Club Wax



4375 Commerce Drive Southwest ## E, Atlanta, GA 30336


33.763379, -84.532309




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Wax

  1. Lu R.

    Ok the parking lot had me thinking it was packed inside, but it was just a small parking area that charge 20 bucks to park in there lot and $10 to park down the street.. i paid the $20, i need my car near the door lol .. it was 20 dollars 2 enter, at 1st site I thought turn around get ur money back from the door man and find another spot to chill at.. but all in all I had a great time.. sometimes you gotta make the best of the hand your dealt. The drinks was good, they have a drink called FUCK THE BARTENDER…. and boy oh boy its a must you try it if you ever go. The dancers was so so but they did have a few that was on point. the building could use a renovation, the service was great and the dancers I had was good. I think I’ve found a nice spot 2 chill at and waste a little time. I would give them 5 stars but the 1st bartender took 30 minutes to bring my drink…

  2. 730

    Club cool….not the best chicks in atlanta, but decent service and good dances…..

  3. Junkmail

    Excellent variety of girls! But they vary. Usually always find one I like. Only 1 time I went didn’t have anyone worth spending lots of time with. Always friendly though! Got some numbers now though so either make sure someone is there that I want to spend time with, or hookup outside of club.

    Although it’s really smoky, it’s the only bar I go to now – always fun girls!

  4. Darryl

    Sucks.Girls are nasty and ugly.

  5. Scott

    Million dollar remodel, new owners, new management….Look out Atlanta!!!!!

  6. AssnTits5

    Smh. People grade strip clubs unfairly. They go out, enjoy themselves, throw money, act a fool and then rate the club a 1 or 2 star(s). If your have fun and/or acted an ass, a 4 is the least you can give. So I went on Saturday 10/12/13. The club is on Fulton Ind close to I-20. Anyone familiar with the a KNOWS it’s an area populated with…anatomical.sales associates. There was booty off all sizes (no bbws though) and complexions so there was variety. More booty was walking around giving dances than on the stage. We got there around 10:30 which scored us a table. It’s very dive-bar-ish so alot of smoke. There were attractive women with pretty good pole skills. but seemingly alot of broke guys. We kept 2-4 strippers around the table most of the night. Drinks were on par with basically ever other club. Overall we enjoyed it alot…got numbers LOL, tricked off, and got lit. Not bad for a Saturday

  7. Deejaye

    Went there Sat the 2nd. 4 stages, could have used more dancers. Too many lights swirling around the crowd, didn’t drop the lights til late. It’s Ok for a $5 lap dance and a good V.I.P. DJ talked too much.

  8. Hamilton

    My Fav Spot women know what u r there for. I come at them that way and have never had a problem.

  9. chip stroker
  10. bubba/crimson

    i think there needs to be more friendly dancers/wait staff.the atomsphere is really poor with all the drug passing and etc going on there they need to inprove a great deal to get better pepole to come in

  11. guess

    simply nasty, ugly, prostitution, thieves

  12. DexterRexter

    It’s okay for what it is. It’s a booty club located on the west side. You can actually see the massive building if you’re ever driving on Fulton Industrial Blvd. Out of all of the strip clubs in Atlanta, this is the only club that I know of that DOES NOT allow them to strip or dance naked on the floor. So, in essence, it is really a bikini club.There are three parking lots. You can park directly in front of the club for $20, the side parking lot for $10, or in the rear parking lot for $5. There is no way in hell that I will park behind a club in this shitty ass neighborhood. Just park in the $10 or $20 lots…trust me, it is for your own good. I believe that the cover charge is $10 but they do give you a free drink ticket that’s redeemable at the bar. The ladies overall are attractive. This is a hood club and all of the dancers were black or mixed with black in them. Some of them are slim and sexy while the others were thick and plump. Quite a few of them even have fake asses. I never really understood why a woman should surgically enhance her ass. Then when you touch it that shit just feels too stiff and unnatural. Ladies, be thankful for your small natural asses. Not everybody likes a big ‘ol ass. I’m not picky…I like a nice small booty from time to time.The club has four stages and at any given time there could be as many as ten girls on stage at a time. Pole work here is minimal. Instead the girls would just rather twerk in various positions. If you tip them well enough they will shift their tops and bottoms and give you a small display of that nice kitty kat. Table dances are $5 and can be quite hands on depending on the dancer. Unlike other clubs, the girls will keep their bikinis on during the table dances. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it is worth spending five bucks on.Honestly, I would rather go to a nude strip club but I suppose this place will suffice in case the other clubs are really crowded. If you can overlook the bikini factor, then you can still have a good time here.

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