Deja Vu Showgirls



16025 East Gale Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91745


34.0095716, -117.9570122




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The City of Industry, California is a suburb of Los Angeles located in the San Gabriel Valley. Here you will find over 2,500 businesses and only 777 residences. It’s name states the obvious and contains so many mainstream corporations and smaller entrepreneurs, far too many mention. Also to be found here, is the Industry Hills Golf Club and the Puente Hills Mall, both used as action-packed backdrops for countless motion pictures including: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Back to the Future just to name a few.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Jose

    It was awesome, Vip is worth it

  2. JUAN C



  3. texans

    VIP rooms are great!

    You got what you want..

  4. curtis17

    Really good place, sexy dancers and cheap pricing Better then the one in Hollywood by a long shot and as well all dancers are into it and very friendy. They make you feel comfortable and as well there easy to talk to.. the dances here are cheap and mostly all the females are like 7- 10 in quality. .. I highly recommend this place to everyone. ..

  5. Victor

    This club is awesome they have really really really beautiful women there

  6. pedo mocon

    xtacy should get a promotion

  7. Johnathan

    Very decent club overall, I had a dance/conversations with the pretty little asian girl named Danika. She pretty much made the night fun with her bubbly personality and sexy moves.

  8. Jack

    CLub is actually okay for the area. i was with a girl semptember who begged me to take her in the back. cost me alot but had a good time with her full service special. she wouldnt stop talking about her kid and taxes. seriously i ordered a bj not your life story september

  9. dogface123
  10. AssnTits5

    Funnest club around friendly dancers fun waitresses recommend Sundays!strip clubs and dollar bills still kinda got my money

  11. Dan T.

    This place is pretty cool to hang out because it is price very reasonably……you can get in with a coupon from their websit for $10. Soft drinks are free (just tip the waitress). I been at this club for over 4 years because I like the fact that the dancers and waitress don’t hustle you to buy drinks or for dances. However, lately (last 6 months) I noticed a sharp drop in the quality of dancers there. For the last 6 months or so there, I would say that 90% – 95% of the girls are either ugly or fat. You will be lucky if you find 1 or 2 girl that is hot enough to get a dance from. I think management needs to be more selective of the girls they put on the floor to represent the club. If this non-selective method continues, pretty soon guys would go here anymore. My friends and I used to get 2-3 lap dances a night there but lately some of us walked out without even finding a girl we want a dance from. That’s ridiculous!The other things that I don’t like about this club is the fact that they screwed you on the dance time. They alway said buy 2 get 1 song free (so total of 3 songs right) but that’s not what you really get. Even though they use a machine to automatically start and end the dance after the girl insert your cash into the machine, the time is totally tappered. If you look at the time on the machine, it will start out like 10-12 minutes (typical of 3 songs right) but it will jump like 5-8 seconds on the machine when in real life it is only 1 second. So bascially, the clock is fast fowarded by at least 4-5 times faster. A 3 songs dance will last about 3 minutes only……….trust me I been timing my dances with my own phone. That’s the thing that pissed me off the most. Don’t sell 3 songs when you only offer 1 song. That’s messed up business practice. I hope they fix these 2 problems shortly before my friends and I leave for another place. A lot of the guys we see there experience almost the same problem too.

  12. Noriinrad

    The Nasty Factor is in effect at this club. Girls are naughty, you just have to pick the right ones – which is obvious but the horny nasty girls stand out. Besides, at this club, the girls who are standing around talking are the ones who aren’t naughty. VIP is worth it. Private dances are excellent. The oe bad thing – on my last visit, it was a quiet night, a couple of the dancers got rude with patrons and ripped them for not showering the dancers with tips. That’s a real turn off.

  13. pimpdaddyinla

    Hey guys, if you want to get good lap dances, get them wit the girls that actually sit down and talk to you. Take your time, don’t waste your money. Some dances are all right. Some waitresses are hot, so are the dances. Had fun with Samantha, Dylan, Char, Skye, Scarlett, she is sexy. Dancer September is naughty and wild, but she will ask you extra money for special services. I enjoy coming to this club.

  14. Franklyn

    1) $10 Private lap dances all day & night. 2) $5 admission during Happy Hour (5pm-8pm)… usually it’s $10 before 5pm and $20 after. 3) The bottomless sodas are Free! just remember to tip the waitress $1 or $2. 4) Wait for the “Blue light special” which is 3 dances for $20….more bang for your buck. 5) Great environment, friendly staff, and security actually treats you like a customer.

  15. sugardaddy

    I went in tonight for the first time to this club had a great time with Victoria she is a very hot blonde girl that is very nice and such a joy to be around. I can honestly say I will come back to this club just to see her.

  16. tony

    this place has mechines that you have to place money in before you get a dance. then when your dance is over you have to get up and put more money in. It sucks you loose your hard on. plus this place had really good prices untill about 6 months ago the prices raised and now is sucks its not worth it. I used to be a #1 custemer but not no more.

  17. WiLL

    its gangsta!!!

  18. chuck

    I was there Saturday night, and I got some great lap dances. Worth the money. As I was leaving I saw this one dancer – blond, tanned, big implants, tight body. Does anyone know who this dancer is and what nights she works? I’d like to get a few dances from her next time I’m there.

  19. JOE

    Was good a year back…now it is the worst

  20. Fatman
  21. Bill

    The rules say you can’t say anything negative about the dancers, so I’ll let the rating do all the talking!

  22. Weedman420

    Went to this club the other night to see if Deja Vu has gotten any better…and it has NOT!!! This place has the rudest door staff and always has. It is close to impossible to try and wait for a good looking girl to come up to you because of the endless supply of donkey’s that constantly bother you. I don’t know how this place stays in business with all of the other great clubs in the area. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE!!!

  23. timmykilla

    This is one of the better strip clubs I have been to. The girls are better looking than I expected. It is also not as expensive as some other places.

  24. chirs
  25. art
  26. tonycluber

    Not bad. Actually for the area. Pretty damn good. Some white. Some asian. Some Latin. All ok. Better than average for a Monday night. πŸ™‚

  27. chad
  28. holinforasianz

    I been comin here for a grip of time now and it always delivers. Yea the waitstaff is sometimes better looking than the girls, and yea

    DONT ever get a VIP from a girl unless SHE approaches YOU first AND is kool with you (chasin’ em down leads to awful VIP/sometimes the hottest girl is also awful VIP),

    DO find a special rapport with one and get to it.

    DO ask the girl what kind of VIP dance they give and if it’s worth it. Make ’em work for that dolla!

    In short, I’ve always left with a smile on my face and I Can’t say more or they’ll ban my review.

  29. joser

    had my buddiEs bathelor party ther saturday,,preety dope good sevice.,.took very good care of my boys,.,and had a beatiful watress aside that,,thanks

  30. Nev

    I decided to visit this club on a Friday after having dinner and drinks with friends. I arrived fairly late and it was pretty quiet – not dead, but there were only about 20 people there and there was nobody at the tipping rail. The atmosphere was very low-key. There was a bit of talent walking around though, but most of the girls seemed to be sitting with their regulars just hanging out. I did get asked for dances a couple of times, but the hustle factor was pretty low.

    I felt this was more a “visual” club than a “lapdancing” club though perhaps I got it on a quiet night. Overall I had a decent experience though I was expecting to spend more than I did – I think I spent more on tips than I did on dances. I spent far less than I had budgeted to spend.


    – the club is nice and bright, and most seats offer a good view of the stage. When sitting at the tipping rail the light doesn’t hit your eyes which is good

    – the DJ doesn’t talk as much

    – songs are longer than other clubs I’ve been to in LA, such as SRCOI and BE

    – the quality of the dancers ranged from 6-8s, with one 9

    – I like those machines they have, makes things fair for everyone

    – prices of dances were reasonable (I think $20 for topless, I don’t know how much for nude as the girl I got didn’t want to do nude for some reason even though I asked)

    – free soft drinks

    – club staff was friendly and professional

    – attitude of the dancers was good

    – club is clean and classy-looking

    – stage was continuously running, unlike SRCOI

    – bouncers were discreet


    – mileage of the lapdance was only average I felt. Though to be fair I was only able to get one dance. She was very sweet but the mileage was low. She was a stunner however, with a beautiful face, great body and nice attitude.

    – no alcohol (though this is not their fault)

    – I think I was the only one sitting at the tipping rail for the time I was there. Probably why the girls looked so disinterested

    – mileage was only average (but this is offset by the fact that you can actually see the stage clearly, so there is a mileage/visual tradeoff which is fair enough)

    – punters seemed to spend more time staring at other punters than at the girls – this is the first club where I noticed that

    Overall, this would be a great club to have a few beers (if they had alcohol), watch the show, and tip for attention, but the lapdance I had was not especially memorable. I shall have to pay it another visit when it’s busier to see if my experience is different. I give it 6/10 more for the visual aspect rather than the mileage aspect.

  31. Bender

    Butt ugly girls, this place sucks and smells nasty. Will never come back.

  32. DICK

    OMG last nite was awesome i had lots of fun with this asian girl MEGAN. She has great body big tits big ass so petite gorgeous lots of FUN great great dances espeacially VIP.

  33. AC

    Great place to unwind girls there are awesome!!!

  34. Skywkr

    Girls are great and friendly. very comfortable feeling

  35. StripClub431

    Oh..lolCan I say I had one of the best strip bar experience here. . P.s I went to more than 4 plus strip bars. .Think the day I went was the total nude night. .. ok.. I’m not lesbian.. I love my men…and I mean I love my men…lolAnyways, .. Not many ugly girls.. or should I say no fat chicks, only good looking bods here.. I know it for a fact coz three of girls had me either spanked them or grabbed them.. ok. Coz I’m a girl. I got whatever they got. So listen up boys and girls, this is a great place if you need some serious eye candy. Don’t bother to go to knock xxxxx in arcadia, plan x in west la, flamxxxx in anaheim, etc..etc.. too many to list….

  36. jizzler

    v.i.p rooms suck now.. no more curtains.. i recommend sticking to the normal


  37. Bomber!!!!

    The club its self was a nice set up, the D.J. this past Saturday night really needs to learn how to turn the volume down. ( Its a club not an outdoor concert. ) I did have the pleasure of getting a dance by a lovely girl named Victoria. Guys this girl is really nice and really hot. I could not take my eyes off her all night very sexy.

  38. hbvhfshvh
  39. Dave69

    This club: Deja Vu, city of Industry has the best pornstars and dancers who will do incredible nasty hardcore things in VIP , and the girls are really on a low-profile about offering the customers a really “good time”

    I love it =)

    Good women

    Good music ( although it needs to be less loud )

    Good prices for dancers ( although it should be only $100 for all day and all night half hour VIPS and $150 for 1 hour VIPS.

    I love the free parking and good security and friendly staff too , trying to make my strip club experience a more easier one, OVERALL RATING: GOOD and FAIR

  40. Bob
  41. fuckery12

    Go with the flow

  42. clay
  43. Mike T.

    Have been coming here since 2011. I drive from Chino. It’s worth it. This place was incredible in 2012. Ever since the men’s restroom had the drainage issue, and then the resulting smell coming from there, it seems like it hasn’t been as good.But it’s stil good. I go on Sunday. Less traffic to get there.

  44. JayDog

    club sucks, ugly girls and only 4 of them on nite me and friends. Horrible service from staff.

  45. henry r.

    i hate the fact of the bouncers are there pretty much giving you the lapdance. why can’t they just leave us with the girls alone! they check in every second and it kills the whole mood!

  46. Rick


  47. Manuel

    only thing to say, these girls are all horny


  48. XXXbeast

    No! This place has girls with no ass! They all look like tables flat throughout…if u want a good place go to paradise on valley blvd free admission if u text their number…sorry but I won’t come here again…the waitresses are better lookin then tha dancer….owner wtf r u thinking????

  49. Nick

    This is a very comfortable and enjoyable SC. I find it relaxing after a hard work day and a break from the freeway commute.

  50. Derek
  51. Bulldog
  52. joey
  53. ssemajj

    I usually go for thick girls but that Rose is off the hook. perfect curves but thin. Her dances are well worth the money & she is one of the pretty girls..Usually you get better dances from the not so pretty girls..North Hollywood has prettier girls but Industry dances are a 100 times better.

  54. jaydog34
  55. Harry Tom
  56. Seamus20cm

    Chairs need to be redone – major holes in them.

    Sometimes not enough waitresses

    As most clubs TOO LOUD for music

  57. Jason

    I visited the club on 5/23. I had a great time with the ladies. Alexis is awesome. A sexy Latina with a good attitude and body. I also enjoyed Candy, Cali, Sydney, and Sugar. I saw some pretty good looking and slender girls when I was there. You can’t beat a cute girl topless in a g string on your lap for $10.

  58. WooHoo
  59. felixnearindustry

    this club is all right. had to admit some waitresses is hotter than the dancers. Lap dances are okay, but some dancers ask for tip afterward. why ? cause she thinks that she gave good lap dances. Some dancers wouldnt let you touch them during lap dances. the reason, it makes them feel dirty. overall i like the atmosphere of the club. i enjoy my time and get lap dances from some sexy girls. lots of hot bodies and fatt butts there.

  60. Jae Garcia

    Its all good but I was ripped off once i got vip and the stripper literally fell asleep and did nothing but i felt bad waking her up i think i should get a free vip or my money back

  61. ryan123

    Been here plenty of times so I figured I should write a review the pluses of this club include free soda drinks and cheap energy drinks if you need one there is a bar right next door if you want to pregame it most of the girls are friendly a few however are trying to make as much money with as little work as possibleThe biggest con of this Club is that it does not look like it has been updated in a long time the couches in the VIP room have holes in them underneath every chair cushion you will find used condoms I would give this place a 5 star rating if they would update things and make it a modern Club like the deja vu on main street in LA or the one on commercial

  62. Sean

    Club is very nice

  63. FREDDY


  64. GreatDJ4All

    I went a little while ago and I had a great time. My gf and I were there and we were getting all the attention. We had fun getting some dances and in the VIP as well :D. Over all this club was a good time. Recommend it to everyone. PARIS!!!

  65. alex

    I’d been coming to this club steadily for the last four months. Initially I loved it – it had great greaters, waitresses, DJ, and dancers. I spent about a month on vacation and came back, they had several new staff members I had never seen before, but I thought I’d give them a try. There was a new guy at the front with the personality of a yogurt cup who threatened not to let my friends and I in. I asked him who the waitresses were that night and he couldn ‘t answer, I asked him who the girls working that night and he couldn’t answer, he’d been working there a couple weeks. Standing with him is this waitress who looked as though she has her eyebrows drawn on who had a smart ass answer for everything, every time she addressed a patron it was like she was pissed off. She made some rude comments about me and my friends on our way in and then on the inside she started talking with some other waitresses and it was apparent she was talking about us. At one point one of the more mellow and friendly of the dancers, Mystique, sat down and we were having a conversation when out this waitress comes and gets all up in my face and says that I am buying Mystique a Redbull. Of course I wouldn’t decline, but the whole way she went about it was as though I had done something to her and she just stared at me with this most unnerving smile like she was a complete bad ass. Then there was this DJ, there’s this great dude who is like huge that is awesome, but they had this new skinny guy. He’d put on the girl’s first song and introduce them then let it play and walk away into the lobby swinging his keys. He’d come back for the second song and say well here’s her second time around, and let the song play and do the same thing. Once, okay, but he was walking back and forth all night long for about the three hours I was there. Unlike the old DJ he didn’t have a whole lot of jokes nor did he have a whole lot of a personality. I’m not bashing the dancers and the dances or the club – overall this has been a great club for me. My only problem is that I have several girls I like dances from a lot and I can never figure out when they are there. This new hospitality staff needs to be broken in as they are just too, well, inhospitable.

  66. cruzin
  67. raymond
  68. Johnnyboy123

    This club is packed on Thursdays! Get smashed at the bar next door & make sure you bring a cpl pictures of Ben Franklin. $20 to get in, but only $10 if you get the online coupon. The girls are what you would expect if you read their slogan & are *dyslexic, because there are “Hundreds of ugly girls & 3 Beautiful ones”. I’d say the girls range from 3-Really hot girls, maybe 7 attractive ones & about 20 who prove that Strippers don’t have to be hot to make $. The Soda is free again, but the “Ladies drinks” are $10. They have $10 topless & $100 V.I.P. on Thurs. Not the hottest girls, but def. the best “Bang-for-Buck ratio. The Deja Vu in Hollywood has hotter dancers, but it’s a far drive.

  69. jamie

    it has some of the hottest girls and is recommended

  70. Frank


  71. Rob

    Got dances with Alice, great dances, will definetley be going back to see her again

  72. Ryan

    Went there this past Saturday with my girlfriend and a couple male friends and had a great time. Most of the girls were afraid to approach us except for Samantha. She came right up and starting talking to my gf and our friends. After a dollar dance nd a lapdance for my girlfriend the girls became a lot more friendly.

    We had a great time mainly because of samantha she has a cute body, gives a great lapdance and knows how to show a couple a great time.

    Cant wait to go back and try a couple of the other girls as there were a bunch fine looking women, but I will always have a sweet spot for Samantha.

  73. mathewater12

    Came in some good looking girls. But sat in their own table and where taking pictures the whole night not once did they get up. Heard the DJ a couple of times tell them to get off their phones. Not worth it.

  74. marvin

    this club so far was thus great, even though i only got dances from one person. the only down fall for this club i would have to say me getting tricked into buying a bottle water. haha. but other than that. i’d go to this club again

  75. jenifer

    I went there once before and had a great time. I loved Samantha and had a blast with her. I decide to go back for my birthday and it was a huge mistake. I went there a week before my birthday to make sure Samantha would be there and spoke to both her and the manager Gerardo. The night I got there for my bday, she wasn’t there and gerardo purposely waited until we paid and entered before telling us that she would not be there. On top of this the womens bathrooms are disgusting. I know mainly men go to strip clubs but they could at least provide decent accomodations for their female guests. I had ro use the same bathroom with the strippers and waitresses. One stall had no door, and the second had no light and could not be locked. If you are a male im sure you will have a great time, but if you are a woman dont plan on using a restroom

  76. M!

    Overall, the women are good looking. I was very impressed by the pole dancing. However, I found the music super loud so it was a little difficult to talk. I noticed a lot of girls sitting around texting. I wasn’t approached much and it was considered a slow night. Also, girls would spend a lot of talk chatting and hanging out with regulars and ignoring newbies like myself. Waitresses were always prompt though.

  77. Alex J. aka AJ

    Its awesome going on a slow night because all the dancers go up to you without waiting for them to get through other people. The environment was very nice and roomy. Parking was great and close to the entrance. I forgot the name of my dancers but all were a 8/10 and some were very talkative… This was my first time here and i will be definitely coming back next week to see more dancers. =)

    Over All Rating: A+

  78. Mike L.

    Everything here is excellent. Me and a couple of my buddies went in there on a Sunday night and were greeted warmly by the gentlemen at the door as well as the current manager. They notified us of a free cover charge from 6-8 pm, this was especially pleasing as we now had more money for dances, VIP, etc. The hostesses/waitresses were amazingly cute and friendly, there was never a shortage of dancers, most of them very sexy and personable. Great experience overall, Deja Vu in Industry is a must!!!

  79. Anna


  80. Jay Cee

    i was there wed n thurs nite…had a real great time afterwards both nites…wed i met this mixed spanish girl with blonde hair…from afar she kinda looked asian…fake tits real real thin…im horrible with names tho…shes 26…amazin girl…anyways her dances with me were very hands on…she seemed to like me as we chilled after club closes…thurs i showed up late n got a dance from this other spanish girl…a bit taller than tha blonde i had…def could tell shes spanish tho…fake tits…fat ass wit a tattoo on the left cheek…she grinded the shit outta me…extremely hands on…ymmv but like the blonde on wed i was able to chill with this girl after hours as well…funniest part of my dance was that she specifically said if i wanted something while here to talk to september shell take care of me…she told me to get a dance with her while she changes to leave n go chill with me…september is def what everyone says she is…in any case i had a great time and was able to pull 2 girls 2 diff nites…if im in cali anytime soon im def makin the trip up here again…

  81. zap

    Great value for money. 10 Top 20 nude. But 2 dance minimum it seems.

  82. money make

    This place is alright…went on a saturday night and the place was packed. out of all the girls (15-30) only 4 were good enough to be considered a stripper. The stage dances are ok, some slow and some great. Private dances are not at all that fun. 20 topless, 40 nude, each being about 2-3 songs. A quater of the time the girl didnt even dance on me, so the quality of the VIP went way down. There seemed to be more waitresses than dancers helping out customers.

    My opinion, go here for a 50 dollar night of simple fun. Not a place to have a FANTASTIC time.

  83. Joon L.

    They have the best waiters ever! Adriana is my favorite they actually remember their guests and dont hassle you about tips lol this place is cheap and good but I must say week days are horrible. And not all girls are hot lol

  84. mike

    It’s a nice club to go to. But i got to admit the waitress look alot better than the dancer.

  85. gregwaters
  86. Jerry G.

    good times with a couple girls last night. AVOID Kimura. She is a tease and will lie. She told me she is 27. Up close she looks a lot older. Her lapdances are VERY WEAK. This club is great and the other girls are fun. Five stars for the club – zero stars for Kimura. Ritney gives great lap dances. So do Page and Jay. The club is great, just avoid Kimura

  87. Dave

    The club has a $20 cover charge not a $10 cover charge as stated on the website. Overall the girls were hot, but pricy. I’ll go to my local strip bar next time.

  88. Stanthebooth

    The club slogan should be 1000’s ugly ones and 3 pretty ones. If ur a fan of strippers in the heavy side this club is 4 u. The club have about the same amount of waitresses and strippers working at the same time. Thats insane! 2 b honest the waitresses r way better looking than the strippers. So if ur looking 4 a bargain on lap dances i recommend this club but if ur looking 4 quality of strippers i would look else where. So visit with caution and low expectations 2 have a good time at this club.

  89. Justin Pickette

    This maybe my first club but hell im loving it everygirl here are devine and im love being there this club ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on a scale of 1-10 10 being good

    id give it…..


    : )

    Keep dancin girls u all earned it

  90. Lebron
  91. JR

    Decent club with good lighting, low hustle factor and relatively nice girls. Mileage varies a lot from girl to girl. Although dances were supposed to be $20 for topless and $60 for three nude dances, couple of girls did not want to take their tops off. Topless dances are NOT worth the money. Wait staff were lovely and provided excellent service.

  92. winston12

    came here for my 18th birthday, I know some of the staff including a bouncer and dj, so I was shown a pretty good time, the waitress were great and the dancers on point, all together I had a great night and I will definitely be coming back.

  93. KHJ

    Best Club in cali!

  94. tzzzzz

    i missed the regional showgirl of the year competion earlier this month.

    anyone have any info on it… how was the show, who was in it, who won?

    also, where and when will the showgirl of the years finals be held?

    and, most importantly, was that awesome dancer chevelle from las vegas at the regionals, and will she be in the finals?

  95. MrHey
  96. j

    This is a great club, ask for a dancer by the name of September (ithink that right) shes damn good and is worth the time and gives you your moneys worth

  97. LittlePeter
  98. Rex
  99. knodmd

    its a koo spot to see tits but the dances are way to expensive…and the 2 dance min is straight bullshit…put a good hustle..shout out to JULES

  100. albert

    this club gets the job done right, and everybody is cool at this club, cant wait for next time.

  101. Skywalker

    Like all clubs, there are some very attractive girls and a few less attractive ones. The attractive ones far outnumber the less attractive ones. There is no stress at this club. I felt very comfortable and welcomed from the moment I entered. The private nude dances ranged from absolutely incredible to ok. But the incredible was far better than other clubs in Industry!

  102. happy man
  103. eddyL

    Even though it says 1* It is really a 5 *****I have been here twice,however both times were on Sundays. Once tonight (3/10 & $uperbowl Sunday. All the staff membrs are pretty kick ass; they are just out gowing & down to earth especially the dancers when u get chance to have a convo with ’em. Not to mention all are pretty good looking. A handful I would beatiful and/or gorgeous. Others Sexy. One actually took my breath away. She is actually a waitress… and I’m a pretty hansom guy. So im not just saying that. The other patrons that ihave met while haven a smoke in thier smoming room have also been chill to meet. Some good topics of conversation. Some things you might expect talking about with people you just met in thr smoking of a VU. Others about business, sports, and even politics. Most of the time therr is usually several dancers, or waitresses involved in the socializing.Only one negative…the dancers seem shyto ask if ur interested in a private dance, and time in between dancers. Although with a waitress crew like that..not mad at em for it 1 bit. Overall it is legit. Look forward to going back on a Friday or Sat.

  104. nickstrip

    Deja Vu is the ONLY gentleman’s club that WILL NOT rip you off or over charge you like the other clubs in the area. The club has sexy strippers and waitresses. Highly recommended attending after 7pm until they bring back a day shift DJ, I am disappointed that they use an automated system that is supposed to save money but will cost them in the long run. Nevertheless I am still a loyal regular! Deja Vu or bust!

  105. Gfrmanaheim

    Great club for the most part. I got a dance from a girl by the name of Adriane, i think… Tall white girl with glasses great body with natural huge tits… thinks she’s all that. Worst dance I’ve ever had at the club. All the other girls rock!!!

  106. Leonard W.

    Came here after being dreadfully unimpressed with Monarchs. Didn’t know what to expect since it was already arounf 12:45pm and was told they close at 2am. Walk in and you can feel the energy buzzing. Guy at register told us it was $20 so we ponied up and walked on in. This place was packed and the stage looked like something from Iron Man compared to Monarch’s. People seemed to be having a good time and my friends saw like 4 empty chairs near the stage so we mozied on over.The girls all looked pretty good and seemed to be into it. Just the energy in the building made it all seem fun. I didn’t get any drinks so don’t know how good/strong or expensive they are. I liked that there were girls walking around asking if anyone wanted dances but they weren’t forcefully trying to get your attention/business.Overall I had a good time with friends making it sprinkle and just chatting. Saw a few hot girls which doesn’t ever make things suck. I didn’t partake in any backroom dances but the DJ was like 3 songs for $20, not sure if that’s a good deal or not but seems good. I would be down to back to this place if friends were down to go. They had a lot of girls, good exciting atmosphere, and non pressuring business practices (if that’s the correct term for it). Check it out if you want a good gentleman’s club.

  107. Daniel L

    Miss the goo ol’ days when girls would actually sit and talk to you for a bit. Most just sit off in the corner with their cell phones. They would make more $$$ if they would sit and talk with the customers. Scarlett is very nice and popular.

  108. eric

    girls are kool

    but why did i get 86ed i dunno

    oh well

  109. C.T.

    I went last Saturday night and had a wonderful time. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a strip club. I just wish I had more money. I spent most of mine on one dancer that was very good at her job and very nice. She also was super sexy and hot.

    Anyway most of the dancers are really beautiful and only a few were so so. Most of the waitresses were also hot.

    The only issues I had with the club is that there were too many men on the night I went. So many so that there wasn’t any place to sit. So I would say they need to maybe increase there size and add more chairs and perhaps a second stage.

    One club I went to had a second mini stage with the dancer would go to after being up on the main stage. I do love the stage they have since it is in the center of the club and is a circle shape so everyone can get a good look at the dancers.

    I did the $10 lapdance, $40 lapdance, $150 VIP experience and all were excellent. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  110. Christian M.

    The club was good but I was a broke ass and couldn’t get the good dances.

  111. CJ

    I have a good time when I go. Nothing bad to say.

  112. christopher

    I am a beginner to the strip club game and the girls here were nice and fun to talk to and they had awsome talent on stage. they werent pushy or overwhelming i fully enjoyed my experience i am definitly going again.

  113. XXX

    This place is Amazing. The girls are very FRIENDLY !!!

  114. jarred

    ima go back soon

  115. Doraemon





    ブでも相手してくれるからもうイチャッテ! ちなみにアイスって言う女はケツの穴



  116. RT

    Overall this club is amazing! Very beautiful women, very nice, there will always be a few that some dont find attractive as there is with any club, but majority were definately worth the price to get in. Also i would like to thank this club for the military discount, me and my friends really apreciated that! Definately going back my next weekend off!!

  117. tom
  118. richard95

    Why are you going to a strip club? If it’s for beautiful sexy girls this isn’t the place. If its for naked girls it is. We went for beautiful and sexy. It’s relaxed enough, totally non-pushy. $10 cover and $5 water. Typical and expected. Most of the girls are not very fit. Unfortunately. If you’ve ever wanted to know what your waitress at IHOP looks like, you may find out here. The waitresses in maid costumes are some of the cutest. And most fit. They were pretty much the best thing on stage that night. Gorgeous girls can be found there though. Like gold in the Sierras. Go deep enough and you’ll find something. That’s because the most attractive girls get a lot of work in the back doing the private dances.The club was fine. The music was loud and harsh sounding. Too much repetition.The lighting was not very flattering to the less than athletic girls. Although we had a lot of fun some of the shows were more like an awkward moment in a fitting room than an erotic show. The stars in our rating are for three girls. Jessica, a sexy California blonde, and Sativa a silky dark haired beauty. Then there was the sweet girl in the maid costume…

  119. Jdig

    Not exactly the best Vu I’ve been to.

  120. G.B.

    ok, i like this place for few reasons. first it’s lighting, is great. you can see from all angles. dependes ont the night, there are some great girls. most of the girls, are pretty small build, all over. and if the have breast, there fake. value for money is ok. topless is 20, and nude is a min 60. vip, is really cheap, 150 for half an hour. they are really good, depends on the girl. some girls are real hoe’s, and some are nice, not trying to really play you up. if you really want to get a feel for some of the girls go to the some room and just hang for a while, you talk to the girls for reals! a lot of girls let you get a taste of what you can get in the back with a dance from the front. don’t be in a rush to blow your money, test the water.

  121. Lawrence

    I have been to other clubs but this was the first time I’d been to this specific location. It was great, I had a great time. It may have helped that I apparently knew some workers, but besides that I made new friends (dancers, etc) I wouldn’t mind coming back at all, I had a blast.

    Shoutouts to Brooklyn haha

  122. slick

    Great girls

  123. blackwall626

    i love angel..shes fucking bomb

  124. tranceaddict

    with the right girl and price u can pretty much get whatever u want in the vip….let your imagination run wild.

  125. Jose R.

    Be Part of the Deja Vu City Of Industry Board.Β…

  126. adamrod

    first time at a gentlemens club. glad i’ve came here, the girls really showed me a good time since it was my first time ever at these kind of clubs. I had two dances. The first dance wasn’t so good, but the second dance from a different girl made me give this place 5 stars. worth the money.$20 dollar for entrance.

  127. Bill K.

    This place sucks. Friday afternoon, 2:00. Listen to six songs, one dancer for one song. Go to complain and ask for my money back after 3 songs with no dancers, “they’re getting dressed and are busy” I’m told. I walk out, 5 other guys walk out at same time. They don’t have Showgirls, they have No-Show-girls.

  128. LD Lover

    I was there on Friday. It was amazing!! You guys gotta check out the club if you never been here. I didn’t try nude dance but the topless one has been very good. $10 per song and the DJ would have blue light special almost every 20 minutes. Some of the girls are very beautiful and others are okay. But no one of them would push you for tip pr dance. It’s right, some waitresses are even hotter than dancers. I really wished I could buy them dances but they only sell drinks. I definitely wanna come back here. See you girls soon.

  129. Justin Normus

    What ever happened to this girl name Tiffany. she only worked Sundays. I still cant forget when I hit that doggy. skinny waist with a fat ass booty…MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I love them Cuban girls..

  130. john


  131. Rusty


  132. danny

    Nadia is fucking hottt!!! Had a great time.

  133. fritter17

    I’ve not been to this spot for a long time, this review is my alibi disclaiming such :)BUT from what I remember…If you’re going to go to a strip club (gentleman’s club is sort of an oxymoron term since there are no gentlemen who frequent these places), and you’re in the Los Angeles area, and you’re a connoisseur of the female flesh trade, with a limited budget as well as enough singles to make it rain all night long, then I think this is the spot for you.First off, before you go, there is no such thing as “Free Admission”, but go get your LA Weekly, flip to the back pages section and get you and your crew (and whatever you do, no matter how lonely you are, don’t go here alone, nothing seems more pathetic and somewhat creepy that being “that guy” the loner at the club by himself without friends) the discount coupons for reduced admission. I think it basically gets you in for $10 with unlimited FREE non-alcoholic (‘cuz it’s totally nude) drinks. Keep in mind, you should tip your waitresses, so the drinks are not technically free, so you’re paying a buck or so per drink. AGAIN, from what I can remember from the last time I was here…The girls are super non-aggressive in their approach. So, the atmosphere feels for the most part, less like a hustle. The girls don’t try to get you to buy them a drink nor do the waitresses either. The girls are very nonchalant, maybe to the point where they’re too chilled out (sometimes sitting on the sidelines, other times just walking around), and customers have to approach them for backroom dances. This is a place where as a customer, you can’t be shy, if you see what you want, you should be proactive. Also, if you decline too many of ’em continually without getting a “dance” and don’t tip at the rail / stage, you may get the stigma of a cheapskate (a.k.a. “the stink”), so maybe that’s why they avoid you, or maybe you’ve got a creeper vibe, so lighten up, it’s entertainment, like going to see a movie, play or musical in the theater… you’re not here to build a relationship, meet a girlfriend or your future wife, so keep your expectations realistic if not simply low and just have a good fun time.The lighting is generally good, as is the mixture of music, mainly top 40 pop, hip hop and rock. It’s not too loud, so has an almost perfect blend.The parking is decent, and is well lit and open.The area is not too sketchy, and is easy to get to from the freeway.The clientele is diverse, not too creepy or ghetto, from what I remember. Maybe a bit younger and somewhat working class, blue collar.The girls span the rainbow of diversity with something for everyone, including Asian, White, Black, Latin; as well as a range of thin to kinda thick; younger to older past their prime; tattooed n’ pierced; blondes n’ brunettes and the occasional redheaded ginger.As for the scene behind the curtains, the topless, nude and VIP dances… you’ll have to go and experience ’em yourself (again, my alibi) but from what I hear, it’s more bang for the buck. It’s $100-150 for 30 mins for the private VIP, and they run varied nightly specials.Every girl has her own deal along with their own do’s n’ don’t’s type of boundaries and limitations – they’re there for work to earn a living, it’s a job – be respectful and polite to them, it’s common courtesy! The staff from the front door to most everyone inside are all very friendly and nice….and again in a business industry that’s riddled with mediocrity, the Deja Vu brand has been consistent in providing above par quality, and this location specifically is worth the 30-45 minute drive from Los Angeles compared to what LA has to offer locally… $50 can get you a good night, $100 can get you a fun night, and anything over that will either be a great night or one of financial regret.

  134. joseph1k

    Me and my buddy went here Sunday night.. Was a lil crowded at first, girls are sure nice. The guy only charged $20 for both of us. He said $20 for couples. Lol.. I’d never had a private lap dance so my friend asked this dancer she was really nice and hot.. I was giggling most of the time, and keep complimenting her that she’s hot and pretty while she’s all over me.. My fave part is when she grabbed my hands and put it to her b**b* and a** few times. I paid only $20 for one song but we stayed around 10 mins.. She probably enjoyed my company. Lol.. I know for sure I enjoyed hers πŸ™‚ Advice is never touch a dancer unless they want to. Just cause she put her t*t* on your face doesn’t mean you can lick it or suck it.. So guys just calm down and let her do her thing. If she let you touch her then your lucky like me. Was really a good experience. Will definitely recommend this place.

  135. Andy
  136. Cheeks J.

    Ok so I went here on a whim as me and my gf have never been to a strip club and it was on the bucket list. So we decided to try this place out. We were greeted by a man and 2 gorgeous girls who told us not to be scared and hope that we like it. So we paid our $15 at the door. BTW we came on a Thursday afternoon/night. We get inside and right away it was empty alot of seats and we could choose from a booth to a chair that is in front of the poles. We chose to sit in the booth. We didn’t get hassled to buys drinks but also did not get asked to dance. NOT ONCE! Then again we were two girls but what did we expect? Actually we expected one but i guess they don’t do girls but hey whatever it’s their choice. Some of the girls were really nice dancers and some were just…boring. Most of the dancers were really nice looking but some were not as good. The music selection was on point. We found ourselves rockin out to the music while enjoying them dance to the music. Let’s just say some of the songs we heard will never be the same after seeing some of these girls dance. Overall this place was pretty good, very clean place and they had $20 for 3 dances or something like that with a VIP section away from the dance area. Some people went in their and it seemed like they stayed forever so I guess you get what you paid for. We probaly won’t be coming back here just simply because it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing but if you want to see some good dancers and have money in your pocket try this place out.OH YEAAAA….Don’t park in the parking lot over 2 hours in certain spots because they will ticket you and also if your registration isn’t on point they will get you for that too. The parking enforcement is actively around this area so be sure you check where you are parked before parking. HEED MY WARNING!!

  137. james1412

    Lazy girls. They spent the night hanging out in the back room or the DJ booth. Full room with no strippers makes for horrible blue balls and no money made.

  138. Chris

    well when i went to this club this tuesday…i like this stripper name playmate she could really dance…this girl impressed the hell out of me…just for that since i like this girl im gonna keep on going to this club often…

  139. Yogi

    Overall I recommend this club…the bitches are hott, but don’t get Alexis she’s my girl even though she fucked me over twice on the length of the lap dance. Why you playin’ me mami!? I still love it though baby. No matter what you do chula, it’s alwayz worth it. I’m gonna be cumming back for more soon.

  140. yanard12

    Worst strip club ever. Girls where not good at all there’s nothing but fat girls. Save your money and time don’t go here.

  141. S.C. Hoppin'

    Anything is better than “Sahara”, but this location must be

    jinxed. This place sucked like shit for a Sat. night, at 12:30am. There was like 1 hot girl, 2 more with passing grades, and the rest were ugly as fuck. The plus side: during entrance, the Manager herself admitted this place lacks “beautiful” girls.

  142. Leslie

    youre rules for the entertainers are too much

  143. Wingman F.

    After a long day of traveling and a round of golf in LA this place rocks! $20 cover was kinda high but all good. First time here so no expectation as Im from Chicago, first thing the main stage is smaller than what I’m accustomed to back at home. Girls are friendly and not pushy. Best looking servers I thought, maybe better than most of the entertainment that night. ha ha… overall cool place to chill and get some jollies from the right girl working that night. still freaking out about the timer machine where you have to feed with your bills, never seen that before, one for the books. Shout out to Kimora! shes fun!

  144. M A O


  145. wanna go back again
  146. David

    awsome club

  147. mrcity

    the club was wonderful

  148. sam
  149. EasyE

    Loved the private dancers. There were alot of stage dancers and they were good. One of the better clubs in the area.

  150. Thomas L.

    If your looking for a club with quality and quantity of strippers. Avoid this club at all cost. There are more waitresses than strippers. The strippers are rude and not good looking. Majority of them are on the heavy side. The waitresses are nicer and better looking than them. And thats not saying much. So save your money and go to another club for a great time.

  151. jooohsit

    performers are very skilled, friendly and well-mannered. I will definitely recommend my friends to go next time. thnx

  152. HHT3
  153. mbr
  154. Fernando
  155. Robin

    Private Dances not worth it.

    Dancers need to do better on stage to get their tips

  156. Pimpdaddyxxx

    What’s up with the waitresses gone wild? Anybody been there is it any good?

    What do they wear

  157. jay

    i liked it. it was a descent club

  158. Franklin

    all i have to say is THANG really awesome club

  159. James

    Most of the girls were dog ugly, the night I went. One dime piece out of 20. A lot of fat girls too with crooked ass teeth. The quality of lap dances though were awesome if you could get past the looks

  160. tommy

    waitress outnumber the dancers .. dances are cheap, but dancers are rare, very congested

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