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220 reviews for “Hunk-O-Mania

  1. Jamm Jam

    yo, i have been looking for a club that has hot tranny girls? what is up anyone have any intel?

  2. T-wifey

    is this place gay-friendly or is it for bachelor party girls only…im a girly trans-gender slut looking for a hot stripper boy to dance for me and my husband? Maybe get a hot cock or ass in my face. Also wondering if I can wear my sexy dress and put on my high heels, as I love being a closet ho.

  3. Rachel Beach

    Hunkomania – Savage men – BP strippers – Muscle Men Male Revue – Male strippers Unleased – BuffBoyz – getpunished – 1000s of facebook instagram accounts- All the event brit Male revues – and the fake reviews to hide all the bad ones are all a the same company after bachelorette parties in every city. Half the reviews here are fake and for each bad/real one, they will create 5 more good ones. Ruining the bachelorettes parties and the male strippers biz one party at a time.

  4. Ceida P.

    Had the best girls night out at Hunk o mania. Staff was extreme courteous and accommodating for our party.The show got better and better each evening.I definitely recommend purchasing the ViP packaging and sitting in the front, you get the best experience.All the guys are amazing if you have a chance to speak to them! Def worth a trip for a bachelorette party!

  5. JueLz P.

    I usually don’t enjoy these types of shows but I have to say Hunkomania was world class. The guys were very talented and entertaining. We were celebrating my girlfriends birthday and they made sure she had an amazing time. She got her two lap dances from EJ and Katan, they made her feel super comfortable and absolutely showed her a great time. Armand the club owner was THE sweetest. He was so attentive to our party and made us feel like his special guests. Also the promoters there are amazing. Im usually skeptical of these promoters but Dino and Ryan gave us everything they promised and took care of us not only at entrance of the club (Le Souke) but they were attentive to us the ENTIRE night. Our night was amazing from the service at Hunkomania to our time at Le Souke, thanks to all these wonderful guys. I will definitely be going back.

  6. harryharry

    If you want to drool over guys, cop a feel, or pretty much just act like a dude whenever a hot body is around, this is definitely the go-to place. The guys are awesome and will make your night!

  7. anthony1

    We came here for a friend’s bachelorette party and had an awesome time – would recommend to anyone looking to have a great night with their girlfriends! The guys were very entertaining, kind-hearted and ripped. Come here on a Thursday, they put on a great show.

  8. danielson

    Hot sexy men and intense dancing! Came here for my best friend’s bachelorette party and she was hooked up. The guys are numerous and the abs are even more. It’s a mix of magic mike and just plain sexy dancing. Some of the moves were so much more NC 17 than expected! Definitely a very, very raunchy fun night!

  9. Aracelis P.

    This place is the perfect setting to send off a bride to be. We got the Bachelorette a “hot seat” on stage and watched the incredibly good looking men do their thing from the VIP table. It was very entertaining and worth the money. Just remember to bring cash because the bar is cash only. After the show there was an after party at a nearby lounge. Dino, a promoter, gathered some of the women and (either through the Hunkomania van or their own transportation) got them into Le Souk free of charge. It was awesome! We got a bottle of vodka and hookah for free. Dino was very attentive and made sure we were taken care of all night. Wouldn’t mind doing that again!

  10. Franceska B.

    It’s definitely an experience but most of all I am so glad my bride had the most amazing time!!! Thanks to Dino for the free bottle and hookah at LeSouk!!! QT you also get a shout out for taking care of us at the after party! Over all great night and thanks for making it as special as my bride wanted it!! Jordan you really kept the crowd awake and bit of a yapper but a good kind!lol!! Great MC!!! Thanks to all!

  11. tonycluber

    To start – the men are FINNNNE!!! Myself and a group of 5 beautiful ladies went here for a bachelorette party last night 9/13/13. When I was first getting the event together and reserved I spoke to a gentleman named Alex. He was extremely helpful and quick! Kudos to you! You come in and walk down a set of stairs into this large space with 2 bars, and a bunch of tables and chairs set up. Very nice vibe! We took our choice of the VIP table we reserved and got situated. Immediately, 2 finneeee guys came over to check on how we were doing. The entire night they were extremely attentive, I have to add. I can’t remember the name of one but the second was named AFRICA. Must I tell you again….. FINE! The girls and I basically stole home for the night and he was PHENOMENAL! Thankfully for me, I had the pleasure of a lap dance from him! Tooooo dieeee for! The show itself was amazing !!!! My girls and I were able to get the bachelorette onstage and she had an AMAZING hot seat performance! A few mentions that must be done are for a few of the guys! EJ (my favorite – & I nicknamed him my Turkish sex machine) is absolutely GORGEOUS! What a man-beauty! His performance was amazing and he was next to me during a lap dance and I was mesmerized. He is SEXXY! After the show we were around or a bit speaking to Armando and he was also among the group we were with. Extremely nice and charming. MO (short for Mozart) – extremely funny and engaging ! He is definitely an entertainer! One that had a performance all on his own who was wearing a baseball cap backwards, knee pads and a black best of some sort: he was also amazing ! Very sexy accent. I believe he was Russian. Also very sexy and what an amazing dancer !! Armando P. – our group absolutely loved him! He is Portuguese just like us! What an establishment he has going on here ! Kudos to you for being engaging and very nice. He was extremely busy at the end of the show and was ready to head out and stood back a few to chat with our group! Extremely nice man! There was an incident towards the beginning of the show by one of the dancers ( Jean Louis or Loise) that reeeeaalllyy ticked us off. I tried to explain the situation to the man going around with the raffles because I figured he had some sort of authority. He didn’t even seem to care. Extremely rude! The dancer situation and him really cost you the 5 stars ! Overall, a great experience. A bit pricey I feel. Also, there is a “mandatory 2 drink purchase”. People will go and purchase drinks regardless! There shouldn’t be a required/mandatory 2 drink purchase ! Kudos to AFRICA, EJ & the other Dancer I mentioned with the cap and vest, Alex and Armando . Thumbs down for the Louise or Loise or Luis dancer and the raffle guy!

  12. Connie F.

    We came to hunkomania with a group of 8 on valentines day!!! We had a great time . The guys are hot, sweet and have seriously abs lol! The waiters were prompt with drinks the drinks were mixed well and generously poured. The performers were excellent very well trained and extremely talented. I’m definitely coming back when I have an excuse to see some hot guys again… They’re all here lol!

  13. Sarah B.

    Amazing! What a great girls night out- epic place for a bachelorette! Defo recommend!

  14. Nikki G.

    I went to Hunkomania last weekend for a friend’s bachelorette. It was the hardest I’ve laughed, giggles, and screamed, in years! The guys were awesome as was the crowd. So much better than just going to a club for a bachelorette.

  15. Jessica R.

    I booked a reservation for my best friend jamie before she got married. It was very easy to book the reservation, to buy the tickets, and to get information as to what your options are on their website. Once I got the tickets, I got a very speedy email confirmation with all the information that I needed for the big night on the evening of Jamie’s last night out as a single lady!!! Brian called me to confirm the reservation and was very courteous. He wanted to know if there was anything that he could do to make the night even more special. He answered any and all questions that had. A table was canceled and we were offered an upgrade to a table for free which will definitely make our night even better they ever expected. I know that we will have lots of fun, plenty of laughs, lots of screaming, lol. It will be an overall great night!!! I would definitely recommend them for they’re professionalism and then ease it is to plan a great night out with them πŸ˜€

  16. Allison G.

    We went to this venue for my friend’s bachelorette party and this place was on FIRE!!! All the guys are really hot and put on an amazing show. I like how they interact by pulling up some ladies onto the stage. I was too shy to get the lap dance but the bride-to-be did and she really liked it πŸ˜‰ All the services were great and we had a blast!

  17. Wendy C.

    My friend held her birthday party here and just wow. The guys made me melt to say the least. I had such a great time I’m definitely coming back again. Luckily my friend is having her Bachelorette party here so I’m super stoked. The service was great. The wait was definitely well worth everything. Can’t wait to go back. I spoke with Brian, who was amazing. Super nice and helpful. Will absolutely be recommending hunkomania to my other friends when they’re looking for an interesting night to say the least. Lol. Have fun!

  18. F. R.

    Rented a “hunk” for my best friend’s bachelorette party this past weekend. EVERYONE had a blast. Nicolas was great! He was very professional and made sure to meet everyone’s “needs.” We told him our bride-to-be was shy and he made sure not to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. The room was filled with laughter and fun…it didn’t hurt that he was a cutie with a Russian accent. We enjoyed our entertainment immensely and recommend it to anyone. The prices online were accurate and girls were recommended to bring their own singles, which all of our friends did. Boy did our singles fly! However, they were well deserved. He called/texted beforehand to let us know he was on his way; it helped so we could catch our bride to be off hand. It truly was a great night. Thank you Nicolas! We’ll try and visit you in the city!

  19. Melody H.


  20. joseph1k

    What a way to start off the new year! We all went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday this past weekend. It was the first time for all of us and we all had an amazing time! The birthday girl got the special treatment from the hot asian hunk when she was put on stage in the hot seat! Whewwww! The guys were all so attractive and the service was very attentive. Overall great time!

  21. Anhen A.

    I had such a great time here with all the male strippers here at hunkonania. I was here for my birthday party and got a VIP table and had the best view. The show was very entertaining and kept me cheering. The asian male stripper was so hot! All of the guys were such good dancers. I can’t wait to come back.

  22. LaToya E.

    We decided to add this place to the agenda for our girls trip to the city after hearing the dancers perform on CosmoRadio (Sirius/XM)! It was quiet the show to listen to over the radio waves so i knew I HAD to see it for myself in person! Leading up to the event the manger was super helpful in setting up the reservations and helping prepare everything for our large group! There was 30 of us that wanted to go to the show (out of 100+ on the trip) and I cant imagine that its an easy task to set up such a group, but Armando was such a breeze to work with! We were also promised “special” surprises throughout the night since they loved our group so much!! Once we got there we were greeted promptly and let into the club.. four at a time which was a little odd but it didnt take much time to get in since we were a VIP group and had a special seating area. before the show started the wait staff greeted all of us took drink orders and shimmied a little for their We were able to put two girls on the hot seat from our group and both times it was quite entertaining!! We also had plenty of lap dances in our group which some of the girls LOVED some of them were a little nervous as it was their first time (MINE) and was a special experience!! Overall it was a fun experience, the dancers were hot, fun and even asked for names so they could address girls by name which i thought was fun! If i had to make one complaint it would be that i wish the stage was raised. We sat on the sofas behind some tables and when the dancers laid on the stage or knelt you couldnt really see them. other than that it was a fun experience and im glad i did it!

  23. Maria C.

    I took my best friend here for her Bachelorette party and it was great. As her Maid of Honor, I definitely got her good. She didn’t expect a thing. We got the Ultimate VIP Table Package for 12 people which came with VIP entrance, a bottle of Champagne, a toy for the bride, a hot seat for the bride, a photo for the bride with the HUNKS, and two lap dances. The wait outside sucked but once we got inside, the fun began. The HUNKS immediately started walking around the tables while everyone was getting situated. Once the show began, the fun began. The music was good and drinks not bad. The show was great. Seeing my best friend up there in the hot seat was priceless. One downside I really had is that the package included for 12 people only 1 bottle of champagne which meant like a shot of champagne for each of us.I do recommend to anyone out there to go and see this show. It was great and the HUNKS were definitely HUNKS.

  24. Daniella D.

    This place is definitely better than seeing Magic Mike the movie! It is the xxx of Magic Mike! The first time I came here I had an incredible time and it seems every time I go back it gets better and the guys get even hotter- the way they dance is amazing. My bridesmaids just planned my bachelorette party here and I am psyched for it! I highly recommend this place to everyone! Brian hooks us up every time! Any excuse to go, is a good enough reason to! XO

  25. Anikha R.

    Can’t believe I forgot to post this! Girl, what a night! If you want to treat the bride right, get a table, get a hot seat and watch these men skip around with little outfits! Who doesn’t like men in Itty bitties?There are also options for single VIP seats, but they’re further back. You want to stay where the action is. I’m excited to go again for another bachlorette event. This time I’m ready, going to get the girls and paint the town pink. Leave your big purse at home and bring a sling back. Keep in mind, bring cash and behave! Wink wink!

  26. Shannon W.

    Rudy was great! Dino too!!We came here for a bachelorette party and were given VIP treatment! ;)Dino is also a promoter. He took is out to a club after, free limo and bottle service!Such a great experience for all!

  27. Judy C.

    I had such a great time here with all the hunks at Hunkomania. The dancing was all on point and so well choreographed. My favorite was the Italian stallion EJ and the Asian guy Katana. They were such cuties!I’m definitely making plans to come back for seconds πŸ™‚

  28. brandonresh

    I went to visit Ny this past weekend for my friends 31st birthday. I had planned this trip for months. I did a lot of research on this place before I came. I was a little skeptical but I figured we’d give it try, why not? I have to say, it was an amazing night! We were greeted immediately and everyone was very friendly. The men were funny and attractive. We had a lot of laughs. The only thing that I wasn’t very fond of was the expensive drinks. 12 dollars for a PBR is just insanity to me! However, with that being said the night was one we will always remember! We’re definitely going to come back soon! Ladies, I definitely recommend this place for any occasion at all or for just a weekend of fun!

  29. Carmen R.

    We were here last night again this time for my bachlorette. I had an awesome night, lots of fun. We spent lots of money because all the girls in my group wanted a lap dance and the girls paid for the hot seat at the door. Get the hot seat online before the day of your show because it is a huge difference in price. It’s $50 online and $100 at the door and for the lap dance, it is $20. Each drink I think was $11. We also went to the after party which was fun. Dino took care of us with that, he was amazing. Thank you Dino and Brian. You made my bachlorette better than what I expected.

  30. Anne Lorainea M.

    I went to the show Friday and had no idea what to expect ! I thought it would be just some show but it’s so much more, the guys are amazing and put on one hell of a night. ! One guy made my night the night that it was named Dino ! Dino was one of the dancers from the magic mike routines ! He hooked up me and my friends to go to the after party at a club he promoted ! He got us in for free with a table and free bottles all night right next to the DJ !!! He only invites the hot girls lol highly recommend getting tickets and as soon as you get there find Dino !! He will make your night : )

  31. G. R.

    They claim they are the best in the business , They charge you $20 additional to whatever package or ticket you have when you walk in . You receive two drink vouchers for the $20 but it’s not very convenient for someone who is under 21. Once show was over we were waiting outside for limo I had my bag on a car in front building looking for my cell phone,the once so very nice host was screaming get the F off my car , get out of here. I felt very disrespected by this person. possibly this was just an off night, thisis only my opinion.the manager/owner reached out to me, which shows they truly care about their business. πŸ™‚

  32. Jennifer T.

    Hot sauce! Gimme more!!! Brought our bachelorette here and couldn’t of asked for a better group of guys to celebrate with. Hawt.

  33. Cybelle M T.

    They’ve definitely downgraded. I went last October for my cousin’s bachelorette party and had a way better time and experience than when I came here on Saturday for a friend’s bachelorette party. We purchased the VIP group package and the Princess gift package. First, we were suppose to be given a bottle of champagne that was included in our package, but WE had to get it ourselves at the bar. What kind of service is that? We didn’t even know until we saw the table next to us with their bottle. They also ran out of champagne glasses so we had to drink out of plastic cups. Second, when my friend went up on stage for the hot seat, they did FIVE girls at a time. FIVE. That is too many girls at one time for one dancer to show a good time on stage. I’ve seen 3 at most on stage, but 5 was ridiculous. The dancer didn’t even equally strip tease each girl. Third, our package also included a lap dance so of course we picked the hunk that she wanted. When we requested for him to the host, “he left for the night.” … WHAT? He JUST finished dancing on stage and he’s gone already. We ended up picking another cute guy, who tried to hustle me in coughing up $40 for the lap dance. I was livid!! LADIES, the lap dances are only $20, so if these boys tell you to give in the free lap dance voucher + $20, they are trying to get your money. He just kept feeding me BS and eventually gave up. He continued to “dance” for my friend but all he really did was move his hips and left. NICE. Lastly, we were entitled 2 photos with the hunks, so we did one solo of the bride to be and one group. We find out they were only polaroid pictures with no marking of “Hunk-o-mania NYC” or anything!! This is the first time I’ve seen this. Also one of the photos wasn’t even centered and cut off one of my friends. I don’t know if they’re trying to cut costs but what we paid for was not worth it.

  34. Lisa M.

    So knowing some of the boys from our Military days my girlfriends insisted on going to see these delicious men.Dino took us in Le Souk to the HunkOmania after party where all the girls get in for free and get free drinks and chill in the area with the hunks. When I say Hunks I mean PERFECT sweaty slick bodies of massive beauty and rippling muscles. These hunks obviously spent their days pumping iron and many are ex military which makes it all the more mouth watering! Dino was the best and most sultry dancer, glistening in the darkness of your typical NYC club.. with promises of heat and passion lingering in the air.All the girls that go to Dinos Venues after the shows get in free and drink free in the VIP area…had to say it again since its such a plus! Dont know how he does it but he makes you think you are the only woman in the room when there are spicy hot model types all over the place πŸ™‚ Nothing wrong with girls who just wanna have fun, these HunkOmania boys are happy to oblige *fanning myself*.If you want some fun with gorgeous hotties I recommend the Magic Mike act.. Have fun girls!!!!

  35. Laura L.

    It does not get better than Hunk-O-Mania for celebrating a bachelorette party! I have been several times, and after seeing Thunder Down Under in Vegas, I have to say that I much prefer Hunk-O-Mania! The show is hotter, definitely way raunchier, and when you are able to buy your guest of honor a hot seat, it’s even more fun! My soon-to-be sister-in-law thoroughly enjoyed her experience as the guest of honor in the hot seat, and thanks to the help of Brian, we were able to get an awesome upgrade to a VIP table. Thanks for the upgrade Brian and we can’t wait to return for even more fun at another bachelorette party in the future!!

  36. Amanda S.

    I want to commend HunkOMania NYC on their amazing customer service! I was having difficulty making a booking for a large group so I called in to the customer service line. The gentleman who answered was so polite and helpful. He was genuinely excited that my group has chosen his club for our girl’s night out. He spent 10 minutes with me, making sure I understood everything to expect that night and asking if I had any special requests. I couldn’t have asked for better service. I most definitely recommend HunkOMania for a girl’s night out! They will treat you very well. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to see you on Sept 29!

  37. Jessica E.

    The boys were super hot!!!! The VIP completely worth it! I had a group of about 15 girls… We allllll had an amazing time … The boys were spectacular , sexy and respectful… Our favorite was def. Mike… Best dances & arms :)… Ladies you missing out!

  38. Z N.

    I was here for a bachelorette party and boy did it get wild. Miss bachelorette was in the hot seat and she’s so tiny the guys definitely had their way with her lol GOOD TIMES! I agree with other reviewers that there’s a diverse group of men. we were in VIP this time and the experience is much better. service was first class and the music makes you want to dance too. we were having so much fun we didn’t realize the show was over so fast! Make sure you take your picture with the guys on stage for memories!

  39. Catherine R.

    This was one of the most memorable nights! We went for my best friend’s bachelorette party and we definitely got our money’s worth. The guys were fun and very talented – this isn’t just some strip club – they really put on a show (and they’re not too bad to look at either!). If you’re looking for a good time, I would definitely recommend Hunk-O-Mania!

  40. Rachel H.

    Lotta hunky men, great drinks and cuties to top it off! My friend came here for her bday to have a ‘Magic Mike’ experience. We’re happy with what we got!!

  41. Liz V.

    Just got here–Pretty wild time but we’re enjoying it. Even if you come here with a conservative bunch (my family!) it’s a ridiculously fun and entertaining time!

  42. Michelle R.

    Let me just start with YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! The show was amazing and every set of eyes were on the stage the entire time. No one was having side conversations or texting because they were entranced with all of the *very* delicious men on stage. Seriously, they could all be on the cover of romance novels. Not only are they eye candy, but actually super nice as well. I was nervous about a lap dance (I was young and overwhelmed by all the testosterone) and the gentleman was so nice and told me to just enjoy myself and put me at ease. Their priority is you enjoying your night and it’s evident in every aspect of the night. Definitely have recommended this place to many people and will continue to do so.I will actually be attending this evening with a bunch of bridesmaids and the bride for an enjoyable evening

  43. Melissa A.

    What can I say? Eye candy all over the place! And ohhh what a sight to watch these men. Was a fun fun night. I didn’t read much reviews before so wasn’t sure what to expect I just pictured magic mike. And it really is JUST like magic mike. My cheeks (on my face) hurt after so much laughing. Went for a girlfriend’s birthday but it seems most girls are there for bachelorette parties. At least one bachelorette in a sash or crown went up in every skit. We were too late to sign up our gf for a skit but for $20 you get a lap dance and luckily she got STAN P :). PRICELESS.Make sure to have plenty of dollah dollah to make you hollah! Heck yes I would LOVE to go back here!!!!

  44. Jaime T.

    No complaints! It has definietly been a great experience so far! Great customer service and very well organized! Armando and staff have been on top of everything and has made it such a pleasure to make our time the best! I have no doubts that this will be an amazing show!

  45. Ashton B.

    My girlfriend and her friends went to HunkOMania for a friend’s bachelorette party. A few weeks before, I called ahead to try and do something special for the group. I spoke with an extremely friendly man who set up the party with a bottle of champagne and some fun amenities. I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and courtesy that I was treated with. Meanwhile, my girlfriend could not stop raving about the fun everyone had!!!!

  46. Crystal L.

    For my best friend’s Bachelorette Party last weekend, our group of 6 girls got a table for the occasion. At first, I thought the table was very small (like an end table/night stand) with plastic white chairs all around it but honestly, we came here to have a good time. And a good time we had!Before the start of the show, the club was playing disco music. I LOVE DISCO (!!) so I was getting pumped up already. During all the “shows” of the girls in the “hot seat”, I was semi-paying attention and semi-checking out all the guys walking around and dancing at the other tables. Like 1 reviewer wrote, “It is pretty damn funny”. I was 50% in awe and 50% laughing my butt off.I am positive the Bride-To-Be had a wonderful night. She said she left feeling sexy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, HUNK-O-MANIA!Our waiter, Anthony, was an absolute sweetheart working for his tips as well. Told us he was from Tennessee so we instantly felt comfortable that we weren’t the only Southerners.The Hunks are definitely hot and not all of them were built like muscle men, but everyone was pretty nice. You can find your cup of tea, no problem. Lots of smiles (it seems like they were having as much fun dancing for us as we were watching them).I wish I got to hang out at the bar a little more…. those guys are super cute!

  47. Sherry G.

    Soooo I’m so happy we stayed for this show!! we originally went to see the bachlorette, horrible. I had no idea what was going on nor do I know why we paid $55 to have to stand the entire time to watch a tacky show. I’m glad I saw the guys with tanks on and asked how to get in. So We stayed for hunkmania show and that was so much more Entertaining! My bride had so much more fun!!! Do yourself a favor and don’t do what we did and go straight for the hunkomania show.

  48. Amy D.

    A first experience for all of us girls! Everyone has been absolutely great with accommodations at Hunk-o-Mania. I received a courtesy text the morning of and a phone call several hours prior to the event to confirm everything. We bought a VIP package for our girl and are super excited!Update:We had an amazing experience. Service was great and attentive! Extremely professional! Several staff members welcomed our group of 5 to make sure we were happy with everything. All the Hunks were hot and wonderful performers!! They really work it! This was a great venue for our bachelorette party! I would recommend it for anyone looking for a good time!

  49. Veronica N.

    Hope my husband doesn’t read my review LOL!!!!!! Went to a bachelorette party for one of my good friends and OMG did we have an AWESOME TIME! The guys were SO HOT!!! Why didn’t I know about this place years ago for MY bachelorette party??! :POf course we got the bride the “HOT SEAT”, which entitles them to receive a personal lap dance from one of the hunks!! She was so red, and it was SO worth it!!!!! I don’t think she’ll EVER forget it!Service was just great! The hunks were great performers, our glasses were never empty, and we were really taken care of. The view we got was top notch too, so if you can, make sure to upgrade to VIP, it is SO much better! You don’t want to be missing out on all that up close sweaty hunky action πŸ˜‰

  50. Kate B.

    I have been 3 times already and have another trip coming up! I love this place and can’t wait to go back. The guys are HOT and were very helpful and accommodating with booking a large group for my next visit…can’t wait!

  51. Jessica S.

    Adorable guys for an amazing price! They definitely know how to make a bride-to-be blush. Guys come around to chat you up, and you’re sure to have an absolutely amazing time!I’d suggest this place for anyone wanting to go out and have a memorable bachelorette part. “Katana” and Jacob were adorable and amazing! They absolutely made the night!

  52. Deyanira F.

    I attended hunk-o-mania for my friend Bachelorette party on Saturday night and it was a epic night. I had so much fun my voice is now gone. The dancers were great I really enjoyed the show. It was worth my time I will be returning back here soon.

  53. larry1

    Came here on Friday to celebrate my birthday and my friends did not tell me we were going here. They even blindfolded me on the way. Anyways when we stepped in the first thing you notice is the absolutely sexy men all over the place. I mean every one of them looked delicious.. Each had abs of steal. Anyways so after getting sat down on the comfortable couch, the guys walk around, make conversation and offer to dance with you. They were all so nice all said happy birthday. The service was great, never had to wait for them to come over to order the drink. They guy walking around the shots gave my girlfriends a good deal on the shots, we were all good and drunk for the show that was coming soon. The magic mike type show was great, not only was there dancers on stage there was also sexy guys walking around everywhere. The music was great and every single person was dancing and smiling. When the show ended they gave out flyers for a club they were hosting. Me and my friends decided to pass but it was nice they have an afterparty. Over all it was a great experience. Sexy guys, good drinks, good music, and sexy guys!

  54. AssnTits5

    I’m honestly quite surprised to read the raving reviews – in fact I called my girlfriends to make sure I had the right name of the place we were at. Yep, HunkOmania was the place.So, us – 40 somethings, all single, professionals, disposable incomes. We were in NYC for my bachelorette – we decided at the last minute to ditch our comedy club tickets and check it out. We were so excited. We bought the VIP package, and bottle service – a 1k purchase. Watched the online video’s and read the reviews. We walked into something completely different – and disappointing. I had to keep reminding myself I was in NYC…and not Baltimore, MD.A summary of the “misses”:- we booked last minute but no one knew who we were or what we had purchased, at one point,we paid about 500 for the table and then no one knew we had purchased the $250 bottle service. I had to ask 3 people about it and know one knew anything – luckily someone jumped in that knew that we had made the purchase – when we arrived, even though we had bottle service and purchased a VIP package table we had to pay an additional 2 drink minimum / guest….- the website depicts a ‘show’ in a show atmosphere, we were in a dingy basement , there WERE some great dancers but the atmosphere was such that even though the insisted no one stood up, it was not enforced by anyone (security?) we had girls dancing in front of our 1k table!- our “VIP” table was position so that we were constantly blocked by waiters, other dancers and guests as they went to the washroom or bar – we gave up asking people to move- Constant ‘begging’ for dances and pictures – I get where we were, but we could not be left 5 minutes without being hit up to buy a picture, buy a dance – if you said no, they’d pressure you into buying a dance for your friend – even the waiter asked for tips each time he delivered a drink, more mix or finally for us ….”a little ‘tip’ “stuffed down his pants. He would have had a huge tip at the end of the night if he had taken care of us well…- restroom, one ALL women patrons the second washroom seemed to be reserved for the dancers/staff?So, if you are 20 and want to hang out in a basement with horny men who want to suck the money out of your mom’s wallet – go for it. If not, get out to an upscale joint, then men there will will beg to give you a lap dance but they will pay for the drinks!!!Cheers

  55. Cheryl M.

    Last Saturday had originally had plans to attend a different show (on the advice of a friend) and was disappointed of find out it had cancelled. Thankfully A quick search revealed Hunkomania was nearby our Times Square hotel. We literally bought our tickets with my phone while walking down 7th Ave. Thankfully we were still early. We chose to get VIP seats, the best part of which besides actually getting a seat I’d definitely the luxury of an expedited entry cue. The atmosphere was absolutely crazy! lots of girls having a blast, heartthrob guys mulling about, even the bar staff was “Hunky”. The show was fun, as the MC kept things moving parading Bachelorettes across the stage and light hearted with his own brand of “Cowboy humor”. by the time he show was over we were all admittedly a little wide eyed, but didn’t hesitate to accept the offer of an after party. we climbed in a giant like bus amongst other groups of girls and a few of the performers. them off to LeSouk where everything was comped! definitely couldn’t hang but we tried. all in all this place saved the day.

  56. curtis17

    First off let me say, I’m not a strip club going wool hooo girl. I was very prepared to be annoyed and out of my element. I can say I was pleasantly surprised. We came here on a Friday night for a batchorlette party. Staff at clubs tend to be rude, so once again I was surprised by how nice the people at the front door were, making small talk, and asking us about our night so far. We get downstairs, get seats and order drinks. 2o bucks for two strong drinks, that is a bargain in NYC. We also got a round of lemon drop shots that were made to perfection! And the bonus of having a fit sexy guy serve them to you, Priceless! Speaking of, these guys are hot, like jaw droppingly hot! Before the show started they had mash up of songs from movies, it was a fun Grease and Dirty Dancing sing along. The dancers/waiters interacted and danced along with us. The show starts, we got our Bride a hot seat. Once again I was surprised by how good the dancers were! I just thought it was going to be dry humping and shaking. But her dancer was like an acrobat! Backflips, handstands, lifting her up. It was so fun to watch, and she loved every minute of it! Hunk o Mania, has changed my view of strip clubs. These guys are not only hot, but talented. And really funny. I really liked this place, looking for an excuse to go back and look at some more eye candy!!! Extra points for the super clean bathrooms!!!5 sexy shiny stars!!!

  57. Jennifer I.

    This is better than Thunder in Vegas! I had a blast here and def recommend it for a bachelorette party! I barely paid attention to the stage there were so many good-looking shirtless men walking around! If you are in NY, you have to go at least once!

  58. Chi Chi O.

    Save your money. Ain’t nothing way too special. Bought a VIP tavle, should’ve bought general admissions like everyone else cause the “table” wasn’t even VIP. ALSO, bouncer kicked us out our “VIP” table once the show ended like really ?? Paid $500 just to be harassed and hassled smh smh

  59. Vanessa A.

    Couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate my sister’s bachelorette party and her farewell party! Our celebration here made her night! The service was top notch. The men of course were HOT! My sister had a blast getting special treatment when she was put it in the hot seat. I highly recommend this place for a bachelorette party or just a fun night out in the city. You will not be disappointed.

  60. Jordanp

    So Hunks O Mania WOULD be a great place for the ladies to go for a birthday, bachelorette party or just a regular good night out. However,what they do not tell you is that when you buy a general admission tickets even though it says to arrive early so you can get a seat it does not matter. Any person that has VIP WILL enter prior to any general admission ticket holder. They need to advise people of that.My party of 7 arrived an hour before the show and were made to stand on line for the entire hour while swarms of VIP ticket holders arrived, stood for 5 minutes and walked right in. I also witnessed girls walk up to the bouncers and say they needed tickets. They made them wait a few minutes then pay cash and ushered them right in. I get that Money talks but the entire line of general admission ticket holders sat and watched while most of NYC was allowed into the club. The other thing is when you buy a general admission ticket once you get inside you have to pay another $25 for the two drink minimum and they will give you a voucher. To which they are selective about what you can use the voucher for. Now at this point after standing in line for an hour and having to pay more money our party of 7 were made to stand in a corner( the only spot left) with purses and jackets piled on top of each other because the seated section was completely filled with all the VIP ticket holders and all the passerbys that decided to pay cash last minute. The floors were sticky and we were not even allowed to sit on the chairs by the bar. I would not choose this venue again. Looking beyond the horrible treatment the show was good and the guys were attractive but after being treated like a second class citizen why would anyone go back?

  61. Sonja P.

    This place is amazing! I brought my girl here who’s getting married. We didn’t know what to expext but the guys are freaking HOTTTT and so cute and polite. They have quite a variety of men here so get ready to sample a buffet jk:) I would totally come back, probably will when someone else gets married.

  62. Ebony C.

    My college bestie TJ hosted her bestie’s bachelorette party here. The dancers were extremely entertaining and fun to watch. They had all types of ethnicities and were all good looking with great bodies (Special shout out to our server Africa!). The guys here performed on stage and had girls brought up to the “hot seat.” Everything was professionally choreographed and the show was tastefully done. The only downside was that the line to the bathroom was long. With the 500+ ladies at the show I guess this was to be expected. But overall my party had a great time and I would definitely recommend!

  63. Tina M.

    Omg!!! This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for a flawless night an the most beautiful men I have we seen! The show was sexy and entertaining an never raunchy! Armand you were the best, thank you for giving is the best spot in the house, and you are such a nice person πŸ™‚ we are already planning the next time we are coming!!!

  64. Laura O.

    My only thing to tell you is – know what this is BEFORE you go. It is not a “show”. There are mostly folding chairs everywhere, with a couple of tables. One guy at a time goes on stage and brings up about 10 girls to do a dance on. While that’s happening, other guys walk around putting sweaty chests and butts in face for 20$. If you know what it is- go. But don’t be surprised when that’s the whole night.

  65. Wendaly P.

    After reading my review the manager of Hunk-O-Mania Jeffrey Ankerman contacted me. He apologized, offered me and my friends a VIP table on the next visit and gave me a partial refund. Thanks for everything Jeffrey.

  66. Ginger B.

    For $35 general admission plus $22 two drink minimum… got there an hour before show start just to be told no seats left for “general admission” tickets. Instead stuck standing in bar area. Not allowed to use seats in bar area. Stood on sticky carpet, no purse hooks at bar so stuck holding our stuff, we left before the show was over.

  67. Cat B.

    Ladies, this show is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered if you want to have a good time, if you’re in a slump, if it’s raining, if the weekday ends with “y”.

  68. Mari L.

    Please ladies be advised that this place is a complete rip off and very disorganized. Beware, if you purchase general admission and get there at any time past 8:00pm you will be asked to stand because there aren’t enough seats available for the number of tickets sold. This is also NOT advertised on their website. When I complained about this to one of the staff members I was told my party and I would get a table if there’s no shows. never happened even though there were several no shows. I was also told that everyone receives a phone call informing that if you arrive late you will be asked to stand. Never received that phone call. I was then told that If I wanted to get a seat in general admission I would have to be in line at 6:30pm…. Mind you the website says doors open at 7:30pm. We also paid $50 for a hot seat. And again more disappointment. The guy barely did anything probably because it was already 10:40pm and the show is over at 11pm so the dances were rushed. Please save your money. Unless this place goes through some serious changes its simply not worth it. Hunkomania please don’t bother sending me apologetic emails.

  69. Timothy J.

    This is by far the best male review I’ve ever seen, not only in NYC, but anywhere! The guys are in a word unbelievable. They are also extremely friendly and so nice. I’ve recommended this place and never had a friend not rave about the experience. Go with a lot of dollar bills and ready to have fun. You won’t regret it!

  70. rodneyerm

    I just left here extremely dissatisfied. Even if you buy a table, with champagne , you still have to pay the two drink minimum. It is certainly not a show as they can’t dance or sing whatsoever. The strippers are SOOOOO aggressive, you can’t even sit down for five mins without being harassed. They have no limits and will touch you wherever, and throw you all over. You really can’t just watch,which I found very annoying. The girls there are train wrecks also. The bathroom had throw up and literally a thong on the floor. I saw two girls fall flat on their face, and the Hunks walked right on by to go to someone else to make their money. Worst of all, it ended about 20 mins early. We were ushered out by security who was getting annoyed that we didn’t leave immediately. Place is a zoo and a huge rip off.

  71. Jacky D.

    I organized my mother’s bachelorette party here, and it was great! I brought a mixed group – some of the women were in their mid-50s and coming from NJ, others were a bit younger and used to NYC nightlife – so I was worried about finding a venue that would fit everyone’s needs without alienating anyone. I didn’t have to worry! The venue was fun and lively but not intimidating or pretentious. The men were exactly as described – hunks! Getting in was easy and Brian, one of the employees, was in touch with me earlier in the day to help ease our arrival (I had made a reservation in advance). Getting drinks was no problem at all and at $10 each, were reasonably priced. The best part, of course, was the hunks! Come for the eye candy, but stay for the…. eye candy. My mom will be married in two weeks but I know she’ll always remember the men from Hunk-o-Mania!!!

  72. Betty B.

    This is THE place to go to watch and spend some “quality” time with majorly HOT, BUFF GUYS!! This is a great place to go for a girlfriend’s birthday, bachelorette, or ANY other made up excuse to whistle at guys and touch their muscles all over, and don’t forget to squeeze their butts!! HAHAHA, I’m sure they don’t mind the attention. The show was very entertaining, I wish it didn’t have to end. You can see your favorite fireman, marine, and even a vampire! I also LOVE how they bring up girls to the “hot seat” and let them do all sorts of things up there – make sure if you plan to be on stage to wear a sexy, moveable outfit, with GOOD underwear! If you don’t want to go on stage, the guys also come around for personal lapdances. At the end of the show, you can take a pic with the whole group of hunks to keep this memory forever. Overall, this is the best place to take your girls, bride to be, or just for a fun night on the town before a party or to keep the party going!!

  73. Vivian S.

    HunkOMania is the best! My good girlfriend (the bride to be) is in the “HOT SEAT”! The men are beautiful and it is a great time with great friends! I definitely recommend HunkOMania for any party you plan!

  74. Astrid M.

    I am so excited to go to Hunk o’ mania tonight and it’s all thanks to Brian from customer service! He called to assist with our reservation and was extremely friendly and helpful! I have never had a venue that was so attentive to its patrons and he even told me about specials discounts for teachers and veterans due to Hunk o’mania’s appreciation for their service! As a teacher it is great to feel appreciated especially since it doesn’t always seem that way! Looking forward to a great night with great friends!

  75. Allison A.

    Came here for my best friend’s bachelorette party, and it was a great choice! Better than thunder down under! The guys who run this place really take the time to reach out and make sure you have a good time. I would definitely recommend for anyone planning a bachelorette or girls night out in NYC!

  76. Sabine M.

    It’s more of a R-rated Broadway show than a sexy strip show. Before the show starts, the guys walk around trying to get money out of you. One guy told me to surprise my girl friend with a $20 lap dance. The servers flat out ask for tips (which didn’t bother me as much bc I know people don’t tip servers enough). Also, the complimentary bottle of champagne is $20 to the bartender. Get on line at 7 or 7:30, seating takes awhile, doors open 1 1/2 hrs before the show for a reason!Some of the guys are really nice, others are a little too aggressive during their walk through before the show.We had a VIP table but didn’t get the best server or else he was really swamped. My friend said she never got her 2nd drink, and he kept forgetting our 2nd drink for awhile. Aside from these things, the show was good, I wouldn’t call it great. Would not go again however.

  77. Lauren G.

    This was a really great place to come with my girlfriends! We came here for my friend’s 25th birthday and our group of four had notime finding a great place to sit to see the show. Music was wonderful, service was great and drinks were very reasonably priced. The dancers were really great looking and the show kept going for the entire time we were there. We all were very pleased with our experience and I would 100% go back. There’s a free afterparty which is complementary and includes an open bar… this company really goes out of its way to exceed expectations.

  78. igor34

    I went here for a friend’s bachelorette party and didn’t know quite what to expect. My first thought was that the packages seemed overpriced, but I thought that might align with a high-end experience or that wrapping everything into a package deal might limit the amount of times that we were hit up for money throughout the evening. Both of those assumptions were wrong.Any time I enter a basement space with a group of women in this city I feel like we might be sold into human trafficking at any moment. This place is no different. The room is an expansive warehouse basement space set up with chairs and tables that I can only assume were purchased from a VFW hall. The stage is floor-level and the ceiling is low with seating all on a single level, which made it very difficult to see what was going on. The mics were set too high so the emcee’s voice was abrasive rather than a seamless part of the production. All of the production elements were half-assed and made the whole evening feel like amateur hour rather than a well-crafted performance. The opening number with men in (ill-fitting) uniform was inappropriate in that context (Proud to be an American paired with footage of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11… not okay in a strip club, play some footage from Top Gun instead) and not sexy – it set a horrible tone for the rest of the show. Service was slow, drinks were weak, and the dancing was unimpressive. “Super Stan” was the only guy who had any moves but I highly doubt that the character of Magic Mike was based on him as was claimed. Also, Stan is not a great stripper name and putting “Super” in front of it doesn’t help. The whole operation seemed to be an impersonation of Magic Mike – right down to the emcee in a leather vest and cowboy hat who, lacking the charisma of Matthew McConaughey, didn’t have quite the same effect. Things digressed as the evening dragged on until finally the men on the stage were wearing nothing more than fringed sleeves on their junk and literally slapping women in the face with it. This paired with lewd jokes about size made me realize that the gentlemen running this club have very little idea what women who are paying that much for a night out might find sexy. The bros in this place could take some pointers from high end lady strip clubs in terms of what this experience itself should be and would benefit from consulting with some women on what was and what was not enjoyable about the experience they’re staging. With the right setting and the right performance, they could charge more and would likely have more repeat customers. I doubt anyone in my group will be going back.

  79. Eva T.

    I went here on a lark as a human being can only process so much musical theater and museums. However, I was underwhelmed by this show for a few reasons: (1) The Chippendale shows I have been to have been far classier (and more organized) than whatever was going on here; (2) The email I was sent before admission made me think that seating is possible if I showed up early; It was not, the VIP bachelorette parties were first despite the fact that my friend and I were in line before many of them; (3) The show was held in a basement with folding chairs and little to no air conditioning; (4) The bartender was not feeling me despite the fact that I was waving my hand fairly insistently, so I just gave up on getting a drink at all and left it to my Co-Captain; and (5) All the dancers were pre-sweaty, such that when my friend came back from her sad lap dance, she had sweat stains in key spots all over her satin jumpsuit. After that debacle, she was mildly panicked so we hightailed it the hell out of there and I paid for my dinner that night with 50 one dollar bills. The general admission tickets were around $28 after tax and the required drink tickets were $20 total. Even if I was getting married, on the fence about my sexuality or had not felt the touch of a man in a decade, the money was not worth the sweaty spectacle.

  80. Yan R.

    What a night to remember !! There’s truly one guy that made my night what it was. He was respectful professional and very sweet ! Dino is one of the dancers and is also a club promoter ! He was one of the not so aggressive dancers lol a lot of the other guys are constantly on you trying to get you to pay for lap dances but Dino was very lay back and respectful and actually took the time to care if we were having fun the entire night, therefore I’m Only writing this review to praise Dino and his work as a nightlife promoter and dancer . The show was amazing first of all and the only way to go is VIP because general admission don’t even have a place to sit , Dino gave me a respectful sexy lap Dance and I got to know him very well . He explained to me that he is a club promoter that gets paied to bring hot girls to different clubs in the city . So he gave us a free ride , free admission , free dinner and free bottle of vodka ! Promoters get paied to give you free alcohol ladies and Dino is actually a respectful promoter !! So I highly recommend going to le souk with him. If you want to have a good night don’t be cheap and tip the guys but don’t get pressured into a lap dance you don’t want !! Dino , GQ , David were the respectful dancers you can count on for giving you a great experience !!

  81. Alexandria S.

    Omg what a night !!! We got the Vip package that includes lap dances , hot seat and champagne and it was a 100% worth it !!! I was very skeptical at first because of the price but these guys are so hot and put on suck a great show !!! I was enjoying every bit of it !!! 2 guys that absolutely made my night was Dino and GQ !! They are dancers and club promoters. So they invite hot girls that come to the show to party with them and the other hunks at different clubs throughout the city. They give you free transportation , free admission and free bottles all night in the VIP area of some the best clubs I been to in the city after the show !! Thank you Dino and GQ for hooking us up After the show and being the sexy hunks that you are !!! Enjoy ladies.

  82. Kristen S.

    We will be visiting this venue for my SILs bachelorette party and we couldn’t be happier with our decision! Brian was so helpful when he called to confirm our reservation the day before the show. I know that this will make a night that my SIL will never forget! Bring it on!

  83. Elaine C.

    Let’s start with this: planning an awesome bachelorette isn’t easy to begin with but planning one for a FAMILY member takes it to a whole other level. My soon to be sister-in-law deserves the best and now I can confidently say I’m giving her that by taking her here!This place has been an absolutely joy to work with! The customer service is definitely the best in their industry as I came across quite a few other similar venues in my search who were awful and a complete mess. Not this place though; Armando has made everything super easy, organized, and stress-free! I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for the details and thankfully this place is too. I know exactly what to expect, what to bring, and I’m confident tonight is going to be one we’ll never forget!!!

  84. Xiaolu H.

    Great time for my best friend’s bachelorette party! It was really a night to remember and we even got a surprise upgrade to get our own table! Had an awesome night!

  85. Dee L.

    Giving one star because that’s the least I can give, would have had fun if it wasn’t for all the people working there trying to rip you off. My friends took me for my bday, we had to pay 600$ for a table which is ghetto with plastic white chairs and included a shitty cheap champagne (mind you they charge 20$ to bring the champagne out) also included a hot chair (still charged an extra 100$ when we got there because it’s not included) charged each person 20$ for mandatory two drinks which when my friend went to the bar said it was too late they were closing. Then the guys keep coming up to give lap dances for 20$ bought our friend a lap dance and the guy stole 50$ from her hands besides the 20 we paid him. Overall cost us a 1000$ for a horrible night. Never again and I highly recommend all the girls to not come here unless you want to get ripped off!!!

  86. Jieh Ru P.

    I’ve been at Hunk O Mania for my bachelorette Party done by my sister and friends in AC.. the guys are hot they do great jobs. I had such a great time and for my friends bachelorette Party I’ll def choose this place for events to celebrate~~~ Music was great, they made us all happy and hint hint make sure to bring plenty of Dollar bills~~ This is great not only for bachelorette parties but also just for hang out~~ Can’t wait to visit Hunk O Mania again~~

  87. Uthpala W.

    Planned this for my friend’s bachelorette! We had the best time ever! The men were sooo much fun and GOODLOOKING! It was our first time and they made us feel sooo comfortable. Totally worth it and will def return! A must for a bachelorette! Ps we loved David our favorite

  88. Daniel G.

    Bought this for my fiancΓ© and they had the most amazing time. When I called to book the package the lady who answered and took the order was kind and helpful. I booked it just a week out and they were still able to get them in. She came back (tipsy I might add) and ready for fun. I would suggest this to any guy who wants to earn brownie points with the bridal party of his love.

  89. Charo R.

    I’ve always been talkative but for the first time i was speechless. The men were so hot and almost sweet…. I almost forgot where I was. Heheh shout out to the asian boy!!! Like like katana!!!

  90. Shelley L.

    My friends and I took our best friend here for her birthday. We’ve been here before and boy, the show is better than ever! They have themes now and it truly is a show. The staff and service were friendly. We sat in the front with bottle service. We got our girl up on the stage and the best part was stuffing all those dollar bills on her! All in all, it’s a great girls night out and everyone should hit up this place at least once in their life.

  91. fisherdex1

    Came here with my mother last week to celebrate her birthday and get her a little out of her shell. IT WORKED!! the guys were great, they were very lively, entertaining, and met all the needs that we had. The men were great looking and the drinks were strong. I have nothing but positive things to say. Thank Hunks!!

  92. Renata M.

    OK, lets talk about my experience here. I planned a girls night out for a friends birthday and thought it was a good idea to do something different. this place was the outcome. So, we paid close to $500 in order to get a vip table, a “free” bottle of champagne and a hot seat. Well, we were advised to get there early to get a good seat so we did just that. We got there early and was put at a vip table right next to the stage which was about the only good thing of the night. To make a long story short, the waiter sucked! he was so bad we didn’t even get to use our 2 drink tickets that we paid upfront because god forbid you get anything free in there. With vip tables, you’re supposed to get a “Free” bottle of champagne and when we asked for it the guy said in order for you to get it you need to purchase a lap dance. Absolutely everything in there you have to pay for. If you want a hot guy to smile at you, prepare to drop a $50. (JK, but you see what im saying?!!) There was a table in the middle of the room with about 10 girls that were barely wearing any clothing and that is pretty much where ALL the “Hunks” were concentrating on shaking their behinds on. The customer service at this place was the worse I’ve encountered in a while. I’ve been to other strip clubs for bachelorette parties before and this place needs a lesson from those places bad!! Very disappointing.

  93. Jing Y.

    I brought my group of friends here for a bachelorette party and I could not have picked a better spot to celebrate my friend’s big day. The guys and the staff are super friendly so I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good time in the city.

  94. Brendali C.

    Embarrassingly enough, this is like my 10th time coming here and every time its a different experience but always a great time!!!! I took my sister here for her birthday, and she was a star thanks to all the great service and the fun dance they gave her. Dino was an absolute sweetheart, make sure you find him! Entirely good experience every time. One word of advice, get the VIP!!!!!!!!! General admission is garbage and somewhere in the back. Me and my sister upgraded to VIP and had a little white couch to ourselves and a great view of all the amazing hot seat girls. Side note, the superman dance is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. La S.

    Are you kidding me? What a complete cheesy total rip off. I went for a friend’s birthday and they so wanted to go there, so for starters it wasn’t my thing.But here us why I didn’t like it$50.00 for VIP seats PLUS $20.00 drink charge. Felt like we were in someone’s basement. The dancers lifted up the patrons and they would hit there head.The dancers were ripped but only a select few had personalities, the others just stood around looking bored. I even saw one of them texting!The jokes were lame, the dances too. The boxer shorts or tighty whites with their names on it was unappealing. Save your money and go to a bar instead!

  96. Tere P.

    HELL NO! I was there with 2 other girls on 6/27 saturday night. I paid general admission, which I expected to wait for perhaps 20 minutes to get in, but not MORE THAN 75 minutes!!! We arrived at the place around 8:20-30 pm and didnt get in to the shitty club until like 9:45!!! Also, the VIP line was also incredibly slow! Im glad that I didn’t pay extra to be standing out in the pouring rain like those poor girls! I can’t get over the fact that it took us so long to get inside the club to see a shitty show. When we finally reached the inside of the club (dirty basement) we had to stand by the bar on the side, but couldn’t see the main stage because all the chaos. The strippers and waiters were good looking, but I WOULD NOT recommend this place at all, unless you wanna stand outside for eternity and be forced to pay $20 for 2 drinks, per person. Nope, never again.

  97. Susanna L.

    Super hot sexy and charming guys!! Had a great time. The long haired guy was so intelligent and our favorite πŸ™‚ definitely the sexiest. We arrived in a group of 13 to celebrate our girl’s bachelorette party. We had a “hot seat” in the middle of the show. They put on a real show that was a lot like magic mike!! Threw her on stage and danced with her for an entire act. The lap dancers were super sweet and caring. And CAN I SAY HOTTEST GUYS IN THE CITY!!!! Will be coming back here the next time one of us is getting hitched.

  98. Jen H.

    I know I was looking for a review of Rent-A-Hunk when I came to this page! I have never gone to the establishment so I cannot comment on that. However, my girlfriends and I thought it would be fabulous to shock her mom at her bridal shower, with a visit from a “french pastry delivery guy”. The theme of the bridal shower was Everything French. The process of requesting a hunk has been very professional. I appreciate that I can do everything online. The nice thing is that all the men has gone through a background check – whew! And the owner even called to confirm the appt with me. Our hunk, Constantine arrived on time. Respected all my requests – esp not to scuff my new floors with his boots and not to be too crazy because her mom was going to be there. He even had an amazing intro when he walked into the apt. The girls were so surprised. Met my expectations and more. I would recommend this service! Thank you for your professionalism.

  99. Lis F.

    This place was cool. A lil to much going on but what can you expect, its a strip club. Anyhow after the show a guy that worked there took us to an after party kn bleecker st. It was 9 of us and we all fit in the car. Everything in the after party place was paid for. Hooka bottles even food and champagne. It was so much fun. The guys name was JQ he was very nice and respectful. Lovely night!

  100. Kimmy V.

    I had so much fun here with all the male strippers here at hunkonania. My favorite was the Asian make stripper Katana. Like another reviewer said, he was so hot! I’m definitely coming back for more!

  101. mariko n.

    I had never had to hire a stripper before, and I was cringing at the thought of it, but Nicholas was such a sweetheart! I would highly recommend him to book for a “house-call” (ew) for his professionalism and good looks.Booking him was easy online through their “Rent-a-Hunk” feature (the only hitch was their pricing for Brooklyn – I had to call them to get the Manhattan price, not the Yonkers price).Nicholas was super communicative about his arrival time, and once he arrived, he waited for us until I got everyone in place. I had to tell him some house rules (no stomping on the ground, music not too loud, shoes off, etc.) and he totally respected all of those rules.I have to admit, I was scared of what he was going to do or what he was even going to look like, but he was very professional and sweet throughout the performance, asking me what everyone is comfortable with. He took the time to have a friendly chit chat with each lady in attendance, and made us all feel comfortable (as we took body shots from his abs. Ha!). And of course, he looked great in his tear-away pants!Totally recommended for any bachelorette party or any other party in the comfort of your own home. I promise you ladies, this one is not not scary and totally adorable and sweet to boot!

  102. Caroline C.

    Ladies, this is a must if you or your girlfriends are getting married or celebrating a birthday. Reserving the tickets online is a speedy, straightforward process and the staff even follows up with you with courtesy texts and phone calls to ensure you are ready and with some reminders for the evening. Speaking of, Brian gave me a call the day of the show for confirmations and he was so considerate and accommodating for our large party. The staff really goes out of their way to make sure you will have an amazing time. Make sure to purchase the VIP group table reservations, you will have the time of your life!!

  103. Karla D.

    Total waste of money, wish I could give this 0 stars. It’s a crowded basement with a tiny stage and too many people. Could not see a damn thing. Watered down drinks with a 2 drink minimum, $20 each person extra. Not worth it at all. So pissed.

  104. Franklyn

    We went to HunkOMania last night for the bachelorette party and it was even more fun than I had originally thought. When they say you need to get there at 7:30 even if you have a VIP table, they mean it. There are lots of tables but they’re basically first come first serve, and there are only 3-4 tables in the front row. Lucky for us, we were in the front. Being in the front is really the only way to do it because the stage is hardly raised at all so I doubt you can see anything if you’re in the back. We were given the freebies David had promised me on the phone and were even given free drink tickets from one of the owners when we complained about the drinks being watered down. As for the show, the guys had great bodies and were all very sweet. Our waiter AJ was adorable. My one complaint about the show is that there were too many “hot seats,” where girls go on stage and get danced on. This was the majority of the show. They were entertaining, but I was hoping for more choreographed dances a la Magic Mike. Also: make sure you have $20 cash ready at the door for your drink tickets. Yes, this is a pricy night out, but it’s worth it seeing my friend have the time of her life before she becomes a Mrs.!

  105. Meesh B.

    Worst run place! They treat women like cattle, herding you from hallway to hallway waiting for an hour to see the show. Only one bathroom for a house full of women. For a bachelorette…skip it, go to a spa instead.

  106. Vanessa H.

    Oh my! Not quite what I was expecting when I showed up for my own bachelorette party! But … We had a BLAST!! The shows were fun and FUNNY. The place was packed, so the vibe was very fun and festive. With the music going, it just put everyone in the mood to have a good time! And, of course, the guys! They were H-O-T!!!! When they came out, my jaw dropped and stayed open the whole night!

  107. kt D.

    So it’s been a while, but I have to say, I can’t forget this place! So my birthday, it was completely unforgettable!!!!! I have to say, THANK YOU HunkoMania! Crazy lap dances, wonderful fun filled shows & EXCELLENT service, very attentive waiters/dancers!!!! It’s been 3 months & I still remember the experience like it was yesterday!

  108. Dez H.

    Amazing time, amazing men, can’t wait to come back. We came here in a group of 5 and got a VIP table to the right of the stage. Our waiter was such a cutie and took care of us all night. They have a full bar so we started with some shots and to get in the mood quickly and then dipped our way through the show. There were 5 main acts with dancing, jumping, flipping, spinning, swinging… and I do mean swinging lol! I would totally recommend this place to any good spirited lady who’s just looking for a good time.

  109. Raff

    We came here on a Saturday night in a group of 14 girls, most of us being from NYC. We were celebrating my bachelorette party. Such a wonderful idea and a great time!! The show on stage features top dancers and the guys were all so sexy. I’d definitely come back here! 5 stars!

  110. Piyush M.

    The guys are so hawt!! Especially Chris and Ryan. Definitely a great place for a bachelorette party. Have your gurl have a great time before she gets hitched.

  111. Rohan S.

    Aight so David is dope, hot as hell, and so sweet. Hunkomania is WHERE you need to bring every straight single girl for a feast of the eyes and perhaps of the loins. Dear straight boys, I suggest up hang out outside for the leftovers of the extremely talented talent.

  112. Ai J.

    We came here on a Sat night for my friend’s bachelorette party, 6 of us, in our 20s, LOVED THIS!!! The guys were all pretty sweet, all VERY hot and great performers. We got a bottle of champagne and about 4 drinks each over the course of the night and were totally tipsy by the time we left. Drinks here are strong! The show was awesome, I don’t want to spoil by telling too much. Just go as enjoy:)

  113. Stephanie M.

    I normally don’t write reviews on male entertainment but being in a bridal party, I know what a struggle it is to plan a night out in New York for 10+ women. So I figured, I would write this and help you MOHs out and make sure you don’t end up in some sketchy place.I’ve been to Hunkomania twice now and going for a third time tonight! This is by far THE BEST male entertainment revue and I continue to recommend this place to all my girlfriends looking for a place to throw their bachelorette party, birthday party, or even just a girls night out. I’ve seen my share of shows not just Hunkomania and they’re just not on the same. These guys have sick bods, are super fun and accommodating, and know how to work it. There’s a Magic Mike here for everyone.

  114. moneyman2

    The show was cool. The drinks were horrible…Plus we had a table and still had to buy a 2 drink minimum.. It was a waste of money.. And the tix for drinks are only for well drinks which are the lowest grade and tasted horrible.. If you want a more premium liquor you had to use both tix or pay for it… Smh and the bartenders you would think would be nicer in a place full of women, but not they are just not rude but kit pleasant either this place is really not my thing, came for a Bachelorette party.. Wouldn’t come again tho..

  115. Christine J.

    Honestly, there’s not a lot of places that treat you to a good time quite like this. It was soo cool getting together with everyone and enjoy such a cool show with super hot guys. While I’m still single (alas), my friend (the one getting married) enjoyed an AWESOME bachelorette! Talk about hot dudes… for real tho. Sexy AF. I said HOT right? I just wanted to take one home with me… ^_^ The ambience was nice and the prices were to be expected for a venue such as this. I totally recommend this as a a place to go for similar events. As a matter of fact, I’ll be sure to bring my other brides-to-be along for the ride! πŸ˜‰

  116. Jennifer G.

    I had a great time… The guys were hot.. And the drinks were awesome..Get there early for seating the door opens at 730 pm.. A great time for bachelorette party.. Come and you will have a blast..

  117. Michele C.

    Called in to purchase tickets last minute for my girlfriends bachlorette shindig. I was greeted by Kelly!! Super helpful explaining everything. As a first timer in NYC she made it really easy!! We purchased 6 tickets and a hot seat for our girl!! It only took less than 10 minutes. So if any girls planning a bachlorette party and don’t want to book online or have questions. Just call and KELLY WILL HOOK IT UP!!! Cant wait for tonight!!! Super excited!!!Arrived around 830pm. No line. Kelly really hooked us up with a front row table. Best seats in the house!! Guys we’re gorgeous and really nice!!! Super entertaining!!! Only crazy thing is when some random guy will pull you from your seat and do a personal lap dance. Then after they want to be tipped $20.. (Ummmm helloooo I didn’t ask for a lap dance.) But nevertheless it was still entertaining! Overall the show was great!!! N would recommend this venue to any bachlorette party, birthday, or just looking for a fun crazy night!!! Oh and get the HOT SEAT!!! It’ll be worth it!!!

  118. Delia J.

    Had such a great time watch the men and stayed for the club!! Hello ladies best time with my girls!!!

  119. GarryWas

    This place is amazing. Last time I went, we had general vip tickets and were seated in the middle. The men were absolutely gorgeous. I had figured I would feel dirty after walking out but instead it was a very fun time. We were celebrating a bachelorette party and the bride to be had an incredible time. We missed out on getting pictures last time but luckily my sister is getting married and will be having a bachelorette party here. Def hope to see the Asian male stripper tonight as he was definitely one of the hottest.

  120. Kat M.

    Ladies ladies ladies! Calm yourselves. The man candy ranges, the drinks are WEAK, and pricey ($9 for a canned Coors Light!), but the music…oh the music is AWESOME!Upon arriving, we waited in line to get in while ahole haters would pass by and make crude comments to the ladies waiting to get in the building. After giving the lady your ticket, you’re waiting in yet ANOTHER line to pay $20 for a two drink minimum on top of your admission. Ok. You’re then led to seats for you and your lady friends. Once everyone is seated, the show begins. (Actually, the show begins when you sit down, if you like to people watch and see the half nakey man candy rub up against other ladies who don’t want to wait.) Half nakey waiters come around and take your drink order ($5 for a bottled water, beer not part of the 2 drink minimum deal, just house drinks, and premium drinks – expect to pay more.)The show is exactly as described. A house full of hunky men ranging in looks – all with super soft skin, and all with lovely bodies/ABS/ARMS. Ladies – there is SOMETHING for everyone. Trust me. If you’re not much into the strippers but you’re there for supporting your bachlorette/bday girl, you can sit back and enjoy the show. Also, they will come up to you and be aggressive. I’m not personally into it, but my lady friends and I enjoyed people watching (strippers all over the lovely and willing ladies). The dances they had on stage were nice nice nice too. Some of the hot seat performances for the ladies (interactive) were …. ummm…. weird. Some were fun, others were tame, and others….oh ..well…let’s just say, that there was one stripper just feeling the woman’s boob while she was in the hot seat. A little wierd…but she was turned on. Anywho…Also, this location is crap. I went to another hunkomania show a few years back when it was in the old church. I prefer that place over this one. This is too stuffy and dimly lit. Meh. It’s a fun night ladies. Go for a laugh – there are ladies 18 – 60s. Love it!

  121. Natasha W.

    Great time with the girls..Great after party too! πŸ˜€ awaiting a return visit!

  122. rickywho2

    Had such a great time!! The guys were so hot and hunky!!! Had such a blast!! A night I’ll never forget!!!! Can’t wait to go back

  123. nickstrip

    Wow, called in to check out what’s on … I called 1866 USA hunk since my birthday is comming up. The receptionist was rude as sh*t. Point blank. She cut me off, raised her voice as if she annoyed by the same questions being asked. Horrible service. Won’t waste my time or money here if the intial person I spoke to made me feel unwelcomed. Me and my part of 9 can go somewhere else for my birthday. Thanks

  124. Johnnyboy123

    Aside from the b*tch a** guy who collects the money for the 20 dollar drink minimum, i had a good time. Im not sure what his problem was but if you have a problem with what you do, dont take it out on the customers! Anyway i had vip seats and a diva gift package. Who knew that the vip seats would be behind a pole where the viewing is very limited from the stage smh. Then we had these bitches who insisted on getting in the way of the little view we did have . The only reason why im giving this Place 3 stars is because my cousin had an excellent time (after all i did it all for her) and the energy was nice. Aside from that, they need to expand or coordinate the seating . I must also mention that management did try their best to accomodate us , despite the packed crowd . Thank you for trying

  125. marlonmoney12

    I went to Hunkomania several years ago to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette party. It was a total blast. The guys were hot, the drinks were good, the ambiance was fun I felt like I was in the Magic Mike movie. The bachelorette had such a blast that we still talk about it. Now, I’m the maid of honor for another friend so I’m in charge of her bachelorette party. Where else would’ve I even think to take the girls? To Hunkomania, of course. Alex and Brian, the two men I’ve dealt with there to organize our 15 girl outing, have been amazing. To make matters easier they have also recommended we done right next door at the Lindeman. This way we will be on time without having to travel in the crazy Friday night traffic. Hunkomania here we go. I highly recommend this place for a different kind of girls night out.

  126. Bharati C.

    What a night to remember !!!!! All I have to say is I will never forget my hunkOmania experience and I owe it all to DINO !! He is one of the dancers that does the magic mike routine and he is also a club promoter. After the show he took us to club Le Souk where we got in for free and got our own table with a free bottle of vodka !! Dino is a dancer and club promoter and gets Paid to bring hot girls to nightclubs So we get everything for free at club LE souk after the show and he gets paid to hook us up !! He even gave us a free ride in the hunkomania truck !! To funny. I got the VIP package and it is 100% worth it !!! My girl had to hot seat with super Stan and it was so amazing !!!! Ladies have fun !!!! Find Dino as soon as you get there !!!!

  127. Chelsea K.

    Wow. This show is raunchy, vulgar, shocking, and AMAZING. We brought a bride-to-be here for a bachelorette and really did not know what to expect. I was thinking it would be more of a chip-n-dale type show with performers on stage, but no this is VERY interactive and hands on. I am in no way a prude, but my jaw was pretty much on the floor the whole time watching the hunks “perform” with the women in the hot seat (which we ended up getting for our bride because how could you not). I do recommend this experience for special occasions, but definitely be prepared to drop money. Here’s why I’m taking off one star:*Drinks were watered down and I’m not convinced that my cocktail actually had alcohol in it*We bought a lap dance for the bride which the hunk did at the table and it was a good time. Then another hunk whisked her away to the back corner for a very uncomfortable lap dance that we did not ask for. He came to me afterwards asking for his $20. *The layout of the show could have been much better. This was apparently the first weekend at their new venue on 48th street, and the tables were set up like a high school cafeteria. I really could not see a lot from my seat.Also note that if you buy into the “free” after party at Le Souk, if it sounds too good to be true thats because it is. I knew there would be some kind of catch when they said we would get into the club, plus have drinks and hookah all for free. When we arrived we were told that we had to speak with a promoter to take advantage of that deal and of course, we had no way of tracking him down. So yes, go to the show, but skip the after party.

  128. marissa N.

    Somewhere between throwback performance art and high energy NC17 dance party – hunkomania is really the singular destination for beefy, muscly, nearly naked men to woo and excite your favorite bride and her 14 best friends. My best friend and I attended another friend’s bachelorette party here years ago and she made me swear on all that is holy that on her bach night I would take her for the wildness, the gyrating, and of course… the penis cake. It’s a high energy, high vibe crowd. The music is good, the drinks are strong, and the men are READY TO GET DOWN. If you’re looking for this kind of thing – you’re looking for hunkomania.

  129. Jan W.

    Ha! Hilarious, no I’m not a competing business and instead of making incredulous claims, why don’t you just try to make the experience better for customers? My friend had a piece of chewing gum on her cheap ass plastic glass. Your place is gross, and it’s not as advertised.

  130. yanard12

    We got VIP tickets for a bachelorette party. SO. WORTH. IT. Seats were right up front. They guys were super nice, friendly, and attractive. The tickets also came along with one girl on stage, 2 drinks, and a bottle of champagne. Everyone had an awesome time!!

  131. Izabela C.

    I got to hunkOmania early at 7 30 to be seated, the show started at 9 with the guys giving lap dances for 20 bucks, the hottest guy was DINO and NICOLAS for sure but once the show started my bachelorette party and I were screaming our lungs out !!! These guys are perfectionists and so hot !!! What they do on stage is so entertaining and sexy !! It’s a very classy upscale show not like I expected it to be. It’s the kind of place I would take my mom !! Lol my night would not be as awsome as it was without DINO !! When the show is over he took me and the girls to the after party at club Le Souk where we skipped the line, got in for free and got free drinks all night in a VIP area with the hunks !! We also got a free strawberry hookah !! Yummy ; ) part of our admission price to hunkOmania pays for our admission to the after party with Dino. So when the show is over everything really is free which is great because I spent all my money on the guys and lap dances !! Lol DINO will make your night and definetly get one of his shots that he sells !!! That are awsome ! Lol

  132. Carina N.

    Had a great night for my sisters bachelorette here. Dino was very professional and took care of driving our group to LeSouk after the event for some great food,drinks and dancing. The guys that ran the night made sure to make the bachelorette feel special and I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a fun night out with the girls.

  133. Elena R.

    Had an absolute blast at Hunkomania! Came here for a night out on the town and considering we went on one of the coldest nights of the season the sight of all of the gorgeous men certainly made it worth the trip. First of all I have to give props to the owner who took the time to call and confirm our reservation. He was courteous, professional, and seemed to care about the guests that were coming. As they mention on the website it is best to arrive early to get really good seats. This way you can get comfortable before the show and have the opportunity to soak in the sight of some sexy waiters that are willing to serve up conversations and drinks. From the moment we arrived the staff was very friendly all the way down to the coat check guy. As other people mentioned there is a two drink minimum for $20, but that wasn’t a problem. Plus the VIP singles seats are worth the price because it gets you up close and personal with the entertainers. After seeing these guys, the ones in Vegas don’t compare to the hotties in NYC. The men were handsome, sweet, charming, and had amazing physiques. I like the array of dance routines and the diversity of the dancers which is not something you see at other places. The best part was the guys made sure everyone had a great time and their tantalizing routes will make your heart race. Whether you’re coming for a celebration or just a girls night out have fun, let your hair down, scream, shout, and enjoy the show!

  134. Suzy M.

    Fun spot for a bachelorette party! Strong drinks, great bartender.

  135. Harrison69

    We had a decent time at Hunkomania. We went here for my friends birthday party. Tip: Get VIP seats, the non-VIP seats all all the way upstairs and nowhere near the dancers. We did not know this and purchased regular admission. We had to upgrade to VIP but by the time the room was full and we had to sit all the way in the back.The shows were really fun and what they did with some of the girls up there was funny . Problem came when my gf was called onstage at the very end (I think they forgot her and added at last minute). They called her with 3 other people and the guy did not touch her at all! She just stood on stage. When I complained they did give us a free photo with the guys, but still it was a downer. We also got lap dances (not bad). Drinks are fine at this place.I would go back, but it wasn’t an A -star experience.

  136. Ivette S.

    I usually don’t write reviews however, I went to Hunkomania yesterday and reading a few negative reviews about Hunkomania I wanted to give you my personal experience. I purchased a VIP package which included a lap dance photo, tiara or another trinket. WE HAD A BLAST!!!! We did not care if there were plastic chairs as some reviews complained about. The extra 20.00 fee for 2 drinks is NOT a hidden cost they are very clear before you arrive that its a 2 drink minimum and the price is average for the city. Lap dances are 20.00 they are OPTIONAL not mandatory so if you don’t want to pay don’t and stop complaining. I had 2 Lap dances included with my VIP package and I purchased an additional 4 dances for the bridal party…It was MY choice and worth every penny. Tom our waiter was adorable, friendly, and attentive. Dino was also adorable and friendly the girls really enjoyed him. The only reason I can’t give them a 5 star, if I am going to be honest is that a stripper or two didn’t seem happy to be there and it was evident in a photo we took. One girl from our Bridal party didn’t want to sit on his lap because when a bridal party before us went to take their photo he rolled his eyes. My friend actually asked him permission because he was so unapproachable. No biggie because overall our experience was great and we will do it again. The guys are great dancers, very attractive not pushy unlike some negative reviews suggested. Loved it!!!!!

  137. Passion C.

    I had my 20th birthday party here with some friends of mine and we had a great time. This was a great idea for some under 21 fun. I had a very mixed group of friends aged 19 to 22 and this place was perfect. However, do be prepared to spend a lot of money here. Why? (1) You will want to be VIP. There’s kind of no point of not being VIP. General Admission is much further away from the men. (2) If its your birthday or you’re the special girl, you will also want to be called on stage. (3) You’ll probably want a picture to remember the night because they don’t allow photography in the club (4) The club had some kind of 2 drink minimum, even if you’re not old enough to drink. And they have no problem charging you $10 for some OJ or a Sprite. Which was kind of ridiculous (and the reason for a -1 star). But thats not even relevant if everyone is 21+…The guys are very good looking and toned. They have a little bit of every ethnicity.

  138. Elaine M.

    Tons of eye candy here for the ladies. Great place for a girls night out, birthday or bachelorette party. Came with a few girlfriends and we had a great time.Enjoyed our drinks while seated at our table. Although we did get up and freely dance around too. Drinks here are good. You will definitely have a good time.

  139. XXXbeast

    I will preface my review by saying that I 100% understand that these guys are here to make money. I will also say that these guys are good at what they do and they work hard to put on a good show. Now the bad points. I have been left with nothing good to say about the way we were treated, the way the show was set up, handled or organized. The overwhelming feeling that they wanted every single dollar out of your pocket was disgusting!!! I bought and paid for 11 GA tickets. Since it was my 40th birthday and I was inviting 10 of my friends to join, I paid close attention to detail and instructions about the event, even down to a last minue venue change the week of my event. I made sure everyone knew there was a 2 Drink ($20) minimum for attending the event. What I was not made aware of, anywhere, was that if you buy GA tickets, you have to STAND. they don’t offer you a seat or a chair or anything. I would have never in a million years asked 10 of my friends to pay $45 to stand for 2 hours and then be expected to dig further in their pockets to tip the guys. As i’m sure the plan was all along for the organizers of this event, my friends kindly chipped in to get us a table. The show was scheduled to start at 9:30PM, however due to what seemed to me to be a serious case of disorganization, it took over an hour to get everyone to their table and seated. Once we were seated, they send out these guys to all the table, who do nothing short of BEG for private lap dance, at $20 per dance, they are persistent and it’s not a good look. It appeared that every party there enjoyed their experience once they FINALLY & actually started, but I can’t recommed this place, would never tell someone to go there and would never go back!

  140. Kristen M.

    Hunk-O-Mania is must-see for a bachelorette celebrating in New York City! Not only is the show a ton of fun with super hunky guys but it’s also very clean and welcoming. I’ve never been to a male strip club before and it was so much fun! As background, I planned a bachelorette for one of my best girlfriends with a guest list of 25 and the staff totally took care of us. From super helpful text alerts and personal phone calls to the service at the show, we absolutely loved it and would absolutely recommend others check it out.Be sure to get there AT 7 to get a good table with at least half of your group and the VIP tickets were totally worth it and eliminated any headaches.

  141. Natalie S.

    AMAZING NIGHT!!!! Dino & Romeo were the best – they hooked us up and made sure we had a great time the entire night! I planned my best friend’s bachelorette party in NYC and wanted to involve a stripper at some point during the weekend. Being from Florida where it’s always a good time and there’s never a shortage of sexy men, I was a little hesitant about booking our group package to Hunkomania…but I’m so glad I did!!! We were a group of 11 ladies, we had a VIP table, and the bride got multiple lap dances and got to go on stage with the men. Non-stop sexy fun! After the show, Dino & Romeo (dancers/club promoters) took us to the after party at a club where they spoiled us with VIP service! Even though it won’t be the same without Dino & Romeo, I’ll definitely be checking out the Hunkomania in Miami!!

  142. Adriana N.

    We had Andreas and Jay for my best friends bachelorette party…. They were so hot and very entertaining. The bride was so happy and really enjoyed their performance….. Thank you hunk-o-mania!!!! Andreas, we love you

  143. Lisa S.

    We were invited to Hunkomania by an international model that we have been following on social media.And when we went to Hunkomania we saw him there – INCREDIBLE. We never could have imagined that a high ranking, world wide model can be hired by a strip club.And he told us that his coworkers are all successful guys in their personal lives.It was a pleasure to meet him in person for the first time and we enjoyed our time in Hunkomania hanging out with him and other guys.The show was great and VIP package was really worth it, I recommend going earlier to have closer seats to the stage.Everything was perfect and I don’t think we could have experienced a better show.

  144. Jos S.

    We had a fantastic time here. There were 6 if us and my cousin who is getting married in December was able to get on the hot seat. I am not a fan of strippers. But it was great fun. She had the time of her life. I wish would have known about this for other bachelorette parties I’ve gone to. The entertainment was amazing as well as their customer service. The drinks were great. I would definitely go again. We also had the best seats and were able to miss a thing.

  145. Kristal R.

    I went to Hunk-o-mania NYC in April 2013 for my cousin’s bachelorette party. It was awesome! We had so much fun. The guys were really hot and the show was great. We went out to the After Party as well and continued the great night. It took a little while for us to get our drinks, but otherwise, it was a heat night all around!I highly recommend this for birthdays, bachelorette parties and just a fun night out with the girls. When I got back from this trip, I told a girl friend how much fun it was, so we’re going up in August for her bday so she can experience everything.

  146. Melissa C.

    I was appalled by my experience at Hunk-O-Mania. At Hunk-O-Maina, $60+ dollars gets you a seat on a metal folding chair in a dirty, wet basement. My friends and I expect a high-end male revue that was primarily focused on a stage performance. We expected the dancers to target the bride, may be shake his behind in her face, sit on her lap, nothing too insane. Instead we were touched, groped, picked up, humped, and were victim to various other sexual acts. Although some of the girls just went with it, my friend and I told the dancers “no” repeatedly and we were still touched. I was physically picked up from behind, bent over the chair, and thrusted onto. Other girls had their breasts grabbed. Another girl I was with said no and then had to physically shoved the guy off her when he wouldn’t stop pursuing her. We did not sign any waivers saying we could be touched, so by definition this was illegal. We were charged to enter the revue, then charged again for a 2 drink minimum. They wouldn’t even let our pregnant bridesmaid get away with out paying this 2 drink minimum fee. When one of the girls in the group purchased a drink, they gave her back change in “Hunk-O-Mania dollars”, something else they did not disclose to use when we entered or paid any of the entrance fees (which ended up being over $60 per person). When she stated “No, I want my cash back,” the bar tender slammed the register draw shut and said “Too late sweetie.” Isn’t this illegal?One of the girls I was with had been to this place before so we assumed it was safe. She said the time she went, it was NOTHING like this time. She said the dancers this time were much more aggressive. It’s possible it is under new ownership now; the manager we spoke to was rude and short with us. I understand some of you may be saying “what did you expect?” But bottom line: No means no. If I don’t want a half-naked stranger grabbing my hands and putting them on his body, I shouldn’t have to be forced to do it just because I entered their establishment.

  147. Erdenejargal K.

    Horrible service, bad experience. Not a real show. Juat dollar eyed craps there. Never ever go there again in my life. Package is not a package. Asks to pay more taxes and tips. Especially waiter brings just ice watwr every 20 minutes and ask to pay tips for every one who are there. Even we told don’t want water they brought and ask for tips. Horrible place ever!!!!!!!!

  148. Jhoanna T.

    BEST PLACE TO CELEBRATE GIRLS NIGHT!Great location, reasonable prices, and an AMAZING SHOW! The girls and I came here to celebrate our friend’s Bach Party and we had a BLAST! The drinks were flowing, guys were hot, and the show was so much fun! We would definitely come back! Be sure to upgrade to the special packages for the lady of the night! A lap dance, pictures with hot guys, and the girls make for AWESOME memories! Hunkomania exceeded our expectations for our friend’s “last fling before the ring”!

  149. Dee Y.

    Highly recommend this spot for a bachelorette party, or just having a good time with the girls! The men are so cut! And they have men of every type and race – everyone is just so fit and handsome! There were other parties of women enjoying themselves, including a group of older ladies. They were adorable.I didn’t like the dark corner they would take you for a lap dance – it was a little questionable and furniture-less.But the shows are a lot of fun, and sometimes downright hilarious depending on who is on the stage.FYI, if you exchange your hard earned cash for ones, they will give you fake Hunkomania bills but not equivalent to the amount you cashed in. Just bring your own $1 bills or go to a bank right before.Also don’t expect to be able to chat with your friends during. The music is blaring so loud that your ears will be ringing after!

  150. dopeboy19

    Wow! PERFECT spot for a bachelorette party!We came in with a HUGE group of girls and were ushered right up to our VIP table. (Spring for the upgrade you guys!) The show was crazy! These guys have ridiculous bodies and they pay special attention to the bride-to-be although they made all of us feel hot and wild! I’m pretty shy and normally not into this type of thing, but once I had a drink or two I embraced it and just let the party atmosphere carry me to good times.Highly recommended for a bachelorette party or just for a sexy night out!

  151. Catia E.

    So perhaps I’m not the best to give this review considering this is TOTALLY not my thing, however aside from the men and their performances, I have somethings to say relating to business. Whomever answers the phone is abrupt and wavers on the side of rude. You aren’t a pimp… you are a representative of the business and had this not been for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, I would have not even booked. 2nd – your well drinks are GROSS! You charge patrons $22.00 in cash upon entering as your mandatory 2 drink minimum, but your drinks are horrid. SERIOUSLY?! You can afford to serve people smirnoff or absolute and your juices tasted rancid. Also, when I asked for ketel one they wanted to charge me an additonal $14.00… are you telling me that you charge someone $26.00 for a ketel with club soda? YIKES! Be real… I opted for a bud light – can’t really eff that up. 3rd – You ATM was broken and the closest was 3 blocks away and there was ice on the floor. You want the girls to tip and throw money around but had no way of giving me cash for my credit card… I even asked if you could just charge me $100.00 at the bar and give me some cash and was just told NO. 4th – Men, this is for you. Calm the eff down! Most of you are so pushy… you just run up on a girl and start dancing and then demand to be paid. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS! Haven’t any of you ever been to a strip club… yes, girls walk around and if interested, you can petition for a lap dance. Generally speaking, the men were in great shape and some were really cute and a couple of you actually had a winning personality. The magic mike vibe could have been there but the boys need to iron out their routines and sharpen their movies. There was only 1 guy who could actually dance. Lastly, my girlfriend was very hesitant to take the hot seat. She had a few drinks and loosened up and decided to go for it but asked that they tone it down and keep it somewhat PG-13… that DID NOT happen, even though I insisted on it twice! Learn to listen to your customers and hopefully you read this and care.

  152. Rita T.

    While i will admit i like apologies, what i don’t enjoy is being giving one and a refund just to have my honest review taken down or changed! talk about desperate! .I will never be coming back . Don’t cross them, cause if you do, their nag you.

  153. Aparna N.

    It was a good experience but wouldn’t recommend it. It is a money making scam. We did the VIP but we all still had a 2 drink minimum. The drinks were horrible. The guys were hot. At lest most of them were. They charged us for everything. My friends organized this for my 40th birthday party and it was my first experience and if this is how it is it will be my last. The guys were after us to give us lap dances just to get the $20 from us. It’s a money scam. They ordered a cake for me and it was horrible. A very expensive night.

  154. Ilana M.

    I would give this zero stars if I could. I really would. If you want to feel like you are in a basement where you are going to be sold into the slave trade, come here. We paid big bucks to get a VIP table front row and were told First Come First Served. We got inside and there were plenty of empty tables in the front row but they seated us in the second. We asked to speak to the manager and a floor manager came and told us we couldn’t sit in the front row because it was being saved for a larger party. We were a party of 11. That front table was a party of 12. Seriously, 1 seat difference? As the night went on, they ended up giving that table to a party of 8, so, they are liars. It was NOT first come first served. Why would we PAY EXTRA for a reserved table and it also be first come first served? Hypocrites.Next, our waiter, what a moron. My friend gave him $5 for a tip and asked for change, because she only wanted to tip him $1. He would not give her change and said ohh just use that extra money for the next drink. He refused to give her change. Then on the next drink he still asked for a tip!!! I have NO problem tipping people, if they DON’T ask. We understand you are strippers and know how to tip, don’t ask us. We paid the $20 for the bride’s lap dance but the dancer was nowhere to be found. Finally tracked him down a couple hours later. If we didn’t remind him, she wouldn’t have gotten her lap dance.Then the douchey floor manager came back and told us he didn’t want us to be upset so he’d make up for it, and NEVER did. He never came back after that. He clearly favored certain people.Overall, an awful experience. Do not go here. Dirty, grimy, and a rip-off.

  155. Carolina M.

    If I could give 0 stars, I would. I am going to a wedding in DC on June 1. The MOH and a few of the other girls decided that male strippers would be a good idea. We went to this location and were told we would need to walk to 405, which is about a block over. We waited in line for about 20 minutes before a guy sent everyone with VIP tickets to the front of the line. Instead of checking himself, he had 50 women scrambling, a few falling from their sky high heels, trying to get to the front. The MOH paid for VIP tickets, but when we got to the front they requested $20 per person! And our group of 8 is like So we just bought VIP tickets for what?! After asking a few questions we were told that on top of the tickets we had to pay for the 2 drink minimum. Could’ve just said that from the get go. After we finally get inside they lead us down to the basement, cramped and poorly laid out. There are shirtless men everywhere, not all of them good looking, who are trying to get you to slip money into their boxers.But unlike women they don’t really work for their $. As for the “show” itself, 4 guys danced and that was it. Highly disappointing especially for the $$$ we dropped. The package we paid for included champagne which was hot and cheap. But our bachelorette got a really good lap dance which she thoroughly enjoyed, Don’t think I will be returning.

  156. Ruky H.

    Omg!!!! An amazing!!! Wonderful time!!!! Got VIP!!! Armando made sure we were happy. Da Asian guy was FANTASTIC!!! They had great bodies but the Asian guy gave me the most INCREDIBLE lap dance ever!!!! ASK FOR HIM AND MAKE IT RAIN!!!!

  157. ryan123

    OH. MY. GOD. My first thoughts as I got out of the limo.My best friend had her Bachelorette Party here May 19, 2012, and boy did we. A crew of 13 wildly game, half inebriated girls came ready to see a show but this was NOTHING to what we expected. We were greeted by some nice looking men checking IDs and a nice lady in blue presented us with the VIP group package we ordered and explained ehat the tickets were for. Once downstairs we were immersed pounding, hyped up music that excited the girls very much..and then came the men….Now these hot, hot, HOT, ripped, gorgeous Adonises graced our table with their presences, embarrassing our bachelorette further by enticing her with lapdances and those abs…Lord have mercy, those abs…The show started (I won’t give anything away) and it was a roomful of demanding, screaming, hot girls oogling these dancers. Let me tell you…GET A HOT SEAT!!!!! You won’t regret it…Lapdances were had (you can pick you man…mine was absolutely gorgeous with a butt you could smack to no end haha and his tattoo…oh my goodness…), drinks were drunk..the fun cake was eaten, and we danced…Be sure to take a picture with the guys at the end of the’ll definitely want to remember them!!! There was one issue with our waiter though but I won’t take off any stars..he had the balls to say our group had ADD…I’m a nurse..he didn’t have to insult the girls like that..and to say that he could tell we weren’t born into money was kinda harsh…but whatever coz WE HAD FUUUUUUNNNN!!!!This is definitely a show worth seeing many times over as I’m sure things will never get boring with these group of guys..just make sure you have your singles, ladies…it may be the most important thing you carry with you all night!!!

  158. Donna Y.

    Brain is awesome! The hunks are amazing and my party really enjoyed everything. I definitely will be back and will be bringing more people!Get the hot seat for $50! You wouldn’t regret it! There’s a $22 cash two drink minimum. New York is amazing!

  159. Tiffany L.

    Generally I wouldn’t write two reviews about the same place, but this is just the BEST place for a girls’ night! The last time I went was in May 2013 and I just went back this Saturday for one of my best friend’s birthday party! The performances were on point again and the men were HOT HOT HOT! The best part comes after the show too! So Dino and Zeus are promoters that also work as Hunks at HunkOMania and they gave out their numbers to the girls’ at the show for an afterparty to hang out with the hunks of HunkOMania. Dino was the absolute sweetest and actually personally walked my friends and I over to the afterparty and got us in without waiting in line (which was pretty long at that point). We had a table and free drinks all night. Then after the afterparty there was afterparty for the afterparty, in which Dino and Zeus took us to the next spot, and it just got more fun! Pretty much my friends and I partied all night with them, VIP status, and they took really great care of us. Would definitely go back for another birthday or bachelorette party!

  160. Nan L.

    Came here last weekend for a birthday party with my besties. so much fun! the guys looked great and were so nice to us the whole time. Great place to go to celebrate with your girlfriends!

  161. Nevina B.

    do not book with these people!!!!! they are ripoffs and thieves!!!!!! my sister booked on august 25th on their site and they sent her a confirmation email. on sept. 14th they sent her an email stating that date she wanted is not available – even after taking 714$ out of her account. and tried giving her another date which was after my wedding. and said she can not be refunded in full. because of their mistake. i called and spoke to the owner who said he has no idea who’s email that was and blah blah. then after having proof from my sisters bank statement – and her email – said she edited that email and added a bar code which is impossible!!!!! they stole from her and will not return the money. but we will be seeing them in court if this is not taken care of. unprofessional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Amy G.

    What a lame place. Don’t waste your time. Total rip off and waste of money. Guys are not hot and they have no idea how to dance. Nobody can see the stage and it was one of the most amateurish shows I have seen. $65 to sit on plastic chairs with a tiny stage so far away that you cannot see anything. Really!? Go see a broadway show instead.

  163. Rona H.

    The only name cheesier than this one is Thunder From Down Under.Having said that, there are plenty of hunks here, if your type is brawny. Like 90’s Baywatch David Hasselhoff style. They might as well be carrying surfboards and running on the sand and wearing red swim trunks..Most girls are shy, so of course, the men have to approach you.. (Aside: Do we really have to pay men to approach us and dry hump us??) They touch the upper middle part of your back, a very neutral place, and they look deeply into your eyes and ask how you’re doing and if you need anything. You feel so reassured by their touch that you feel compelled to open the contents of your wallet, which, thank god, you idiot-proofed yourself by only packing singles.. It’s $20 a lap dance, so make sure to bring a few extra twenty dollar bills if you want to shower your bride-to-be with some love!The show alternates between group/solo dances and bum rushing the audience and approaching every girl who doesn’t want to be approached.. I found this routine to be somewhat monotonous, especially since the intensity of the routines did not change. It stayed pretty much the same..I do have to say that though, between this one and the Chicago one I went to, this one had much more men in it. And, the men in this show had a wider range of talents and were, on average, better dancers. One of them here was an AMAZING dancer. After a while, I forgot I was in a strip club, and I was just enjoying watching him dance lol.The men here also had more abilities in terms of moves they pull on a woman, like going upside down, doing a hand stand and shoving their crotches in your face… That takes a lot of strength! And the first time someone does it to you, you’re completely SHOCKED.I personally thought the show was 30 minutes too long; they could have stopped at 1.5 hours, and I would have been a happy camper…I also wasn’t happy about the required two-drink minimum, because I don’t drink.. But oh well..

  164. Nana M.

    I’ll preface this by saying I NOT a fan of male strippers. Greasy, half nekked men, weirdly gyrating in front of me? No thank you. So I was not that geeked about going to hunk-o-mania for a bachelorette party. That being said, I had a GREAT time! The show was a mixture of a choreographed stage show and the guys working the crowd doing dap dances. If you buy a VIP table then one of your guests gets called on stage for a “dance” with the guys. I wasn’t that into the choreographed dances, but the audience participation part was fun, and the guys were putting in WORK! Throwing girls around, lifting chicks above their heads… And these weren’t small girls! I found the “Punisher” particularly entertaining. And he was actually a really nice guy and chatted a bit when he came in the crowd.If you get bored with the stage show, there are guys working the room giving lap dances. I gotta give hunk-o-mania props for diversity! There were hunks of all types! Black, Asian, Indian, Latin, White, tall, short… All ripped! Whatever turns you on, you could find a dude in there. I don’t really know how to describe the lap dances… But I was thoroughly entertained watching them. I almost got one myself! The only negative was the the lap dancers were kind of coercive … They just started dancing on folks and then expected $20. You have to be pretty firm to get them to stop. If you are a nice girl who doesn’t know how to say no, you may end up spending a lot of $$. If you are someone who is going to overthink the experience (i.e…What made them become strippers? Is he gay? Why are they so greasy? Is that penis real?) then stay your intellectual ass at home. If you want to scream and giggle and gawk at some hot bodies, then bring to ass to hunk-o-mania! You won’t regret it!

  165. Suzanne S.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! We made a trip to NYC for my friend’s bachelorette this past weekend and put Hunkomania at the top of our “to-do” list. What a mistake! We purchased VIP tickets ahead of time and a “hot seat” for the bride to be. Our VIP seats were folding chairs AT LEAST 50 feet away from the stage behind several rows of folding banquet tables intended for the higher VIP level. We couldn’t see ANY Of the show because there were do many people standing in front of our seats. The drinks were all mixer and no booze. The “hunks” were so-so at best and a few even groped us without warning or asking as we walked in. It was clearly not the place for our high class ladies who expected a Magic Mike experience so we asked the owner, Armand for a refund. He was exceptionally rude and refused. I could go on, but Jillian from Georgia’s review sums it up. Yuck!!!

  166. Anto S.

    The male strippers of Hunkomania put on an amazing show. Everything was choreographed and the guys were so hot. These guys must work out all the time! I found myself laughing and cheering during the entire show. Plus they had a nice mix of guys and really something for everyone. I’d highly recommend it!

  167. Maria M.

    Okay so here is my update on my birthday.So after booking 5 tickets Brian called and was very sweet! He upgraded us to the VIP table and wt got front row seating! We unfortunately were running late that evening after someone from my group had an accident.They were so understanding and very accommodating.The show itself was so much fun! The guys were incredibly gorgeous. The routines were great and the gentlemen themselves were super friendly. So after sitting through some of the show the owner Armand came over to wish me a happy birthday! He didn’t come empty handed either.! He came with a free bottle of champagne for my table! He was so sweet and he showed us a great time!During some intermission I received two lap dances . One from Katan and one from EJ… So they were amazing..the whole time I was giggling and laughing but they made me feel so comfortable and it was so much fun!! The men were crazy sexy lolAfter the end of the show you can pay to take a picture with the whole cast. The owner came over and offered me a free picture. After the show they offered us a limo ride to LA SOUK night club. Dino was the promoter and he really took great care of us. He got us all into the place for free.then he’s made sure we were all accommodated with a great table and catered us with a free bottle of vodka and free hookah. The other promoter Ryan also took care of us. He stood with us all night and made sure we had everything we needed. Dino even surprised me with a cake! I mean this was the best birthday ever.The even got us a limo.ride back to our stop. I mean this was full service. Armand,Din,Brian, and Ryan provided us with top class service! Free everything! The men are magnificent and the show was amazing.Thank you so much to the HunkOMania crew for giving me the best birthday ever! I can not wait to do this again!!

  168. Bridget L.

    We went on a Friday night to celebrate the last weekend before my best friend gets married! First, there was no indication that the VIP tickets we purchased didn’t include a 2-drink minimum at a cash-only bar until AFTER the purchase went through, on the confirmation page. Annoying, but, let’s be honest, we probably would have bought drinks anyway. We were pleasantly surprised, as other reviews point out, that the guys were very sexy and very happy to interact! We bought the Diva Gift Package, which includes one gift, picture, lap dance and a “hot seat” onstage. The penis water bottle she picked out was awesome, and the lap dance was hilarious (although he wouldn’t let us take pictures! The only guy in the place who refused pictures… Guess this was our bad luck.). When she was called on stage, we were so excited, because she was in the last group to go up, which meant the raunchiest show. BUT, the guy went to her first, did one body roll in her face, took the dollar bills she had tucked in her shirt, and MOVED ON!! Every other girl got a personal strip tease in the middle of the stage; our friend was robbed. So we decided to just get our picture and leave. We flagged down a photographer and took a great pic, only to be told that the picture coupon can only be used on pictures taken onstage. But there were no pictures we could get from her onstage, because she didn’t get her strip tease! And sorry, but our friend is much hotter and more outgoing than 95% of the people who went onstage… We were left with an extremely bitter taste in our mouths after what could have been an epic night. We didn’t complain to pay for extra lap dances or extra drinks, but we expected to get what we paid for in advance, as well. Extremely disappointed.

  169. Arielle S.

    We had my sisters bachelorette party here and it was unforgettable! Brian hooked us up with VIP seating and the guys at the show were all very attentive πŸ˜‰ Make sure to load up on singles and $20 bills to get the most out of the evening. There is a mandatory $20 drink fee as well but the cost of the evening is worth every penny. Especially if you go to Dino’s after party in SoHo unlimited drinks, hookah and fun. At first we sketched out to go to the after party but Dino was so nice so we figured we would give it a shot. We are so happy that we did, the music was great, the drinks were flowing and all the girls in our party had a great time. The strippers looked forced and bored to be there but at that point we were too buzzed to care.

  170. Stacey S.

    Super friendly and helpful! Could not ask for better customer service. We were able to book a VIP table. Will definitely go back!!

  171. Krystie M.

    Great place for a girls night out if you’re looking for something different (i.e., great for birthdays and bachelorettes!). It was my first time at a male show so I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly all you have to do is come with an open mind and get ready to be silly. You have to get 2 drinks, so that helps take any edge or awkwardness off. Plus, the energy is great and people are just there to have fun!PRO TIP: Opt for the VIP tickets because those are the only ones that guarantee seats. Otherwise, definitely go suuuuper early because the lines get long (doors open at 7:30pm) and they let VIP folks go in first. Also, don’t forget $22 in cash for the drinks!

  172. Debbi S.

    What a treat is was to go see such a casual and comfortable ” Magic Mike” type of show in the heart of Manhattan, New York!The staff who work there are so kind and eager to please and make their guests as satisfied as can be! We throroughly enjoyed a ” Good Old fashioned Bachelorette” for our friend with new memories we can never forget.Being form Montreal, a town known for its parties, i have bachelorettes I am in charge of lined up for New York just to visit Hunk O Mania themselves!

  173. Cynthia C.

    This sort of place isn’t my scene, but I went with a group of friends for a bachelorette party and it was a blast! We got there right before the show started (crosstown traffic sucks, y’all), but we somehow got a free upgrade to a VIP table right in front of the action! After getting a round of drinks we settled into our seats and watched the ladies in the “hot seats” display a range of emotions as these handsome gentlemen got all up in their grills. We literally had the best seats in the house, so thanks to whoever worked behind the scenes to make that happen.You take this sort of experience with an expensive grain of salt, especially as it’s located right off of Times Square. As long as you know it’s going to be expensive ($10 for a Budweiser can is borderline obscene), you just roll with it and enjoy it. Perfect for any size group, our party of 13 had a great time. Everyone from the bouncers to the bartenders were friendly.We paid for general admission and I have no idea how much a VIP upgrade is, but I would highly recommend it. The general admission is more of a “find a spot in the back, every woman for herself” sort of affair, and while we would have been able to find some corners as a group, I think we had a much better time having a “home base” table to hang out at!Highly recommended for bachelorette or birthday parties, or even if you’re just visiting NYC and want a Magic Mike*-esque evening.*I’ve never seen it, so I can only imagine this is pretty close. I know, I haven’t truly lived yet as I haven’t watched this piece of cinema genius.

  174. Melyss S.

    What can I say? I was totally reserved about coming here and it truly exceeded all of my expectations! First off from the waiters to the dancers, the men are HOT! The drinks came fast and definitely succeeded in loosening up our group throughout the show. The bachelorette had a blast. These guys know what the ladies want. I highly recommend, especially fun for a big group! We’ll be back!

  175. Christina A.

    We were here for a bachelorette party and it was a great time had by all. We had a group of 10 at a VIP table and it was a great decision because we got to sit up close and have expedited seating. The girls in our group had a great time watching and getting dances from the lovely men of hunkomania including Justin, Nick and our group’s fave EJ. The girls are screaming and getting excited and the guys were very polite, nice and accommodating. Drinks were great and we would definitely recommend to other ladies needing a night of debauchery.

  176. Mohanie B.

    Great show! Perfect for a girls night out. The guys were all drop dead gorgeous- can’t pick just 1 favorite! Those abs, those bodies, those moves- wow! Would definitely recommend to any girl.

  177. Alyssa M.

    Their RENT-A-HUNK service was really easy to use and came with great customer service. We hired a private dancer last minute for a Bachelorette Party and we were all pleasantly surprised. Nicolas was professional, prompt and so much fun! Hire him for your next party ladies πŸ˜‰

  178. Christine H.

    Best place to celebrate your last night being single or just a night out with your main ladies! The show was great because it’s actually a choreographed show, the guys in the show are sweet and not to forward. The 2 drink minimum is pretty good because it’s a full bar and I love the fact that there are men walking around with shots available to purchase. The location is great as well for subway and lots of fun activities to do afterwards. My sister-in-law and I were able to party for free with some of the guys from the show at Sky Room. This show is a must!!! I will be returning soon!!! Check it out!

  179. B B.

    We ordered a Hunk to come strip at my friend’s bachelorette party. He made the night… and was an incredible value ($200 + tip) for 14 girls.Good costume, in shape, danced a ton, and was very very fun.

  180. Amanda R.

    I can’t even express how disappointed I am with this place. I was part of a bachelorette group and we all chipped in for a $600 VIP table and it was SO NOT WORTH IT. Ive never been to a place like this but considering the money we shelled out, I was expecting it to be at least a little classy, and or be treated exceptionally. Despite our ridiculously expensive table, they still required us each to pay a $22 cover (2 drink ticket minimum) at the door. We sat at a wobble T shapped table that my elbows kept getting stuck to…and the one “free” bottle we got with our package was medium grade champagne. On top of that the bar had the most pathetic selection….I mean, what bar doesn’t have a variety of beer! Im still scratching my head trying to figure out exactly why we spent almost a grand for such a seedy experience…especially when half the men gave me an attitude when I politely declined a lap dance. I would seriously reconsider going here if you are looking for a good experience that’s worth the price. I truly hope ours was a fluke.

  181. M T.

    Whoa. This place is amazing! I brought my best friend here so she could have the bachelorette party of her dreams…and she did!! The men here are amazing dancers and are sooo gorgeous!!! sooo hot!! Our voices were hoarse from screaming by the end of the night. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a really fun and memorable night out!

  182. Erin H.

    We were a party of two with VIP tickets. The guys were pretty entertaining; the girls were obnoxious. We didn’t pay to see drunk girls dancing. It really ruined the experience. We left early once everyone started standing up (couldn’t see anything) and drinks were bring spilled. Some people make better doors than windows. Don’t wear nice shoes…..I would imagine the experience is great for large VIP parties; other than that, you might want to find somewhere else to go.

  183. Elizabeth P.

    Came here last week for a friends bachelorette party and it was insanely fun! Highly recommended for any maid of honor trying to plan something for a big group in NYC, the bride had a night she’ll never forget πŸ˜€

  184. Fareeda A.

    What more can I say other than whats been posted? I’ve been to similar venues over the years for girls nights and birthdays and this was suggested by a coworker who said I HAD to go. Luckily, a bachelorette party needed planning, and it seemed that the stars aligned perfectly.I regret NOTHING. This place was SO nice and clean, and did not seem super dingy or anything like previous places that I’ve been to. Everyone was courteous and friendly. And once the show started, well I heard no complaints from my girls (panting and lots of screaming yes though hahah). The guys were awesome, the crowd was so fun to be with, I was hoping it wouldnt end. But unfortunately all good things do.I highly suggest this place and I hope to come back for another night ASAP! Thanks guys for a great night out!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  185. Lauren C.

    How fun!! Went here for a bachelorette party and it did not disappoint! The bachelorette had some very special treatment and thoroughly enjoyed the time, as did the rest of the party of course! Very hot guys that’ll make you blush, it’s like a better version of Magic Mike (more guys, all hot)! I would highly recommend this to any group!

  186. June K.

    We came to Hunkomania for my friend’s bachelorette party on a Sat night… this was by far the most extreme and hilariously awesome thing we could have done! The guys are real sweet hearts and they’re *ripped* as in these MEN have 8 packs. The stage dancing is fantastic and fun. Real talent here. I’m not one of these people who would end up here but it is really fun. Totally worth it. If you have doubt trust a native New Yorker and just book the VIP.

  187. Janet Y.

    It was a blessed night going to hunkomania , Rudy made it so much fun for all of our groupHe took care of all us and I definitely recommend u all to come not only for your parties but also just for night out if u like to have a memorable night

  188. Kimi G.

    My bachelorette party this past weekend could not have been complete without Nicholas Hunk! I was completely surprised and blown away by the house call stripper! He came over and did his thing and all of my girls (even the conservative ones) participated! He kept asking me if I was okay because of my initial shock which I really appreciated. He was professional, very nice and very hot.He swung us all around with such ease…nice muscles!Thank you Nicholas for your 6 pack and your moves! Great experience over all!!!!

  189. Sasha G.

    The men are almost as hot as the sudden heat wave NYC is experiencing. ALMOST. I mean I’m no sucker for strippers. Especially male strippers but I do appreciate a nice physique. I guess that’s a stripper prerequisite. There are good looking men walking around, on the stage, serving drinks. Like whoa. Just straight flexing. But Sasha getting a lap dance? No thank you. I can get that for free. Sasha also did not appreciate getting groped by these dudes. Like um hey, I know you’re a stripper and all but um stop grabbing. Please & thank you. Are strippers allowed to ask you for your phone number to take you out? Isn’t that like against the stripper code. NEVER REVEAL YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. Maybe he was joking……My friend who is getting married nicknamed one of the guys Mr. Puerto Rico. He could’ve been Dominican for all we know. She drunkenly screams I WANT A DANCE FROM MR. PUERTO RICOOOOO. damn girl…. His junk all in her face. I guess that’s what you want when you’re going to get married. The way women screamed here you would think men didn’t exist elsewhere. Hmmm. I guess I’m the strange one. This place is a good time. And if you really don’t care for muscular dudes dancing and such it’s still a good time…. Stand back, look around & laugh. Silly horny ladies.

  190. Lillian Y.

    My friend had a birthday here, which is why I went. There’s a first time for everything.Physically, this place is a hole-in-the-wall. The guys are hot, duh. But it looks like a cheap, dressed up basement or ghetto recreation center. The VIP section consists of some white chairs that are comfy, but that’s it. It’s at the front. That’s your special ‘section.’As nice as the guys were, a few things turned me off. The non-biracial black men did not have solos (with ladies on stage). So to me they were either tokens or they just didn’t have solos that night.Next, the pictures. I didn’t take one, but noticed that the camera was pretty cheap without a wide lens or external flash. They should invest in a higher end DSLR and proper accessories when charging people for these pictures. B&H Photo is around the corner. That’s a rip off. As Passion R. mentioned, the drinks are all one price — $20 minimum no matter what you buy. I do not drink, and my stomach doesn’t hold a lot. So I paid $20 for a couple of sips of canned pineapple juice!!! Finally, after the show was over, it turned into a lesbian bar without warning. I left. It was a fun experience. The staff and guys were very sweet, but they’re paid to be. I’m glad I got the ticket half off though because this was not a high end place from the venue to the patrons. It was a little, um, low class. Some of the women were dressed like street hookers with horribly dyed yellow hair and weaves all over the place. Straight ‘hood. But if that doesn’t bother you, the low class environment and high class prices, it can be fun. I’m giving an extra star for the friendly staff.

  191. Amanda P.

    I have to update this review about my most recent experience from the other night. for my BFF’s Bachelorette party, we has the most awesome time we ever had! We got the 5 star celeb treatment! The show was amazing, as always; our voices were hoarse by the end of the night from all the screaming and laughing we did! We want to celebrate every occasion here! I applaud these guys because they do work hard to put on an awesome, sexy show for all the ladies. I wish I could give 10 stars! πŸ™‚

  192. justinlk

    We are an amazing time! This place is awesome!!! Easy to locate and so close to Times Square. The guys are very sweet and nice.

  193. shavona r.

    Me and my 5 other girlfriends were here last night, for one of my gf’s 30th bday party. We booked a VIP table for 500 dollars, which stated a complimentary bottle of champagne, 2 lap dances, hot seat for the bday girl and a table in front. We were very disappointed with the service here. First of all there is a mandatory 2 cocktail for $10.00 each upon entry, which is ok. But They won’t let you in even when we said we can pay in cash at the table which we have reserved. And Sadly the 2nd drink ticket for half the party wasn’t even acknowledged. Secondly the champagne never came, and when i asked for the 5th time, the server said you have to pay $20. I asked why since it said complimentary with VIP table, but he said I have to pay upfront for mandatory gratuity. This made no sense since we already had a nice server( the best person working there who wasn’t trying to rip us off) for our table and I told him I would rather tip our server than him at the end of the show, but this guy wouldn’t budge. So I paid him 20 and then he brought the bottle. And the worst of it all, was this guy with a hat, came to our table and said if we wanted a hot seat for the bday girl, have to pay extra 100 dollars. I asked why again perplexed since it was supposed to be included, but he said it’s not. I paid an extra 100 for the hotseat. This is just ridiculous!!! Also the same guy with the hat and orange shirt, sold us the last of the raffle tickets. The number that was announced as a winner was the number right after us and obviously no one claimed it. Such a sham! The place would have been fun if we hadn’t been ripped off left and right. Also lastly almost forgot, one of the lap dancers giving a lap dance to my gf, took $50 singles from her hand, at the end of the performance without her permission. It’s sad that we chose a venue, which we expected to be a lot of fun for a dirty thirty party, but turned out to be a scam! Such a shame

  194. Carla B.

    I went here for Bachelorette Party with a couple of girlfriends a few months ago and it was absolutely AMAZING! Important things to note before you go: even though the show starts at 9pm, the doors open at 7:30pm. Be sure to get there early because there is a long line to get in. But no worries, it’s TOTALLY worth it! πŸ™‚ Also, be sure to bring cash, as the bar is cash only. The men were ridiculously handsome, ripped, and phenomenal dancers. They’re also pretty diverse, which is a great thing to see, in my opinion. In all, the people at Hunkomania did a great job and ensuring that everyone, especially the bachelorette, had a great time! I definitely highly recommend Hunkomania and plan to go back! Also, props to Brian for helping us plan our night. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! πŸ™‚

  195. Carina C.

    Cannot wait to go back to HunkOmania! I shouldn’t admit that I’ve been to other male clubs before, but Hunk is def the best I’ve been too. Very excited to bring my friends here who have never been to a male strip club! I set up my sister’s Bach party here and everyone has been super helpful. Hot Seat/VIP packages are 100% worth it – my friends better bring me here when it is my bach party!

  196. Bex A.

    Update: The owner contacted me, which I appreciate. However the email didn’t really address my points and offered me a free night there if I would consider removing my review. But I don’t want to go back to a place where the staff was rude to me. I wish when he reached out he addressed THAT.

  197. StripClub431

    Amazing. My face hurts from smiling so much, I had such a great time here!!! The guys are all gorgeous and can seriously bust a move. You can comfortably observe or be the main attraction, either way you will be highly satisfied πŸ˜‰

  198. williamr

    Not very good

  199. Michele L.

    Came here for my Bachelorette party. You are treated very well with special attention paid to birthdays, bachelorettes, etc. It was a good time to laugh and be tossed around by a strong hot guy.

  200. winston12

    Ladies this place is a dump. I went there for a bachelorette and here is my honest opinion. First off, the place is falling apart. It was raining outside and inside and on the stripper stage the night that I attended with a bachelorette party. They had plastic buckets all around the place to catch the water falling from the ceiling. The strippers basically danced around the buckets on the stage and it was ridiculous. I felt like the ceiling was going to come down. Really, really, bad. Secondly, the bachelorette paid extra for the lap dance as part of the show in which case I would have skipped the whole thing all together after seeing the show. The strippers were not attractive at all. Some had hard bodies and others I questioned as to how the hell they were strippers in the first place, but overall all had not so pretty faces and it definitely seemed that some were gay. The main headliner stripper was this big, cut, and muscular black guy. Like all the rest, he basically dry humped the heck out of all the women on stage. I was embarrassed for them. There was one moment when two male strippers did a dance and the only time they actually stripped down to nothing I actually caught a quick glimpse of a rather small shmeckle on a not so attractive guy.The whole show was more humorous and shocking than a turn on of any kind. The dancers don’t come around to everyone and the whole audience is pretty far away from them. It’s so not like a guys version of a strip club. And finally, the drinks…Watered down and overpriced. The place is far from a Thunder Down Under show. It’s more sad and broken than anything. I felt bad for the guys mothers as they danced on stage and tried to look sexy. Lol. It was a massive waste of money.

  201. Cory C.

    I came to Hunk-O-Mania with my girlfriends for a Bachelorette in December.It was such a great time, that I decided to host a friend’s bachelorette here this Summer! The guys at Hunk-O-Mania really do a great job of making your guest of honor feel special.The show is a lot of fun, and guaranteed to get lots of laughs and screams, especially when your bachelorette is up in the hot seat! Highly recommend for any fun group of girls who are looking to show their friends a great time!

  202. XhXeXy

    This place is amazing for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or any excuse to get away from the boys and have some girl time.I came here two years ago with a bunch of friends for my birthday. I was a little nervous about the dark atmosphere and tons of tables towards the stage. The host sat us at a booth and provided drinks for all of us! We had a GREAT view of the stage and had various men coming up to make sure we were having a good time.The show was great – lots of dancing, lots of sweaty men, lots of fun! I looked around and seemed like everyone at the place was having a blast! My friends even pitched in to get me on stage for the “Grand Finale” which was hilarious!After the show was over, the lights came on (a little) and they encouraged everyone to stick around and dance & drink. Us girl stayed for an hour or two until the next place. Honestly, i think the best part was the fact that the guys working were not pushy or annoying. They were just making sure all of us were having fun while providing a ‘show.’I don’t give many places a 5-star rating, but i definitely would come back again for any special occasion.

  203. Amelia C.

    My girls and I went to Hunkomania and had an amazing time ! Best NY experience ever !!! From the moment we arrived all the way to the after party at SkyRoom GQ treated us like VIP at all times…. very professional, attentive throughout the night, and let’s not forget super sexy! !!!!!! . A+++GQ and Dino were on point from seating us to serving drinks all night …. what caught my attention was that the same treatment was offered to the 40 other women with the same care πŸ™‚ Ohhh…. the shuttle bus ride from Hunkomania to the after-party at Skyroom was an amazing flawless transition can’t leave that out…. !!! . We definitely will contact GQ on our next Hunkomania event. So I thank you GQ and Dino for a amazing night that we will never forget.Girls !!!! If you are ever in the NY area make sure to check out Hunkomania and ask for GQ !

  204. Abhilasha M.

    So we decided to head out to hunk-o-mania for a girls night out and boy what a night it was! All the guys are super professional and super hot, also super flirty- nicely balanced. The show in itself is fun and has a lot of variety (hunk-wise and genre-wise too πŸ˜‰ ) The tickets are pretty affordable and you have to pay a minimum $22 for 2 drinks at the entry but it’s worth it. Special shout out to the promoter Dino who’s amazing and also took us to the afterparty when the show ended. We had free bottles and hookah on the house and danced the night away! So if you’re at the show, get in touch with Dino- you do not wanna miss the afterparty. Overall, hunk-o-mania is a unique and fun experience! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to plan a birthday, bachelorette or just a girls night out.

  205. rogerrab2

    I’ve never been to a male strip club before and I didn’t know what to expect. My girlfriend decided to come here for her bachelorette party so I figured why not. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there. The music was great and it was a really fun atmosphere. There were guys walking around offering massages and lapdances. I didn’t get one but me and my friends got one for our bachelorette. The guys were all really hot and good looking. The show itself was great. There was a stage and they had different groups of guys come out and perform. It was really fun to watch them dance with the girls they pulled up onstage. We also had a waiter that served us drinks so I didn’t have to wait at the bar or miss anything from the show.

  206. Anna L.

    Amazing show. As the maid of honor of my friends wedding, I planned a night here for us and our girls. Definitely go VIP and get a table so you can be up close to all the action. Have to give a huge shout out to Dino for hooking us up at the venue and at the afterparty. I had already put a deposit down on bottle service at Le Souk, but Dino made it so we didn’t have to pay anything when we got there. We had a table with unlimited bottles, hookah and really good Moroccan food all for FREE. We even got a ride there in the Hunk-O-mania van! Dino you’re amazing, thank you for making our night so awesome. Our bachelorette was ecstatic!

  207. fritter17

    I booked VIP seating for my friends bachelorette party. The package was pretty good because it allowed up to 12 girls, we got a bottle of champagne and the hot seat on stage. But i did not like that they didn’t include her sash and tiara because online when researching it said that the package did include it. But they sell items so we were able to purchase it, although they should have just given it to us since we spent 450 on the package. Besides the mediocre vip seating and issue i would say The show was SO much fun, we had a great time. The men were not overly touchy or forcing you to buy lap dances, drinks, etc. The environment is awesome, the music was good and it is just a whole lot of fun! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  208. Sanaz H.

    Ok, so the guys are hot, but if you are looking for a fun that rip you off and take your money for nothing this is the place! Ask them to change your 20$ bill to single dollars they keep 20% and give you back 18$ of fake dollars. Now ask them to change it back to real dollars they gave you back 16$! Well you just lost 4$ without even half a little fun! I’ve been to all different type of clubs and there are some definitely better than this one

  209. Mylene T.

    My cousin in California went to see Hunkomania and said it was phenomenal and a great time! How can you not have fun??? Great looking men, drinks continuously coming and awesome music…..she went on and on! So it’s my time to check out NYC and we will be comparing notes!! Let’s make it rain NYC!!!

  210. timmykilla

    Awesome upgrade for my bachelorette weekend πŸ™‚ Everything a girl could ask for in one night!

  211. fuckery12

    I was expecting to be entertained in a gross, creepy, yet hilarious kind of way. And I can’t say this was farther from the truth – I was entertained in quite the oposite way – a hot, sexy kind of way. The guys are INCREDIBLE. They’re all completely cut, ripped, and also have great looking faces and were actually fun to talk to. I was really into it, but if you have some girls in your group that aren’t very fond of being touched/humped by the sexy men, the guys totally respect their wishes and never cross the line. They make you feel like the sexiest woman in the world and you’re allowed to touch/not touch them as much as you want. You’re just not allowed to touch THERE. It’s hard to get lost in the sexiness going on with these guys, and I actually had to remind myself that they’re getting paid – and they do expect it. This is their job and they’re not doing it just for fun/to hump willing ladies. Gotta shout out “Dave,” who was a personal fave. I loved it, and am already looking for an excuse to go back!

  212. Tiffany S.

    Brian and the staff at Hunkomania have been awesome — super helpful in helping me get my best friend’s bachelorette party organized and the party started! I will definitely book with them again for my own party!

  213. Monica T.

    It’s very expensive so bring a lot of cash if you go. Also take a group of women; I went with a friend and her sister + other friends of hers. I didn’t have money and I get hit on a lot by decent looking guys when out and about so maybe not as big a thrill for me but if you don’t get much sex, no attention from hotties and are unlikely to get action, you’re in for a treat. I saw stuff here you’d never get away with at a female strip club. You can touch men here & they’ll definitely touch you.The performers had some skills. Strength, balance, yeah not exactly stuff your average guy could pull off. Apparently, this is supposed to be the show that inspired the movie “Magic Mike.” You didn’t see the Full Monty but it came pretty close. We also met the girlfriend of one of the performers & she seemed like a stand up lady supporting her man; no, she didn’t look like a Playboy centerfold.

  214. Linda V.

    Booked HunkOMania for my best friend’s bachelorette and was tentative at first, but the experience did not disappoint. What a fun and amazing time Brian who confirmed the reservation was also super friendly. Highly recommend.

  215. Soraya A.

    Went for my friend’s bachelorette party and it was awesome! The strippers were really nice and so was the mc. And Dino was so amazing and sweet! He got us into Le Souk for free with a free bottle of vodka and hookah. I would definitely recommend this place for a bachelorette party. And get your bachelorette the VIP package. The price is definitely worth it!

  216. navid

    This was my second time at the show. The first time I came we purchased normal tickets online. The first time At the door when we got there they asked us if we wanted to pay $100 to upgrade to VIP table in the front instead of sitting in a back row. We paid the $100 so we sat in very front instead of back. Every girl that night at the show had a seat and was siting. It was October maybe they are less busy. This time (June) when we got their they let us know that it was standing room only if you don’t have vip. I didn’t want to sit in front. I was fine sitting all the way in the back row of seats. Mind you there are open seats everywhere that you can sit. So I nicely asked several of the men working there can we sit in one of the back rows and I can pay the extra since we made a mistake and didn’t realize it was standing room only. Normally I wouldn’t care I would stand. However I had my sister who was pregnant and I explained this to them. This time it was nuts. Way to many girls in there. I nicely asked them can I pay the extra $100 or what is the price at the door? Is it double I asked I can even pay $200 can we please sit in empty seats if there not taken. If there were not seats than I understand what could they possibly do?! . He said sure you can but it will by $500!!! Um excuse me?!!!! Get real. The men at the show are not even hot. No offense and most of them smelled like BO. SO gross. Magic mike comparison?! yea right! Maybe I would pay $500 if I was getting joe magloano and channing tataum type of men. I ended up paying $300 to sit in a seat that no one else would have sat in all night because the show had already started and they were empty. Complete rip off. When they give you a lap dance throughout it they ask do you want to buy a another friend one?! I said no thank you and while he was on top of me he trying to ask the friend next to me the same thing. I wont ever go here again. Honestly most of the good reviews you see are written by themselves. I know last time Dino asked us to go with them afterwards and we did. He kept texting us a long review and asked us so many times to write exactly what he texted. Don’t waste your money! This place is a joke!

  217. billtheguy12

    My first time here was for a Bachelorette Party and I really didn’t know what to expect. I love live dance performances and had been to Thunder From Down Under in Vegas. So once we got here, I quickly realized this place was better than any other show of its kind. Yes, it’s BETTER than Thunder in Vegas. The ambiance had nice low lighting and the dancing was very convincing and HOT! Thunder was more like a show choir performance so it wasn’t convincing anyone. They definitely know how to entertain the crowds and every lady in the house was into it! We are excited to check out the Philadelphia location next!

  218. felixnada

    SERIOUSLY one of the worst things I’ve ever wasted my money on. From the rude indifferent bouncer, to the “required” two drink minimum that is two TEN DOLLAR well drinks, no place to sit, huge pillars blocking anything not in VIP… Can’t believe anyone wastes their money here. If I was not here for my dearly beloveds bachelorette party I would have demanded my money back. I hope the manager cares enough to get back to me as a truly disappointed customer.

  219. Jekaterina K.

    I wanted to give my girls a special treat for my birthday, and let me tell you, Hunkomania was the right choice. From the very beginning – Great customer service. I got a call the day before with all instructions which was super helpful. And you cant go wrong with super-hot men. Im so glad we got VIP table! The show was amazing, the ambiance was amazing,. Hunkomania, be ready, I will be back for my bachelorette!

  220. Rebecca R.

    I came here for my bachelorette party and had a great time with my sister and friends!! Very fun atmosphere, nice people, and great neighborhood. I recommend getting the table, otherwise you’re standing.

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