Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale



1350 SW 2nd St, Pompano Beach, FL 33069


26.228675, -80.1418383




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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46 reviews for “Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale

  1. Jenn LWrence

    Went looking for the new Jennifer “Jenn” Lawrence to see if she returned post MDMA drug arrest.

    Heard she has a whole new face and look and looks mighty fine for someone in late 40’s. Maybe help her out with a few bucks and finance advice.

  2. Chachi

    Any dancers in dayshift with huge tits?

  3. Ed-Indiana

    My wife and I had a great time – she wanted to go back the next night.

  4. Pmontoya

    Best club ever. Went with my friends(guys and girls) to party and it was awesome. The girls were so hot, drinks are good. There’s a restaurant inside the club, food was great. It’s a show business, feels like in Vegas! Def recommend it 🙂

  5. Gary

    Ling, is the best! Nicole is as nice a girl as you will ever meet! Don’t

    miss this club if you are in the area.


    michaels what happen to u Margie takes u for $75,000.00 and u marry nigger allthey do is steal lazy live off fed programs ruin area lowest form humanity why do laws exist protect sorry excuses of humanity. u aND CAPRIO TURNED INTO NIGGER LOVERS. U TRY HIDE BEHIND JOHN JR CAUSE SICILEAN ARE A DISGRACE INSULT TO ITALIANS ALL OVER WORLD. ROMAN EMPIRE KKK FOR LIFE

  7. VIP

    when you go see Kyle, Great host you wont get ripped off and a class act, will be back again and again tent 2 Rocks

  8. John

    Had a great time! Will definitely be back!

  9. timmykilla

    My review is strictly about one dancer in particular. She goes by the stage name of Szemi. She is a horrible, detached, cold, fake (body and boobs), not a good GF experience. She’s like a machine. No feelings. She takes your money real fast, she’s hungry for it. I founds some pics on a different website. You’ll get an idea what she looks like exactly. I went there with a few friends and said that even on them she used her hand a lot, and kept it there “for more”. Here she is:…

  10. heff

    mostly 30 something girls

  11. hot smokin chicks

    if u really want to have fun and have a beautiful girl this is the place to go. the club in general is nice and bartenders are friendly.

  12. Ian Doherty

    Great club the girls are super hot, even the bar tenders are smokin’ there are 2 clubs beside each other so u have great choice, the best strip bar in Florida.

  13. Ron

    I was there the other night i met the most beautiful girl and sweet Angel is smoking hot and beautiful ao i hope to see u soon my sweet angel.

  14. JFA

    I could’nt be more disappointed in this NEW reincarnation of a former great club.I went after the super bowl. Cost $70 for two to get in and get a table (self parking $10) At times there was only one girl dancing and none circulating around. Most girls past their prime. Go , no , Run to Soild Gold across the paking Lot . Now that place is fun!! kind of like the old Pure Platinum ,only better .

  15. joel

    this club has the prettiest girls out of any clubs in the area i found- with the best bodies too!! they don’t hire any fat chicks or butter faces… atmosphere is more upscale and classy than most places too. definately going back here next time i’m in town on business.

  16. harryharry

    For a strip club, so far, the best in Florida that I went to..I don’t go that often to strip clubs, but been to a few 4 or 5, and this is the less Vulgar,A ok crowd, pretty girls, they’re no pushy all over you, wich I like because I’m always there with the hubby, and not thinking about sharing him with any of them :)Food is decent, but better for drinks and some fun. Just went back a couple of days ago… (May,07,2012) and they change the chef, the food is REALLY GOOD right now at least! Worthed to try!! Little Neck clams in white wine sauce is so good! Baked portobelo mushroom is also delicious!

  17. mike

    Very disappointed. Took my gf there Saturday and although it was a very quiet nite not one single dancer approached us. They were too busy with their friends and their regulars. We didn’t go there for the massage or the drinks however they were the only ones who bothered to “work” the crowd.

  18. blake

    great club!

  19. Martin

    This is the best club in florida!!!

  20. mathewater12

    Who’s the brunette who works at the front???? All my guy friends and I went to Solid Gold & she was so rude to our party. Omg!!! I’ll never go back. I’ve heard the same thing from my friends who frequent SG until I saw it for myself. Seriously.. This is your front desk service???????!! The dancers were great but I can’t get over the fact that she was that rude.

  21. Michael

    This club is one of the few classy clubs left in Florida, if you are a broke kid; please don’t take up the place —- GO TO TOOTSIES!! Been there a few times and always had a great time, except on one night were the underage college kids were just in abundance. Other than that, good drinks, fair prices, gorgeous girls.

  22. LCM

    Been going to clubs for 40 years. Solid Gold is the best one yet. Was there on a Sunday night. Learned a long time ago to go Sunday through Wednesday for better attention. “Delores” from Paris was incredible. Would like to meet her other 4 friends from Paris. Will be back ASAP.

  23. yanard12

    If you’re into being tested for your actual ID and bottom of the line strippers, come here. You’ll have lot of fun…. ha..2 stars. And I’m being lenient

  24. fritter17

    Driving by an accident closed the road and we found our way in tSolid Gold’s parking lot. My wife and I went in….T&A at its finest!!! Great first night find in Lauderdale. They expertly get totally naked and shocker, you can drink while watching. Awesome! Texas has a lot to learn from this place.

  25. larry1

    I just read on email news letter that there was a wine tasting 3/14/11 at this strip club’s ” 4 star restaurant” The Palm Grille? I’ve been here, not since my divorce, singleness doesn’t lend itself to the need for strip clubs, but I digress and never ever noticed this place served food (except to the staff, the dancers got staff meals). So all I can say is “really? really?”I can say though when I’d been here last about 3 years or so ago it was a decent place to see some naked girls..

  26. JAFII

    Nice set up…formerly Baha Beach Club, before that Crockos

    Beautiful, Qualtiy Women, we were lucky enough to get two very freindly girls that hung with us for hours without bleeding us dry. Great back massages from the circulating massage girl.

    Quote of the night from Mary Jane, ” Fried cheese and Pizza Sauce…it just doesn’t get any better than that”.

    Spent about 65 bucks an hour including dancing and beer.

  27. Jim

    Its a nice club. But the dancers are just ok looking, and just one or two real knockouts!

  28. Mr. New York

    Havent been here in awhile, the new staff is great, hot girls and the steak I had was the best, I’ll be back for the boat show

  29. maxxy1

    The girls make it fun! They are attractive and have good attitudes. The dances are like ten a piece…you can’t go wrong! The drinks are not insane either. Many fun times here!

  30. Mr. R

    Amazing Club!!!

  31. Mark

    Hot girls!

  32. gb

    Ashley Marie is the best!!!

  33. Robert

    My friends and I had the BEST time!

  34. Long Island

    lots to see and do

    fun night

  35. $10 Grand !

    Great club with some really sexy girls. Tina danced for me and got me falling down drunk. (my fault) She just kept pressing me to have “one more drink”. I had a terrific time with here all night. Two days later found out she had me charge over $10 grand on my AEX card ! Great time but not that great !

  36. Matt
  37. Jordan

    Super Hot girls!!!

  38. SexyandIknowit

    Classy and upscale. This is where us, the real gentleman goes to hangout. Had specials on drinks, food was very good. Had a brunette who made me company. I can say haven’t had that much fun since my bachelors party. Best strip in SFL.

  39. Malachi

    I always visit this club while in town in Fort Lauderdale. The

    girls are amazing!! You get exactly what you’re looking for.

  40. Nick J.

    Ok, so my update on this joint….I went in the day time (again) out of sheer boredom..this time was vastly different from the first time. I got drunk off my ass (thank you hot bartender), met a sexy latina who had great assets, and had some food! I won’t give away my entire time, but I will say..they have great customer service. I was drunk, but the food was great..I had the pita chicken sandwich. I left a phat tip for the bartender, so she did the right thing..thanks ma!

  41. Mr. Thomas

    Great club!!!!!

  42. Naomi

    Naomi is the best.

  43. JC

    Stopped by on Friday with a bachelor party, had a great time!

  44. New York

    What a great club. The staff was friendly and the general manager went overboard to make sure my friends and I had fun.

  45. Richard Hernandez

    This club is the greatest

  46. Time2Bash

    Great club – spent 13 hondge on the private room last night – a bit expensive, but the ladies were nothing short of spectacular! Happy 30th to my buddy !!!

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