Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s



111 5th Street, Ames, IA 50010


42.026136, -93.611094




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s

  1. Jarvis
  2. Haven't been Back Since

    This club needs a shot of Alex, Keri, Rachael, Shy, Summer, and a few others that actually cared.

  3. cedarlooman

    For a bikini bar, I had a lot of fun. The dancers gave a great tease, and the privates were as good as ones I have had at normal gentleman’s clubs!

  4. Paul

    Shitty club, shitty girls.

  5. CJ

    Worst bar ever

  6. Steve

    Maybe some new remodeling and new talent or just girls that will act hppy to be there would be nice. That place has looked the same for the past four years.

  7. Kevin

    I had a great time last night, the girls were friendly and the service was better then the other two bars I was at earlier in the night.

  8. Joe

    Stopped in last night and had a great time! Hot girls and a very outgoing friendly bartender. Hadnt been to the club in awhile but definitely an improvement from last time. Will go back soon

  9. Brent

    Was in this weekend for a buddys bachelor party. Awesome time! The place was packed, most of the girls were a blast, and the red headed bartender was very friendly and good looking. We will definitely be back.

  10. James

    Had a great time on Friday night, 7 or 8 cute friendly girls working. Private dances were better than at actual strip clubs. Will be back next weekend

  11. N/A

    Better clubs in Des Moines.

  12. Jason
  13. Danny

    The club is really good if you go in on certain days, when cartain girls are working. There are some real good dancers there. To name a few Kari, Monica, Rachel,Heavenly, and a few more try it. Totally worth it.

  14. blah

    it sux

  15. customer

    Good club but the best looking girls are usually behind the bar. That red-haired bartender in pretty hot and so is the bigger blonde one.

  16. Kayla

    There is a good mix of girls here, with all types and colors. DC has a decent selection of music, and if your female stop in and see the bartender Tank he is hilarious and pretty damn sexy!

  17. Joel

    Rachel gives better dances then I have ever got in Des Monies

  18. Drake

    The girls were very unattractive, not very friendly, constantly complaining about other girls/management, and in general not very good quality dancers or people. What happened? When I was in three weeks ago it was great? Where have all the good girls gone?

  19. Josh

    Great club, always nice to see some of my favorites and a few new faces as well

  20. to-che

    This club is actually very good! Yes they lost some dancers but, they are costantly bringing in new ones so the ones that have left will soon be forgotten! Will definetly be in again and be a “regular” as before! Keep up the good work D.C.


  21. jack

    I will never come back worst club ever. Crappy girls!!!!

  22. Brian
  23. mike

    As long as Summer, Carrie, and Raven work there this place should do well

  24. wild bill

    pretty good time on saturday night. I know I spent my fair share on the hotties! be back soon! love ya girls! Bill

  25. jess

    good club

  26. Whitey

    Man I stop in all the time. Wow has the place changed in the last few months good to see the trashy girls gone. I’d rather see 4 good girls than go to DM and see 20 where 18 of them are whores. Keep up the good work D.C. See you guys again soon.

  27. keme
  28. Bob

    Wow this club is the shit! These girls are smokin hot, and sexy as hell! Definently check this place out!

  29. out of towner
  30. Terry

    Rachel is so awesome.

  31. tyler
  32. DC Fan

    Stopped into this club last week and had a great time. Overall the club has a great atmosphere.

  33. billtheguy12

    It’s a bikini bar – not a strip club or topless bar. Look outside of Ames for something like that. It’s similar to a strip club only the girls keep the equivalent of a bikini on. There’s also a 1 drink minimum.There’s a pool table and a little game kiosk. The drinks are pretty cheap and definitely strong. A friend of mine got smashed from one Bud Light and one Long Island Iced Tea.There’s an area to receive private dances for $20 a song but there’s not a door, there’s an archway so if you try any crazy or funny business everyone could easily run in and see or hear it. It didn’t look like private dancing, more so like dry humping. I heard around town that the girls weren’t much to look at and the ones on the Facebook page indeed are incredibly average. But I guess there’s a new lineup as the night I went and brought my friends there were pretty high end girls performing pole acrobatics and well worth handing over your money to. Flat stomachs, pretty hair, pretty nails, cute faces, the whole thing. And those girls were working hard for that money. The more money you put down the faster and longer they shake it. You get a brief little lap dance for tipping whatever girl is currently on stage. Don’t be cheap – tip $5 or more. You get to touch anything on top of clothes except the crotch.These are down home Midwestern girls so there weren’t any with breast implants or scars. Again, go outside of Ames for anything that isn’t homegrown and pure and clean. The girl next door in a bar making her booty clap – that’s Dangerous Curves.

  34. brett

    Thanks for the private dances last night monica

  35. bubba

    Poor excuse for a club

  36. ames guy

    i had the worst time ever here the girls are trashy. I literally had to through a girl off of me to get out of the vip room cause she wouldn’t let me get up then tried charging me for more dances. Then the same girl wanted me to pay her $200 to sleep with her. And the restrooms sucked. by far the worst place i have ever been to. Can’t wait for it to get shut down.

  37. G
  38. bitros

    Considering the city ordinance that prohibits topless dancing in Ames, this club is quite enjoyable. For patrons who are looking for more class than skin, this is an excellent choice. The girls I’ve encountered here are able to carry on a conversation instead of being pure eye-candy.

  39. new to town
  40. Ana

    good place

  41. regular
  42. Doug

    Good time last night with the girls but the club itself could really use some fixing up. Bathrooms are horrible, private room couches are broken and torn, seats are uncomfortable, and overall it just looks like a dingy sketchy place to work. I love the girls but management needs to put money back into the business

  43. Kevin 7

    Stopped in thier downtown club on saturday night for the first time in months, must have been 8 or 9 girls working only 2 of them I recognized from earlier visits. Wow kudos to D.C. and the bald guy (I think his name is Hank)that replaced Allen for the fine looking ladies working now! Definently will be back soon!

  44. larry

    a few rare okay looking girls, but mostly dogs. you can tell their drugged out or high and they’re attitudes suck. Not that much fun overall. waste of money for private dances. management freaks out over nothing and it may as well be no touch. Shit I can go to a bar, college party, or beach and see more skin and get more action. and its’ free there.

  45. trust me
  46. DSM Fan

    The atmosphere of the club has improved vastly under the new management. I encourage everyone to check out the new girls adn say hi to your favorites that are still there. Very entertaining.

  47. Miller

    Had a really good time in their campus town club on Saturday night. Raven is awesome!

  48. CT

    The girls in this club are all either old, ugly, or both.

    Don’t bother. The only redeeming quality here is the decent

    price on beer ($4/pint in a real glass).

  49. Tim

    Had a great time last night! Started off slowly, but Summer got things going when she brought all the other dancers on stage for one of her songs to liven it up! Girl on girl was great and everyone (dancers and Patrons) seemed to have a much better time from that point on! Way to go!

  50. Bainter Jay

    good club, hot girls, decent drinks and funny ass bartender!

  51. Andy

    Good quality of girls, a lot of the same type though.

  52. duh

    Contrary to the last review this club isn’t bad. I’m there 4-5 nights a week and is a good club for what Ames laws allow. If there ever is a problem with a girl or service talk to management and they are always willing to fix a problem to better the club or the money making potential of the girls. To Ames man maybe you should atleast give a name to the girl but then again, the warm “summer” is almost a has been so I doubt you were even in the club!

  53. john

    Campus Club was BUMPING!

  54. fuck it
  55. Tipsy

    The place is trashy,dirty and dark. to top it off the girl i talked to was rude.

  56. Me
  57. About Jersey

    And that is probably why she doesn’t work there anymore…

  58. DJ

    I saw a couple pretty girls in last night but only two could do anything on the pole/stage. I spoke shortly with every single girl there and the only one with a good personality was Keri. All the other girls seemed angry os skanky. Keri you should go somewhere where your talents are appriciated

  59. ben

    Had a GREAT time tonight, really busy and really great girls, loved hanging with natalie, will definately be back this weekend to see her!

  60. Never again
  61. King

    Had a great time there, bartender knows his shit, was deffently an enjoyable experience!

  62. jd

    best time ever tuesday night! Dancers were sweet girls bartender was a lot of fun and quick with the drinks! could use a better variety of music but otherwise a great place!!!

  63. i think not

    stopped last night and the the girl that sat next to me was more concerned about whether or not I’d buy her a shot of yukon than dancing. The bartender had cut her off and she was quite bitchy about it. The other girls seemed nice but were tied up with customers all ready. Maybe will stop in again

  64. Matt

    New girls this weekend and the remodel job is a big improvement. No cover and free pool is cool to.

  65. HP
  66. DC

    DC has started remodeling and have gotten rid of some of the girls with the bad attitudes so come and check it out in the next couple weeks.

  67. Kyle D.

    I don’t know what club you were in “bob” but I’ve been in there a couple times in the past few months and the girls are anything but HOTT! They’re large, can’t dance, not very pretty faces with a few exceptions, and don’t have personalities to save their life. Either you’re blind and too horny to care or you’re someone that works there trying to get more people in. It’s always empty in there.

  68. wow

    you guys must be really drunk this club sucks

  69. dannyvital

    boy did they have some Dangerous Curves! it may be a bikini bar , but it was well worth it ! i went with my brother and we had a great time! good job girls

  70. martini man

    Who is working tonight? Going to be in the area again till thurs! Is Keri, Alex, and Roxy still there? Is Tank still bartending? Need a Ritz martini and one of his bloody mary’s!

  71. A DSM Fan

    I enjoy an occasional drive to Ames. The women at DC exhibit intelligence, sophistication and the ability to hold a conversation not found in some of the metro clubs.

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