Tiffany’s Dolls Cabaret



10708 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452


40.9625602, -80.6600683




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tiffany’s Dolls Cabaret

  1. JOHNV
  2. Kira

    Come check us out. This place is awesome. Plenty of girls for every desire.

  3. james

    hot hot hot

  4. tommy

    beautiful club has a lot of potential hope to see it back the way it used to be

  5. don

    few dancers none exceptional,

  6. john

    top notch girls!!!!

  7. Star

    Found my new shooting star. stopped by to see some girls. And met star. Got a bavck room. was completely happy with that dance. she said shes there every other day.

  8. CM

    This iss the best club in all the youngstown area. Check it out.

  9. sinbad
  10. jd
  11. MIKE

    I was in friday night and had great time .Lots of new girls i will sure be back again.

  12. bb

    they have 1 attractive dancer , some nights they just have 1 dancer and usually not her 30 or 40 dancers is a myth

  13. van

    stopped in on a Wednesday 3 dancers best one was a 5 or 6 out of 10. don’t who previous reviewer saw unless he is a chubby chaser

  14. ky

    2 fair dancers 5 yuk dancers

  15. Great

    Stopped in the other night. The place was awesome. All the girls dressed like sexy elves and little misses clause. All great looking girls.

  16. Big D

    Wow this club has really changed !!! There are so many new hot dancers like Tyler Sasha Syndey Aubrey Nova,Oliva,Candy,Roxy,Cameron are just a few!!! God Ilove this club!!!!

  17. reguler 1
  18. den

    how did this place get a high rating ???? I went 3 times most dancers 4, best looking dancer was below average

  19. Tom


  20. Todd

    I had a great time last Friday Great club !!!

    The girls here are very pretty.

  21. WV Customers

    Club needs better management the manager bill trent got arrested for prostitution and drugs. Thay need to bring back flo

  22. Dave V.

    Haven’t been here in a long while. But it looks good. Girls are nice. New DJ and looked like new bosses or something. Got a 30 private room with Vanessa and I was not disappointed. Redish brown hair, couple tattoos, and a wild side.

  24. Cptman
  25. clarke moore

    This is one of the best ckubs in the youngstown area.

  26. xo
  27. Paul

    I had great time last thursday night !!!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  28. dp

    went last Saturday, 3 dancers only. At the door they said more were coming and they had 4 there. Never saw the 4th dancer and none came later. There were only 5 customers and the dancers were bored.

  29. bug
  30. reguler 3
  31. Columbus

    Classy spot

  32. Jim

    Lust, the bartender made the club all worth while. Stunning, nice “D” cups. I will be back to visit her again along with the club.

  33. BLack Rob

    Guys go see MARIA she is fucking HOTTT

  34. 89

    i just love this club

  35. Ol' Dude
  36. charlie

    there is a god

  37. jj
  38. Thad

    I was here on Sat Sadie is the best dancer in the club I will be back on Sat to see her.

  39. BILL


  40. Synonumous

    Its one freaken cold night tonight but had to stop for the night. Figured I’d stop in the club. BUrn some down time before I get on road again. This cold and icey and still good looking girls. Private rooms are nice and toasty miss Star showed me a good time. If your out this way stop in they have a decent amount of girls.

  41. cindy

    i really had a good time.

  42. Mark

    I was in Sat and I had alot of fun with Marie

  43. sean
  44. bbbbbbbb
  45. Michael McCloud

    stopped into the club on a wednesday night. The girls were very attractive and the club it’s self was classy. The girls were attentive but not pushy the general manager Mike and floor manager Meesha both came and said hello and made sure I was haveing fun. They need some drink speicals but other then that had a great time and plan on going back.

  46. chchc

    I was at this club a couple weeks ago. And I loved it. I was the only customer there other than this other guy. There were only two girls on, but I still had a great time with private dances. Does anyone know if they have a champagne room or something more full tilt and expensive. Looking to visit there and looking to spend more. Someone let me know.. Whats it like? how much? how long? good not good? thanks

  47. xcust

    better than the last 8 months

  48. jessica

    i like this club the girls are nice

  49. Tom G.
  50. very unhappy

    very poor club should close down there used to b good loking

    ladies there but they are chased away

  51. donn

    yuk no attractive dancers when I went

  52. reguler 2
  53. [UNKOWN]

    This was a great night lots of fun with a couple different girls. I saw one girl there that I haven’t seen in a long time. She use to go by Sayria or something. But man she got snatched up into a private room before I could get over there. ha well theres next time. This place is really coming back.

  54. ricky

    had a great time last nigh!

  55. Rob

    Had a great time. Absolutely One of my new favorites. Good

    looking girls.

  56. clarke

    One of the best clubs in the state of ohio.

  57. Joe

    Great time with santana

  58. Grizz

    Great club all around. Dances vary by how much u want to spend from a lil bit to alota bit. Beer is a little pricey but is a tolerable amount. Low cover charge, clean club and facilities. Room to park a tractor trailer right next to the club. (BIG PLUS THERE) Girls are spectacular looking and most are very friendly and dont just play friendly to hustle u out of everything u got. The only true downfall i feel that the club has is just becoz it is in ohio u cant smoke inside the general club areas.

  59. rick

    nice to see new entertainers had a great time will be back this weekend

  60. ROBERT


  61. ben

    occasional attractive dancer, rarely more than 1 looker if any

  62. harry j

    the club rocked last night i seen several hot new girls! lilly is smokin hot!

  63. Sherry

    My husband and I have chosen this club as our favorite in the surrounding area – including PA. The club has the best decor, stage seating, and clean bathrooms.

    We are always greeted by the staff and girls in a very warm hearted manner. Some of the girls even call me Mom. I find that so endearing.

    Customers are also treated VERY well by the staff. The manager, Beth is excellant at her job. She always makes sure the custgomers are well taken care of, and she is also very caring toward the girls.

    Come and join the party! It’s a GREAT nights entertainment!

  64. pk

    this place is closed

  65. mp

    I like the new dancers that are they very pretty.

  66. Russ

    I had a great time tuesday night with a dancer name Tyler

    nice girl.

  67. Frank

    I was at the vip party thursday they had at least 38 dancers there. Atleast half of them were new girls and they were hot looking and freindly !!! Good party.

  68. zzz

    the clubs atmosphere is better than it was

  69. Bob

    Had a great time last Tuesday !!!!

  70. Micheal
  71. Meetoo

    Unbelievably friendly women and some of the hottest private rooms you will find. Well worth the money and definitely worth your time.

  72. bart

    the best time i ever had

  73. frankie

    nice club beautiful girls!

  74. pj

    don’t fall for the good reviews they must be from the club no lookers only a few dancers

  75. Greg

    I was in last Sat I had a great time with Kim !!!

  76. Bobby

    Great club I will be back!!!!!!

  77. STEVIE
  78. Roy

    Yeah great reviews must be from the

    staff. Maybe 5 guys in the club. Girls

    were clearly and not in a great mood.

    Got insulted more than once and ignored

    even more. Again maybe a bad night.

    Still no way to treat paying customers.

  79. Eddie

    I really good time with a dancer name Tyler.

    I will diffently be back

  80. Dave

    This place is AWSOME Most of the dancers here are new and they are beautiful.

  81. Tiffany's

    Gentlemen Just an update for our holiday hours we will be open Monday-Saturday during the holidays; however, we are closed on Christmas Eve. 12/24 which is tomorrow. The rest of this holiday season we will be open everyday Monday-Saturday. We will see you all Christmas Day.

    Thanks And Happy Holidays


  82. alex
  83. Steve

    Nice club

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