were prepared to spend money and get private dances ( seperatly ), and got 100 dollars in ones as soon as we walked in the door. there were a few guys at the stage, and one older gentlemen sitting in the back…not much going on, and we figured with nothing really going on that we would be approached by at least a couple girls.. we sat there for a total of 1 hour 45 minutes, and not a single girl showed up to sit with us. we got tired of waiting and somewhat irritable, and asked the waitress if she could please go ask the ONLY girl that we liked to come over and sit with us, because we wanted to give her money! not only did she not come over, but she sat with someone else. the entire time we were there we didn’t see one girl working the floor, they were in the dressing room the whole time until they went on stage. for the stage show, EVERY girl except one, forgot her name but she had a mohawk, didn’t do anything on stage except rub their pussy and talk to the customers at the stage.. no pole tricks, nothing tasteful. overall skanky, poor service, horrible sound system was quiet and could hear everyone talking over the music. very disappointed with this place, and we will never stop thru again while traveling. AND the cover was 30 for both of us to get in. wouldn’t recommend to anyone!

  54. bigdog411

    the girls could be more open they were alittle stand offish initally.

  55. HOTONE


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