2200 Northwest 40th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73112


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Copa

  1. eddyL

    I’m going to free-associate, in this review, because this is what my brain is like after an outing at the Copa:Black light rainbows and tightie-whities. CK One. Your love is my drug.Cher is alive and well.Rupal and Viva Glam.Glam in general. Don’t sit on the couches. Don’t sit at all. I should really come here more often.Seriously, OKC needs more dance clubs but this one is a treasure.

  2. winston12

    Has the persona of a gay Pitbull.

  3. Natasha V.

    entertainment of some sort almost every night. they did have karaoke for awhile but i dont know anymore. that was one of the things i used to go there for but i dont get out there as much anymore because most of my friends are guys who they don’t want to go to a gay club. on holidays and weekends, there tends to be a line out out the door which has turned me off of going in. but ones you do get in, it’s got great music, if you like dancing, there is a pretty big dancefloor for that. also forgot to mention that they have drag shows, i thought they were on wednesdays now but like i said, not been out there in awhile. they also have 2 full-service bars. last i checked, it wasnt open on mondays which was disappointing because my friend and i were looking for a bar to go to on a monday.

  4. Franklyn

    Bring your sequins, lungs-of-steel and dancing pants for a night to remember at the Copa and don’t plan on leaving one minute before 1:45 a.m. You will find yourself in distress and longing for more when they play “Hit the Road Jack” as the last song of the night. Plan on seeing the person you least expect because although it is a gay club, it is straight-friendly and you will see an influx of all kinds of people. The dance floor is packed on Saturday nights and the drinks are so strong that you will find yourself dancing by 1am even though you were just telling your friend “you couldn’t pay me to get on the dance floor.” Come early on Saturdays or plan for a long wait in line.Tuesday’s at the Copa are the men’s underwear competition, Thursday’s are the women’s panty competition and both are something that everyone should experience at least once because it is SO MUCH FUN.When you become overwhelmed by all the cigarette smoke, walk over to Gusher’s and grab a bite to eat and a stiff drink in a smoke-free environment.

  5. harryharry

    Listen, I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and the Copa has always been somewhere I wanted to check out. Finally, on this fateful Tuesday night, I was able to do exactly that. After a few hours at Fassler, my friends announced that we were going to The Finish Line (which they also had to explain to me was NOT the store at the mall) and upon my arrival I realized it was THE COPAAAA. Just to clarify, the Copa is on one side, and the Finish Line is on the other.I’ll start by saying, that as we entered the doors, it smelled like an old roller skating rink…lol…but that’s neither here nor there. We went to the right (the Finish Line side) and it was pretty dead in there. This didn’t come as a surprise since it was a Tuesday night. There’s a typical bar set up in the middle, a few pool tables to the left, and a dance floor to the right of the bar. Music was….interesting. I would say the Finish Line is exactly that…where you go to finish the night.I also ventured over to the Copa side, duh, and saw that was a lot more my style. A large dance floor, much louder and dancier (it’s a word) music…oh and there was some type of a male underwear contest. It was entertaining to say the least.There’s a little gift shop in between the Copa and the Finish Line…which makes sense because there’s a hotel attached. Ha!All in all, I would say the Copa is exactly what I had imagined and heard from others. I definitely want to go back on a Friday or Saturday night to really get the full effect.

  6. justinlk

    The bartender decided my tip wasn’t good enough and decided to double it – make sure to check your receipts!

  7. adamrod

    Don’t have anywhere to wear your red speedo? Want to dance but terrified of people judging you? Want to saturate your skin with sweat, smoke, heavy bass and jello shots? COPA! This is always the last stop on the Saturday tipsy wagon. Or the Tuesday tipsy wagon for that matter. When you can’t think of anything else to do and you just need to dance it out or catch up on your people watching, you go on down to 39th (The Strip) and try to find a place to park (Its on the other side of the Habana Inn). Stumble through all the glittery queens, cowboy swingers, baggy-jeaned hip hop heads with really clean shoes, overly tan lip glossed soccer moms, overly tan lip glossed boys, sporty spice hipster girls and that old man in the corner taking off his shirt and swinging his tie for no apparent reason other than he really loves this Madonna song. No judgment here. You do whatever you want with whomever you want. Yep. Bust out that Running Man you’ve been holding back since 1997. They play really loud, really poppy dance music (the kind you didn’t even know you REALLY wanted to hear) with lots of strobe lights and glow sticks and beer slung by bartenders in tightey-whiteys right up until 1:59am. Then it is mass exodus and street food. The only reason I can’t give them 5 stars is because I am not always drunk enough for all that smoke and sometimes the line is annoyingly, but entertainingly long (see: also depending on level of drunkeness) plus there is always the ever so slight fear of getting stabbed while trying to make it to the taco truck.

  8. Bobby M.

    The Copa is a gay oasis in a sea of red. Props for that, however, because it is the only one of its kind it’s overcrowded and the average median age is 21. Get trashed before hand, go with a group, get more trashed, and do so once every couple of months. One more thing, men, WATCH OUT FOR THE BATHROOMS. As a matter of fact just go next door to the Finish Line, you’ll be much more comfortable. Don’t give me that homophobia bull shit, I’m as gay as they come, and those restrooms even scare me.

  9. richard95

    Great dance floor, good sexy energy. Primarily a gay clientele, but very straight friendly.

  10. larry1

    copa what can i say,, its ok, more for the young people.. gets very busy, and yes it can b shade.. people having sex in cars, in rooms with windiws opened. but the gughers food is good..

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