The Penthouse Club St. Louis



1401 Mississippi Avenue, East Saint Louis, IL 62201


38.603801, -90.174652




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club St. Louis

  1. ehygbew4fh2
  2. AssnTits5

    This is a typical high end club.What I mean is the decor and environment is what you would expect. Food prices are high, and quality could be better. My salad could have been fresher, baked potato not so over cooked, meat without so much fat, etc…Don’t bother going early as most of the dancers do not show up until after 9:30 to 10 pm. They will quickly try to get you to agree to a lapdance at the $40 a song price. Some of the girls are very good looking, most are average.In my opinion don’t go to the St. Louis area for adult entertainment. Spend your money elsewhere. Maybe an escort from backpage would be a better alternative if you dare.

  3. Casey
  4. Frank

    Fare fare less then I expected

  5. Fagin

    Totally, abhorably unsafe, in a World War I battlefield of a bad neighborhood! Stay the blazes away from this place!

  6. Steve

    I can not beleave that Penthouse put there name on this place

  7. BJR

    I have been there 3 times now and each time there were plenty of very attactive girls in all shapes and sizes. They are not afraid to show their appreciation for your attention and the private dances are excellent. I can’t wait to go back.

  8. Recent customer

    It’s a nice club with friendly, good looking girls. Only one or two knockouts, though. I had fun.

  9. Johnnyboy123

    Okay so let’s be honest… it’s expensive, even for adult entertainment… but it’s one of the best Gentleman’s Clubs I’ve ever been in. I used to travel the country for business, with a crew of dudes, so I’ve seen my share of adult entertainment venues… very few compare with this place.

  10. Fuck the penthouse club

    fuck this place

  11. Matt

    I don’t know who she is, but black chick with the afro blew my mind. im still stunned.

  12. bv

    girls aew yucky

  13. curtis17

    Hey maybe if you want to pretend to be an upscale establishment and charge 8.50 per beer you should clean your effing bathrooms once in a while. I went last night and there was piss all over the floors, shit overflowing the toilet in the handicapped stall and flies circling the toilets. It was 10 TIMES worse than a nasty truck stop. Not sure how well that puts me in the mood for a lap dance. But hey if you can have a bathroom attendant with colognes and m&ms, maybe you can also give the restrooms a remodel so they don’t have graffiti scratched all over the place and broken nasty toilets…make them look nice and clean them every couple hours.

  14. Katy Kalysta

    To the Mr. and Mrs. couple… I wish I would’ve been in town that evening. I love dancing for couples, it’s fun, sexy, and usually ends up wild in bed (for you two later that night). I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience. I’ve been employed by Penthouse for 3 years, everyone has bad nights but overall it’s a great place to dance and to visit.

    PS…if you wanted to visit again i would love to dance for you both in the private area, and i will make sure your certificates are honored (even if they’re expired)-Kat

  15. Mr. and Mrs. Bill

    Wife and I went in to Penthouse for the first time last night. The place looks nice enough, but the quality of service is horrible. First we got slapped with a $20 each cover which is too high. Then we sat at a table for over an hour and we were only approached by one lady the whole time (she was not attractive and only came to ask for a dance after my wife went to use the restroom). Obviously not friendly to couples. I bought funny money while we were there and after the dissappointing experience, tried to get it refunded, which they obviously refused. Stupid things expire in 3 weeks, so I just got screwed out of $200 that i would have dropped on even just 1 lady if she would have been attractive and offered us a dance. NOT HAPPY! PS- I’ll sell the funny money to someone for half of their value if you want them.

  16. Jozo B.

    Yes, I am reviewing an adult entertainment establishment. No, I did not go for the adult entertainment aspect, but I will admit, when in Rome?I had some friends in from out of town, and we were having such a fantastic time, it seemed that the best idea at 3 am was to continue in consuming adult beverages. What else sounded better than drinking till 6 am at an adult entertainment club.The crowd is actually a pretty good mix of men and women, most of which are hanging at the bar. The drinks are super expensive, and unless you are pimpin here and carry a load of cash, your options are:1. Hit up the ATM and get charged for a $20 fee, or 2. Use the bars money system, where 20 Us dollars is equivalent to pesos after they tax you.The crowd is usually a mix, business people, tweekers, whatever and whoever may just show up. Just be careful, driving there may be a mistake (Just walk up to a cop and ask to get arrested or a DWI).

  17. Moron

    The girls were smokin and i had a great time till i accidently threw a 20 up on the stage and tried to get it back, and then got kicked out… i’d definetly go back

  18. Pete

    Let me tell you I went to PH and met Ava and she was amazing. Beautiful and a great personality

    should check her out for sure

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