Harley’s Roadhouse



19 Silver Street, Hurley, WI 54534


46.449716, -90.179726




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Harley’s Roadhouse

  1. Joe

    Saw some tattooed bitch dancing went private she was methed out bad total bitch..350 for head I left laughing at her and the attitude plus she smelled like booze and sweat..hard pass..# Blackwidowxxx

  2. Me
  3. tim

    just wanted to say thanks had a great time here! the drinks were great and the girls were awsome!!!hope to be back soon

  4. phnix
  5. A Rod

    harley is a cool place All the girls are nice and fun and they have a good variety of girl we liked the blackwidow chick with all the tattoos she was so nice love her body I think she his the largest boobs at the clubs.charley was a great time to.all the girls were a great time!! we will be back to best club

  6. margrit
  7. chaz
  8. idlikhisballs
  9. chase

    I like the blackwidow she a wonderful lady

  10. K&B

    regulars from chicago came up with the crew as usual had a great time as always this is the club to go to. be back soon to see everyone. thanks for the great time. and the bartender is looking better than ever. happy to see some new faces entertaining, these girls are the bomb. their nice sexy not forceful. see you all soon.

  11. ed wood
  12. hurley local

    Toady Toady Toady, we believe that your lying, bad mouthing, bullshit ways are coming to an end. for someone that just had surgery forest looked pretty healthy to us when we saw him working outside of cheeks and moving around. are you just looking for sympathy for him again cause he has no friends left? we dont believe the surgery crap!!! and when are you going to quite posting shit on other club’s sites and slamming them into the ground? everyone knows that it is YOU and it is making you more and more disliked in this town. why dont you go back to what ever rock you crawled out from under? you are not liked here and never were. your psychoticness seems to thrive on trying to wreck other people’s lives but in the end it is YOU who will suffer. in fact, we talked to forest about a month ago in shooters and we quote him saying to us, “i dont know why I married that bitch, I am getting an annulment just to get rid of her”…” this was all a big mistake and boy do I regret it”…sounds to us Toady that your charm has worn off and he no longer wants to be with you. Sad really when you think of it and you 2 have been married for only what??? 3 months??? wow!!!we are surprized that it lasted this long. forest knows that since you came on the scene, his business is down and will not recover as long as you are around. you just made too many people angry and hate you. sad, pathetic. oh yeah, if you dont know what those words mean, look ’em up in a dictionary. best advise we can give is get the annulment,leave town and go find a new life elsewhere where the other children are hanging out cause your welcome has worn out here.

  13. disgusted

    this club is getting worse and worse it not only has their trash behind the club but inside of their club men dont come up here to see fat nasty fake bitches…get your head outta your ass get rid of the blonde fat bitch get rid of the bitch with stars on her tits cuz she aint a star get rid of the bitch with a nice body but ugly ass face and find some good looking girls and get this club back to good instead of shit

  14. kimmy

    Merry kissmas to you guys see you soon miss you all!!!!!

  15. sukme
  16. one who knows

    I know its Codi that is posting the b.s. on other sites cause I was sitting with her while she was using her laptop and doing it. I wouldn’t say it if it were not true and I didn’t see it with my own eyes. That is why I went to work at another club. Way too much drama from both Codi as well as Forest. And, as a lot of us girls already know there is a lot of pressure on us for “after hours” activities from the owners and if we say NO, well you know what that means…….NO PAY CHECK!!! Any girls thinking of working here, do youself a favor and book elsewhere and save yourself the headache and the heartache.

  17. ftfedish
  18. Foo Foo
  19. feee
  20. alexs

    harleys is a very cool place the girl are nice freindly!!!

  21. party
  22. tiny tim
  23. sex pot


  24. uptown
  25. sally
  26. ttg vvbr
  27. Bekki/Ginger

    Ok whoever hurley local down there is they obviously are misinformed.. you cant get an anullment u idiot. if you have consummated the marriage its not an option.. and learn how to spell. why is it that all you idiots just randomly gang up on toady when really do you have proof its her posting? cuz i worked with her and she is in that bar constantly .. not on this site. Toady ppl must just be obsessed with ya.. at least u know they are thinking bout u right. im still behind u guys if u remember me i was a house girl with hennesy before i went to dollar.. which might i add HUGE MISTAKE. lmfao .. have a good work week and enjoy it cuz these idiots wont shut up so .

  28. codyisalezbian
  29. butt hole
  30. dale
  31. trashy
  32. Sean

    This club is awesome!

    The girls are very nice and very attentive…

  33. someone

    this place really is a dive & craphole. dont go here, theyll rip you off baaaaad! plus they got pregnant girls dancing on the stage,,,muct be all they can get

  34. Fat Tony
  35. Bartender

    Cheeks will be opening this Friday and Saturday. The line up is Stacey, Kelly, and Allysa! Come join us! Drink specials!

  36. sdf
  37. bill

    me and my buddy had a great time there!!

  38. hi
  39. marie
  40. bret

    Had a good time last at harley club was little slow but the lady were fun thanks charlie,blackwidow, karmen the place is changing stop in and check it out

  41. phil
  42. BOB
  43. tkewges
  44. tyrone

    What a dump!! You think these assholes would pick up all the trash behind the building!!

  45. chi town

    Had a blast at your club this weekend will be back soon dancers were awsome be back real soon keep up the good work and the changes you guys have made are for the better, the dj he was great realy got the crowd going see you all soon

  46. joe
  47. ANIMAL


  48. Milf Hunter

    This place is so fucking NASTY!! FAT chicks galore. Went to the IDLE HOUR and had a much better time. At least I dont have to look at fat rolls there.

  49. tiffany

    i feel the love from you!!! lol just wanted to keep you on your toes. love you

  50. monster

    beware thier thieves in this urinal

  51. ....
  52. dumazz
  53. hairypotter
  54. melvin

    What a dump!!!!!

  55. dr cool

    This place is so nasty!! I would not even let my dog shit inside this place.

  56. vinny, dom n nick

    this place is a rotten sewer whole with rotten gutter snipe prostitutes and the crazy old cat lady runnin the joint. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

  57. gentle man

    this club has sank to the lowest

  58. megan

    nice girls

  59. shannon and Megan

    we are Toadys sisters and we think this club kicks ass. it is awsome. keep up the good work forrest and toady

  60. hh
  61. You Know
  62. having fun in hurley

    I was just in this club recently and let me tell you the dancers were awesome they really have some great moves and know how to have fun.The Bouncer in there is great he really knows how to handle the people who get rowdy. The dj he is awesome too he actually plays the full song for the girls unlike some clubs i have been in. I will definitly be back!!!!!

  63. lee
  64. smldik
  65. Billy Bill
  66. 2 ashamed 2 say

    call the health dept, the fire warden, the police and alchohol distributers and SHUT THIS MENTAL INSTITUTE DOWN!! isnt it illegal to hire the mentally challenged in a bar? let alone WANNA BE strip club??? EVERYONE in there is UNDER PRIVELEDGED

  67. sos
  68. haha

    whatsa matter toady, tryin to stop people from seeing what’s written on here or what? you are mad at the wrong person. you should be mad at your husband for telling us what he did at shooters. guess its true what they say when you are drinking……that a person’s real feelings come out. jokes on you toady!!!!!

  69. homeboy
  70. dont agree

    i dont agree, its not sad! good days bad days

  71. Customer

    Terrible, terrible place since my visit in

    November and December.

  72. BiPolar
  73. soap and water

    those are not humans in there its a bunch of farm animals that learned really good tricks! halloween is over SHUT R DOWN!

  74. JakMeOff
  75. edwardo

    I have seen better talent at the local carnival than at this club.

  76. super1 employee

    the manager AND house skank DESIRE were in and paid with FOODSTAMPS!!!!!!!!!

  77. theman
  78. fwdisease
  79. warthog
  80. scott
  81. luvulongtime
  82. cheeks fan

    This club rockssss

  83. asdeew
  84. travis

    Hope you guys are open this weekend because im comin in to PAR TAY

  85. paul
  86. j
  87. luzer
  88. XXX
  89. Slix

    Harleys is the one bar that made us guys not ever want to leave at first.The beautiful dancers! Actually pay attention to there customers. when i went to some of the other bars the dancers would come up to us asking if we would tip them for there dance. Which makes Harleys roadhouse the best strip club on the whole lower block! The two bartenders in the orange shorts are so incredibly gorgeous! Knew what they were doing, but when we came back the other weekend the dancers were amazing as always, but the bartenders were not outgoing, and fast! I dont like to go to a bar and get neglected by the bartenders! Very unfortunate, the next time we come into Harleys please get actual bartenders behind the bar. I will come every weekend as long as i get to see the girls wearing orange shorts behind that bar, actually doing there jobs! My buddies and i come to hurley to snow mobile, and have a good time. For the past five months that place is nota place we normally drink at. That strip club was our number one bar to drink. Thought the place was looking decent, as of the last time we went there,it went down! The place shows alot of improvements, cant have a business without good employees!

  90. never again

    was here friday the only decsent girl on stage needs feminine cleaner

  91. trent
  92. wm

    i dont agree either. i loved this club when i was there over the weekend.

  93. Heather
  94. jojo

    this place is so bad that the dancers do not wish to work here. or should i say that is what they told me. The cops come up so much that you can time it. the new managers are so dumb they make dumb blond jokes look like they are the smartest thing on earth. My advice to the owner is sell before the wife finds out what you do at the club

  95. hell froze over

    are you fucken kidding me??? it looks and feels and smells like a grungey garage! that skeleton represents the starving nasty strippers and staff inside that dont even have enough pride to hide they publically advertise they are starving and BEG BEG BEG for food! quick show them the food shelf!!!

  96. banger
  97. josh

    get at least 1 girl that smells good and easy on the eyes and try to get ONE beer for your ONE customer right

  98. retard
  99. Justin
  100. honestinjun
  101. gg
  102. Homo
  103. randy
  104. joeblow
  105. us

    dont get maad at us toady for what forest said his true feelings came out when he told us that. you should be mad at him

  106. bang
  107. forgetmeknott
  108. Sizzle

    I have had a great time and only at harleys when im in hurley wish the garage was open more though

  109. don
  110. homely
  111. bndmeovr
  112. screwover
  113. eston
  114. nate
  115. tony

    Saddest strip club I’ve ever been in. Waste of time.

  116. sheri
  117. pat
  118. cowboy

    what a joke im a season visitor. what happened in here

    season visitor come to see the blonde with diamonds and the brazillian whom are no longer here, now consists of hobos running the bar and the rejects from ugly camp TRYING to play “im a stripper” the 1 girl looks like a case of down syndrome.

  119. bruce

    harley is made a good change and is fun place

  120. fukovr


  122. Big Hairy Pussy

    I got a lapdance and saw the biggest cow pussy ever. It was totaly not worth the extra coin.

  123. local

    I thought this place was a shithole when forest had it. You would not believe it now!! FUCKING DUMP!!

  124. jimmy
  125. candy

    girls that were in the bar with the guys to blackwidow/charlie we had great time we will be back nice club!!!!

  126. king of the hill

    This place is the biggest shithole in town. It is worth opening the door for a laugh though. Remember, no FAT CHICKS until closing!!

  127. lerntospell
  128. iceman
  129. Whatever!

    cheek fan here! Had a great time with u all!



  131. havin fun
  132. toady and sly

    hello cheeks fans this weekends line up is sly josie brandi stacy aleyna and reno. hope to see you all this weekend.

  133. traceatkins
  134. Chad

    I had a good time. The music was good and the girls sweet!

  135. flippers

    the place is a lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. omer

    this place should be shut down or kick foady out

  137. out of towner

    was in town last night never been to hurley before i was expecting everyone to be open i had only went to silver dollar and Cheeks and the girls they had were really proffessional and i had a good time i was in here almost all of the night guys this is the one to head to their girls are hot and really know how to treat you good they dont hustle you for all of your money. it was a good time i defanetily will be back soon enough thanks Cheeks Girls!

  138. scop

    had nice time there sat night

  139. jason
  140. tad
  141. tom e o!!

    good lookin girls and all fun and nice and even better yet at the end of the night the fat ugly foul mouth AND SMELLING pig said it was her last night!!! thank god, they had to pay us to watch her ugly fat ass on the stage, good luck at fat camp STAR. get a tittie job and keep them outa ANY mans face!!!

  142. dean
  143. chuck
  144. hairles
  145. SirLancealot
  146. brad
  147. homie


  149. cody

    is blackwidow working there this weekend?

  150. broke
  151. jimmy mac

    it was great to see blackwidow back dancing she so much fun so was the new girl when you talk to her I think these to lady had the best racks harleys was so much fun last weekend best club

  152. undie
  153. Van
  154. 3sum
  155. swamp
  156. jeff
  157. taco bell

    I agree!! This place is fucking nasty and should be knocked down and a parking lot put in.

  158. 5hh gg
  159. tommy
  160. wartdik
  161. sheila
  162. stud
  163. swampy

    they have made some nice improvements to the place amd they great variety girls and ones you don’t see at other places like the blackwidow with that awsome body . all the girls or so fun I think its the best one in hurley to have fun at stay to closing then the fun starts!!!!

  164. bo

    Hey is the chick that is tated with monster tits dancing this weekend are young ckicks dancing is charliy in town

  165. weekend warrior

    the club would make money if the owner mike would stop paying girls for sex and let them dance for the customers like they were hire for. mike thinks this is his own little sex house.

  166. blackwidowxxx

    Well all I have to say is the place is changing into a typical strip club in Hurley! Why did we even bother trying to make it different from the rest? blackwidowxxx

    I won’t be there for a while…have fun!


    I had a great night and the best private dance joey funny personality and completely down to earth. keep in touch deploying on the 26th

  168. donny
  169. ffeews
  170. ben
  171. toady

    hey guys this is cc loves last night so if you all had fun with her you better come get last dance with her. she leaves for FL tomorrow she will miss this redneck town i know her black ass will!!! had a great 3 weeks with you sweetie hope to see you soon.

  172. died in this place
  173. elcheepo
  174. booge
  175. cheeks staff

    lap top isnt even up and running right now!!!!

  176. Reiley
  177. madam x
  178. ujjjr
  179. cowboy ray

    This Bar sucks!! Isis needs to douche before she works next.

  180. codi
  181. gunner

    I had a great time!!!! all the girls are so nice with a good variety girls .charlry,angel,carme,blackwidow, the blackwidow was my likimg !!!! cool to see her look it not for everyone but I loved it and she his the best titts in the clubs. she is so nice to chat with sure would like to get a date with her some time.

  182. todd
  183. charles

    not worth the effort to walk through the door

  184. steve

    had great time

  185. brett
  186. pete
  187. mystery
  188. jackie

    come see me at cheeks

  189. billy
  190. fukover
  191. guys powder horn

    lots of fun

  192. Fuel Man :)

    This place is good for my business!!! Keep it up.

  193. hell ya

    This club kicks ass

  194. ghost
  195. ss
  196. Mike
  197. garret

    this place not only stinks, EVERYONE in here is UGLY

  198. chuckle nutz

    Besides the blowjob I recieved this club is lame. The booze is watered down too.

  199. sharon
  200. wonderin
  201. Sir dump
  202. local!

    Hey cheeks just wondering when u are going to be open? would love to come and hang!

  203. zip atv
  204. bobby
  205. tom

    that’s bullshit, the laptop is never down, unless toady downloaded a virus!! or forrest cannot pay the internet bill, both totally believeble statements. personally, i hope that they get karma right back at them so that all of the dancer/ex employees get a little revenge when forrest and toady go down!

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