Wisconsin Dolls



4179 State Hwy 13, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965


43.6455347, -89.7652354




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wisconsin Dolls

  1. Heather

    This club is awesome!! I travel here to work in the summers and this is one of the best clubs I have worked at! I can’t wait to come back this summer!! All the girls here are hot!! The management rocks!!

  2. Bob

    Had the best time here. Thanks girls!

  3. George

    Was in Saturday KICK ASS bartender. Best they had yet. good service. and a smoken hot body. will be back….

  4. Long John

    The night I was there 1 dancer showed up and she was wasted.

    Sorry if the truth hurts

  5. Hugh
  6. Adam

    Hit and miss on the quality of the entertainment, good value on the private dances though

  7. Jake

    Even with the rennovations to the club it is still a joke. Management seems to be able to create more drama than a club full of dancers.

  8. BOOG

    2 words …… WHORE HOUSE

  9. eddyL

    For some god-awful reason, I’ve been here twice. Housed in a double-wide trailer (for real) and next to a sleazy strip motel (also, for real), disappointing ladies shake and shimmy on a tiny pit-style stage while everyone else glows under the black light.This last trip was particularly depressing, mainly due to the preggo dancer who was prancing and spinning topless and bottomless with a modified tube top covering her baby bump. There were a couple cute girls wandering the floor, but they all must have danced earlier in the night when more-sober patrons were applying more scrutiny to their selections.

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  11. ?

    I think this club was well worth the drive! I had a wonderful time and will deffintly be back! Can’t wait to see the sexy Alexis again. Thank you for such a great time!

  12. A

    This this the best club i have seen in a long time. I don’t understand why people keep trash talking the place! just because they had a few dirty girls in the past you can’t call the place a whore house!!! lots of great looking girls with a lot of talent!!! Small, friendly, personable, clean & classy is how i saw it. Check it out for yourself instead of listening to others

  13. T

    Good time

  14. justice

    i love serenity gemini whatever you wanna be called i love yeah and shayla the shit we had together was good and bad i remember the good!!!1

  15. John

    What a dump! Close up

  16. Jenny

    Hey, Just wanted to let ya girls know madison wont be coming down there for a while her daughter had passed away.Shes taking a break from traveling to sell her clothes. Sorry for any trouble.

  17. sucks**

    this club sucks

  18. Tweak

    Hit or miss for sure! Been here three times this summer. Had a great time in May but last weekend absolutely sucked. Had a girl put my tip in my mouth and then she asked me to give it her between her thighs and… Jesus Christ wash your snatch bitch!!! I can’t believe I actually smelled her dirty, yeast infected pussy! I shit you not, this is the first time I’ve ever been offended in a strip club. My previous visit in May was incredible and the girls were short-handed that night. They worked their asses off and made for a great time. This last time will keep me away for a long time. Plus the VIP room used to be $115 for 45 min and now at 30min for the same price it’s no longer a bargain. Thumbs down.

  19. Chris

    This is an awesome club, everybody should check it out.

  20. mike
  21. Manny

    Best bang for buck.

  22. chuck Cingular dude

    love desire she is the best

  23. bud

    i hada great time there

  24. puff


  25. Stiff One
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  27. Brown
  28. Mr P

    Had a wonderful time when at the Dells for a conference. Great place to go and have some fun.

  29. Jeff

    Very average to below average dancers, except one gorgeous blond with a great set. OTherwise, not very friendly dancers and not terribly good looking. One was stoned or bombed and could barely talk. Definnitely was not worth the cover or my time. We had a bachelor party, and we should have just gone to Chubby’s in the dells.

  30. Jose

    Awesome club

  31. donn

    some of the girls seem real cheap and slutty

  32. Tweeker
  33. Smitty
  34. pete

    Managment is drunk, along with most dancers. This place needs to review thier dancers, get rid of the hores. The cameras mean nothing when you can still get a B.J. and no one sees it.

  35. Driller

    Very nice place!!!!

  36. ryan123

    Attended this club for a bachelor party last night (Saturday.) They charged our group $5 a head, and the guys behind us $10 a head. The managers/greeters/pit bosses all had good attitudes and didn’t treat us like they were doing us a favor by allowing us in the establishment. What could be improved? 1. Men’s bathroom 2. Establishment is too small 3. Need another female bartender. 4. Need about two more dancers to work the room.While most men that attend strip clubs are stoic 100% of the time, even during the most intimate portions of the dances, our group was lively and playful with the talent as if we were also part of the show. Even though our demeanor was atypical the dancers remained friendly and professional. There were 100% more people wearing head bandanas than I expected- saw like 6 dudes wearing them. Also, the Outlaw motorcycle gang represented with a couple of people rocking their colors! There was a good mix of metal and hip hop. They even played the censored version of 2 Live Crew’s hit ‘Pop that Coochie’ and an obscure Marilyn Manson tune.The drinks were relatively inexpensive. Lap dances cost $25.Pro tip: with so many blacklights inside, remember to wear your white pants.

  37. JP Morgan

    I walked in an looked arround at all the dancers bellied up to the bar with the 2 patrons tha were in the joint. I’m thinking right now that any cover was overpriced.

  38. willbee

    In my opinion, the quality of the girls has increased since the remodel. It’s always been a “hit or miss” club, but it seems that since the remodel the hits outnumber the misses. Get a private (VIP) dance with the right girl and you won’t regret it.

  39. Andrew O.

    Girls are beautiful and very friendly. Went there 3 days in a row and got to know a lot of them personally. I know that sounds weird but they are still people. They would love to just sit and chat with you.

  40. Smoke

    Can the fat DJ get any more degrading and insulting to the girls?

  41. Lance

    This club is the most hideous, disgusting whore house i have seen and ive seen quite a few! Being a trucker and on the road all the time i didn’t think it could get this bad! I am lonely but DAMN not that lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. boy

    a pretty piss poor club if u ask me ive seen girls go in to the bathroom and come out high off the ass on what ever they are doing in there and then they pass out on stage or on the bar ive spent the last 5 years in a different club at least 3 times a week and the is bar far one of the worst clubs to go to save your money and go to chubbies

  43. Larry

    To see Tina’s twins is almost worth the price of admission by themselves and then to add the rest of the girls is almost too much.

  44. name


  45. J

    This club has become my current favorite. I just wish that I had more money and time to spend there 🙂

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  47. harold

    had a great time and i like women with small breast and bald pussy

  48. SJ

    Used to love this place, I think they need some staff and dancer changes, things have gotten kinda bland.

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  51. Steve

    I’ve been to this club twice already, and it is by far the

    best that I’ve been to. I actually prefer this one over

    Chubby’s. The dancers here are all very friendly and they

    are not the pushy type that seem to only be there for the

    money. They are all great at giving lap dances as well. I

    will definitely make a third visit, but it may be a while. I

    really wish I had the budget to visit more often.

  52. The Bitch
  53. Cheapskate

    Nice cosmetic changes to club but I hope they jack up the prices now.

  54. Adrian

    Nice VIP

  55. StripClub431

    So we went here last night for a bachelor party and WOW! All the girls were great looking and fun. With the exception of one girl. Prices seemed right around what you would find. 10 bucks to get in and it’s only 5 with a group of 8 or more. Back to the girls they were all friendly and they made the place great. I along with my friends will be going back as soon as we have a chance.

  56. gross

    this place is horrid and should be closed asap!!!!

  57. bob


  58. Dick
  59. zeke
  60. Lydell

    When you hit the dolls, it is the good stuff. Get ready to blow your mind and other things. Have fun with the after hours. I did.

  61. BroncoBill

    Went there last wknd..very good. Had a DOUBLE vip dance with Dallas and Eve…Very nice!

  62. Eli

    Wisconsin could do better with out this club and clubs like it. ie: Paradise Club, The New Body Shop, Teasers, Grand Daddy’s, Beansnapper’s and Showtime!

  63. booyah

    the owner parties too much.

  64. kye

    wed night brought lady friend in she had a blast with the girls. she had alot of fun hustling all the guys that where there.girls asked me to bring her back.

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