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1180 Main Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113


41.497661, -81.708313




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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156 reviews for “Christie’s Cabaret

  1. Once upon a time at Christie's ...

    This place is nothing like it was from 2000 to 2010 ! This place is now low class entertainment at high prices ….go to Vegas if u want to enjoy a good gentleman’s club

  2. Jorge

    Best club in town – don’t waste your time anywwhere else.

  3. Isabella

    I worked at this place for a little while. All the girls blow coke and smoke weed in the dressing room like its their job. You got pregnant bitches and fat asses working here plus every girl is sucking cock for ten bucks. This place has a bunch of ugly ass females who look like fucking transvestites. The only good people there are the bartenders and waitresses.

  4. Miller

    Better than most clubs in town.

  5. Bob

    Was afraid of catching something.

  6. fritter17

    I’ve always wanted to come here and the first thing I noticed when we pulled in was how the building changes colors every couple of seconds which I thought was pretty cool.You gotta pay $5 to park in the parking lot, and the cover charge is 8 bucks per person which at first I was definitely taken aback by but I accepted it because its a well known fancy strip club.The place is pretty large and has two floors and the vibe inside is excellent once you can get past how dark it is when you’re not close to the stage, the place even has an elevator.The prices for everything is also fairy expensive, to the drinks at the bar, to getting a simple table lap dance, a private dance, and a VIP room which again can’t be helped with it being a well known club. But what really attracted me and my friends were the champagne room which is over $100 to set up, but the rooms themselves feels like expensive hotel rooms and we decided next time we come and we all have cash that we would purchase a champagne room for our next visit.The girls themselves were fairly pretty and a lot of them were built. I heard that the dancers all danced naked which personally is not really my thing but to my surprise during my time there while they were dancing on stage the most nudity they showed was them removing their bras but keeping their bottoms on which was a relief for me.I couldn’t stay long but judging my experience from the time I had, it was pretty fun and I’m looking forward to going back and spending more time there.

  7. Harold

    Looks are decieving. Not nearly as nice as it looks May have 50+ girls a nite but only 7 are worth a dollar, seriously.

  8. Poekf Nik

    It seems like they blocked the IP of that fucking cock who posted all that BS about the clubs. Anyway, I am in the VIP room and I come in this dancer’s mouth and she snowballs me!!! I hate when that happens.

  9. maurice
  10. Rice Salad

    skanks and hos all ’round!!!!!

  11. All smiles

    Loved this strip club everything about it was top notch

  12. al

    nice place….but the girls are half rate, and the prices were way to high

  13. Andrew

    I swear some of those girls had some type of std…I was afraid of catching it. Most of the girls were really rude and pushy. No class at all.

  14. da man

    Best club in Cleveland

  15. aneal
  16. nicole
  17. kelg
  18. big pimpin

    the hos are cheep and the booze are not

  19. Candi
  20. Tomas

    Don’t bother won’t be back. Over prices too many unattractive girls begging for money.

  21. Johnnyboy123

    I went to Christie’s with two friends last night and have never in my life experienced such a deceptive and predatory environment. They lie, cheat, and steal every penny from your wallet. I have a feeling that this is what their staff is instructed to do.I bought three shots of Jack and the waitress tells me I owe her $25 (yikes!) So I gave her two twenties and she disappeared with it, never to be seen again. Nobody ever gave me change for it. That’s the same thing the doorman did when I handed him a twenty. Twenty dollar cover charge? Are you kidding me? My buddy bought two bottles of water and was told it would be $12. His bank called him this morning about a suspicious charge. They charged him $200 for two bottles of water! Criminal! And at one point, a dancer just randomly tried to hit him up for five bucks. She hadn’t danced for him or chatted with him or anything, just went up to him and requested a five dollar “tip” for nothing. Weird.The service in this place is beyond deplorable. They only bothered to serve us twice and then just ran off with my cash and ran up my friend’s credit card. They are crooks. I’ve been to plenty of strip joints and never experienced a fleecing like this. Take your wallet somewhere else!

  22. Lovely

    Nice club , very entertaining & enjoyable , if your not an asshole

  23. Jim

    Club is beautiful, service is great. The dancer known as Sunshine is amazing. Will be back!

  24. ronny
  25. Joe

    Hot girls – best in town

  26. Cleveland Kid

    Seemed like the manager(some old f_cker) was getting more action than the customers. NICE

  27. jimmy

    had a great time there the girls treated me like a long lost friend i guess the previous guy was talking about the empty diamond club

  28. nick
  29. Traveler

    One of the best clubs in the country. I’ve been to more than most in my

    travels and without a doubt you would be hard pressed to find a place

    that’s nicer or with more girls running wild through this massive club.

  30. fuckery12

    I have to admit, for a strip club it isn’t bad. Granted this is the only strip club I’ve ever been too. A friend and I were curious one day and upon mentioning it to her boyfriend, he of course immediately offered to pay our covers. I’ll have to say, at no point did I feel dirty or creeped out. The strippers there were actually pretty nice and talked to us for awhile giving us some “tips”. And I have to say, it takes to some talent to get all the way up that pole. If a strip club can make this “average” girl not feel creeped out, then I say they’re doing pretty well.

  31. same old crusties

    Never had it never will. Pathetic attempt to be a good club. Just close the doors and go on. Drinks too expensive. Girls really not that attractive and they beg. I’ll stay away from now on.

  32. Out of Towner

    Great place, girls looked good, Drinks water down and to expensive.

  33. Daryl Mackenzie Calhoun

    Overpriced waste of time!!!!!!

  34. Cleveland

    Best club in town by far – don’t waste your money anywhere else.

  35. Devon

    The place is really nice inside. Some beautiful girls, but some are totally trash, all tatttooed, horrible bleached fried hair, bad make-up, some big boned gal trying to promote some bad hip hop single. Drama.

    Hey, but it definitely beats Gigi’s on Brookpark.

  36. tst


  37. Mr. Impressed

    Wow, Wish we had a club like this back home. Girls were awesome !!

  38. Richard

    The inside and outside looks nice. That said, the quality of the dancers and staff are not what they used to be. Some of the girls look nice, and the waitstaff deliver the drinks, but there is a pushiness to all of the feeling that you get from entry to exit. In years past, you felt more welcome, and everything were more easygoing. Now, you get hounded. Alot. And it feels too much like the now-defunct Circus in the flats, which also went under from it’s seemingly impersonal feel. This club has potential. With a new management style and a fresh set of girls, it could be a contender.

  39. wow

    what a ghetto whorehouse building is beutiful though

  40. scott
  41. DJ

    This club was closed by the city for multiple prostitution and drug violations.

  42. Robbie
  43. Hey Loser

    It’s really funny to see a little boy having nothing better to do and post bs on every club in town with his bs stories.. every club has his little story-it shows you got nothing. LOL get a real life dude..pathetic… really… at least I am laughing at you. Thanks!

  44. baby jane
  45. expensive

    overpriced but a sure thing for that BJ in VIP. Get right girl tho Hepititis is common at Christies

  46. moe
  47. kenston12

    Very classy club.Reasonable prices, beautiful women, excellent food, a very professional security staff and friendly, accessible management. We had an amazing time (and probably spent way more than we should, but it was worth it).We’ll be back soon!

  48. cjk
  49. Ben

    this club has some girls that are just to die for!!! satisfied customer talking ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. tim

    this place rocks!!! will be back soon

  51. Henry

    Has anyone seen Vice here lately? A buddy told me most dancers will yank your crank for a benjamin upstairs and they also do outcalls!!!

  52. Extras Available

    Read my name, ‘nuf said.

  53. Madison

    This club rocks!!!! My favorite dancers are Mons and Veneris. Can’t wait to return!!!

  54. mel

    the girls were awesome had fun for the first time there love ya dashia

  55. Brad

    6 foot law, hah!

    Had a very good time. I have no experience with the other Cleveland clubs but I would certainly return to Christie’s in future. Thanks for a good time Jade.

  56. laura

    it’s awsome

  57. Steve

    This place has lost all it’s class. Too bad used to be a nice joint.

  58. sam

    good time,best in the city

  59. Mr. Blonde

    Overpriced trap. May have over 50 girls a nite but 40 look like they live on the street. Eww!

  60. Matt Barton

    I was at the other club all I heard was “I’m not making any money”. I came here and had a great time with old friends.

  61. Jerry

    Best time a man can have in Cleveland (ask for Mandi or Missy). HOT girls with nary a fat chick in sight! Anyone who posts otherwise is probably some loser who didn’t bring any money. If you’re broke, stay home and look at your old lady.

  62. pete

    The Bobbi from 3/10 are the same lady who danced at the Den back in the 90’s?

  63. Charles

    Christie’s is not closed you moron! Only place left worth going. Best place in Cleveland!

  64. larry1

    Saturday night. After the wedding party afterparty. The brother of the bride drags a few of us to this place, the single glitziest strip club I’ve been to outside of Las Vegas. I can’t say I’m a strip club kind of guy, but I’m certainly not immune to the charms of spectacularly beautiful women making out right in front of me, either. Also, you haven’t really lived until you watch a petite Asian girl climb to the ceiling on a 25-foot pole using mainly her legs. That alone was worth the $8 cover charge. If you’re a man or a woman, expect to be asked for dances A LOT. I mean, every five minutes some girl stopped, shook my hand, and asked me if I wanted to go to the back room. Not having an extra few hundred dollars, I declined. I actually got asked so much I contemplated yelling “I’M GAY” at every girl I saw, but that might have ruined the mood.

  65. New law

    New law will not be going into effect..we have enough signatures to snub it out. Now it goes to Ohio Ballot in November for all Ohio to vote against the bill. Business as usual!!

  66. Cavs Fan

    Best club in town – free with cavs ticket.

  67. frank

    What a place- loved the girls !

  68. Brandii

    Wear a condom if you go to the VIP room and bring cash!!!!! (As long as the dancer doesn’t think you are Vice!!!!)

  69. brian

    Bad service, nice mix of girls-some hot some not, mixed drinks for the most part are out of gun-do not waste money on big tips it will not get you a stronger drink, good club all in all

  70. rachel

    best club in town!!

  71. Customer

    Best club in Cleveland by far. All the hot girls are here from Diamonds – Sarah and Ning are bartending now too.

  72. Jim Slade

    Nice building, ugly bitches!

  73. very satisfied

    had an amazing time. the girls are very friendly and i will keep coming back to this place when i am in cleveland.

  74. Shill

    This club rocks!!!!! Beautiful, friendly girls!!!

  75. "REAPER"

    Quite frankly the BEST club experience I have ever had. A++++++ in my book this place ROCKS!!

  76. Tony

    Always a good time here. Wish I could make

    it to the club more often.

  77. Johnny

    I am calling BS on the guy catching genital warts and Hep C at this club. He is either a liar or a competitor. Sure, I have caught crabs and chlamydia here but never something I couldn’t get rid of!!!!!

  78. Mike Jackson

    I think management needs to start worry about his employees smelling like weed and talking about how fucked up they get on the way to work, on the way home from work, and then trying to sell it to customers. There’s a server that stinks of weed all the time. It’s quite unattractive.

  79. red

    only the best baby

  80. Chris

    Terrible time this weekend! Too many low class dancers spread among the 5 quality ones. They may have 100 girls but maybe 7 are woth anything. And they beg I hate that.

  81. rob

    this place is all hype. rude girls. bad service. i’d rather go down to st. claire at the gold horse. less girls but better quality and a whole lot nicer. they will actually spend time and talk to you. much better atmosphere at the gold horse!!!!!!

  82. disappointed
  83. malibu

    we are the best and the finest in adult entertainment in the state of ohio

  84. todd

    fun fun fun

  85. ChrisC

    POOR!! Brunswicks club is much better!! Girls are rude i dont even want to talk to them.

  86. JohnT

    Beatiful club, but it’s on the big side. It lacks some intimacy. The lighting is more suited for a dance club than a gentleman’s club, for example–the dancers are dimly lit with too many shadows. The dance areas along the wall are away from the lights but are still too much in the open for a club like this. When you pay a cover to patonize an uypscale establishment like this you would expect then to give you some some main floor escape from the traffic for your private dances instead of sismply a chair or counch against the wall. If yu don’t like that your only alternative is to pay big money to go upstairs to VIP rooms with expensive drink obligations. Otherwise, the girls are usually good looking and the place is definitely upscale, suitable for a high class night out or business entertaining. People who say the women here are not good looking are being too fussy. But they could benefit from some age variety, maybe a few older 20 something or early 30 somethng girls would round things out nicely. I simply don’t want to go to a club and flirt with a girl who is barely legal. Althought some like that!

  87. Dantheman

    This place has gone downhill – no matter how much is spent on renovations, it is a shame that it will never be what it used to be. Ugly, pushy girls, some who smell like rotten fish, and a very rude staff, not to mention the high-priced drinks. Dancers beg for money, and order drinks from your table without asking first. What a ripoff!

  88. richard95

    Stopped in last nite and was greeted with a friendly smile from the door girl then proceeded in the club where I was again greeted very friendly and professionally by the floor hosts. The club itself was very big and beautiful and they had hot dancers all over the club.. plenty to choose from! Stayed for a few drinks which I received friendly prompt service and the dj was playing some really good music which was refreshing.. I got 3 dances from a sexy dancer then had to call it quits to catch an early flight out… I would highly suggest stopping in for a great nite out

  89. barbie
  90. Yeah right

    No girl followed you in the bathroom. There is a bathroom host in there and no girl would even want to follow you there. In your dreams…

  91. andy

    cost to much money and the girls are not hot and they beg…..BIG TURN OFF!

  92. Mikey

    We haven’t stopped talking about this place. Was over the top fun. Run to this place as fast as you can-

  93. No $$$ For You

    This place is a rip off. Its like a circus, they have 3 girls on stage at one time.. too much to focus on and the tables r too crowded I felt clostophobic. I do not like it and I think its sad when a club on Brookpark has better ratings. To Christies Mngmt: get your head out your ass cause your not exactly prestige

  94. John

    Disappointed to say the least.

  95. Resident of Cleveland

    If you honestly think a whore house can beat the Vice, you couldn’t be more dead wrong! As for you men who think paying for sex acts and then go home to your wife and children should be ashamed of yourselves! That is nasty! Ever thought of reading the law about Adult Entertainment? Diamonds must know it because they certainly follow it! The person who said that the whores went to Christie’s, was correct. Diamond’s dont need to get busted!

  96. Pleasantly Surprised

    Was a little afraid of what to expect since the new law passed but it was still worth the trip. The quality of girls overall is good, some very good ones some not so great ones but a good variety. It was nice to see both augmented and natural breasts, too!

  97. Backford Jimison

    So I am in the VIP room right (upstairs)…and the dancer says an extra $200 for a BJ and I am like okay…and five weeks later I am diagnosed with genital warts and Hep C!!! Be careful!!!!!

  98. Nystrom

    A dancer followed me into the men’s room last night and gave me a blumpkin for $150. It was off da chain.

  99. gill
  100. winston12

    I actually enjoyed my self, it was very very mellow, The dances are hot they were very friendly, The manger was so nice and showed us around and explained to us what everything was they played very good music it was very diverse no drama just a relaxing place I seriously Did love it i had a blast…..That place is in fact off the chain if you never been there check it out..There is plenty of space its very big….The entrance fee wasnt to bad…..It was a good time a good time to hang out with friends and watch sexy ass strippers of all ages. races and all that jazz check it out MERP

  101. bill

    had a great time will be back

  102. Visitor

    Best and only club to go to in Cleveland. Now that Hustler closed there are no other clubs worthwhile in town.

  103. FYI OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  104. otis
  105. Kevin

    I saw a guy get robbed outside of the club when i went to check this place out the other night. Don’t think i will ever go near this place again.

  106. abe
  107. happy

    awesome awesome awesome

  108. eddyL

    I want to Thank Christie’s for THE Wonderful VIP treatment. We HAD A WONDERFUL Time AND MEMORABLE BACHELORETTE Party. The Staff was excellent. The venue was beautiful.

  109. new customer

    Friend brought us in and all I can say is I’ve never been in such a beautiful club with so many hot dancers before.

  110. Billdo

    unbelievable strip club. Best place I’ve ever been in and Vegas should take note.

  111. Stumpy

    The fifth best club in Cleveland for overall entertainment but the third best for outcall.

  112. First time.

    This place is the BEST that I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

  113. harryharry
  114. very busy

    sure are alot of diamonds girls over here i guess their whores too. you hired them first but i guess they were bored with all the empty chairs.

  115. Unhappy

    May have 40 or so girls a night butonly 5 are worth a look. The rest are hookers that need a building to work in.

  116. Nice

    Nice try Mary aka Joy

  117. macdaddy

    best club in the area

  118. Harry

    Went in this place with a few friends last weekend. Subpar experience… the girls are like jackals hovering every second. We spend a good amount of dough, but you can’t even enjoy a drink without some broad asking to dance. When you tell them you need a minute, they run off and give you a dirty look. A few 10s but there were several older broads who looked well past their prime, one blonde looked 40+, not the type to be working in this line of work. Won’t rush to go back since there are better options out there.

  119. Pegleg

    Do the managers at Christie’s read these reviews…? Why can’t they get their shit under control there?? I’m a dancer at a different club in town (a NICE one) but I come and check this page for the LOLs. This club is the laughing stock of Cleveland.

  120. Franklyn

    Stripper tj stole $ from my friends wallet. When we told fat bouncer he laughed. This just after our friend saw him walk out to car with her. Nothing but scams running here! Beware! This place used to be good, now it’s just just another dirt hole.

  121. Roger Dodger

    Is everyone an effing shill on this board????? The BJs are overpriced at this club DMC is cheaper and the girls are *less* diseased.

  122. chicago

    best looking club i have seen in a while. the bald dj stunk but everything elase great.

  123. daver

    This place is awesome !!

  124. bobby

    Great club good looking dancers but its not about the hott girls find the nastiest saggy ass in the place and you can get anyhting you want for 20 bucks thanks VIOLET all you have to do is listen to her whine for about 20 minutes hurry and see this girl befor she gets arrested for prostitution

  125. Clevelander

    Obvious is full of it. First of all, Diamonds is not for sale. Second, this club will be busted shortly and where will Christies staff go? Enjoy it while you can, this will not last long!

  126. Mike

    Girls are pretty hot here. Club is one of the nicer places I’ve ever been to.

  127. Billie

    Best club in town – don’t waste your time anywhere else.


    Too many less than average girls spreading the disease. The few hot ones they have only come to work for thier regulars and don’t care about the clientel. Overpriced everything! Nice looking place tho.

  129. Mike

    Geno, which girls offered you extra services and how much?

  130. Brian Wilson jr.

    went here last thrusday with my friend and we had a good time!!! i can’t wait to go back ๐Ÿ™‚ nuff said!!

  131. Dude

    God, I already miss Savanna…

  132. Derrik

    Finest ladies in town – check out Jade, Alexa, MacKenzie, Shy, – don’t waste your time anywhere else.

  133. Robert

    This place is incredible. Show me a nicer club anywhere. Cleveland can at least say they have one of the most impressive clubs there is.

  134. obvious

    All the negative comments are by a couple of employees at Diamonds who have plenty of time since their place is not doing well.

    Walk in Christie’s and then walk in Diamonds and decide who has the nicest place and the hottest dancers.

    Here’s the funny part – Rumor has it that their club is up for sale. If sold, most if not all would be replaced by the new owners management.

    Thats the reality of this business. Their staff would be over here filling out applications within a few days trying to get a job. I’ll address their reply before they even post it after they read this.

    They will say they would never work here and my answer to that would be – Good. I’m sure there are plenty of high paying security guard and table wiping positions available in the Cleveland and surrounding areas.

    Enjoy yourself here at Christie’s, definitely a good time in a great place.

  135. freddy

    unbelievable place

  136. DG

    That’s funng DJ since I was there last night (1/30/09) and had a great time.

  137. stan
  138. stripclub fan

    What happened to this club? Im away for 3 years and they go from nude to barely topless with pasties over the girls nipples? Revisited on saturday night and the place was busy but the quality of the dancers was pathetic. They used to turn away or fire girls that had a few extra pounds, it seems anyone who wants to get on the stage is hired. Who would pay a chubby girl 20 bucks for a dance?

  139. rick

    damn theres so many fine girls at this club

  140. very happy

    great place.

  141. How Are Sunday's ...

    at the club … I want to go later today, but want to make sure it is worth my time and drive?

  142. adamrod

    I agree with others that this is about as classy of a club as you find outside of a very big city. And I’ve been to Vegas clubs that aren’t as nice as Christies.I’ve been here 4 or 5 times, most recently this past spring. I’m very picky when it comes to dances, and even I got a dance here, from this girl with an absolutely perfect body. When the girls are on stage some are kind of boring, some are great. The giant staircase is awesome, I’m a big fan of that feature.Occasionally I’ve had a crappy waitress here who takes forever and forgets things, but other than that I can’t complain. I’ve never been upstairs but I have heard that this is pretty much an “anything goes” club. The more money you drop, the more you’ll get.

  143. Johnny Fortune

    That “blumpkin” story is pure BS—don’t feed the trolls! I have got outcall service from two of the dancers at the club on separate occasions, however. Kinda pricy though—$600.

  144. Greg


  145. Timothy

    Several strip clubs have closed: Hustler, Motion, Stage 2, Cleveland PM, and there are rumors of DMC closing. It just shows that there is little interest in these overpriced clip joints.

  146. Juan

    I gave this dancer a “Dirty Sanchez” in the restroom while her friend watched. The shot of it was was that she wanted to kiss afterwards—sheesh, I see hos so I don’t have to kiss. Anyhoo she only charged me $400.

  147. Geno

    For such a big club with what appears to be a huge budget, this place is a flop. I’ve worked in strip clubs for over 8 years now and never have I dealt with such a collection of bitches and assholes. The staff are rude, the dancers are pushy, and the place seems like more of a glorified dance club than a strip club. Oh and I find it real disturbing that I was approached by 3 different dancers offering ‘extra services’ in VIP. And I hear management doesn’t even care? I guess you’ll care when Vice comes around, unless you have them paid off too.

  148. Mark610

    Great place to go and have a good time. All the women there are HOTTTTTTTTTT. There was this one WOW wish I could remember you name. I will be back.( to pick here up again.)

  149. Henry Jefferson

    This club is closed just like Hustler Club and DMC.

  150. bob felcher

    Ask for Amber –$40 HJ and $60 BJ!!!!!

  151. STUNNED

    Im up here from tampa visiting family, I came across sum unexpected expences which made me have to get a job here for a lil bit to cover.. Now im not here to brag just giving you a visual.. im 5’10 blue eyes brown hair.. tall thin in shape.. 34D-24-32.. I work at one of thee best strip clubs in tampa.. 2001 odyssey.. I like to travel around for work alot “and I make a very good living at it”. My problem is.. The staff there has by far thee worst attitudes twords females I have ever seen in any club. I said hello to “some man who I was told to go with”, to have him look away and not say a word. as he walked away I heard him grunt stay here. then another man came up to me and I told him I was there to audition and he again with no plesentless in his deminor tell me hold on again.. “now im standing in thee entrance for a good 5min…so I jus finally walked into thee club “I had a friend come there with me just to check it out” The man came up rudely to tell me they wernt taking auditions that late..”monday at 9:00pm??????” I would think that a club of that caliber could manage to conduct themselves with better attitudes, and with respect.. I know that id be in the top few look wise and for them to treat me like that was a complete shock… but fortuntly for me I got to sorda ‘quit while ahead’ because Id never want to work at a place with staff that walks around with “Im better than you attitude”.. Maybe thats why from what I seen they had such a poor quality of girls working

  152. good times

    i’ve never been to a club with SO MANY beautiful girls. i’ll definitely be back.

  153. AssnTits5

    I like strippersSorry, just had to counter Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. STD's


  155. Bobbi

    Luv this club—I am not a dancer here or nothing—I am just someone who had a good time here. BTW, about 30% of the dancers hook.

  156. larry

    good place hot girls

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