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0 reviews for “Club 939

  1. ryan123

    Grinds over here!!! And don’t forget about the happy hour going on every weekday $2 drinks and half off the food. DEALS!

  2. Marcus

    Only hang out at this club for the bartender Tonya. Best barkeep in town

  3. Stephanie S.

    I LOVE this place. I come here semi frequently. I love the security, its one of the safer places you can go to. Music is great, usually. Weekdays there isn’t a DJ so the girls dance to the radio. Dancers are incredible. I have several favorites 😉 not naming names though. The girls are super friendly. The waitresses are kinda like poachers though lol, the second my drink is close to empty I have 5 girls walk by and ask me if want another. I’ve met the owner several times and he is super sweet. Can’t wait for next years calendar to come out!!!!

  4. Richard Y.

    Went here 7/17/09. Walked in, about 50 guys just standing around holding beers. No lapdances, no touching. Just watch the girls dance on poles and tables, thats it. A lot girls looked good, but not worth it.

  5. fritter17

    Most of the strip clubs in Hawaii can’t compare to 939 and they don’t even try.

  6. Franklyn

    I was pretty impressed with the dancers who gave a show that was worth every dollar for a bachlor party I attended.

  7. mike
  8. an old friend

    I love this club cus Scott blew me for 10 bucks

  9. Mary D.

    It’s a nicely remodeled place. The format of where the girls come down the stairs to the tables was nice. I also liked that the poles are go all the way up to the top of the 2nd floor. You get to see the girls climb and swing around like monkeys. Their strength was impressive. The moves, not so much. I know, it’s a titty bar, not a circus. But when I saw poles that tall, expected a more spectacular show than that.It’s overpriced and there aren’t not enough chairs. I don’t know how those large booths along the wall work but everytime a party left, they would clean it up and tie it off. So we couldn’t sit there. People must’ve not been “feeding the machine” cause i heard the DJ announce more than once that the chairs AT the pole tables were for TIPPING ONLY. lol! It felt uptight in there. Not relaxed where you can just sit back and enjoy the view. Next time one of my friends chooses to hit up this place, I think I’ll pass.

  10. maxxy1

    I give these ladies credit. I honestly don’t think I have enough upper body strength to climb all the way up to the top and hang upside down. My friend manages this place, so I usually come with friends and my boss. The staff is really nice to us. It’s fun to talk story with them. I hardly talk to the bartender because he kind of scares me -_-. I think one of the biggest downsides to this place is the layout. It’s so hard to walk back to the bar when people are crowding their chairs around the platforms. I mean, of course all I have to do is say excuse me. But sometimes people in drunken states watching naked women do not want to be disturbed and have to move their chairs.

  11. richard95

    Lockin and Poppin as I swagga into this here club! Yeah ladies…here the cobra comes with grips of money ready to throw at ya. holla! Okay…decent club. Three stages with girls gyrating every few songs. I unfortunately arrived 20 minutes before the club closed but hell yeahs! Beautiful asian women on stage exploiting their moronic youth and bodies for my creepy pleasures. But alas, I went home alone. Booooo!

  12. Christian T.

    Not knowing what lies beneath the closed doors of this facility, I didnt have too many expectations. I was in Hawaii for a Bachelor’s Party and we decided to hit this place up. At first, we didn’t think we would be going into this club but to my surprise we had the best times of our lives in Hawaii. I’d have to give the ladies a 4 stars as they were all pretty nice and not too pushy. But damn, I’d have to give the bartenders and waitress a 5.69 stars. These ladies were really nice to us and we were equally nice back. At first the bouncer wasn’t so nice but after awhile he is down right cool. He even hooked us up during one of the nights. Rolling out here when I go back is a must, only if it was with the boys. “So you heer for dah 3rd tine brah””Why not?”

  13. michael k.

    Remodeling a few years back may be the only plus. Girls are very fast to suck up drinks and the club is overpriced. Has degraded since it opened a few years back.

  14. Jason M.

    My fave when it comes to strip clubs. “Couples friendly” place, not ridiculously crowded, and hot dancers. They actually have really tall stripper poles there where the girls can really show off some skill. Nothing says hotness like a hot woman showing off a hot body while performing amazing feats of physical strength 10 feet in the air merely hanging on! Love the atmosphere, comfy chairs & booths, decent lighting, ample parking ($5), and awesome performers!

  15. Ruby

    I worked at this club during spring and summer and i must say i absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. The staff is wonderful and management always makes sure the girls are the ones who make the money. There are no stage fees, people tend to tip more then California where I danced prior before 939. If you are looking for a club to dance at in Honolulu 939 is it!

  16. bobb n.

    my advice? buy a 12 pack and go to Pearlridge Mall instead. the dancers here are just average local girls. no talent.spent 4 hours enjoying the company of a friend and $3 gin & tonics (happy hour rulz) and as we got up to leave we realized there was not ANY talent worth turning around to watch the entire time we were there. seriously, a titty bar with only A and B cups? really. not one C cup in the house. kinda surprising that 5s and 6s have the confidence to get nekkid in front of people (is it drugs? idk)the parking nightmare didn’t help either.

  17. Rose B.

    Nice place. There are 3 stages with a pole at each one and there are chairs around the stages, so you don’t get to choose or have any girls to yourselves like how Femme Nu and Rock-Za are. It totally reminds me of alike a showgirl type of club. It’s definitely an upper scale strip club compared to Femme Nu and Rock-Za. My friend tried to order water, but they only sell it by the bottle and it’s $4… For water! The girls are definitely talented with all the pole work, which was very entertaining, and it takes quite a while for the girls to take anything off. So if you wanna see the whole package, you better make it rain on these girls! I think the club would be a great place for bachelor/bachelorette parties, bday parties, basically a place to celebrate occasions and have fun with strippers. But if you’re just hanging out on a random night, or if you’re like me where I don’t like to share strippers and like the intimate feeling of a stripper dancing only for you, I would prefer you stick to going to Femme Nu and Rock-Za.

  18. Sheryl N.

    Not bad, clean and the girls were pretty talented. I came down here for my friends birthday at his request. The first couple of cute girls came by, but weren’t really great; they didn’t really strip either. They pretty much just strutted their stuff and danced around. The next couple girls came by, looked alright; but man were they talented. I thought one girl was gonna hit the ground and smash her head! LOL.But hey, good entertainment; my friend was pleased. Drinks are pretty expensive but what do you expect, haha; not too strong either.

  19. Harrison69

    Girls with tricks.’Nuff said.The ceilings are pretty high, so it’s exciting to watch them girls climb them poles!Also, if you’re down for a table dance, 939 is the spot. Each booth is fully equipped with an over-table bar thing for a semiprivate table dance. It’s not really private, but you and your table can get up close and personal with the “hottie” of your choice.

  20. Mike W.

    Been here a few times with various friends. They do have a happy hour with half-off drinks 4-8 pm. No cover during happy hour, the rest of the time it’s $7 with a local id. Cover includes $5 towards a drink. The staff is friendly and hot. I didn’t see an asian girl there (staff or dancer) I didn’t want to see on stage. The waitress I had last time was good fun to talk to and was prompt on serving our group. The girls are fun to talk to and very engaging on and off stage. If you want a more personal experience go when it’s not so crowded. Over all, always enjoyed the club and atmosphere.

  21. Josh N.

    Not a bad place to go for a fun night out. Most of the dancers are attractive though this is a very “hands off” strip club. The dancers are polite but if you touch one or take a picture or don’t tip you’ll be out the door pretty fast.The playlists are generally very hip hop, the decor itself is clean and nice. The food menu is spectacular especially for a club of this nature. The cover is kind of a drag but it keeps the low lifes out.

  22. Princess D.

    this is my home away from home.. loves it there.. door girl nikki is hot, i heart stew and jon and colorado… theyre the bestest ever.

  23. Raych D.

    As long as I’ve been living on Oahu I’ve never really been into strip clubs…I guess because most times I’ve gone was always for a guys birthday or bachelor party so a lot of times I was always surrounded by lots of rowdy guys. Or it could be because after being in Vegas’s strip clubs it doesn’t compare to Oahu’s one?? One thing for sure tho I’ve started visiting more strip clubs during the past few months with a lot of my coworkers. And as a birthday surprise after my birthday dinner they brought me here. One of my friend knows the owner so one quick phone call and we had our table set, and so was our entrance. We ordered shots after shots and watch a lot of strippers give me all my birthday dances. These girls are pretty talented as far from the other Oahu strip clubs. And they all use the poles which they climb, slide and even make cleaning the pole look sexy…The venue isn’t bad to, it’s fairly big and they play decent music. The waitress and girls are all super friendly and nice….definitely my “to-go” strip club on Oahu!

  24. Janet K.

    Out of all the Hawaii strip clubs that I’ve been to, I’d say this is where the “talented” girls are. These girls actually use the poles. They climb up to the top, slide down backward and land doing the splits. I mean C’MON! Sure, it takes a little more for the panties to drop, but there is a BIG difference from these girls and the ones at Electros! Femme Nu girls were hot at one time, but quality went down there. So now, it’s all about the talent! I’m not sure how much cover is because we always get in free. One of my friends knows the owner so he hooks it up. We always get a table and sometimes we order bottle service. Table dances are $20 on weeknights. That’s always fun because you can call different girls over to dance for you. We have our favorite girls. There’s one in particular with a nice personality and sparkly glitter on her vajayjay. She’s super flexible and by far the best girl there. I forgot her stage name though.

  25. Lucas N.

    This is the worst club! The bouncers were such jerks for no reason, they just loved the power of being an ass. We spent over $300 for a bottle then one of our friends got kicked out because he was swaying, what do they expect, we were drinking. DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB!

  26. bobbyg

    excellent- the best in hawaii!

  27. IluvGirls

    Definitely the best strip club in Honolulu – RockZa is good, Femme Nu OK, but 939 is nice, which is often hard to achieve in a strip joint. As of September 2010, I know of no other good strip joints on Oahu beside those 3, but I haven’t been to them all. Tonya (spelling?) is an excellent bartender there at 939. Go before 8:00 PM and there’s no cover charge, Coronas are $2 – $5 after 8. Suede is a super-hot cutie dancer. It’s clean, security is good, but like all strip joints in HNL it’s too dark, can’t see what you’re there for – WTF? Anyway, they get on a good party atmosphere, but you can’t see much if you just sit at the bar, and if you sit at one of the 3 “pole tables”, you gotta feed dollars or you are moochin off your neighbors. So get ready with those one’s, or better, wait for the girl you like to get on stage and drop a ten or twenty so you can relax a bit – hey that’s the deal. But really, there are some gorgeous babes there – check out Suede – plus some not-so-great babes, but to each his own right?

  28. eddyL

    This place was kind of gross. The guys that come here are total creeps but what can you expect from a strip club. The girls here are okay. There was one girl who looked like she was 12. I didn’t think the girls here could actually dance. I probably could have gone up on the pole and did a better job. If you brought your receipt to the bar, you could get like $2 off a drink so that was cool.

  29. Susan F.

    I am not impressed with this place. Ok, yes… I’ve been here several times and they have a decent happy hour which serves free food (Not sure if they do it anymore, but they did awhile back). Ok, yes the girls have a lot more talent as far as climbing poles but I don’t get the type of “service” I would at other naked lady bars in town. Yes, they do the whole acrobatics and stuff, but really I don’t care about that as much as seeing a nice set of boobies or @ss in my face. If you’re just there to watch the ladies acrobatic moves, I suggest you go to a fit for a godess class because you don’t get much of a “showing” here. Now, that I’ve gotten that out of the way, the real reason for the crap review is because the restroom is nasty. Moldy toilets! Yes, it is a lot nicer than Femme nu and Rockza, but it was dirty. I mean really dirty.I’ll skip this joint and go somewhere that I can get my $1 worth.

  30. Karley

    I was really impressed with the dancers who did the awesome pole tricks. It is amazing to see some of the girls working the pole. A good place to go for some real entertainment.

  31. adamrod

    this place sucks a**the girls that was working the night we went were so snobby and omg stop talking and just dance!the only good dancer there was symone she was amazing!left early that night cuz that place was a major bore!

  32. winston12

    i think it was like 7 or somethin to get in and they give you a receipt that either gets you a free or discounted drink (Cant remember.) the drinks are good. NO they dont let you bring your flasks or knives into the club (im referencing one of my less thoughtful friends) but they will hold that stuff for you behind the counter.

  33. curtis17

    First time there, a gentlemen’s club. Loved it. Clean, spacious, great music. Great atmosphere. Caught the cab with friends and had a great time. Thank you to my friend, Sean, for everything. Had an awesome time!! Going back Friday!!

  34. nickstrip

    I came here with the wifey and some bro’s after a night out. You pay the cover and make it rain on ’em. Rain – Why I won’t take the wifey again. I think she took the “make it rain” phrase literally because once we sat down she had about $350 – $400 in singles while I went and got our drinks. I swear to you, I was gone no more than 7 minutes and as I was walking back I noticed a few dancers near our area. I was thinking to myself, bringing a female does attract the dancers to your table. What I didn’t realize was that she literally made it rain. When I returned, she was like I need more money. More money? WTF happened to all the money you just had. Hehehe I made it rain. I was like no you didn’t, stop playing. You don’t make it rain. That’s for videos and hip hop stars. Regular people like us don’t make it rain. SMH. 7 minutes and already $400 gone or as some might like to put it, in some young girl’s “college” fund.All good though, we stayed, had a few drinks, tipped the dancers some more and taught my wife a lesson on how to be like all the regular joes that go to strip clubs and make the ladies shake that money maker for them bills. No beef, no drama, just a chill spot to kick it. I don’t remember if the ladies looked nice or not, I’m sure they got some nice ones in there though. Check it out if you get the chance.

  35. Itchy Booths--yik

    The Club has a variety of Hot women. It is very uptight here. You must spend money and just enjoy the dancers and hostesses. This is not a great place to work, as it is injury prone and there was no health or workman’s comp as at other clubs since this is a JOB in Hawaii for entertainment. Most people complain about the private dances with a bouncer in the room with you. I lost clients due to $600 charge on piss WARM champagne. They keep pay.

  36. Eric S.

    I have been to this gentleman’s club quite a few times. Every time I make it out. There are plenty of beautiful women and also plenty of alcohol flowing. I have went with groups and everyone has a great time. The bottle service is not to overly expensive. It is great for groups and cheaper then buying single drinks. The wait staff is always very friendly and helpful. This place is the best one on the island hands down.

  37. danielson

    Ended up at this strip club by the uber driver recommendation. Biggest mistake. Lost sorry short, I paid my friends tab, who was out of money due to the fact that they charge like an atm so he hit his limit. His drinks were $53. I had over $200 cash on me which I changed to singles. I didn’t want to pay his drinks with my cash so I used my card. Needless to say, the next morning I had almost $500 charged to my card, in split “withdraws, that I never had swiped for. I will never be going back and recommend others to keep track of their bank accounts if used here.

  38. mitch
  39. jesse

    939 Is one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The girls are wonderful and great dancers. They go out of there way to make shur that you have a good time(Asia thunder is the girl to see).The security is always on point. Great place to go to and have a great time.

  40. fuckery12

    I had 3 vodka/sodas and was projectile vomiting all morning. Either my drinks were spiked or I caught the flu at the strip club…I’m thinking the former. The girls are okay but nothing special. They don’t really talk to you to make you feel special. You can tell they’re only money hungry and aren’t willing to fake it like they’re not. Femme Nu is better because the girls at least interact and get to know you somewhat. Not to mention, you throw down some serious money to see anything. It takes them forever to get naked. The only good thing about 939 is the fact that the strip club is like the Cirque Du Soleil of strip clubs. They’re like naked acrobats. That’s it. Save your money this place sucks.

  41. Kelly
  42. mathewater12

    Went there last night, 10 dollar cover charge wasn’t so bad for me, it was a nice place on the inside, 5 dollar beers and some of the cutest girls I have seen in a strip club in awhile. Not all of them were so friendly though, one in particular didn’t even smile while she was trying to get money from me and my friend, basically expecting the money even though she wasn’t trying to work for it. Overall though, it was a good experience. Just a shame that hawaii doesn’t allow lap dances.

  43. Otter

    Layout of the club is nice, drinks are reasonably priced, and some of the dancers rate above average. Couch dances are horrible. The bouncer sits in the room and there is no contact. Stop for a drink or the view but save your money on the backstage experience.

  44. Ethan T.

    Is this the best way to show that I’m a pervert? OR… the victim of being dragged out to places like these?! Hint: Correct answer is the latter.Okay bear with me, I feel sleazy reviewing this place. But only he whom hath not been to a strip club ever may cast the first stone!I hardly ever get dragged out to 939, I have 3 sets of friends, and oddly, they all enjoy different strip clubs. But tonight, I was out with my cousin and her boyfriend and his coworkers. They’re cool guys who work at the shipyard and most of them are bachelor’s, so hanging out with them here was worth the teeth pulling it took to get me here.What I like about the place is the atmosphere, by that I’m referring to the cleanliness, spaciousness, and lights/sounds… NOT the half naked ladies. The ceiling is high and the poles are amazingly tall which allow for a bunch of pole tricks. The place isn’t brightly lit, but its to the point where you can at least see what you’re doing without having to bust out the cell phone for some extra lighting. The music isn’t too loud, where you have to talk loudly to someone next to you. And the booths/tables are big enough to the points that you don’t have to be elbow to elbow with some other dude. The staff is great too! I didn’t know I couldn’t text near the stage, I was told in a nice and kind voice by the big security guard that was against the rules and that I would have to move off to the side. First nice security guard at a club, I’ve met in a LONG time! What i don’t like about the place… $5 parking. Most places like these are $3 or under or have the option for free street parking nearby. 939 has none of the sort. Also, there’s a leak somewhere in 939, following the heavy rains of the weekend, the carpet was damp. They had fans over an area of carpet, this left a damp musty odor in the air. Quite the unpleasantry when you’re sitting in front of a stripper and wondering if it’s her or the carpet. What is OKAY about the place… the strippers (which is totally preference, so take this part with a grain of salt). The club has a variety of ladies, from tatted up vixens to school-girl wannabe psuedo jail-baiters. They employ haoles, locals, asians, latinos, and even an ebony lady or two. Not all girls are your typical size 4 and under, some are a lot thinner, some are a lot bigger. And while I don’t mind the equal opportunity… sometimes, you just won’t see the girls you want to see. Unless of course you’re a regular, or you stalk them, or you just so happen to remember their schedule. CREEPY! But if you’re a random walk in like me, there’s a chance you might not like the type of girls on stage that night, they usually have 3 on stage and 2 walking the floor. Another OKAY about the club is the waitresses, they look good, but come off a little snoby for the joint. The waitress we had hardly smiled and avoided small talk. But that’s just one server, my experience with that is limited (again, grain of salt.)OVERALL, this place is A-OK! 3.5 stars in my opinion! Come here for the pole tricks and to feel a little less guilty for coming to a strip club, since this place can pretty much be considered the closest thing to a gentlemen’s club in Hawaii.

  45. joseph1k

    First…a Rose is just but a rose. This used to be Club Rose….. ahhh the memories….. LOL Club 939 is a great place to just hang out. The girls are true entertainers. The crazy pole dancing you can’t find anywhere on Oahu. You can watch the game on the wide screen TV or watch the girls dance. It’s all good here. I’m gonna guess this is what you call a “Gentleman’s club”. If I were a gentleman I would know….. anyone out there know??? LOL. You’ll have fun at Club 939.

  46. tonycluber

    First thing to note…. “Hotwheels” aka Brit is AWESOME. She does her routine in roller skates (hence the name). The girl can dance! She’s a beautiful, quirky and outgoing blond with a perfect set of boobies. Adore her. This is the “classiest” strip club on the island. I forget what the cover is, but I’m a good looking lady and they still charged me. The security guard was pretty nice, and the cocktail waitresses are super sweet and attentive. Don’t expect to be able to touch the ladies here!! They have an extremely strict no contact policy – respect the dancers! One thing that sets this club apart is that a good number of the girls know how to work the pole- they’re not just writhing on the floor the whole time. There are some pretty ladies here, but nothing outstanding, with Hotwheels being the exception. ;)For me, this is less a strip club where you can get down and dirty and more of a bar with half-naked ladies (they’ll occasionally flash their bottom half) preforming.

  47. fisherdex1

    We take iut of town guest here now and then from places that don’t have strip bar and have had ok experience however this last visit was terrible. We went on a Monday remembering it was industry night. Instead of being charged $5 per person, our out of town guest were charged $20 to get in and we got bottle service. There was 9 of us. This place would not last in Vegas. Not even getring starting with the bouncer that thought he owned the club. Would not recommend going there unless u wanted to spend money and be treated like a loser. They totally lost out business.

  48. Angelic G.

    Great quality, classy strip club. Girls look good definitely on point. Make sure you see the girl dance in rollar skates! Place is clean, great customer service on drinks.. Dancers are sweet and friendly.

  49. Daniela R.

    Bride & Groom to be and the group came out to this place before heading to Club Seven. $7 bucks to get in and we got 2 drink tickets. I haven’t been to a strip club since I was 19 so it was pretty crazy to come to this one. Better than the strip club I last went to because it’s not super dark in there, it has decent lighting and the waitresses there are good with getting your drink orders quick. Let me tell you, those girls in there are freakin BEASTS! They go way up on top of the pole and do all the dang tricks! No, I’m not a fan because they nakey but their strength is pretty amazing. Holding your whole body weight all the way up there with one leg, WTF!

  50. Garret

    What i like about the “Club 939 “is the variety of the girls : americans , asians , russians & i even meet a lovely brazilian girl “FERRARI” who really knows how to entertain , she is my favourite !

  51. Clayton L.

    One of the lowest values for your money in Hawaii. The physical surroundings are nicely remodeled but the staff, atmosphere, rip off prices, and rude management take it all the way down to one star.

  52. timmykilla

    One word: FANTASTIC. Club 939 is absolutely THE BEST place on the island to be! Classy! High-end! Spacious! Every girl I have ever seen working here is absolutely breathtaking & extremely personable. Exceedingly wonderful entertainers, and the staff/DJ are very professional. 3 stages and 15ft poles make for an electrifying performance from these ladies on a busy night! Also, don’t forget to tip these hard-working women, as they only make what you throw at them– and trust me, you will want to spend all you have after seeing what these beauties can do! FIVE STARS. Just outstanding.

  53. AssnTits5

    beautiful girls, great music, good drinks. Most gentleman-like gentle’s club on the island

  54. Justin U.

    Valentines Day. (don’t judge me)10 dollar cover!? On a monday night?! While it’s empty?! I guess the only upside was that the 10 dollar cover came with a complimentary beverage. Sike, for a Longboard, 1 dollah extra! There was one performer there that sure can climb that pole well. That pole had to have been at least 25 feet high. She went up that thing like one of those chinese acrobats in a circus…swift and ninja-like. She did this trick where she climbed to the top, did some pull ups, went upside down while dangling by her thighs, then slid all the way down head first making a loud screeching noise, then suddenly stopping with her head inches away from the platform. I was impressed. one slight mis-calculation could have paralyzed her. But luckily for her, I was accompanied by two doctor friends. Such daredevils here! Bravo Scarlet, bravo. Thanks ______ and _______for kidnapping me and taking me here. Never again or at least for a long time. Random thought:My buddy has this theory, if your music gets play inside of a stripclub, automatic top 10 on the billboard charts.

  55. felixnada

    This club was very open. The music selection was great. I do not think they should charge for ladies to get into the club. Also, I was the designated driver and in most clubs the dd doesn’t pay for their soda, but here they charged I think $3-$4 for a plain soda! The selection of dancers were amazing! I’m pretty sure there was a minimum of 20 different girls dancing! Pretty amazing. We ordered our first round of drinks and payed cash, also second round paying cash, by the third round we were running low on cash so decided to use my card…..minimum cc order is $50. They should have told that to us at the beginning! The bathrooms were clean. There were plenty of hostess’ asking for refills, almost too many kinda seemed pushy.

  56. S F.

    this is the only strip club I’ve been to… only because our group ended up here after getting too drunk at tsunami’s. the cover fee includes a drink, so technically there is no cover! I thought that was pretty nice. I’m as straight as a ruler so, I don’t get much from watching naked women dance on poles. but, I must admit that I was very impressed by their acrobatic moves!

  57. XhXeXy

    939 has a great line-up of performers; not only are they easy on the eyes, but they’re talented dancers. My tips are mostly performance-based, and the ladies of 939 deliver. The club itself is clean and classy as far as adult clubs go, and the staff is pretty friendly (even when they’re not expecting tips).In the mood for some adult entertainment? Look no further than 939.

  58. Angela K.

    Seats are itchy… like i could get Morgellon’s or something in there. Bad service…the servers seem to break up the company by being “selective”.Also, too expensive and the drinks sometimes induce vomiting…may be spiked.The dancers seem talented though with pole dancing.I know people who go in and other customers have stolen their purse’s phones.I was told by HPD and other people on Island to stay away from this place because there are alot of issues with the Owners. Not a place for the LEGITIMATE legal business person.

  59. Kelly G.

    Comparing to Rock-za, Club 939 is…* annoying because they only have valet parking. * more spacious, but it means I can’t get away with more* more drama free, but again more from the spaciousness and lack of “intimacy” except for at the tables * Has plush chairs, even away from the tables. Easy to get comfortable* built with much taller poles which makes for great performances by CERTAIN girls* more expensive. The tables are smaller so those girls ask for money every 30 seconds, not even a minute! Not to even mention the cost of drinks…*still expensive, even though there’s a kama’aina/military rate…of $7. Same price as Rock-za.

  60. Kana

    Went there this past Friday. Was entertained by the lovely Leona and the beautiful Ryan. The DJ played too much rap music, but it wasn’t as bad as the other clubs. I loved the variety of women – from the tattooed rocker chicks, to the sexy Asian girls, to the amazing girls who work that pole – Sahara, Asia Thunder, Crystal, Paige, and Leona. Would come here again!

  61. Moose

    I have been there a couple of times and my two favorite dancers are Asia Thunder and Leah. The way they work that pole makes me wonder what they can do with mine. Plus they are easy to talk to all the girls are definately not a bad place to go and support

  62. Jerrick B.

    Hah well this is my 2nd time going to something like this. 1st one I went to is in San Diego and I wasnt digging any girls and there were no drinks. But since I here in Hawaii my friend wanted me to go so I did. Pretty bad ass this place girls look real good and there all cool to talk to. Drinks are kinda pricey but im not too much of a drinker anyways.

  63. localboy123

    I wasn’t impressed. costly.

  64. XXXbeast

    A really fun experience! We went got bottle service for my friends birthday… We really felt like VIP. It was an experience we wouldn’t have gotten by sitting at the stage. The extremely talented dancers gave us personal dances at our table and were able to party with us!!! The servers were all great too, our server especially was efficient and introduced the best girls to our party! Her name was Samantha, ask for her!!! The club was clean and we all felt safe. Needless to say, it was my first time in a gentleman’s club (my bf drug me out as DD) and I will be back to 939!!!!

  65. james1412

    I love this club!High class Baddest girls in Hawai’i!!Features Popular Models around the world!Vegas experience In paradise!!!Hawaii girls are sooooo fine!

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