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0 reviews for “Hawaii By Night

  1. XXXbeast

    I went here two nights in a row. haha, it was my first time in hawaii and my first time at a strip club. Girls are friendly and beautiful . Had a blast the first night. Second night we went in with a group of Japanese people. As a women I was charged $5 and my boyfriend was charge $10. However for each Japanese person they have a “special Japanese price” where each person was charge $25. That’s extremely racist.In response to your comment, the club had a zero drinks policy since it was 18+ and the Japanese group of people had the same treatment inside the club I had except I was charged $5 and they were charged a “Japanese price ” $25. I just don’t understand why there was a difference in entrance fee due to ethnic background?

  2. ryan123

    This was the first strip club I attended when I can to Hawaii and the first club I saw a midget stripper! Their “private” rooms where anything but that and I think I saw some customers getting their “knob” shinned considering I saw the back of a dancers feet hanging out of the booth. The music was played on a iPod and there seemed to be no particular line up for the dancers. Needless to say I said stayed in there for a short time.

  3. MikeOxbig

    Girls are decent, one of them, Jennifer, really hot you’ll know who she is when you see her.

  4. adamrod

    Alright. Dirty. The blonde girl talking to me I think was underage and drunk because she couldnt remember my name after saying it 10 times. I don’t like the ambiance. The girls are cute, and the door cover wasnt too bad. Typical strip club. If you like to get dirty with the girls, hey this place is for you.

  5. Fulvio

    Go!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

  6. Went There

    The women are agressive and continually attempt to get you in the provate dance area. The soumd system is poor, at best. Song length is at the whim of the DJ/bouncer. No consistency. The value of the experience does not warrant the cost. Private dances are over priced.

  7. Harrison69

    This was by far the best strip club ive ever been to in my life, the girls are the best, they are very easy going and nice and they let the guys do whatever they want. I would highly recommend to anyone if they wanted to go to this place. Diamond was my favorite that chick really knew what she was doing. Me and about 30 of my friends went there and were treated like loyalty, we plan on going back i love this place im gonna meet my wife there.

  8. Royal Kuhio

    This place is dark and loud but not smoky with a good variety of hot girls.You can talk to the girls but it is quieter in their booths.Girls tease you by showing their physical attributes while dancing.They are aggressive and competitive, each with their own style to get you to spend more for a lap dance.The lap dances are sensual,sexy and physical and will make fantasize immoral thoughts.

  9. David L.

    I went in there couple night ago, i have meet DJ, we are cool. I hang out there from 10 to 12 am in the morning to check out some lady, I have meet some lady name holly and juicy and other very nice. I have been to any strip joint before and this one is the best because they are friendly and the girl is lovely but only one thing this place to work on is make is bigger that all. Everyone is friendly i know that place is rock on

  10. eddyL

    This place is f***ing fun. Best on the island for sure. I’d hit this place up over FemmeNu or RockZa any day.HBN is the only club on the island I’ve been to in which the dancers (on an individual basis) allow touching. The ladies are generally nice and flirty, although some are standoffish and on their phones. Some are unattractive (as should be expected), a few are smoking hot, and the rest are average but cute. Cover is $5 if you’re a chick and ten for dudes.I don’t remember her name, but the petite, busty blond with koi tattoos on her tummy is AWESOME. She gave the BF and I a pretty great deal on a couples’ dance and she was so sweet and fun. Highly recommended. Juicy is also really cool, and so is Bently. They, along with a latina-looking girl with perfect boobs, are definitely the best looking gals there. This place is a bit “divey” and seedy, but isn’t that the point of a strip club?! To me, this place is MUCH more fun than some of the “classier” clubs on the island.

  11. Weedman420

    Cover is $10. One dance is $40, two is $60. You can sit at the stage, or there are chairs and couches beside the walls. Most of the girls are really down to earth and nice. There are one or two girls who are stuck up, but even they are generally kind. It’s a small club upstairs. Not the best looking, but it doesn’t mean that it’s no fun. The bouncers are nice and the girls are nice. On a Friday and Saturday night it can get a little cozy with all the people crowding around the stage, but that makes the experience more enjoyable.Some girls will just sit with you and try to strike a conversation. Not necessarily to lure you into a private dance, but sometimes just to do something besides dance all night long.If I had to make a recommendation for which girl to get a dance from, I’d have to say get one from Heaven! What can I say? Her dances are heavenly! She is awesome! I have nothing against the other girls, but I just love Heaven’s dances. She has long black hair and a Guam tattoo on her back. She enjoys dancing, and you can see her enjoyment while she’s on stage. And she is very fun to talk to! I love going to this place!

  12. the man

    Its nice, but u are bound to see some chubsters while u are there.

  13. fritter17

    I would avoid this place. If you want a decent strip club experience on this island try Club 939, Rock Za, or Femm Nu. This place gets super touristy, staffs some unpleasant dancers (not all of course but some), serves no alcohol and is blazingly hot. Not hot in the good way, more hot in the no air-conditioning way. The tourists stand around in here crowding up the joint and there’s only the one tiny stage. Also your $15 cover gets you absolutely nothing. Not worth it. It gets two stars simple because there are bare chests involved.

  14. dj klint

    yo we are not a whore house i dont let no one do illegal there but you haters are mad cuzz you got canned sorry you guyz cant follow rules well good luck to you all and any one want to chat call me 8086886620

  15. fuckery12

    This is one dirty disgusting little strip club. Admission is $10 for guys and $5 for girls. After you pay you will proceed upstairs. My first thought was that I had walked into the changing room or something. There was a small center stage with a couple of benches and some fold out chairs. I did not want to touch anything!The girls were surprisingly pretty but a few of them had B.O. I’m pretty sure that this is the type of place that you could get a little something special with your lap dance. I was pretty happy that my girl was with me as the dancers were really touchy with most of the customers. Sitting with her made it so that most of the girls wouldn’t touch me which I was happy with because I didn’t want to have to shower again!Of course my girl thought it would be funny to tell one of the strippers to rub her titties in my face. Not only did the stripper do that but then she climbed off the stage and gave me a lap dance in my seat. So I spent the rest of the night smelling like a hooker with B.O. I’ll pass on this one next time!

  16. Mistercap12

    Repeatedly attempted to explain that I was gay to the clerks. None of the clerks would accept my multiple evidence. Still charged me $20 cover charge. Bull. However, I did make friends with an amazing female dancer whose name currently escapes me. Had a nice conversation with her for about an hour, which I did not pay for, where we discussed and showed pictures of my various male conquests. So, if you want to make friends with a female stripper, just admit you are gay.

  17. stripclubmaniac

    I’ve been reading reviews on this site and others about this club for a while. Decided to check it out on a Tuesday night. There were about 7 girls there and about 10 patrons. Its a small club and $10 cover. Half the girls were hotties the other half cows. No alcohol. The hottest girl, about 5’10” white with medium breasts did not dance at all. Private dances were pricey but awesome. I got one from a girl named Jen. $40 for one song, fully nude and full contact lap dance with touching. GFE kissing too. Awesome private dance. I will go back again. No Asians which is a bummer for Hawaii.

  18. mia

    i used to work in this club 5 years ago and i loved it.i had to go back to europe but i hope i can get in touch with some of the girls there.im looking for a black girl who goes under the name of kelly and her friend jardy…i hope u gues still work there.please tell them if u know the girls.my name was alex or jayda back than.thanx XXX

  19. Raff

    Very interesting place, not what I was expecting. First, I’ve never been to a strip club where there was no alcohol served. Second, this place was small and very hot.Third, some nice girls in up in there, and butt ass naked!! Music was good, over all it was fun.

  20. brandonresh

    Nice looking girls, I went “next door” to have my drinks and came back, was talking to the lady’s all night… Finally decided to get a “dance” $40 is steep for 1 song… The reason for 2 stars is during the “dance” the girl stated “oh this song is 7 min long, I’m done”. Are you kidding me!!??? So I left and the song ended as I was walking out. Was not a 7 min song, what a douch bag!! 40 bucks and you can’t finish the song??? NOT COMING BACK. Thanks!

  21. james1412

    Smallish, but I liked that about it. We are military and it was a mix between locals, tourists and military so that was nice, pretty crowded (like perfect amount of people) 5$ for women 10$ for men, 18 & up and well worth the money! Women are average, some old, some young, some white, some Asain, some black! All built decent, some bad faces but it’s a strip club.. So it was expected!! You can leave and re-enter as you please because no alcohol is allowed.. It was the last place we went, it’s a good “end to the night”

  22. baby gurl

    eh lil mami LEXUS is my girl….imma take her home 2nite….wanna see hot chicks LEXUS is your girl

  23. XhXeXy

    The Good: Lani, Maddison, Shiloh. Everyone is really nice.The Bad: Some of the other girls.The Review: After the beaches, loco mocos, and macadamia nuts what else does Hawaii have to offer? A pretty good strip club that’s what! I had a blast going to this place (twice). The girls have good pole tricks and definitely give you a nice show for your dollar. Some of the patrons were pretty cheap, showing no respect and not even paying any dollars while sitting at the pole dancing area. This prompted the DJ and some of the ladies to get on the mic and give them shit. Hilarious.I got a few lap dances from some of the ladies there. Maddison was excellent. Very pretty face. There was another one with huge breasts, I forget her name but she had a very high voice and was very good as well. My favorite though had to be Lani. Not just because of the amazing lap dance, but also because she was hilarious to talk to. Not very pushy to get me to have a dance, she just sat and chatted with me about whatever.I’ll definitely be back to this spot again.

  24. larry1

    The music was too loud (gave me a headache). It was too dark to see the dancers (eyes hurt straining to see ANYTHING). Some of the dancers asked me if I wanted a private dance, but I politely declined. Maybe go if i’m desperate.

  25. Dan Y.

    I have nothing but really good memories about this place. Went there back in early October while on vacation and it was a blast. First off, I’ve only been to a few Strip Clubs in my time (NYC, New Orleans, Florida) but for the locations I’ve been to this one kinda stuck out the most. It’s small and dark on the 2nd level, with a small area for pole dancing in the center, couches against the walls and oddly, private dance spaces behind the couches. The center area always features one of the girls dancing when someone takes a seat nearby and the couches are almost always open for anyone to relax and talk to the dancers. The “private spaces”, and I call them that because they’re just big enough to fit the dancer and yourself, are kind of nifty in the sense that you can preview some of the dancer’s goods before choosing the dance if you take a quick and discreet peek. The music is your average Strip club stuff, Bouncers are a bit friendlier than most places with an occasional nod or smile. Now as for the girls, a good amount of them are really nice and friendly, some give off a bit of attitude but that’s only because they’re not getting any real tips, but in general really sexy women all around. One of them, a Spanish girl w/glasses, I recall would slam her heels together when she was pole dancing to add flavor to her dance, oddly sexy in a “Pavlov” kind of way. The one girl who stood out the most was a gorgeous blond with a pair of Koi tattooed on her stomach by the name of Jenna. Super hot, incredibly friendly with a fantastic body, I had a few dances with her and by far I’d say she’s the best, made the place completely worth the effort even when we we’re just chatting 😉 So don’t be shy and check out he place and remember to TIP THE GIRLS!!!

  26. Holiday Inn

    this club is lame, boring, ugly girls. saggy boobs, bad boob jobs, stretch marks,

    moles, scars. overpriced lap dances. the club is very filthy, dirty booths, looks

    like cum stains. will never go to this club again!!! don’t waste your money

  27. CAM


  28. cherry

    i loved working at hbn but the manager sometimes gives the girls a hard time… it’s unfortunate i can’t work for a man with no ethics – i miss my friends!

  29. mathewater12

    I can only give this place 3 stars because they don’t serve alcohol there. They have a lot of girls that work there and a lot of younger guys that looked like kids to me. I guess it’s the “18 and up” crowd. Right away the girls came up to me and asked if I wanted a private dance, I hate to say yes to the first girl that asks me so I waited… I ended up getting a private dance from Maria who I thought was the hottest girl in there that night. Right when I saw her I knew that she was the one. She even gave me a deal on the dance price. I definitely would go see her again. This place is cool if you’re just staying in Waikiki and don’t wanna cab it or über to a different club. The only thing is get drunk somewhere else before you go there.

  30. Johnnyboy123

    I have been to a LOT of strip clubs. And this one earned the honor of my fastest retreat.Problem – they don’t serve alcohol. You can’t even bring it in. They say you can go to the bar next door, have your drink there, and then come back in. Very silly.Plus, it looked like somone’s dad who got a C+ in wood shop attempted to build a rec room. I mean, maybe if it were at least a little inviting. I walked in, 2 minutes later, I was out. Horrible.I did not stay long enough to see if there were extras or OTC, or if the girls were attractive. I don’t know Honolulu strip clubs well enough to know if that were viable, but if it were, I imagine it would be costly and disappointing. Like the club.”Go next door for your drinks.” Bite me.Post script – I received a comment suggesting that I should realize that Waikiki is expensive, and I really should be more appreciative of the person who runs this club, and their expenses. A fair comment, but the money was not the point. I have plenty of money to spend. And I certainly appreciate the challenges of running a club like this. But my point was – I don’t want to go “next door” to drink. For that very reason, I would never go here again. I like to drink AND watch naked women. Money be damned; but man, take the drink from my hand and I am elsewhere.

  31. richard95

    I actually loved this place! It is small and does get crowded on the weekends, but hell .. I still loved that I cock blocked the guys from any attention. It’s funny that when a female goes into a strip club, all the attention suddenly goes to us!!! Hahahaha!!!I think the girls are awesome. I got to talk to a few of them, and whoa can they hold a conversation 🙂 My favorite …. is Haley/Nicole ….. I freakin love when they clap their heels …. LOVE that sound … Or is it just me o.o I go back as much as I can. I love watching these girls!!

  32. winston12

    Our first time in Hawaii & absolutely loved it! Super friendly staff, hot gals, killer tunes, great bar downstairs. Thanks HBN for making our trip unforgettable.

  33. Joe

    Guys this club is off the charts.It’s the club where you will want to stay and have fun.The girls are pretty and flexible.I will be there once a month.Drop by there before it’s too late.

  34. coach

    I was on a just business trip and stayed in Waikiki Feb 20-25. I’m really faithful to my girlfriend. Jennifer took my mind off everything- work and my girlfriend. She was amazing. We have another trip planned for May and I really hope Jennifer’s still there….

  35. Kelly

    Kinda dirty and gross. The girls all look like crack addicts.

  36. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  37. Superman

    I had a great time. It’s a hole in the wall, but the girls are hot, and the lap dances are great. Yes, I said lap dances, I think this is the only club in Honolulu where you can actually get a *real* lap dance. My new fav in Hawaii, I will be back.

  38. Matt

    I use to come here every weekend 2 years ago to see my favorite dancers. Jen gave THE BEST lap dances and dallas was by far the hottest girl there. She had a great attitude and a an even better dance routine. I always wished she would take her outfits off but respected her values, she was more fun to talk to anyway. I went back last week and neither of them was there anymore know where they work now? I see she posted here

  39. maxxy1

    Came back for round two a year later. It was dead when I walked in around midnight, and packed suddenly by 12:40ish. Upon arrival I was immediately approach by a small what looked to be Japanese girl, good looking very petite, but I preferred more oomph she was sorta pushy but I wanted to see the table dances so I turned her down and sat at the table. Before I got to the table there was a girl, let’s call her titties, she had what I was looking for (big tits, little bit of ass) but she had been taken. The next girl, let’s call her Portuguese because that’s what she told me she was, I had the most fun with her at the table and ended up getting a dance with her not until sitting at the table for the next 3 girls. The last girl I sat at the table had the whole place (when I say place I mean room) getting loud because her ass was ridiculous! Initially I wanted a dance with her so bad but lack of attention made me wonder what was around the next corner. She did approach me afterwards and I almost caved but then pops out Portuguese and that’s the only dance I got.I love the Hawaiian accent.

  40. Abraham S.

    The place is cherry renovated hard work dedicated . friendly staff right around.from the way in to the way out.and to mention there adult store down stairs is amazing anything you want it’s there..For the great memories thanks HBN.I will always remember the good times till the day I die.alohas.

  41. rogerrab2

    We walked by & thought, why not? (My Oahu to-do list didn’t include Pearl Harbor or diamond head [been there, done that], I kid you not, going to a strip club was high on my list.)Four benches flank the small stage, so the girls get up close & personal. Few couches against the walls, this could be your buddy’s man cave. Fun, young, hype crowd, didn’t see any creepers (I guess we’re all creepers for being there, but you know what I mean — everyone was on their best behavior!) Five stars for two main reasons: music is a mix of lil wayne, Trina, bun b, pimp cee…that south shit sounds so good in this atmosphere. The girls really made our night. We saw 10-12 & all were super friendly, super pretty, had skills for days. Entrance fee: $5 for women, $10 for men. $40 for a 1-song dance.Would definitely return & would definitely recommend to a homie.

  42. Melissa R.

    Love this place! The staff and the owners are Friendly and family oriented.. Lots of beautiful women. And always a ton of fun. Couples and bachelor parties or just by yourself. looking too hang out and meet new great friends.. Enjoy the show relax and just have fun..

  43. Dallas

    I loved working here i had so many friends and tons and tons of fans. My rebel flag and country music was always a hit. Im pretty sure im the 5’10 white girl the person way below is talking about and yes i wouldnt dance %100 nude but I was also told many times how much everyone loved me because of it. I was fired in july for not being a whore and refusing to deal with a substanderd new girl which in the begining i helped out and showed hawaii, who also had my best friend, a very pretty girl Ang fired. From what i here now its a total whore house. Which is very sad because i always wanted to go back and visit, best i remember it how it was.

  44. curtis17

    Good times at Hawaii by Night…Hot chicks who are super down and an all around fun way to spend some time in Waikiki. You won’t regret the time or the $$ you spend. It’s worth it!!

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