Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop



2770 Historic Route 66, Kingman, AZ 86401


35.1881709, -114.06344




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop

  1. rustler

    just a great place to be

  2. dollhouse fan

    dollhouse is great to be at hot chicks and fun staff

  3. Mario

    The best thing that they have is Trinity. Damn the girl can dance. It was like I became hypnotized when she danced. She is awesome. Without her that place don’t stand a chance!!!!!

  4. aing
  5. harryharry

    I knew something was up with Crazy Fred’s when I noticed the Indian snacks sitting on the shelf next to the regular convenience store goods. So I wandered into the diner, saw the little Indian menu alongside the regular menu, and ordered the best masala chai I’ve had outside India. The owner showed me his mixture of whole spices and tea– cardamom, cinnamon, everything tasty– and about ten minutes later, I was out the door with a warm cup of sweet, creamy, flavorful chai. Real Indian roadside dhaba chai, bringing back memories of a road trip in Rajasthan…., I could have closed my eyes and been transported back, if only it hadn’t been so icy cold outside. Next time I’ll have to linger a little longer and have a paratha.

  6. ruben


  7. yasi

    thanks i had a great time

  8. eddyL

    The “chef” left the waitress alone to take orders,cook the food and handle the money on her third day. There was zero hint of an Indian menu. The place has obviously given up. The poor waitress really could have used any form of help, especially from the 2 male employees sipping coffee, watching tv and ignoring the fact that the ship was sinking.

  9. rick

    all new place i love being there

  10. duck hunter


  11. rico

    something you won’t expect

  12. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  13. dannyboy7

    Sadly management doesn’t care that the mechanic is harassing truck drivers. Or interfering with e-commerce. Truck drivers beware of illegally being charged for parking and fake repairs. If it happens to you, call the police. They are committing fraud & extortion. Do not pay anything You did not authorize first!!!

  14. good time
  15. Bogtrotter

    Found the place the other day. A real DUMP. The joint is dirty, service lousy, and the dancers look like meth-heads on the way down. The only reason the dancer to guest ratio is so high is that the place has low appeal and few customers. Don’t waste your time, Vegas is only 90 miles away.

  16. Michael M.

    Been coming to Crazy Fred’s since 1997 . I don’t know how long it’s been around I think before I40Came through its a great greasy spoon cafe if you leave hungry it’s your own fault clean showers , washer & dryers, pleanty of truck parking too It has tons of rout 66 Gear , it’s also built for the family too

  17. larry

    money well spent

  18. traveler

    the club is old but the girls are nice one of them is evern nicer then the rest she will do a little more then the rest she is the one with big boobs and tattoos trust me its worth the money

  19. Chris

    Just beware of the ATM machine. It didn’t indicate the $10 fee before I made a withdrawal and one of the dancers didn’t say anything about it either. She pleaded ignorance of the sort.

    The women were friggin’ hot though when I went. For a buck a couple of them put the lips right on my nose.. and I ain’t talking about the ones on her face. 🙂 It’s a good tease to say the least.

  20. fritter17

    The stars are based on middle of nowhere gas stations. Accidentally passed Kingman and didn’t want to go back for a bathroom break. Got off the 40 and followed the rest stop signs to the frontage Route 66 road. Drove 3 minutes and came upon this truck stop. It looked old and abandoned from the front, but inside is a well stocked convenience store. We stopped and used the bathrooms which were clean and quiet with multiple stalls. And then we were on our way. If you miss Kingman, stop here for your snacks/ bathroom breaks. They sell gas too, but I didn’t get any.

  21. april

    i worked there and made pretty good money im going back too work there next week

  22. Kyra

    i have been working here for about 5 1/2 months now.and its really nice. i love it here.the staff is friendly and we make pretty good money.i think the girls here are very talented for being in a small town.and to whom ever said they look like pizza faces and craxk heads,well u need to come back and check it out now,we have new management and all the girls are beautiful and talented and wonderful company.

  23. ryan

    If you like pizza face looking tweekers this is the place for you. I used to like this place back when that skinny white guy ran it. Now its gone bad. Did i say bad i mean horrible.

  24. angle

    loved working here real nice people and real good money

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