1301 U.S. 250, New London, OH 44851


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Expressions

  1. lee
  2. Tony

    what the one person said is right. for its location its not bad. girls are really friendly


    some real bogus reviews below this one. obviously written by someone connected to this dump!

    here’s the truth..

    a total ripoff, 10 dollar cover juice bar with no contact topless dances by ugly redneck strippers that cost $25.00 each! if you are stupid and so desperate for a peek that you are willing to pay that then this is your place.

    if you have any brains at all go somewhere else. that is the truth!

  4. dave aka. hawk

    the head dancer DD needs to learn how to dance. this club is a joke. i wouldn’t waste my time going in here at all.

  5. Jason

    thought this place was a barn when i first drove by

  6. BeenAround

    Out it B.F.E., extremely small, looks like a barn from outside, average girls, no real dancing talent, almost dead inside on both the weekends I was there. Alright for a hole in the wall but I wont be back.

  7. Dustin

    this place is awsome! girls are beautiful and definately know what they are doing. there is no contact from the customers but that shows that they are NOT whores! they are all very nice. expecially the new girl Shya. you should get a dance from her. would definately go back!

  8. bower
  9. tim
  10. Woodrow Hayes

    Bah. Women in Michigan are much prettier.

  11. Frito
  12. Bruce
  13. marty

    I love it here and I love to go out.

  14. Mike

    I seemed to have misplaced some money. Believe I have been short-changed by one of the waitresess. or, maybe I was just too damn drunk to tell the difference.

  15. 2cool
  16. Daryl
  17. x
  18. Adam
  19. Larry

    I had a great time!

  20. ManOfSteele

    Never knew about this place, ’til someone told me about it. In

    the middle od nowhere, but it’s worth it! The girls are

    great… Attractive, laid back & happy to be there. Hell, even

    the owner dances! Really cool atmosphere, dances are cheap,

    and they serve alcohol! Would recommend this place to anyone!

  21. Jim
  22. craids
  23. simfan
  24. Mike C

    Great club if you want to go to something nearby.

  25. dan
  26. will
  27. ziggy
  28. Ripper

    Well, the place is alot more fun now that they got a liquor

    license! Alcohol was definitely missing from the equation.

    They also give 1/2 off if you’re a designated driver. Tried

    to get my D.D. in for free, and they told me he got 1/2 off

    anyways, so that was cool! As far as the ladies go, they’re

    sexy & fun for the most part. F*$k the haters, it was great!

  29. judge a
  30. SexyTrip

    Some sweet nice girls and a fun time but it is slower and a little too laid back. Was the first place I went to that seemed to have shy girls working only.

  31. Ty
  32. Garg
  33. autogate21

    me and my husband love the club we go every weekend

  34. RIPOFF

    This bar is a ripoff! The dancers are fat and they stink!

  35. Sandy
  36. someone who goes there

    this is the best club i have been to. if you happen to go there you gotta meet there best dancer her name is shya and she is the best dancer that i have ever seen i have even bought vip dance off her and she is the greatest dancer. all dancer should be like her and the girls there are professional not whores like all the other club best way to go to spend your money but make sure you see there best dancer shya she is AMAZING i will be back for sure

  37. aj
  38. David
  39. Gary
  40. Nathan

    Bunch of wore out dancers who’ve been around to many times

  41. JOE


  42. armyguy

    not a bad club for its location. of course theres better out there but for the buck its a good time.

  43. slinky

    It was small but nice & clean. I have to hand it to the girls, they were

    polite, entertaining,& friendly. When I went to the club it was crazy

    busy & there were a few drunk a**holes. The girls were cordial. And

    not pressuring to make money. They make you want to give them

    money because they are sweet & guenuine. Bigger clubs the girls

    could care less about the customer,but here its small,personal,&

    you want to go back…again….& again…

  44. cooley
  45. Jackson

    DO I even need to make a comment? What a joke

  46. TED


  47. Steve

    lots of fun here

  48. Taylor

    Hi, this is Taylor from Our review of your club rated very low. Your entertainment has no entertainment value…very robotic and systematic. There’s a reason for your poor customer turnout and it’s not economic.

  49. dollarsz
  50. Pissed off

    lmao, “had them all” grow up! do you honestly think any dancer would like you getting off when they are dancing for you? sounds like your the one who is gay, if you have to go to a strip club to get off you must be an old ass VIRGIN who cant get laid anywhere anyways

    just ask any dancer, they dont want your nasty ass cum all over them!

  51. Corleone Magnanamous

    I got air borne AIDS…and the clap on my face.

  52. VioletJunkie

    I’ve been coming here for a long time, and have spent enough money to know for a fact that there is no dick sucking goin’ on here. Especially for as cheap as Hawk said it was! Violet and DD are two of the classiest chicks I know, and would NEVER whore themselves out like that. Lord knows if they did, I’d be broke by now!! Love ya girls

  53. northcoast

    I have a good time there everytime i go. $10 cover, beer is $4.00 per bottle.

    Dancers: Have seen 5 of them. Maybe thats all they have?

    Violet is AWESOME she has very nice breasts.

    Zoey is a great dancer, she has a nice booty

    Ava is tall and long.. small tits, but she makes up for it in moves!!

    Skyler is a HOTTIE. nice body great dancer

    Roxy is the new kid on the block..she has a very very nice body and shes learning the trade.

    the girls are nice, its a cozy place. but it is out in the middle of nowhere and not hard to get to.

  54. funkmaster
  55. greg
  56. Viola
  57. had them all

    this is just like the tiffin club, i hear it’s the same owner, is Dustin a fag, i want to be touch and get off by a PAID dancer. guys, if you want quality, STAY away from this shithole. just the location says it all Fitchville, might as well call it Hicksville, this place sucks

  58. Charlie

    Violet nice big tits and a nice plump ass, but a hustler and will rip you off. Monique the owner of the club good dancer, fine body and sexy tats. Diamond a sexy older blond that looks good with a sexy pouch…

  59. hawk

    what a fucking joke, $3.00 for a fucking can of pop, but all the girls here are a bunch of whores, for $20.00 violet and DD both will blow you, Have had alot better though, just ask DD to take out her teeth, much better

  60. LAYLA

    I don’t know what is being said about me at the club all I know is that those bitches are haters. I take it back, I do know what is being said about me, supposably I let some random guy come in and lick my pussy, the only thing that happened was yes I did do something I was not supposed to, and that was stand up on the couch turn around and have my ass in his face. That does not mean I was letting some guy eat my shit. Also I was told that I was fired for doing drugs thats a lie. If that was the truth I would have been fired a long time ago. Just because I was making a lot of money there does not mean I was doing sexual favors. Look at the girls who work there and then you tell me what you think. but thats okay let them have their money cuz Im getting mine. One last thing Dave you can stop running your mouth about me, grow up and get a life

  61. Dave
  62. chris
  63. justin

    it is an alright little club for the area very friendly people no touching is kind of lame but that is their rules (probably regulated by the state) i think their was 6 girls working went with a bachelor party when we entered there was only like 7 or 8 other people so ratio was good it is in the middle of B.F.E (was expecting to see amish women (joking)) sound could have been better speakers kind of sucked maybe placement but most likely older beer was $4 kind of steep (but on par with most strip clubs) girls never asked to be bought a drink (which is good cause when you do they never drink it they take it as a tip) liquor selection sucked mostly you convenient store selection average lighting chairs were comfy nicely laid out with plenty of room to set by the stage girls are very social they are nice easy to talk with vip dances are a little steep 25 for one song or 35 for 2 (about on par with most clubs) but again for 25-35 bucks i should be able to slap an ass if she is ok with it (i was told touching could only be done if her top was on and couldn’t touch tits or ass so joy i can rub her elbow yay) but over all a good time not a good place for a regular location but definatally not bad to go here and there i gave it a high 4 rating mostly due to the fact of cost (it is on par with most strip clubs as prices go but for the price you can go to brookpark road or to the flats and spend the same amount) and the selection is larger touching is aloud at most of those clubs.

    as far as women being sluts here had about 12 people there in our group not one of us were propositioned about sex so i would venture to say it is not a cat house

  64. big daddy
  65. Hank

    Super club

  66. Lance

    this place is fantastic!

  67. tom

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