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15 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403


44.9786829, -93.276982




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Seville

  1. Vinny
  2. Felix


  4. Vincent
  5. tre
  6. Karl
  7. Don
  8. Becky
  9. john

    Best club in town!!

  10. a guy who knows

    If your looking for a place to get your “grind” on or “cop a feel”, this place is NOT for you. If you dont have money, this place is NOT for you. If your looking for a classy club with a comfortable atmosphere to party and impress clients then this place IS for you. Best gentlemens club in town. BTW Check out “Molly”, she is HOT!



  12. Tony
  13. Wa
  14. gus

    It takes a sophisticated person to mispell SOPHISTICATION. Moron.

  15. Chuck DeNomolos

    This place sucks. If you want to ignored by the the girls, This is your club. I was wearing a friggen suit as I was coming from work and I got ignored.

  16. vip

    Seville is not only best club in Minneapolis but one of the best I have ever been too. Excellent staff as well as top notch ladies.

  17. Stacy
  18. pete

    In from Vermont and went to the Seville after the T-Wolves game. Saw the whole Chicago Bulls team there having more fun than me, because they can afford to. The women were OTC (off the charts) hot and the place was rockin’. I love the midwest!!! Be back soon, I HOPE.

  19. Jen

    When is Penthouse buying this club?

  20. wayne

    what a bunch of snobs,you work in a tittie bar,and have been for years!!!!!!!!! where everyones going to school but never graduate. haha or do graduate but continue to dance and act all mighty, please you lifers in your 30’s 40’s your not to impressive.

  21. Martin

    First time there. Not bad.

  22. Todd

    I went to the same T Wolves game and went in the Seville after the game. If you think those girls were hot you need to get out more. The S has the leftovers from all of the other clubs in town and I do mean leftovers. Nobody else wants them so they end up at the S

  23. Dave

    1.6 because I couldn’t get the slide to stop at 1.5. Oh my God! I can’t believe that anyone would say something positive about this, or any Minnesota club. Believe me, it bothers me to say this (because I’m from Minnesota), but we have the worst club atmosphere in the entire U.S. The women here don’t know what strip club employment is all about They need to realize it’s all about the fantasy to the men they are selling to, not about the quick buck they can make. The dancers do their bullshit dances. It doesn’t matter how much you spend, it doesn’t matter how you look, it isn’t getting any better. A little air, a little grind, very little touch. I encourage you Minnesota ‘big spenders’ to go to clubs in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, or Dallas/Ft. Worth. Then you see what it’s like to be treated like a man. The difference between Minnesota clubs, and clubs in the other cities I mentioned is the same as the difference between a dime store hooker and a true courtesan (in case you missed it, the dancers in Minnesota are the dime store hookers). Now your BS MN dancers will comment and say that I’m a loser looking to get laid, ugly, who smells bad. On the contrary, I’m just a guy looking to spend a lot of money (way too much) on dancers who understand that the whole profession should be about fantasy (mine, not theirs). Best of luck MN dancers, and PL clubgoers. I’m taking my $65K per year to TX and CA. Minne.Dave

  24. doug

    Fancy dressed bouncers are the worst I have ever seen. They treat you like dirt unless you grease their palms.Dancers are only about the money there and wont give you the time of day unless you keep feeding them money.Save your time and skip going to this unwelcoming club


    Bad Management (03/18)

    I got kicked out for not paying for dances that never happened. A girl danced two songs for me at 20 per song, and then said I owed her $80!. I wouldn’t pay out of principle…I never let a bully take my milk money. Her story over mine…I was asked to leave.

  26. Out of towner

    Was in a month ago and I thought this place was OK,I was wrong. Last week 5 of the bouncers roughed me up and threw me out-literally because I asked one of the dancers for her phone number. I have never been treated so badly anywhere I have been in the country. Ill never go back to this place again

  27. hey steve

    your eye doctor called and said he is ready to do the eye transplants on you. Seems like you really need that surgery from the comments you posted here. You obviously cant see well or you wouldnt have posted what you did

  28. Ash

    Seville Club was my first strip club I had ever been to. My

    boyfriend decided to take me as we were staying at the

    Graves and I was a little drunk with some money to spend on

    beautiful women. It was a Sunday night and the bouncers were

    nice, the cover girl was nice, and the dancers were very

    beautiful. It was $10 lap dance night so I got my first lap

    dance. overall, very classy.

  29. Bill

    Best club in the midwest, hands down

  30. vin


  31. anthony ny (wink)

    anthony ny aka (a manager at seville) tip the”bouncer” mgmt again,beautiful and classy ‘manager at seville again’EXCELLENT WORK LADIES”manager at seville again, dont date there guest, SMALL TOWN HERE, manager again, go figure, keep posting not beleivable comments ,and now you stoop low enough to (say tip your bouncer? aka management?)how low can you stoop? it’s pretty obvious! lmao

  32. Murray
  33. e
  34. Tom
  35. Uncle Milty

    Girls were boring and the bouncers like beating people up for no reason. I saw a guy get tackled by 3 bouncers and dragged out because he spilled a couple of beers. I will never go back to this gastapo-run dive.

  36. Sandy
  37. Nat
  38. Steven
  39. J

    Great club. Sunday deals and poker on Wednesday.

  40. Al

    Nice place, but felt that I got little attention from the girls. Next time I will dress up more and maybe I will have a girl approach me.

  41. Shay
  42. BUTCH


  43. ken
  44. keysersoze

    Myself and a couple buddies hit all three big clubs with booze on Friday night. I think most of what gets posted here has got to be bullshit, because this Seville had some smokin hot babes compared to the other 2 topless clubs we were first at. I’m just glad we ended the night at this club. It was hard to track girls down and the club was a tight fit, being 1am on a Friday. Most of the chickas seemed busy with regulars, on the VIP side, or couples!, but there were MANY 7-10’s all over the place. I would say 25-30 girls altogether. One of my buddies was able to get a couple dances from a girl he was looking for, so good for him. I forget her name, but she was tan with darker hair. The drinks weren’t watered down at all, quite a friendly pour (I should hope so for the price you have to pay in these joints). At least the stages kept the hotties (and I mean hotties) around, I just sat back and enjoyed the view of stage, half-naked women walking by and taking their clothes off for tables nearby. I’ll be back for sure, probably when it isn’t so busy. Hopefully I can catch some names next time to post here. Oh yeah, and the waitresses need to start thinking about a job change (for the sake of guys like me), they were as hot as the dancers.

  45. Jonna
  46. andrew

    nothing special, was ok

  47. Justin

    Great Place!!!

  48. Ima
  49. Benji

    This place sucks,jerk manager,high prices,bitchy women. What a waste of time

  50. milk guy
  51. re:deeds

    OK I give up…what other sites have reviews of the Seville? I always have a good time here!

  52. Stud
  53. Good guy

    Club is in the seediest part of town,watch your back and wallet

  54. JIM BEAM


  55. Ninja S.

    I attempted to take a bachelor party here one weekend. We had free passes from some of the venues we had hit previously so we presented them at the door to be told that they were no good because we didn’t get there earlier. Fine whatever. “Oh it’s a bachelor party? Well we need $600 for bottle service and admission to the VIP room.”Yeah right.I had them show me around first. The place was empty. The girls were nothing special. If I was going to buy my friend a $250 bottle of alcohol, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be Grey Goose.We got back outside and I told them to cram the place. We went elsewhere and had more cost-effective fun.Usually I’m expecting a shakedown from the girls, not from the retards at the door.

  56. cal
  57. chloe
  58. NEW YORK


  59. JC
  60. felixnada

    Give me a break. Assh*les at the door doubled the price while we were deciding whether to go in. Quoting corporate policy, the ass clown at the door wouldn’t let us in until we paid double five minutes after telling us it was $10 to get in just before. F you. Too many other places to get your drink on nearby.

  61. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  62. Haha

    If there’s one thing that cann be said for this club, its that it’s the classiest place around. Skanks? Not there. Sounds like someone who must have gotten canned from this place.

  63. umustbeendrunk

    Lucky for you that you didn’t get the shit beat out of you by the gorilla bouncers. Guess not everyone gets their ass kicked there by them,just most people.You probably won’t be so lucky next time and by the way,I told you so.Most smart people stay clear of that place because of the reputation the bouncers have for ganging up on helpless patrons and beating the shit out of them

  64. BigDaddy

    Great club, fair prices for the good food and drinks, nice atmosphere, the waitresses are hot and friendly and I’ve never had to look far for an attractive dancer. Check out Tracy, Molly and Melanie.

  65. khtime
  66. Traci
  67. pheeewwww

    This club has the stinkiest dancers anywhere. Nothing worse than smelling BO and fish at the same time when one of them walks by

  68. Mandi
  69. Jake

    Is this where the “oldies but goodies” go to retire,Hang up the shoes dolls,get some new blood, very disappointed, but i guess is where the old school hangs out, more power to you.

  70. CliffH

    The girls are beautiful and nice. The atmosphere is comfortable. The Sunday half price special is a great deal for such a classy strip club.

  71. Sub Par

    Nice sound system in the place, but where are you girls. Had some money to spend, but I guess if you don’t dress like you are going to a wedding you get no respect.

  72. BORING

    Boring and very over rated,never will go back to this place,i was afraid to laugh too loud.

  73. Saundra
  74. Lux P.

    There is nothing like enjoying the company of the most beautiful woman while you in a true gentleman’s club. I can’t imagine anyone not being into this club…

  75. barstoolbandit

    Anyone who is stupid enough to write a review on here and think it is going to affect where people decide to go (because we all know everything on these boards is bullshit) needs to get their head out of their ass (or somebody elses), but it sure does explain much as to why their own club is likely failing so miserably. That same person would likely consider such comments a hard days work on promotions?!?

  76. gone 4 good
  77. lonn
  78. Toni
  79. mike

    not impressed

  80. Steve

    I’m not a strip club connoisseur, but this place was nice. Not trashy like the other places in town. It looked as though there were just as many women there as guests. I felt comfortable the entire evening and the girls were beautiful. I got a Jazz / Burlesque Club vibe than a dive bar. I’d definitely go again.

  81. jj

    OK, a little spendy

  82. XhXeXy

    Managment treats their Entertainers like shit at this place!!!

  83. zzt

    wow if i wanted to get treated like crap i would have gone to a club in nyc. Bad floormen with thier hands out if you want a table but i guess its the best of the cities.I have been to the ‘other ” places in mpls and of the 2 other places i have to say ricks is better. staff and overall a better time!

  84. Elvis
  85. shaggy lol

    response to vips comment:where does the word haters come from? seville girls date and dine there guests,no different than any other strip club in town, your co-workers have been spotted by the “stripper police” haha at resturants,concerts,local clubs and imagine this one EVEN AT OTHER STRIP CLUBS with guest, well unless there just HANGIN out with there grandpa!!!!!remember the saying “people in glass houses should’nt throw stones?”

  86. Stone
  87. carl
  88. Yao

    Best looking women in town.

  89. Johnny

    The dancers are stuck on themselves, save your time and money and go to another club

  90. shadowclm
  91. Anthony NY

    Went on a Wed night. Had an excellent time, I recommend tipping the bouncer. Guaranteed to have the best girls and I will say that they are definitely not pushy. Beautiful & classy. Excellent work ladies. Totally enjoyed my Brazilian beauty.

  92. Prescilla X.

    Let me just start off saying that I am NOT a regular at strip clubs so everytime I do go, I am always amazed…Seville Cabaret is so awesome! We went one night on a comlete random whim and because it was a friend’s first time to a strip club. This place is nice! The bouncers at the front door were super sweet, the bartender was nice, and most importantly….the strippers were so sweet. I know it’s their job to be sweet and nice but these were actually engaging and not tacky. This place is a “quality” strip club with classier chics and bouncers. The only down-side was that the stippers weren’t working it..instead were always stuck to one guy or just aimlessly walking around. I physically had to get up and grab one’s hand and yank her to give my buddy a lap dance.

  93. Ted
  94. MilkBoy

    These girls look like they came from my home town.

  95. barfly

    To the review below this one:

    Yeah, like “just talking” to the dancers. Suuuure. More like you (and your brothers), continued to be offensive to the girls, including repeatedly telling them to show you their p*ssy on stage and acting like chumps. What a bunch of losers you were. We like to keep trash like you out thanks, we don’t want you back. Your review reflects who you are (minus some crucial truths). Seville is a classy topless club serving liquor, with a growing number of beautiful women in a pretty relaxed setting. Oh, and nothing escalated to physical violence on this particular visit, unlike Mr. LeRoy claims. As has been stated before, the reviews and chat are MEANINGLESS, for every club. Take what you will, but most everything is mudslinging. Everyone has their slant on things, usually negative in the way the way they want their story told (or made up), too bad soooo much of it is BS.

  96. Hunter

    This place made a better warehouse. It still resembles one except for the fancy curtains and dressed up gastapo bouncers. Dancers are boring and not very attractive,drinks too expensive and cover charge outragous.Bouncers are always looking to beat someone up so be careful if you go there

  97. nbg
  98. joseph1k

    My girlfriend and I had a great time here. Very classy, great interior, and the Saturday night A-squad was good (but not great). Drinks were a bit over priced but not too bad, and they gave you plenty.Wanted to note the passes: we got in no problem on a Saturday with 2 passes cut out from City Pages. No “looks”, no nothing. Save yourself $10-$20 per person and use these.

  99. Scott

    Great club. I’ve always had a nice time here. The atmosphere is nice, and the girls are gorgeous and usually friendly.

  100. yawnnnnnnn

    your club is boring, so are you

  101. Chuck U. Farley

    The Seville club is cold, unwelcoming and the people there seem to have a real chip on their shoulder, they are just about the money, no humanity, the valet service hit a friends car and didn’t pay! They are the worst club in Minneapolis. They have no business being in business.

  102. AssnTits5

    First and foremost, I am not a “regular” when it comes to strip clubs. Far from it. (The entire concept of a strip club to me seems a bit fruitless.) However, my military experiences have exposed me to a plethora of them and feel like I have a descent ability to judge what makes a great club.Now to the Seville…The gentlemen at the door was respectful and kind. My military ID got me in for free (compared to $10) which was nice… Upon entering the Seville, I was greeted with dark lighting and another gentleman in a sportcoat offering me a place to sit. I accepted and absorbed the atmosphere. The club itself looked very modern and tasteful, which actually surprised me. The drinks were pricey ($15 for two beers) but that is the reality of drinking at a strip club. (Sorry to dissapoint, but I don’t know how much a private dance is because I would never inquire/get one.)Despite the fact that the club was tasteful, modern, and under control, it was rather lifeless for being packed. In fact, the dancers, wait staff, and patrons all carried themselves with a “hungover” demeanor. I doubt I will be back because I think Minneapolis has more to offer than simply strolling from one strip club to another. However, this place is classier than most I’ve been to in the past. Thus if drug here by a friend (my case) or looking for a good time with a group of friends, Seville might provide some descent “entertainment”.

  103. Abe

    Not good



  105. Robb

    Maybe a little too dark.

  106. Sam
  107. Jeff
  108. woody from the north

    I got genital warts the last time I was at this club! Could be from when I was in the mens room stall satisfying myself while watching the mensroom attendant.

  109. Bert
  110. Jon
  111. Mark

    Best club in Minneapolis, hot women

  112. Joe
  113. Shadow
  114. adamrod

    Girls don’t let your men go to this club. They won’t just get a lap dance! My husband came home 2 hours past closing because there are actual hookers working this so call “high end strip club”. I was at the club once with him and he was solicited for sex. I let the manager know and “Andy” said that they are all adults! Apparently he not only allows the girls to give out their numbers but also does not mind protecting the hookers he hires! This club could care less about the woman that walk out pissed that they can’t just enjoy a nice evening out with her man. we walked into a real whore house- it’s found right in the heart of MPLS.

  115. Leroy

    Me and my brothers went in to this shithole and we were just talking to some of the dancers when the bouncers came up to us and told us to leave. When we were walking out one of the bouncers told me he didnt like my gold teeth and punched me so i shoved him. After we kicked his ass we left. We will never be back

  116. splik

    Seville is by far the best club in MN. I would rank it amongst the best I’ve been too. This is a club of sofistification so if you are looking for a cheap hooker go elsewhere. The staff treats you well and the girls are top notch.

  117. robert
  118. Luck
  119. deeds

    Spoken like a true employee of another club, ex-employee or just all around poster of worthless hate. People that actually go to these clubs post real reviews on 2 (mostly 1) other websites, not this one. And they know that, obviously you don’t, because funny – reviews like this never show up. So if you are trying to reach people that matter (and actually go to the clubs as customers) with your negatively slanted comments, I’m quite sure, it’s not working. Obviously it makes you feel better to think you are affecting people with your comments, so carry on, I just thought I’d clue you in. Heh.

  120. Dano G.

    I went here on a work trip and showed up with high level executives from both my company and the other company (which shall remain un-named since they are headquartered in Minneapolis).I work in low level PR, so any work trip I can take is always a good time. Especially when the suits show up. Suits = paid for.I didn’t indulge in any dances, but I was able to leech for the whole night for drinks, and later food.And it’s always a good time to see your boss having a good time and blowing away wads of cash.Come here with no boner and make those girls earn their tip. “Tip” meaning additional cash on top of the cost of the “dance,” not the “tip” of the fleshy variety.

  121. Meh
  122. curtis17

    First, to everybody who starts by “I am not a regular at a strip club” grow some balls people!! You just went to a strip club!! It’s ok, its not the end of the world and who cares what someone else that will probably never meet you thinks!Anyways, I was impressed by the quality and level of this strip club. It is definitely not like some of the other joints I’ve visited in this town and is by far the best so far. The cover charge was not bad ($10) and the beer, well, its a strip club so they are not going to be cheap (about $9). The strippers were good looking and I only spotted one chunky one throughout the night. Most of them were in good shape – which should be a must if you are taking your clothes off for money. One thing that threw me off was the lack of a pole?? Never in all my years (Oh excuse me, I am not a regular….) have I seen a strip club that does not have a dance pole. At first I thought it was going to suck , but it made the dancers improvise a little and definitely made for a different, interesting experience. So if I want some titties in my girlfriend’s face again, I will definitely come back here!

  123. Tommy

    Megan and Taylor are no longer working at this club. I don’t know why

  124. Michelle
  125. Local Boy

    This club has everything set up to be sucessful–EXCEPT for the dances which are the WORST I’ve ever had, and the personality of the dancers, which is the WORST I’ve ever had. ALL of the dancers I have met seem more completely fake than anywhere else I have ever been, and none of them seem to be kinky at all in style or personality. Dances given to me and others, the dancers BARELY have contact with the guy.

  126. bored

    This place is nothing but a freshly painted warehouse and the atmosphere feels like it. How can they charge those godawful prices with the skanks working there and the thugs patroling the floors aka bouncers. Thugs to get past to get inside and once in thugs watching your every move. Skip this place if you want to have fun and not get the shit beat out of you

  127. Fred
  128. jimmy

    this club is a joke. Lap dance? Why? Other than to score cash for the girls, im not sure why places like this have VIP. Service in VIP (both from girls and staff) is terrible. There is no privacy…… total waste. run away.

    the waitresses are usually better looking than the dancers and they are friendly as well. good food.

  129. kimberly
  130. Andy

    “Taylor” & “Megan” were funny girls. Smart, beautiful, will be back for them. We waited 1 hour before any girl approached us.. well worth the wait!

  131. james

    just rude and cocky staff,no fun at this place, wont be back

  132. Dude
  133. Andy & Steph

    Kylie was great–Steph wanted to bring her home with us!!!!

  134. TJ


  135. C.D.
  136. Tiny
  137. guest

    i can see what they are tring to do but unfortunately for whoever the owners are, the management is what keeps this place from geing what it could be. fire all the managers hire new friendly guys and then maybe this club very well could be the best. alays remeber, word gets around when you treat dancers and guest badly and it will affect your buisness whether you think so or not.

  138. jd

    Least friendly club in the twin cities. Too expensive,ho-hum dancers with attitudes,bouncers looking for someone to bounce out,cold atmosphere. Stay away from this place

  139. R.J.
  140. Thor

    If it weren’t for the Seville staff making all of the complimentary comments on this site everyone would know Seville is not the place to go. Why dont you guys spend your time learning good customer service instead of bragging up the shit hole you work at. Leave this site for the customers to post on

  141. jamison

    I had a great time, I wasn’t ignored, though I wish I would have…lol I spent alot of money here and I loved it, beautiful all around, better when you get them to smile

    but beautiful none the less

  142. cp from chi town

    Dont waste your time at this place.

  143. out of town

    wont see me here again

  144. Petey
  145. Alexander V.

    Mixed feelings.1. There are plenty of girls working, but more than half are usually gobbled up in the VIP area. Meaning you only get the same 3-4 girls working the stage and floor. Good luck trying to get a dance in that scenario.2. The layout is terrible. Everyone is crammed in like sardines. 3. The girls to do work the VIP area are all attractive. I would say the girls I saw in the VIP area were 7-8s. 4. The girls working the floor and stage were also attractive, just lacking that “it” quality. Probably solid 7s across all 4 that were in the main areas.5. The wine is terrible. The beer and liquor selection is a plus.6. Security was professional and friendly.7. Table service was extremely slow. Again, staffing issues. You had 3 servers working way too many tables.8. Clientele is older, but also quite cheap from what I could see. Not many tippers sitting in the tipping tables by the stage.Ultimately, I went two different nights and found the same problems both times. Even in VIP, the scarcity of dancers was annoying. Save yourself the trip and head to Downtown Cabaret or Rick’s for more dancers. If you’re looking to plant yourself in one venue and watch the same 3-4 dancers all night, then this place jumps to 3 or 4 stars.

  146. Hale L.

    I’m not connesouer of gentleman’s clubs. However, I was involved in a bachelor party bus tour of 6-7 NE Minneapolis finest strip clubs. I use the word “finest” loosely. Who knew that there were that many strip clubs in one neighborhood. My brother decided to lead a gang of well behaved, classy gents to the Seville during my bachelor party. We all entered free, thanks to City Pages coupons. That’s right, we used coupons to skip the entry fee at a strip club.The staff immediately found seating for 20+ guys. There is a 2 drink minimum and drinks are expensive. This is a Cabaret, so no pole and undergarments (skimpy) stay on. The ladies were attentive and not pushy. Servers were prompt with our drinks. Dances are $20 per song.I went here a couple times since then and one time with my wife. Actually, I think my wife has gone here with her girlfriends more times than I have. She and her friends get a better deal: free drinks from the gents and no minimums on drinks. I think the patrons think she’s off duty. Now if only she would let me buy her a lap dance…

  147. Brian P.

    As Georges St. Pierre once famously said to Matt Hughes, I am unimpressed with your performance.

  148. barry
  149. had enuff

    Seville ads are deceiving. When you enter this dive, you take your life into your hands. Expensive cover charge,high price drinks,ho hum dancers at best,unfriendly servers,vicious bouncers,warehouse atmosphere,no place to park,thugs patrolling the sidewalk outside

  150. Mistercap12

    If you are going to complain about there not being enough strippers on the floor then you should get VIP. This is the classiest strip club in the cities and on Sundays they gots half off drinks and strippers all goddamn night! Whoooooooooo Seville. It’s been too long since I’ve been inside of you.

  151. mathewater12

    Head and shoulders above any other gentleman’s club in the entire midwest. If you think $7 is too much to pay for a drink and if you’re not interested in buying $20 dances… then why did you go here? This is the *only* classy gentleman’s club in the Twin Cities. Go there if you want to give yourself a real treat.

  152. Kevin

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