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2640 West Woodland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92801


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Imperial Showgirls

  1. Franklyn

    Nice spot. Girls look pretty.But the girl I got smelled nasty!Also looked like was drugged out.Eh I don’t know if I will come back to this spot.Parking it’s alright.Staff is nice.

  2. saali

    Few of the girls are real good, but atmo is not that lively, lil dark and dingy. There are 2-4 good dancers, rest are oki. watch out for leslie, She is hot. Area for lap dance is good and sitting is comfy.

  3. J

    Nice girls, a few really beautiful ones, good attitudes, overall really good experience.

  4. rogerrab2

    Boring strip club experience. If you want lazy women who are just on their phones then this is your place. Four hours in and not a single girl comes up. Go up to make it rain on the ones you like and when they are done they scurry off to the back and pop out 30 minutes later and back on their phones in a group. Maybe it was because we are young and not as old and perverted as the other people who actually got dances so I guess that’s a compliment. At least the music they had playing was good and security was cool but still a boring experience.

  5. Johnnyboy123

    Been here before, but this last takes the cake!Cons:Lights are almost off how low they have them. Guess they dont want you seeing some of the girls clear enough.Girls effort is no where. Security told us there was 10 girls. I counted 5. 2 sat at a bar for over and hr just talking away to each other. Dj seems to not have any clue what is strip club music these days. Pro:Decent parking. Over all, horrible horrible strip club experience. Pathetic!! Better off going to library, or driving to la spots. Id love to give this spot 0 stars. They deserve it for such management and customer experience.

  6. JC
  7. fuckery12

    So after a night of speed dating that went unsuccessful, a couple of my girlfriends and I went here for some fun. As soon as we walked in we immediately were having fun, even though I am small I have some very very perky boobs and let me tell you every stripper that came by complimented on how cute they looked in my small skimpy top, which of course made my night. I mean come on, I got all dolled up to meet someone new after my ex decided to leave me for another girl and not a single guy complimented me as much as the girls in this club did. Ohh and BTW, got a lap dance, the 2-4-1 special and I have to admit I got a bit turned on!

  8. Andy

    The girls here are absolutely gorgeous. I went on a Monday night (slow night for clubs) and the guest to dancer ratio was almost one-to-one. Incredibly hot girls, but not much variety. Almost all of them were tall and skinny with dyed blonde hair and fake boobs, but definitely beautiful. The $10 lap dances by the stage are a great value. The VIP room is now $60 for three dances though. The lap dances are all in bikinis, but the girls let you touch them pretty much wherever you want. Stage dancing is all nude and very hot. Cover charge was $10 with a mandatory $6 NA drink.

  9. Weedman420

    This place is a dump, it’s was like 30 minute wait before I saw a topless girl. The “dancers” seem like there on hard drugs.The stripper insulted my friend because he didn’t want a dance then he got escorted out because my friend said he didn’t find her attractive.The manager Thomas is about as professional as a Walmart greeter. Save yourself $$ and stay home or go to the Venetian

  10. mike
  11. Late

    Cover is $10, n/a drink is $6, included when you come in to pay. Girls were really nice, even pretty, no one really made me go AHHHHHHHHH! Music for dances seemed too short. Lap dances on the floor are $10, VIP rooms are $60 for 4 songs, but they are short songs; bout 1.5 to 2 mins. long. Atmosphere was nice, wasn’t too sleezy or dirty. This was a Saturday night and we had a good spot to sit in even though it was kinda crowded. Overall, I’d go there again!

  12. Noah

    i love it

  13. fritter17

    hahahaha omg this place is probably the best strip club I’ve been to in OC.Cute servers, 8 out of 10 girls are smokin hott. My personal favorite is vivanne, she’s fucken sexy, 2nd is Lela

  14. N/A


  15. ryan123

    All I can say is that this place is the shit!

  16. Meh

    Just got back from here. HOT ass girls, but not very friendly. over all it was an ok place.

  17. curtis17

    I used to like coming here when the prices were good but they raised the price on everything. You have to pay 5 bucks to get a bracelet in order to get a dance and the dances are no longer $15 each. Some of the girls try to rip you off and charge $30 bucks.3 weeks ago it was 2 dances for $30 and when it was a special it was 3 dances for $30.I asked my friend what happened and he explained is basic economics. Supply and demand, as the supply goes down the demand goes up, causing the prices to go up. So essentially, the supply of lap dances have gone down, because it’s almost impossible to get a dance anywhere, thus causing the inflation prices for dances. G wiz!! This whole economics thing is rough!It’s not a horrible club, but it’s definitely not worth the prices they’re charging, I would rather go elsewhere, that’s why I gave it 2 stars.RIP imperial, it was fun while it lasted.

  18. RonNeedlemyer
  19. dan
  20. adamrod

    Haha naw I ain’t ashamed! So I admit- I’ve been here a *coughs* few times in my lifetime being the normal heterosexual male that I am- and how can I not being that it’s in very close proximity to my abode? I could probably call this place my second home- haha NOT (-_-). Anyhoop they’ve totally remodeled the place since I’ve last been and it is really classy inside now. Very Spearmint Rhino-ish with an upscale feel to it- dark red interior and plush seating throughout. They’ve upgraded their sound system and lighting and also added a second stage and a couple of TV’s in case you get bored looking at the girls lol.The VIP room has also been upgraded (so I’ve heard) and they’ve also added these new private “suite” rooms- I haven’t seen them but I can only guess the kinda stuff going on in there.Here’s the low down: it’s $16 duckets for admission and includes one free drink. I usually tip the door person (esp if it’s a chick =)) and of course the girl at bar so that’s $20 right there. Dances are $10. VIP dances (so I’ve heard) are 4 for $40. On “Super Tuesdays” on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month its 3 for $30 for VIP. And the infamous “suite” is $180. That’s right, $180-dolla-make-you-holla- and it probably will! On any given night there’s usually a good number of girls working, regardless if it’s during the weekdays or weekends. So chances are you’ll probably find one you’ll like. They’re all very polite and won’t give an attitude if you don’t want a dance. That’s always the hardest part is trying to figure out a nice way to say no. I usually always say “I just got here” even though I’ve been there for hours lol. Just remember you gotta pay to play, so bring dem dolla bills yo- rack rack city b*tch! (*_*)

  21. billtheguy12

    Maybe I went on the wrong day, but there were only two girls working around 6pm…wish the guy at the door, Rashon, would’ve mentioned that to me. Although I will say he was a very nice guy. I had a long week and a little extra cash to blow, so I was still looking to have a little fun. Probably made mistake by staying with only two girls. I never saw the other one, but my dancer…Tory…was a train wreck. Drugged up and it showed in her movements and speech. She told me dances single song lap dances were 15 dollars…wrong…10…there are signs everywhere. Like I mentioned earlier, had a little extra cash and was looking to have some fun regardless. She started the dance towards the end of a second chorus to some c-lo green song….so maybe a minute and a half for 15 dollars…really? Opted to try out the VIP room with her and I will say it didn’t go too much better. I caught her counting money and going through her purse as she was dancing on my lap during the first song. The rest of the time it was a two move show with nothing interesting about it. I’m not a cheap skate and was polite enough to tip her and obviously thanked her…but girls who seem drugged up personally do nothing for me. I know its a club and things like that happen…but it was a little much for me. I probably picked the wrong day to go, the club itself is very nice on the inside and all the staff was very friendly. I give two stars for the staff and design of the club. Sadly I won’t be coming back because of Tory.

  22. Victoria A.

    I came here twice and both times got lap dances from Chanel. She is my absolute favorite and the only one I will get lap dances from. She’s also very pleasant, easy going and just fun! I totally recommend coming to Imperial showgirls! Ps it’s hard to find any female stripper to dance all sexual and fun to another female..finding Chanel was a dream come true lol 😉

  23. kyle

    Madison is absolutely hot

  24. Rene A.

    OMG!!! This place is AWESOME!!!I showed up and the the girls were up on stage. whipping the ass of some birthday boy. there i saw her “Hunter” a black puerto rican girl. by far my fave dancer of all time. first it was 3 for 20 and then VIP 50 bucks 5 dances. Hey boys this girl is a NICE girl. if you know what i mean.

  25. I L.

    My stripper was amazing, the hottest girl there. I’m going back again for sure. My stripper made this place and experience worthwhile. The best birthday present to myself yet !!!

  26. marc

    it was my first time visiting the club it was a little crowded but the girls did their best to make sure all were having a good time.I especially enjoyed nadias show and she was killer in the vip very sweet with a bangin body highly recomended.She represented the club well and I’ll probably be back to see her very soon.

  27. Gman

    Actually the best club I’ve been to in SoCal. I went during the day and I was surprised to see so many dancers there! I can only imagine how baning’ the nights are at this place. They offered two-for-one lap dance that was nice, and the VIP room was ok. For a weekday around 3pm they had very nice lookers.

  28. Imperial Showgirls

    The girls are usually all hot or good looking. The DJ is always playing great music. One of my favorite strip clubs in Anaheim.

  29. Nolan B.

    I would like to mention i had an awesome time @imperial showgirls in anaheim,The general manager /area director.aimee is very friendly ,respectufull, and definitely polite when i first arrived at this place. Is was a unforgettable experience. I would like to go down the list . Manager Brian,Disc jockey mario, The door lady emily .should fabulous service. The girls are absoluty beautiful.Mellany,mary jane,sativa & sabrina are hotties indeed and how they perform in the tip my opinion the best gentlemens club in the orange county .best Nolan

  30. rachel j.

    This club is very clean and has a nice atmosphere. There are two stages, a VIP Room and several VIP Suites. The floor dances are $10 each, the VIP Room goes for 5-for-$50 and the Suites are $180 for a full 30 minutes in a very pretty little lounge. The dancers are pretty, the bouncers are polite and the DJ takes requests!

  31. S D.

    I went in last night. I spoke to one gal and had a good conversation. When it came to getting a lap dance, the person told me she only does Vip’s instead of $10 lap dances. Then there was a dance special I believe for $20. I turned it down because I believe in quality not quantity. For $20, I can get a quality lap dance some where else.

  32. Hunter Lover

    Wife and I went a couple of time while in S Cal on vacation. The women range from too skinny to quite pretty. First visit was good enough to make us come back. But, the second visit was great! We did the VIP with Hunter and she was VERY nice to both of us (wife had a great time)! Looking forward to our next trip to S Cal!

  33. Entertained

    I used to go very often. The last time I went was a few months back now, but things weren’t too much different from the first time I went to the last time I went. Girls come and go and quality is relatively good. Their attitudes vary dramatically from girl to girl. The best part I feel is their VIP room and the value of it. It is $40 for 4 dances and $10 per dance thereafter in a comfortable, dark VIP room with nice couches that have big section dividers. You can see another dancer doing her thing if she is across from you, but it’s not bad. The bouncers do their patrol, but it depends on the bouncer on what is allowed and what’s not. I’ve seen some bouncers tell a guy to not touch at all (even though touching is generally accepted), I’ve seen a bouncer tell a girl to watch out where she puts her hands, and I’ve seen many bouncers (or the same one, don’t know) turn away while things happen that are borderline illegal. Mileage totally depends on the girl. I’ve had girls that have nearly agreed to meet me after closing to continue (though I never have…not something I want to do), I’ve gotten phone numbers, I’ve had my finger placed in various places, and, then again, I’ve sat down with my hands at my side for 4 dances straight. Overall, if you are unsure of how the VIP dance will be, try the table dance for $10 first or a 2 for 1 blackout special first before you commit $40 so you can maybe get a feel for where things are headed and what her style is.

  34. ohh noo

    club sucks, girls are ugly no body, just got cheap dances

  35. XhXeXy

    If your looking for a nice clean club look not further, that baddest chicks around awesome price $10 couch dances $150 VIP! Can’t get no better then that!!!

  36. Harrison69

    Worst strip club me & my bf have been too.. Thought it was going to be better.. Cane in with money left with money.. Girls are rude & aren’t friendly.. Don’t waste your time, i almost fell asleep..

  37. Abi U.

    I had so much fun here!!!I, along with the other bridesmaids and bride, came here on Friday night in hopes of teaching the bride some new tricks she could incorporate into her married life lol. This was my very first time at a strip club and I’m happy to say it was better than I expected. The parking lot for this place is big and well lit. I loved security here. All the guys were really great in helping us have a good time. They were very polite and made good conversation. By good conversation I mean that they weren’t all perverted and gross, they talked about themselves and random things… you know like normal topics you would hear at a coffee shop. Checking in I was surprised to learn that they don’t allow women to bring their purses inside. They don’t allow cameras or cell phones either which is understandable. Imperial has two levels to it. The first floor is a shop where you can get something naughty to wear or use… that’s a plus for sure :). The ladies and bar are located on the second level. There’s one stage, seats around the perimeter of the stage, then sofa type cushions around the whole perimeter of the room. We sat on the cushions around the room and watched the girls dance. The bride was dressed up with her Minnie mouse ears/wedding veil and got a LOT of attention! We were able to get some lapdances from the ladies (we only paid $10!! I think that’s a really good price!!) and we learned a lot of new tricks! Haha. I was really impressed with how personable the strippers were. I know that sounds cheesy especially coming from a woman but REALLY! A lot of them sat down with us and talk to us about what they do, why they do it, etc. They asked us about our plans for the weekend, details on the wedding, and we even asked them about where they shop to get their gear! I thought they would be really stuck up since we weren’t paying them big money to do anything dirty to us but like I said earlier I was really really surprised. Take a shot before you come here since they don’t serve any real alcohol. They don’t allow you to be intoxicated for obvious reasons but if you have a little buzz going I’m sure you’d enjoy it more, I know I did!

  38. Han Solo

    Fun Club, Expect Dancers 6’s-8’s. They are nude only on stage NOT in the VIP. At $10 a Dance or the VIP 5 for $50, it is still a good deal. Light NON-Sexual touching was ok

  39. Mistercap12

    The girls are sexy and great dancers at Imperial, but it gets DAMN expensive very fast, especially for lap dances. So, bring that money and prepare to spend it. Don’t bring any money inside the club that you are not prepared to give to the lovely ladies because they will vacuum out of your wallet with their womanly wiles! HA! HA! Happy Perving! 😉

  40. Karen G.

    Okay so this place is pretty cool. $10 (I think) entrance fee with a required drink purchase, but it’s reasonable. They only have energy drinks, soda, and beer. They have a huge variety of women. I saw every race and body type imaginable. The reason why I think this place is amazing is because of the birthday special they do. If I remember correctly it was about $70, which comes cheap if you split it between your party. During the middle of the night, the dj tells the birthday boy and all the dancers to get on stage. They all give him lap dances one at a time, and when they’re done, they make him take off his pants, get on all fours, and whip him with leather belts. They whipped him pretty hard too, it sounded like it hurt. Still, I almost died laughing, especially when he tried to resist cause the dancers whipped him even harder when he did. He probably had bruises after they were done with him. Bring your friends here for their birthday!

  41. sd12

    Best club in the OC Area. Used to go here often & i loved it. The Girls are really nice and friendly. The Best are Ally, Victoria, Audrey & Piper

  42. igor34

    My husband and I like to spice things up once in awhile so we decided to check this place out. Girls are okay but the red lighting was kinda cheesy…still got the job done since my husband didn’t need Viagra that night…

  43. Kendra M.

    Several guys walked out looking pretty depressed while I stood in the entrance trying to peek inside the defunct “Ye Olde Sex Shoppe.” Clearly vindication: I was rightfully disappointed that the women employed here were not actual showgirls (nary a 40-pound feather headdress in sight) and certainly not imperial, unless the Sith Lord was backstage somewhere.The door guy was nice though.

  44. Katie C.

    This place is great I had a great time the girls are hot and the music is hot good times ya boobies and plus it’s all nude

  45. winston12

    Horrible strip club. The girls look unapproviable. The girls are skin and bones and all tatted up. Regret going. Waste of my money.

  46. rickywho2

    All the girls are super nice, but the older skinny lady (she looks older up close) with a lot of plastic surgery is super rude. I turned her down for a lap dance and she got all offended. She did the same thing with other customers. Unusual for a place like this because I think they’re pretty well managed. All in all, I really like this place.

  47. Audra R.

    Honestly better than fully nude Ive been to in Vegas. Less creepy and expensive than most strip clubs. Reasonably priced and overall decently entertaining. Being there as a group of guys and girls wasnt uncomfortable at all. The quality of the girls is hit or miss, but actually pretty good for OC. The chicks were cool too, I got lost on the way to the bathroom and ended up in their locker room, and they werent rude or fake, but super sweet. Wait, arent most strippers bi or gay, umm yeah, dont know why that didnt occur to me as to why they were so nice until now, lol.

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