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0 reviews for “Jaguars

  1. HappyGuy

    WOW Had a great time, lots of hot dancers!!!!!!! will be back

  2. joseph1k

    Most of the dancers are overweight or just plain ugly. If I wanted to see naked chicks that looked like that I would stay home with my wife.

  3. RC!

    What happened to this club it was at its peak a year ago and now to me its on the edge of destruction!

  4. james1412

    Wasn’t allowed in because my California license was vertical.

  5. rogerrab2

    The guys checking ID’S were courteous, the door girl was friendly and informative. My friend and I went to the bar for a shot and then asked the door guys to seat us when we were ready. We tipped everyone that helped us. Within 1 minute of sitting down at a table near the bar, a full drink fell on me out of nowhere. It hit me and soaked by pants and hair. We called the same door guy over (a short, stalky guy with bug earrings and a face dermal piercing) to let him know. He acted confused and looked up toward the 2nd floor. I said I didn’t know where it came from and had to ask him for another chair. A dry one. He took the wet chair across the room, talked to a dancer while I stood there waiting, and then brought me a new chair. He then said to me, “Someone threw a drink at you?” Growing increasingly irritated I repeated that I did not know where it came from but I was soaked. He said, “You want a napkin or something?” No, I did not want a napkin or something at that point. A simple- I’m sorry that happen, how can I fix this- would’ve sufficed.

  6. veteran penthouse customer

    I have not been here since the club switched over to le girls but i am proud to say that all the original sexy sweet girls are back! I dont know what the fuck is up with that ad but its definetly worth the effort to come down and enjoy lunch with the day girls!!!

  7. borat
  8. rob t.
  9. Dick

    Nice club but there is a definite scarcity of dancers, let alone attractive dancers.

  10. mathewater12

    The only good thing in there was Mike! Our VIP host. I am not going to go into details but coming from a woman that loves gorgeous women and enjoys adult entertainment with her man– this is not the place.

  11. Collin

    Pretty nice club these days. There were alot more girls this time than the last time I was by. It’s a little outta the way for me but I’ll probably stop in more often now. Didn’t have a cover charge when I went. The long-legged hostess that always wore pigtails from the east club dances here now!

  12. tom herbener


  13. jimmy
  14. I bucked 1 Tim bucked 2

    BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!

  15. n
  16. Me
  17. harryharry

    6 stages, 3 bars, VIP section, almost always poppin’.

  18. Mia A.

    This club is very popular. It looks well kept inside, has two bars, & really great parking. The security looks up to par & I felt safe (given the location of this bar & the “crowd” it draws.) My 1st time going was pretty packed. I kind of expected this.. & even though I was lucky enough to get a table, the service was a little slow. My 2nd time was also very packed. My girlfriend and I took one shot & left because we didn’t want to wait for a table. The 3 time I went (we chose a weekday thinking it would be a little slower) – was ALSO VERY PACKED. I would have to say overly packed. Not only did I have to wait 20 minutes for a table but so did a whole lot of other people. This was by far the worst experience I’ve had at a strip club. Right from the start the security told my girlfriend “excuse me, I’m starting to enforce the dress code here and some ladies have been mistaken for guys so other guys try to fight when they bump each other” — my girlfriend is a “stud” lesbian, but she has very long hair, and she was just wearing a plain tee & jeans. Idk wtf he wants to do about her attire. I get that most “stud” lesbians look masculine, but my girlfriend looks like a women. — bottom line, I felt that that was rude & shows a lot of what the establishment has become if men are fighting. After that, we went inside and had absolutely NO WHERE to sit. People were waiting all along the bar and in front of the door. I was standing in front of the bar like everyone else. And then a waitress/server walked up to me and asked “excuse me are you ordering?” – I thought this was nice of her but little did I know that she wasn’t offering to take our order, she wanted me to move out of her way. While we continued waiting for a table, 15 minutes later, security was trying to pass through – in a very crowded spot – & he just slightly shoved me to the side. Not a heavy or strong push, but still put his hands on me to move me. After that, we decided that it wasn’t worth being there anymore. My 1st time was better service but it seems as they get more & more busy, the service gets worse. I left to Essex after, and it was much better service. I enjoyed 6 six drinks, at a table close to two different stages. Nobody shoved me. Nobody asked my girlfriend to look different, leading me to believe they don’t have aggressive customers, and the waitress was fast and friendly and checked on us regularly. That place is 5 stars. I give Jags two stars because it’s obviously popular for a reason and the place looks well kept.

  19. justinlk

    Been in and out of that club a few times. It’s huge 6 stages a ton of girls. Because the club is so big it’s not personal if you’re not throwing crazy money you may not get any attention from the girls. The second time I went my friend couldn’t get in because he had spikes on his shoes 2k red bottoms) but I’m assuming they were at their Black men capacity. I heard the white manager use the N word a few times. Also witnessed a Floyd mayweather shirt be burned on stage after he won his last fight. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go there you might get shot or robbed in the parking lot. Good luck.

  20. a.k.a. tori

    love all the security and all the management is all cool people and it’s been an adventure to work here they take very good care of the employees

  21. Bow
  22. Sammi Ross

    I dont like how the managers treat their dancers. They abuse them with words and take half or all of the dancer hard-earned money and the tip-out are the worst. Thay wont let girls audtion beacuse they have curves and are not skinnet for their standard. I also heard the dancer are hookers.

  23. Montel

    This club is a little out of the way, but was worth the trip. Very nice upscale atmosphere, but without the attitude. Amazing private vip rooms. Not many girls and business looked slow, but I’m sure it’ll pick up soon. A must see club! I’d go back.

  24. Chris

    This was my first time at the club. I came for the amature contest. They had dancing on several stages. It’s a really nice club. I got dances on the floor and in the VIP. The VIP was totally worth it. Some girl with pigtails (name???) did the splits on my lap. Oh my god! I am for sure coming back!!!

  25. It's Pat!

    Is Marci still here or has she gotten a regular job like she’s been saying for the past 10 years?

  26. scary place

    totally ghetto

  27. Michael W.

    My buddy was in town shortly and it was the last day he was going to be here so we wanted him to enjoy his last night here since all he could think of asking for was titties and snatch. Fair enough. Here’s the breakdown: No need to worry about issues…there is armed security in the lot. You won’t be raping and you won’t be getting raped. “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…” Google it if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Door guys and such were not aggressive or the stereotypical “I work here and can beat your ass, better r’spect me”-type. THANK GOD, I hate those type of guys. Parking is typically plentiful. They’ve got a huge, huge lot. Cover is relatively inexpensive. It’s anywhere from free to $10 a head. I don’t know about chicks, we didn’t go with any. Lap dances were $10 a piece and we did enjoy them. They weren’t rushed…I’ve had shitty rushed lap dances before. Chicks were on and off before I could even finish a drink at some places. This was not the case with the lap dances I got here. Drinks were moderate priced. It’s a strip club. Of course they’re going to change you a high price. I just didn’t think we were gouged more than any other place of this nature. There was a cute waitress walking around with their “specials” which was $5 patron shots. Girls. Of course there was A LOT of girls. They’ve got a main stage and a few smaller stages. Girls on all of them. Girls walking around too. I was well pleased with the appearances of the girls. They were all good looking. Music was hip hop of course. It was loud but not loud enough that you can’t talk to your friend seated next to you. Overall, I liked it. I peruse a lot of strip clubs in my heyday and definitely wouldn’t mind coming back here again. My friends that I came with left satisfied, heh.

  28. XXXbeast

    I can’t even tell you the shit I have done in this club…hahahahhaaha lol for free may I add… It pays to be handsome and dress well…you may get more then you…dam good times. Anyways the lap dances are always on point …I have had to wash many jeans and slacks after leaving here a few times lmao…hahaha those dances are worth that 20 dollars trust me!!!! And the women are so fine. Even dated some lol….good times good times. .

  29. foxy
  30. mike
  31. joseph
  32. humo
  33. it's just me

    Beautiful Club, friendly and beautiful dancers

  34. GarryWas

    The service is shit! I was there on a Wednesday which is ladies night. I ordered two drinks and the server brought four drinks. I said we only ordered two drinks and the server said since she brought us four drinks that we would have to pay for all four. The price of the drinks were cheap so there was no problem with paying for all four but the principal of the matter is they were unwilling to admit fault and just for the fun of it wanted to charge me more money. I know it’s a strip club and all they want is for people to spend money but when you’re wrong as a business you should own up to it and treat your customers with some respect. Fuck that place.

  35. Sal
  36. felixnada

    A good rule of thumb to follow is when a club and/or a strip club has low reviews that means you are going to have fucking fun. The tools that write the one star reviews are typically the little angry nerd that goes home and writes a bad review and be like “Oh I will show them! I will write a bad review on their club because of my insecurities I couldnt have fun at the club, yes I will also judge the dancers based on their looks, ugh they dont look the ideal way I want them to look!!! They are fat, skinny and have fake tits and the music! I want them to play the music I like because you know I am not opened minded about anything so here take this one star review, yes this will boost my confidence hehe”

  37. fuckery12

    I must admit this was my fave place to go just because of the atmosphere and the awesome happy hour…. $.50 drafts ! I have noticed though in the last couple of months it has become more popular and now the laid back atmosphere I used to love has turned to waiting in long lines, having to wait on waitresses while they talk and drink prices rising. I still like this place, but will not frequent it as much because of the drop in customer service… just because you have more customers now does not allow for slacking on cust. service 🙂 that is why I give it 3 stars…..

  38. jason

    very nice, girls were friendly

  39. Sirsex

    Very classy club, just what we’re looking for, although the neighborhood is bad. Need more dancers.

  40. eddyL

    One star. Have my id and they denied me for nor reason other than I have basketballl shorts on. I’m in town for a freaking BCS Bowling Game are you kidding me????!! What a bunch of idiots!

  41. regular 1

    not alot of girls, but quality is betr than its been in a long time. new managers are snobs-but they have cleaned up the rif raf somewhat.

  42. Clubber

    While it is in west phoenix, hands down, this place is the nicest place in the state. Not a ton of customers but, damn, the women are FINE! The drinks are inexpensive, the cover if fair, the music is cool and the service was top notch. They have a vip lounge that is straight out of a video. This is a vegas club, in the middle of Phoenix!

  43. carolina girl

    I’m in from out of town, and absolutely LOVE this club! Great

    music, great girls, And by far the best VIP in town! And I’ve

    seen a lot of the clubs in town! The staff is friendly and the club is amazing, my

    altime favorite place in town. A little out of the way, but worth the drive. As for

    the guys… ya’ll need to come check us out! Phenomenal place to party!

  44. richard95

    BEWARE!! AVOID THE VIP ROOM!!! AVOID it like the plague!! Do yourself a favor and stay in the main area. The girls don’t tell you that you have to drop $20 just to go back there!! Some douche bag collects your $20 dollars before you have the luxury of losing even more money to the dancer. Plus the dancers don’t keep track of dances to let you know how much you owe. I’m sure I got 5 dances from Mercedes but she ripped me off for 8 dances at $20 bucks each. Avoid dancer Mercedes to. Can’t miss her. She’s got the biggest HUGE FAKE TITS I’ve ever seen!! BUT AVOID HER! Her dances stink! Stay on the main floor and you’ll have a good time.

  45. jamz
  46. Charlotte the Harlot

    Awesome place, love to work here and love the food. Took a fellow dancer home the first night, wink wink. Cum inside and have fun with us.

  47. jesse

    This place sucks

  48. Reficul

    They had 2 DJs work the night shift when I went in. The first one was a scrub but the second one had personality and played hot tunes. The girls were off the hook and for a strip club, the drink specials were pretty damn good. I was glad to see it wasn’t all blonde barbie dolls too. They had some latina and a couple of really hot black chicks too. One dancer, McKenna, I totally fell for. She was beautiful and had so much personality. Not like the fake strippers who nod and say yes to everything you say. When I am back in town I will take my employees back with me.

  49. tony

    used to work there, huge rip off, eric peterson doesnt know how to run a club, hires crack whores who are also hookers for “stock holders” fuck penthouse

  50. AssnTits5

    I had the opposite experience from the other reviewers. When first walking in I was impressed with the size of this club, it’s very large and has several stages and atleast 2 bars. I went with a friend and my boyfriend and we sat near the front stage.The music was all rap music which is annoying, I would like some diversity.Watching the girls I was unimpressed, they didn’t know how to do any pole tricks and looked awkward dancing. One girl was a messy drunk on stage, she was entertaining to watch.A customer walked by and knocked my friend entire margarita over. I told one of the guys who worked there and he came by and wiped the table. My friend told him that the drink spilled all over her purse and he said “accidents happen”. I was really pissed by his dismissive attitude because the least he could have done is offer her a towel to wipe off her purse. If the club was really up to par they would have offered to replace her drink which was not cheap for such a small drink.We were there for a little over a half hour and none of the girls that we asked to come dance for us came by.After getting that bad impression from the snotty worker I decided we had to leave and as we walked out we noticed the drunk dancer vomiting at a table. Disgusting.It’s a beautiful club and I was excited to go here after hearing it advertised on the radio but they really need to work on their customer service cause they lost me. There aws nothing to bring me back to that club, most of the girls were flat chested and didn’t know how to dance. Why would I go back?

  51. d
  52. Johnson12

    LOVE this plaCe great atnosphere,fun,great drinks.will def visit again soon. Cute grls.friendly staff.large space. Worth it. Colorful. Will recommend it to friends. Safe .dress code is good.Uniforms are

  53. mike halk
  54. Rob

    Huge club. Nice management. Not that many dancers when I went during the day but they are really friendly and show you a good time. Katrina I love you! You are wicked hot. You make me wish I went to Catholic school. 😉

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