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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Baron’s Gentlemens Club

  1. hona

    yall know me! Well i went ther ethe other day and well i must say thins have gone down! the mgr of the place needs to shut his mouth and keep his opinions to himself! B/c frankly we dont care what he says! I love everyone else there and hope i can come work with you soon!

  2. been there

    i have been to this club plenty of times, in the begining it seemed like a decent club, lots of pretty young talented girls….i know us males go to strip clubs to enjoy our time with beautiful young ladies BUT its kind of hard to enjoy yourself when the staff is shit! the dj needs to go to rehab and get a life, shes always in a shitty mood and treats the girls like shit, ive seen her be two faced to many customers behind their back and just dont understand that if her life is so bad there then why doesnt she get a different job? didnt think it was that hard to figure out. as for the HUGE man behind the bar he should learn how to talk with the customers and get drinks when we ask for them and not nod his head and sit on his fat ass all night. this club would probably have alot better turn out if it got remodeled and got a new staff…..maybe a young hot staff? overall the girls are great if the dj and bartender stop running them out of there

  3. A visitor

    The selection of dancers at the Barons has improved, now if the would just do something with fixing the place up…

  4. Dan

    It is ok.

  5. Scout
  6. Pat
  7. occasional customer

    getting better with new owner. prettier girls and i hear they are remodelling. will be nice to play pool and have it look nicer. comfortable place to hang out and chat with pretty women.

  8. james

    lots of fun awsome girls and staff

  9. BEN

    Hot Dancers. Price of drinks are much better than the 4 mile. Dancers are just as hot as Chubbys north.

  10. bill

    awome club

  11. dancer
  12. *******

    Ha! Ha! This club really sucks.

  13. Jake

    This is the worst club I have been to! Get somw chick that didn’t drop out of High School.

  14. Carolyn

    I have been a costomer at this club for 2+ years, and it has seen a lot of changes. However, I think that the new owner will certainly be an asset.

  15. Whip Cream Zach

    Great place to party!

  16. guy
  17. Times Change


  18. Wondering

    The girls at this club are really good looking. The dj plays good music but dosen’t talk on the mic. to offten. What’s up with that?!!

  19. Mike

    The club has girls that you would see at Chubbys very beautiful. I had a great time last sat-night I loved the girl named sweets.

  20. Steve
  21. Former regular

    Has gone downhill the last 6 months or so. Has tons of potential, probably wont be realized though. Was a lot of fun awhile ago. Club had better, more attractive, and approachable dancers. Things arent going that way right now.

  22. moe

    dancers are above average,staff friedly. The building itself poor but rumors of a remodel.

  23. Southern
  24. rambo
  25. buck
  26. i agree

    To the person that logged on as been there. I agree about the dj and the huge man. There is only one good bar tender I believe his name is Kevin. He works hard to serve everybody in a timely manner I ve been there when it was packed and didnt wait long for a beer. When and if he gets a chance he will talk a bit feels like you don’t have his attention cause he is always looking around at the crowd and up and down the bar to see if anyone needs anything along time ago there was a couple pretty gals that bar tended with him they were ok when they werent drunk like the dj is most of the time. Lately they have had some good dancers there just wish they would mingle with the crowd istead of sitting in there oqn little groups other than that i have a good time.

  27. Brother Bear

    The girls are quite friendly,very attractive as well talented..I rate em 3 thumbs up..The DJ plays good music..She is quiet until she has had more to drink then she should while on the job,and if you piss her off..She will show you ten feet tall and bullet proof…Still I suggest everyone goes to Baron’s,You wont be sorry you did

  28. lily

    hi i am a dancer at this club and i would like to say that things are getting better at the club it has become more well rounded and sweets is back to let the person know who commented on wanting her back…are main girls rite now are alexis, lily, karma, carmen, jasmine, and sweets. we should also be seeing peaches and alijandra back soon along with others weekely. id like to see more customers out here to see for them selfs how things are going we have some really beautiful girls whom im sure would all loved to see anyone intrested in stoping out…im going to try and visit this site more often to keep those of you updated

  29. Where is she..?..

    I been reading the last few comment about the drama, how the girls don’t really talk to you, and how it is nothing like it use to be. I HAVE TO AGREE. I think if you guys would get CEDINA AND SWEETS back in there things would change. Cedina was a very funny, blunt, and Sexy girl that all the other girls would come to for whatever. Sweets was smart, calm, and Sexy she was the other one that helped out with the girls. If you were to get thoses two back in the working as much as they use to things would change.

  30. Michael

    Alright . . . I really like this club. It’s a little out of the way, but well worth the trip. I’ve visited a number of times from out of state. Everyone at the club is extremely friendly and they make you feel genuinely welcome. There is a mixture of talent, ranging from fair to excellent. The best dancer to watch for is Kitty. She is beautiful, has a fantastic stage show, and is incredibly easy to talk to. Check this place out. You will not regret it.

  31. Cara

    The people at Baron’s are really great to work with, and very professional. They know the business, and don’t play games. I like it here.

  32. David

    Excellent time here. Everyone is so welcoming. The girls are HOT!!

  33. Angel Eyes
  34. daunte
  35. dj sarah

    hey guys come checckus out we have lap dances and a vip room where you get a private dance we also do bachelor dances and birthday dances are girls are hot and very sweet. also if you are a dancer and want to check out our club we hold auditions just give me a call 608 272 3401 im there at come and have some fun we r open thursday thru saturday 5:00 till 2:00 on thursday and 5:00 till 2:30 friday and saturday cant wait to see or here from u

  36. karlee

    This club rocks come and visit Barons its a wonderful club very nice and cool people and workers..Its worth seeing for intertainment

  37. frequent customer

    I have just learned about this site last week so I thought I’d check it out. Some comments are true like the decore it is very dark and loud. With some very good looking dancers. First of all I’d like to see people get there facts straight. Jimmy you talked about Honey being at Barons well she does not dance there must be at The Outskirts. Try not drinking so much so you know were you are at. I do agree that the dancers should approach us customers and talk rather than wait for us to go to them. If I wanted to go up to a women I’d stay at home with my wife. I just want to go have a few drinks talk to a couple beautiful women then go home and have fun with my wife. I have seen my share of drama there but it is the same at everyother club too. Just don’t see it as often cause Barons is the place I go to cause it is close to home(lax).

    For the most part the staff is great good mixed drinks. Dj is ok if she is not drunk. For what it’s worth if they put some paint on the walls keep the girls they had the past couple weeks and tone down the volume so we don’t have to scream to have a convesation with the dancers. It would be the club to beat in the tristate area. As far as the drama last Sat.nite I was at a club in the wi. dells same drama bs.

  38. WTF

    This club is Very BLAH. The girls are Pretty BUT, They all seam the same when you talk to them. None of the girls listen to you just look at you like a deer in the headlights. GEEZE get some girls that have some life experience!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jeff

    MIKI’na trailer trash


    ALLANA”go home


    the dancers here are garbage and so is the club

  40. jim

    the dancers here need to grow some tits. they all are like a fucking a cup. cmon you go to a titty club to see titts and they need to know how to pole dance and not just sit at the bars looking for lap dances and free drinks. what happened to the real dancers with titts back in the day??? now its a bunch of drama teenagers out there. back in the day it was a ten out there. now a four. great staff though..

  41. BIGDOG

    I love this bar.

    had fun again last night.

  42. Kevin

    WOW>>>>>>>>> This club was alot better about 6 to 8 months ago, the girls were better more polite and had talent as dancers, none of these regular girls could make it outside of a townie strip club. Im sad to see it go this way could have been something good but they ran the real dancers out. I wont be back, to much squabbling and BS. TOOO BAD

  43. dj

    Jasmine is the biggest whore in the club. She will fuck anyone. Dj cool bartender need hott females…better looking bartenders at the Bangor bars than overall staff.

  44. Anoldexvirgin

    Have been going to this club for three months and it keeps going further and furthert downhill! Too bad! This area needs a nice club.

  45. Raven

    I absolutely love dancing here. The girls are absolutely stunning. Fun and flirty environment. Decorated beautifully on the inside. The owners are great about making improvements on the club.

  46. Matt
  47. A regular.

    This club has potential now under new ownership, but they must complete an interior makeover and spruce up the exterior too.

  48. jimmy

    this club sucked balls. and the girls are hores. i thought honey was hot until she offered to give me a bj for $15. i went across the street to outskirts after that. way better. so anyone who wants to get herpes from a 15 dollar whore go to barrons.

  49. Another complainer

    Absolutely terrible!!! I wouldn’t be bragging if I was the new mgmt…

  50. Rex

    Awsome place.

  51. Costumer

    The club was great untill JR took over. He fired alot of my favorit girls, even Harly one of the most sweetest. Whats wrong with you.

  52. Milwaukee Sugar Daddy

    Club is great from the Owner Mike to the bartender Kobi and the dancers are great you need to get the vip hook up from Mike and the whip cream special from kobi – Your Milwaukee Pals (Sugar Daddy,Pimp and Whip Cream Zach)

  53. Stop by

    This club has potential, sometimes has nice dancers, but must get renovation going, nothing has been done for a while and it shows….

  54. FirstTimer

    Very very uncomfortable atmosphere, it was like everyone had something bad to say about someone else. My first time at a club and I felt very unwelcomed. I also believe I heard the bartender call a beautiful girl a druggie and a whore, then she runs out crying…..Bartender just mad about being ugly? WOW, if you like tension and angry staff, go here.

  55. wow

    i have been to quite a few clubs. i use to like chubbys. but i think that i have a new fav. club. the women are really personable and very flirtatious. there were a few dancers that stood out to me while i was there i thought that they were pretty awsome women. they would talk to u as much as u want and didnt push u to spend money on the if u didnt feel the need. the main one was gia ( dont know if that is how u spell it) then there was peaches and dimaond! thanks for the good time! i think the club could do some work. but i think that mangement is working on it and it should turn out pretty nice when it is finished.

  56. Impressed

    Getting there…

  57. adam muehr

    This club sucks! even after renovation it still blows. I once saw this fat ass pregnant looking bitch up dancin i almost gave her a bill to put her clothes back on. The place is a drafty hole in the wall.

  58. New guy

    the last comment was probably by a dancer with a bad attitude…. get the girls to socialize a little more would be a start, not ignoring the customers like some of them do there…

  59. Frequent costomer

    Well I was at Barons again the past couple weekends had a good time would have been better if the music wasn’t so damn loud. Who does a person havet to talk too so the music isn’t so freakin loud. Really some volume is good but when you feel it thats to much. Great group of dancers. Happy birthday Sara. I was there Friday night you sure had fun it looked like. Wow was the club ever busy haven,t seen that mant people in the club in along time. No drama either other than most of the dancers have there boyfriends there but was able to chat with a couple dancers. The bartender was very busy I didn’t wait long if at all to get my drinks didn’t seem like anyone else waited either. See ya all next weekend.

  60. bj
  61. Steveo

    WOWZA!!! BAD!!!!!!!! What happened here? it used to be so different, it was comfortable and welcoming. Now its just a seedy bar that takes to long to get to. Someone needs to buy this place up before it makes a no-name for its self. I will go back to the mile before coming here again. Too bad.

  62. rachel

    I’ve met some of the most amazing people at Barons…

  63. A regular

    Always hear about future remodeling, but little has been done to improve the place. At least the girls have a little more freedom to perform in their own way here than say at the 4 mile for example.

  64. buddy

    I really like this club all the dancers are great.

  65. ron
  66. no name

    this club needs some work, but overall experience there usually is ok. Fix the floor and a decor some color other than black would be a great start,and go from there.There are some nice girls working there from time to time, but many of them seem to ignore the customers, and then complain about not making enough money, go figure.

  67. Tour

    Great place. It has improved over the years!

  68. Joe

    They have a very nice lap dance area, and play full length songs

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