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89 Berkley Road, Reading, PA 19605


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Buck Rubs

  1. Freddie

    One word-GREAT

  2. Rob
  3. matt

    awesome red head

  4. no way

    absolutely disgusting….FAT UGLY WOMEN….skinny ones on crack or meth OBVIOUSLY…used to be ok at best…seriously bad place….most “customers” appear to be

    dealing….seems to be a front for drug trade…..and no the girls dont put out like other lower class joints…….if they did i’d overlook the other stuff….

    private dances are passable not great……..the worst place i’ve ever been in …….and i’ve been to lots

    great place if your COMPLETE white trash, a ghetto loser with no job but dealing……or just completely fucked

  5. dan

    awesome place way better than al’s! it is nice to have the girls walk around and dance right there for you to see a little what they got! great place will be going back!

  6. Jimmy

    Had a great time on Tuesday. So many pretty girls working here. Not one girl was rude or nasty much unlike my experiences at other local clubs.

  7. Ujbcdc
  8. george

    this club has many good dancers. different strokes for different folks.Please do not post your personal attacks on here.

  9. luv it luv it!!

    The girls are getting hotter and hotter. I love this place! I never wanna go anywhere else again, especially broke down Al’s. This place is the new hot spot for the area. Love the girls and love the music. Oh yea, and love all the bootylicious bootys up in this place!

  10. Big Jim

    Just love this place.

  11. Keith

    Buck Rubs really rocks! I like getting sucked.

  12. traveller

    Been to clubs all over the state and east coast…This was the first time I have been to this club, and it was rather disappointing. Stage set up is not “tipping friendly”…had to walk up to the stage to tip. The girls were OK bu nothing spectacular…couple of the girls were rather large, which is not to my taste, but seemed to be pleasing to the guys whe were there. I thought this was a nude club, but many of the girls did not get nude on stage or anywhere else.

  13. paul
  14. Rach

    I will always love this club, very homey!

  15. correct

    i completely agree witht the last review, with the exception of one thing. even if the extra’s were available, i would have to skip them for two reason’s. one is fear of a disease, the other fear of all the weight those chicks have resting on me.

  16. hi girls

    The music is good, can’t complain. There are no heavy girls there, don’t know what your problem is. i agree with the sparkles comment, she is also an alcholic. but the sexzy girls make it all better.

  17. Christy

    My boyfriend and I came in for my birthday. We had a great time! Thank you ladies!

  18. ray

    Nude club but most girls don’t get nude. Most drink way too much and are “friendy” only to their regulars.

  19. SniffinAsses

    this place is ok, i thought it was shady the HOTTEST chick who was there, didnt dance at all, she was in the champagne room ALL NIGHT….she must have been doing something good for ppl to request her like that…..i wanted to see more of her….p.s. the girl with 1 hand rocks

  20. chance
  21. wow

    unique ain’t the word

  22. LeRoy


  23. Harvey

    I just love this club.

  24. Art

    I have been going to the club for a long time. Heather’s comment was alittle misleading. (We didn’t stay as long as we wanted to because all the frisking and metal detection going on for the local gang bangers coming to the club was frankly a little nerver racking and not to appealing!) Since Buck Rubs has been frisking and checking the local riff-raff have not been coming in.

  25. priivate
  26. Raul

    most of the girls are very nice.

  27. Good deal

    Decent club. Most of the girls are good looking. Not models but nice to see naked just the same.

  28. Eduk
  29. JDR

    Overall good experience, but there is room for improvement

  30. tet
  31. Riley

    What happened to the dj? He used to play good music!

  32. lb
  33. ugly house

    that should be the new name, it has to be a “friend” of the club writing anything nice about this crack ho club

  34. Joe

    Two thumbs up. The girls were great.

  35. Chick Magnet

    The B-R freakin rocks! it’s like a big party on weekends. i’m there every saturday. gets a ‘lil expensive when i see the friendly ladies down there, though. can’t wait for amateur night…

  36. kevin

    nothing special here. dissapointed with the overall look of the girls. out of the 8 i counted, one, to me, was marginal. agree with the drama comment, it was obvious there was something going on, especially when one dancer sits with me, and bashes a few other dancers

  37. Jesse

    Synergy is attractive and a very good dancer. Not every dancer is perfect and will not please everyone. I think some of the rude nasty slanderous customers need to leave and be banned from this site.

  38. Du
  39. the train
  40. saturday

    worst naked women ever!…ughh!…..possibly worst strip club i’ve ever been to…….and no extras….WTF!

  41. Frank Mitchell

    Great time last night. Will be a repeat customer. Used to regular at Al’s but definately found a new favorite hot spot. In fact many of the girls and customers from Al’s are here anyway.

  42. to: sexi lexi

    SEXY Lexi? Ha ha ha ha haha ha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! That is the funniest shit I have ever, ever, ever heard. More like MANLY STANLY. That big ‘ol amazon bitch needs to pack it up & get the freak out of Dodge. That yard sale has no talent & is FUUUUUUGLY. The bitch looks like a man. Whomever her admirer is, he needs some smelling salts. Wake up and smell the bullshit! That bitch dances to three songs all by the same guy, Toby Keith and what in the hell is that stomp’n shit she does on stage? What is that?? Seriously??? Some hoe down shit or something? I was actually embarassed when I saw that yard sale attempt to be sexy. Lexi…your a fucking joke. I wouldn’t spend a quarter on your funky, bad hair piece having, toby keith loving, stank ass

  43. Jer

    One lady, MIA!!!

  44. Edward

    KEEP PUTTING ALS 2 SHAME and see you all next weekend!

  45. Bub's

    Girls are great. Alexis’s performs excellent private dance’s. definitley go back.

  46. Regular

    I heard that they will start to charge the under 21’s double to get in. So if they want to see the woman they will have to pay since most just come and look and don’t tip.

  47. alf
  48. :)
  49. J & B Regulars

    This is a great club to relax and see really HOT dancers. Most of them have great personalities and like to have fun deviling with the customers, that treat them with respect. We always have fun here. A great place for couples,too. As lady customers, get alot of attention from the dancers as well. The crowd really enjoys that. Definitely a great club.

  50. jandlmoyer

    this is a very nice club however about a month ago my wife and i came into to c one of our favorite dancers, when we asked where she was the lady behind the bar got real nasty with us. we just wanted to know where she had gone. needless to say we havent been back since then. we dont appreciate being snapped at! in my opinion get someone nice and young to bartend, her bartending days should be over.

  51. butch
  52. bruce
  53. Spice Bunny

    I like the sexy girls but my dad says i’m the best.

  54. Joey

    They have a wide variety of girls at this club, for everyone’s liking. Great vip dance with Bliss, also Claudia is good too. Didn’t really care for the big black girl, but it seemed that other customers liked her. Will go again when in the area.

  55. snath
  56. Norm

    Now I’m not going to be hostile about this place but the half hour I was there, the vibe just wasn’t right. I was comfortable with the atmosphere. If I want a dance, I’ll ask don’t ask me! I’ll stick with Al’s!

  57. Clint

    I have a new attitude about this place! I used to think it sucked so I didnt go for awhile. I came back last night and its much better. They finally have some hot girls. Two are from Al’s, Kitty and Raven (who I think changed her name to Julie), and of course that sexy little Sonia and cute Summer. These four make the place worth while.

  58. The Big E

    this place is hot, hot, hot!

  59. crazy

    joke, joke and joke is the best way to describe this place. s is obviously a friend of or meranda herself with all the positive comments written on her behalf. ugly chicks with a ton of baggage that they are free to share much to easily. too many better places to go to bother trying here ever again.

  60. Candylover

    Love me some Tastee Candy!

  61. larry
  62. howie
  63. S

    I look forward to every night that I can get here. The women each have their own thing that makes them special. I like when they come over and sit and talk to you when they can, but after all it is a job and they have to mingle w/other guys to support themselves. I would recommend this club to anyone. You will be happy, I think.

  64. janice (aka minkymomma)

    Hey All,

    My hubby and i went there again last night, and we had a blast. I was a little disappointed because Kitty wasn’t there. But i had a great time.. I had a private dance with Paige, and let me tell you, she is absolutely amazing. She is just so incredibly sexy, WOWWWWW. And the great thing, was so personable and friendly, she sat down and took a couple shots with me.. If you like a girl who has long red hair, a great body, a great personality, and perfect size boobs, you should really go and see her, you won’t be disappointed. I also had a private dance with Tastee and she blew my mind as well. I am not gonna tell you the secret little details of the dance though…. She is very nice, and very attractive and she has a great personality. She too sat down and had several shots with me.. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you go see her…

    There were some other cute chicks there as well, Dream, Chase, Desiree, Mia, Sonja, Estelle,and Sydney. They are all cute and attractive. Ayannna was cute but i was disappointed with her because she would dance for my hubby but not me.. But overall we had a blast, you should definately go and see the girls,

  65. Mp960211

    i really love this pace which i went with my buddy Jeff on a Wednesday before thanksgiving i realy enjoyed the variety the number of girls and and the atmosphere is great to experience and they even have a smoking area outside… i recommend to all of you strip club fans to visit this place and i rate this 5 stars!!! definitely going back.

  66. cal

    great club, if girl named ceecee from scarlets come here she is a thieving crack addict don’t let in

  67. I agree....

    I agree its time, to retire…isnt lexi like 50 by now? Shes does not have the body to be a dancer..and she looks like a transvestite as well…she has a sugar daddy who comes there and spends all his dough…thats why keith keeps her around cuz she sure as hell aint sexy!!!! The only guys that actually like her are scummy biker guys…and most of them will F***k anything that walks!!!

  68. Sam

    I was in Buck Rubs this pass weekend and had a super time. Heard the DJ say that they will be open on Mondays starting in March and it’s free admission.

  69. Roxy

    I love working here

  70. Jeff

    Used to suck, but now with the great new additions of hot ass girls, the place is the bomb! Atmosphere has always been good.

  71. Gene

    Laidback atmosphere, lots of fun, great girls …

  72. Cory

    Had a great time last weekend. The place is great to chill out with a couple of beers and watch hot woman dance. See you girls next weekend.

  73. Suzy

    I love this place. I love the customers and make alot of money.

  74. Bob

    Fun club. Low cover. Some of the dancers are not pleasant to look at, but the hot girls make up for it! Overall a good choice.

  75. John

    Excellent club with full nude. Good lighting and you can go right up to the stage. BYOB or cheap sodas. Excellent girls for this area!

  76. James

    Love the Buck!

  77. Master
  78. ??(J)


  79. eemon
  80. Beth
  81. Jess

    I Love this place

  82. lapdancelover

    yeh synergy does suck! lost some weight!

  83. Brad

    My new friday spot!

  84. noht
  85. Jon

    This place is ok. but there are to many wana by thugs

  86. former owner

    ? ? you need to leave! the only thing you are dedicated at is bullshitting. IF you don’t have anything good to say leave your asshole closed and get a life. Go back to the baby dolls dump you came from.

  87. mumi
  88. allis190

    WOW! What a unique place! An excellent night with Carmen giving a great VIP dance. Will BE back for sure!

  89. T.L..L

    to whoever is being ignorant why cant u say ur name? Are u scared or are u just such a pathetic loser that u put other people down. And everyone deserves a second chance in life, people change u know!

  90. al
  91. Heather

    My husband and I had a great time. We had a private dance with Leanne. She was very nice and allot of fun! Most of the girls are pretty but there are a few that need to go and it would be much better. They need better music and better dancing in general. We didn’t stay as long as we wanted to because all the frisking and metal detection going on for the local gang bangers coming to the club was frankly a little nerver racking and not to appealing! Othere then that it was fun. Also exremely smokey and crowded till we left.

  92. jack

    excellent lap dances, excellent grinding action

  93. ralph

    had an excellent time last night. will cum here often.

  94. Big Tipper

    See you girls next weekend. Where has Julia Been? I think Kitty was missing last weekend too.

  95. fred

    Great place to go and have a good time. Girls are real freindly and are not pushy. Always alot of girls working and all different types for all different taste.

  96. Old Timer

    This is by far the best place to go for a great time and not spend alot of money on drinks. BYOB clubs rock

  97. clete
  98. ??

    I am a dedicated customer to BR. I am never rude and never slanderous, so don’t judge me unless u know me.I never said they were perfect, but all the dancers are fantastic and sexy. The club shouldn’t rehire someone after they been fired several times (sparkles), and people like synergy need to leave, and get a new face and body.

  99. tony

    This club is grrreat. Most of the girls are totally awesome.

  100. playa

    nasty playd out old white babes…where’s Destiny? ATF

  101. Todd
  102. Returning Customer

    I have been here twicw since the house was clean so to speak this club is getting better all the time.

  103. janice (minkymomma)

    had fun last night at BR. had a blast with kitty, ms. tastee, billie, lexi, ayanna, dream, and miranda. dynasty was cool too. these girls are sexy and fun. thanks for showing us a good time. ms. tastee, bob says thanks for the sore nipples, he has to go to bed with a thing of ice on each nipple, lexi thanks for not breaking my nose, lol just kidding. kitty , thanks for the great private dance, i know i really enjoyed it. dn’t worry ms. tastee, i still luv you. keep up the good work girls.

  104. Ronald

    Would be a lot better if they didn’t let these under 21 drug dealer and gangster wanna be types in!

  105. ned
  106. cleo
  107. buckrubbs rocks

    This club rules had great time will be back friday for sure.Ms tastee is my favorite !

  108. julio
  109. Beowulf

    Great club, owner and management know how to treat customers, unlike some other clubs. Friendly, easy going. Dancers provide a variety of style and personalities.

  110. Mark

    I really like this place, all the girls make you feel wanted. They seem like they all enjoy working at BR. I try to make it in when i work in the area.

  111. Randy

    I had a blast here. Most of the girls are awesome. The private dances that I had were really good too.

  112. Eric
  113. Leroy Stoltzfoose

    Hey Now

  114. boobs
  115. Dennis

    Laid-back club where a good time is encourage. It’s not a free-for-all but excellent private time can be had with the right dancer. BS isn’t tolerated, but “rules” can be bent if properly handled. Great place to relax and have a few. Bartender more than willing to keep things cold.

  116. bj

    awesome place!!!

  117. ***
  118. bfan
  119. Chad
  120. Leo

    I just love this place, they have been having alot of girls dancing every night. I was there on Tuesday and they had 14 girls. Love the choices.

  121. bad place

    nasty played out looking chicks…….i’m picky about who gives ne a lap dance but many of the girls here obviously have an STD or something going on……..did not see ANYONE i’d ? about a private party even if it was available

    $10 to get in and look at this horror show is a no way

  122. Synergy

    I miss her. Please come back!

  123. Cliff

    Club small for all the customers that they get. Place rocks. Girls are all friendly and Desiree gives a great lap dance. Needs to expand.

  124. scott
  125. sszte
  126. customer

    here tonight had a great time5 or 6 real hot girls here others were still good looking

  127. janice

    Hey Paige,

    I just wanted to say hi and that we miss you. hope everything is ok and hope to see you soon. email me if you have a chance…

  128. club GoA

    wow somebody said fat ugly pigs reside here and what the fuck was he talking about? i saw the finest black girl here i forget her name but she looked straight out of a music video. and there r a whole bunch of differnt white girls and admisson is cheap. will b going back.

    fuck al’s

  129. M

    Was in town for business on a Saturday night. First time going here. Pretty good, a little small and crowded. Some nice looking girls. Had a private dance, worth the price for sure.

  130. Jason

    Love this place

  131. Oscar the Grouch

    This club needs new ideas.

  132. paule
  133. Cleaner

    Management needs to clean up the trash from Reading that are customers on friday and saturday night. They will bring better clients with more money. And watch the cameras in the dances and courts!

  134. the dog

    i love to see miss nkki

  135. Hollywood
  136. Lexis Here

    Hey….anyone to come on here to say anything bad about any of us girls,,,if we are that dam bad then why shoy your face at the club but then come on here and not say who you are….if you don’t like what you see….then stay the hell out….cuz….we don’t need low lives with nothin better to do than to put us girls down and try to make us look bad….the girls are for for your enterainment only….you can’t handle that than you need to go back to mommy for bottle….cuz it’s nap time cranky!!!!!!!!haha…….

  137. in Sat

    where boners go to die!…go once you wont wanna CUM AGAIN! EVER!

  138. Daniel

    Drove all the way here from pottstown to check this place out last night, wasnt worth my ride at all. The only reason I even knew about the club was because there was a very pretty girl that I know use to work there that works somewhere else and she wasnt even there!Alot going on, tension was so thick in the air, girls arent good looking, and the bartender looks like shes going to snap and kill any minute. I wouldnt come here again if I was paid to!

  139. went Sat

    very bad…..and not much milage….wouldnt mind the low class staff if they put out a little more………..

    some dancers were like others mentioned…..absolutely nasty

  140. rick

    great place for a great time

  141. alex
  142. rich

    Quite a variety of girls. Only $5 on tuesday,cant beat it.

  143. B

    Place is real hit or miss. 3 or 4 hot girls, the rest (while nice and friendly) are really a waist of time. Girls you would never look at on the street. Have been there and had a great time and also been there and been very disappointed. So, you pay your money n you take your chances.

  144. pete
  145. kjguy
  146. let me know

    If they start doing that please post and maybe I’ll be able to go back there, can’t stand those idiots trying to stiff the girls with tips, but they want to sit and watch a free show. The younger crowd is mostly rude and ignorant to the staff and they bring their women along who are also rude to the dancers.

  147. Ty
  148. Jdog69

    i love me some carmen

  149. Bill

    Went for the first time the other night. All kinds of girls for different tastes and a very relaxed place to be. BYOB saves me a ton of cash so I could spend it on some kick ass lapdances!

  150. ?

    Synergy sucks

  151. ted
  152. Thomas
  153. a customer

    i love it here it rocks

  154. Maniac

    Great time, every time…rules are a bit strict but it is, after all, Berks County. Dancers are really cool, Judy is a goddess and the new bar girl is cute.

  155. Jessie

    I have a great time with these girls. Real friendly and they give a all some lap dance.

  156. nunyobiz

    Your really gonna have to travel to have this much fun! Thanks for losing paradise!

  157. Tom

    All of the dancers are excellent, except for one or two skinny crack head dancers.

  158. scott usner
  159. Dave
  160. phil
  161. GFR

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