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11300 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48205


42.4486049, -83.0092948




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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124 reviews for “Coliseum Adult Entertainment

  1. Curtis Walker

    Outstanding club if you can just afford it! Everything at Coliseum is expensive, from the cover at the door to the drinks to the dances. But it is well worth it, and there are a HUGE number of girls working so you will get attention. Dude is right about the waitstaff, they are as much if not more fun than the dancers. Incredible atmosphere, good enough to bring a date if she’s into that type of thing. Only downside is Detroit is like like hell on earth so you gotta watch your back here cuz eight mile is no joke.

  2. chris

    not bad too expensive

  3. David

    one of the nicest clubs in detroit awsome time & hot girls we will be back for sure we were treaeted very well by all.

  4. look who's stupid now

    actually i have lots better things to do, but at the moment i’m havin fun pissin you off, and nope i dont make lots of money here cuz i make tons of money down the street at a real bar……dang gotta give ya a zero again this time for intelligence hahahahaha

  5. The One

    This place is untouchable in Michigan!!!

  6. James

    Show was stupid. Just bring on the lap dances.

  7. BillyBob

    Prices have gone up on everything quantity and quality has gone down.

  8. always chasing skirts

    best dancers and dances in detroit so far. it’s the only club i go to when in michigan

  9. Big John

    show needs work and is kinda dumb, but the girls are cute.

  10. Dan

    This club is by far the best!

  11. Special K

    Awesome club… the ATM charging a $15 fee for any withdrawal is bullshit though.

  12. Jerry

    This club has some hotties!

  13. Brad
  14. tom

    this club sucks

  15. TomPaine

    Outstanding club if you can just afford it! Everything at Coliseum is expensive, from the cover at the door to the drinks to the dances. But it is well worth it, and there are a HUGE number of girls working so you will get attention. Dude is right about the waitstaff, they are as much if not more fun than the dancers. Incredible atmosphere, good enough to bring a date if she’s into that type of thing.

  16. George

    I like the new change in the bar. Classy and beautiful woman now. Happy to see more woman with big breast!! Will be back again next time in Michigan.

  17. New_Exp

    More Girls needed and cheaper prices

  18. Daniel

    All the fancy decor means nothing because I was treated like shit. I’ll never return

  19. Bad

    Bad!! enuff said

  20. billy

    I miss Lana’s blowjobs!

  21. tony


  22. Louis

    Big club…Bad business…Ugly girls..Stay Away!

  23. Abrahaim
  24. Awesome!!!

    The girls are beautiful, the club is like no other…it is definitely in a league all its own. I’ve been in every club this state has to offer…and hands down this one is the best.

    It’s a gorgeous club, the sound system is incredible as is the food and most of the girls.

  25. Bam Bam

    The show was off the hook this last weekend ,and the prices were the same as all the other clubs so i say try for your self the filet and lobster was great , i think my wife had a better time then i did .

  26. sean
  27. DANCER

    If you can’t afford it, stay at home. We don’t want to entertain losers that don’t spend money anyways. We are here to make money. We make TIPS only! We don’t make an hourly rate. We pay 100 a night to work at any bar in Detroit plus 400 a year for a dance card! So stop bitching and suck it up! Like i said if you can’t afford it, go to Dennys or Ramshorn

  28. Coliseum Fan
  29. jeffthedj

    great club!

  30. Hard times

    Food was good, but the show was great.

  31. Dallas
  32. runnoft

    This has become my favorite club. If you haven’t been here in awhile, check it out, things have changed. There are more and better looking girls than in the past, and if you get the right one, the mileage is as good as it gets. The last time I was there I got a fantastic BJ from a beautiful woman with a fantastic body.

  33. Antonio
  34. bob
  35. stupid ass

    damn you don’t have shit else to do other than make comments on what I say? you MUST not be making any money here!!!!

  36. JASON


  37. jp

    girls phenomenal

  38. Jeff

    This is the best club on 8 Mile, bar none. that’s why I’m to be found at the bar several times a week. Hello to all my Coliseum friends Allison, Tish, Angie, Isabella, Raven, Jezebel, Jenna, masha and Barbie! Love you all!

  39. jay

    Best club on the strip had a awsome time in the sky box

  40. gary

    I thought traffic light was bad……

  41. UGG


  42. HardRockSpot

    The weekends are off the hook. It was a really good time.

  43. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip in Romulus is being completely remodeled!!!

    We are hiring all new beautiful dancers!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Johnnyboy123

    This club won’t allow women in unless you have a male friend with you. I won’t support any business, private or not, that discriminates in any way.

  45. Girl from another club

    Is it sad to say that the waitress was the only friendly one in there, thank you to her for showing my friend and I what these clubs are really like in Detroit! I had a pocket full of money and so did my friend and to the girls on the stage that dont take tips because money is dirty, how the hell else are you supposed to get tipped? the food was great, the club is nice, but tell the dancers that they need to be a little nicer!! thanks

  46. fred

    no good looking girls to much money just to step into club and never never busy

  47. Robert J.

    Okay, I’m following female reviewers of adult entertainment again. I figured I did the Penthouse Club review. I might as well do this one too. I think that The Coliseum and The Penthouse Club are really the only such establishments on 8 Mile worth reviewing, but that’s just me.Nicole T. seems to know all about the stats and the physical plant. For me, the place is a bit cheesy. I mean, come on. Why is the place done in this Egyptian motif when the name is Roman? Silly. I do have to echo Nicole T.’s comment that the service is good. The food, what little I had, was pretty good. I just had one of those nearly ubiquitous steak tip appetizers with a dancer once. I imagine she got a commission or something for that.The dancers are generally attractive, but I give the edge to The Penthouse Club’s dancers. Of course, that’s all subjective. It’s been a while. So, things may have changed, but from the reviews that precede mine here, it seems that the dancers are still quite attractive. The private dance area, when I was there last, was a separate area at the end of the main room. Curtains hid the little dance areas.One time I was there, it was for a friend’s bachelor party. His friends reserved one of the sky boxes. From there, one could have a nice birds-eye view of the place. One need not worry that the dancers are far away, for they come and visit you up in the box.It goes without saying that you’re going to need some money to play. Just know what you’re getting into. A friend of mine didn’t, and he got a dose of sticker shock after all those lap dances added up for him. Oops.

  48. Mr. Big

    Best club in midwest!!!!!!




  50. Jon

    this place is so overrated…. too expensive and the service is terible

  51. johnny

    this club is terrible! ugly skanky girls and way too much rap music! i’ll never be back.

  52. Jody

    This place is my favorite hangout fo sho!

  53. derek
  54. kevman

    i love this place. vianca and jessica are the hottest!

  55. Mr. Bigg

    If they got rid of the fat ass bitches in this club it would be perfect! To many fat hoes walking around money hungry willing to fuck for their money. Food and waitresses are great and so are 90% of the dancers. GET RID OF THE FAT SKANKS!

  56. stripclubman

    looking for the best day to see huge racks, please let me know.

  57. ryan

    best club !!!!!

  58. Big Daddy
  59. casper

    great place

  60. Jezebel

    This club has the best day shift ever. Customers are constantly talking about how unbelievably beautiful the girls are. I’ve never worked at a better club! I love my dayshift team!!!! xoxoxo

  61. Happy

    Best place to have a bachelor’s party! Weekends are the best. Weekdays a little slow, but still cool at hang out here. Manager is the best!!!!

  62. James Douglas

    I went in and had a great time! Gorgeous girls, beautiful club. Daytime 2 for 1 specials were a bonus treat.

  63. mario

    this place has some hottie working here.

  64. Weedman420

    Wow Jeffery R. Girls over a hundred pounds are fatties? You sound like a broke ass. I’d be taking what I could get, even at the booty club, if I were you. You’re sitting by the stage, complaining about coat check prices and want a super-model type? Lol. Anyways… Yes, decent place as the others say. There are lots of women. All types. Except tens. None of that type. At least not this night. The bathroom attendant isn’t annoying like at some places. It’s tacky, but not more than expected. The booths are nice and private. It’s enjoyable to watch the guys making super serious faces while they speak to the dancers. Lol. Like, really serious faces. I don’t come here to eat, but I know the food is good. Actually most clubs like this have decent food, if you like eating at a loud club. πŸ˜‰

  65. Tulip


  66. Fuck Hells Angels

    You guys a faggots

  67. nick
  68. business

    I took a few of my guys out for lunch at the Coliseum and it didn’t take long at all til we had our drinks and plenty of beautiful girls at our table. Each of my guys had a great time. Thanks Coliseum!

  69. Vito

    What a Dump!!

  70. c

    great club, they do it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  71. mr.big

    best club in mi

  72. Average Joe

    The service was so bad I had to go to the bar to get my drinks. There weren’t many girls and the only pretty one was the shot girl. My drink was weak, and the food sucked.

  73. Jack

    Nothen special, but nice decor.

  74. Harry

    The show is terrible. The dancers are unattractive and trashy and the food is terrible. Not one good thing to say about this clu.

  75. The Man

    This place is what a strip club is supposed to look like

  76. jr

    What a dump! has this place fallen

  77. Mike

    Huge bar a variety of women. Mostly pretty a few ugly ones. Good food and music. Will be back again!

  78. dj Roc that

    This place is very nice about 30% of the girls are hot the rest are a joke the djs suck for being such a nice club you think they would be smart and get some good one’s what a joke if you want to see some real djs come to centerfold now that jeff the joke is gone the club is kicking ass again you guys can have him you can’t understand what any of them say anyway what a joke

  79. adamrod

    People are leery about the area, but when you pull to the front of the Coliseum, the mandatory valet eases that right away (for me, anyway). It was supposedly “Couples Night” and women are supposed to free with a guy. We got charged, and I wasn’t in a fighting mood. They were packed on a Saturday night, and we had to sit by the stage. The girls were pretty top-notch. Lots of cute girls, some really hot ones, varying body shapes and races. A lot of them could really dance, too.The waitress wasn’t SUPER-attentive, but it was busy so I’ll cut her some slack. It was a long time sitting there before we were approached for a couple’s dance… by two gorgeous girls that hadn’t been on stage yet.They took us to the back, asked our budget (which I love), and the four of us had a lovely time on the tiny couch. The girls were sweet, sexy, and a lot of fun. We had to leave IMMEDIATELY after that, if you catch my drift.Overall, a great, sexy experience. We will definitely be back.

  80. DJ Sean

    The worst-run strip club I’ve ever worked at… this place SUCKS

  81. Robert

    This is without a doubt the best stripclub I’ve been to yet. There weren’t a lot of other guys in the club, so me and my big-spending buds were the center of attention. The VIP room milage is top-notch.

  82. rogerrab2

    kinda liked it

  83. joe

    great atmosphere…girls are beautiful!

  84. Business Trip

    Was here last week for work meeting lunch. Great time with wait staff a d

    dancers. Cant wait to come back.

  85. steve

    good times!!!!

  86. Jeffrey R.

    Whoever says that Disney World is the ‘greatest place on earth’ clearly hasn’t been to the Coliseum. I accidentally found this place after JonJon’s went bad. It was risky, I had been to one or two of these places on 8 Mile and I braced myself for the worst.I pull my car into the parking lot and things already look bad. It is next door to a junkyard. A junkyard on 8 Mile of all places – this was classic! Then the mandatory valet. This is something I am fine with if I know that I like the joint, but I’m already squeamish. I go inside and and I am hit with coat-check, cover and the now all-too-common up-charge for a booth. Now keep in mind, up to this point I haven’t seen a single titty. I feel like I’m being taken for a ride.Then the bouncer pulls back the curtain and I am welcomed into paradise.First of all the place is bigger than it looks from outside. Not huge either, it’s just right. Stage for three down the center flanked on either side by a separate, full bar. Double balconies on either end for up to four private parties. Personally, I have never seen these used. The furnishings are lavish without being gaudy. The chairs near the stage turn out to be surprisingly comfortable; they’re downright cozy. I couldn’t believe how many girls were there, at least twenty – it could have been as high as thirty-five. They were everywhere!Drinks were moderately priced (for a strip-club) at about $7-8 for a Blue Moon. Sometimes I get the orange wedge, sometimes not. They have a full kitchen which I reluctantly tried and ended up loving. I expected a truck-stop egg salad sandwich and in stead I got one of the best steaks I have ever eaten It was the $10 special to boot. I would return to this place for the food alone.Luckily for me they have more than just food. I eventually ended up realizing they have two more dancer poles, one off to each side. After 9:00 on busy nights they have five or six dancers on stage at once. I appreciate that everyone has their own opinion about what is sexy. While I like the ‘walking-stick’ super-model look, I understand that many do not share my opinion. Fear not, there were more fatties (girls over 100 pounds) than I care to think about, but some of them turned out to be pretty hot too. All kidding aside, this place obviously has the pick of the litter with girls, good luck finding better.The website says they have a helipad, but I never saw it. I have been here 4 or 5 times now and each time I leave feeling like I just won the lottery, even though my wallet has just been scooped clean. One day I am certain I will forget to keep enough aside for valet. If I do…. If ever you see a guy getting on the 8 Mile bus smiling ear-to-ear say ‘hello’ it might be me.

  87. Sunny
  88. joseph1k

    Had a really good time. Food was good and fresh. Bouncers really cool especially for not breaking our phones for taking pics. Waitress really awesome for being honest about a hundred dollar bill mistake. Because she was honest we tipped her 150 for a 250 bill. Finally about the Dancers 75% looked good had different variety even Asian’s. I hate when a whore acts like her shit don’t stink and that’s why she didn’t get jack shit. Most of strippers very nice and pleasent. Not cheap for sure but overall I would definitely go back.

  89. clay


  90. Bertha

    it sucks!

  91. Frances

    nice job on advertising on another clubs rating (A.K.A) Landing strip, besides that this club is slipping compared to this time last year, service ist what it was

  92. Jason J

    cool club, good sounds, I would go back.

  93. Albert
  94. AssnTits5

    I’ve proudly been to the Coliseum both times I’ve visited Detroit. This place literally has a helipad. I have no idea who uses it, but for those of us who are in town, staying in hotels and w/o a rental car, flying a helicopter sounds like a much better idea than trying to catch a cab on 8 Mile after the club closes. I’ve been there before: not fun. Whatever your mode of transportation is, you will definitely have a great time here. The girls are hot and service is great.

  95. Whatever


  96. Clamman

    This place is very nice.. A little spendy, but what the hell.. You only live once. I got to touch fairly freely in the back room and the ride was nice too. I will return.

    The Clamman lives on.

  97. G-MAN

    Great club classy, high class and hot girls!!!! Cum see

  98. Pudge

    Goooooo Tigers!

  99. waitstaff

    Service here has really fallen, im sorry to say

  100. FrequentVisitor

    Went in on Friday night 12/28. A few smoking hot chicks, and some other nice looking ladies. Didn’t have to wait to have some beautiful women to talk with and I had a fantastic time. This place is underrated and I find is best on weekend nights.

  101. JJ

    Looks like this club is in the GHETTO!

  102. oooops

    it dont cost a hundred a nite to work here be ontime bitch its cheaper and dont know who your agent is but dance cards are 285 a year I give your club a zero now liar liar pants on fire

  103. Samson

    I saw this one dancer do tricks on the pole that I couldnt believe, she made the show. I would go back just to see her.

  104. aircraft hanger
  105. Warren

    I’m GAY!and quitting being an agent and will get another job!

  106. mr. james

    coliseum is the best and safest club on the strip by far. you only wish they were closeing. are they hurting your bussiness? i asume so. poor you .colieum rocks . jam packed everynight.cum see for youself.

  107. Bry-0

    Love this club! Sexy Girls Great Food!

  108. m

    There are some very very hot women here. Jessica is definately a 10.

  109. Abdul

    come on down to cheetahs and see what’s new and leave old alone..J

  110. Jose

    yes prices can be expensive but the quality is top notch

  111. john

    this club sucks

  112. Mick

    Bad Service! wasnt what i remeber from this club very disappointed

  113. Harold

    Not my client…this club SUCKS! KNOW IT!

  114. DJ Cocksnatch

    Jeff the DJ licked my ball sack in the VIP

  115. RTockstar

    took me forever to get my drink. way too many black girls for my taste… a few are ok but there were over 50%. I’ll never be back

  116. doggydog

    Beautiful place, small crowds. Nicest ta-ta bar in the area by far.

  117. mr.happy

    best club in michigan had a blast thanks to all AT the coliseum we will be back greatest club class A

  118. manager

    Take note the service here is horrible!

  119. Henry

    Ha Ha! Friday was slow and lame. What a shit hole!

  120. ME

    I love this club!!!!

  121. Erick

    What a Dump! how did this club fall so far so fast?

  122. Robbed ByDancer

    Had 99 A+ ViPs here B4, Last time i go,the total opposite get Robbed! Crazy DrunkTALL blonde Snatches a whole wad of 20s,50s,n LITERALY RAN into the back. I always go back with and spend plenty of money on her 2or300 n shes Ong! LiKe Kong- Not my fault shes all messed up n fallin around acting psycho so i wanted up early n she “snatch n grabs” me for i dont even know how much too much, Looks just like her on the wall down there <-- Bouncer doesnt care, Manager tells me wait, wait n hour, then says police can handle it. Then wasted 2 WHOLE hours after closetime SITTING for nothing.. Thank you ColIseum..

  123. SomedayYou'll Learn

    This place is a crap hole. Unfortunately, This club has been run like it’s owned by an Ex bouncer with an attitude is in charge. Probably why this club has been raided so much over the last 7 months. The management needs to learn that the customer is always right. I give this club maybe 7 months before shutdown or ownership change.

  124. Sarah

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