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0 reviews for “Déjà Vu Adult Emporium

  1. Eileen L.

    My bf brought me here to come take a look . This is literally sex toy paradise haha !! They have all kinds of sex toys . They have fake boobs , fake asses , fake vaginas , didos , cock rings , nipple clamps , etc. They even had this machine where there’s a matress and there’s three different dicks and something for you to tie yourself to as the machine operates . Wow .. haha . They also have different lubricants , massage oil , etc. They have a big DVD collection as well as some lingerie . This store makes anything possible and I’m sure it makes a man’s imagination run wild hahah . If you’re looking for creative sex or just to try something new , this is the store to go to . Adult stores in SF can’t even compare to this one . But I didn’t buy any of those things here .. all I picked up was a really cute lighter and some fake lashes . They also have a movie theater and an arcade . Hmmm … I wonder what it’s like in there . Maybe I’ll check it out with my boyfriend next time .

  2. Christy M.

    Looks like typical weird sex store from the outside but inside it has a warm and friendly vibe. All the employees were nice, helpful and approachable. There was a nice book display in the front as well

  3. fritter17

    Justine was extremely helpful and super friendly. I will recommend this place to everyone. Do come over and give it a shot!!

  4. fisherdex1

    I went in just to browse for an hour but actually ended up at a demonstration table for vibrators. Your employee, Stephanie, helped educate me in the different styles and we also had a great conversation. She was very helpful and very, very nice. Give her the praise she deserves!! The only thing that really got to me was when I first walked in I was yelled at from across the place for my ID. I’m 26 years old, but I do look young… I also know it’s their policy to ID anyone that looks under 30. It’s just the employee that asked for it treated me like I was planning on stealing because I guess my purse looked like some giant back pack to her so she asked me if it was my purse, which it clearly was. This would have five stars if it wasn’t for that employee when I first walked in… wish I had got her name. I will next time if I see her though! I only remember she had dark brown hair and she was a little heavy. Not sure if she wore glasses… But, other then that I’m happy with the place and other employees.

  5. brandonresh

    I really like this place. They have some really nice lingerie pieces. I ended up getting 2 of them for an event that was in town. I will definitely come back to this place on my next visit to Las Vegas.

  6. fuckery12

    Christal was extremely helpful in my purchase. She spent a lot of time explaining and answering my concerns. She was very professional and I will definitely be back. The store itself is clean and well stocked.

  7. Sherwin N.

    When we walked in the store Kayla was really friendly and greeted us.. Amberlee took the time to answer all of our questions, she was very knowledgeable,friendly and very helpful..we will definitely come back to see amberlee..at check out carsun made sure we had everything we needed..all of the workers were very helpful and very friendly..very clean store.. Thank you..

  8. Emily D.

    Very nice place with good help. Wish they had a little more bondage gear though.

  9. Nicole V.

    Great store! Clean, well organized, prices are comparable to any other adult store. Staff is very nice, knowledgable and friendly. They have a great selection of dvd’s, toys, lingerie, etc., you can also find costumes, shoes, eyelashes and gear for going out and parties.In response to the ignorant comment made in regards to “fat people”, just like life there is something in the store for all different people, please be kind and keep your hate and ignorance to yourself.

  10. Laurie V.

    Hahaaaa this place is so fun =)Not what I expected from a sex shop. Not seedy, grimy, or questionable at all. Friends and I went on a Friday night to buy items for a bachelorette party and found so many FUNny stuff. First of all, they had someone on a mic promoting some “pajama party” and he was giving out lube. Sure, it was crappy lube but, pickers cant be choosers :p It gave it a club/party vibe cuz it was so loud and there were so many people in there. Made me wonder if “THIS was where the party’s at…”Second, there was more than porn, lube, whips, and chains there. There were portable stripper poles, funny saying tank tops, party decorations (with penises on them, mind you), lingerie, bikinis, etc, etc, etc. They even had perfumes there. I sprayed some Kim Kardashian parfume on my friends…Kimmy smells floral, if you didn’t know…..Third, the workers were all really friendly as opposed to the creepy creepers you think work there!Funny thing is my friends and I went to 3 of these “adult super stores” which were all within a 10 mile radius of each other…no wonder Vegas is SIN CITY!!!

  11. Weedman420

    Great service! Justine is awesome! Learned a lot and she answered every question I had. Loved that I wasn’t rushed out or pressured to buy anything.

  12. Susan B.

    Helpful staff. As a woman I felt safe and comfortable. Lots of products I hadn’t seen before. Decent prices

  13. Lisa H.

    yuck yuck and more yuck. Watch out for cleaner hes a pervert. Also 2 guys that hang in arcade.obviously they didn’t want me. But my man yes. Big fat African guy and latino guy kept looking in our booth. Complained to management about cleaner. They didn’t seem to care. One clerk guy with lots of tattoo and glasses very unprofessional snd seemed to want to protect cleaner when i told him the problem. Awful.

  14. winston12

    Quality sucks! Bought a necklace 2 days ago, and when I opened it, it was broken!!!! Wtf? And I call to see if I can get a new one and they say no because it has been a couple of days… I did not want my money back I just wanted a necklace that was not broken. Horrible customer service.

  15. Lisa Z.

    Came in to get some items. Rebecca was helpful and friendly. She is very knowledgable in all the products and merchandise. I definitely recommend this store for all your adult needs!

  16. Johnnyboy123

    The toy selection was pretty extensive here, and the lady at the demonstration counter (not THAT kind of demo – get your mind out of the gutter) was friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. The lingerie selection was so-so. I didn’t even look at the video or theater sections, so no comment. I thought this place would be huge, given the name and description, but it’s not. Those kind of toys just don’t take much space.

  17. Kellie A.

    OMG I GO HERE A LOT.I think I’ve only gone with my hubby, but have recommended it to several people.I’ve bought tons of things from here, and the variety is awesome.I leave it to this place to show me to latest in innovative adult playthings, be it lube, toys, or uh, other. : jSomehow,my co-workers have made me the sex-toys-n-things guru/go-to,which is fine.This place has never let me down. Always have what I need,when I need it. They are open late. The staff is incredibly friendly (and don’t be alarmed, but they are interactive!!!) They have given me several hands on demos,giggity. No really, I’ve gotten to hold things and try them out to an extent.Don’t miss this place; it has a great amount of videos, toys for men and women, clothes and shoes, gag gifts, informative and how to books, and my personal fav’s=leather and BDSM accessories.Go there.

  18. sonia

    Hate it

  19. ryan123

    Not a bad adult store. Clean and female friendly. It’s rather mainstream, if you are looking for something fringe you better look elsewhere. But the staff is friendly and will probably have a good suggestion for you.

  20. Sophie B.

    I came in to browse and ended up leaving with some fun new toys. There’s a great selection and they have products for anything you have in mind. Carsun helped me pinpoint the products that were right for me. I’ll definitely go back next time I’m looking for something exciting.

  21. Tashanna J.

    They literally have EVERY & ANY THING you could imagine in here. A crazy assortment of toys, DVDs, shoes, clothing, different lubes, books and omg I could go on and on. The staff here was extremely nice and courteous. They answered all me and my friends questions, even opening toys to show how loud they were. And there was never one of those awkward moments where one of the employees yell across the room saying what you’re looking for lol, very discreet. If I’m in Vegas again I’d definitely think about stopping by again.

  22. DexterRexter

    Staff was super friendly and knowledgable! Assisted, directed, and explained when questions were asked. Clean and well organized with a plethora of items!

  23. Sarah S.

    I’ve been to this store a bunch of times and every experience was always good. The staff is always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable about their products, and they’re real. They’ll tell you their honest opinions and what they prefer and what customers choose. Today I went in and a lady named Colleen helped me. She was by far the most helpful, sweetest, funniest, most informative, and professional associate I’ve been helped by in a while (and that goes for other businesses I’ve been to recently, as well). I was very pleased with the help I got from her and I was very happy with the products she helped me find. Colleen just made my day with her kind hearted, welcoming, and helpful personality and I was very happy to have gotten helped by such a wonderful person. Like I said though, it is always pleasant coming in here and everyone has always been wonderful—just felt like Colleen went above and beyond.

  24. Julia B.

    It was my first time visiting Deja Vu, but certainly won’t be my last. Upon entering, we were greeted and asked if we were looking for anything specific. We were pointed in the direction of dance wear and there were so many styles to choose from. EDC stuff, lingerie, shinny, sparkly, leg fluffies, one piece, two piece…And shoes! Lots of cute shoes, though maybe a tad on the pricey side, but again, they have it all: togo, pole boots, pole shoes, and any height you need. They also have all the details you might need like fake eyelashes. Prices are very decent and I could easily find all I was looking for. The staff, particularly Carsun, was so nice and helpful and made the shopping experience really enjoyable.

  25. Vanessa C.

    Went here for a bachelorette party and it was amazing. Lived in Vegas for 10 years and this shop has the most variety fun staff and endless toys !

  26. maxxy1

    I love this store. They are super helpful, always open when you need them, and they definitely cater to the seasons in Vegas. If you need a slutty Santa costume around Christmas time they will for sure have plenty in stock. Most likely in every color. Same goes for costumes for Halloween and EDC. They have every style fishnets imaginable. Corsets in every color. Their prices are very reasonable and they give a discount to people who work in the industry!

  27. kenston12

    By far the best adult store in Vegas! Every remember of the staff was helpful, personable, and professional. The customer experience I received from Stephanie, Katie, Maria, Colleen, and Veronica made déjà vu not only my favorite adult store in Vegas, but my favorite spot in Nevada! My advice; skip the casinos and strip clubs and make deja vu your first stop in Vegas!

  28. richard95

    I feel a little sheepish writing a review for this…but I’m old and married so Mom, leave me alone. My husband and I came in on date night to purchase some lube. Clearance sucked me in like a moth to a flame. I was looking at costumes from EDC, when Travis came over and began talking about the costumes to us. I was busy giggling over a hole in a racing suit, and Travis questioned our choice in Lube. He recommended a better brand that was lower in price. He also gave us some help navigating the walls and walls of costumes. When we got to the register the girl Katie informed us that the store had been open for 8 years straight. She was extremely helpful as well. We left feeling like we had gotten great customer service from Katie & Travis. This place is clean, organized, and had a kind helpful staff. (There I did a sex store review….don’t judge me. 🙂

  29. Tzook R.

    DT and Katie rock. Über cool and helpful. This store never let’s you down. Great selection. Video and toy discounts happen a few times a year.. Stay on the lookout

  30. joseph1k

    I would recommend to check out this shop. There are TONS of options for anything and everything you would need and/or be into. It was a bit of a different crowd than we are used to when visiting adult stores but I am thinking it is because of the theater and arcade in the back and the fact that it was Friday night/Saturday morning around 1 am. Staff was super helpful and friendly. They even had a vibrator rep there showing off their goods. Other than that how could you not love a place the combines the words Adult and Emporium? I mean does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? obviously, of course, definitely yes, are you effing kidding me?

  31. Elizabeth O.

    This is my go-to adult toy store in Vegas. I try to make a trip to this store every time I am in town. They have everything a girl could want plus the store is very well lit and clean. I don’t feel skeezy looking at light up butt plugs while at this store. I feel like I am with people like me, people who are sexually aware and open. Not just a bunch of perverted guys trying to forget their lives. The staff is always friendly and helpful and if you are shy person you may even find them a little too friendly. I have had many conversations that would make many people blush. On a recent visit I spoke to the demo-table guy (yes, demo tables!) for quite a while. I was searching for a light up dildo that wasn’t too expensive. He casually asked why my boyfriend wasn’t helping me out, I gave my reason and he then asked if my boyfriend uses the toys on me or if I use them on him. I told him that it goes both ways and he actually seemed a little shocked. I told him that if he was going to work at a demo booth in sex shop, he better get used to it. He then asked me a million questions about my job and toy preferences. Eventually I had to excuse myself so I could browse the lubes in silence. So yeah, they are very friendly and even they can be shocked sometimes. I think there is more shock because of the way I look (young, innocent).I had gone into the store to find a new dildo and possibly a stripper pole. The pole was way overpriced (Amazon sells the same one for $200 less) and, like always, I was limited in my dildo choices because I don’t like to spend too much. I eventually settled on a glass dildo, two packs of disposable penis cupcake pans and really wanted some of the special whipped cream but it was a little too pricey at $20 a can. I’ll just use Reddi-whip. So really the only drawback to such a nice store is that the prices can be a bit much. I tend to buy a lot of things on Amazon because it is cheap and I don’t have to go anywhere. I come to this store because it is a special treat. I love to browse the toys, costumes, etc. I always buy something but I know the going price on Amazon for a lot of the stuff so I don’t go overboard. They were recently voted the #1 Adult Store in Vegas. So congrats to them. They definitely deserve it.

  32. Jill E.

    Best porn shop I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to alot! LOLI love that each freak section is kinda isolated, s&m stuff one side. Clothing, shoes and swimsuits another with rows and rows of movies. Although this place is a bit pricey it totally comes through when after a few drinks the boyfriend and I take date night to a whole new level.Seriously ladies, take a trip here with your man after a nice dinner out and let him make some decisions! Maybe a new toy for you, a feather and handcuffs for him, a movie to watch together and some massage oil! My gosh, it works wonders. Men love variety, everything visual and lots of interest on your part so get all three done at once! Thank me later guys. 😉

  33. livinlikelarry

    I was planning on going to this store before but never quite made it out there. SoIt’s Black Friday and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting as far as sales go.When we arrived, I Noticed a sign that said mostly everything In the store was 50% off (with the exception of a few high end items)This was enough for my palms to start to sweat and my heart start pounding just a little bit harder.My Husband who was with me had just as good of a time as I did. He was busy checking things out and starting his own little pile o fun. The store itself is well laid out, with bright lights and helpful friendly staff. They were always on hand to answer questions, bring out shoes to try on, and assist with the fitting room- yes ladies you CAN try it on before you buy ! And the change rooms are large, with big mirrors and a nice classy bench.The entire store is actually really nicely decorated. Most of the prices are really decent to begin with so with 50% off it wasCrazy what we left with ! Items include fishnet stockings, fishnetBody stocking, restraints for both wrist and ankle, converse looking shoe boots, garter belt,schoolgirl tie top, a few vibes and other toys. What a score !

  34. StripClub431

    Rude staffWent in with my girlfriend and was immediately carded. I didn’t have my ID but we are 26 years old! The staff did not need to be so rude. Went to Adult Superstore down the street instead. These guys really need to improve their customer service. I won’t be going back.

  35. Jessie B.

    I remember the first time I went to an ‘adult’ store. I was in Phoenix, it was seedy, I felt awkward… overall, not that much fun. If only my first experience at an adult store had been at Deju Vu Adult Emporium! Deja Vu is fantastic because it feels like any other store you’d go to… other then the stripper pole in the front area, the shelves of lubricant, and dildos in every size and color imaginable on the walls… The store is clean and the employees are helpful, but not creepy. I have gone to Deju Vu with my husband to shop for myself.. with a group of girls to buy a gag gift for someone’s birthday… and most recently with a ‘sex store virgin’, one of my close friends. We went in on a Friday when there happened to be an employees doing a demonstration of some of the fancier vibrators Deja Vu carries. It was both informative and entertaining at the same time. In addition to the toys, lube and gag gifts, Deja Vu also carries a ton of sexy clothes and shoes. Great for ladies that want to let their inner slut out on Halloween, or just a random night out on the town. 😉 If you have never been to a sex store before, let Deja Vu be the place that pops that cherry. And if you have, you owe it to yourself to swing into Deju Vu and see what they have to offer.

  36. moneyman2

    iam aware of the company policy of no returns or exchanges. how ever I purchased a pricey item, brought it home and the box was nearly empty. employee ashley failed to check the box for me. there for I am unhappy with her customer service. Maybe you guys should check closer for petty theft. As Iam left with an expensive tab with nothing in return date to Ashley’s poor judgment.

  37. Amanda F.

    Crystal, Erin and BobE were super helpful in helping us with our first time purchase. Friendly staff and great merchandise. Will shop again.

  38. billtheguy12

    Kind of pricey, but they have a huge selection of adult products! The staff was attentive and professional and made extra effort to find the products we were looking for.

  39. Raven M.

    I needed shoes ASAP and a fellow coworker told me about this place. Their selection is really nice, the store is really clean and reallyl comftable to shop in as a dancer, couple, single lady or singly guy. Even for horny guys i find it comftable, and I am neither, a guy nor horny. Well at least not the first heheanyways, unfortuantely the service took a while…. the poor lady at the counter called in the back twice for me to get help for my shoes. Since I had to be at work in about 30 minutes i was getting a liiiiil impatient 🙂 It took about 10 minutes to get help from the clerk lady. She was clearly disinterested in selling merchandize and somewhat seemed crumpy. But she brought me the shoes in my size pretty fast. She really must have hated serving strippers or something because she left the sample shoes and box filling wrapper crap laying on the floor around the sofa.I cleaned it up, i felt bad because the store is so clean and I didnt want to litter.Anyways, the check out was fast. If you are a dancer, provide your card and you get 20% 🙂 I bought two pair of shoes (awesome comfy boots and the regular pair..) and a g for about 90$

  40. XhXeXy

    I had a pretty bad vibe when I first walked into this place. I would have expected “Hello, welcome to Deja Vu, can I please check your ID” instead I got, “Stop! I need to see your ID now” are you kidding me?? I’m 24 years old, I know I look young but don’t treat me instantly like a 16 year old trying to sneak in to touch giant purple rubbery wieners. Once inside and I got to looking at everything and it was a lot of fun to go here with my boyfriend. we checked out all the good stuff and the staff seemed to be really friendly and knowledgeable. They have everything here. Toys, lubes, movies, swings, gag gifts, and cute little outfits.

  41. rickywho2

    I frequently shop here love this place and all the employees are exceptionally knowledgable especially Alex and Rebecca they are always so helpful and nice.. the only Adult store I shop at.. Thanks girls for making every time fun..

  42. Mistercap12

    Lol I don’t even know how to drop a review on a place as such but I will say that anybody who needs any adult novelties..well.. This place is bound to have any and everything you may need! Literally! I came here for a friends birthday because she’s a prude and we thought that putting her outside of her comfort shell would be funny! And it was exactly that! The employees are extremely professional and helpful! They have a very huge selection of adult movies and lingerie/adult toys!

  43. marlonmoney12

    So. With Halloween and the Renaissance festival coming up, I was in hunt for a costume. Of course, (and ladies I’m sure you understand this) clothes hopping, yet alone costume shopping can be tiring, and down right making you beyond body conscious. After going to multiple Halloween stores, And Hustler, I decided to hop to Deja Vu. This was my first time coming here, and overall, I am very impressed. They have a large selection of lingerie, and with Halloween, they also had a large costume section…. whether that section is there year round, I am not so sure. I would say that this is a little more on the pricey side. Especially with rather plain lace up corsets starting at $100, make sure you come prepared to spend some cash. But remember, they have a 20% off with checkin. The girls there were very helpful, and kind. I was able to find a costume that I had saw at the Halloween stores, but weren’t able to get due to their sizes being too small. I normally wear a large in clothing, and I needed a 4X costume size. All in all, the experience was great, and I wish I would have started my journey here.

  44. nickstrip

    There are a lot of things to love about this store, but the price inflation is what makes it fall a bit short of five stars.-Customer service is hit or miss, which is not a deal breaker for me in shopping for adult products. There are a few awesome helpful individuals, but I wish it would be reliably more consistent, since this is an intimate ordeal that some prefer to have handled more delicately than the average rambunctious individual. However, there’s always a few different people on the floor, so if one person’s customer service doesn’t suit you, someone else should be every bit as helpful as you need.-This is a boutique in comparison to the Adult Superstore down the street. However, they do have a good selection of some of the better brands in this business.. There isn’t a lot of “high quality” products in this genre, but the fancier stuff can be found here.-The ambience is great, the atmosphere very welcoming, and their events are fun and interesting.

  45. dopeboy19

    This place is awesome. It has anything and everything youll ever need in the adult dept. wide selection great prices. whenever im in town i have to visit this place. hands down my favorite spot for adult goodies.

  46. XXXbeast

    I loved this store the girls were helpful n everything was clean n wel organized gonna definitely go back !

  47. AssnTits5

    Awesome stores for all you naughty adults ! Thanks for all your help Nicole and bobe !

  48. Nicole W.

    Crystal is absolutely amazing… Makes the shopping experience fun. She’s knowledgable , honest and really enjoys her job! Store was clean and very nice selection.

  49. Jenny G.

    Went to purchase something very specific–the staff were super knowledgable but a little indiscreet. She was a little loud in her description but extremely helpful and friendly.

  50. Vitorio P.

    Love this place! Great way to spice shit up if you have an adventurous girlfriend.

  51. eddyL

    Came here with a friend looking for some EDC apparel Crystal at the front counter was very rude and immediately blurted out across the room that she’ll need some ID It’s an 18+ establishment. I’m 34 and the person I was with is younger but was very obviously over 18. We went and dug her birth certificate out of the trunk and we’re turned down again immediately without even looking at it. Apparently they don’t appreciate business here

  52. Keu

    beautiful girls and resonable prices

  53. Jordanp

    Great range of products. I’ve used this store a few times and a couple of days ago went in to grab some rave gear and got everything I needed. One of the girls was particularly friendly and had great customer service. I missed her name but she gave me a good tanning salon recommendation.

  54. Jenelle B.

    I really like the variety this store has. They have a naughty movie theater and an arcade. Although I didn’t try neither, there was enough fun to be had on the product floor. They have the oddest assortment of strap on’s I’ve ever seen. That in itself is worth the visit. They also have naughty candy to suck. This is the Aah’s! of sex toys. Just random ass fun-ness. They are open 24/7 a little off the strip so its great for that late night curiosity.

  55. Harrison69

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff. They had exactly what I was looking for with options to choose from!

  56. Colbys

    Raven the cashier was super sweet & the girl helping me out in the fitting room was very helpful! Thank you girls for helping me find the perfect Halloween costume! 😉

  57. Sunny M.

    Love this place!!!! Bob was very helpful and knowledgeable about any question I threw at him! He made us feel super comfy about asking the “questions” most of us are afraid of asking. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be walking out with probably the best toy ever that I would ever need. For me and my partner. Check BOB out!

  58. Edgar G.

    I came here with my bowling team since we were staying at the Orleans and we didn’t have anything to do. This is my first time walking into a porno shop. We were all ID’ed because we all looked young. The place has a large selection of stuff. I was amazed. I wouldn’t hit up the arcade and/or theater, but this place has A LOT of stuff.

  59. Cindy H.

    Clean and organized with wide selection of things from anal bleaching creams to costumes to shoes and toys etc, so you are sure to find what you’re looking for! Also filled with helpful employees. Some stores are only in it to sell but here they seem to really care. Katie was extremely attentive to answer our questions and giving us her honest opinion on products. She informed us about the customer email club where we can get discounts, event dates and even classes that we will definitely be looking forward to attending.

  60. Marie T.

    I have to say this is my favorite sex shop in vegas. Based on the exterior alone, it’s the most welcoming compared to the other warehouse looking shops around town. The inside is well organized. So whatever you are looking for, there’s a whole section dedicated to it. From gag gifts, to lube, to toys and clothing, they have it all. And of course, tons of DVDs of whatever tickles your fancy. The employees are helpful and knowledgable about their products. And ladies, there’s always a demo going on about the latest and greatest toy in the market. Don’t be shy, they’ll answer any questions you have. So if you’re looking for some fun, this is your place.P.S. Don’t forget about the check in offer. 20% off a single item. Score!

  61. harryharry

    Good stuff very clean.I love new fetish toys there!!My favorite adult shop in vegas.people there is very kind and helpful. If you go there often get things,you can get 20% discount. can be cheaper than internet.plus you can see and try:D big thanks to Katie and Richeard .

  62. Michelle P.

    I fully admit that I am a lube snob, so when the lube was accidentally left in LA, CVS was just not going to cut it. Deja Vu is the Pleasure Chest Vegas style. They carry a wide array of toys, clothing, DVDs, and lube covering the entire price spectrum. Prices for high end lube were on par with the Pleasure Chest or Rough Trade. They’re a bit heavier on the clothing and DVDs than their LA counterparts (hence the Vegas style remark). The staff were diverse and helpful. Whether you’re in the market for a cheap vibrator or can’t live another moment without a $275 black leather dog gimp mask, Deja Vu’s your place.

  63. Lucia M.

    This USED to be my favorite outfitter here in Vegas. It’s not anymore but hasn’t been replaced by anywhere else. For a sex store it’s super super clean and rarely sketchy. It’s just.. idk it seems like more and more stuff is for fat bitches these days. I do NOT like fat people and as such, seeing pictures of them half nekkid on boxes is a huge turn off for me. Also the music they’re playing is the unsexiest music evarrrrr now. I wanna hear booty bass and all i hear is 90’s cutter music.See, the staff used to be AWESOME! Crazy helpful, knowledgable, open-minded, but now they’re all twatty. If I wanna mess with a twat, I’ll mess with my own thank you very much. All that aside it still deserves 4 stars cause its competition is abysmal.

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