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4451 East Virginia Avenue, Denver, CO 80246


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Penthouse Club Denver

  1. Manny

    I went to the Penthouse club this last weekend. I had a great time Friday night. The ladies were really nice. Waitstaff and bartenters are nice. I never had an empty drink sitting on my table, the waitstaff was on their game. Drinks were stripclub prices. The experience I had was the girls actually sat down with and had a drink and were not really pushy on getting dances. With enough conversation and drinks I did go up to the lapdace room located up stairs. Before I knew it between drinks and dances I dropped 400 dollers, but it was well worth it. I will be back to visist this culb next time I’m in Denver. Fun times.

  2. Faith

    Great money making potential… they definately need to advertise more, they are missing out on a lot of money with this Gem of a club.

  3. AHM

    Nice contrast to Shotgun Willies. Fewer dancers but good private areas and as always if you find the right girl(s) you have a great time

  4. AZ Man

    The Penthouse club is such a great relaxing layout, high ceilings and plenty of stages. Had a wonderful time, then i met Aiisha. She is the most beautiful dancer, gorgeous face and eyes, sweet personality. She also has amazing tits, long nipples, long slim legs, and a beautiful pussy. Enjoyed every minute with her, the sexiest lap dance ever. She is the best ever among a room of hot women. I can’t wait to get another trip to Denver.

  5. Ken

    Girls are hot and personable. I enjoy going there and spending some time with a couple of the ladies. Can get anything from a 19 year old flat chested babe to a couple of gals that have great boob jobs. Will be going back.

  6. ph customer

    ive been to a few penthouse clubs. the best is in new york. this club is nice on the inside but the sevice is poor. the strippers are nothing like the magazine advertises

  7. I've been to better

    It’s slightly better than Shotgun Willie’s. At least the chairs are comfortable & your back doesn’t ache after sitting in them for 5 minutes.

  8. Et from DC

    Wonderful! Love it here! I just wish they’d advertise more or lower the drink prices just a tad!

  9. harryharry

    Maybe this strip joint is a hit or a miss but my night last night was quite enjoyable. Obviously it differs from a guys perspective versus a girls perspective. Perhaps the people I hung out with (me plus one other girl and 6 guys–for a birthday) and we just had a good ole time watching girls dance. I’m personally not a strip club kind of girl. My first time at shotgun willies literally left a bad taste after I left but this place had some beautiful girls. And they’re not nasty too. I’ve seen one aggressive girl, but overall everyone was sweet when I was trying to get to know them. I also like the environment of Penthouse Club more than Shotgun cause it looks cleaner and has class.

  10. TruBlu

    They recently changed lap prices topless/nude from 20/30 to 25/40 or maybe 30/40. I was there soon after they changed, but the poster gave the old price. Just went back, and there was confusion about how much is actually charged. I hope they figure it out soon so I’ll know whether to come back.

    Ran into a couple girls who overcounted dances. You can get away with that once, but that’s all. Ran into a couple more who were sweet and very honest. They’ll see me again.

    The talent ranges all over, and so does the attention span. One day, I was having a tough time finding the right looking girl. Another time I was dizzy from the choices. One time the girls ignored me. Another time I got team-tackled at the table. I’ll say that when it’s fun, it’s very fun.

  11. S

    Do not like events being 2 hours after the original start time. Also, they should have the nude section open on a regular time like they used to at 4:00

  12. Anan

    I was just OK – takes forever to get a waitress

  13. Me

    The dancers are not really nude unless you pay for the $30 dance.

  14. Hayley H.

    What a shame. This place has the bones to be a great strip club. The talent, on the other hand, seem miserable. It was kind of jarring when you walk in to see the support staff, such as bouncers, managers, bartenders (even men), in pajamas. I didnt see any signs saying it was a pajama party$10 dollar cover on a satruday night seems ok. The drinks were expensive, nothing out of the ordinary. There are 3 stages, one pole, and a VIP section. Surrounding all of this are curtained off tables where dances, I assume, are done. Dont get me wrong, the girls are pretty. They have potential to make some cash. They just seem to hate their job. It kinda killed the fun when you feel bad for giving her money. She should want it, not clock in and clock out. Wont be returning. ^_^

  15. XXXbeast

    This is the second time I went to this retarded place. Yesterday was my first time and they recognized me bc I wore ORANGE KICKS and ORANGE SHIRT and everyone was kissing my ass. But two women ruined my night. Dances are 40 BUCKS a dance and I got 3 dances from XENA and she took me for 300 BUCKS when it should of been only $120…and our waitress LERA brought beer that we didn’t order and I had to buy beer that I didn’t order, pretty dumb and stupid on those 2 workers. So I called and spoke to TODD and wanted to come tonight to have a good time and meet WOMEN like MATTIE with red on, KYLA the beautiful black goddess, beautiful Brittany With Blue top on, Chloe with red hair with beautiful fashion, HOT Phoenix, MUY BONITA TREASURE with beautiful tatts and of course get a massage from beautiful white goddess ROBYN. But today was the worse, I looked it up and they didn’t say anything about closing their DOORs before 4am. If I’m a VIP CUSTOMER and Todd said he would hook me up, why is it that 2 WHITE BEARDED SECURITY GUYS DISRESPECTED ME…bc I didn’t wear ORANGE or kissed their ass when they were TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME 2 feet AWAY. Wow that’s what happens when an ASIAN/KOREAN GUY goes there. Pretty SMALL MINDED WHITE GUYS. I got DISRESPECT all the time from WHITE GUYS back in IOWA CITY, IOWA so I know retards of white CULTURE ALOT; would say those 2 guys are DUMB, RETARDED, ASSES. So I would say 4 HUGE THUMBS DOWN TO THOSE WORKERS and hopefully they get punished by their LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. I might go or maybe I’ll tell my friends back in LA, USA and the WORLD about how SMALL MINDED THE WORKERS R and how they talk SHIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!! GO TO HELL WHITE GUYS, I Hope you get FIRED bc I’m a NURSE RETARDS AND YOU WORK AT A STRIP BAR, GET A LIFE AND RESPECT THE GUY GIVING YOU BUSINESS RETARDS.

  16. John

    This is a nice club but the girls are just average at best.

    Only found one girl that I would call hot in the whole place on a Friday night.

  17. maxxy1

    Really classy, excellent, and friendly staff all around. First time my girl and I had been to a club in 6 or 7 years. We were both very impressed by how comfortable the atmosphere was. The girls on a Monday night were all beautiful and very sweet, top end club that leaves you feeling good after leaving, not dirty as most clubs tend to do.

  18. Kgamer

    This is a great club. It is very nice on the inside. I

    expected the cover but not the cover on the nude dance area.

    They really should lose that. I got a beautiful and sexy

    dancer to take me upstairs. She shows that you don’t need

    airbrushing, Awesome!!! She was grinding on me and I was

    having a great time. I did get too hands on and was a jerk

    for that and I am sorry to the great woman for giving me a

    good time. It is a gentlemen’s club.

  19. DJS N.

    The inside of the club is very nice. Be careful as the wait staff charges different prices for drinks……its a free for all. In an effort to take your wallet most of the girls suggest they will take you to the lap dance area for prostitution like activities. Management turn over is constant…heck almost daily. This club is a mess and best avoided.

  20. winston12

    TERRIBLE!! The dancers took advantage of our being drunk and ran up $300 bar tab. Never going back!

  21. Kim O.

    I love this place for it’s laid back atmosphere & cute girls. Really think that ladies should get in free every night but that’s not the case (or it at least it wasn’t on Saturday, 12/4 when my guy friend and I came in). Nevertheless, decent priced beers and friendly dancers. Thanks for the ride home in the towncar (could have told us in advanced it wasn’t free though…a little surprised when the driver said “that’s $15”. Great night tho!

  22. Troy L

    Ack! A perfect example of how buying a trademark ruins a club! Everyone is stuck up, rude, and customer service is a myth! I waited almost HALF AN HOUR for a drink! I had $2000 in my pocket to spend, and those jerks didn’t get $20. You want a good time? DON’T GO HERE!

  23. Weedman420

    Definitely the prettiest girls I’ve seen in any of the local clubs. The drinks seemed a little overpriced but it’s a strip joint, what do you expect? One of the dancers was of particular interest to me….thanks for everything, Diamond!

  24. Slick
  25. Lewis

    There are few lovely ladies here who are just fantastic. Lucy

    is amazing. Thanks for the great evening!

  26. Josh

    I loved this club. I really loved this girl named Lucy

  27. brandonresh

    Great fun! Very upscale and posh but very comfortable for all. Topless with alcohol downstairs. All nude upstairs. Great service including bottle service. Try a VIP dance or maybe 10. Bring your friends! Have a Bachelor Party! Or a birthday or even a divorce party!

  28. Carmen
  29. Ed

    Please get some girls with naturally good looks and good

    personalities. Big tit jobs don’t make a dancer.

  30. Yo
  31. I take it personally...

    The ownership has made poor decisions in its direction

  32. chuck
  33. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  34. jerry

    this club has lost a lot of its pizzaz. after some time I have gone back and there are no customers, the girls are not very attractive & rude to say the least, and now they are charging an xtra $5 to get a private dance. Take your money to Shotguns right down the street. lots more action

  35. james1412

    I just want to say, EPIC. This is to you Athena… you know which one. I would recommend this club to anyone especially their private upstairs rooms. Great place for a bachelor party!

  36. Strip Club Junkie

    I met a few beautiful women, with great personalities. Awesome variety of dancers.

  37. It was nice...
  38. Matt
  39. lovah
  40. R.V. Rider

    Unless the people here know you, you don’t exist. Girls are disinterested and sit in groups seemingly avoiding customers. Didn’t get a drink for at 10 minutes until I went to the bar. My buddy and I left to go to the gun, then to Laboheme at least these two knew how to do it. Penthouse SUCKS!

  41. afectionado

    I’ve visited quite a few clubs around the Denver area, as well as throughout the country, and the Penthouse club is the premiere place to spend a night by far. The dancers are not only beautiful, with a wide variety of choices for the discerning man, but they are also much more friendly than those I have encountered at other clubs nearby. In particular, I was especially impressed with Sadie, Cassidy, Nikki, Kianaa, Iyisha,Simone, and Sugar… although these are simply the top girls in my opinion; there are many more devastatingly beautiful girls that also seem interested in just having a good time and getting to know people. The lap dances are some of the best I’ve ever received. Positively sinful…

  42. vae

    they try but don’t get it. the service is poor to say the least

  43. regular

    Beware of the overpriced private dances. Watch out for Rachel

    (with alot of tattoos) and her friend, they will rip you off by

    charging way more than the $30 per song. So much that I could

    spend the same at lecdenver for an hour dance there for the price

    per song here.

  44. DJ

    Searched all over Denver for a good strip club for a bachelor party. We walked in to this club and realized that all the time spent in other clubs was a complete waste. This club has talented friendly and might I add gorgeous girls. The environment was fun and friendly, the girls weren’t pushy, the staff was courteous, even the layout was very well thought out. The only complaints I could even try to come up with are the drink prices (which I suppose should be expected) and that it’s a damn shame this club isn’t closer to where I live. Smoking allowed (yes you heard it, smoking indoors in Colorado), topless lounge with alcoholic drinks served, Nude lounge (no drinks), food, humidor(part of the smoking thing), and some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. You must visit this club!

  45. Dippy

    Visited on Tuesday night. This club is very nice inside. 3 stages in the main area and a girl at every stage. Talent is excellent. Most every girl had a good to great body. Several girls knew how to work it on stage and consequently it was somewhat difficult to get a private dance with them. That’s really my only complaint about this club, but the hottest girls are always a little hard to get dances from. I finally got the attention of Claudia and it was worth the wait. She has a rock hard, all natural body and she knows how to give a private dance!!! Dropped $300 on her and would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ll be back in town next week and I will definitely be back and looking for Claudia.

  46. reg

    They need to loose the cover for the nude stage and have it open at a schedule time.

  47. .><>.VISH

    the quality of the girls is nothing to talk about

  48. f

    This place is going down hill.

  49. Justin
  50. richard95

    It wasn’t bad for a strip club. Our friends new everyone so we were treated really well. The girls were ok as far as strippers go. If I had a reason to go back I would.

  51. Kevin

    Took a couple friends out to this club for a good time. After a beer, some stage tipping and a round of “tube shots”, I bought my buddy a dance with a hot blonde with butterfly tats, I picked Jazzy for myself, as I like darker skinned women. We both had a great time with our ladies. After we came back downstairs, I bought my other friend a dance from a skinny brunette(Amy?), who, although she helped my buddy sneak his drink upstairs, which was cool, turned out to be a bad choice, and should be avoided.

    Besides having no tits or ass, my friend told us she was very robotic,had a bad attitude, and the whole time she danced she was complaining about the club, and the other dancers. On top of that, I paid her $50, which should have gotten him at least 2 songs, but she only gave him a song and a half!

    We soon left and went to Shotguns. where we ended up spening another $600, and having a great time.

    Penthouse management should think about hiring dancers w/ better customer service skills!

  52. lisa

    love your gifls!!!!!!!!

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