The Pony



4820 Tecumseh Lane, Evansville, IN 47715


37.974974, -87.4910033




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Pony

  1. epicsauce

    I turn ate teen next month and i cant wait to get my jiggy jiggy on

  2. Scuba

    Kendall does a great job with the club. The dj is a very good friend who I met there, and I dont want to mention her name, but she knows who she is. All the girls are friendly. I have been back several times.


    ya know what? i think that anyone that has ever said anything bad about this club is so f**king wrong! Kendall does a good job at running the place and keeps most of the drama down! if we are such a bad club then why was there NO seating at all on Saturday night? Or friday as a matter of fact!we have had a whole lot of business lately and i thank kendall for that because we have all worked to make it happen… we are a family in there and we treat customers very well… so FUCK OFF if you don’t like our club!!! oh yeaH… ABOUT THE DRUGS… WE ARE PROBABLY THE CLEANEST CLUB IN EVANSVILLE… BY THE WAY…

  4. JAG

    It is a really nice club. Its not trashy in any way. I like the ppl who work thier they all seem really cool. I recommend going for a good time.

  5. Sara

    They have awesome dancers, very talented. Big variety, but would have liked to see more minorities, however it is Southern Indiana, what do you expect? Daisy gave my friend and I dances and needless to say when we left we wanted girl on girl lol

    Awesome place, would love to work there!

  6. Trevor...

    ill be back every weekend….. I was a little she .. being that it was my first time…. jordyn is the best in my book

  7. John Wayne

    I want extacy to come back!!!

  8. jason

    is awson and ganeva is awsome

  9. Mike

    Baseball team was in town a few weekends ago and decided to check out this place. Had a very good time, good deal, free drinks with your cover charge, the boys and myself were very impressed with Pepper.

  10. max
  11. Trevor

    jordyn… you rock

  12. Lisa J

    We have been to several clubs in the past few years but this was my first. Years ago there were beautiful women here and the private dances here were off the hook. Sadly all of the good dancers have gone away evidently, very disapointing as the atmosphere and couple friendly attitude rocks.

  13. Keith

    This club sucks

  14. on the trashy side...

    One word…trashy! Too small, not a good variety of dancers…no hot ones and only a few that could actually dance. Cover way too high for such a tiny club with no alcohol and no real dancers.

  15. Patron of Strippers

    This club is for 18 year olds that cannot drink and Rednecks. Played alot of country music. The girls are ok looking there are a few that don’t need to be dancing anywhere. The girls come around and ask for dances when they run a special so you could get a chance to meet all the girls eventually, but alot of the girls don’t mingle well. You have to buy the dancers 7 dollar drinks for them to sit with you. This club can put you to sleep with all the dead stage time. They really need to keep someone on stage and keep the action moving. The cover was 14 dollars on the weekend and 11 during the week which is way steep. The dances are 6 minutes(2 songs) for either 25 or 50 depending on where you go for the dance. Don’t spend the 50 the 25 dollar dances are as good as it gets.

  16. kristin

    i went here wit my boyfriend. very couples-friendly-atmosphere. Penelope was rly great, loved her.

  17. Josh

    I really enjoyed ever aspect of the club. My girlfriend did as well. I will be back, again and again.

  18. Jon

    it rocked for my 1st time

  19. Chris

    This is one of the best clubs in the tri-state area kendall keeps the customers and the girls happy you hardly see anyone with a frown or their face when they walk out for the night. The hottest girls and the best service is only at Stephanie’s so the rest of you guys who don’t think so can bugger off

  20. markus

    sugar really made my night..then ice an jade held it down.

  21. tex
  22. Dusty

    I used to work there and I absolutely loved it! Better than any club in Evansville! Would recommend to anyone to go there!

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