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0 reviews for “The Candy Store

  1. Omar Tentmaker

    Candy Store recently added a VIP section behind a curtain. Room has one way mirror so you can see rest of room if inside. Fee to enter VIP + higher prices for dances once inside. $5 dances before 5 PM; prices may be higher later. Dancers are above average in friendliness and not more than average in looks. Good bar service. Topless only, no full nudity. Good parking but not in 100% safe area. Too many tattoos on girls for my taste. Try it, you may like it.

  2. Stephanie K.

    I really like this place because it’s comfortable. The outside isn’t so pretty and the inside is funky but the atmosphere is great. Small cover after a certain time. $10 no touching floor dances. $20 VIP dances with a $20 one time fee. The girls get charged each time they go to VIP so if you give them a tip they are super appreciated. Stage is fun to watch. Each girl has their own look about them. None two are alike. Some are shy so don’t be scared to wave. No one can read your mind here so don’t hesitate! Cheap drinks too. If the line is busy at the bar you can go to the door girl for a bottled beer. There a mix of music here! Rock, pop, edm, country, metal everything!

  3. Big Rocker

    Just had one of the better if not the best experience I’ve had at a club.

  4. Kristin C.

    I have such a different perspective on this place. I used to babysit for one of the dancers. She was quite nice. And apparently very flexible. And sometimes when she would pay in cash, it would be interesting to think about where that money had come from – both the person, and potentially where on her body. Luckily I had less concept of this as a teenage babysitter than I do now. But I will say – she totally fit the After-School special version of a dancer. Super nice. Great mom. And yes, she was putting herself through medical school. Some kind of nursing specialty. I thought I knew all I needed to know about this place from seeing how she’d come by after work. All that make up and that funny smell. Eau de cheesy strip club. How innocent I was…Somehow watching them cavort out there, it’s hard for me to picture these folks working hard to put themselves though school. Though I hold on hard to that image. I’ve only been once and that was pretty much enough. The guys I used to work with loved this place. They felt like it was one of the few places where they might actually have a chance with some of these girls, and that made the whole process much more exciting. If there is such thing as your “neighborhood” strip club, than this is it. Just like a neighborhood bar, it’s not the prettiest one in town, it may not have all the bells and whistles, but you can get comfortable there, and you just might become a regular. Historical note – When I was a kid this was ALL by itself out here. Nothing else was out here. You knew you had reached the far, far edge of town when you finally hit the Candy Store. And now? It’s right down the street from a High School. It keeps going on for miles and miles. Sprawl and the strip club…

  5. ST

    Hot girls and kind of like Vegas. If your not too cheap or tired out you’ll have a girl in your lap all nite long. You gotta love it. Some very friendly girls here too!!!

  6. StripClub431

    Where else can you play pool, watch SportsCenter, get cigarettes from a vending machine, enjoy a nice Seagram’s and seven, and lounge in a comfortable 80s love seat while watching a parade of 5s and 6s have mild seizures underneath some black lights (while nickelback and staind play in the background)?? No where..that’s where!

  7. maxxy1

    Cheap entry fees and $5 lap dances are amazing. Chill place to hang out. Been with my girlfriend and she loves it and has always had a great time.

  8. Ninja S.

    The citizens (legal or otherwise) of Phoenix are some of the biggest pervs in the world. World class freaks by any measure.There are more nasty adult stores and dives with beasts writing on poles in this town than anywhere.To illustrate, the first girl that I dated in town’s parents told me a tale of the Salt River Admiralty Club where you had to do many sordid deeds to gain rank. That they had no qualms about telling some guy that their daughter brought home about this in a first meeting should tell you a lot about Phoenix.That being said, when the guys from the office really need to see some boobies, this is where they should be taken.$5 dances, a full bar, and a bunch of punk rock girls will show you a side of that dweeb from accounting that you didn’t know he had.This isn’t high class, but who wants that? These are real girls. There is a reason that this place is situated right next to a trailer park, but don’t let that weigh on your conscious too much. You’re supporting single moms! Be proud!This was the hands-down favorite of the married, kinda-married, and not married at all crowd that I found myself needing to entertain.Sure you can borrow $40, friend! That’s what I’m here for! (You can pay me back in the office tomorrow.)

  9. AZSTEVE01

    Great place to kick back. Girls are friendly and will chat with you.

  10. Trevor F.

    What a joke this is a strip club? It’s close to the worst strip club I’ve ever been to. I’m pretty sure I would have had a better time thrown money at hookers for nothing on Van Buern and driving off and watching them fight over the money. The Great Alaskan Bush Company is the only place I’ll try or go to next time I’m in the Phx area! This place is way over crowded and I have no Idea why.

  11. Neeki

    It is on the small side but the dancers and staff make up for it not to mention any and all fees(they great). Definetly check it out if u want to chill with some hotties and have a drink! Please don’t forget to tip everyone! don’t be cheap!

  12. Sandtrout

    I used to go here quite a bit when Mallory and Desiree danced here, but have slacked off alot since they left. The girls are very friendly and most give excellant lap dances, well worth the money. The drink prices are very reasonable and the club is fun to go to. It can be a little crowded on Friday and Saturday nites.

  13. winston12

    Run down joint, girls plain average and out to cheat your money. Don’t go alone, make sure you have a friend with you because the dancers will scam you in VIP with their inability to add. This dance Honey did 3 dances in VIP and went crying to the DJ about me not paying her for the TEN dances she did. Luckily I had friends with me to back me up. Definitely not going back.

  14. tt

    Some girls r friendly but i would like 2 see more ethnic women plus they only play rock whats wrong wit a lil R&B or techno or pop gotta mix it up a lil.

  15. Billy

    Love the lap dances here… very up close and personal. Nice place to relax.

  16. Hollywood's girl

    What can I say? The only neighborhood bar worth hanging all night. Dancers are hot, and female staff. Male staff was cool too. Wish the music had more variety. But going back soon.

  17. Chuck

    Pretty girls,nice place.Danica is beautiful and sweet.

  18. Ace

    The quality of the girls is varied but plenty of hot ones. There are also fats and too many tats. Most of the girls are very fun with only a handful of bad tudes. The value for your dance money is good. Never been to the VIP but really haven’t needed to once I found the right dancer.The prices on the drinks are supe reasonable for a strip club $4 big coors is a bonus and the music and atmosphere is very fun! Most of the girls are not of the super hustler variety. This club gets my Best of phoenix overall and I have hit about 5 of them pretty regularly over the last year.

  19. Genesis
  20. fritter17

    The only thing to not like about this place is that it’s small. Really small. I’ve lived inside of bigger tissue boxes. But that’s just an excuse to get extra close to your special lady ;DThe girls here are very friendly, there’s a large variety of girls, and a large selection of music. The decor threw me off, but you didn’t come in to look at the couches….if you did, you have other problems. I’ve always had a good time here and recommend this place above all others of it’s type in the valley. Female-Friendly dancers are hard to find….well, ones that give mind blowing lap dances are, anyway. I second Carissa!

  21. Dan Bogle

    I was a customer there up until first of November of last year. Didn’t get there as much as I liked, but did when I could. My favorite person was your waitress Stephanie. What a sweetheart. Hopefully she will remember me. I always got a coors draft. I’m redheaded and older then I care to be. I told Steph. I would be by to say goodbye, but I wasn’t able to. Pls tell her I said hi and i would love to hear from her. She can check me out in Facebook to verify she knows me.

  22. g
  23. cutomer/regular

    i have been coming very many years. I have always loved the placed but now i can’t stop going! I am addicted hahaha.. I recomend Ashley and Taylor- Taylor is new-blonde – totally fake from face to boobs- thats the way i like it though… also she will maKE thay dance well worth it for only 10 dollars altogether taylor is the best. works very HARD for only a few bucks. Will make it worth your every penny

  24. Big Dog

    Great club

  25. richard95

    This place was great – we came around 4 pm, so no cover. Then one of the hotties played about 10 games of pool against me and the boys. She also happened to be the best dancer we saw all night. On top of that, overall the personalities of the gals working there was great! They were all very talkative and fun to visit with.

  26. candystore girl
  27. Harrison69

    T&A got to love it! Girls were lots of fun dances were inexpensive. Drinks and DJ were great. Met mike “the mayor” he fell in love with our girls. Def will be back



  29. curtis17

    Came in on a Sunday. No cover until 9pm so I said why not. Their drink special was pretty awesome, best deal I’ve heard so far. $3 for bottles, $4 for any draft. This place is pretty neat, nicely lit, dancers were C+. However, this place was far too small for me and the layout could have been better. You’re pretty packed together and the TVs/bar is on the opposite side of the main stage. Other than that it’s a great spot for a small group (2-4 people), any larger and you’d pretty much fill up 1/3 of the place. Also, dances were $10, VIP was $20.

  31. Raff

    My stepbrother practically lives here I like it it’s been around for a very long time don’t go on very much

  32. Bruno

    Spent some quality time at the Candy Store this afternoon. The ladies were very friendly and not too pushy. They are willing to sit and talk with you, even if you don’t get a dance. I went to the VIP area with one of the dancers and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have had in a club in Arizona. Give it a try.

  33. Elizabeth

    I always have an awesome time at this place- everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. They need a bigger ladies room though! As to the person’s comment before mine, I call bs. on that, THERE IS NO VIP IN THIS CLUB JACKASS! Nice try though!

  34. Ty

    Got Bj in VIP.

  35. Nate

    I was ther last Saturday night and this club has some HOTTIES! Major league babes. $5 dances rock and hot waitresses, Therese rocks! The only thing I thought lacking here was the dj talent, BORING! I had fun though, thanks Candy Store!

  36. BUZZ


  37. eddyL

    awesome drinks and rad girls… i always stop for some rock n’ roll at the store when im in phx ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Panda

    If you are one of the guys that insists on only spending $5 a dance – we don’t want you there anymore. Thanks. Actually, we talk about you in the dressing room.

  39. Quick

    Good place, attractive girls. We went on a Friday night, and it was somewhat crowded, but not too bad. Things get a little too tight against the stage. The dances are decent, and the girls are friendly. There was one girl who got on stage that only got a dollar from her dance. She tossed it back at the guy who gave it to her, clearly displeased. Other than that, the girls were nice. I’d go again.

  40. hobbs

    Went to this club on a weeknight. No music variety – too much 80’s rock. Some hot girls, some fat ones. Kris and Mercedes are hottest there! Great dances!

  41. igor34

    Love this place. laid back. ask for Kris C. wow… hug tittys. but best of all a great personality

  42. Kelly

    I went there Sunday evening around 7:00 (19 November 2006) and was highly impressed. There was no cover charge or minimum drink purchase. The girls were pretty and friendly. The place was not crammed full, but it was comfortably full.

    It seems that whoever does the hiring at the Candy Store prefers girls with tight little butts, rather than the full, round bottoms that I prefer. Probably half or more of the girls were implanted, while I prefer natural breasts. Most of the girls had dark, all-over tans, while I prefer fair skin. I especially enjoy seeing girls who have large pink aureolas set off against fair skin, and found one girl at the Candy Store who filled that description beautifully. It would have been nice if there had been more, but whereever you go it seems that most people are into dark, all-over tans.

    It was a good experience, I would definitely go there again.

  43. joseph1k

    Love going to The Candy Store with my Buds. Keep in mind I’m in no way an expert at T&A — but even I recognized beautiful women when I see ’em! This place has improved over the years and far as female dancers go.$7 lap dances? Uhhh…one lap dance long ago was enough for me — barking up the wrong side of the tree here — but it was great fun. Girls can jam and do some kewl tricks.Now…I do know about their great Turkey and Top Sirloin Burgers. We often hit this place up for their great specials on Saturdays afternoons. Perfect spot to watch footballs games on the weekends. So overall, I kewl straight buds put up with many of my suggestions for our many of our outings so going to this spot every now and then isn’t so bad. Sometimes being a fly on the wall can be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Teehee O.

    Husband and I were out with some friends on Saturday night and decided to hit this place up around 9pm. When we rolled in we were SHOCKED at the $5 cover charge! Who else has it so cheap???? GREAT START to our evening! :)We easily found some nice seats on couches towards the back but the place is smallish so we had awesome views of the larger stage. It was kinda disappointing with the first couple dancers because they seemed to be more interested in staring at themselves in the mirrors to see how hard they could frown so it got a few doubts going but then some AMAZING dancers blew our minds! Two girls in particular stuck with us for a while and gave us ALL lap dances and did some really crazy tricks on the chairs. $7 lap dances?? sign us up!!! We all agreed, who needs Christie’s $20 dances when we can get gorgeous ladies and great music here! BTW-The music was just FABULOUS! Lots of variety (lil rap not much, lots of rock like Metallica, lil punk) so everyone in our group was rocking out hardcore-in more ways then one ;)Guys, girls, lesbians (we saw a few)-no matter-The Candy Store will take care of you all ๐Ÿ˜€ Go get your jelly watch on!!!

  45. XXXbeast

    Went here one time in April and one time in July. Both visits were great. Most girls are attractive, while some are a bit older at this place. Cover 5, beer 4,75, a dance 10, which beats most strip clubs anywhere else. It is a rather small place with two stages. Overall a great atmosphere!

  46. mikeymike

    great club love it been going there forever im vip baby

  47. s

    great club and hot dancers

  48. Ameerah A.

    If you know me, you know why I’m reviewing this place…So I visited this place not too long ago with a guy friend, and I must say, it was a lot better than our first stop for the day (Kiss Cabaret, which I will have reviewed after I finish this one!).One thing I will say, the bartender at the time that I went on a weekday afternoon, was very flippin’ awesome at making a dirty vodka martini, and he kept them coming just the way I like it! So enough about my alcoholism, lets talk about something besides the bar, missing some of my favorite beverages, but making up for it with the martinis, big flat screens with the game playing, and the near by pool tables… like the girls and the rest of the place.The first thing that came to mind about the decor was 80’s video arcade/game room! The glowing carpet was a constant attention grabber for me and also how extremely well lit the place was, this was probably the first time I’ve gone in a club and not broke my neck from falling over a table or chair hidden in the darkness! They played good music and the girls were pretty nice, they don’t give you the stink-eye as you watch them dance without ever tipping them. And definitely more approachable than some of the other up-scale clubs, that I have heard of and seen from personal experience. From what I was told and saw, the ladies here make bank, they work hard, and are in all shapes, colors, and sizes for whatever your liking. Variety, great booze, and excitement! Ain’t nothing wrong with being a straight girl and loving titty-bars.

  49. chowpush
  50. Michael C.

    After drinking all day at two Memorial Day parties we ended up here around 8pm (with my girlfriend in tow). Having been to few strip clubs, my first impression was “what a freaking dump”. The Candy Store has charm though, and by the end of the night I actually liked the place – it’s the strip club equivalent of a dive bar. The place is kind of small but there were plenty of good places to sit. I’ll return for the $5 drinks and $5 lap dances. Also, my GF lost her cell phone (likely in the ladies bathroom), when we called back on Monday afternoon I was shocked to find it was safe and sound!!! Good job Candy Store!

  51. harryharry

    I used to work here!Great place. Very small, but it’s great. I always made great money there. And I have been in as a patron also. The last time being in 2006. Drinks are reasonable and the girls are very nice. Not crazy about the public women’s restroom being in the dancers dressing room, but it’s cool. Like I said, very small, but it’s worth it. I really enjoyed working there and also being a patron there too.

  52. reg

    this place has improved a shit load and the girls are always hot no matter time you go in there

  53. Veronica L.

    Visit: 10/30/2015So Candy Store might be the last of the Phoenix strip clubs that Kristian and I had yet to visit. It was interesting compared to the rest of them, but reminded of us of a few of the smaller clubs we have visited and a lot of the bikini bars as well.It was a pretty crowded night when we went; at least it looked that way from the parking lot since parking was scarce. We can’t remember what the cover was, but it wasn’t horrible; not really worth what we got once inside, but could have been a lot worse.To the left is stage one and we only call it stage one because the dancers would do a one song there first before going over to the stage to the right of the club which was basically in a whole different room to do one more song; so one song per stage. In between both stages was the bar and restrooms which was nice how they were conveniently placed in the middle.The stages were small, octagon shaped with three short poles on the outer edge. We didn’t really think that any dancer could really do much on them, but Starr proved us wrong and she definitely was worth the price of admission. She came up to us without being tipped or called over and was very interactive; that almost never happens for us. Then when she got on stage…she put in work. Not the walk around, typical, basic work….we mean real work. Headstand in my lap, acrobat, circus tricks on the pole work. And she actually took off her top.The last part we pointed out because surprisingly…for the first four dancers…none of them took off their tops. Not a single one. We actually thought maybe they had turned into a bikini bar.VIP appeared to be located behind stage one in the left corner. Plus there were maybe 6 tables with chairs against the wall for lap dances.Sadly enough, Starr is actually the only dancer we remember which is bad considering we take notes while in the club for these reviews.

  54. Billy Bob

    Well this is obviously not an ethnic club. It’s a rock club. And it’s fine with everyone else who is sick of all that ghetto rap bullsh!t!

  55. BigRocker

    Great experience. First time here and I could not believe how friendly the dancers are. I was approached by at least 15 dancers, very nice and not pushy. Thay asked my name and REMEMBERED it. Lots more contact here than other clubs. The stage shows are so-so and only one song long. DJ was OK but cut some songs short, but… ALL ROCK! Yeah! Ever Dancer was HOT and they were all very well groomed and fresh. Lots of natural girls and lots with nice ink.

  56. luvsK

    oooh yeah!

  57. Big Bear

    Panda is a 2 dolla ho getting 5 for a dance, and she’s bitchin? I got news for you honey, we are all talkin’ about you when you go back to the dressing room. Ha! It’s like this sweetie, the good dancers will get asked by me and my boys to stay for a few dances. Then we give them $15 to 20 a dance with tip. The bitches like you? Well we ask you to stay (even though we don’t really like your dance) just so we can hand you a $20 for 4 dances and laugh about it later!!!

  58. john

    Girls are nice I do like dancers that are a little older than the average dancer age. THe music was too loud though and the lighting was to bright.

  59. t

    hot dancers and staff

  60. CC

    This is a small club with some of the friendliest dancers I have ever met. Dances are only $5 and are typically very up close and personal with good contact. Wide variety of talent based on your preferences with quality typically ranging from 5-9 on a scale of 10. While I’ve seen better quality overall in other clubs, this is a very comfortable neighborhood bar type environment.

  61. R B.

    Not female friendly. There is not even a woman’s restroom. You have to go into the dancers dressing room and use their single toilet. Talk about awkward.. I was never approached for a lap dance. I’ve never been to a strip club where no one wanted my money. Lame music, and not the best quality ‘talent’. I wouldn’t recommend this place for Women to patron.

  62. Gene

    Ace which one’s did you bang? I banged 2 last year.

  63. Never going back!

    The girls were all “PMS-ing”, bitchy, and rude. I would not waste another damn dime on this place or the shitty girls! Although, DJ, management and staff were great! Just need classier girls with better attitudes!

  64. Ned
  65. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  66. XhXeXy

    Visited this club while on a trip to AZ for a Niners game; from LA. Not a very diverse or diversity friendly club my boyfriend and I and another couple (who all happen to be African American) we followed around by the security and the $100 bill we paid for drinks and tips with was passed around several times to validate it’s validity. A few dancers did an excellent job with pole dancing and tricks but the music wasn’t really good (not that we needed to hear rap or hip hop) mostly old rock music and no name house music. I would not recommend.

  67. femalecustomer

    I am a dancer here in the valley but i also enjoy coming here as a patron beceuse this club is so friendly.A lot of the clubs here in the valley can make a female uncomfortable.if you want to bring a female out with you to one of these places or just a group of girls are out for the night i recomand stoping by here!!!!

  68. fuckery12

    When I walked in this place at first glance I was contemplating turning around & going home. It’s kind of a dump & needs to be remodeled. Then I realized the girls here are pretty hot & actually nice! I had a seat & had some dances on the floor ($10 dances!) Then Lux came up to me & told me about the VIP room & suggested we try a 30 minute (only $200) so we did. Out of this world! This girl is hot, sexual, horny & ready to show you a good time. Do yourself a favor…… Call ahead & check to see if Lux is working. I visit from out of town often & have been dreaming about when I can go back! Sugar…. Yes please!

  69. AssnTits5

    I have one piece of advice for youNo matter what a stripper tells youThere’s no sex in the Champagne Room.. NONE!Oh there’s CHAMPAGNE in the Champagne RoomBut you don’t want champagne.. you want sexAnd there’s NO sex.. in the Champagne Room

  70. Montel

    Worth going out of the way for this club. great variety of girls. Nice staff. Lots of parking. Not the best club in town, but I’d come back. Girls were nice and showed us a good time.

  71. Franklyn

    This is a real shithole. First, I found it to be filthy. The girls are ok but the staff is awful. I took a picture of my girlfriend at the club and Was accosted by the bouncer who demanded that I delete the picture despite the fact that there were no employees or dancers in the photo. Low class, all around. Bourbon street is a much better option. I have never been treated like this there.

  72. ryan123

    I don’t know why anyone would inhabit a place like this. I walked in Easter Sunday, prepared to buy some jelly beans for the orphanage and all I saw were partially naked women! I was shocked and disturbed, so I had to sit down and order a drink. Immediately, this gorgeous woman came up to me and offered to console me with a dance. Still confused and not thinking straight, I agreed. Then she was in my lap, telling me her name was Marcella. Before I knew what was going on, she was topless and all I could see was a beautiful body. Definitely no way to celebrate Easter! I was so ashamed of myself, I had to leave – 4 hours later and broke. Guess the orphans will have to wait…

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